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Evening Bulletin
From San Francticoi
Honolulu!! June 18
For 8an Franclscol
Zeulnndln, Nippon Mnru .June 18
From Vancouver!
Makora June II
For Vancouveri
7.oala nilla June 1 1
If you want to Imprest the publlo
with tha distinctiveness of your goods,
then distinctiveness mutt ba tha domi
nant (eatura of tha advertlilno which
represent your concern.
Is Pre-emin&ntly the People's Paper
ESTABLISHED 1882. No. 5267.
, r
Refuses To Sit With Prear At Chicago
Denies Third Party Plan Is Made
Talks On Legislation
.. .j. .j. .;. .(. .. .;. . : .;. .;. : : : : : : :
HiiiTi:!.r(im: mmiio sivsi
Ilo Ih lint coming to Hawaii t
Talk of a tlilul pirty is not a
shell his Imtmscmcnt lie will n
Mm fill tiro.
He did tint bo to Chicago heciutR
Kooscvult personalities nnil becnti
on tho Biinui delegation with Govo
Governor Hughes of Now Vor
mire tlioloti of thu convention
Hiiwiilliin legislation Is being
pressing muttuis bcfoio Cnngioss,
... .j. v :
Disgusted with tho Tntt-Uoosovelt
campaign of personalities and doclln
liiK to sit In tho delegation nt (,'htcngo
with Governor I'rear on iilioiiuI of
his bitter iimtrovorsy with Hawaii's
chief executive, Delegates J. Kuhlo Kn
lauinnaolti returned this morning from
WnshliiKloii on the liner lluiioliilau.
Stories that Kuhlo would launch a
"third party- Movement, hero fud that
bis plduA'tor this nro already well an
vanced nro denied by tho Delegate. Ill
hu Interview with a representative of
tlio II it'll (i tin bo stated that no
mull move has been suggested by him
and that If such a move has been
mado It Is mi tho part of peoplo hero
and ban not been given his Indorse
ment. The Delegate, however. Is not com
municative as to bis political plans for
At 7 o'clock tomorrow morning Ha
waii's net ond minim! Cloun-Up I)a
will be on
More than 400 men and 175 enrts
and teams will begin tho municipal
house-cleaning destined to help In
making Honolulu Spotless Town from
Diamond Head to Mo.inaluu
Piesident II ou D.iuini of the Oahtt
Central ConiinJttec, under whoso uus
likes the clc.ui-up movement is tak
ing place, bald this afternoon (lint tho
forces aro completely organized Pub
lic; enthusiasm lias been glowing rap
Idly, and with tomorrow a legal holi
day, theio will bo not only the forces
rcguUirly euiplojed In the woik, but
Mist hosts of volunteers.
"If the day Is not u great siicccsb,
it will not be thu fault of tho bun
duds ot public-spirited men and wo
men who aiu joining with us," B.ild
Ml. on Dauiiii "Tho city Is much
cliuncr than It was on thu tlrst clean
up day a year ago In districts where
then we collected llfty drayloads of
giubago and refuse, our inspection
forces tills year report oiuy two or
tlnce diuyloads In many cases the
Inspection last Hatmduy showed much
less work to be donu than we had ex
pected "However, tomorrow wn ask for and
need the support ami Mlp of us cry
householder. 1 would like to say par
ticularly that wu uio leeching splen
did support fiom nuinbcrB of women
1 tho city, who aiu not only helping
by seeing that their own jaidsare
Special Sale of Safes
Phone 2648 Merchant and Alakei
o Ht.irt a "third part)."
t Ills suggestion nor bat It been
ot foiccast any piobubllltles for
u be Is disgusted with the Tnft
se hu could not conscientiously sit
liioi Prour.
1(, lie tlilnks, will bn the totupro-
Bldo-trackcd because of morn
but should pass at tho next boh
tho future While ipilte willing to dis
cuss llaunllan legislation pending lie-;
fore Congress, bo Is somewhnt retl-
cent as to thu political ilcclopmcntB'
In the Islands and tho probable i mil so
of events hero us Influenced by bis un
tagonlsm to Governor I'rear.
Ilo has not et picked a man to suc
ceed his retiring seirclnry, Geoigo
Jdcli, Jlct'loHan -and. In fact, when
seen this morning, ho had had 11(1 tlluct
to confer with his local political
friends, and hence was untitrall) tin
vllllng to innke prophecies for tho fti
tine. One thing he considers certain, and
that Is that , Secretary 1'lsher will
tomo to Hawaii as soon as ho can
lean1 Washington to carr) on tho In
cstlgatlnn Into Prcar's administration
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clean, but mo preparing to bcrvo
lunches to the volunteer workers All
who can aid us b) sorvlng sandwiches
and colfee, etc , are asked to do so
"The Hoy Scouts aru relied upon
to do effective work One or two will
be assigned to eacli district, the rest
being on duty at beadciuarteis, whole
the can bo used as mciseiicgrs and
In other ways "
Acting Governor Mott-Smlth Is In
churgo of the Held forces Ho said
jestcrday Hint tho day is going In bo
a big success
As it is a legal holiday, practically
all business will be shut down and
all public olllces eloped
n. A. llcrudt, who was In clinign of
the Clean-Up Day forces last )oar as
president of tho Central Improvement
Committee mid tills year heads tho
curtago illusion, said this afternoon
that tho good woik of the luspectois
Is noticed In niaii tedious which ale
notlccahl) clean
I "Districts such as upper Nuuaiiii,
Knlilil and others show lino work by
Inspectors," said Mr. llorndt, "In fact,
tho Inspection lias piocd that sluco
last year the standard of sanitation
lias gone up
Hawaii's IH.'lit fur mi "open canal"
mid against the piutfslun In the canal
hill prohibiting rallioid-owiiul ships
I from using the big waterwu. glus
promise of ktol
1 II) the llonoliilan today came ad
vins from the foist show lug that al
though the House took action ngilust
iiilliimd-imuei) ships, the Senate will
inoillfj the measure, so that Hawaii
will git the hineflt A Washington
lisp itch limit! iln to ot June 10 sajs
I '"iho Stnatu compilttee on lutiioce
nnie canals has agreed to report tho
email toll bill with a provision ullnw
I11K Amirlian snips In the c oast w Iho
llnile to use the canal trie and allow
ing railroad ships tu go through tho
1 1. null whin destined fur u foielgu port,
with the privilege uf touch ut Auurl-
can ports..
ii:i,i:aTi: uriuo
1912 GIFT TO
j. . j. .g. .;. jc 4. . 4. ,
I'linulioii's pliuiB for an alumni 4
I- hall will bo discussed at the an- !
nual meeting of the alumni, to
bo hold nt 4 30 o'cloc kthls uf-
ternoon ut tho Punnhoii spring
1' C Atherlon, president of the !
alumni association, will preside,
and speakers will be I)r W C
Hobdy. President A 1' Grilllths,
aniU James A Wilder, and tho - 5 -
v Gills' Glee Club will furnish v,
! !
GradiiHies of the Puliation Prcpnrn
toiy In tho class of 1112 today plated
n premium on scholarship for tho fu
ti.io pupils of the Institution by pre
senting tho school with a scholarship!
cup, to be known as 'The Puiiuhoiii
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Collefje of Hawaii Scientist
Talks On Fruit-Fly
ProtesMir Ilinrj II Scvcrln of thu
CMIIegu of Hawaii certainly did boin
tj nil Hawaii s light against the fruit
ll when he reaebtd thu Coast ruiutly
on ids si If announced mission of 'tell
ing the truth "
Tim San 1'iiiiiclsio I'hroiililu of June
7 pulillslus the follow lug ultllu under
a prominent illsplaj head
Professor lltni) II Seveiiu, ctjlnol
o;lst of thu College ot Hawaii, accoiu
paiilul b William J Hartung, iijoung
Hawaiian scientist, urilvcd on thu Mat
sou line r Honolulu!! )cstcnli morn
ing fiom the Hawaiian Islands to (ill-
tlite u emnpilKii for the quarantining
of Hawaiian fruits for the purpose, of
killing off the Midltirruutau fruit lly
pist Pmtissor Sim rln charges that
Inspector II A Welnhind, scut to tho
Islands 1 1) thitKtntu Horticultural Com.
mission of California to Investigate the
II) Is liuoinpttt lit W'c Inland whore
tnrmd on the siiiuii steamer, refused
to discuss conditions until lie makes
his leport to the commission
Sew 1 In assirts that ills purposo In
coming lure Is to appear before the
Callfoinli I'rult Gipiwrs' couviiitloii
ut Santa lSiirbaia, opening In tin du)s
.Sovcilu asstlls that 11 pulls that thu
II) pest has lie en wiped out In the is
lands ale false Hu thelitis that Weill-
(Special IMillieiiti Corn sisimlt nco 1
WASHINGTON, I) C, June 7 The
navul iipprnprlutloii bill, us iitncnded
I') thu Sinale committee) on mial uf
fairs mill reported, dues sew nil good
turns fur Hawaii Among tlu'ui are
thee Important, udtlltlous to the meas
ure as puss'by the House
The Heentiir uf the Navy Is author
ised to purl base, from the appropria
tion "Naval Station. Pearl Harbor. Ha
waii firsh-failc-rnystein," Hindi4 by the
net of March 4, 1911, 1 acre, more or
less, .if hunt In the Island or Oiilw.
lirrllury of Hawaii, for thu lueatlun
of Wells for .supplj lug fresh wutcr to
the naval station, Iarl llarlior, Ha
waii, mid to acquire u right of way fur
a pipe Uuv from such welts to thu naval
'llic limit of cost of the tlrjelock at
the naval station ut Pearl Harbor, Ha.
wall, has been Inert axed from U.JOO.UUU
to IJ.Uo.Oclu, iiml the' iipproprlatliiii of
1 1.0 jo Ooo has In vii made to cuntliiuu
the work on the same. Instead of to
compute It The Increase In the limit
of tost Is iniide necessary because of
lomlltlons which require the use uf ai
richer mixture uf concrete
Il a new cliiise the Heeretar) of the
Nuv U authorized to employ the ap-'
propri.itluu fur the support ot tile lop-
irH on tin Island of Guam for their
ninovul to such Island possession of
the tuitiil States as he llltiv select
The Island which he will select will
be tin Islam! of c'ulliiu. In the Plilllp
plius, when there Is already it lepir
colon) mult 1 expire incdlcal car A
I irgH hipitul Is alnadj In existence
tin 11 'Hu Island is Jin mllis south-
last or .Manlli and Is 20 by 40 miles
In sli In the opinion of the Navy
(Continued on Page 3)
pitor. II. II. HKVKItIV
laud has bun absolutely unsuccessful
III bis attempt to eiirb the pest
Unbind n until reported to thu
(Continued on Page 4)
KXI'li tN VI I() OK
HUt A I PS Mill. Ml.
That Hawaii's votu csterday
wus cast for McGovorn for tcm-
porury chairman as a strategic
move to conceal tho Taft
strength and to aid In future
b iltotlug 011 tho nomination It-
self, Is tho belief of closo fol-
lowers of political events. Tho
theory was advanced this morn-
lug by a prominent Honolulu
man who Is familiar with moves -I-
made jt big conventions that Ha-
lUUUt; Ml Uli VU11VCIIIIUIID iimv 'U-
L wall's vote wub cast for McGov
r ern under Instructions from the
Taft leaders It is pointed out
that Hawaii could b relied upon
to stick with Taft, and tliul for
this iMiscm would obey the In- r
struct Ion ot the Taft generals.
Tho bcller la that the Tuft men
saw that Root wn-nrertalnly
for chairman before lla'wall's
vote was culled, this territory
being fifth from .he last mid Just
following Wyoming.
The Taft men know that later
: oil the fight might be closer,
and that It would bo 11 psycho-
logical advantage for them to bo
able to swing in fresh voles for
v the President say an the second
third or fourth ballots. Hawaii,
Is Is thought, has been told to
wait awhile before swinging In
for Tuft
W A. SMITH, a grnduato of tho en
glueerlug department of tlto Univer
sity of California with the class of
1011, was a passenger on the llonolii
lan. He Is going to Hawaii 011 Satur
day, where he has accepted a position
as a civil engineer Willi the Ilakalatl
Plantntlou Co
A bron7e tablet Inscribed with the
nmnis uf JJ policemen who lost their
lltes In the performance uf duty was
11 m 1 Hi d mid set in the entrunce of the
police htuihiuurters building In New
Notlllcatlon uf Its decision to coif
solldate with tho llaptlst dcnomlna'
Hon was forwarded to yio Northern
llaptlst convention nt Dcs Moines by
tho Rhode Island Krea llaptlst tonvcu
George Iteilillug Jr under kentenco
for murder, was transferred from the
count) Jail ut New Haven to Wethers,
lit Id The condemned )oung mull
kups up bis spirits.
An Important change In the plans
for the pennant nt wutcr sstun at
Heimlich! Ilnrraclis has been decided
on Instead uf using one of tho large
gulches hack uf the I.ellelnm reserva
tion as a storage reservoir, another
dam site three miles nearer the situ
uf the new pust, has been seltctcd,
allow Im; fur a cheaper plant und one
that will take Hsu time to construct
'this change Is the result of careful
InvciNtJgutloiis b) Major II. I Yank
( htiitliiiui, who recently arrived to take
up thu duties of chief quartermaster
of the department Since arriving on
the transport, little more than 11 week
ugu, Major Cheatham has been over
the big reservation from end to end,
and lie Is certain that the site which
he has picked out Is better in every
wit) than the one bt lifted some time
ago, befoin the exact location of the
permanent post was known Captain
(Sisrlal II 11 1 1
CHICAGO, III, Juno 19. The Hawaii delegation iwung into line for
Taft on the ihowdown today, on the resolution by Governor Hadley of Mil-
souri, the Rootcvelt floor leader, to eliminate from the roll-call all eonteited
A motion to table the resolution earned by a vote of 5C4 to 510. Hawaii
voted with the Taft forces.
The vote was a Taft victory, the President gaining five votes over the
showing of yesterday, and four not voting. The general feeling is now less
intense than yesterday, although the I a to outbreak in response1 to tho spring
ing af Hadley as a "dark horse" was the wildest yet.
Pennsylvanians bitterly resented the words of Hemenway of Indiana, who
cast aspersions upon Flinn, the Pittsburg boss and a Roosevelt leader. Flinn
himself led the demonstration made by
subdued Flinn.
Mayor Shank of Indianapolis called
course of the debate on Hadley's resolution, which Record opposed.
senator watson, in finishing the debate against the resolution, said ha
believed that Hadley would consent to refer the resolution to the committee
on credentials.
It was at this point, when they passed together to the platform, that
deafening cheering broke out and tho Hadley boom was launched.
Ohio, Nebraska, Massachusetts, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Mis
souri, West Virginia, North Carolina,' Kansas and Oklahoma joined wildly In
the yelling. Suddenly tha delegates tore up their banners and began to pa
rade the hall. Hadley seemed the center of a tremendous ovation.
Mrs. Davis, a Chicago woman sitting in the gallery, waved a picture of
Roosevelt, and frantic Roosevelt men seized her and carried her to the plat
form on their shoulders In the midst of
The significance of the outbreak, In
part, is still unexplained.
(Associated l'riss Cuttle )
CHICAGO, III June 19 A sudden boom for Governor Hadley of Mis.
souri as a dark horse candidate was launched in the convention hero today.
The convention opened at 11 1 15 o'clock. Hadley, as floor leader of tha
Roosevelt forces, offered a resolution signed by thirteen members of the na
tional committee, to the effect that all contested delegates be eliminated from
the roll, which would give the Roosovolt men the whip hand.
The debate on this resolution lasted for a long lime. Hadley opened 'it,
and Doveell of Washington, Hemenway of Indiana, Devlne of Colorado,
Mackay of Michigan and Galvin of Kentucky took a prominent part. Sen
ator Watson, the Taft floor leader, opposed it strongly, while Allen of Kan
sas and Record of New Jersey supported it.
Late this afternoon, as Watson and Hadley were walking together to the
platform, a wild and unexplained demonstration started, mostly on the part
of Roosevelt men.
Coleman of Pittsburg ran to the platform, shouting "Hadley! Hadleyl
Next Presldentl"
Tho tumult that this created lasted for forty-five minutes, the hall being
a scene of pandemonium.
Governor Oeneen of Illinois, when qbiet was restored, moved to amend
the Hadley resolution so that no contested delegates be allowed to partici
pate in sitting in judgment on their own case. Watson moved to table Oe
neen's motion. Tho roll-call on the motion to table began at 9:45 o'clock,
and the vote, now in progress, is running practically the same as yesterday.
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ntANCIhCO. Cnl
88 mini) sis, lis
Previous limitation,
4 17c.
June 19
8d ; parity,
lis Kl-id
P II Kdwards, who, until Major
Cheatham's arrival, was constructing
itiarti minster, mid who lias ever) de
tail of the local situation well In baud,
accomp.inlid Major Cheatham on all
his trips to Heimlich!, und tint con
struction work Is now thorough!)
Idoeked uut
With the recent decision of the War
Department to retain all the water
rlshts of the resirvutlou, and sell the
surplus to the highest bidder, rutlicr
than permit the VVjililawa Walir Com
pan) to take over the rights and de
liver all the water necessary for gov
ernment usu free uf charge, pa) lag also
lor the Installation of thu pipe and
pumping plant, the muttir of a res
ervoir has become all-Important The
hew site, according to Major Cliiat
Iihiii, beside being conslderalil) mar
er the" post, will not require So much
charing of natural growth, and will
be easier to convert Into a retainer
f 1 1 11 Cubic )
the Penn delegation. Chairman Root
Record of New Jersey a liar In tho
a tremendous demonstration. "
which some of tho Taft men took
LESS Ni:V VOUK, June C Twin wlre
liss stations to communicate' direct
with London will be built along tho
New Jersey coast within a j ear, ac
cording to 1111 announcement made to
day by tho Marconi Wireless Tele
graph Couipuny of America., Options
iiavn neen oimiincii 011 similar sues at
Sail rrunclsio and Honolulu
It Is planned to construct u plunt
In tho Philippines Islands to coui
iiiiinlcutu direct with thu one at Ho
nqlulii Thu compaii) will thus ba
enabled to Ecnd messages from I.011
dnn to the Philippines by vvuy ot tho
United Suites, relaying the messages
by laud wires from thu Jersey const
to S.in Train Isco The plants at San
I'rmiciscn and Honolulu will be erect
ed Immedlatel), the announcement
The 111 st New Jersey station, tho
announcement savs, will be erected
within nine months near Ilelmar, a
situ uf fi'iO 111 res, purchusctl today.
The second will bo erected nt Tora'B
river or Hirnegut und will be tuned
to a key different from tho first, bo
that messages to either station may
he received and Bent simultaneously
without Interference
Tho distance from thu New Jersoy
stations tu Loudon Is HI 00 miles Tho
estimated cost ot thu plants will ba
$750,000 each
f.iiAmjimiy ' gfffJmnLJi &.?. j.l..'HnTitotl4MAMitiiiimiA
si aatiiSr'riis'ri'i'ii'' - -'-
4 Ju.V- .iui.-J

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