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1 . I
!i u
From San Franottcol
Bonumn, NI16
For 8an FrancUcol
From Vancouveri
For Vancouver!
Mnrnma . . ..
.Juno 28
.July 3
..July 17
..July in
Tom Hobron Picks Seafarer to
Win Latest "Dope" by
Stmt (if rati', Sunday, June '
Vat lit Hawaii Uil across tho
starting Hue, at 1 minute 3 sec-
ciimIh lifter 1 o'clock Seafarer !
second, 10 hocoimIh lat r !'
Seafarer leading when four v
yachts last seen. '
Dimensions and tlmo allow-
nneo iiruiih follows: "
' Hcufaicr, "S ,feet 8 Inches;
CTIltcll. !'
. I.urllne, 78 feet 7-8 Inches; '!'
7 minutes 4'. seconds. ;
Hawaii. Gl root 10 1-2 Inches;
8 huurs S3 minuter 4G scc-oiids '.'
Nattose, 57 feet 4 1-2 Inches;
ioliuins u8 inlmiti'H IE seconds.
.-., ,;, j ;,
Thomas W. Hobron, Ilawall'H most
noted ytiehtsmun, now a ri'sldent of
San lYitiivlsco, Iiuh written to n friend
lint' In Honolulu n letter In which he-
wlikh In"
trunspn- i
;pcettd at
... ... .1... '
picks the Scufurir to win tho
elllc ruie. The jachts nro exi
mi) hour now, but on aeeouut of tho
mint light uIikN, Hid nautical cx
peitH ilo Mil look for them before Mini,
il.iy or Tuesday.
llnhron sends In Ills letter an ex
tremely Interesting toininiiuk'atlon from
a prominent juehtsmaii nf I.oh Angeles,
tvlth tho very latest and most author
itative "dope" on Inn big men that 1h
watched hy the cntlru yachting world
.Ml Hubron soys:
"San rraliclsco, Juno 20, I12
"An enclosing lurewllh newspaper
(Continued on Page 3)
A A A A A A A A A A A r, A A .',. A A
r.aBt night tlio navy wireless ::
U picked tip tlio cruiser Colorado, tt
tt homeward hound, fiCH mllcH from tt
tt Honolulu at 8:20 a. in. Tho mes- tt
tt sngo from Captain Gill to Ad- tt
it tulral Covvles slutcs that tho tt
tt cmlKor will ho In port only two tt
tt days, and that she will not re- tt
tt main over tlio l'ourth. This Is it
tt rather a disappointment to cltl- It
it zens who' had counted on tlio tt
tt piescnro of tho ship in port as it
it ono of tho features of tlio cole- it
ii hratlou. ii
tt Tho Colorado will reach hero it
tt caily Sunday morning, and 'will tt
tt coal Monday, leaving for ilrein- it
it erton somo tlnio Tuesday. This tt
it will glvo tho men seurcoly any tt,
tt llborty, which, after their long tt
tt tour In tho Far I.'ast and at sea, ti
it Is somewhat unusual. tt
it There Is a possibility that Cap- tt
it lain Hill may ho persuaded In io- ti
it main over the Fourth, piovlded tt
ii that his orders fur icturnluK are it
it elastic enough to permit tho stop- ti
tt over. ii
!! ! ! A !
BL,n ica
, Special Sale of Safes
Phone 2648 Merchant and Ala'cel
Evening Bulletin
But California Fruit-Growers
Leave Fruit Shipments
"We bellovs tin continued shipments
of bananas and pineapples to Pacific
Coast ports may be done safely, pro
vided, however, that such shipments
are cdotely inspected and only such
fruit is shipped as is not subject to
attack from the fly. However,
should indications of infection be found
on shipments arriving on the Coast, we
would then recommend vtry serious
consideration of a complete quaran
tine." riimi ri'Hit adopted at Cali
fornia I'liilt Growers' convention.
HrlnKhig hack tho llrst' authentic re
ports of tlie action taken hy tho Cali
fornia fruit growers on thu Mediter
ranean fruit lly campaign. II. A Weln
lalid returned from the Coast on tho
Ventura this morning. Welnland, rep
resulting the California Statu horticul
tural department 111 the lly light here,
went to tho comeutlon to refute the
threatened statements hy I'rof II II
Severln of the College of Ilauall. who
sailed for Callfornlu with tho axowetl
Intention of "telling tho truth nhnuttho
fa lc lea I caiiipalgn In Hawaii"
Sexerln, Wi Inland and W J. JJnr
tiing, h jiiiing College of Hauull stu
ilent usFoclittd with I'rof Heverln In
his work, went to tho Count on tint
miiiio boat, aud'all three spoke at the
hlg convention of the California fruit
growers. Although Sexerln repeated,
says Weiulaud, practically thf samo
(harges of lniompetdit inspection hiro
(Continued on Page 4)
That tl.o Wahlawu water contro
versy, believed to have been dropped
for Ihls session of Congress, when the
Sundry Civil bill passed the House, Is
still a live Issue and may come up uc
foro tho Scnato Is tlio latest news
from Washington.
Yesterday's publication of the fact
that tho water matter seemed dead
for this session was followed within a
few hours by n tepoit that tho Walila
wn Water Company had nows from
Washington that the subject is likely
to come up when tho sundry .civil hill
Is before tho Senate This morning
Sir. T. II. I'otrlo of Castlo & Cooko
was asked as to tho report and replied,
I tint tlio nilvlenn from Wnslihierlnti nrn
somewhat ludellnlto but that tho wat.'
cr rights matter may tomo before
the Senate. It was rnuorted lata Yes
terday that It Is already up. Tho Mc-j
Crosson hill, which nskii for (ho water
rigms on mo military reservation, is
Involved In tho controversy If It Is res
urrected. Tho report tint tho sundry
civil bill "passed rcfci red only to lis
passage In tlio House and as It still
Is duo for Senate consideration, an op
portunity Is given thoso Interested In
tho disposal of tho water rights to
press their claims.
Tho seven Chinese members, of thu
I'ngllsh turnip Btfajuer Indian Mon
arch who stalled a small riot on King
street lust night weru taken beforo the
United States Maishal this morning
and formally booked on a charge of
UBsaulting a United Stales custom
hojjso olllcer Tlielr preliminary hear
ing will take place befoul Commis
sioner C S Davis.
Thu licenced give (ho names of
Young Can, Ah Fuk, Ah Sing, Ah
Kiiu, I.mn Kan, Toug Wall anil Turn
I The stock market continued Its
dowuwuid way steadily today, hardly
In stock falling to feel the steady pull
I of the depression Walalua readied
lll2.r,U between boards, and O.ihll sold
nil the boiild at ii fill.
Wisconsin women nru oig.iuUing to
light tho suffrage inuveinent.
Duke Says
On Eve of Departure for Olym
pic Games, Local Swimmer
Sets New Mark
Duke Kahau.tiuoku'H good-hy to tho
I'nltid States was ci lehrated hy his
annexation of another American swim
ming rciord. Two dajs before tho
I'lnt.iud, carrying the Hawaiian speed
murxel ami the other meuilrs of tho
American team to Stockholm, sailed,
Duke clipped u fraction of a second on
the 22U-Mird record, turning the trick
In the trials for the relay tuim, which
wire swum In opn fresh water
The Philadelphia lliqulrir of Juno 12
carries the following stor :
MONTChAllt. N. J, Juno 11 The
feature of the swimming trouts today
In Verona Uike wns the performance
of Duke 1' Kahanamokii of the Hill
Nil I ll Swimming Club of Honolulu, who
broke the American record for 220
iii iIh hy swimming th.it dlstuuce In
2 minutes III hccoiiiIs This Is three
fifths of a second fasti r than thu rec
ord held hy C M Daniels.
Ah a result of the trials today, Kh-
hanainoku, I'erry McOlllhray, Chicago;
Kenneth Huxg.ih, Chicago A ; James
II Hellly, New York A C. and N 1
Nerlcli, New York A C, will compose
America's iUO-metir relay teum and
the Hawaiian, kind McCllllVTiiy will
swim also In the 100-iueter event. .
Tlie tr outs were for tho men who
ore to repieseut America In tho Olym
pic games at Hwediu. An even dozen
of (lie fastest swimmers of tho coun
try competed ovir a splendid course
110 arils lung, each 30 feet of thu
dlstnnce being marked off by posts In
Out of tho millions of words liter-' Hawaii's delegation at the Ilepnbll
nlly millions sent from Chicago on can national eonvciuMoii was much In
tlio Republican National Convention, tlio limelight Various explanations of
the beg fcaturo Is tho story of the sen-i its vote against Root for teiitMirury
gatlonal attempt to stampede tho con- chairman were hazarded by tint news
ventlon for Governor lladley of Mis- papers of the country, ami thu Asso.
Bour), elated I'ress carried news of tho Hu-
Ycsterclay cabled nows reached Ha- wallans all over the couutrj
wnll that lladley had been offered the The San l-'ruiiclsco Call suld this con
presidential nomination by tlio Tafl cernlng the votu for jlcOovern and
lorccs In an elTort to wallop House-, against Root
velt and had refused without Roose- "It Is asserted by tho Taft people,
veil's sanction. Tho story of tho won- however, that while the Ihinallaiis
derful stonu In Chicago is lolel In As- were pledged to vote with California
undated Press dlsnatches arriving to- on matters of organization, they will
day from Chicago. Hero It Is'
CHICAGO. Juno 19. Tho Itoosovelt
forces met their second defeat In the
Hopuhllcan National Convention today,
In a session which had for Its out-i
standing featuro a remarkablo demon-
strntlon of nearly an hours duration.
In honor (if Governor Herbert S. Had -
ley of Missouri.
All of the Itoosovelt delegates Joined the ill legation being Instructed to sup
In this demonstration whllu somo of purt Tuft
tho Taft States lent a volco. Tlio ovn- "Humor was busy tonight with ex
Hon to tho Missouri executive was pianntlons of this uctlon on tho part of
fiulckly Interpreted by many of tho n, Territory out In the middle of thu
t'elegalcs as tho posslblo forerunner acllle Ocean Insinuations were made
of a boom for. lladley for President., regarding the uetlvlly of the sugar
(Continued on Page 61 planters since hostilities 'wire trans-
ferred to the convention city Hawaii
The rumor which reached Honolulu'
a month ago, to the cfTect that the
Washington State navul mllltln was
to cume liero on n practise cruise on
the 1'iiinsylvuiilu, proves unfounded.
Tho Wuslilngtonlans, on thu Pennsyl-
.,,,,1 1 11... (lr..,.,, ,!! rrv,.s.
em tlio Marjland. reached San lYaii-
clseo ten dajs ago, and after a snort
cruise In Suuthcrn California waters
will return to I'uget Sound
J. O. hutted, who went to tho Coast
to llnai.ee a pineapple cannery for Kit-1
pnu, Kauai, returned on the Ventura,
this morning, and tlio details of tho
now plans will bo made public short
ly. Tlio cannery. It Is said, will In
volve tlio expenditure of upwards of
$200,000 and will bo advantageously
Alva I). Alderman, up Io two weekB
ago lioslmnsler at Marietta, hlu
pleaded guilty Of eiubeillug 43076
front tlio government.
220 Record
DI'Ki: KAIItWMOhir, Jit.
lh water with an American ling at
the toi
Duke hid nlre-aily beaten all the liest
American swlnimers and was selcvteel
as Aiuerlen's represeiitutlvc III 100
HieliT uwnt. 'S.U waB rcMiulrcel to try
for the 200 meterh In the hope that
he might make the relay team If It
did not nffect his short-distance
Since tho Duke has heenjn this coun
try he has been uiiilcr the coichlug of
(Continued on Page 4)
HAWAII! part
ivotn for the noiiilnullon of President
Tuft. If they do It will give tho l'res-
Ident six more, votes than are shown in
thu calculations In this dispatch."
Tho San' l"runclsci Chronicle pub-
llshed the following:
"Hawaii Causes Surprise.
. "Hawaii supplies one of tlm surprises
' b casting its six votes for MeUovirn.
.l - r,:.",,,,
of the delcgatluir haling declared that
they must ohev lustructinns mid Vote
fr the President's renomlimtlon This
iluiiw from today's position would
ralso the Tuft slli ligth nliove the dead-
Uno In ease, other cliiinges occur as
Indicated above and In enso further
losses are sustained"
Oil tile Ill'Xt day, W im tllO VlltcJ WUS
"' "iislliiB nlnel-two Taft delegates
""" "" "" ; -
........ ............ i, .i.i..i...,.. ii..,,,ii
11 -Lllll III.UIM-Illl II, 1-KI' n. 111,,,.,.
swung Into Hue for Taft and helped
hhn win this light hy fall to S10 '(he
Astoc-lalcd Press said of Hawaii s votu.
"Hawaii callid out it great cheer by
Voting six uses Yesterday the dele-
"","" ,)"" '' '"j"1""?. T"" Tl" r" '
"" iiirllrcliiiii(es.
SAN FRANCISCO. June 28. Beets!
88 analysis. 10s, 10d. Parity, 4.28
cents. Previous quotation. 10s, 8':d,
rjTorts of 1-nncaslor mill strikers
In have Governor I'oss Investigate tho
Clinton. Mass. district court
been uusueiessful.
l .1
TiliC?$ asflHtAsHsVss
't'SiilV' I'lissViVS
AJj5WwMi5iasssss? I Wl
tPotSR .atsssssK VsSrV
-- ' M f -Jj
Advertisers Have No
Dr. Li and Others Accused of
Working to Restore the ,
Baby Emperor
Three prominent local Chlueso have
been charged with being Implicated
In a plot to overturn the Chinese re
public, restore the baby emperor and
the rojal family to power, and drive
Dr Sun Vat Sen from the country
The three local Chinese Involved nro
Dr. K F I.I, editor of the Sun
Chung Kwock Ho, Chun Yu Arm, prin
cipal of the Ming I.uii school, and
Raymond Hoe, u Chinese newspaper
man employed on the Sun Chung
KwocK llo.
Four days ago the charges against
these men, received In n cablegram
from woo Hon Man, governor of Cun
ton, set Chinatown In an uproar and
for four days It has been tho scene of
factional controversy. According to
report, the governor, In tho cable
gram, asked the Chinese progressives
Ui drop relations with I)r I.I. The ca
blegram Is suld to have been received
by the Chinese I'nlted Society utid
largo handbills, nn porting to bo tho
result of the cabled charges, have
been posted throughout Chinatown
This action against Dr l.t and oth
ers. It Is declared by We "friends of
thu three men, In the outcome of the
.1,1, I-..., I.l.l, I...I u .....I ....n b... ..!...,.
(, fiinllmia li.i.u ft. t I'.. .......... I.. '
tiii,.,, in iivtf. li. inn jiiijit-i in
the leading Chinese .organ Apposing
Dr Sun Yat Sen's plans and admlnls
tuition of affairs, which. It maintains,
Is unsatisfactory Dr. I.I thinks that
the Chinese Hnlted Society Is unjustly
giving weight to what lie says are
falsu charges, and It is denied that the
local .men nro Implicated In the plot
to restore the baby "oiperor
At any rate, factional strife Is com
ing to a head among tho Honolulu
"Guilty" Is tho verdict that wns re
turned after eight minutes' delibera
tion by the Jury In Circuit Judge Rob
inson's court this afternoon In tho
case against Chin Kan, the Chinaman
accused of criminal ussault on little
Helen Klla, u girl only about eight
years of ago,
Kor his offenco Chin Fan will bo
sentenced to life Imprisonment or to
hang, these being the only penalties
tho court Is lxirmlttcd to give under
the Territorial statute.
Chin Kun will be sentenced at 9
o'clock noxt Monday morning.
Three charges woro made ngulnst
him, but tho other two will now prob
ably bo dropped, Ho was nccused of
assaulting two other girls less tliiin
twelve years old on the samo day that
eh attacked Helen IJIla.
All three children were uclled to
tho stand us witnesses against him in
the case lust finished The licensed Is
about fifty years of ago and unable to
speak Hngliflh Unless ho Is saved by
appeal this verdict, In the natural
courso of events, will virtually mean
up early death, lid Is trull, apparent
ly unhealthy and not likely to live
long In confinement, If he Is given, the
sentence of nio imprisonment,
The legal battle between County
Attorney Cnthcurt and Deputy Ceitin
ty Attorney Drown on the one side linil
Attorney William T. Rawlins on the
other, has been waged for threu days,
and the light for' the Chinaman's llfo
hus been one of tho bitterest witness
ed In the local courts In many months
Hut the nature of tho j-asu has made
the details of the stiuggle unprintable
One of the largest Independent con
cerns In the coke region of Western
l'i nuxjh'alila has niinoimce-d Its Inten
tion of lustalllug bath tubs and shower
baths hi all the houses occupied by
cmpln)i'S 'fids Is said to be up In
novation In the coke Ileitis
John Anas of Anil, Cal., 92 years
old, Is preparing ror a trip to Chile,
to assist his son in missionary work,
The Indiana pure fenud law of lllOU
wns iinlienld as constitutional bv the
i .. ' .. ... ...... ,.. .
supreme court oi the united mates,
Dull Season
OHM 10
0UI1 10
AKsnTlfitPl rress rahlr.l
BALTIMORE . Md., . June 28. The
second ballot, taken this afternoon,
found Clark still In the lead and he
maintained it on succeeding ballots.
Tl aAiAnri hillnt at d!70 n'rlnrv.'
shoWed: Clark 446' it Wilson 339'4.i
. ."- ... wm..w.. . .-,
Harmon 141, Underwood 1 11' a. Sulzer
2, Marshall 31, Baldwin 14, Bryan 2.
Immediately a third ballot was tak
en with this result: Clark 441, Wil
son 345, Underwood 114'j, Harmon
140' 2, Baldwin 14, Marshall 31, Kern
1, Bryan 1.
Eight Baldwin delegates from Ver
mont switched to Wilson on the see
nnri hallnt. WlUnn oalned In Mans.
chusetts, New Hampshire, Utah, Penn-
sylvanla, Ohio, North Carolina, ,the
big pivotal delegation, remained un-'
changed. New York Is voting for Har-if
mon and Illinois for Clark.
A fourth ballot was ordered at 6:05
o'clock. The delegates say they will
stay to the end now.
(bperlnl It 111 let til Cable.)
LAS VEGAS, N. M., June 28. John
son Is being groomed down to make 212
at the ringside and Jim Flynn 194. Al
though July 4 is but a few days off,
Johnson is lacking sparring partners,
and is doing long stretches of road
work to get into condition.
The llugshlp California ami tho
cruiser South Dakota, tlm two remain
ing ships of the I'liclllc Meet in I-'nr
Kust wnters, havo been ordered back
to Ihn Coast They will proceed via
Honolulu, ncecimpnnlcel by the supply
ship Glacier, and will probably reach
this poit about August 1. It Is
thought heiu that tho cruisers will
remain In Honolulu at least a week
Orders to this effect were Issued by
thu Navy Department June 1'J A
Washington dispatch to tho San Fran
cisco Chronicle says
A sign of tho tonfldctKo of thu
State Department In the stability of
thu new Chlueso government unci Its
ability In maintain law anil order was
the order IbsikiI from the Navy Do
pal Uncut today for thu letilin to the
United States of Admiral Sutherland
with his Ihigshlp California, and the
uriuoied ci nisei- South Dakota with
the supply ship Glacier. With the
big cruisers Colorado and Mao land,
which have returned to the Pucltlr
Coast these vessels were rushed tu
China from Hawaii several mouths ngu
when conditions looked dark for tho
Chinese republic
- 9
JKi inBH
iI-ilAri aMeWasWl
(-Ill.1ll CI.VIIIv
tiii: oi:.vi:uAt, ADvntTisuR is
i:s.hi:ntiau.y tin: home pa
piiii mvi:s chick action i.u-
Ml:l)IATH ItlXl lTH
01 UI1U
Four Ballots Already Taken.
Delegates Are to Stick
It Out
KHSM.lt ft II Mr till mtio
BALTIMORE, Md., June 23. Wood
row Wilson forged up a little closer to
Clark on the fourth ballot, the vote
Clark, 443; Wilton, 349!2; Under,
wood, 112; Harmon, 136; Baldwin, 14)
Marshall, 31; Kern, 2.
Hawaii's vote has stood unchanged,
fAssnclitcil Press Cable.)
BALTIMORE, Md., June 28.
Champ Clark swept Into the lead In
the balloting this morning, after an
all-night session of the weary but de
termined delegates.
At 6:43 o'clock this morning the
convention balloted with the result
that Woodrow Wilson, who seemed to
be leading, dropped behind. The vote
Clark, 440' ..
Wilson, 324.
Underwood, 117' j.
Harmon, 148.
Marshall, 31.
Baldwin, 22.
Bryan, 1.
Sulzer, 2.
Not voting, 2.
Haval a six votes -.split, two for
Clark, one for Underwood and one for
Wilson. The convention adjourned
then until 4 o'clock this afternoon.
i ne n.inoi tni? morning Drought out
... .. .
'vonie son- votes. William Sulier.
the New York Congressman, has not
been mentioned previously.
(Srs-rinl 11 u I le tin Pablo
BALTIMORE, Md June 28. Today
"w h largest crowds and the most
'""" excitement of the convention
Caucuses of the various delegations
Deln0 ihls afternoon and a
,u.Hcmw .utmpi maae oy ine man-
9ere to secure enough strength to take
commanding lead. New York hat prac
tically decided to swing to Clark. The
changes to date are regarded as of lit
tle significance, several of the most
important States having refuted to be
twayed. Delaware, Louliana, Min.
netota, New Jertey, Oregon and Texas
are standing Solid for Wilton. Hawaii
hat not changed its position after tho
first ballot.
Bryan is still the center of the fight.
His friends declare the deadlock will
result in his selection. He says that
he believes h achieved a great victory
in the passage of the resolution against
candidates Involved with J. Pierpont
Morgan and othej- Wall street inter
ests, and that it hat placed the con
vention on record for progrestivitm
He refused to commit himtelf re.
garding a pomble bolt of hit forces.
It is believed that New York's turn.
Ing to Clark will be offset by Illinois
and Indiana, which are turning to Wil
son. The platform will leave women's suf
frage, the initiative, referendum and
recall to the decision of the Statet, It
is decidedly progrettive, and It making
a ttrong effort to appeal to new party
adherent!. It contains a positive dec
laration for a revision of the tariff
downward to a basis of for.revenue
only. The financial plank will prob
ably declare against the Aldrich cur
rency reform plan to far as it Involves
the central rezerve plan. Criminal
prosecutions for trust offender! are
called for.
(ldillllan.il cable new, l'ace D)
IHnerlal tl n 1 1 e 1 1 n PublcO
LOS ANGELES, Cal., June 28. The
Darrow trial wat pottponed today be
cause of the illnets of a juror.
LOUISVILLE, Ky June 28. Two
people were killed and three seriously
injured in a fire in'the butinets dis
trict early this morning.
-. ' ' ' 'I

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