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Local Chat
Home and Fashion Hints: Religious and Other Activities: Things Feminine
Clubs Find Many Avenues of Usefulness Po'nts Way
What They Have Done.
For Civic Work In Honolulu.
So remarkable has been the growth
In numbers, Influence and accomplish-.
merits of women's clubs In America1
that the following article dealing with
such organizations In Massuchetts Is
both timely and Interesting. Honolulu
women are taking a prominent part In
movements to beautify the city and to
uplift social conditions among the
poorer classes. That women's organi
zations have a vast field of practical
usefulness is Indicated In this article,
much of which holds a lesson for Ha
waii. WnH It nut Homo ton or fifteen yearn
ngo that nit tlio nowspnpcrB wero rim
nlni: versei about "Mamma In presi
dent now" picsldcnt nf a club liow
pretty Bho looked with Iter newly at
tained Import anco, and liow all I lie
family from father down stood'nround
inul admired licr? Would any paper
in America think of running hiicIi a
tlilni! now except an a curiosity?
The .very memory of it brings lo
in I nil tlio chango that has Inkeii placo
In tlio Inst few ycuis. Tliero nro
clubs, cIiiIjh, clubs every whole, mid
many women liavo been president of
one or tlio other of thorn. It used to
bo Hint womvn'H organizations were
conllned to indies' nld societies ami
fcowlng circles. Then came senile lit
erary clubs whoroln a few vontutc
Homo women undertook to cultlvnto
their minds by tlio study of Rood lit
ernttiro or boiiio special subject like
art, history, travel, tlio poetB. Now
cIiiIih run nil Hie wuy up nnd down Hie
scale' of society. They are to bo
found In the tenement dlstrlctH and
'nmotig the wcll-lo-do and leisure class
es, nnd they cover every topic that
may bo tlioimbt of from babies nnd
bonnelH to tlio navigation of tlio seas.
Kor Instance, tliero Is Hie Civic Club
of Ward Seven In lloston and lis rec
ord of how oiia woman cleaned up
Porter street. Ward 7 Is not n resi
dential section In tlio general accept
ance of tho term, but a great many
people llvo in It, crowded togother
over stores or In houses originally In
tended to provide homes for slngje
families, but each sheltering :i dozen
families now. Among other tblngH tliu
club lias sought to make tlio ward n
tnoro habitable place, nnd tho achieve
ment of one woman, backed by tho
club, has been chronicled in n little
pamphlet describing tho clennlng of
Porter street, n smnll otic abutting the
old subway as It emerges at Pleasant
street. Formerly It wns strown with
dirty pnpers, broken glass nnd other
refuse, altogether as unattractive n
Httcet ns could well bo found, but u
certain member of tlio club who lived
on thai street went to work with en
orgy nnd 7cal, and now it Is as pleas
ant lo tho eye ns f rashly hernbbed
doorsteps, polished windows with go
miliums In them, nnd tidily covered
barrels filled with waste to bo carted
off by Hie city, tan mnko It. Tho In
llueiiee of this olio example has been
lelt throughout tho ward. Kvon more
than this has been done by tho club.
It is nwnkcnlng tho women nnd tho
men to vllnl issues In tho home, the
municipality nnd tlio Stnlo: It is giv
ing entertainments of a high order,
nnd It is fostering a social spirit of
tlio best kind mming Its members.
Public Events Taken Up.
Tlio West Itoxbury Woman's Club
listened recently to a talk by nu au
thority on laws governing ocean Unf
ile nnd trnvel. Tho Jamnlcn Plain
Tuesday Club has given attention to
tho coal-mlnlug sltunllon in Kngland,
Tliero Is scarcely n subject of public
Interest -that lias not received atten
tion In some form this yenr by wom
en's clubs. Most of It has tome un
der Iho bending of "Current l-Ivents,"
Intended for enlightenment and to
gain nu Intelligent outlook rather than
ns an Intensive study; but subjects
taken up nl random sometimes have
led lo appointment of special commit
lees anil n directed activity that has
brought about Important lesulls.
It Is to bo noted that woolen's
"clubs" or organizations of today nre
largely of n serious, purposeful char
acter. Home, nro purely literary in
(heir Intent, but even among those few
neglect lo extend n helping hand to
some person or bomo cause.
'As a tltlo the Woman's Afternoon
Club may not bo deemed significant,
but under lis shelter nro nurtured nrf,
civics, education, foresjry, household
economics, legislation, literature, mu
sic, woman's exchange, school lunch
eons. Through Its effort tho women
of Ablngtou who compose Its member
ship have established a lunch counter
nt the high school, where tho Jillplls
can obtain a wholesome mid attractive
lunch, and It has cooperated with the
luwii liiipruvciiiuiii coinmiiicn oi lilt
Hoard of Trade to make tho town
At Dorchester.
Among other things tho Dorchester
Woman's Club has given to the people
of that district In tho clubhouse that
II erected for Itself a building to
which they may point with pride, and
portions or which can be rented for
lectures nnd other entertainments.
The club has a membership of 500, to
which It Is limited, nnd there nro 1M.
names on the waiting list. It take's
up art, civics, civil service reform, ed
ucation, Industrialism, legislation, lit
erature, music, social service, social
science, moral education, and has de
partments or committees on all these
subjects. In the departments of liter
ature and music it has several small
clubs or circles devoted to tho study
of some special subject. It has n
Dickens club and a local history club
and a number of others. Tor several
years It lias maintained a scholarship
at Maryvlllo College, Tennessee, for a
daughter of the mountain whites who
is graduated this ear and Is ready to
teach among licr people. Next year it
will maintain two of these scholar
ships. The club has given consider
able money for charities; groups of
women havo gone once a week lo
philanthropic Institutions and sowed
lor the inmates. It nlso contributed
J.'n for tho purchase of new materials.
In this wny !mj articles wero distribu
ted. Other members havo visited tho
Miut-lns In and out such Institutions.
One member provided nuto rides for
some on pleasant days In winter nnd
menus to continue them through the
summer. I.nst summer a flower com
mittee distributed nosegays to people
who could not provldo them for t hem
Helves, mid It purposes to do the same
thing this year. A reference llbfury
If soon to be put into the clubhouse.
Classes havo been conducted for mem
bers In parliamentary law, dressmak
ing and millinery. There has been
nlso a choral elnss. Thus, It Is seen
the club litis had a dual purpose; It
bus stood for doing for others mid ut
the same time has been elevntjng,
deepening nnd broadening the lives of
Its own nicmbois
The Women's Municipal League of
(Continued on Pge 18)
Paper Read By Miss Choy
Kyau Zane at the Joint
Graduating Exercises Held
at Mills School Thursday.
Twenty or twenty-live years ngo
women In China were bought and sold
like the negro of our Southern States,
They were not allowed to go out In
the street or to be In the presence of
men except in that of their own bus-
journing In Honolulu from San
Francisco, where for seventeen
vcars she has been at tho head
of tho Chinese Mission Home con
ducted under the auspices of the Wo
man's Occidental Hoard of Foreign
Missions, would bo not only a find,
but a Joy, to tho Jaded Intervlowcr.
This Is an assumption wnicn mo
l OM'TION of Kpsom calls, a Pa
lama nurse tells me, Is the best
remedy for sunburn. It nllovl.
ales the pain by reducing tho
ilnilnna fur II. o anln nf Wonti I Im. swelling nnd draws out the lire nlmost
were already pending. She nceord j at once. Tills llrst aid knowledge:
ingly set fortli for n small Milage in should prove valuable during vacation
the Sacramento valley where tho lime.
child's home had been nnd where she
Tho Outdoor l-ooguo has discon
tinued the active beautifying cam-
was to be sold at auction to Iho high
est bidder.
owing lo her long association with pnlgn until Pall. I.ach member has
the work, it Is necessary Hint Miss appointed herself n committee of ono
Cameron exercise the greatest care in look alter her own premises and
writer fr personally unable to verify ' concealing tier luentity. Arriving particular street during the interim,
innriiiiinriv it, vlnw nf rim fnct Hint at hor destination at nlgbt-fnll, she put as summer vacation trips would
ifhe refuses to consider herself Jaded enlisted the aid of an olllcer of the ()f necessity Interfere with n cotilln
,.. ,i ..n..nHu Anoi imt ir n.n Inw nnd tocother thev drove to n untie,, nf ihn tnnetliies. It wns thought
I- , I,, m IJIIIIIIUI nvtlBVIt Ml.fc , lllu - ... . ----- .. .... ... ..... ..... n--, -- . "
nnds. ,i,v.inni unnYinnaa whiph n irnmii in gambling den Bevcral miles from the best to eliu mi nil nctlve work for
It Is said that onco all the Chlneso (ne j)Bj nnj r(!t,ln, brings to a body Gallon. The place was In utter dnrk- July ami August,
women of a village gathered out of n,i i bh,.i, xiremuma nlivslcnt ness nnd apparently at"ndoned, butt
doors to celebrate a sieclal occasion, excrclscl mny be considered in the o'ler cautiously gaining an entrnnce
They were nil sitting together In tho Hf-iit of n handicap to ono nlrendy In Ihrough n,n outer room, they discerned
open air, sewing, laughing ami enjoy- (. rebellious mood, she may speak n fnl,'( I'k'i' under a door. Soon they
lug themselves' for the first Hmo In with at least some degree of author, discovered a crack through which Ibey
their lives, when suddenly ono of them ty. The fact that Miss Cameron bad 'ou,(1 l"''l, '"to 'io lighted room,
wob frightened by a man who passed herself token n slx-mllo walk earlier heavy with the fumes or opium, where
by. This woman rnn and hid herself In the dny, Bhould by all physical nnd group of beavy-oycd Orientals wero
Indoors llko a frightened niouso. tomperamontnl laws have been an- gathered about a large circular Inble.
Only women of tho lower classcM other stumbling block In the wny of, lie game was In progress, and seated
such ns bont-wonieti, water-carriers, p successful Interview, but not onlyl'n tlio middle nf Hie table with tho
and servants wont and cntnu freely old I llnd her gracious In the role or
along tho Btreot, hut the women of hostess, but vlvncloiis and Interesting
tho upper classes went out only in "' '' extreme.
carts or In covered chairs carried by Wending my wny homo after twl-
coolies. This also applied to tho girls, "k1'1 "? lnllal ,of ,1;r boarding
for thev wrn not ullnue.l in n ..,,. Place, I look mental stock ami ills-
ly even lo school, but now they even ycred that 1 carried several valu
go out alone nnd do their own shop- " uI" 1,1r"",1,UT f ","r iivcraotlon. but
ping Chinese girls used to have very ""J, " , "' -' ""''l'"' ' '."
few acquaintances and as life went on
their circle or friends contracted, rath
neglected to ask her full name, and
under whnt auspices she cnrrlcs for
ward her remarkablo work. Happily
There Will Be A
Free Lecture
1 ! Ti l,'fy ''? ? telephone assisted me In securing
friends not only among themselves but 1P8e fn'clH (he fott1K tnorlling.
anient, tho boys. Having thus proceeded to lay my-
WoiiieriB suffrage has la ely been Bclf ,, Uie aUar of professional
granted o the women or China. ou criticism, I lake my pen In hand to
can think what It means In China, contribute to tho annals or local story-
whero a woman or a girl hitherto has (om the tale or n Chlneso slavo rcscuo
not dared to walk on tho streets nor In which Miss Cameron was tho mov-
to seo a man outside licr own home. ng spirit.
Not ninny years ago. root-binding Flrst ,)f aIi. however. It Is necessary
used lo bo the custom of the Chinese to explain Hint nu amendment to tho
women, but now that custom Is rapid- Htato laws of Callromla which Miss
ly dying out, because Christianity has Cameron was Instrumental In sequr-
taught them Hint It is .very cruel to ng, now makes it possible tor her lo
hurt tlio bodies In that manner. Tho take children away from undeslrablo
Idea or Hie beauty or small reel has parents or guardians, and gives her
been greatly changed by modem the right or temporary custody. At
teachings also, and a daughter Is now the time the order Is issued, Iho .ludgo
no longer a more desirable wire ir shu sets the date for the hearing and Miss
is able to be an ornament only In Iho Cameron applies immediately for
home. The bclolessness of smnll. runt, giiardlanshln. This granted, sho Is
ed wninon has been .proved to fhoTnen" full control and straightway -the
of this ngo, too, for nmny women n'nil girl I" Installed In tho Mission Home,
girls wero lately burned lo death In n where, together with fifty or so other
great city llro because they were phys- t:lr,( sue is "mothered- ny Miss com
ically nnnblo to escape. cro" n'i'l nfler being taught n dlgnl
! dirts wen, nut eiiiientoii iika i,..ir Ted and useful vocation, is iiltlmatel)
i brothers nnd only a row Chinese wo- married to a desirable man or her own
men know how to read and wrlto. As lnce- Tll MI"loii Homo having been
civilization and Christianity nre coll1"clt''1 ""'' " utmost discretion
threading over China, girls are eiluca- for wjventocn years, nnd Miss Cam-
,,i ,n ti. i,,. eron having tho complete confidence
I A Christian College ' of Domestlo ,,f l, !ica'lB. of 'h, 'Kal I''"'
Tmltiinn- for ,.,..,,,, . . ' l' i '" 8tt" Irnnclsco. nj Superior Coillls
l: i..S 'w t '","?. I? ."" " T.l" comblmittan of feminine dlllgeneo and
(hips stacked in pllci, about her, sat
Woon Iloo obediently rolling cigar.
tttcs for the men.
In shirting to a more ndvnulnglouj
losltlon, the olllcer made a faint
sound, mid liisluutlv the drowsy Ori
entals wero alert, shoving the telltale
dominoes under cover and blowing
out tho light. As they had no Idea
that Iho hiding place or Woon Iloo
was discovered, they at once eonelud
"Clenn-l'ii Day" was a great suc
cess say the olllclals. Verily, verily,
rejoin tlio housewives who spent a
good portion or the day directing
sipimls ot helpers In attic and cellar.
With characteristic egotism tho men
have taken the lion's share or the
credit. Tho women didn't wear
badges nnd were not much In evi
dence on the streets, but the ne
uinipllshcd a tew things that didn't
go on record Just the same.
"Tho only correct trimming for a
Panama hut." sns an Hastcm fashion
Journal, "Is a silken drape." A Ilttlu
observation will he all I bat Is neces
sary to convince the local fcmlnlno
population that while most or us aro
not whnt you would call original, wu
tire certainly In style. In a slnglo
ed that tliero was to be a gamblim: block on Port street the other day
raid, and with ono accord they bolted the writer counted nine of these hats
for n. window leading in the river wound with "drapes of various colors
bank where their sampan was monieil. and textures.
At n signal from Miss Cameron,
tho officer put his shoulder to Iho
door frame, and, bursting through.
they seized Woon Hon, who, overcome
with rrlglit, screamed at the lop or
her lungs. At this unexpected turn of
affairs, the Chinamen wero non
plussed, but soon gathered their scat
tered wits nnd advanced In n furious,
kulfe-brnudlshliig mob, avowing ven
geance upon the Invaders If they at
tempted to escape with Woon Iloo,
who, ir sold as a chattel, would have
brought a pr-n or ll.jon. Alter a
llnrco battle. Miss Cameron wreii'
herself free ami bearing Woon Iloo
An Interesting study of race charac
teristics was afforded tho uudlenco
which gathered at tho graduating ex
ercises of Mills School and Kawnlahao
Seminary on Thursday afternoon, Tho
girls rurnished tho most Interesting
comparisons, us three different nation
alities were represented In the pro
gram. Choy Kynu Zane, a young Chl
neso girl, spoke on the advancement
of women In China; Anna M. Kamau,
h Hawaiian, with the love or' muslu
characteristic or her race, chose as
her subject Florence Nightingale,
while Matilda Salamanca, a Philippine,
In her arms, rushed to the waltlngi lassie, read u life sketch of Dr. Josenh
carriage while the officer held tlio. Itlzol. the hern whose nlcturo orna-
UlfilcjiKivo company at nay wan iitsjirents tlie Philippine stamp. Tho
revolver. As soon as he could Join
them, they drove at a furious rnte
along the sleep embankment, the of
ficer holding tho reins In one hand
and Ills revolver in the other. Owing
to tho fact that all or tho villages
along tho line of travel were connect
ed by telephone, the drive nns-a per
ilous one. However, they escaped at
tack and it was with the gieulest re
lief that after several hours of travel,
they reached tho ferry.
eron declares that Bho will
girls spoke perfect Hngltsh, but each
was distinguished by a faint accent
ami n quaint mannerism all her own.
Tho sympathetic audience and quanti
ties or (lowers testllled to the popu
larity or Iho "sweet girl graduate" of
every clime.
Wo nro all familiar with Iho story
of an accomplished host who drank
cut of his llugcrhowl to savo nn tin-
Miss Cam-ibophlBtlcated guest for embarrass-
never f,,r. Tinttll unit, n urlt.,,- In lino...... 11,.1.
I........ .-..;.. u ,,...( ,,. i,u,u, n , t-i-n-lj.
This is ofTsot h) tho social kind
over her as she saw water between ness and tnct nf a certain physician,
them and tho land and knew that tlioilamoiiB alike for courtesy and skill
danger was passed. ,A countryman, coming early ono
Woon Hon wns Inken at once to the
Mission Home, hut ns investigation
The story of the rescue of Woon disclosed the fact th.it she had been
,.iZ .,.,,. ti .1. 9 " t0,irt ninclilnery hns accomplished
'.de' " Uc" ?' lh0 c,"rollmcnt wns somo ,iirnK rcBCU0S nll(1 ,' d ,
iwumjr-iwo, nine mameu women anu ,no UU(1 BOIno .leep-lnld plots to sell
thirteen unmarried. The dally pro- llto slavery mire-mlndcd but utterly
gram or the school lucllldo Illblu defenseless l-IHk
study, nursing, cooking, sanitation. Tim stnrv nf
physiology and hygiene. The girls l0o Is not ns diomatlc ns olherxi Illegally brought Into tho country, lliuj faucer nnd set his cup on tho Immao
wero aiso iniignt the decoration oi which Miss Cameron told me. hut Its; authorities advised that she bo de-i uiuio uamasK ueside It Then he look
houses and tho earing and feeding of happy nnd somewhat remarkablo end- ported. After remaining for sl
Infants. ing atiiieals strnncly. months with Miss Cameron she wns
During Hie recent Revolution of Woon Iloo was sold as n tiny child sent back to China In company with
H fit. IfetnnA tltAlfeinll 1A !.. t.4- t.nat! t I U O lAll H lLa nllll AlllnPml tilt ll.loA.V.
iiiioniunuiita, tsi in i-iiiui n mm itjnnvu'
morning for Hie doctor, w.-vs kept for
breukrast. At the table the country
man poured Ills hot couYo Into his
in the
, China the flrst burst or enthusiasm to n Chlneso woman who brought her
among the girls made them believe lo America pb a domestic slavo. Miss
that they wanted to go to war and Cameron tlrst heard of her through a
I light for their own side. Hut tho par- quaint, gcod-hcnrled German woman,
cuts or these girls said that they ought married a Chinaman. This nlll-
o stay nt home and tako care or tho '"' falling to satisry her craving for
I household. The dauehteru iinsuernrl the unusual, she began lo peddle pat-
"We nro Christians. Jesus died to e,,t medicines, nnd gypsy-llko llfo
buvo Ids peoplo and therefore wo must IrouBht her Into contact with Orlen
ulo for China. If joii don't lot us go ,nlH outside of tho limits of San Fran
wo will Jump Into the river and drown ?'"e"' Tll wmjiii w'p o-cd Woon
pal school near Canton.
Miss Cameron kept up n steady cor
ed nround tho largo table only to per
reive that bo alone had done this.
Hut beforo the Hush could fairly show
In his fuco tho doctor had likewise
poured his corfeo into his saucer nnd
hot the cup beside it, to the evident
tcspondonce with her, and sev oral I I'.reat relief of his guest. Tliero Is n
years after when sho declde.d to gu tp
cnina lor a mucli-neeiieil vacation.
!fho anticipated meeting her. When
Bho applied at tho school, however,
Ihoso In authority Informed her that
Woon Iloo had married, and they
could give her no Information as to
faying in tlio Talmud that ho who
causes another lo blush is ns If ho
shed Hint, other's blood; ntul bo con
versely ho who spares or shields an
other's blush saves somo wounding of
tho spirit. For good manners really
cnll for lunch chivalry, much heroic
celf-control. nnd living for the mr
where she ""''" '" ll, experience of another.
1 i , . Hon. war verv 111. nnd Iti Mm nvont nf.her whereabouts.
, uturtt-ivcn, iiet-uuHo m must uio lor , '. .. ... '.. ;. . . 1 ; ,, . rt
I ... lint- tlftntli Wnmi Itrtii U'nntil iimtniiht.l lrne,llllnir tfl (Tntltnn
wu vuiliuij, i ,, , n.,i ,.., 1. ..., Ltl ...nt, ,n ,a( n vni,.,,. ,,.n...n.. r.ln...l l..44444A4,AAHAi.JLX
At List one nf tlin nlllenru ail. I -"'' "u "u,u ,mu D''1'- "" I'luin i"n .u ,,n,b . iiuith ...ntiuii iin-iiu in t -- -i- -.- -r -r
"Well 111 oil feel llko Hint von ini ist lst"1 MlBa Calneron to keep hor In'thargo or a school for tho sons or tho doubtcdly havo been her lot Ir sho
".. '' ,a" 1-tl "K0 "ml yo" mual touch with conditions, and If tho wo-juppor class, sho had almost despaired 'lad not been rescued by Miss Cam
Thst iliv n mimliw nt rtrti ur.,,i i J ,nan ,lc('' Ml"8 Cameron agreed to'or finding her littlo Chlneso rrlcnd.eron s almost unthlnkablo.
war ami hmnn n 'thom immH.i.w uko 8t1"' Immediately to securo licr, when by a strange coincidence sho In many Instances. Miss Cameron
turned H,e?r atientlm, tJ Th n cll",0I,y' '" ordcr lhnt B'10 might! discovered that she had married tin says, long legal ballb-s are fought Z
rl Jill 'r,M "e" , " ,' ". "C1 k,10W " cl111'' ' CM0 of fli,,iro "eed- on ot "no ot tl10 lr''clors In the foro sho Is finally granted tho custody
Cross work where they learned to pro- lt as arranged that Miss Cameron Bchool. Tho little lirldo was over- of the girls sho has rescued Tills is
paro btrndages and lo help care for the visit nu aiipolntcd place, tho German Joyed at meeting her American1 particularly Into In the enso or valu-
wounded soldiers. Sometlmos when woman's son to bo tho bearer or tho "mama" and both sho and her bus- ahlu chattels, their owners employing
theso girls saw Iho pltlfol wounds of message apprising her or Iho lime. (band came to call In stnto and show. I the best attorneys (lint can bo s
the men thoy would actually cut their After somo weeks Miss Cameron crcd tho greatest attentions upon her. cured. Just beforo coming to Hono.
; "-" " ,v.n. iu.iiiu. nn.- recuiveii a iiiennuKo 10 1110 eucci inai nu " inu nine uriuu is nuns nun .tuss Lnlllerou wns In court 80V-
lovel- Iho woman hail died nnd that neijo- happy over otter," What would un- cntcon times over one case
I'nselllshness Is the keynote or tlio .., . -,., ,-,
llfo of tho Chinese women and nt ov "
cry opening of the opportunities now
being offered to her wo havo fresh
proof that her mind and heart arc
Mich as will tend to ralso hor more
and more toward the Ideal ot tho "per
fect woman,"
Member of the Board of Lectureship of the Mother Church,
The First Church of Christ. Scientist, in BostQn, Mass.
,x v-
t '
Trunoparcnt effects and semi
transparencies are the vogue of tho
moment, and n evening attire nto
somewhat during lit style, particularly
when the nlnon or chiffon bodice Is
cut with Mugynr sleeves and worn
over a very low, sleveless slip closely
lilted to the wearer.
A gown of flesh colored cluirnioiise
draped with chiffon arranged In this
fashion Is quite startling. The most
exquisite pate colorings, both in taf
fetas nnd dull satin, are used with
nlnon, marquisette and embroidered
The French Laundry
Scientific Dry Cleaning by
Abadie's French Process
Women's Garments cleaned under the supervision of Madame Jean Anodic,
who has just returned from an iuspection of the largest Dry Cleaning estab
lishments on the mainland.
Take Laxative Bromo Quinine
Tablets. All druggists refund
the money if it fails to cure.
E. W. Grove's signature is on
each box
('Aim MLWUKU CO., St. Lowl-U 3 a.
The French Laundry.
777 King St.
Telephone 1491.
' iutf .-f ., . 'ILL.. . .jAi. .u. ,. .1L.. . .t. . J . a--. i. . t l ,'l . ..!.. , . i if rl'iilfcjii W'n lUinmHt n
"w "oi'iiwim!wii Hint mi it iiiiTMni wfcjnrfw'iw& mn- .viMwriu. rikMrnummmm mtmamaKBOm
. J 31- '" - -''--'''-'-

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