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' V
. .
Plays Part of Milliona'rc Long
Enough to Get Ashore from
the Tenyo Maru
Chief of Detectives McDumo np-
poors tntie on tno lot), from tho publl
cntlon of the following In tho San
Mnff to go over tho count again. Tho
result showed Olio missing. A third
count gnvo tho samo result.
Hnlsoy wns vexed and ordered tho
packages belonging to tho Japanese
pnssetigorB Inspected and counted
illt,rmif.lilir It. ftila U'flV tin Untaiinii.
Kuril. Momokawa. otherwise known mili jn,mncB0 ,ntcrl,rclcr, foun,i tho 5. raTroS o" Juno 20
r.s "Sakamoto, son or 1ml ISittnon. imckncca hcloncimr to Alomokawa In Af.n n unnni. f t i.nnd vnatnv.
mid ono of tho host known comedians, tho owner's room, but tlio man was',ny morning on board tho steamer
and Itnpci senators of Japan, lastTuos- missing. , I I.iirHne. Just nrrlvcd from Honolulu,
tiny morning nuuumiiKuu uuciu mini n nniscy sciu mu ivaiHuiiuiiiu in iuim. (jnpialu A. McDumo or ttie Honolulu
customs and Immigration otllclals, ac- for Momokawa and, after visltliiR nl- ,intnpilin iinnnrimnni nml l,,ml tint r p.
cording to a story which has not been most nil tho Japanese holels nnd re.tV(,H c0nlon, Mnckcy, Illcrmann and
denied. Ilaurnnts, tho Interpreter found tlio'qrnlln nnally discovered tho hiding
.Momokawa, a second class passcn- missing man, being luxuriously enter-1 ,ncc 0f August Correrln, n mnrluo
per In tho Tonyo Maru, en routo to Inlncd In a clubliouso on Vlneynrd, nrcman, 21 years of age, wanted In
Han hrnnrlsco, enmo nsnoro in itono- street, hntsunumn ordered mm to rc- Honolulu a charge of betrayal, Cor.
lulu at. nr.lv nflnK tlm TnMV,, tlnfll' l.l.l. n. n.nn ... tl.n alllft tV'lllnll lin. . . . .. . . It .
lulu, shortly after tho Tenyo Maru' turn at onco tn tho ship, which ho
docked at tlio Alakea wharf. Under
ordinary clrcumstnnccs, a sccnml-class
Oriental passenger could not como
nshoro . Itliout a permit from tho Im
migration otllclals. Hut ho did not
Hand on ceremony, nor did ho wnlt
lor the Immigration otllclals to mako
their Inspection nnd count die iuim
Halscy tpies-
did. Arriving there,
tloncd him.
"What do you mean by going nshoro
without my permit," Halscy Is said
to hnvo queried.
America is tlio land of the free and
home of tho brave," Bald Momokawa,
nnd 1 went nshoro to see tho beauties
her of nassoncors who nrrlvcd In tho of Honolulu."
liner. I The Japanese, according to roporls, ,r)nio nf Honolulu happens to bo In
As soon ns tho big liner wns madolwas placed under tho surveillance of (ho city. Ho went with tho detectives
fast to tho wharf, Monioknwn, who! tho Federal olllclals until tho depart-! t n,0 V(sbo1 and boarded her as soon
had put on his best suit of bluo sorgo, uro of tho Tenyo Maru, on which vcs-inR Bno docked. Tho steamer was
with Whlto vest, sllK hat nnd gloves,1 Bel MomoKawa continued ms voyngo ooinlicd foro nnd aft by the detectives
rcrla had tnkc nrcfugo in tlio boiled
of a dongck engine. Ho was pulled
out of the boiler nnd taken to tho City
Prison, where ho will bo held pending
deportation to tho Islands.
A cablegram was received yester
day from tlio pollco authorities of Ho
nolulu thnt Correrla would bo aboard
tho I.urllne, which nrrlvcd In port at
X o'clock yesterday morning. Cnptnln
and having a fancy walking-stick In1 to tho Stntos.
his hand, walked out of his narrow; Momokawa Here With Togo,
tpiartcrs and Joined tho cabin passcn- Momokawa was In Hawaii before,
gcrB who wcro leaving tho ship for tho during tho visit of tho Jnponcso cruis
tliorc. Momokawa, In fact, appeared' cr Nanlwn, then In command of Cap
to bo n multimillionaire, and, as ho tain, now Admiral, Togo, tho Japanese
strode in front of tho Customs'1 nnd hero of tho Japan-Itusso war. Mnmo
Immigration ofllelals, stationed nt tho Kawn caino nlnng ns nn entertainer,
foot of tho gangplank, they passed; comedian and Impersonator to nmnso
htm. Momokawa bowed politely and
en in e up town.
No sooner had he come nshoro than
Chief Inspector of Immigration Hnlsey
in rived to count tho number or
Captain Togo. While hero ho used to
como ashore In a princely stylo, and
mmiy thought ho was ono of tlio
princes of Jnpnn.
During tlio visit or Aiimirni Togo to
and they wcro about to give up tho
search when It occurred to Dctcctlvo
Tom Conlon to peer Into tho donkey
engine boiler. Tho detcctlvo wns re
warded by a gllinpso of Corrcria's
An Offer That Imnhrs no Money
KM. if Vim Accept II.
Wo nro so positive our remedy will
In command of George 8. Iiprnlk,
former Chief Olllcer In tho steamship
Manchuria, tlio trim Pacific Mailer
Nile steamed to Alakea whatf at noon
today, and tho genial skipper received
congratulations from u largo delega
tion of friends over his well-deserved
Captain I.apralk makes his first
trip as n commander In tho Pacllla
Mult Company, although ho has held
master's papers for many years and
served In that capacity for other com
panies. Ho was formerly chief olllcer
on tho Manchuria and rellovcs Cnp
tnln K. G. P. Kccleston, who has re
turned to tlio son Ice of tho Uoynl
Mall Steam Packet Company of Kng
land. v
As a skillful navigator and at tlio
samo time a master who is cnpablo
of making himself agreeable with the
traveling public, Captain Ijipralk hag
a wldo leputatlou on tho Pacific, for
sonio tlmo prior to Ms engagement
with tho mall company ho served with
one of tho Jnpancso companies on tlio
trans-Pacific run.
Four cabin passengers left tho Nile
at this port. Tho through list Is a
rather small one, including 42 cabin,
:i second class and nt Asiatic steerage,
among tho lattor being nine Chinese
depoftcd by tho Federal authorities
becnuso of Irregularities found In their
papers. -rfc H
Chief Knglnccr Itoblilns, nn old
hand In the Mall service, Is In charge
of tho engine-loom In plnco nf A, 1!.
Moncastor. Purser lllooiuer reports n
lino trip down from San Francisco,
Tho vessel met with ploasant weather
and passengers enjoyed tho voy.tgo tn
tho fullest extent. Other changes no
ted nro John Sou, second olllcer, who
returns to Knglnnd, nnd Ills plnco tn
lieu by Hugh Cnlniihouii.
Included umnng tho passengers of
tho Mlo mo II. A. Stewart ami Itnbert
Kldcr, engineers, who are hound for
Knrrn, to operate tho Chic San mines.
in which they aro Intnrested, mid Z.
10. ZlmnunotT und M. T. Tsalanglluskl,
Kusslnns, who ore on n world tour.
Ferdinand Goethe, a professor of lan
guages, is a passenger on tho liner
for Japan.
Buchtel Says It's Consumor's
uwn rauit it I hey Aro
passengers who arrived from Japan. I London to ho present nt the corona completely relievo constipation, no
in going through tho line, no lound lion, .MnmoKnwa went niong wmi mo. manor now cnroiuc n may no. uiai
ouo man missing. Ho ordered his Admiral. wo offer to furnish It free of nil cost
, (t '"""-
I'MIIBIlimiltMl IB l-lllllllllllllY I'UIIBl'U Ill
weakness of tho nerves nnd muscles
of tlio Inrgo Intestine. To expect n
euro you must thcreforo tono up nnd
stieiigllicn thnso organs and restoro
them to healthier activity.
We wnnt you to try Itcxall Orderlies
on our guarantee. They nro eaten llko
candy, and nro particularly good for
children. They Bccm to net directly
pn tho nerves nnd muscles of tho bow-
cIb. Tboy apparently have n neutral
General Macomb, nccompanlcd by
I.leut. Col. Campbell, adjutant general, action on tho other orgnna. They do
and I.leut. Androws, aide, imido nn In-lnot purge or cnuso other Incouvcn
Bpcctlon nt Fort linger this inorning.'leiico. Wo'wlll refund your money II
Sub-cnllbcr practice with tho big mor- they do not pvercomo chronic or ha.
tars was held, tho icsults being very
satisfactory. The department com
mander spent most of the morning at
tho coast artillery post.
Cnptnln Forsytho and I.leut. Phillip
Sheridan, nth Cavalry, returned on tlm
Ventura this morning, nnd registered
nt headquarters. Tiicy will rejoin
their refitment nt Scholleld this nfter
noon. Tho former has been nttondlng
tho Mounted Service School, nnd tho
lntter" baa been on special duty nt
Washington. Ilotb these oillccrs nro
keen polo players, and nro contestants
for places on tlio Cavalry team thnt
will tako part In tho Inter-Island
championships next month.
Cabled Instructions
bltunl constipation, nnd thus nld tn re
lieve tho myrlnds of assoclato or de
pendent chronic nllmentn. Try Ilcxnll
Orderlies at our risk. Three sizes,
inc., 250., and JiOc. Sold only nt our
Btoro -Tho llexnll Store., Ilcnson,
Smith & Co., Ltd., Fort and Hotel Sts.
Professor H. Shlgn of the Agricultur
al Department of tho Waseda Univer
sity, nnd olio of tho best lecturers In
Japan, nrrlvcd this morning from San
Francisco In tho steamship Nile, to
glvd n series of lectures In Honolulu.
Ho wns welcomed by K. Ishlda nnd
K Ito nt tho wharf and escorted to
it ton iiirjtn tr
the recommendations of local nfflcors tlio Japanese clubliouso for "luncheon.
,i..i, ii.,,,,i.i,r.i Armv rnni,iiini Im i At 8 o'clock this evening Professor
Shiga will give n lecture In tho Oporn
' It Is ipillo evident that tho nlllcial
sealer of weights and inoasures In
Portland, Ore., Is not over-sure of tlio
honesty of tlio Iceman of that grow
lug city. Air nrtlclo in tlio Portland
Telegram runs ns follows:
"Keep your eyo on tlio Iceman."
Tills warning Is issued by Fred G.
lluchtol, city sealer of weights and
measures, to Ico consumers of this
city. Iluclitol asserts that It Is largely
the fault of tlio consumers if they aro
cheated. He says purchusors should
watch carefully, and by Informing
thomselvcs how much Is being clinrg
cil for Ico they can easily ascertain If
limy uro being given short weight.
Tho city ordinance requires that alt
ico shall bo sold by weight; also Hurt
Ico wagons shall carry scales, A
pound of Ico measures 30 cubic Inches
and to ascertain tho weight of u plcco
of ice, lliichtel suggosts that custom
ers multiply tlio length by tip? breadth
und then hy tlio thickness of tho ico
enko mid divided that result hy 30 and
this will determine the weight of tho
Ico dellvcrod. He also Instructs con
sumers to purchase Ico by the pound
Instead of nsklug for 25 cents' worth.
If possible seo that the Iceman weighs
the Ice before ilellveilug It Instead of
cutting off a chunk nnd selling It to
)qu for u specified sum,
that Island-bred Army remounts bo
iiurchased here, which wcro received
at department headquarters yestorday,
aro not taken to mean that llnwullan
horses uro tnhoo. It Is thought thnt
tlio plan Is turned down for economic
reasons, and that when funds nro
available tlio Cavalry hero will bo al
lowed to try tho experiment. Thcro
uro a number of officers In Honolulu
who havo Interested thomselvcs In tho
natlvo stock for Army uso, nnd who
aro convinced that tho schemo should
bo given a test, nt any rate. '
Tho death of James Phelps, a civil
ian employeo of tho quartermaster's
department. Is reported from Scholleld
D.irrncks. Phelps was formerly n sol
dier. Ho readied Hawaii from tho
Philippines three weeks ago nnd four
days lifter his arrival contracted pneu
monia, from which ho never recov
According to reports automobile
No. 851. at about 5 o'clock yestorday
afternoon struck a Hawnllnn, near tho
Junction of tho Kapahiilu and Walalao
roads, knockod him down nnd ho re
mained there unconscious for somo
J tlmo. Tlio driver of tho automobile at
ino lima is noi Known 10 mo pnuco,
hut according to tho register Mrs. win,
Knight Is tlio owner of tho automo
bile. Win. Chilton, chief motorcyclo
olllcer, said this morning Hint no ro
porls have boon made to tho pollco
station about this particular accident.
Chilton will mnko a thorough inves
tigation of tho case. Ilu said this
morning that an Injured Hawaiian was
sent to tho Queen's Hospital. It Is
possible that tho patient Is tho man
who was run down yesterday.
House. It Is expected that n large
number of local Japanese wll bo pres
ent to hear tho lecturer talk on "Tho
Uelutlonshlp Itetwccu tho united
States, Japan nnd Hawaii" Ho will
speak In tho Jnpancso language.
K. P. LUNDGIUO.N and Mrs. I.und
gren nro passengers in tlio Pacific
Mail liner Nile en routo to Manila,
where Mr. Liindgren will resume his
duties with tho Phlllpplno govern
AllTHUIt G. SMITH. Assistant At-
tomey General, left today for Wiilluku,
whero ho will appear for tho Territo
ry tn tho tax appeal bipught by tho
Wiilluku plantation before the appeal
PIIOF. 8. SHIGA, a Japanese In
htructor lu u Tokyo university. Is a
passenger In the Paclllc Mall steamer
Nile who will day over at Honolulu
nnd glvo n series of lectures In the
Interests of a proposed expedition In
to tho heart of Afrlcn.
TWCKKIl sailed today Tor Hawaii. Ho
will Investigate public land problems
nn the Kau and Konu side of tlm Dig
iBland and will preside at tho selec
tion of lots scheduled to tako plnco at
tho Walohlnu courthouse Monday.
(Special Cubic to Merchants'
Friday, June 28.
SAN I'llANCISCO Sailed, Juno 2H,
1:40 p. in., S. S. Mongolia, for Ho
SAN FltANOISCO Sailed, Juno 28,
ScJir. .Muriel, for llano.
GAVIOTA Sailed, Juno 28, sp. Mnr.
Ion Chllcott, for Honolulu,
S. S. Nile salts for Yokohama tO'
morrow at 10 a. in.
Tho regular quarterly dividend of 2
por cent, was declared by tho Now
York, Now Haven nnd Hartford railroad,
I.leut. Col. Henry C. Cnbell of tho
14th United States Infantry has been
placed on tlio retired list of tho Army
on bis own application nftcr thirty
two yearB' service. Ho Is a iiiitho ot
Virginia nnd was graduated from tho
United Stntes Military Academy In
June, 1883 With the exception of a
short servlco in tho volunteer ndju
hint general's department during the
Spanish war and a tour of duty in
tho General Staff Corps, his ontlro ser- i:crj thing In tho printing line
vice nas oeeu m mo iniamry arm. no H u 1 1 1 1 u. Alakcn slrecL
Ml-ltllllU Udill'dtllll ,,,11,1111 1,1 ,IJU l-llll
Infantry In January, mid Is now with
that regiment at Vancouver llarracks,
i a
Tho capital fenco still stnndB, nnd
Marston Campbell has notified the
Hoard of Supervisors that there Is no
Intention upon the part of the Terri
torial Government to ruzo the unsight
ly barrier.
Sachs for
Dry Goods
(Contlnutd from a 1)
clippings, phntnx, nnd letter from n
prominent yachtsman of I.oi Angeles
describing the start, which may bo ot
Interest. You will note the lirerxo urn
from tho south. When nu sailed tin
lat race It limit hnvo been the pre
vailing westerly wind nnd you went
out on n illfTtrciit tack.
"The Seafarer showed what shocoulu
do to the others clino hauled I think
sho will outsnll I.urllne oft the wind
too, for she probably has much lesi
displacement, mid her narrow body
long easy lines, will tell, especially at
average wind comlltloiu- arc light, nnd
the boat with heavier displacement
needing H small gale to drive her. Hlu
Is being sailed by an nmatcur. I looV
for Seafarer to win this race; I.urllne
Hawaii and Xattoxo to follow In ordci
named, it ought to lie cloe bctweer
Hnwall and I.urllne, for the former'
double vquarcsnili will oltnet tho su
pcrlor length of I.urllne. The lnttei
can sail, for coming In here from fata,
linn. In n breeze that Just put her cov
erlng board awash, she turned up 11
knots. Sho was under four lowers. rap
full. It surprised mo. Another point
In her fiuor In a long race she steers
beautifully, keeping her courso si
much easier than modern craft with
short keetsj This constantly twIMhiF
of tho helm must be u big factor in
retarding n yacht In n 2300-inlIc run
Hawaii Carrying Too Much.
"You will note my correipondent
says Hawaii wns lugging too much
sail. 1 presume he refers to cnrrylng
balloon Jib when closo hauled, WHICH
Is rarely successfully done.
i would like very much to have tin
logs of Seafarer and I.urllne If the)
are published.
"You will like Mr. Norrls ot Sea
farer. He Is an amateur who hur
undertaken bigger oyages than anyone
I know In 1-nclllc waters.
"It seems u pity not to hnvo ono big
regatta when they are there, with n
race for locals and visitor around Onhu
or to Ijiluillia. It would create In
terest locally and would help tho yacht
ing game along.
There has been practically nothing
In the H. 1" p.iperx, and tho account
of stnrt occupied about six Inches with
no pictures.
"Hnpo they will have no accldrnti-
nnd glvo tho winner full credit for win
ning. You will probably bo looking for
them In a louplo of days after receiv
ing this letter.
"With best regards, yours very truly
T. M. irOlltlON."
The Los Angeles expert soys:
"Lot Angeles, Cat., Juno 17, 1U13.
"Tlio racers got away yesterday
promptly on time for their long slant
to Honolulu. It was h beautiful day
for the start, there being n ery good
breeze of from 10 to 12 milts blowing
from the south limtead of tho westerly
breeze that prevails here most of the
year? This breeze kicked up quite a
lump of sen, and gave the boys n
taste nf what they will get In tho real
things 400 or 500 miles alt shore. There
must hnvu been n hundred boats of
different kinds, salt, power and auxil
iary, tn see the racers start anil hid
them farewell. It was ccrtiilnly iinlm-
poilng sight and one that I would not
have missed for anything, My only
regret was that ou were not here to
see this great International event It
Ik an International event with the en
try of the Nnttosc of tho Victoria, II
t. Yacht Club. I believe In tho future
there will be yachts from till over the
world entering this race, ns it It be
coming more popular each year.
"1 got several views of tho rneo anil
expect tn get tho pictures tomorrow
night, when I will forward you n copy
for oursclf nnd nn extra copy for you
to send to whoever ou llko In Hono
lulu Theso photographs should reach
Honolulu beforo the racers, and should
bo Interesting to tho boys there.
Nattoie No Slouch.
"This Nutloso boat Is no slouch In
running before tlio wind, und put It
all oer the Hawaii In Jockeying around
before Ilia start In fact, nil the limits
put It all over the Hawaii, and I do
not llko the way they bandied her at
all. They had her loaded down with
canvas, ami the start was to wind
ward und naturally It held her back
Instead of helping her I think this
little Nattoie Is going to surprise some
body beforo the race Is ovir, for she
has ii larger spread nf canvas than I
realized before It looks to mo as
though the I.urllne, however, has tho
best ihancc It tho boys eremd her.
while the Seafarer sailed nway from
tho llei-t going to windward as If they
were standing Mill, all except thu I.ur
llne, Tho I.urllne hung on to her bet
ter than I expcilcd to ee her on that
point of sailing. Tho Hawaii was tlio
slowest ono In tho hum.li going to
"Promptly at 1 o'clock the starting
gun was fired, mid tho Hawaii led
over the lino after Jockeying tho whole
length of the bay for thn windward po
sltlon. Tho Hawaii won nut, hut It did
her no good, us tlm Seafarer passed
under her leo us If she wero not there,
and tortk the lend. In tho inantime
the I.urllne uml Nattoic'wcro away
down tho buy, and evidently inndo mis
calculations on the stnrtlng gun, ns it
wus several nilnirtcs beforo they cross
ed the line, the Nnttnso being tn tho
windward and leading tho I.urllne Tho
I.urllne, however, ns soon ns sho squar
ed away on this tack, passed through
thu Niittoso 'lee. caught up mid passed
tho Hawaii, and was a close second to
tho Seafarer when I left them about
ten inllof out. The I.urllne seemed
to be going faster and faster, although
they wero carrying a great banner ad
vertising the San Diego fair that must
have retarded her speed considerably
If tho Seafarer can run as fast beforo
tile wind as sho did to tho windward,
there will be nothjng to tho race, tint
I do not believe sho enn Tho Sea
farer was much, thu most 'beautiful
Mieht of the bunch, nnd madii u mag
nificent pltture as sho sped along on
her imirse
Lurllna It Picked.
"Somehow or other. I believe tho
I.urllne will win, ns she Is In splendid
shape, and If they will drive her hard
enough I do not see why she should
not win The papers speak nf her as
having a square sail, but I saw no
evidence of it. Perhaps they hud It
towed on deck mid do not expect to'
isc It until they get into the trade '
vinds I hope ro, becnue 1 should
Ike to see lur win tlio nice There Is
i nice crowd on board It will bo nip
nd tuck between the Seafarer and
be I.urllne for the llrst place, ami I
vould not be surprised to see the llt-
lo Nattose come In third, with the
Inwail last It looks that win to me.
ait you en n not always tell This
s'attosc bunch Is n pretty wlc crowd,
nd they certainty know how to hnn
lle fl boat. The Nattose was over
uiullng ttie Hawaii rapidly when I left
hem, but I bellevo It wns becaue the
lawnll bunch had too much sail on
o get the best results out of their
nnt If they keep carrying the same
mount of snll until they strike the
rndo winds they will be beaten In the
irst part of the nice, and I doubt If
hey enn make It up after the) get
quarcd away on tho long run Tin)
Senfurer, as ) ou probably know. Is cop.
iered and tlio rest of the boats are
minted. This Henfarcr I the iiiot
enutlfiil yacht I ever saw In my life
nd should bo a very comfortable vos
el In nil kinds nf weather It Is a
rent, big, comfortable boat, and I
honhl be very huppy to have one llko
cr myself. I could not Und out wheth
r the propeller space had been Illicit
ii with wood or not, but Judge very
Ikely thnt It had."
'etleten Gets Word.
Secretary Vetlesen of the Hawaii
acbt Club tills morning received a
iter from 11. W. Wyutt. secretary of
he South Coast Yncht Club, conllrm
ng the signals sent by cubic, which
till distinguish the yachts In case of
i night arrival.
Mr Wyatt says that the boats which
ollnwed the racers about 20 miles on
heir Jnurnc) report the Scnfurir in
he lead
"As they wcro sailing clone hauled.
his Is, of course, no Indication of what
bey will do otT the wind," says the
4outh Const olllclal.
Fort Shafter turned nut In force to
la) tn take part In or look on nt the
'cgiilnr quarterly Held day Million
mil track sports were tho order of the
Horning, and this afternoon there Is to
o n gall game In which the experts
of Companies I nnd M will go against
the sluggers nf K und I.. Hvery man.
a oman mid child In the pnt turned
nit for the sports shortly nftcr s 30
'his morning, nnd Intercompany rivalry
ran high.
Following were the results of the
nnrnlng's events:
Shooting at fiOO yards; live shots
dnw tiro and live shots rapid lire,
four men from eath company Won by
Company M! Company I kccouiI
llelny race; company teams of four
Won b) Company M; Company K
Tiig-of-wnrj 40-mnn tennis from each
company M, llrst: I, second.
Pitching shelter tents K, first; M.
Company relay rnce; 40-mnn teams
-Ii, llrst; I,, second
Three-legged raco I, llrst; ! sec
ond. lflO-ynrd relay Private Ilussell, K.
llrst; Musician Simpson, second.
nii ii ,r-ii rr
Its vJl 'HlW&f fii&& I
H ill
iW 111
mm 111
l'-"i M t'JR I
in &-4i- hi
Mnrlu Felix do Agular was appoint
ed administrator of tho estate of Man
uel do Agular by Judge Whitney this
The Kewnlo tract, opened for salo
by Charles AchI, has been approved
by the City fathers, nftcr passing up
on plans nnd maps nf tho subdivision.
May Helen Howling this morning
filed notice In Circuit Court of with
drawal of tho suit she brought some
tlmo ugo against tho Ktnploycrs Lia
bility Assurance Corporation Ltd., nf
Joseph Richards, city milk Inspect
or, hart recommended that J W I,.
McGuIro bo granted n license tn dis
pense milk, liavlnfc found tlio dairy
maintained by tho petitioner in biiiiI
tary condition.
Two bidders entered tho list fir bur
ial of Cjty and County Indigent dead,
they being II. II. William sat $18.70
and M. K. Sllva at 20.70. Theso bids
aro under consideration hy the Hoard
of Supervisors.
Circuit Judge Cooper gave Judgment
of $71, nnd costs In favor of MMiuol do
Sllvu, who sued Anton do Cnstn for
damages incurred when thn lattor
caused do Sllvn's arrest somo tlmo ago
on the charge nf theft.
S. C. Stlhhard, for thirteen years
with the Government electric light
station nnd serving In thn capacity nf
lamp-rapalror and machinist, has
been granted two months' vacation by
thn Hoard of Supervisors.
Walkikl ladles who aro Interested
and willing to help In the outdoor Im
provement work In that district mo
Invited to attend an organization
meeting to bo held nt the resldcnco of
Mrs. Alexander Young. Monday morn
Ing, July 1st. at 9:30 o'clock.
The Hoy Scouts, leave tomorrow for
a trump around tho Island under tho
leadership of Scoutmaster James Wlb
dor. Tboy will glvo several vuiidn
v 1 1 1 o shows en routo, tho proceeds to
go to tho purchase of scout equip
ment. Tho Scouts Include a creditable
Supervisor uow points out grnvo
danger to pupils attending Knhukii
school If the building remains at ts
present location. Ho stated that the
County should remove the striictmo
tn a point tivo hundred feet distant
nnd has called for an appropriation to
covor the cost
Manager 11, II. Ileldford, nf the
Illshop Trust Company, which la act
ing as trusteo of tln estate. of the
Into Itobert. Fraser, Jr, today fllsd nn
Inventory of tlio estate. It shows that
tho property consists nf (Ifty shares nf
stock In tho IIIIo Electric Light Com
pany, nt n par value of V10 each: sev-
untiy shares of stock In th eKwu Plan
tation Company, at $20 each; cash ou
hand (73 3!) mid an Insurance polio
with tho Sun Life Assurunco Company
for $1000.
When you sec our line of Benjamin's.
Wc offer every possible advantage in.
purchasing one of these suits.
And all exclusive patterns and colorings.
Tailoring and fit the best, and if you once
wear one you will never wear any other
make. .
I or. fort and Hotel Sts. II
L! ii ii irni injj
j HHn'777IT77aV77jV77j7'iVLa!aH Ll
Raymond Ranch Veal, killed on Maui and brought here In cold
storage, is tender. The tale it large for that reaion.
We call attontion to the best SMOKED SNAPPER wo have
ever told,
HCILBRON & LOUIS, Proprietors
Weekly Bulletin, $1 Year
LMMvtta!.' " kk-j.vif ZJuSUJSiJk it.iWfaV.'Wma. .
vMft.,.n: M.,ik.,.x.
. ... .A A tofei. j-..Ji.-.JaV.....'M-t'
; jiUlfc

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