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Evening Bulletin
From 8an Franclscot
llnnoliilan June 18
For San Franclscol
Xcalnnriln, Nippon Miiru..Juiic 18
From Vancouver!
Makurn June II
For Vancouver)
SScalandla '. . . .June II
If you want to Impress (he publlo
with the distinctiveness of your good,
then distinctiveness must be the domi
nant feature of the advertising which
represents your concern.
Is Pre-eminentlyihe People's Paper
, 1 91 2. 12
ESTABLISHED 1882. No. 5268.
Dirt Flies Before Onslaught Of
Citizens Day Proving Even Grea
ter Success Than Last Year
Honolulu's Bcconri anniinl I'lean-l'p whore tlioy stood or mnvcil to some
Day Imln Is making sanitation his- nrant lot nml thcro set flro to.
tory. (Work Starts Early.
Willi Iho cntlro elly districted care-l At 7 o'clock tills morning tlio
fully beforehand mid tlio hundreds of Clean-Up forces Htartod their advnncc
men well orgnnlred, with plenty of "' the common enemy, dirt. Head
teams nml with tlio plans for rubblnli inartcrs In the Magoon building pre
disposal effectively worked out, tlio wnlcel n busy site. Tho Acting Gov
lenn-up went forwnrri bo fast this ernor and Mr. von Dnmm woro thcro
moraine Hint hnlf of tho workers de- nearly all day, ni wet tho chalrmcu
dared thero was not nearly bo much f """t ' 'be commlttw. Socrctarj
iiibbUh to rcmovo ns was found last Will Cooper, who has done very of
year. jfcctlvo work. Is handling tho clerical
President . von Dnmm of tho Oalin cncl .f 'J10 blK Jo,, nmI n8 ml8ler ,lmn
(Vlilrnl Iiimmvnninnt t'nmtnlltnn A-t
Ing (locrnor Mntt-Smllh, "general" of
Iho nllled forces, and Chairman llerndt
of tho Cnitago Committee said this af
ternoon that perhaps as much rubbish
Ik doing moved ns waH handled last
ear, but
,. i, I- i.in .i., i.
moro quickly and olTcctlvoly,
Hub dumps In over dlstrlc', open
nlr Inclnerntlon and householders do
lug much of Iho burning on their own
premises Is tho secret of tho difference
Irom last year. As M result, nractlcally
nil the vast quantities of rubbish piled Tll0 coolf.rn,on of,0 cltlrcns gen
up will ho disposed of by tonight. I crny , llll)ch appreciated by tho com
There wero no such great heaps of mlttco. Huslneas houses, shops and
rubbish lying on Iho streets th morn cinces wcro ctowri over practically tlio
lug ns thcro wero a jcar ago. Hut entire business section. Many of tho
them wero llttlo piles eer)where, Orientals closed their places of busl
ines! of which wore burned right (Contmued on Page 3)
That sumo avid Interest In tho which ho now admits is his right
uowspnper stories of their crimes Hint name, Is chapged directly with Illicit
has caused burglars and murdeiers to dealing In opium.
sao tho clippings, thereby furnishing Charge Is Serious,
a careful record of their actlv lllcs and Smith and I, My Hookann, nrrcslcd
bo often proving tliolr undoing, may by United Slates Marshal K. It. Hon-
plav a prominent part In tho prosocu
linn or tho "Opium King" of Iho Pacif
ic Coast and tho downfall of three
iharactcrs arrested In Honolulu cs
lord ay.
Ono of theso is Norman 11. Smith,
alias J. II. Smith, alias Clark, and now
known lo criminal fnmo as "King of
tho Opium Trnlllckers," who pleaded
rullty to the chargo ot opium-Bmug-Fling
In Perioral Court at Honolulu
last fall, paid n heavy lino and served
tirteeu dnyH In jail. With hi in was at
tested I. Ily llookano, alias Mrs. King,
ii Hawaiian woman.
Tho third member of tlio party is .1
T. Thompson, alias I'lshcr, who was
lltketl up at, tho Wolls-l'aigo KxpreM
Company's office at noon by customs
milters working under tho direction of
Customs Collector Stnckablo.
Ho had gone to tho olTito to get two
suite ascs, recently from San Francis
to, and theso, when opened, disclosed
a single, tin of tliu contraband drug,
the rcmulnlng spneo In tlio receptacles,
being tilled with old nowspapors, All
tho nncsts woro mario on Instructions
from Iho Federal authorities at San
Fianclsto, and Thompson, or Fisher,
Special Sale of Safes
Phone 2648 Merchant and AlaVei
aafllBaBaBaEll '
DRSsflaHUn "
WriL. jLtjiaLM
"-' '"""J'
Most of tho workers started In thelt
espcctlvo districts. Homo laborers
wcro sent out from headquarters from
(line to tlmo during tho day ns they
were called for. Tho district captains
kept In touch with headquarters by
tnlmilmtiv ft nt tiimltfk lnmtt4 t ttnle
Ily 9 o'clock tho wrifk was well In
hand and It was certain that tho day
would bo a mammoth success from
tho standpoint of a municipal houso-i
dry at the Now Urn rooming house, on
Fort street Just opposite Iho Chinese
HongwnnJI Church, at present faco
only tho chargo of violating tho Eel
mtinris Act, but U. S. District Attorney
Ilrcckons says they probably will lie
held on this mily until they can bu rc
moved to tho Coast to faco a chargo of
complicity in tho work In which Fish
er Is alleged to have been ongnged.
When tho suitcases woro opened af
ter Fisher's apprehension nt tho Wolls.
Fargo Hxprcss Company's olllco tho
oltlccrs wero at llrst Bomowhat thn
Kilned to llnd only n singlo can of
opium In cacjho. Jhongh they finally
concluded thtiiavlr federal otllccrH on
tho Const wJio had been Bhadowlng
tho trio for months and who know ev
ery movo tho suspected persons wero
(Continued on Pag St
Aftor completing Its ivo In thn
ninth cnutcronco of tho International
lied t'reiss societies, held rccontly in
Wnshiugton, thn .Inpanpso tcd Ctnsa
party, headed by llaron Oznwn, will
nrrlvo tomorrow In tho Clilyo Mm u
from Hnti Francisco. . ,
Tho distinguished party, consisting
ot Mrs. Nagnstitl, Dr Innuyc, Mr. Vo
slil) ami and Mr Togo, will ho met at
tho wharf by Acting Japanese Consul
General Mori and President Y. Ishll
and o lllters of tho local Japancso Hcri
Cross Society.
At 11 o'clock Mr. Moil will hold a
lecoptlon In tho Shln-rlu tol Club,
"wherei tho members of tho party will
bo Intiodiicod to tho local Japancbo.
At noon a luncheon will bo served tho
- - :
Mix thousand ncres of nntle Mil
uiillnn rubber forest. Mug on the
Kona-Knhala Hide of Milium Kon's
sleipcs, have suddenly becomo tho cen
tcr of a discovery that local sclcntHli
consider nothing less than exlruurdi
tiar. . I
With two million trees as a conscr-'
ntle estlnmto for this rcmiirknhlo
forest, and with experiments nl-euriy
well adMinced to show that n HmriiJIri
iiuiillly of rubber Is obtainable, thcro
Ik forc-enst an Industry for Hawaii
whose aliic Is as yet not cen appro I
hunted j
Within the past three nmillH, c-
perltncnts hao been In progress he.-o
atul elsewhere, with tho result lint
samples of tho rubber hav already
been sent to tho mainland .mil n com
merclnlly aluablo output in believed
sure. Ilxpcrlmcnts arc still in prounss
at the federal experiment stniloi, It
Is stated
Tlio fait that tho forest, whoso e- '
Istenco has been forgotten. If Indeed
It was ever dellnltely cstablUheJ that
tho trees would yield rubber, has been
"rediscovered," Is something that has
been kept well within tho clrc'o of a
few scientists and Terrlttirl.il olliciils
until within the last few davs. Then
It became rumored rather widely, and
last night u representative of tho II ul
lot In ascertained that tho teporta ot
tho discoveries are well found -il
Botanist Makes Discovery.
Tho discovery of the rubber-) lidding
qualities of tho
Mnrch by Joset,
torlal bolitanls
Collogo of Haw
Hawaii lip taliped a treo .it that Hunt
arid secured a bnttlcful ot tho fluid
rubber This did not provu n l.irg?
enough iiunntlty to work with, and af
ter Mr Hock returned from Hawaii
W A. Anderson, manager of tho Na
hlku Itubber Company of Maul, I; i fat
ed to have gone to tho foriMt d'istrkt
mid mario sniuo test tapping, which
proved successful, as he Is mi eput
rubbi r man.
The rubber has been parti illy work
ed up. and the yield was stated hint
night by .Mr. Hock to bo fourteen ler
cent pun1.
Mr Itoek was asked tint night ns
to the discovery, but Is lot Im-im-M
to malic prophecies as to whit It limy
mean, other than to say that It Is trim
high hopes aro entertained, unit that
sample's have been sent to iho main
land, whllo the Federal experiment sta
tion Is still working on tho Interesting
(Continued on Page 3)
Slowly suffocating from n half-cnnk
ed beau that lodged In her trachea, or
"windpipe," and worked its way down
to the bifurcation, tho ten-months. old
riaiiRhtcr of Mouserrato Flguroa, a I
Porto Ulcan laborer, dleri last night
lit thn rnmllv linmn In thn rwirtlmrn nop.
tlon of tho city.
Not knowing tho cnuse, tho parents
wcro driven frantic b tho llttlo child's
struggles as she fought against tho
slow asphyxiation that gradually, ro-
slstlcsuly wore down thn small body
and drove llfo out When Dr Hln-
clalr camo duvvn to Ills olllco early
this innrnlg tho grief.stricken uarents
were sitting on the steps awaiting him,
tho mother clasping tho llttlo lifeless
bod) In her anus
The ph)slclan promptly held n post
mortem, discovering the bean lodged
at tho end of thn trachea, where tho
(anal extends In two branches Into tlio
lungs Tho body Is held temporarily
at tho morgue.
A V. Cooke Tho people In Kalmu
kl aro certainly living on canned milk.
This morning whilo Inspecting prem
ises I found a, consldorablo quantity
ot empty tins of milk. It shows clear
ly that tho children aro drinking
canned milk In preference to pure
I Thcro nro to bo Bomo changes In
tho organization of tho marlno bat
talion, nt Camp Very, according to
cabled orders received by Major No
vlllo yesterday. Captain Danker, who
camo hero a fow months ngo as quar
termaster, rellovlng Captain Mnrlx,
, has .been ordered to "movo on" to
Poking, and tho battalion, already
skclotnnlzod, Is still shorter of ofll
cers. Lieutenant I'rntt, who has been
In command of A company, is de
tailed qtiartcrmastor, nnd command
of his company falls to Second Lieu
tenant Illulr. i
I Captain Danker .Is u' specialist on
construction work, anil ho was ord
ercd here when tho building of tho
marine barracks and quarters at
I Pearl Harbor was in the hands of the
Plans fur the new naval hnnpltal at
Pearl Harbor which arrived from
Washington c.tcrria afternoon, show
,a much mor commodious and elabor
'ato establishment than olllccrs of tho
local naval station were expecting, from
the 7fi.00i appropriation available. It
Is believed from it study of tho drawings
that It Is the Intention of tho navy de
partment to mill ii considerable sum
, to that alreail) vet aside, and make
the Pe.trl Harbor hospital a model ono
In e-verj lespe-ct
As shown on the plans, tho hospital
will consist of two niuln. two. Bleary
wards, containing In all 1S8 beds. Theso
two wards form tho wings of a long
building, and are connected by tho ad
ministration building, which provides
plent) of otllce space for tho depart
ment bends. Directly In tho rear of
tho iidmliilstratliin building, and paral
lel to It, Is the stibslhtcnco building.
At tho extreme e-nil of tho waril near
est the hnrbor Is tho operating pavil
ion, which will be equlppeil with tho
very latest npptliinccs and uppnratus.
The. other wing Is capped by the lab
oratory nml medical store room liich
wing of the hospital Is 270x58 feet, so
that the entire building stretches al
most entire)) across what Is known as
the hospital site, at the southern cor
ner of thn reservation
In addition to the main buildings,
ami stretching out toward tho proposed
,mlln, ulitnt nr thn Olltblllldlncs.
'which Include four sets of quarters for
the civilian employes, a mortuary, elor
mltory for the female nurses, stable,
laiindrv, and barracks for the hospital
Altogether, the plant will he one of
the most complete hi tlio service, and
It Is evident from the plans that the
navy department has no Intention of
giving Pearl Harbor an) thing but tho
PAItKi: At lu-r resilience, 113!) Here
Inula street, June 20, lUl'J. at noon,
Mrs Annlo F Parko
Tlicro Is a big booking of passen
gers for Illlo and Hawaii portB In tho
Manna Ken, scheduled to depart for
tho Dig Island at 4 o'clock Saturday
Tho sailing of tho Unitod States
ciulsor Colorado from Guam for San
Francisco by tho way of Honolulu la
reported, Tho vessel left tho Inlands
InBt Monday.
, Jil J-i uiv- ttu1- tli
marine corps. Soon after Captain
Dankcr's arrival camo an order turn
ing over tho Pearl Harbor work to the
navy civil engineers, and putting all
construction work for tho corps under
tho Ilureau of Yards and Docks. Cap
tain Danker'B transfer, therefore, was
not entirely unexpected. Ho will
probably get away for his new station
on the noxt liner. Major Neville has
been promised another lino odlcor,
but who It will be or how Boon ho
may be expected Is problematical.
When tho battalion originally camo
hero It mustered 440 men nnd ten of-
llnnra hlnu, lfhnn altriinlr In 1 R7 tnnn
and flvo officers.' Major Novlllo'-loBt I
moro than 200 men who wero ordered
to the Mexican border some montha j
ago, and tholr places nave not yci
I been llled
Tho Uird-Voung i:ngtnccrlng Com-!
pnny this morning received a wlrolcBs1
message from tho foreman on Its hlg
Illlo breakwater contract, saying:
"Will llnlsli quarry epd today. Drnak-J
water finished tomorrow"
This means that tho company's con-
tract for tho second section of the
bnakwatcr work will bo fultlllcd to-
morrow. Tho work has extended over.
sotno eighteen months, and has been
tlnlulin.t In rt tMfiflfi 1,1 v utmrt limn rnn.'
Minni.., ... ........ j ........ ....... ...
BldcrltiR tho fact that tho company
was forced to abandon ono quarry and
Bccure another and has
with a number of mishaps.
I). i:. Motzgor handled tho llrst sec
tion of tho work and tho third section
Is contracted for by the Droakwatcr
Conipany of Philadelphia, with which
Mr. Metzgor Is now associated as su
perintendent. FOUR KILLED
(Stx-elnl bulletin Cable.)
SHERMAN, Tex, June 20. Four
people were kilted and two wounded
today as the result of a family fsud.
!hiTll n 11 1 1 e 1 1 11 Cable.)
FOND UD LAC, Wis, Juno 20.
General Edward S. Bragg, Civil War
hero, Democratic ex-Congressman and
a supporter of McKinley as a Gold
Democrat, died at his home here to
(Bntclat nulU-.ln Cable.)
BACHIMBA, Mex, June 20. The en-
tire rebel army moved south at noon
to meet the advancing federals under
General Ortli.
& jUai N-JkA MwJflMtLlJHfr
(Kl-ocUl Ilulletln C'jl.tr )
CHICAGO., III., June 20. After a two hours' session this afternoon, In
which Roosevelt outlined his position, declaring that he will "fight to the
end for principle," the Roosevelt delegates adopted a resolution that they
would participate in the next session and succeeding sessions of the national
convention "until it becomes apparent we can no longer participate."
The rules committee today amended the rules of the national committee.
The move is designed to prevent a bolt The amendment provides that in
future the national committee may summarily remove and appoint success
ors to those refusing to support the nominee of the convention.
The crowd of delegates remained in the convention hall for forty mln
utes after the afternoon adjournment was taken, and loud demonstrations
for Taft, Roosevelt, La Follette and others were made. The convention of
ficials remained on guard to help preserve order. It was not until police
officials came upon the platform with a threat that the lights would be put
out that the crowd began leaving. A pouring rain outside awaited them.
During the afternoon a rumor was started by former Governor Post of
Porto Rico that Roosevelt hd released his delegates from their pledges or
obligation to support him. This was Immediately denied by Roosevelt.
Member Henri of the credentials committee is absent from the committee
CHICAGO, III, June 20. "I will
Colonel Roosevelt thus declared
bolt Immediately lessened.
I On request of Colonsl Roosevelt,
tials committee returned to the committee today. The convention met at 12
o'clock and took a recess until 4 o'clock this afternoon to allow the creden
tials committee time to report. The committee failed to finish its report in
.time and the convention at 4 o clock adjourned unfil .11 o clock tomorrow
I The California delegation signed a resolution to bolt the convention, de
claring that it would "not be found by the action of a lot of thieves."
I Illinois refused to bolt, a caucus on this proposition bringing 56 votes
1 against to 2 for.
The general opinion Is that Roosevelt would muster a maximum of only
200 votes if he bolted. A member of the Roosevelt council today said that it
looks like the bottom has dropped out.
I The committee on permanent organisation voted 23 to 7 to make the tem
porary organisation permanent.
Riotous scenes took place today outside the convention hall. The po
lice force was doubled to pressrve order.
.,.-,. ., .. ...,,,.,- n.n.-.. .- nr.,n-r.w mi.axn
(Hprelal Ilulletln Cable )
WASHINGTON, D, C, June 20. Representative Little, Democrat, has
prepared a resolution calling for a Congressional Investigation of the
charges that bribery is taking place at the Chicago convention.
Ull I Oil
(Associated Press Cable.)
nAi Tlunnc ILI.J I.... rw 1...1 Alt n n--i ...til L- . .
1 chairman of the Democratlo convention, according to appearances today.
(Hpiclal Ilulletln Cable )
BALTIMORE, Md June 20. Urey Woodson of Kentucky .was unani
mously chosen as temporary secretary and John I. Martin of 8t. Louis as
temporary sergeant-at-arms by the Democratic national committee members
here laying out plans for the convention next week,
William Jennings Bryan is opposed to the selection of Judge Alton D.
Parker as temporary chairman. The Tammany forces and "Boss" Murphy
favor him.
eftx-rlal Ilulletln Cable )
CHICAGO, III., June 20. Many votes swung Into the Taft column yes
terday afternoon on the test vote which tabled the resolution that sought
to eliminate contested delegates from the temporary roll.
The defeat of this resolution, sending the controversy to the Creden
tials Committee In the same state as it first came before the unorganized
convention, showed that Taft has gained two votes from Georgia, one from
Kentucky, six from Hawaii, one from Michigan, one from New Mexico, two
from Oregon, and two from North Dakota, while he ha lost two from Illi
nois, one from Maryland, one from New York, one from North Carolina,
three from Texas, one from Virginia.
After the vote, Chairman Root ruled on the point of order raised by
Hadley to the effect that a contested delegate could not vote on hit own
case hut could vote on other Identical eases. The Hadley resolution was
then referred to the Credentials Committee by a viva voce vote.. .
.1. P Ceioko this afternoon received a cnblegtatn from Chicago reading
'as follows
"Itooscvclt denies Intention to bolt. Impossible predict noxt move. Ad
journed till tomorrow."
This followed a cablegram received earlier by Mr. Cooko in whlclj a
Itoosovclt bolt wns declared Imminent.
tt t: st it t :: :t r: :: nttttti t: :: ::u :t n :: t: n n :: n t: n a a fc
(Special Ilu I let in Cable.)
CHICAGO, III., June 19. The motion referring the temporary
roll to the Credentials Committee without allowing the contested
committeemen to vote was lost this afternoon. Hawaii voted with
the majority, against the motion. Charles A. Rice of Hawaii is tit
ting on the Credentials Committee, while Governor Frear represents
the Territory on the Rulet Committee. ATKINSON.
t: :: n j: n :: n n :: it a tt it :: :t tt
(Additional Convention News on Page 71
Press Cable.)
himself today, and the probability of a
last night's bolters from the creden
tit: tt a a u n st t: n tt tt tt n tt tt tt

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