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mmiiHwmFHii!m iprmsmitym
mqF i,1
fKf" v
Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
1 1 ilil Cluipltr No.'.1, 0. I',
s, K irnLir.
llunoliilii 'I lilnl l)i en e.
lliiniillnii- llilnl lla'ni',
Id Alnliii (Impltr No. .1,0,
I!, V k Int.
llitiinti s, i mill Degree.
All visiting nuincer of tftr
Order r cordially lmlUd W
attend mrotlniu of IociM le
Meet on Ihe
'.'ml iiml llli
MciihI.ijh (if
c.irli ni'intli
nl lul'.lliill
T:SD 1. 31.
mm EN6INtE!fe?
J l.i 1 1) In, lied.
Mi nihrrs (
mill r A smi
Lilians tor
HdilM.n I.OIKJi:, Ml, 8,
k. nl r.
ctfJt Tn,ta tnrv -'rut anil 1th Satur
f$t da o 11 nit, lit 7 3U clock la
WjVi r I" IUII, cor. Tort iiuil
xS lipftaiil.i Visiting brotluirs
cordi.-lly lnltcil to attend
A F GI3IIT7., C C.
r r KiMtbY, ic n s.
iiiiMii,: i.i: iMiwv, bic, it. r. . f.
.IS.' i, Honolulu Ixdge N'o CIO,
7lli l' ,al" Ul(,,:t8 lu
VtsfcO their hnll, on King St.,
$iVu ""r Fcirt, every 1'rlday
trbetfi c ruing Vlsltlni; Itroth-
1h.JJ ers re cordially luvlted
TiSf' to attend
a is Mt'iu'itY. n n.
II I)I'NSIIi:i:, Sec.
ouitr i.otMii: no. i, k. of r.
JJ-'J Mee's ecry Mrst mid third l'rl-
j(la at 7 M o.lock, I'ythlun
llliill, (oruer lleiotmil i mid
Tort streets VIsIiIhk brothCTS
(ordlnlly Imllccl to .1 1 1 "11(1
CI lll'ISI. k of It .i H
iiau mi v.n 'i mm: mi. t, i. . it. .v.
Metis eery llrst and tliltd
Tuesday of each muiilli In
Fraternity Hall, I O O V
biilldlut; VliitliiK brutbers
cordlully Invited to uttcud
Ilt:.llY A ASCII, Sacl.em
LOUS l'lIltKY, C of It
IIO.MIM'Mr Mlltli: III), F. 0. V..
Mi-ls mi neeotid and fourth
W.dnesdi ivitilng of each
mouth at 7 3d o'elotk. In
K of I' Hull, corner Fort
mid Deietanln Visiting biothcrs ate
lilt lied lo ntttlid
J V ASCII, Stcy.
iKiMii.i i.r i.oiini: mi. soo,
i,. ii. o. ii-
will mtet In Odd Pillows' building,
Port street, neir King every Friday
eunlng u' 7 .!() o.loik
Visiting brotlieis cordially Invited
to attend
AMIIItOSi: J WlltTZ, Dictator.
i; A JAIOIISON, Secretary
Importer Fort St
Pantheon Dldg.
Exclusive Millinery
Fvliss Power,
Boston Dlock, Second Floor
Club Stables Dlock
MRS. E. E. DAVIS. Proprietor
Are Always Found at the
Just received by S. S. Sierra, the
very latest in fancy TAILORED
up to. date Millinery and Men's Hats
City Transfer
(JAS. H.
Union Grill
I Office, King Street opp.
(Additional Ship ping on Page 8)
I Two Fast Steamers Arc to Be
ing of Canal Canadian-Australian Liner Makura Brings
News of Improved Service Two Island Steamers Arrive
With Sugar and General Cargo Wilhelmina Departed
With Big List of Passengers.
Two new ind fust pissenger btoam
em lath in fl the Unorlean Hawaii
. .. i .. .... .... .. .u. i.i.,,i
i.n house flag lire lo enter the Atlantic
","1 ."'.'il' ''"Ii."" l" "C"lnR
,u,.'.""'.. "...., ...
. ,, tl .,.... , . .
g.-r (li-orgi l)(.irlioni has decided to
. .KI.K. it. this brnmh of tic steam
ship husln. as proved welcome news
wh.li Information uierlnK the lat-,
poriniliu compan) was made known
hi ui,,. .um .i,., . i.u ku own , llHlllnnc0 ,, .ompromlso
...lo ujion the urrlvnl of Hie Mutson , K 1L, KaMnK of tll0 vessel.-ad-MnlKa.lon
liner llono u a , , , f , hl .
noiiitiiiiK i" wuiiuuiim-u ie "ill
III ( Irculiil Uiii nloiiK l'aclllc Coast ship ,
pIiik and commercial centers, tho
American llawnllan lino, llko several
(Uli.r large steamship comiianles real ,
l7os the linpoitanee of the Canal as "'"w "' "'r .iiiiui iv iiuiBer noiiiieii
the lonmrihiK link for two gn at on an koIiik passenger vessels of tho
-.cans 'I he statement was made this ngtilallons roqulrliiK lifeboats
iiiornlng Hint the two proposed ins "1 "Unr lire-saving apiillanccs to bo
rongir vessels would bo opeintcd mi InstnlleU sulllclunt to accommodate all
a iw,.iMlav s.hedule, white Hie ""' liassengers and tho crow, tho l'a
throiigli fn (Kilters would cover llie'tlllc l'nst Steamship Company llled
illstatice In t u en New York nml 1hu,n prutest against tho order, alleging
I'a.llu Coaxi terminals In about tight tliat ll wn 'ot being enforced gen.r
tin lo iweul) d:is ""y Ihioughout tho other ports of tho
It will be remembered that mimo ''tilted States 'I he protest was re
moulds ago the II u lie tin called. rr,1 ' United States Supervising
attention to the fni t that live S70K tiliul Inspector (icnernl Filler, who wired
treiglitirs are under construction for
tin Ameriinu Hawaiian Coiupaii) at
Spinous Point, Md I he Hist, tho
Mluuesotaii, was launched early thin
month and the other four Monta
nan, Diknlan, IN unslvnnlan nniL Pa
nam iiil.iu will be launched within
a few uinntlis As soon a tlii'so live
aie innipletid the he. Is of three mnru
will be luld
I ho new freighters will "bo 10,000
ton canleis, 4r. feet In length, C3 ftct
I cum and 2't feet liold 'I hum are at
lieseut elghtt en freighters In tho
American iinwullau CoinpiinyH serv
ice, with a. total carrvlug capacity of
22uilu tons 'I his Undo has been
luiill up sliico IS'is
Ai.nnlliiK to reports received beio
ioila the Inillul work of .oust ruction
it two new v.hm'Is iiilended for pas
-iiiMr biislueHH will begin wllh thu
Mist of Hie ((lining Jinr
lliiniiliil in n Piipiilar lliml.
That the Matson Nuvlgatlon liner
lliiuoliilun is a popular vessel with
the tinvellng public is boriio out lij
lie inuut.intl) luciiaHlng deamnds
inaili upon tills vessel for tinnsportu
tlou When the lloiiolilan went Into ser
vice as a Mutson stt imer, the vessel
Iiml bent lltt.d foi the uceomiiKidatlon
nl llfly passongcus Some months
ui,(i, inllouliig eonsidcrublu iilterullon,
tlie llouolulaii was given u license
p. inillllng bur olllceis to book travel-
eis for passngo up to the number of
The vessel ui rived at Honolulu
utter u pleasant esovm days run from
Sin Prune Isio with all nvallablo ac
.ommodiitlou tnken Capruln lleiiuett
icports it lino trip Purser Levej
und chief slewiud Farrell arranged a
delightful belles of entertainments for
the p isxc ngcrs who nttesetd their up
pnelatlnn by showering the blushing
olileeis wllh till sorts of complements
and good wishes
Tlie lltmolulaii cuiuo nlongsldo
llackftld wliurf this inurnliig with
Jiiir, tons freight for Honolulu and
1,7.1 tons for discharge at Kahulul
Tho liner is to depart for tho Muul
port on Thursduy evening and sched
uled to return heio on Sunday morn
ing. On deck nml looking line und lit
were thirty-three head of line horses,
und iilno tliti'O prUo bullocks for tho
Isenberg ranch
Seven passengers who urrlved this
morning will transfer lit this point to
the Canudlan-Australian llnur Makuru
und eontlnuo the voago to Austrulla
ami New Zealand points.
One of tho largest consignments of
mainland mall lecelved hero In weeks
uirhcd In the Honolulan when 47C
sacks was tiuiud over to thu local
postal authorities
'I he Ilonoluluii brings a new third
olllcer lu the person of It Klllmitn,
who supercedes V S Plerson, re
signed R9
Ventura Prepared for Honolulu Run.
The Oceanic Steamship Co 'a liner
Ventuia, which, llko the Sonoma, lias
P. i ii reconstructed for tho rosuined
xiviio lo Austialla and Now Zealand,
ih given a spin at Sim Francisco for
be piirpoKo ot ndjiistlug comiasses
prior lo ilm olllclnl trial of tho vessel
a few days later 'I ho Ventuin went
thioiigh the tests to the Katisraetleiu
of those lu charge Before being plac
cd on tlie mil to tie l'.ritlsh coloiilus
i1(, Ventura will make a trip to Hone,
lulu ill plueo of tho Slorin
Nippon Drlngs Tale of Sale.
lapaneso purchasers nf tho wrecked
Cimidlau l'aclllc liner Fmpress of Clil
mi are.credlted with having offoieef a
very sinull sum for tho vessel, say of
burs lu Hie To) (i Klseii Kalsha liner
Nippon Maru during I lie stay of that
ussil at Honolulu yesjcida). 'Iho
Phone 1281
Ready for Business with Open
price offered b Japanese buyers for
the wrecked liner was thought too low
y "ie underwriters and the iilan now
'.,. .,.,. .i.i.. r... .i
rinK the Vessel toiropei.; he offeVed
ilor "ale The Impress of China
HllllllUlll (III UlU iUJIIIll ilUK IKI I
... ., , , .:, .,. ... ..i..
, , , 2- f , , and after
,v ' fc f m t
-,, ,, , underwriters y,h
took out 'he liner a few months ago,
un. 1,1, ,, ,, i,..,l
Protest at More Lifeboats Denied.
siiorll after t'nlted states SiiicrM
llulger vesterday sustaining his action
and deciding that there, was no merit
In the prutcst, mid that tho allegations
n. ado b tho enem wero not founded
on fact.
.Sum II 1,M of Passiiigirs In lliikiir.i.
The Canadliiu-Austrnllan liner -Muj
aura, iroui vuucoiiver aim viciuna, is
carrying u sin ill list of passengers to
Australian und New Zealand ports
Ihe vessel arrived this morning utter'
it pleasant passagu with 80 llrst, 8!
second and 8ft third clas spassengcrs.
Thu vessel is to depart for the Anti
podes at ! 30 this evening.
Kahulul Now a Busy Port.
Purser Klbllng of thu Intcr-Islaiid
steamer Claudlno, which vessel re
turned from Maul and Hawaii ports
today, reports several ships and steam
ers at Kahulul The ship William P.
Fr, 1s loading sugar The Ameri
can Hawaiian freighter Mlssourlan, ul
bo taking on similar commodity follow
ing tho dlschnrgu of considerable gou
einl cargo, Is likewise thero. Tho
schooner Carrier Dove with lumber Is
In tho port discharging 'Ihe Claud
lac hi ought a largo list of cabin ami
M!tnt)!hu deck passengers Her
freight list Included 30 cords wood, a
qmiiitlO of empties, .11 hogs, and 177
packages sundries The vessel met
with fine weather on tho return voy
Pacific Mail Shows Deficit.
Although tho l'aclllc Mall Steamship
( ompaii) s earnings for tho ear end
lug Apt II .10, PJ12, show- a decided Ill-
crease lo tho gross and net. It still
I ulTors a dcllclt, according to llgures
Hindu public hero esterday.
Tho total receipts for tho year end
ing April 30th amount to $5,285,199, as
compared with $4,974,819 In tho pre
vluus car, HxpeiiBes for tho last
year aggregate $4,8ri(i,17(, as compar.
ed with ?4,H1'I,i:js, and net receipts
umountcd to $42.1,023, as compared
witii $ir,ri,isi. Depreciation and ro
I airs amoumed to $4ti2,!or,, as com
pared with $3r4,4r3, mid tho balanco
leaves a ('.elicit of $19,082, as compar.
cd with a dcllclt ot $199,27G.
Pacific Mall Plans New Service.
It Is announced by the Pncillc Mall
Company that tho Kansas City will bo
placed on tho Panama run hotween
San Francisco, San Pedro and Halloa,
tho first depitrturo from San Pedro be
ing scheduled for May 17, This will
iiurenxo tho number of saltings from
ban Pedro south bound to ouu oven
ten days, with arrivals north bound at
equal Internals.
San Pedro Reports Big Tonnane,
The report of tho Sap Pedro custom
house for April shows tho arrival at
that port of 224 steamers, ten schoon
ers and one barkentlnu, a total of 23.1
coastwlso vesseds, having a net ton
tinge of 211,100 nml carrying lu crews
IS9G seamen.
Hall Back with Sugar,
Tho Intor-lslnnd steamer W G Hall
was mi arrival lu port this morning
bringing .1000 sucks sugnr and a
ilitnntlly of sundries, Thu vessel met
Willi lino weather on the homeward
Tho now N. Y. if, stenmer Yokoha
ma Maru, just built nt the Mltsu 111
bi i -urn, ixugasBKi, was cxpecieu to
sail fiom Kohii .hi no 10th for Seattla
on her tnnlden o)nge, lu place of tho
lunba Maru 'I his steamer will tako
the place of thu Kumakura Mm ti on
tho Health) line, tho latter vessel lem
lorniily replacing thu Kawachl Mam
on Ihe Fuiopcuu lino Tho Kawachl
will leplueo the Ceylon Maru on tho
lltiuiliu) line, tho Coylou Maru being
put on tho Calcutta run.
iJitiimm hiirtiiiiMiwtlfc
B S p
ITS- 3s &3 Ft
3a d d 3a
-1 1 S
ii m a ro. ii in
OIJ I 6 50 10 11
OS; si or, II 11
!I1 1 H 7 to U
HI ID l 111
U 11 I0 4t 400
a in P ni
Ml 111 I0M HI
a in
I I', r, B 0 41
ira tin oil
8 41
10 34
11 IK
itn I
It II DID 0.41
111 il tSIVl
II 17
0 81
1.10 MU 0,4
6n tw 04
a 'A 6 l c 4V
First quarter of tho iiiooii Juno
(Hirrlul Cable lo Merchants'
Wednesday, June 19
SAN FHANCISCO Arriv.d luno 10,
7 a in , S S. I.urllne. hciico luno 11
SHATTLi: - Anle.l, lime 19, S S
llxuhvs, from San I raiuiscu
KAIIt'LUI Arrived, luno 1",
Carrier Dove, from .Mukllleo
GUAM Snlled, June 17, U
Colorado, for Honolulu
S. S
S. S CIIIYO MAHU - Will arrive
Friday at S a m fiom San Francis'
.ii and will sail for Yokohama nt
" p m,
S. S. Makura sails for Sjdncy at r,
p m tnduy.
Oostonlans Made Merry on Mauna
Hanged along tho side of tho Inter
Island llagshlp Mauna Kea this morn
gagomout at Hllo and Muul ports, A
largo crowd gathered at the Inter lsl
and wharf to witness the depnrti.ro of
llll- Oll-llllll'l ,Tll,L.H in IMKJdlh in" ,,,-
tie favorites
on their archlpciaguuj
Passing of a Dollar.
Tho Btcum schooner draco Dollar,
iirchased by M. J. Savago from tho
Dollar Steamship Compnii), bus been
renamed thu Hardy. Shu will operate)
In tho coastwlso trade.
Entered for Record June 18, 1912.
From 10:30 a. m. to 4i30 p. m.
A W Pcrilstruus to F II McStenker
. .. , . ... PA
A W Pi r. iHtrmis h) att to l.or-
r In Aluli.'UH . ., Aepgmt Agrmt
Illiibc- Mlkaleiue el ill ii.lv (Mil
William U Wond tt al . .Jgmt
llowmd I) Unwell, tr, tn William
M Vim i ul I)i cltn Truxt
William M Vim. nt lu (Xorgo A
I) iv Is, (r .M
Hank nf Hawaii Ltd In Allen M
.Nnwrll . . '. ltd
llmrj WOit. rhuiise Trust Cn Ltd
In V JI Wee . ...
J:IIiim I, Jiinex and uf In Walt. r
Dills, lib. rg .
AgiKM Kul.lklul mid hsli tn .Mar)
A huh Hum
Mnr. II Smith and hsb it ul to
Cutton, N. ill & e'o Ltd
aiarlana J aioi.lru and hsb tn Ad
ilaldo V .Munlru ... 1)
Pang fining 1.J ult it nt In Trs
of Pang CI ins Scliunl.. Tr Silu
.M XiiKiikn nud wf to .M I lunula . M
Win Ptillur tit llniinmii Sugar e'o..
Can L
T i 'live DiWm mid wf tu fiiorgo
P DavKx II
Entered for Record June 19, 1912.
From 830 a. m. to 10l30 a. m.
Ant i llorlii it nl to Humid W
HI.., . . 1)
aiakullaii Hunch Co tn llnlold W
Itl.c . ... IIS
Antune Horbi to Harold W like AL
Allium. Huron Jr to Harold V
Hlie AI,
Itnsa .Me I'betridge and huh to Alba
.M llurtt ...
aiarla II Kahnlwai nud hxh tn Sao
aiartlnhi, Hint Sue of Haw . at
About one hundred weavers employ
ul li) the Cnrr aiunufacturlng (um
paii), print cloth iiiniiufncturers, at
Taunton, .Muss, struck, claiming that
tlie uin.lilnci) had been spi.d.d tip
and that they wero obliged to do their
own oiling
-An Improvement In the tandltlon of
Wlllltiin A Dorr, who Is ihurgcil with
thu murder of George J I. atush, tho
L)im soap manufacturer, wus noticed
t) the Jail pli)Hlclun, 1 Tunic K At
w nod
Your Liver
is Clogged up
That's Why You'ra Tlroti Out of
sorts Ht No AptwUU.
will put you rijbt
is a lew tMyt.
Tim da
Uieir doty.
inutu, laJJtjtitloa, skI Sick HtscUcltw
Genuine wuii Signature
Merchant, Near Fort
MutmX -
lug, a hand of Juvenile llos onlans u j0 Mr ntld Mrs w. Scott
made merry will, nn Imprompt. eon HtIV,' M nU(1 Mrfc SIoBKet
.ert of select ons "lie ere. 1 tliirliiK w A aln aco.Sun,B 'A. j(. Tar.
their sue. essful stay In this city, Tho , Mgg von Toln)3ky MrH.
young thesplunettes are to open nn en- ,, ,',. rpii, h t n TmnmH
Tuesday. Jutio IS,
Sydney, Auckland and Suva Zea
landla, llr stmr. p. in.
Hongkong and Japan portH Nip
poll Maru, Jap sthir, p.m.
Wednesday, Juno 19.
Snn Francisco llunolulan, M. N
'H. a, a.m.
I Vancouver and, Victoria Makura
llr. Ktmr.. a.m.
Hawaii via .Maul ports Clnudinc,
Rtmr., a.m. ,
Kauai ports w. u. Hall, stmr, a.m
Tuesday, Juno IS.
Vancouver nml Victoria Zealan
dla, Dr. stmr., 8 3D p.m.
San Francisco Nippon Maru, T,
K K S, S , p in
Kauai ports Klnau, stmr., Ii p m.
Maul. Molokal and Iinal ports Ml
kabala, stmr., r, p m.
Wednesday, Juno 19
San Francisco Wilhelmina, M. N.
S S3 , 10 a in
Hllo via way ports Manila Kea,
stmr., 10 a in.
I'ASSKMlKltS AltltlVi:!)
For M. N S. S. Honolulan, from San
Francisco, Juno 19 Mtb. A. K. Ar
icdge, Mrs K. S. Harry, Miss A. I.
Hrooks, W M. Huchanati, .las lludd,
Geo. K. Campbell, Miss M. II. Cas
sidy, W W. Churchill. Kd Clair,
Then. A. Cooke. Mr anil Mrs. .1. W
Cottcrell, W V. Crockett, Miss Alice
Uarcy, II. I;. Decker, Mrs. A. l;bscn,
G. Fisher, Chas. 11. Frailer, J no. II
Garvin, I,. T. Gaylord. W. L. Glfford,
It. W. Hendry, Miss A Hnrgaard
Gerhard llofgaard, Miss Vera Jones,
Hon. J. Kalanlanaole, Mr. and Mrs. A.
Knowles, C V. McUllau, Miss Kdltli
M Phillips, Miss K. L. I'hllllps, Mr.
and Mrs. M I'otus?, Major W. A.
Purely, Mrs. Win. A. Purely, Goo. II
Goo, 11, Thayer, Miss Kdltli fM. TJiotn;)
ron, Mrs. A. 11. Tucker, Miss JI. Voss,
(! y KyaUUt'lu who, .X. Wll
Per stmr. immune, irom Hawaii
nud Muul ports, June 19. It, Sher
wood, U. J. O'Noll, Ii. Uundolpli, A.
Ifaluna. II T. Wright, M. . Aton
surrat, J. II Cliauiborlaln, W, J2.
Sparks, Mrs, Sparks, .Mrs M S lie
polite, M. Cook, J Albrocht, 1). tl
.i.iliuuciv, i v. i.uaviuna, i,iin...uv
craus, L. M. Haldwju, Mrs. Ilaldwiii,
Miss A. Cnrley, A. 1). Salvas, A. Nil
lies, J. It. Creuier. F, n. Noes,
Prank Itosehlll, Mrs. Norton, J. N. S.
Williams, P. P. Ilaldwiii, .1, MacLar
en, Miss I.. Adams, I. J. Unril, II, K
Smith, 1). Ferrelra, Mrsm. C. Searlo,
1). Slut wood, A. J. Norrls, 70' duck.
Per stmr. W. G. Hall, from Kauai
ports, Juno 19. Mrs. Hanson, Mrs.
Grclg. Mrs II. I). Wlshnrd, Mrs. Geo.
Huchholtz, Mrs. J. M. Lydgute, Mrs.
II. II. Wutcrhouso, Mrs. M. It. Har
vey. Mrs. Winkler, ltuv. J. W. Wnd
man, ltuv. P. Hong. Itev. Yushlda, I
II. Moragne, 27 deck.
Per llr. stmr. Makura, from Vancou
ver and Victoria, Juno 19. for Hono
lulu .Misses M. Hlddick. I). Scbuvtcn.
DjM elo Hrettuvlllc, limes, Flutaysoii (2),
Sw tzer. M. ladled. .Mcllr e h 21. J
D Ambrose, I. Phlcgerj Mesdaines Crelg
i end two children, K. Mnrkbam, C J.
' .Silmyteii, Inncs, II. Cralib and child,
1. Hush and two children, Strlngham,
D I N'orrltS, Farr, M . Francis, Cone and
child; Messrs C Pullar, It. I. Caso
incut, J. Iliitchcon, W. I). McCallum,
A W MeCulluin, P Peacock, II.
llailon, M. loues. II J. Warriuer, I)
Strlngham, H. II Norrle, F Alitor-
son, P. Knnal, J. Tall. Through
jut 3 passengers.
t :: .... 1
Per M N. S. 8 Wilhelmina, for San
Prauclsco. Juno 19, C. Aldricb, II
Atdrlch, ChnB. liarroii, Mla M. Hen-
iny, V. S. Blacked, G. J. Holsse, .Mrs.
G I Holsse, Miss M. Hlckcl, S. S
Hattcn, Miss M. G. Horden, II Hruns,
P N. Hosier, A. II Hroycr, Mrs A I)
Ilroyur, Mrs. S. Hlulr, .Miss i:. It. Col
lals. .Miss L. A. Crosby. Miss P. Con-
" ever, atlss P. N. Carter, Mrs. P. Q.
Cox, Mrs. I,. ,M. Chlttonden, MrB. 13
Oarra, aitss II, 13. Carra, J, D. Clan
ton, airs. J. D. Clantoii, O. J. Coin
con, Miss M 13. Clarke, T.M. Church
airs. T. ,M. Church and 3 children. J.
S. Dlnkclsplel, aitss draco Davis, airs.
C. P. Dwlney and child, ailss S.
Fljnii, airs. V. Flynn, airs. Fontuneau,
C. 11. Gibson, Geo. Freeluud, airs, C,
II. Gibson nnd 2 children, airs. W
ai. Graham, aiastor Graham, Col, S.
N. Griffith, MrB. 8. N. Glllllth, Miss U
Giiic, aiiss at. iiowo, ailss ai. iioii-
lugs, Dr. 13. II. Hnnd, airs. G. C. Hof.
gaard, Miss M
L. Honncr. .Miss M.
Kingsbury, J. Lordy. airs. J. Lordy,
ailss A, Logan, .Mrs. It. Loughcr. .Miss
I. aicDanlel, A. J. Mcl.eod, airs. A. J,
aicLeod. D. aicConnachlo, W. .McOllli
vray, A. Mills, airs. A. .Mills, J. II.
aiclntosh, ailss 13. aiucaulay, airs. A.
It aicLano and child, II. McVine.Mrs,
II. Me VI no, ailss C. Nllsson, 11. Ncl
son, airs. 11. Nelson, A. G. Olds, Mrs.
A. O. Olds, Mrs. 13. W. Potorson, alas
tcr 13. Potorson, ailss II. l'utnum.Mlsa
D Podmuro, Mrs. It. M Pogson, .Mrs,
J, G. Pobcoo, Win. Pullar, airs. Wll
Ham Pullar, W. II Pratt, airs, W. II
Pratt, .Miss Pratt, W, II, Smith. .Mis.
v II smith, Jr.. W A. Sparks.airs.
W. A Sparks and 2 children, .Miss I),
ai. stono, win. Sinclair, i:, v Saun
dors, W. Schleicher, ailss U. Skllll
corn, Jt. W. Saeltzer, airs. 11. W,
Snletzer, A. P. Tom, airs, William
Thompson und 2 children, II. W.
Thomasairs II. W. Thomas, airs 1.
ai Tabor, ataslor Tabir, ailss G 13.
Thomas, aiiss Ilolcn Wolklns, A, A,
Whltcomb, C. P Wood.
Much Kauai Sugar on rjand.
There, Is u vast amount of sugai
uwalllug shipment on Kauai, aceoid
Ing to reports received In this city .to
day with the arrival of thu steamer
W G. UalL Acioiding to thu list, the
following is awaiting shipment AI, A
K. 37,912, 0 &. It 900, aid). 81,072, If.
If. II 9852. If S. M. 350. If 8 II. '1351,
K. P. 17,120, I V. 15.75C, G F. 11,000
Hullo tin ads best lluslnews (let
fc iayttiUuMiaMtAikiia
Leaving liana. Maul, on May 21st,
tho schooner HcTuolpti arrived at San
Francisco last Sunday.
Tho Territorial Ilqiitl played a pleas
lug serenade at thq sailing of the Wil
helmina for San Francisco,
Thq next mall duo from the main
lend should arrivo Friday morning In
tl a Japanese liner Clilyo Mnru.
Lcl-vqnders reaped a harvest at the
departuro of the Matson Navigation
steamer Wilhelmina for tho Coast tills
A large delegation of tourists and
others departed for Hawaii and tho
Volcano as passengers In thu steamer
Mauna Kea.
An 8 day passage Is credited to tho
Amerlcnn tanker Lansing, which
reached Port San I.uls from Honolulu
Inst Saturday.
Mall which was forwarded to tho
mainland In the Pacific Mail steamer
Mongolia reached San Francisco Mon
day afternoon
Tho Toyo Iflsen Kalsha liner Teuyo
Mnru. denart tig for Snu Francisco on
June 25th, will carfy tho next regular
mall for tho Coast.
A fair list of passengers has been
booked for departure in the steamer
Hnll, leaving for Kauai ports at .'
o'clock tomorrow evening.
A largo quantity of raw silk was In
cluded In tho through cargo carried
by tho .lapaneso liner Nippon Maru,
now cn route to San Francisco.
'I ho Intcr-lsland steamer Claudlnc,
from Hawaii porrs, met with lino wea
ther on tho homeward trip, according
to report brought by Purser Klbllng,
According to latest advices tho Jap
aneso liner Clilyo Maru, with lay-over
passengers and lato mall. Is duo to ar
rive from San Francisco Friday morn
Crowded to the, limit with passon
rors, the Canudlan-Australian liner
Zcnlandla got away for Vancouver und
Victoria Bliortly heforo 9 o clock last
With general cargo for the Island
of Hawaii, tho Matson Navigation
steamer enterprise nailed from San
Francisco on last Saturday nfturnoou
for Hllo.
Fifteen hundred tons coal will bo
supplied tho American cruiser Colo
rado during her stny at this port. The
war vessel Is expected hero nbout
June 27th.
Federal epiarantlue medical nlliccrs
1 assed the Canadian-Australian Maku
i a In smart time this morning. That
vessel enslly beat tho Honolulan to a
wharf by an hour.
The Cnnadlan-Alistrallin liner Zeu
lnndlu, whli h made u brief call at Ho
nolulu )cHterday evening tn route from
Australian und New Ziulanil ports to
IliltiHh lolumliln, may soon lie retlr.d
from the long run through tlie South
Seas to make wa for u newer, faster
und far more commodious boat
SiVb was thu expression of opinion
gained following the nrrlvul of the
llutr at thu port
The mooted Inauguration of n direct
Mi Ibiiurne-Victoria-Vnncun ver servile,
whl.li has been hrnuihcd and dlxuiss-
ed hi detail in Australian iumin.rel.il
und shipping ilrelcK for some mouths
ptiHt, bus caused tho Caiiadlaii-Aus
trallau maniigtmint to sit up and take
notice of tontcmphitcd liuprovemints
111 piisHengtr service
The new compan) would operate at
bast Hint' stianurs, capable of main
taining a fast schedule The Zeulan
dla Is ratedis a notoriously slow boat
Tlie aiakuru and Mnrnmu uru far speed
It r and In every wa) better eeiulpped
for passenger business,
Thu predictlun wus freely made that
the eompiny would noon realize that
through the retirement of the Xcalnndln
and the substitution of a better liner.
Its hold nn a prolltable trade would
still ho rt'taliud despite tho presence
of sivernl competing lines.
The Inauguration, of the Oceanic
Sliamshln Company's nlnctct n-dnv
schedulu bitwecn San Franilnco and
S)dne) Is declared to be a mutter tint
bus set tlie Canadian-Australian di
rectors Investigating the possibility of
inquiring a faster liner than tlie Km-
lunula, which Invariably falls short In
keeping up the pace as sit by the Ma
li lira and aiaramn
The .Makurn, from Vancouver nnd
Victoria, arrived at nn early hour this
murnlg nml was alongside the Alakea
wharf before S o'clock, win re cargo,
Including 50 cases wlilnkj shipments
of creuin, lumber und sundries, was
Captain Glbb reports n lino trip down
from Ihe Sound Tho vessel Is cn route
to Sydney by way of Suva Through
cargo Is said to Imliido n lurge nuinhtr
of American motor cars, which Und
much favor In Australia
The aiukura arrived with fnrty-dvo
passengers for this port, while tho
through list lueludis over threo hun
dred travelers.
One hunelrtil und fort) tourists are
(ported tn have arrived at Honolulu
within tho p 1st two da)s, according to
records mulutnliitd at thu hcudquuiterS
of the Hawaii Promotion Committee
Tlie Canadian-Australian liner X,ia
Jutittl.,, from (Ik Antipodes, brought u
tie ligation of visitors who propose re
miilnlug nwrfnr Koine weeks Tho Ilo
noluluii, from Sin lYuiiclsoo, this morn
ing eiirilt-d a largo percentage of pas
sing, rs who .0111(1 safel) be Included
us tourists The, Caiiaillan-Australlan
stunner .Muslim, from Vancouver and
Victoria, also lidded i onslde rahly to
the quota of strangers now within the
liutes of the lly
You in it Kt gtt Ihe
get Uie iNena,
llullotlll to
Weak Stomachs
Duffy's Pure Malt Whiskey
It Innes the )tein and keeps 'nil the
organs healthy and active
Sold everywhere In SKALF.I) HOT
The Duffy Malt Whiskey Co.,
Rochester, N. Y., U. 8. A.
l-oln, rlco and melody figured prom
inently nt the departuro of the Matson
Navigation liner Wflheliiilna for Han
Francisco this morning. The lels wero
conspicuous In tho decorative scheme
of practically all passengers sailing lu
the popular vessel for tho mainland.
Flowers wero lavished on tho travel
ers and the lei vendors reaped a rich
Tho Territorial Hand was tho recip
ient of n scries of enthusiastic encores
lollowlng tho rendition of a lino musi
cal program, ranging from grnvo to
Tho departuro of Mr, and airs. .1.
D. Clantoii was tho occasion for a lib
eral showering of rlco from hundreds
of friends. Mrs. Clantoii was well
known hero In business circles ns
allss Ilcatrlco Taylor. Tho )oung la
dy possess! a wide circle of friends
won through tho display of uniform
courtesy as assistant nt tho olllco and
headquarters of thu Hawaii Promotion
Tho Wilhelmina U carrying 4lGl
tons sugar to the Coast reflncilcs. Of
Ibis amount 2823 tons wero gathered
nt Hllo.
Tho steamer departed promptly at
10 o'clock taking 121 cabin nud 01
steerage passengors. Of tho latter,
Spaniards wero lu tho majority.
Other Items of frelght'stowcd awny
In tho Wilhelmina woro 4000 bunches
bananas and 4000 cases preseived
pineapples. Tho vessel carried mall.
The jury this afternoon returned a
verdict of not guilty, acquitting C. H.
So mystified by tho facts brought
lortli In an assault and buttery case,
that It ccemed doubtful whether ver
dict would ho returned against tho de
tondnut or against the complaining
witness, a Juhy In Circuit Judge Hub
luson's court this morning listened to
tho si range tnln of a Untie encounter
between C, 1 Yong, a Mnnthiirlun,
and Jesse (Ira), a soldier.
Tho imbroglio, starting In n lapan
eso Ico cream parlor lu Honolulu on
tho evening of Mny 18, proceeded mer
rily on Its way down tho public thor
oughfare, drawing a great crowd, nud.
Dually, the Intervention of two police
men. Then tho real puzzlo began to
weave Its wob of mystery. Gray. who.
fleeing from Yong. wob caught by tho
policemen and led to a patrol box on
tho corner, asserts ho was assaulted
by Yong. Tho latter, Gray says, bit
him tu tho face. He struck back, ho
declares, at Yong, but thu blow- In
tended for tho ainnchu lauded on tho
cyo of Patrolman W. II. Miller and
thu trusty guardian of tho law went
to cat th with an unsightly gash over
tho optic.
Yong was thon captured and tho
roinliatnnts wero tnkeu to jail, whoro
the aiunchu was relensod a few hours
later and Gray was held.
Gray is tho complaining witness In
tho present suit, Yong Is tho defend
ant, and W. 1). .Miller testified In
Gray's behalf. The caso went to tho
Jin y at noon.
V Wnkumotii, proprietor of tho Toyo
Hub on Vlne)iird street, this morning
uppturcd before Polke Jqdge MoiiHar
rat and inttr.d a pliu of nolo contendrx
nnd wus lined $100 nud costs uf eouit
Ihe defendant paid tho lines and de
parted, A few days ago WVikamotn was ur
r.steel by L()uor Inspector J.'enncl for
furnishing Ilijlior tu the; guests who
frMiiiuilul tit) elubhouw nn Vine) aid
striet. Mqst of tio guests, aciordlng
to Penne)!, wire prominent Jupaniso
nn reliant-, phjslchuut and nn minis of
tlie, stiilf uf Ihv Japanese lonsulato gen.
It, Is said that Wnkamoto entered the
nboo plea this morning In order tn
save the proinlutiit Jupaiiisn from ap
pearing ns iwltncse-s In court With
the, lining of Wulminolo, who Is pi in
ning to get the rtuenul of a lleensu
for Ills clubhouse, It Is.btlltvid that
renin II will not reconuni ml the Issu
iiiKo of unotlur Utilise tn him.
Prtslibnt Tuft will go tn the buiii-
m. i- eupltul ut llcvtrly, .Mus, about
Jul) 1
f i

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