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Why turn yourself into a
meelicinc-clicst, filling
it with every new concoc
tion that comes along?
Nature docs the cur
ing, not medicine.
A your Doctor if
Scott's Emulsion
it not Th treatment for
Cough and Colds, Grippt,
and many other ills,
ail onuaaitTB Il-2
Sterner Sex May Eat and
Smoke and Rest to Their
Heart's Content.
One of I lie nttrni lions of the Mai
Festival nt TlnmiiiH Siiiiiu next Snf
i.nlay will be a free inirvliiK picture
show Saiunl.o cvcnliiK A mile ad
iiiIrhIciii of ten cents will lie (harmed
II Is not often tliat one Keen a Kil
mnvliiK pirluie' show In tlie open air.
mm wllli attractive booths around
without Hie iiceoRRarv ticket The
park Is larne and man) i an do accum
module d.
Amitlier iiIkIiI attraellnn for tlie
turner sex will he the clittir lioolli
Tlil will he made verv attractive
"Comfy" chairs and smciklni; ladles
will make a lestfnl (urner. and the
best of clBars and cigarettes will he
on rale and m prices within the reach
of all 'I he fuiinv linnili, with three
of Honolulu's real live runmakers. will
nmnse am one for an hour or more
Coffee ami home made sandwiches
will Kladilen .eerone The coflee
will lie steiiiniiiK hot and the sand
wii hen delle UmikIv fuMh and palala
Me II will be an vvtMiitiK woith
while and a lot or people who are
iiuahle lo i une In tlie da)!tme will
Miicl) he ilicre at niKlit
fy Hearts 1
are hard to win when one's I
complexion I marred by 1
complexion 1 marred by
Ciniple, lilackheacis ana
lotchcs. Strengthen )our
charms, by keeping jour
complexion clear, with
Sulphur Soap
SoU by
H2'i Hue 4 ftkUl.r Dm,
bUek r ketwi, SOc.
The eommlssliuiHl otllcers of the Sal
vation Ami) In tlie lirrltorv. togetli
cr with Colonel I re mil. held a most
enthusiastic lounUI of war tit the
Hi own homo in Manna Inst Mnnda)
There vvcie piesent. besides tlie visit
ing colonel, seventeen m my leuders,
who reported on tlie work ucentnplishctl
ami discussed plans for a furthering of
the Salvation Army cnmpilgn in Ha
waii On Suturda) an inspection of the
Salviitlon At in) rrn'iic home In Ma
nila aile) was iniiele. bv Colonel
Trench, following whieh theM eliiblreu
of thu home gave- n concert In Ids
I onon.
Colonel Trench saibsl for the Coast
on tlie l.urline Inst evening
About tlie end of June there will be
somo decided changes in the workings
of the Army In Hawaii At Hint time
It will bee. made a division by Itself and
will report direct lo lieaihiunrters at
Lieutenant Colonel IMuucbe I'nx has
been appointed to tlie oversight of Ha
waii which will In- known as tlie
"Chief Division of the Hawaiian Is
lands." .She will have Jul lsilie Hon ovi r
nil the work in tlie Islands, Including
the liume In Matioa Yullc) Miss Mc-Ahc-e
and Adjutant Long of tlie hoine
will leave souu (' the iiialul.iuil to
spend u vacation, and Majrir ami Mrs
Willis, vebo have had charcre of tlie
oiitsiele work, will iiIko leave soon A
new staff will lie appointed to m com
pany Colonel Cox lure
Thn change comes about through the
Inspection Just tlulshed by Coluuel
Colonel Cox was one of the pioneers
In the slum work In Loudon She Is
the daughter of a liudon hanker and
lias given lie-i life to Hie Salvatluu
Army woik
CONSTANTINO!1!.!., May B Tho
captain of the steamer Texas of thu
Aichlpclngo-Amorlcan lino, which was
blown up tine! sunk by Turkish forts
In tlio gulf of Smyrna ii few days ago
whllo Hying the American Hag, today
was forcibly removed from tho (Ireek
hospital In Smyrna to n Turkish pi la-
em, vvhnro Is Is said to htivo been
placed In it hospltul ward. Tho Amer
ican and Greek consuls protested
vainly against his removal.
Honolulu Shrners Worked for
Convention In 'Frisco,
LOS AN(iKI.i:S. Oil. Mav 4. Near
iv mi membera of iBlnm temple of the
Order ii! tlu M)Htle Shrine will leave
...... ... .... .......... ......... ..... .....I.
iliis afiernion al 1 o'clock on the Ilar-"f
ard for I.os Alifielps, to attend the
nuii'ial session of the lmnerlal (oiincll
'o lie held there durltiK the next few
I Aloha Temple of Honolulu will ac-
I company the Noldes of Islam Shrinti
us their quests of honor to the full',
ventiuii Ahotlt 40.000 Slirlners from'
all over the country are expected to
tie present In I.os Angeles i prcciV smiles llahed to tin Ir coin- "Asleep In the Deep" -which eery
The San Kranclsio and Honolulu, rode when n p.irtlc ul irlv loud dem-i liasso nlways tries to take a Tall out
r hapten) both will urge that the 1m- nntrntlon greets one of their turns 'or nnd all the good old Jokes that
pirlal Council meet In San I'ranclseo Of courke, n good pioportlon or this imve been cracked since tlie "nigger
In 191.1. when nn attendance of 7.1.000 npplaue tomes from people of llivlr minstrel" tlrst went up ami ehiwn tlio
Is expected jtivvri race a race Hint Is nlwns loal .Mlsslsslipt river.
The nigilineiitH to bring the Cornell j to its own hut even the linrclc tied . Similes of (Icorge l'rlmrose. West,
Moil to San Pninelsco In 1IU1 will he vaudeville theater goer can not re- Andy McKee, Itlce'
lelnforced h songs adapted to the strain Ills appreciation of some of their Well, the? show "gets eever." lis they
tunes of 'i:cnbodys Doing It" ntulino4 skillful act feature's and sei at. say on llroadway It was literally a
'Iteaullfiil Doll." which will tin sung, limes all rneee Join In tre memlous ( howling success last night, when tlio
Ii) the linilherii eleleyatlon whllu llle.hce.r Hugo llrothers opened their Honolulu
I.os Angeles Tlie troupe consists of five members, ' e ngngement before it packed house
Ilesldes eamialgnlng for a Shrlnors' ntl males mnglng fioin full grown men The howling wns-vurtl) on the stage
comentlon here during the l'anania. tee two bens of small size land partly In tlie house, and the gal-
I'acltle i:posltlon, the excursionists) The perforinance Is Very pleasing lAy gotls were very much tn the front
from San I'ranclseo will nisei do some throughout nnd their acts amnrlng The ' Tlie show goes w 1th a Hash and n
ellrect boosting for tlie fair In generul. opening feature Is a balancer, who, on ' crash and n bang, and thcre'H sotne-
iwo cailoiius or wine, laisms nnihliU imek do.-s some hmnrlne stunts I
prune's have been shipped tihead by
the Sun Francisco delegation for dis
tribution among the visiting Nobles,
most of whom will be flout the Atlan
tic seahoaid. Tlio .wine and fiulls
have) been pill up III souvenir pack
ages, eaeh package containing a hook
let describing California An Imita
tion to visit the fair also is liichuled.
Islam Shrine will lie accompanied
h their own baud of :lo pieces. Thee
noted Islam I'.Uiol. clad In lieu uni
forms, will attempt to capture once
more the llrst prize in Hie competitive
drills, which the) have won for live
consecutive )eirs.
Aloha Temple of Honolulu Is send
Ing lis patrol under the directum of
I'nst I'otcntate .lames MeCnndless and
( npialn Samuel Johnson
Report of Opening Branch Bus
iness There Is Merely
W H. Mc Inerny wai cousblerabl)
surprised this morning when n II it I -
letln man showed him a clipping
from a Mnnlln paper stating that his
brother, J. I). Mclneriiy, had been In
line ruin ipme ineiieiponn . i IK ...u. ,
oppoeeoiii us iu, emuuiuiioiuK ".Walters Is ono thev adonted when
branch of his business there
"No, there's nothing tn that, abso
lutely nothing," said Mr Mclneriiy "I
had a letter from my brother estor-
day. from Hongkong He expects t(
be homo about the Mill of lime H
had already been In Manila, and his
trli was for pleasure"
Tho Manila paper said
J D Mclneriiy, a prominent mer
chant of Honolulu, was among the
passengers arriving on the Manchuria
and will look over the local Held wWi,
a view to externum; his business to.
theso parts. Mr Mclnern) Is In tho ,
KC'llin llllltlllllh Ull.4 1141 IlinillllH uttoi
ness In Hniiolulii, where his estnbllsh
iretit occupies an entire block.
........ tnlln.l.ii. nn.1 InPnluhlHi. IiiidI.
Clumber House, at Workshop, ling
ladn, the famous mansioii of tho Duko
nf Now castle, was partly destroyed
by fire Tho damage amounted to
conies to life when the body feels
tin delicious glow of health, vigour
ami energy
That Certain Sense
nf vigour In the liniln and eusy
pulse of the nerves comes when thu
linpiopu loods are omitted and
wlie ii pu'dlgesttd
take their place
If It has tukeu on 5 curs to run
down, don't expect ono mouthful
of this fond to bring )ou back
(feu it Is not a stlmuluiit but u
lu da)s' tilal proves
There's a Reason"
Oct the little book, "The Itoad to'
Wullvillu," in each packet
II.iii7,iN" from all the races In 1 la
wn II Kfn't the Jnlkiniin performers at
Hie IUJii.i tliH week Hut It Ih banruls
- - .. .-., . ...... ..... ..
elnppIiiK and stumping, a IniiKiiaKn
whkli docs not have tn lie interpreted
for einv staue ncrformcr from whatever
part of tlie world. beonuc It Is the
l.niKiiiiKe of npprcclation tlie world
mir Ami so to speak. It's IicIiik!
showered upon the MUuuo fiimllv The
little ihnps In this ilever Jiipinive nc-
roli.it lc family show how phasing Is
the applause to them b half-sup-
with n Japanese umbrella, using his
feet onlv lo uccomplMi Ills trie fts The ' In minstrel shows since tlie Ark car
liens are clever contortionists nnd In ! rletl the llrst levee troupe. Is the same
addition do inniiv cntehv hnud-bnlanc-1 chucklp-hendeel, fnt-faccd Hilly. An
lng tricks There tire few tricks thnt other mighty good fun-maker Is MIs
h.ne been seen here This Is one of j tali Hilly C. llrown, who has the most
the best acts that has ever been pre-J wonderful performing mouth 111 cap
eiiteil here, nnd it will be een onlv , tlvlly. Jlllly moves his around from
for a short lime, as the troupe will .the back of his neck to ills ail a ill's
sliortl) continue on to Yokohama npplo without nil) apparent elllllciilty.
livery number encored nnd
calls for more was the way In vvhlchi
the audience nt the Kmplio theater, work. Tcarl Moppln Is u tidy pcr1
epressed their opinion of the Mac-, former with trained hoops, l,eah Clark
Wallers Quartet nt the concert given has eight good minutes of ragtime nnd
last evening. It was a good-sized nnd' minting, the D.ihomlan Trio nre sing
very representative audience and a' crs nnd dancers of nblllty, IM Tolllver
Fplomlld evening of good music and has a monologue turn thnt Is funny,
good nature was cnJo)cd. I Arthur Maxwell Is nbove the ordinary
Several of the numbers nmong those' trick cyclist, and thu Hrn Comedy Four
most heartily encored had been given1 Introduce some good songs and lauuh-
ttt cither concerts. Tlio enthusiasm of.nble Muff,
mo audience proved that tlio rendition I One nf the best things to be said
of the quartet Is the kind that lasts, j about the company is that the prnper
Tbo musical numbers were rendered; ties are well-kept and bright, tlio cos
Mltli an artistic Unlsh and dramatic nc- lumen, even the eccentric ones, well
Hun. Mr. Thomas In his character! done, and the whole bunch attends to
parts Is excruciatingly funny. Ho can-
cnuuge irom ino mucinous to llio sun-
lime in jiathos so epiickly that ho
starts his audlcnco laughing hilarious
ly and winds uj by leaving them "as
epilct ob a church" over some heart
throb talk of an old man
During the Intermission Mr Oakcs
gave a short talk of the alms mid pur-
msca of tho mmrte, T1 ,,, Mnc,
working their way through tho Huston
School of Theology by giving concerts,
1'rof. MacWatters being ono of tho
professors The men nro carrying on
..,...,,,, ..,. na ,... ,,,' ,
,1,ir i,inr,.v ,,, , ,...M ,,,
-.w - ...' ..w...., ...,
concerts being an Incident toward
paying tlio expenses. They are not
"financed" by anyone. They nro pav
ing and working as they go.
Tho farewell of tlio quartet will bo
given at the Central Union Church
tllllI oxonlnK. Tlley a on tll0 ncxl
,,,. ,r , rrie , D..i,.i..i
' ." "' " -l . ..w. .-..,
n.lcliie them
through Japan, Korea,
Manchuria, China, tho Philippines, In
dia, I'ulcstlne and cities In Europe,
This evening a reception will bo
tendered to Itov. Father T. Caraher of
San Francisco under tho auspices of
tho local division of the A. O. II. A
program has been arranged for the
occasion and all those who attond will
have' an opportunity of hearing Fath
er Caraher, who will deliver an ad
dross. A cordial Invitation Is extend
ed to the friends, both ladles and gen
tlemen, of tho members of the Order
to be present at 8 o'clock at St. Ixmis
College Alumni Hall (I)reler Hall)
Union street near Deretanla.
Mrs. Kate Dorlot, who died In tho
Uayuldo, It, I., hospital, recently dls
posed of an estato of 170,000 In a will
written on tho hack of a hospital
chart, using only CO words In thu doc
ument. BR0. BENJAMIN
Compound Herbalo
Stomach, Liver,
Kidney and
Bladder Remedy
Blood Purifier
.tch,L.uUof Appetile. Heart 1 .utlr.nc,
r.sttnJVlnion Slomirh. Bloated FffUl
In jf, H4lns In Stomath tier Eiilnr, Mk I
Hetdacht, Pliiineii, CoittJ Tongue,!
HUlousneu La Urippe, Ueneut lever.fl
Uillls anj Fiver, MtUrU. Urealtbone.N
Ftver.TlnJ l-itllne, Jaundice, Hickicnt.j
UiADvltS, uravtidncipirniuiiKiu -"
. Hta.4d.tr Trnuble. bnurem. RhtU'
MeUncholU, Nervous DlsorJen, Sleep- G
lenneit. Kemovci worms, uuica mo i
ttlpation. Anaemic uonauiga.
n Great Ton la tor Women
f 1.00 per boUlt, 3fort2.60, eiort&OO I
Blackface Comedy Applauded
By Crowded House On
Opening Night.
They'ro nil there at the Opera
lluuso this week that familiar scinl'
circle of winning lilaik facts, those
Imposslhly luml clothes, that ohl sons-
thlner dolnir nit the time lllllv Ifer-
sands, who has been a familiar tlgure
All the cud-men are specialists, nnd
some of the others, too, and their sing
ing Is u good deal better than most
On those "barber-shop
as tuneful as a hunch
of college boys the night after u big
football victory
The olio brought out n lot of clever
business nnd works hnrel to please. Tlio
week should ben pond one.
Thh troupe w-lll''glvc Its usual band
concert this noon In front of tho Pro
motion Committee rooms. Miss Chirk
will sing with the band ngaln today
I.ngllsh Jack," known 1y pcoplo
nn over the country who over visited
tho Wlilto Mountains as tlio "Hermit
of Crawford Notch," Is dead.
Three mombors of the crow- of tho
hark Gael of Greenock, Scotland, were
swept overboard and lost on a vo)aKO
from Iloston to Iltienos Ayrcs,
Mile. Gecile
She of Beautiful
Eldred & Carr
Novel Comedy Acrobats
Hail Sisters
Song and Dance
Eddie Hill
Electric Pictures
Yokohama Troupe
Japanese) Acrobats Returning from
"No Act Like Theirt"
Italian Saxophone
Mutlcal Favorites
Waldstein Trio
Great Roller Sknters
Motion Pictures Dally Afternoon and
Hugo Bros.
Greater American
Street Parade Daily
By Their Own
Military Brass Band
Seal Sale opens Thursday a. m at
Promotion Committee Rooms.
PRICES 25c, 50c, 70c, $1
Baseball for Sunday
MAY 19
two OAM i:s -
1 1 30 STARS vs. P. A. C.
3:20 ASAHI vs. J. A. C.
IlcBiTVcel scuts for center of Rriind
stund nnd wn.wi cm be booked at V.
O Hall & Some Spnrtlner Department
(entrance) King street) up tn 1 p. in.;
lifter 1 p in. tit M. A Qutist ti Co,
SIiib and l'ort.
Prices 50c, 35c and 25c Children 10c
lunalilo Home
was not his home
The police were mistaken In tho
(iksuiiiptlon that tho old Hawaiian man
found tho other nlRlit burning oil rnipc
was an Inmate of Lunnllln Home. Mr.
A. II. Smith, who Is no'V in cluiri;o of
the Home, states thti "lieu tho old
people ato allowed to leavo for tho'
day n count Is mndo jt siinc'o.vu every
cvonlni; to bo stiro that notid have
Kone astray, and If one Is mlsslm; he
U looked upr Kalopapcla, tlio old man
nrrcsted by tlio police. Is not fii In
mate of the Homo and hat novor
Miss C. I. Gricshelmer of Chllllcotlio
(lito) was compelled to tnko off her
hat when sho was admitted to prac
tice in tho United States Supremo
Taxpayers! Tuxes now due. Delin
quent May 15.
Men's Suits, - $5, $6, $7, $8
Men's Pants, 600 pairs at $2
Boys' Suits, - $2, $3, $4, $5
L. B. KERR. ( CO., Ltd,
Kapiolani Building, Alakea Street
- Whitney I New
Home AND '
:z: Marsh
High Neck
Dutch Neck
Excellent Values
Prices :
$1.50 to $3.50
Facial Massage at Home
Vacu Masseur
fuel vvltli cold t renin on tlie fueo
and neck fur removing wrinkles, black
heads mid either facial blemishes caused
b poor c Irculatioti
Benson, Smith & Co., Ltd.,
Light Trousers
In stripesjust the thing -
for summer wear price v Up
No charge for Alterations.
BAKER & HOKE. Proprietors
Remember the location! Deretanla, near Fart Street,
See our Window
Long Sleeves
Short Sleeves
Panama Hats, - $3, $4, $5 $6
Men's Collars, - 75c. a dozen
Undershirts and Drawers
at unheard of prices.
-tUiYr -iauimMi

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