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""""" 1 3:30 EDITION Is Pre-eminentlJ;He People's Paper f J
Final Order Received Return
ing Splendid Site for
Public Park.
Supervisor Gives Reasons In D cta'l for Balkintj at $23,000
Appropriation Points Out County Needs in Large Figures
I'llliehlinu I hntt been ctveti tmelr til
thi people ir llnwnll for a pill. lie p.irk i Hiiltnlilo armor).
A rrjIiiK need for better roads find ljmmn Rtrccl, oil macadam.
Blii'ctH wltlilti llio city, urgent neees- Knlakaiia awmim, rrom Klin;
Klly Tor rcpnliK In County bridges, nil. ntreet to bridge, Imlud-
Ihtrcnfio in tlio municipal gnibagi!, tut; purKIni;
equipment, these IniprovotnohtH. call- Young street
Ing for o imm iipploxlmntlhg $180,000 Dole street
Is given Iiv Supervisor Itw iih a good Queen stioot
mill valid ictisnn for his pclslslcul re- Hoad equipment, trad Ion
fusul to ugno to tlm municipal ilonn-i engine, 0 sloel dump carts
Hon of ?2:!,ino for a larger iirmnry for! anil vnrlous equipment ...
tlio Hawaii National (Inard. Cnrlmgn motor truck
A imijnilly fix Hon on tlio Hoard li:is Country bridges, as per Kn-
ii:ii llinlly dccldod to olo a milislim j glnccr'H list
Hal Kiuii louanlrt tlio erection of a Hotel street widening
Low lms led (lie op
r.,r.no on
22,000 mi
18,000 011
rids news icatlud nriny hcadnunrtcrs
IIiIm morning In the form of all extcu- I
tle ordir signed Iij the I'nwldfiit. for-
iniilly turiiliiR the renerMitlon, with II. e
exteptlon nf Hlllli land iih Im needed (
for military purpnn-H, luik to the Ter
iltory rl'lie jtctlon Iih heen (ontein
plated for fionn time, and the rei ut
lontroxemy ot.r the cuttlni; down of
tlie treex hrouKht It to the iiltentlini
of the Kcnernl puhllv. The piople now!
hne their park, hut feviral uereH o
the tlnent ulinde trees hae bet n de
Mioyil iiiul Hold for llrenood li tin
Kiiplolanl KMlnte, and the ulft In net
what It would Iiiimi hem u month mko
The Uiiltnl Htuti' resires hi tweeii
Ihlity-iilue and fully acre uu theKlope
fueliiK tlie ills, mid Incluilliur thh IiIkIi
ey portion of t,(. rim of tlm eialir
One of the military ohjeitx of the wlte
l for ii kIrii.iI titatloil. niul the IiIkIi
Krouiul l.i ery MiluiiMe for thix pur
pine. Tills exeeptlon etunprineH alioat
one-third of tlm total nire.iKe.
It now remain for tlm (loverner to
formally nceipl tht tender, nml tlio I
next l.i'Klslatliru to place ruuclihowl ,
Turk In line lot iKvilopmeut
I lint the land can he iikimI for no
otlnr purpoKiM than for the
position to the proposed plan and In
hack up Ids contention, calls attention
to a Iouk list of resolutions ulilili Hero
adopted at pieWous mcctliiK of the
Hoard nppiopilaHnK biiiiih for niiiulcl
pal linnrovcinent for which no money
lias heen made available
Hupenixor Low's schedule IucIiuIch
the follow Iiik l
KIiik Rtreet between Nuuatm
nud Pnlaco Square, bllu-
litliic i:i,uoo.oo
lllslioi street, between
Uueun and MiTiymnt 2.200.011
llnlcknuwlla slrcol. between
Port and Itlelinrds 11,000.03
Walalno nind (coral, front
Knlniuki to NI11) . .. lil.ooo.oil
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llauall'H rciund nnnii'il Clean-fp
Oil) ot the i omiilllnltj lx or 1 h;lit
hunduil dulliirs inort In cash from the
Hiilm rlheil riiiiils thiiii the Cleiin-t'p
Uny 11 Ji'.nr utio.
On the other band, 111010 rulililxli was
iiuiMil jciUnlny III bs Hum. tint elty
wiih lift much 1 leaner, and Ioks worl.
icmalns In he done nflir the ihiy was
inililtc'H I "L'r """l "" "", Indlar miHlon last
use Is shown 1'S tlio fhlKmliiK extract 1 ' '
fioni the exuutlxe ord. r l ". Ul" ,',,,"- lreiIli ut of the Oaliu
The mllllan lehciMitlon of Pmuli-1' p"11 '"'pnnem. nt iv.mmlttee, this
howl Hill, as r.sircil h . xeeutln-1 "'"""uu 111 ide uu npproxlm.ite estimate
older of Jiiniiau 27. 1!W0, excipt tlm "'" "'I'li'yH cash outlay will
" . fllllillllil I.. .. I. ..kI !.. .h t.l. - . . ..
portion to be n tallied for mllltar) pur
poies, Is luichj rtouil to Its pre-
Ions status for use h the Territory
of Hawaii, xnlcl for park purpusts'
1 amount in t hast tlS'iO. his prelim
inary estlinate, mid possibly more Ijiclt
of voliinleir iloiiutloiiH of labor and
urts In iiiiMhliu; llhe tlm iiuautlty
uwilliihlt. hist iur Is the reason why
the P112 ihnn-iip has lain iiistly Hut
In the limn run the ('liiiti-ltp Day
forti'onrif coiithtint they are HavlllRtlm
(it thousaliils of ilollars by 11I1II111- In
Its snultatluii
.Many hundreds of cart and dray
lo.uls of rubhlsli were handled yester
day, and when this mornlnc came, rc-
ports of more rubbish to he h nulled
nine from but two districts In the
.Maklkl-Piinuliuu district. In cburKu of
Colonel McCarthy, the laborers bad
ibein so Industrious Hint they plhil up
the rubbish rustir than Colonel .Mc
Carthy had teams ennuiih to cart It
off He sahl this innrnliiR tli.it tlio
iiiiiount to be bandhil surprlseil him,
nml ho ball nskcil the cnrtiiKo com
mittee for only four carts. These turn
eil out to be oal carts lurtcad of lIi
drajs, ami late In the day fori es were
1 one t ntl-atril upon this district and
still 1011I1I not mil by evenlm- Sounl
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Ily this tmitnliiK'H mall Mb tlm Chi- r ''f ailJ""r "T, "f l ""1RH,''' Vl,kS
vo Mnru. AutliiB Onvcrnor Molt-Smltli m" " "Mjotted 10 mcur In I he latter
received n lenntl.y letter fiom OoNern- '"" ,,f J" Y "r '" ')"" .,
went wns diawn Iij him nl WasldiiK
ton after his airhal iheie
In Ills letter lio rellerntes tlio mm ft
publlfclied hole retcutlv to the cffci I
Hint Kecietaiy nf tlm Interim Walter.
(1. I'lshcr plans to ctinio to Hawaii nfi '
or Krear dated In Waslilimton, I). (
.liine fi. With tin) personal communi
cation tuino'iilsi) a upy of t lit) llfleen
piiK typewritten brief which tlm Tel
rltorlal i:xecutio (lied In tlio nlllco of
(ho Sccrolmy of the Intel tor, anklm;
pormlssiou for tlm $l,.rOU,OI)0 bond In
Kilo llolntlnti,
Tlm litKuiucnt net forth In tlio brief
contains no features Hint liuve not al
ii ad J been discussed ut length by tlio
local ollldnlx and by tlio Coeriior he
for IiIh departure, IlioutUi tlio dot 11
I lln liietillfinu Hint ntti.t,,,.
riualnlnnces ho met while
otk was A. P. Jinlil.
the ni
In Now
.ii'i.Y 1 con urn 1:1: aiiii:i:iim:
The I'ouith of July Couiiulltco will
hold an iiupoituut im-etlni; at 4.30
o'clock today In Its lieadipuilturs, K11I
uiukl luid Company nlHei-H
Tin IrlUlUK I.0111I011 tailors ikcidtd
to itturn to woilt
Honolulu and Huwall wore i;lvcn en ,
tlniHliiHlIc nml effective boomlnt: over
HioiiHaudH of tulles of mainland Boll
and hefoio thousands of uiaiulnud pen
plo by Clinrlcs It. 1'iuzler of tlio Pin
neci AdcrtislnK Ciimpuio , who 10
turned on tlio Ilcmnlulmi from a long
Prnzlcr sot a now record among tlio
hos's of iiiheitlslng-meii who n'lcmlcit
tlio annual convention of t lie Assocla'
(d AdcrtlsliiK Clubs of America al
Dallas, 'lux , last mouth, lie I111J 1 jaiu
farther to altind the kc.isIoii ltan nny
other delegate, und In rcconu'thn rf
I lie new nlhllaleil club mid the now
ileleeato he was callid upon to speak
at banquets, receptions, kissIhih of
I ho Lomcntlun and on many other oc
casions. ,
"I found oerywlicro tliut peoploj
wanted to Knov atiout Hawaii ami
w anted dollulto Ideas on local conill
lions with a vlow to coming hem cUh
er as lnllorH or to mako their homes
here," said Mr. Prailcr this morula-;.
"I tried to give, them Bliulghtforwar4
liiclK and llguies, know Inn that tlio
truth about Hawaii will n!wn)H bilug
(Continued on Pago 4)
(Sprciil Ilullutln Cable)
NEW LONDON, Conn., June 21.
The Harvard eight-oared vartity crew
today defeated the Yale crew by tlx
lengthi In a fait race on the Thames.
The Crimson alio won the freihman
eights race and the varsity fours.
HTV s . ..
laBHEcU.aBHk V'- i
f.rjt i J,
WBrJeV'T'iBmT'tlEtW- ' A
Ba&Jr 'x
TUT. ll
i.iki: iti:iriii.iii nomi.m
tHTl.il llullitlji Cable )
CHICAGO, III., June 21. The majority rrports of the Creden
tials Committee on the Alabama, Arkansas, Arizona and California
contests have been adopted, with Hawaii supporting the minority re
port on California, which favored the Roosevelt men hut was beaten.
(Plxcl'll Uu I let In Cnl.te I
CHICAGO, III., June 21. There has suddenly detelopeJ talk of a third
party convention, to be held in Chicag o during the drat week in August.
(Slsrlal 111! Met 111 ruble)
CHICAGO, III., June 21. The Taft forces won their fight in the Califor
nia contest today, when the convention adopted the majority report by a
vote of 542 to 629, the hardest battle thus far waged in the voting.
Hawaii voted with the Roosevelt faction on this contest.
Heney of California delivered an address against a storm of cheers, howls
and interruptions.
Governor Johnson of California was given n tremendous cheer when he
pointed out that, every presidential candidate, including Taft, had accepted
the unit conditions imposed by the California law on the delegation from
this State. He closed with an eloquent tribute to Roosevelt.
As Johnson closed, there was a tremendous demonstration for Roose
velt, the great crowd yelling joyfully, "We want Teddyl"
The credentials committee is proceeding slowly with its work. There Is
now slight hope for an adjournment of the convention this week. The pos--sibility
of a bolt is practically no longer considered.
Roorcvelt, Woodrow Wilson and Dryan aro three very prominent figures
at the convention sessions today, sitting in the reporters' gallery.
f Associated Pnss Cubic.)
CHICAGO, III., June 21. Charles A. Rice, member of the convention
delegation from Hawaii, voted against the Taft forces at an all-night ses
sion of the Credentials Committee las t night.
Rice's vote against Taft was registered on the contest over the two Cal
ifornia delegates.
After sitting all night, the Credc rtlals Committee decided fourteen con
tests In favor of the Taft faction.
The conventlonppened today at 12:26 o'clock. The Credentials Com
mittee at once began a piecemeal sub mission of its report. The first re
port was on the Alabama contests. Hadley, Roosevelt floor leader, moved
to substitute the minority for the majority report In adopting the commit
tee's recommendations. The motion was tabled 609 to 409, the Taft forces
showing a clear m.ijorltv again In the voting.
After this the majority report, fa vored by the Taft men, was adopted
by a viva voce vote.
A motion to table the minority re port was then carried by a vote of 605
to 464.
The voting on the reports showed Taft's strength throughout. A mo
tion to table the minority report of the committee a: a substitute for he ma
Joriy report on the Arizona contest carried by 565 to 497.
Hawaii's vote was cast for Taft on each occacion.
The Taft forces carried through the majority report on the Arkansas
contest by a viva voce vote.
The reports on the California contests are now up. Heney and' Johnson
are leading the debate.
(AssiHlaliil Plexs Cable)
CHICAGO, III., June 21. William Jennings Dryan, who Ic here, Is open
ly out after Judge Alton 0. Parker. He refuses to stand for him for tem
porary chairman of the Democratic convention, and starts for Baltimore to
morrow to wage war on him.
ROCHESTER, N. Y June 21. Judge Parker said today that ho would
accept the chairmanship.
jBV'x GPaBjBjBjBjl
bBbVT'-'. K. IbBbBbBbBI
wzsm K ; vBvBJBl '
ciiuii,i:.s it. riti.int.
(Associated Press Cable.)
WASH1NRTON. n r. .Inn. 91
The House Judiciary Committee voted'
unanimously today to impeach Judge
Archbold of the Commerce Court, ac
cused of accepting favors from rail
roads and of being Influenced In his
decisions by corruption.
Hl"-clnl Mullelin Cable.)
WHITE PLAINS, N. Y, June 21.
Rev. Robert Chrystie of Allegheny to
day tc-tlfied that he believes Harry
Thaw is sane. The fight for Thaw for
his liberty is proceeding slowly,
' -a i
There Is coiisldi ruble uncial activity
at Scholli Id, In spite of tin- fait that
one fourth ofthe post "too" is living
under uimns Wednesday afternoon
Major and Mr MtClure guo a' re
ception and hist ulylit Captain mid
Mrs Kumpe entertained at dinner for
Colonel mid Miss Mcdunuegle. Klru In
fantr) Major and Mrs i: V. Hinllli,
Ktrond llfantry, Captain nud .Mis illh
soii Hcinnd lufnuli); Captain Wut
klus and I.leuleuaut Juiksnii of llm
(fpiclal Mullet III Cable
I CHICAGO, III, June 21. In the vote on tlie California contest report,
all of the Territorial delegates except those from Hawaii voted with the Taft
forcer. Following this the convention took up the Georgia report of the cre
dentials committee, which if adopted will seat a Taft delegation from
VT 1 V 1 J IT f rtr 1 "'li Bryan was given an ovation by the
IN JArAlrlJ. j. PbACb---! SR
known songi i
"And when I walk, I always walk with SAN FRANCISCO, Cal June 21,
Billy, 'Beets: 88 analysis, lis 5d. Parity,
'Cause Billy knows just how to walkt . 4.42c. Previous quotation, lis. 7Vjd.
And when I talk, I always talk
Her Imperial Majesty, llio Kmpresa
of Japan, an admirer of tlio- Ited Cross
BoclelltH throughout tlio world, lias
douatid tou.OOO, )en, or $!iu,00i), for
tlio great work of tlio wuibl's Ui d
Cross Sotletles Tlio donation, tic
cording to Il.uoii T. Ozawa, vlco pres
ident of the Japanese lied Cross Socie
ty, who in lived this morning In the
Clilyn .Muni from San Pranilscn, was
nunoiimcd during Hie ninth confer
elico of Hut International Hod Cross
SutlellcH held recently In Washington
On behalf of tlio American, people,
rroHidmt Tnl t Imnieillatuh Bent a spe
clal dililo In the llmpross nf .Inpun,
thanking hei for the clfl.
Tlio money, said llaron ()7awa this
morning, will he expendid according
to tlio regulations laid nut b tlio lead
irn of tlio International lted Cross
Huron Ozawa, accompanied by Hur
gcon Iiioido, Madam T. Nagasaki. Sec
retary M. Togo, Ml N. Yoshlyasu, cor
respondent of the lap.iutBo Red Cross
Model), 'and their attendants, was
greeted at tlio wharf Iij Acting Consul
(Jeneral Mull. HecielurieH lln and lla
rail a of llm Consulate uttilf, Mr.
Mrs Y Akal, Mr. Y Islill, president
of the. local Jnpaneso lied Cross socie
ty, and other local Japanese. Tlio par
ly passed through lime eastbound
about two inuntlis ago and wus warm
1) greeted.
Minium Nagasaki, Interviewed this
morning, said Unit tlio reception ten
dered Huron Ozawa and Ills party by
President Tnft In tlio While llouso
wns brilliant President Taft asked
Mndmn Nagasaki about the progress
of tlm work of tlio lted Cross Society
In Japan, and tlitough het thanked tlm
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I talk, I always talk with
'Cause Billy knows Just haw to talk.
And when I done, I always dine with
He takes me where I get my fill.
And when - I sleep, and when I
I always dream of Bill,"
The crowd laughed and cheered ns
the band played this, and Bryan smiled
and nodded In response,
(Continued on Page 7)
The Major (lu) nor Titanic relief
fund lin lea Imd a total of l:".i,735.
KT..ir iiTrBiomnn ' J.' 4
I fllllllf irtlllll I I II (Hlrf-cml nilMnitn Cable.) I -BBBBW .. ii
Convention. WIbhV 1 Ivllll.l Til DURANT, Okla Juno 21. Scores ' ' ' 1
llaron Ozawa, accompanied by Hur llUll lilUlUILiU of people are searching for the bandits ' o j
who robbed the bank at Bokchito of r Sl Cl C Cf il
3000 and were wounded In a two-hour, jUtlllU JUTC UI JOlCi R
CHICAGO, III., June 21. Jack battle with citizens. I ' . , j
Johnson, champion pugilist, and his , .1..i . m
wife were indicted today for smug. Huns Peter Larson nf Denmark to-' H Y llrnJIlKll IX I 1(1 fl
flllng a HO0O necklace into the eoun-.day llled dedniatlon of Intention In -"'-i !
and try when they came from Europe. I become, a citizen of the United HtatcH.' Phone 2C4S Merchant and Alae -M
- i.j. - , ' ' L ' -i L' .-'.' " , t ,JbH
t.wataiiaJriitthAii tamfoKfaiUkr'"',ifarYtiii-l iff-'ifi'.-.- -n-ifii-f I'-nft'im " 'i-i-ft Mi.ni ifln..wiltWLr' ;TiriAi -itoirAnAnv. AL&'&iMJ$B

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