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The Democrats or the Scnnlo hnie
ilrrlth'il on n program thnt proies
their discovery of n determined oppo
sition to the free sugar scheme of
their fellow partisans of the llouso
The people won't Ktimd for It
CO., LTD., at Kerr Building, Alakca St., Honolulu, T. H.
Daily every day except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tuesday.
in the Territory of Hawaii.
Ki:l0 lll'I.I.KUN ! MELhl.Y III'LI.UIN
Per Month aiiinlicie In l' S ? .75 I Per Six Months . . . $ ."ill
IVr Quarter, .nowhere In V S 2.0(1 ' Per Year, nnjwhcro In V S I.IMI
Per .lt. iitnnlieio In I 9 . S.00 , for Yc.ir, nnyv. hero In Cnnadu 1.5(1
Per ear, postpaid, foreign... 1'J.UO Per Year, post paid, foreign . 2.00
"tPfCkj tidlrorlal Rooms,
S51.1 Business Office,
'In coding JonTin-urJ maei one Jizzy. Brotrning.
Secretary-Commissioner Wood is Sjund when lie contends that I lawaii
must cither have a building and an exhibit appropriate to the splendor of the
I'.inann-Pacific Exposition, or none at all.
Right here it should be said again that cicry dollar Hatvaii invests in a
First class exhibit will return to the Tciritory a hundred fold.
I lauaii cannot afford to be unrepresented at the Exposition. It carries a
responsibility in Us relation to the Nation at large and more especially as
grouped uith the Pacific Coast scctio.i, as well as a selfish interest to serve.
I he people of this Territory must not think of any other program than one
outlined by our Commissioners which mil in their judgment giic the islands
a representation at the Exposition in keeping with the importance of our po
sil'on in the National and international scheme.
'I he "whole world" uill be at the 1915 Exposition. Wc expect a good
share of that whole world to drop in on Hawaii, cither going or coming.
Wouldn t it be a shame and a disgrac for these people to iisit the magnif
icent celebration of the greatest of the Nation's undertakings and find that
I lawaii, the crossroads of the Pacific, Hawaii the greatest American naval
niul military center, Hawaii with the highest standard of sugar culture in the
world. I lawaii with the greatest clirmtc in the world, Hawaii the most rc
markablc racial and industrial experiment station in the world, cither too
Kor or so lacking in public spirit that it will not keep up its end?
Wc cannot assume for a moment that such a record will be made. If
uc were not so penurious in our expenditures for promotion, such a situa
tion would be considered impossible. The Bulletin believes it will be
But knowing the influences that operate sometimes in this city and this
Territory wc would urge that the impossibility be made doubly sure by the
people beginning, at this time, to think of the matter in the terms that Mr.
Commissioner Wood says are in keeping with Hawaii's needs and responsi
bilities thinking in terms of $150,000 and not a cent less.
Clean-up day date is to be named
soon and there will bo another victory
for cleanliness. See that jou lune a
p.irt in that victory.
When an) body announces an Inten
tion otlouiliig Hawaii for it change, of
climate, hu must desire n change for
tho worse No bettor climate can bo
found on the faco of tho enitli.
Sunt the (ly and mosquito, clean up
the yiuds, both front and back, get
the habit of looking for pest-breeding
places, got ready to welcome tho tour
ists and tho Canal and bo happy.
Tlicie will be n train of commercial
nctiiltlcH coming through tho Canal
toon. You ran hear Its rumble now
In tlio preparations that are being
'niailo by oiery city In the States. Ih
Honolulu to bo found asltep at the
mi itch?
Maiconl has tho right to swell up
with nil the pride possible and then
Milne, mei his wonderful dlseniciy
Putting iihWIo tho wealth and fame
part uf it, tho thought that his Inven
tion was Instrumental In saving so
many lives must glio him the great
est satisfaction.
Papers from tho "tight llttlo Isle"
seem to ll it nk that changing Mr Is
may Is being sorely misused by pub
lic opinion on this side of tho water,
Our llrltlsh cousins, and especially
steamship owners, should not feel
peeled when wo say u few words now
ami then about steamship methods
usually cmplnjed by llrltlsh owners
In running trans-Atlantic liners, es
pecially after a few hundred Ameri
can passengers havo been completely
and effectively drowned us a result of
such methods
Mrs. Ilyron Thnt'H tho kind of a
husband to haio! Did you hear Mr.
Dike tell his wiro to go mid look at
sonio 120 hats?
Mr llvrnn Mv ilmr l.nvo r .. ,l.
rirlvn.l vo f ll, ,,rlvllo ..r I 1.1
at $20 hats
She How did tliey oier come to
HqPh, it's the saino old story.
Started out to be good friends, jou
Mined 11 lb Puttoltir l Hnnotblu
L flcenml-clltl BiMlct
MAY 15, 1912
I lave vnu paid your taxes and looked
pleasant about It.
Ooiornor Mott-Smlth has always
l'cpt things pretty leiel whoncicr he
has been on tho job.
The first step In preparing for the
tourUt business of the mining summer
and tho coming jenrs, as well as tho
coming Panama Canal In, to keep tho
town clean.
Honolulu Is unanimous for Ameri
can ships passing through the P.iiiumn
f'anal with no restrictions as to own
ership, so those steamships ato under
the American flag.
Thero seems to be no doubt that tho
Slato of California Is Piogrerislio Itc
pulilican fioin the top of its head to
tho bottom of Uh foot. Kvcn tho Pro
gresslio Democrat had hardly a look
in. Will the anal His of tho California
into show that Mr. Itooseicit has cap
tured tlio women, and Is from now on
to ho classed us a ladles' man In ad
dition to his many other nualllkationu
as a hcndllucr.
Othor States will bo Interesting but
the political light ban reached such n
stago that Ohio Is tho State ftom
iihlch tho Nation will probably draw
Its final conclusions on tho contest
between two old friends.
Judgo Oooilnow of Now York says
that It ought not to cost mora than
$2 a weok to keep n baby If that Is
right most any family ought to bo
ii Mo to keep a few Now, that so
good an authority has placed tho up
keep charges so low thoro may bo
numerous families tempted to invest.
know, and
later on changed their
aP"- wiihl
Is tho difference
tWCOIl IllO qillck Hllll tllO dead?"
"Tll 'l"lck, nv child, aro thoso who
hop out of tho road In time."
"My wife has posltlicly no Idea of
"How now?"
"Sho is having n ?200 goiin mndo to
match a $10 dog."
Assurance la glicn thnt no shortage
of water exists for the city of Hono
lulu Here's hoping this will prove
true. Hut that doesn't innkc leas Im
prcsslie the fact thnt the government
fIioiiIiI contiol oiery wntcr source In
every valley in the lcinlty of this city.
The II u 1 1 e 1 1 u lius received n
cominnnlcntlon thnt nets forth n newj
phase of the gratuitous and grlounia
Injury done Honolulu liy the Itauitit
report I ins letter win prouauiy no
published In a Inter Issue In the 1'opo
ol rom ImltiR conservative Chamber of
Co'nmerce men thnt they should mnko
pulillc any s'ateinent of facts the.
Clumber ninj secure refuting the fool
ish errors of the llnmiis effusion.
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ins at a tower prior limn wo cnuM
html tin- H.iuilhii .irttttr. ami Mint
Ink th prU i mi pirn ntu other f rn It.
lias U pt the huturn Tnr Itnelf." mi lit
Mr. IMInw thin ii.nrnllitf "Tho peo
ple I i epi evented were not nil mff:m
rot tnmp.iin," he iitinnett "hut Jnt
an rufoHntlon of mtnmlsylm. men ullli
money hark of them, who llKrei on
Kohiff Into the fruit nurliot Imtepoml
ently Tho Union lYult Company lrn
It own lino of hn.itx ami ltn hit; plan
tation In llnmluru and Central Amor-
leu, lllld I miiiiihiip It couldn't see nil
this business getting away from It 1 , part or next week, lteeommendntlons
know nothing further than Uie wire- ntloetlng tlio courses of study In cor
less message, ulilch told little enough, j tnln schools, readjustments, methods
but I kmm enough of the Inside wort,- .of leports, records anil text-books will
lugs to tlKiire about what has happen, ho Included In the subjects to bo con
ed This is nil- Hist trip to Hawaii, sldered. and ill ninny Instances reenin
and although the hiislno I nine mi meiidnllons will bo mnde to tho ottil
Is off. I Intend to stay hire a ulilla ' catlonal commission of tho Tcrrltnrj
and kio wli.it I can ilo" liihUh Is scheduled to meet hero on
It Is possible that (he United com-I
jnnv. If It was that concern that the
nlreliss referred to. accomplished the ;
double purpose of not only holding in
S.m Pram lcn trade for Itself, but of
keeping- the Independent out of a -
wall, nnd leaving tills Held open for
a leiieiviil of propositions made u your ,
ago, unco local growers were ap
proached liy (' vy Clark, representing
the I'nlteil. and Founded on contract
prices Clark then withdrew, nnd
nothing more was heard from the Unit.
,, . i. ,, , v- , i im ,
ed people. In spite of the fact thnt '
the Merchants' Association wrote let
ters offering nnj Information or cour
tesies thnt could be extended, should
the Knltcd I"rult Cnmpnny enter the
local market
CHICAGO, April 2fi-Out of n lau..
000 estato left by Mrs. Margaret Pot
ter Illack, the well-known nmelist
who died recently, John I). Illack, her
divorced husband, will receive, accord
ing to tho will llled In probate court,
"Ills letters written to me during tho
past year, and nothing lunre."
Mr Illack. when nuked what he had
to any about the attitude of his fouuer
ulfc, as Bhown In her last testament,
replied that he had no opinion to ex
press. John D Illack obtained a dlinrce
from his wife a year ago beforo Judgo
Itailien enforcement of tho "bluo
Inws" in Hartford, as n means of se
(lirlng their appeal. Is proposed liy
tho Central Labor I'nlon.
Detectives 111 I'm Is were ordered to
shoot nt sight any of tho brigands who
nro terrorizing tho city.
Many of the hot weather
ailments peculiar to chil
dren can be traced directly
to impure or low quality
The milk we supply to our
customers is absolutely
puro and very rich. It is
endorsed by the Matron of
the Kaulkeolanl Children'
Phono 1542
(Special Tin lie tin Corrcsitomlrnce )
NVAII.ltlvC. .Mai 13 Jack Kllicnita,
n native boy oier SO yenrs of ne,
ii ho lin.i been brought up In tho Saf
fory family while they were In Wal
lukti nnd mined with them to Ituelo
oier n sear ngo, shot and mortally
wounded Alii, an cx-WnlluMi Jailbird,
In a drunken braul at lluclii between
f and 7 o'clock Inst evening. Tim
Chinaman was Mint through tho fore
head with a ,32-callbcr revolver niul
It now In the hopltal lingering bo
tuecii life mid death and not expected
to I lie That he ban survlicd thus far
after the shot went through his brain
It n mystery An operation was per
formed upon the victim of the tragedy
In Dr W !' .Mi Konkcy at the l'nl.i
Hospital this morning, nnd the shell
w is found na Inside deep Into the
liriiln the force of the bullet forcing
In part of the front of the skull The
doctor dues not entertnln any hope for
the innii HhcrlfT Crouoll hat gone
o or to ln litigate tho ense
The supervising principals uf tho
Territory will meet Saturday morning
at 'i o'clock in tho nlllcn of Superln
lendent Popo of tho Department of
Public Instruction, and their sessions
iimbiililv Mill ronllnilo Into Ihn mrlv
May 2(1.
Superintendent Popo has received
hlxtj-threo applications for transfers
of tenrlicm from ono school to some
other. I'otirlocn of these come from
Oahu, liienlj-seien from llniinll,
eighteen from Kauai nnd four from
Mnul. A large percentngo of theso
nsK ror transfers ironi oiiikiiio points
to institutions within Honolulu
Tivcnty-lho, resignations so far
have been received, eight coming from
-- ------ . --.. 1.
Onhu, fourteen from Hawaii and three.
front Konol. Thlrtj'-ono InHtructorsi
have not yet replk-d to tho cards sent!
oiu nssing iiiior'uaiiou concerning
their plans or dealrcs for the next
Bcliool jcar.
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United States DMrlU Attorney It
W Hrtckons iiskul iilutlier he would
rindir a decision on his nin general
knuii ledge as u real i state man. and
on the testimony In addition, orwhetli
ir he uould decide merely on the tes
timony All the counsel for the prop
irty Interests Involved objected, nnd
eventually the objcitlouj wcru sus
tained. Then the counsel for the property
hoiTrs offend to accept the entlro
pinel of tin lie men In the Jury box
If Dreckons would agree to do likewise.
He declined In einpliutlc terms ami
lienr was Immediately dismissed for
en use
The entire icnlre of Jurors for the
April term was exhausted .ifterd.iy
afternoon hi nn effort to obtain men
hatisfaitiiiy to the government and to
the counsel fur the property holders,
and tin ii being nn spectators In court
, on whom the sheriff lould nil. that
olllcer was compelled to skirmish
through the streets last eienlng nnd
early this morning to gathir up tiien
tj additional men on a special venire
i;ienn Jiu oi's hud been passed for
eiiuse ri inn the regular panel, but the
following ucre enlled from the special
enlro tlilh morning: i: K Miller. J
V Kulii.i, A V near and D C Ilol
Mi In.
Plllplnos ulin havo herelofoio made
u piactlco of stowing nuay in ITnxlii
ham s Army transports as well as in
I'nnilc Mall liners that touch at Ma
nlln. will not faro oxipodlngly well
under tho nouer and moro stringent
legiilatlons promulgated against this
class or gentry.
A cording to ofllcors In the Persia,
now In pnit, hoi oral I'lliplnn alow
im ays, who arrived at Kan I'rnnelhro
by FreiKli lenvo from tho Islands, aro
In conllnement In the post guard
Iiouso nt tho Presidio nmilllng depor
tutlnn by tho next transport. This U
tlio first tlmo that natlies In any num
bora haio gono to Sail Uranclscn In
this wny, nnd If is tho purposo of tho
(iovnriimeut olllclnls to dlscourngo tlio
pracueo ny prompt measures.
Woman suffrage was defeated In tho
Arizona senate. 7 to 11 This action
rollowed all ndioiso lepoit on tho
mensuio by tho cnmniltteo on consti
tullonitl ainendmonts, to which tlio bill
passed by thn house was icfnuoil.
r'lro caused tho death of James Ar
nold, u wntchmau, nnd destroyed tho
plant of the C. &. S. Shoo Company,
with u luss of neatly $210,000 at Co
lumbus, 0.
Taxpayeral Taxes row due,
quent May 15.
Wo linve Jnt received and Installed
III our burglar and lire-proof safe de
posit vault on additional supply of
double-nose, private key steel boxes,
which no offer
For Rent at $4 Per Year Up
according to size.
Just the place for tho safe ntoinpo
of Valuable Papers, Documents, In
sura nee Policies, Jewelry, Silver, .le.
Call and Let Us Show You
the vault nnd the boxes; they will In
terest jou, whether jou wish to rent
or not.
DimiNO yoim ahsi:ncij
I'ltDM Till: ISLANDS no nro
prepared to manage jour estnto
and look lifter jour Interests
here. You will find It greatly
to jour ndvnntngo to place tho
nianagcinent of your uffulrs with
n responsible concern.
Coino and sec us as to terms.
Bishop Trust
Co., Ltd.
Notlco of chnngo of nntno has been
filed with tho Territorial Treasurer of
tlio Chinese dally nowspnper, former
ly Kal Chco Sun Ilo, now Hon Mun
Tho whist fiiurnnmcnt of Ollio
Ilranrli llcboknli Ixidgo begins Icunor-
low evening. Cards will bo given out
nt 8-15, and playing begins .at prompt
ly S :!!). Prizes and refreshments
each evening of tho tournament.
II u 1 1 e 1 1 ii Want Ads will find It
J$ Cheapness is not our main concern &
UU Therefor we still develop' all films by JUJ
Stira hand Because there 1s no better way. mw2
ll We mix our rTTRPTTV'C m
ly developer daily OUlXlVlll O OJ
Waterhouse Trust
Mano.i Valley
Olll ulid 1'uliou
Artesian St 3 11. It. $30 00
Heretnnla St 3 " 27,f.O
l.unnlllo St 3 " 3S00
hunullln St 3 " 30 00
12CC Mullock Ave 3 " 27,50
Judd St 3 " DO 00
Kalalcalla Aio t " 40 00
Manoa Valley 2 " 4S00
Mnklkl St. '. 3 " 3Ii 00
Kullhl ltd. nnd Hockley St. 4 " 33 00
Nonpareil, Heretnnla St. ..2 " 22.50
mi:ssach:s kou amps at si:a h
up to it nvnuY
ti:i,i:pjioni: igti
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I often may hale- a tendency to permit
I the entrance of the personal iiuesllon.
and I don't think Jhnt any court lc-
I sires to Inlllct the capital punishment
1 Hut It Is n different matter under tho
1 li,w erienrlnir Orsl-ileirreo tnnrill r
When I sat as circuit Judge, friends
sometimes asked too If I didn't hae
some compunction atiout sentencing u
e-onvlcted murderer Had the situa
tion confronted me I would not havo
worried, knowing thnt thero lias only
ono thing 1 could do, that tho Jury hud
determined the sentenco and that my
work ius a inero matter of legal for
mality As It happened, cierj' murder
e-ase tried In my court resulted In a
vcullet for murder In tho second de
gree1, so tho extreme, penalty was nev
er liaiiied "
(insslp among those moro or less ne
tlvely Interested In tho present enso
Includes n story to tho effect that tho
crime, If It was committed, mny have
been the result of a most weird nnd
inirllilo Orlentul superstition thnt Is
sold to prevail among snmo of tho
loner classes of Chinese, to tho effect
that a terrible dlseaso mny be cast off
li tho commission of this crime
for Rent
211 It. 57,', 00
Avo a " 40.00
Furnished house on Wilder Ave.,
Furnished house on Wilder Ave., near
Oahu College) $45.
Furnished house on Hastings St.)
four bedrooms) $100.
Tantalus residence of General Davit,
furnished. Rent reasonable on 1-year
Property In all parts of the city.
Guardian Trust Co., Ltd.
Second Floor, Judd Building
Make tho children com
fortable while at piny, nnd
nt the samo tlmu protect
their feet from thorns and
other Injuries which might
prove serious.
hnie ill
In both
stock nil
Tan and
Our Prices are
Right, too.
We deliver to nny part
of city twice n daj". ami to
Kiilmukl and Walklkl oneo
u day.
Shoe Co., Ltd.
1051 FORT ST. Tel. 1782
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tho fnct that property up In tho
amount of $1000 Is exempted from
conservation tax, whllo tho exemption
fop Income tax Is only up to $1I00.
This dllforenco excludes a large num
ber of the smaller owners from taxa
tion for conservation, though they may
bo assessed for iiicomo.
During the morning tho rush at tho
Tax Assessor's office Increased mlniito
by minute, nnd tho forco of clerks
was kept working full speed. This Is
tho Inst iIqv for nnvment. uiinald taxes
i becoming delinquent with tho closo of
business tonight.
Tho charter of Incorporation of the
King's Daughters' Circle of Honolulu
has been npproipil by tho Governor
and llled In tho Territorial Treasur
er s ofllce. Tho nlllccrs aro named
as follows: May Tcinplclnn Hopper,
presldont; Snlllo I Williams, secre
tary; and Mnrgucrllo P. Tuttlo treas
urer. Wash Bilk shlrtwulsts hnvo a won
derful popularity.
Gems of
That's what our Diamond! are.
Our stock la particularly clean
and flawless, and tho variety
embraces every sixe and color.
In mounted stones we have an
Immense assortment of Rings,
Brooches, Scarf Pins, Lavalllers,
Pendants, etc., set with Rubies,
Diamonds, Emeralds, Pearls, Sap
phlres, and all precious and
scmlpreclous stones.
Leading Jewelers
',kX utitxMA'

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