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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, June 28, 1912, 3:30 EDITION, Image 2

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Masonic Temple
Weekly Calendar
Otiiinlc SI ileil.
Iliiiiiiliitii Stiimtl ltcgrpp,
Hawaiian llitnl Itigrif.
Honolulu (h.iplir. I!. . M.
"Murk lla-tir. I'iilpuiiiil.
All TliltUi members of IM
Order are cordially InTlted M
attend uieetlnrs of loci! ledfe
City Transfer
Office, King Street, opp. Union Grill
Phone 1281
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i in
I 15
7e bv
,11 V
ll III
: o ' t
1 1 i 4 ml
li m
I- 13 &...V V.4
0 1 J SSI 0.10
I 1
v.a r,n ete
7 35,1019 Sil CIO
Mil !' t,2J 0.10
nun vi til cuivitlM
II 10
tUiill; In lit .1.
Mrit on tin
'-'ml unci itli
Mondays (
i.icli month
lit h.l'. Hall
"ISO 1'. M.
Mi nilicrs (if
uthir As-to-elation
jiiLlL rill jiUAlLirili I UliUIULll
I'iiII iiiuoii June 2'i at
,) CUV Hit
OJ a in
Temperature 0 u in .72 8 n in .
"a, Ilia in 7G, 11! iuxiii, Tl, minimum
ItiRt nlrht, 71
Wind C a in, vc-lodtv '.', direction
X 12 , 8 a in, cluclty i dlicctloti N
12 . 10 n m. c1ocity 1.' direction S ;
12 noon velocity X, direction 12 Movc
ini'iil past -4 hours, 114 milts.
Hnromotcr nt 8 a in snuJ Holn-
lli liiiinldltv. 8 n m (.4 Absolute
nclit humidity, 8 n in , G 7 i Dew point
m, GU 'lutiil rnliiiaii inning
1M. McMM,U I.OIKii:, M. 8,
ll. tlf I'.
Meets every 2nd nnd 4th Satur
iluv p.iaiiiK at 7 .10 oclock In
i K of 1' Hall, ror Kurt nnd
Hon inula Visiting brothers
cordially Invited to attend
a r c.f.htz, c c.
r r K1LUI2Y, k n s.
& y
iiomiu'lu iimii: it", f. .
v, Honolulu Ijilge No 016
Yf 1 O 121kB. meets I"
their hall, on King St,
neir Fort, every Krldn
evening Visiting Broth
ers are cordially Invited
to attend
A 12 Ml'ni'HY. R It.
OA1I1I J.OWiF. Ml. 1, K. of r.
-f ..-... . .1 ... .,.,...1 T--I
! x iucois every uroi mm mini i i
ggHday nt 7 30 oclock, Pythian
!Hull, comer llerctuntii niiti
Tort streets Visiting brothers
cordially Invited to attend.
o hiiim:, k of it. & s
Prediction That Oceanic Steamer Is Fastest in the Fleet B!tj
Delegation of Tourists Kilauea Departs for Kona Ports
with Many Passengers Nile an Arrival from Coast.
Unll.ivr. mn ulin la tlin ffluti-MI hklllliprnllltl nf the linlntllll
HiPiirn, i In Mm Hi ot Maud. lx lomilli li to the Duke do Mont ' , u
riiln uiik tlic declaration made by ponsler on n globe circling cruise. In pawt 21 huurs, Time
('itntnlii I I. Cowe-ll turn In command order to tnke up this now """"l '"""' '
I tin' ihlrd and Inst Oceanic steam Captain Morton has been granted a
-hip lliu'i to receive n general over- year's lcai of nbsence by the Pnoiflc
hauling nitd reronstnutlun at Hunter Mall. Ho will Join the Trench noble
l'olnt dndorks San I'lniulsco. nnd liinti on n month's motoring tour of
hicli essd Is now moored at her tho Continent Tho Mnud Is to steam
Honolulu ulnirf nfn r n flm trln clciv.il from Southniiiliton September 1st, and
fmin Snn Prune Isco will oomo to tho Tnclflc b wny of
Cnptnln Cowell looked ever Inch Mngcllnn and South America She
Hie iMlHnt skipper that he Is Cowell will visit the South sea nnd ull tho
is no stinnger to Honolulu travelers, t outlines of the Knr 12nst, returning
ihlppirs or wnterfrontLrs For jenrs homo b way of Suez.
In pild mgulnr visits nt tho port as Captain Mortnn's plnco on tho Man
a ehler ullliir In tho Mnrliieisa. colla Is to bo lilted by Captain I2iitcry
Ciivvill has nlwavs been rated ns a Itko, formerly master of tho liner
kowl mlxor ' When tho Oceanic China,
inanagi incut decided upon a resump
Hon of the Snn Francisco Honolulu.' Reld Master of the Bennington.
AnlnSidne service, thev linmcdlatc-i When tho Matson Navigation steam
1 Instituted a still hunt for Cowell or I.urllnu pulled away from her berth
lie soon connected with a berth as nt Snn Irandsco tho other day Ink
'kipper and much to his inro ami Ing a lino from what was once tho
Aaiihfulnoss tho Ventura Is the fine- gallant CSS flcnnlngton, for a long
I) appointed ship turned out at tho tow to Honolulu, ".llnimy" Held, who
California ship) aril. for yinrs has been Identified with the
True Captain Cowell, Is not alone Matson service, Is gencrnly supposed
io establish tho popularly of tho Veil to have been placed In Lommnnd of
inro In tho Honolulu nnd Austrnllau tho reconstructed tnnkcr Held has
trade Associated with him In tho served for some tlmo past ns chief of
'linnngement of tho good ship Ventura fleer In the I2ntorprlse Thch Hon
are such well known nnd popular sea- nlngton was one a United Stntes gun
faring men ns Sam Church. In chnrgo boat, nnd of Into years has been placed
of the black snuad, 11111) Held, on the retired list. During tho stay
purser, and known from ono end of In Snn Francisco, tho Honnlngton was
tho l'uclllc to tho utlur as an necoin stripped of her armament and mncliln
initiating olllclal Veteran Dr. V. I, try and within tho vessel were placed
'lalbralth. an old I'aclllc Mall officer,1 largo storago tanks for molasses. Tho
is surgeon, and A. Q Congucst Is In I.urllno with tho Hcnnlngton. in lino Is
command of tho gastrounmlcal do expected will show up olT tho harbor
pnrtnient Inn next Wednesday If all should go
There arc other well known old tlm I well nt sea 'I lie tanker Is to bo used
ers Who imiii viewed Honolulu from In transporting molasses between
.' . L
A mucus held todas bv mornVra of,
tho Cltv nnd County Hoad Ciiu.mlti"o
las pfartlcaliy iliclded that brnneb if
the Hoaul of Sujiervlsors em .iw.irdliis
tho contract for tho tonstitictlon nl
tho Mottiialua l'uuloa road to tho low
est bidder,
In this Instance, lohn II Defrles
will land tho contrnct for b illilln,; rp
proxlmnlcly three miles of liighwnj,
which will serve ns a co,i.ie ting link
between Honolulu and rem I Hnr'jor.
At a lhei ting of the Supi'i lots Inst
nluht. two bids worn lec'veJ, ono
from Defrlea calling for 1182, rl, or
$297'J over and nbovo tho duimint up
proprlated by tho count fathers for
tills work.
Tho second tender was recclvo-1
from tho Honolulu Draylng and Con
struction company and called for a
much higher flgun namely $20,S'iu.
Tho Hoarel will moot at noon tomor
low, nt which tlmo a decision readied
by the road committee will probably
bo ratllled.
A number of mntters were rushed
through last night. Knglmer White-
The popular llllo liner Miiutin Ken
Is duo to urrlvu ut Honolulu at un
early hour tomorrow morning
Tnklng general enrgo, the lntcr-Isl-
nnd steamer Wnllelo IS on the berth
for depurture for Kukulhiiele nnd Ho-nokiui
An unusually largo crowd gathered
nt Oceanic wharf this morning to
nwnlt tho urrlvnl of the rebuilt liner
Vontnru. from tho Const
Several theatrical performers for
local playhouses arrived ns pnssengeiri
In tho Oceanic steamship Ventura
from the Coast this morning
'Hie Itilor-lsland steamer Hall will
sail for Kauai ports tills evening, tnk
lng later mail from the malnlnnd lis
well ns n fall- list of passengers and
general cargo
Uicnl customs officials wero fairly
bombarded with leipiests for passage
from shore to the Ventura this morn
ing by those who professed a di'slro
to greet friends among the passen
gers 'Ihfl largest number of automobiles
seen ut the arrival of a steamer In
mouths wiib that gathered nt the eu-
ttatico to Oceanic wharf this morning,
the line-up extending utmost to the
foot of Fort street.
The Matson Navigation ste-ainer
I.urllno, en route from San Francisco
to Honolulu, is believed to be bring
Ing u considerable quantity of Inter
mainland mall Iho I.urllno Is ex
pected to nrrlvn on or about July 3rd
It looked like n small edition of nil
"oltl-liomo dav" celebration us local
shlpplugmcii renewed ncipinltituiicn
with veteran ste.iiiislilpmcn who liavn
now found good berths In tho Ventura,
which arrived from the Coast thlB
escaping a guard maintained nt the
Oceanic wliarr Hits morning for the
purpose ef kei ping the general public
fioni crowding around tho gangway
Hading to the Bteamer Veiituru, u
number uf the morn lntiepld dolled the
officers and bloke thtoiigh the Hues
IIAUA1I V Tltllli: NO. 1, I. 0. It. .11,
Meets every first nnd third
Tuesday of each month In
Fraternity Hall, I O O F
building Vhitlng brothers
cordially invited to nttend
ii(i(ii.:ii,i; i.oixn:, r,ic, 11. v. o. 1:.
Meets on beennd nnd fourth
, Wednesday evening of c.icl
'month at 7 10 oclock, In
K of l Hall, corner Fort
nnd'Herctaiila Visiting biotlieis are
Invited to attend
WM 10NF.S, W V.
J W ASCII, Secy.
HONOI.l l.V I.OIHli: 0. 600,
I,. O. 0. u
will meet In Odd Fellows' building,
Fort street, near King every 1'rldaj
evening nt 7 .10 n chick
Visiting brothers cordially Invited
to attend
12. A JACOIISON, Secretnry
lose range as officers In tho several
HnerH operated by the company.
Purser Held vvns fairly besieged
with delighted passengers who wero
free In pronouncing tho Ventura a
A Chinese cabin lio In the I'ae lllc
Mull liner Mongolia, who threatened to
91111SC the urri-st of S II l'ettus, 11
iiriiniiiietit M c a wmker ami
- fmp'orter Fort St
Pantheon Bldg.
Exclusive Millinery
Miss Power,
Boiton Block, Seoond Floor
I'cnrl Harbor and Honolulu.
Increased Business for Harrison Line.
Tho llarisnn Direct Line, which
ceimiinny onerntes the freighter Poll
eeldeel lilt ns a trans I'aclllc liner, ilclnn. now tlilrtv four davs out from
Held reports 11110 weather, ami nlto- Aiitwcrn. with Fiironenn cargo des
1'ither a elellglitful voyage The gen- tlneil for Honolulu, Is meeting with
fill "lllllj ' bus been leading tho life favor with shippers, to tho extent that
of a scientific ngrlciilturlst on his additional Btcamors must bo added to
broad ucres in northern California tho fleet
luring the past four months Held Is According to Information received
.1 rnue be r of no menu IlllllitV Tho nl Iltitwiliiln fri.b'lit nirnrtniru nrn tnnrli
1 all of the iaa proved too strong, how-' larger during tho past few months
tviT and eiignglng a specialist to tnko than ever before In tho history of Un
charge of Ills estate, ho will go back Hue. It Is predicted that Instead of
to ins mil love on tun Australian run 01110 a month, steamers will prohablv
Tho Ventura brought 131, cabin and bo dispatched itvcry fortnight Tho
II steerage pasengers Included In Hnrrlsnn lino was established last
2SS7 tons general cargo are seven big siimmi'r to get n footing, in nntlclpa
automobiles A mainland mall of ill) thin of the big ndvaiieo In trade In this
sacks ni rived 'direction expelled to follow Iho open
'I lie stale ment Is freelj nindo that ing of tho Panama canal. This cum
the Veiituru Is tho best lit l eel ship of puny operates no less tlian four routes,
he three) mm In opeiat'or. b tho Oco- whldi carry cargo for Pacific ports
mile conipnio 'the c 1,1 urn certainly from tho 1'nltod Kingdom, tlneo In
lossosst'H n mini lie" of plciislng iniio direct and tho direct lino vlu Magel
Mitlous nut found on tho Sonoma or Ian.
tho Sierra Ka
II If estimated ihat n least scvontv h.-ii- r.l,-and Out a KttnuE.i.
nor cent of the pasnini,erb to urrivo According to n ropoit received nt
l.ro this morning nru tourists. I,,i8 cty with t)10 arrival of tlic, Inter-
I tio travelers natl tno tlmo or tneli i8allli RtCamcr Nocau from Kami
lives The dally menus pie-parcel ,lorlH thls morning, tliero rcmaitu bo
irider the direction of Clitcr Steiwanl Knr for Blilpment nt Kllauoo, Tho
Conguest, will live In tlio memory of Njonu lirought 4000 sucks of sugar,
iho tllners liiileflnltelj. jt bucKs potatoes, nnd 118 pit-kngcs
In tho trials, Captain Cowell stales Hundrles At Kenlla wurehoiiB3 :'0,i)i)0
Hut motlerulzeil with extensive, Im hntks sugar Is loporleil on linnd tivl
iiriivoiniiiii in n eosi 01 tiiii.uuu 11111 nwnitlng tianspnrlntlon to tho main
Oceunle Slcnmsliip eomiuny'B liner lend.
Ventura wns put through Its puces In jy
a trip beyond tho heads nnd out In Two nter-lslahd Arrivals Today.
sta 10 tieiermino wiieuiei tno Btoameri o- ,,i ,i, l.uiir r ii,, nA
couli 1 bo neieptcd by tho naval au-' uu broiiBlit to Honolulu today by two
llinrl les ns nn auMllaiy triilaer. Iho ncr8land Menmera. Tint Nllhau,
naval comml too found that tho Yen- fromHawqll ports. Is bdng dlschnrgpil
turn was up to standnrd In speed and of 7000 sackH HUBar nllll nuanl,y 1
i-aieey apiiiiiices ami niinouncou iiint, oml)tles nI11 B1H,PI,. This vessel
It would bo listed as prov tied by Act brought fid he ad cattle. Tho olllieis
of Congress for ocean mall subsidies. rt,)ort ,lll0 wcntiicr 0n the homownru
nl... I'nt.l.i.n l.ni, I.i.iXi .......I.,. .1 ...III.
I uu i-inii!M utia ijc-uii ii,tiu wtiu IrlM
oil burning funnies, which nro among p,
tho Improvements to tho vessel. Dur- Q,,... D,n.n. mi A- n.
tug tho mnn months of work on tf.o s??: ,P"PfL .. ie.,r V
Ventura at the IIuutcrH point dry dock,
i . . .. .- ... ..
l-ouso hns been granted permission to mlKslimao in the I nr Misiern ntiu.
iiircliaso lldglaii blocks to lionised em i '"" '' " " "' " -curves
In tho Monnnlua road. iilulii. upmi n diurge of asBniiit with
curves In tho Monnnlua road.
i mi HiiiiitmiLiijii iiiiuiiiK liuiii iiiu,
linalth coinmltteo of tho Merchants , given
tin, it nltdur Illlnl Willi bulling watel.was
bearing wliell tlie Mongolia
Asoctation regarding huuitntlon work
In Aaln district, will receive consider
ation from the municipal sanitation
Tho road committee submlttetl a
readied Sin I'miidi-eo
I'e cling ran rather high on bninl
wlille the big llnir ;emaliiiil nt Alakin
vvhurf. vi hi re a big uirgo wns tlls
duirgiil ' Threats were freelj made
stntement showing an appropriation against Pittim, it bdug allegeil that he
of 8"C0 fol Honolulu department for'bud no Jimt pruvuuitloii fur his action
Juno Out of this tliero Is to bo de-It was also chilmeil that lliu ClilniKt
ducted $100 for an ndillng lnnihlno I hud sustiiiiuil a iiumlirr of burns
According to Htiglnccr Whltelioimi)' through riiilvlng the tiullliig contents
It will cost $r,MII to pave Qucem Street of the receptacle
bridge over NuuMiii strenm I In the liiviHtigatlnn eoinlucted ut the
A resolution upproprlntlng $14 000J Coast port It was brought out that
for the proposed national guard nrm the slilii's surgeons were unable to
oryl for which the Legislature appro llml that the boy butl even Im n blls-
printed SlOtl.nilO, wns Introdiieed nt tlio ttml Pittus did ivirjlhlng In lilt
meeting of tho Hoard of Supervisor power to mahe up nation tn the boy,
lust night, ami le-rerreu to tlio Wnvs ami In addlllon to giving film a inone
nud Means Coiumltleo. lar Imliii iniide him u public opology
Mombers of tho Hawaiian Hand pe- Pittus has bun In China for six
tllloned for n general raise in salaries jears lie Is a human but has bun
totalling Slli.rai a month, which mat lounged In church nod A g Mill's
ter must bo decided by tho Ways nnd hrlMluti Association wink thnuigl I
Menus Committee. tbi republic Kevuiil wnks ngo be
A resolution was passed for first milTeitil u nirvnuM brinkilown nud vvns
rending nppioprlntlug $12,000 for spt- ni-dnul to leturn In tin Itiiltnl 'states
cine roan worK,to inciuuo ?t)uii rti.- Anotlur iiilssiimui) on Hie vessel, who
reinlts on Heretnnla nvenuo; $1000 dianiploiiul pcttus tliruugh Ills trouble
Per stmr. Clnuillne, for llllo via way
ports, Juno 28. Miss Nellie Alalia,
Miss Kva Alann, Miss Lei Alana, lxiu
Ise Hoblnson, Hannah Hoblnson, Mru.
JtodgcrB, Miss Pierce, Miss-1), Mitch
ell. I21lza Akeo. Sarah Knllno, Miss
(llndys llnrf, Miss M Knleau, Clara
Pcrrelra. A U. 1'orreira, Miss it. Da
vidson, Miss H Copp, Miss Francis
Lawrence, Peter Hoc, Miss 12 Cross,
Paul Hoe, Miss IMIIh Naone, Miss Ma
in 1 Nnone, Miss Popo, Mrs, A Robert
son, Miss Cnthorlno Pope, Mrs. 12,
Robertson. Miss Harrison. L. Wurren
Miss 12. Illlbus, Mrs. Keohoknlole,
MIsb Hoso Ah Choong, Master Wright,
MrB. J. .Wright, I2mma Akl, Mrs Akl,
II Honncll. Hev. II T Hong. M Wntn
nabo, Masters Kenneth Auld (2), Mr.
and Mrs Hen Williams, Paul Howe
(2), Fred Awutia, HoV C. P Hong,
V. A. dill. Oeo Copp. Mr and Mrs
L. P, fJcnrgp, Mrs J. II Honell nnd
two infants. Miss Hose Hocking, Mrs
Mnhukn. Miss 0. K Hreiwn, Mrs U
cliirrlda, Miss A tlarrlda,
Per stmr W. (1. Hall, for Kauai
porta, Juno 28. Miss 12 Pndgctt, Mls-j
II. .Incohsoii, Miss II Schnrsch, Miss
I). Ornte. Miss M. Ornte, Miss M. An-
dermaiin, Miss A. Urato, Miss I.. Na
ea, Miss 12. Akann, Carrio Heltcncourt,
Mrs J. II Ciimmltigs, Mrs O llnnsc-n,
Miss M O. Mc-dlll, J M Thompson, F
Webber, II. II. Hrown, Chuck Hoy,
Him Fnt, Heo Fat
Per stmr. Mnunn Kea, for llllo, via
waj ports, Juno 21 Mrs. Jcnnlo
trnno. Miss Cowlos, Admiral Cow lei,
Mrs. II M. Cowlos, Miss Cecilia Ca
uarlo, Mrs S. P. Jacobsou, Miss Flor
ciico Tew'ksbury, Miss O. Hcinlinrt,
John Louis. M HOllval, Mrs Harrison
Mrs. Mary Hitchcock, Miss I2vclyn
Schocn. Miss Hitchcock nnd mnltl, Dr,
Carl Schmidt. 12. Horden, Virginia
Calros, Miss May Christian, Mrs. Jno
Marcalllno. Miss Laura Anderson, Mrs.
F. F. Lewis. Mrs. J. F Lewis. II. 12
Docker, V. Pristldge. Hannah A. Lo
leo, Hnttlo Sllvu. Mr. nnd Mrs. M II.
Shenrtl and daughter, Mr nnd Mrs. .1.
K. Mitchell, Miss V. Suiltos, Miss It.
A7oveelo, C. II. llelntzc, V II, Mcln
ecke, 12. F. Loo. Miss M Stacker, II.
0 llallle, Mrs. C. O. Hattle. Mrs. On
tlcrdonk. Miss Stokes, Judge and Mrs.
W. U Whitney, C. Kennedy, II. S.
Cannrlo. Miss 11. Knlnn, W. K. Akntin,
lohn Dolor, Master Cites, Mrs. Jno.
M Oilos.
Per stmr. Klnnu, for Kauai ports.
July 2 Mr nnd Mrs Francis (lay,
Miss Whlttlngton, Miss C Hustle, Miss
11 Hryntit, Miss F llrynnt, M. Lar
ten, M Aclilo, Albert ilia Miller, Mary
Chnrman, Madeline Smith, A Luke,
Andrew Richmond, Albert Young, J I)
lul. .Mrs J W. I.enl, Walter Leal,
Maud I-enl, Myra Leal. Ralph Leal, K.
M. Akann. Mrs W, II Wisliard and
daughter, Miss K, Yoiiuk, Mrs. O.
Snnldliig. Miss L. De-liicrt. Miss C
Low, Miss Mny ChrhlBtlan, Helen
Schiinincfennlng, Miss Holla (lay, Miss
Tsui Tuslilinn, Miss Kalmwall Wahiwe,
Miss Lciw, F Zallcr, A Haseh, A. W
Wong. II. II. Clioy, Mrs. Welcknor,
Miss 12. (lay, Y. Sakptnn, Jos. Kneii,
Y. Kondo. Miss J. A. Miller, r.llralieth
vvcrnor. luin Sakiima. Miss Snkuma,
Julia C. Curtis. I2rncst (lay.
Per stmr. Mlknhala, for Maul and
Molokal ports, Jim 2. M. Mover, A
Mojor, Mrs. J P. Cooke, Dorn Cooke,
Kdlth Kenlu, Dalas Znblan, H. Joy,
Mnry Cahtelrn, Miss Brewer, Miss
Hakcr, Miss 12. Kcola, Miss M Keola,
M, Fllzor, W. Se human, M. It. Frellns
A. Snusa, F. Ii Mere. J. Yamnshlro
M. Ornollas. Hilly Williams. I) M Mc.J
Corrlston. Allcen McCorriston, Carrio
Dunn, Mny Dunn.
Per O S. S. Ventura for San Frnn
Cisco, July 3. Miss Uraco 12. Allen,
Miss 12. I. AHon, .lames Armstrong,
Mrs. M. Armstrong, Miss M Arm
strong, I. W. Atkinson, wife and two
ihlldreii, C. A. llaehelder. wife ami
sdn, two llarllcll children, It. Hehrcns,
II V. Ilrown, wlfo nud child, it. F
Hi own, A L. Hushnolt, Mrs. J If.
Cram, II .1 Carls, A. Caron ami wife.
Miss M. Chrlstophcrson, Mm L.
Clnyiiool, Miss A Clay pool
Friday, Juno 28
San Francisco Ventura, O. S. S.,
San Francisco Nile, P. M. H S,
Thurbday, Juno 27.
Hawaii ports Maul, stmr, p.m.
Kauai ports Llkellke, stmr, p.m.
Friday, Intio 28
Konn nnd Knu ports Kilauea, klr,
T" iussi:mii:ks Aititivi:i i
for work on Knlakaua avenue, nud
$4000 for repairs on King street bo
tweeu Aalu Park nud Moannlua.
The clerk was authorized to call
for fenders for laying tho curbing for
tlio renter parkway of Kulakaua nve-
on the vt'sstl, wns Rev John I .like uf
fnutiiii, who Is iiigiignl, Inside his
rillgluiih work, in publishing it uuws
papit In tlie Chilli mi Iniigiuge.
Judging from stiitiiiieuts mado this
inordliig with thu urrlvnl of tho Nile
lino. $1000 having been appioprlatodi fl(m , ,.,,,, ,,, .Hh,,!,,, ,i ,i
for tlio work.
temper In his treatment nf the xtrvnut
,.. . , . ,,. ,., i,.,,... ... ,,
i lie, miiuiu iiunicei iiiu uiiiiiuiiiiuiiun. r ,,u i,, i.iu Mi.io ,.r II i.i. , i...
bill for the six montliir period flomm,r t,.,,1H , r rl.,1 t.. lutve-stnt.d
July 1 to December 31, for second, .,,,. . ..,. ', , ,,. , ...... ,,
teatiing uin, ii, ,ai,i,,M ,r i,iiitl,p .,, ,,,
A number of hnckmen petitioned tho ,, .... '.,.., , "..,. '.......,
board In establish a now hackstand on "".,7 ".: . Z"?.' ' :.."".,. "" .
in ii-'vi ii ni" iiniuhii id iunv iiiu
Club 8tables Block
MRS. E. E. DAVIS. Proprietor
Are Always Found at the
Bonnet Shop
Juit received by S. 8. Sierra, the
very lateet m faney TAILORED
With a largo consignment cf lumber
.Mi.,.,. ... ..in I..I.IICII, iiuiiii u.juucn, ,. ,,., , ,.. -,, i,n
I'arallones tho Ventt.ru developed 17 tt.Y '"", tJ. ,m,bur 1)y tho "U,P1"
Inter.leland Sailor injured.
(ieorgo uKnlakl, a sailor In tho In
ter Island steamer lwnlanl, met with
a pnluliil ami serious nccldfiit whllo
i-nguged In working cargo lit that vos-
M'l last Tuesday Tlio sailor
biouglit to Honolulu In
Id tills afternoon.
A fund of useful information,
was gleaned In tho easiest and most Inter-
tho steamer cstlng way. fell to those who attend-
Nllhau and sont to tho Queen's bos f tl tlio lecture on "Tho Panama Canal"
nltnl for treatment Tho man has sov. delivered at tho Opera House last
era lingers of his right hnnd crushed night by Captain Warion 'I. Hiniitim,
whllo tho Iwalatil was laying off Klpa Corps of Fnglnccrs.
Iiiilu liniilliiir. In somn manlier his Captain Hntluum dwelt at consider.
band becamo caught In tho gear used nhlo Itngthh on tlio historical Icatmca
In loading sugar Into tho vessel and ff Ihc big dltchh, his Binoolh running
heforei tlie machinery could bo stopped s'urv being woll and lnterji,tlngly tolu
eoveial digits wero mashed. I "" the" described tlio ae usl work
a iIgiio i ytho United States uinij cngl
Morton to Guide Destinies of Palatial !Y"rf" l'l"S l"ftlctilai .itifliiilcn lei
Claypnol, Miss II. Cooke, If M Cowlt-s,
Miss C. S Cowles, Mrs I Crelglitou,
Miss 0 Crockett, C Crcnler, Miss M
Dawson, II. 12. Docker, Mrs S II.
Dough-, Mrs A, L, 12akln, Miss Mar
guerlto 12vnns, Miss M K I2vans,
Miss A. J. Fellows, Miss V. It. Fisch
er. Miss L C. Frnln, W I'm her anil
wife, Miss I.. Gibson, Mrs Robert Oos
ling. Miss Anil Ousting, Miss Kllznhoth
Uosllng, Miss Frances M. Uiiulil, Mrs.
J. Ornce, Mastor .lack (liaco, Miss I.
(liaco, MIsb M. Orace, Miss' L. Oreen
field, Mrs II. M. Ort-gg, Mrs It. I).
Hall. J. O. Harmon and wife-, Mrs S.
Hashldatn, Miss M. Haslle. D. F. Ilea
Per OSS Ventura, from Pan
Francisco, June 28 Mrs II. Ander
son, -Martin Antiunion, L. 12. Arnold,
Jr, Miss II Halloa, C 0 Uartlett,
Miss 11 Ilcrtcls, Miss M Hlvi-u, I H.
Hlucksheur, 12 12 Hodge, Mrs. Hodge,
A. II077I, Miss It S Hrewer, Francis
Hrown, Mis F. 12 Ilrown, J II.
Drown, F. M Cnrberry, Mrs I'nrber
ry, V Unrtw right, Ms L. Cashmnn,
Cluy Clnbeg, V 12 Clnrk, Miss Mnrlii
Covey, L Cov, Miss Pearl Cnv, Tom
Currnn, Mrs M Davis, C Cook, Mis
I L. Cooper nnd child, It F Deuipsc),
Miss H. Dernhiim, Miss Hazel Duren
betger. Miss ljiuru I'ahrbnch, I, V.
Fernundc7, Miss Mnry Fleming, ('apt.
Forsyth, U S A., C. W Foster, tt
S A, II. (loiman, Mrs C S Ilollo
way, Mrs Ifose Harris, W W. Har
ris, J N Holt, C. M. Hudson, It C.
Walker. Mra Hudson, C F Hughes,
C N Hughes, Dr 3 J Hunkln. Mrs
Hiinkln, Miss II. Knlnn, Miss Kutli
leen Kelly, J. W. Kershnoi II. Kli
llng, W W. Klrkland, Mrs W J.
Klltp, Miss I-: Kitto, Miss M Kltto,
A L-ifferty, Mrs. .f. J. Lea, Miss
(Intro I.eii, II. A. I.cvey, J 0 Lulled,
12. W. 1m, II. M McCatice, Wulter
Mclltnry, Miss J. Mclntyre, Miss K
Mclntyre, P. McKnlg. Mrs L. L. Mc
Klsslck, Miss McKlsslck. J Mclaugh
lin, Mrs U. W McNeur, Miss Kriitst-
Ino McNeur, 12. P. Muble, 12d Mndl-
son, Jno Munimirdt, Mrs It. C.
Mills, Miss A Mitchell, Mrs T Mclll-
nclll, J. P. Morgan, It. A Morton,
11 L. Mitsfecr, O Ollvn, Mrs Ollv i.
12 D Fainter, Miss C. Puluier, Dr 12.
iV Young, Miss Mnry Penny, W O.
Phillips, Miss Molnlne Pocock, II Itn
phael, Miss Klhl Rath, II. C. Heed,
C I). Robertson, Mrs Robertson. II.
O Reefer, Miss A Howe, Mrs. Cltn
Rynti, J It. Huperd, Frltr Sclilosser,
Miss 12. Siegfried, Lieut Phillip II.
.Sheridan, Mrs Heba II Smith, Mlsa
Allru Supok, Mrs Olive O Snider.
Miss Avis Sterling. Mis 12 Stocking,
Dick Sullivan, Mrs II W. Taylor nnd
child, Mrs. K W. Wnrlinm, W Wells,
Miss Julln Wulsch. Miss Kate Wc'lsth.
M II Weinberg, II A Welnlnnd, Iajw
Wheeler, J. L Whltmoro, Mis. lilt
mure nnd child, MrB. 12 Wilkin, Mlsa
Wilkin, II. Williams, Mrs. Williams,
Mis W. Scott WlhP, 11 F Wood, Mrs
S J. Wood, (J C. Woodcock, C.
Woodsltle, C 12 Wright, Mrs. Wright,
Mis. Young nnd child.
Per P. M. 8 S. Nile, from Snn Fran
cisco. For Honolulu Prof S, Shiga.
J. M. Llhino, J. O'Hrlun, Mrs 1.
O'llrleu. For Yokohama. Robert II.
Flder. Verno Frn7ee. Miss II II I'njn,
Miss (! A I'oyo, M I Psliuigllnskl. W.
M. McKIm, II. Norton, Mrs. II. Nor
ton, Ferdinand Soetho, Hugh A Stew
nrt, V, 12. do Tlnionon", Thos. N Tur
ner. For Kobo- Claude V Dillon,
Dr. Mnry L. James, Miss Iluriictt
lohnstono, A D Mason, Mrs. N T.
Miller, Miss Ornco Monro, Mis i Mar
garet Thompson For Shanghai I.
K Davis, Mrs J It. Davis, Ilubnit
Monglos, .Mis 13. Meaglos, W. P. Tsu
For Hongkong: Mrs O V. Arnold,
Mrs John Honrdmnn,. Mrs, C II.
Iliown, ('hoy Leon, Miss M Vtii, Frol
inn Colorado, Mrs O M Heir), Misn
Rosamond Hnrt, 11 S Houston, Mrs.
11 S Houston, 12. P. Lumlgieu, Mrs.
12 P Lutidgrnn, Mrs. A. M Me Donald,
Miss A tl Parker, Miss K. Hiilllvnu,
Mis Nellie (3 Thomas. Miss Franrox
Miss C. I Thomas.
For atmr. Kilauea, for Konn unci
Kail ports, Juno 28. Miss II. Holds
worth, Miss A Robinson, Miss Louisa
Hohluson, Mrs Hodgcrs, Miss Norn
Campbell, Mrs Campbell. Miss R, Han
son. Miss M. Jensen, Miss O. Jensen,
Miss (1, DePonts, Miss Switnzy, Mrs.
F. M. Swnnzy, Miss Switnzy, Miss 12m
lly Farley, Thomas Lincoln, Oeo. Ha
pnl, II. Wnssmnn, Margaret Wassm in,
MrB. O. Richard, P T. Phillips, Dr.
II. L. Ross, Mrs. Rosb nud child. Mrs.
T. A. O llrlen, J. 0. Smith. Lucy All
!.M:",,,,!..Un"W1' AL'tI: "S!.iyie. I-nl AWnalf Kanuhn. 13. I'n.
dolhergor, Capt. F. W. Ilersher and
Knknullko street facing King.
SAN FRANCISCO. Juno 11 A prot
ty romance, which had its Inception
when tlio brldo was n student nt Mills
College, culminated nt Honolulu just
befoia tho liner Sonoma left for San
Francisco, when Mlsa Qraco Hoboitson
l.ecnmo Mrs. Robort It Mcllldnvvnoy,
'lhe nowly vvnddotl pair had tho
bridal suite on tho Sonoma, which ai
lived In port yesterday morning nnd
the roval send off they had iccoived
from their friends In tho Islands wns
still being talked about by their fel
low passengei s.
Not only was tho denarturo of thu
couplo on their honoymoon marked by CAPTAIN'S BALD HFAD
ll.n ..n.ll,l..nnl .lnn .! l,l nl.nnu I..,. W " ' " " - W D U. W UUIIU
tliero was a stringed orchestra to play CAUSES HIS RESCUE
i" -wedding march as tho victims of I1ATII ., , . ,
Cupd'B darts dashed blushlngly up ,,, "r. ' .:g0 Bchaunor ,',, n
Mm ennnunv fpnm II,., Ilniinlnlii nlnr ' '1UKIIIII11, W IIOS0 SCIIOOncr, 1110 tlllll
pltditr. Tim buy hi Id lhe handle and
made pi) wife take the hot pile her
between her hands Our two chlldrm
wile Htiiuillng In side Mrs Pittus, nnd,
ulthiiiiKli the pile hi l- wus burning the
lb nil nn lur bauds to hllntus, she
icinlel nut drop the pitcher fur fear of
swiltllng.tht ihlldreii
' Win li I came back she wus In tears.
She tiihl me the waj tlie Chine mi boy
had nitul, und I sent for him H
that time the wuttr III the pll'iliir hud
inoltil uiniililpruhlv, and when thu ho
in rlv el I held the pltihcr by Its bot
tom, and, extending the hnllille toward
him told him that that was the wuy
he should have haiidid It to my wife
He attempted to push tlm pltthcr nwav
nnil It fill spilling the hot water ovir
both of us"
the (unitary work that made) life In
Captain Henry 12 Morton for bomo the Cunal Zono a posslbiUty
tlmo past master of tho Pncllle Mall 'lhe Ilnnmim lecture was lllustial
!..,- Vlr.,,.,,,11., .ll.,nlal..l .n,,r,n.l C'll With SOIIIO llf tllO IlllC-St SlltlCS OV St
of that vessel cm nrrlvn! at San Fran ee '" l'lfl d v 'LY ,Klv"", ,m,lor
Cisco nnd according to a story brought tho ausplcos of tho Chumhsr of Com
down by officers In tho Nile. Captain ; JTosldent 12 I Spaltliu,! In-
Morton had planned to depart for traducing the spenker
I Purls, without delay As announced
klkn, A Aknu, Dr, It, L. Hoss, wlfo
.. i si i ,, ,.. ,i ii i, tt kiwi, n mum, ur, u, i,, miss, who
V. f0' C , ' ,' c"lK0' l' V . mttmm and child; (leo K Cnmpbell, leo J.
MIsb A. F Johnson, F It Johnson nud ciimiibcll Fldcr Jones Miss Cnrrlo
ieir.. Mk a m .i,iimiiini w w '"Vu-" ''"L.. -it'ucs. miss cnrrio
.lohnstono nnd wife. Miss (1. A. Jones, 27," n'u.'JV ', ,', .' '
P. F. Junegnn. II. O. Junkln. M. Kellyl" "ii '"5? '""!
and wlfo. Irwin P Kimball, Mrs. Kim 0 i's Annie Pli '
''!"' ?.".1.,.,".n",:l,,t,0.r' AJr8, Y....P. "''!! T? Wlls Julia '
and daughter. Mrs. A. J. Knight. W
P. Kodi, P. S Law rlu and wHo. Miss
II. 12 Leo, MIsb 12. 12. Lee, II. F. LowU
and wife, Donald Low Is, Miss O, M.
Low is, Mrs. O. Lucas, Miss II, I.uca-i.
Miss M. Lucas, Miss Manila Lucas, W
J, Lucas, Miss Mathews, 12. ('. Mav,
wife and daughter, Miss It. Mills, A (1.
Mink nnd wife, C. 13 Moon, wlfo nnd
daughter, Mrs W O. Mooro, Mrs K,
Morgan, Dr. I J. Morris, C 11 Moin
nnd wlfo, Miss A. 12. Mmlge. Dr. Wal
ter Nichols. Mrs Nichols, Miss Willi
frod Nichols Mlsa Flcannr Nichols.
Mnstor Win 8 Noblltt, 13 V Palmer
and wife. Miss Phyllporry. Fred Plech-
tier, M. Pnlnsz nud wlfo, 13, J Pulluu,
Mrs M Pullen K P Putnam and
wlfo. Miss A. Hliznbelh Hoyes, Miss
L. Richardson, J. Roberts, wife nnd
child, Mis. A. W Root, Miss Maude
Ilertha Shuefer, Miss M
tho gangway from tho Honolulu pler.',,'" ""-.v,, lost off SPiiiin Hun, ,v
Mi, nnd Mrs. MeHldownoy .ytmZliiL.
spend tholr honojmoon In Southern , '" ,',.", "r. . ,' "'"""' -
California after visiting relatlvoBhoro ''' rbor, whore ho was taken In
Tho urooin Is the son of Mrs. F 12. "'" "".--. -.nuin nmeis,
Mol.ldouney, a resident
a mo Ho Is in Iho marbl
Iho Islands and Is familiarly
"TimiliHtnnn" Ilnh Tlin tirli
; '!" ? ". Ut2"nJ! "b,S. P":'B.. "I? T ' ' .i,i , ...,,. .iu,.e '"nnd wife W Woo... I Worn.ser
uuiiKiiiui ui ueuigu iiuuuiinoii ui -..,-. ...u ....... ... .......
Hrewer & Cnmpnnj, ono of tho largest thu vi-sbi-1, jumping: over hoard ns alio
firms In Ilnwall Ivvent down Ho giusped u rope nnd
tm wus can led beneath tho waves Ho
Mother There, now, don't whip mini) to tho suiTiue seml-consclouB
Johnny You know tlio Illblo suys but the cook of the liimes Young suw
'Let not tho sun descend upon )our his bald head In the wutm Ihlough thu
vviath' daikutss und uitiuhl him us lie wan
Father That'll all rlgliht. but It sinking
Arthur, David Todd, J. Smiuton, J T.
niisou, Miss 12 Hun
u. Miss (leorglnla
ho, Miss I Wills.
foomoy. Miss M.
Meek, Miss L. Meek.
Malls nro duo from the followlnx
points as follows;
San Francisco Lurllnn, lulj 3. ,
Vldoiin Zenlandla, July 17.
Colonies Mnrama, July 10.
Yokohnmn Peisla, July 2.
Malls will depart for tho followlnx
points as follows:
Yokohama Nllo, Juno 28. '
Vanrnmcr Mamma, July 1(1.
Colonies Zenliiiulla, July I",
Sail Francisco Persia, July 2.
of Hurling.' " " ' V"""1"" ",'" "' '" ' Thnver. L 8 Tl.iimi.snn. K V T,l ,
0 biu.ncss lo'seuooner i.ega.. ... sum so e.uiCKiy inal . ,,.,.,.,,,, ";," Mi V" .'
known as "c 10st w "' monoy, n watch nnd i.";:,,,, i r iivi.i i. a r ,,,.;
to uZ T eluilti und $75 woitl. of navigation "5. ""i.L . eh&J A. '' .:V
JUUIIH. tUIHH H I' wiiiiio n Will
ioX'-VA. SayL1anTwlfeMrMlK,s 'T"' " il'm WrnUC0 J",,
Mary Savior. Miss C Sclioltz. Ulss shMinmi. fmm Mntin t n ii
and Snn Francisco via Nolcasakl.
Juno iri.
Shcrldan',from Honolulu for San Fran
cisco, Arrived April 7,
Crook, at ?an Francisco.
Iilifiird, slntloned uu Pacllle Const.
Wniren, htntloi)ed at tho Philippines.
Tliomna. saHe.il from Honolulu for Ma
nila Juno 14
Supply, sailed from Honolulu for Seat
tle, Juno Ui
In tho columns of tho
Up to-dato Millinery and Men'e Hate borne months ago, ho is to assumo thu Bit the I0H.
Hill lot in I'"" must git the Itulletln t doesn't say not lo let your wrath des "Lucky I was bnldlieadcil," said Cap
lend upon tho sou
tain Plukhdiii.
In tlm Supoiiiu Court nl Hartford
juiigii.i urns issued nn ortlei appoint,
Merchant, Near Fort lugs Hank.
liMii 'tiMlt'
W ; JHtt-rtiWA At. ,. , ' jtto'tiMiii'&tf t-
.fclnata , 4WA . .,

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