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CO., LTD., at Kerr Building, Alakca St., Honolulu, T. H.
Daily every day except Sunday. Weekly issued on Tuesday.
in' the Territory of Hawaii.
Wallace: r. farrington editor
i:vi:mmi nru,i;m
t'er Month, anywhere In V H .$ .75
I'cr Quarter, nnywhero In U.S. 2.110
Per i oar. un where In IS.. .i
h:i:m.v iin.i.rm
l'er Six Months -Ml
l'er Year, nnywhoro In U- S...1.1MI
l'er Year, att where In Canada l.XO
ler Year, postpaid, foreign . 12.00 , l'er Year, imihIi ulil. foreign ... 2.1)0
Q 03. J Bulne Off Jots,
entered t me Potman m tlonoii In
e. wen,WIi mtttf
JUNE 28, 1912
To Itcal divisions, to relieve the opprcs'J,
In virtue rich; in blessing others, hlcs'il.
Nccr in it existence, lias the Republican parly of I lawaii been more
in need of a leader, clcar-licailcd, vig:rouOo-a!, capable of assembling dif
ferent factions into . reasonably fricho.ilcss nrginization and taking n fair,
middlc-of-llic-road course, with a purpose single In tlic progress of Hawaii.
At tlic present lime llic indications arc all pointing to a state of chaos
almost as bad as lli.it existing in tlic National organization.
On one band wc have the Dclcgitc to Congress about to issue a state
ment of bis intentions, and a great tinny voter? ate mctcly waiting for tlic
word to follow Ins lead.
On the other, an interview comes ftom Republican headquatlcrs llia't
harmony is necessary but the "overtures must come from the other side."
Meanwhile the party is dtifting in'o a fight at the ptimarics in which the
"other side" may gain control or boll or get mad or do a lot of foolish
things that might be prevented if there were a teal get-logcther spitit ptc
vailing and a strong character should come to the front capable of convinc
ing the factionahsts of the error of tlutr way.
Naturally much must depend on the position taVen by the Delegate in
the statement he has promised will h.vhether they get there intentionally or
If, llic Delegate takes a middle-of- lie-toad xlicy. it may be that he is the
man the patty is looking for.
If the Delegate goes before the p-oplc on a platfotm made up of the
planks he has put in his charges again' the Territorial administration, it will
mean thai a grcal many of his former friends cannot follow him and the
contest in llic Fall will lake on some of llic fcalutcs of the old-time Wilcox
campaign in so far as enthusiasm for the Delegate among his own people
is concerned. Thus with no studied intention of bringing it about, and with
every thoughtful person working to prevent such an outcome, the political
campaign would be in serious danger ot gelling into a racial tangle though
the slogan would be. the bettor Americanization of the Territory of I lawaii.
Former friends of the Delegate will have to quit company with him be
cause they believe ibat in making an election Tight on the basis of his
charges, he is going altogether loo far Me is dragging the whole house
down upon the heads of the people. While many will agree that there is
much in Hawaii requiring correction, they believe that the operation should
be corrective rather than, destructive.
Just now I lawaii is put in the pos lion of contending with domestic trou
bles while fighting the enemy without, in the person and character of the Su
gar Trust free-sugar propaganda.
This enemy on the outside in making up its campaign literature has cull
ed liberally from the documents filed by the Delegate, in order to make out
n case unfavorable to the sugar indus'ry of these islands. Wc hope that the
' Delegate, nor any of his associates w 'nt to assist in destroying the industries
of the islands, though ihcy might no', agtcc with some of the methods
adopted in the cattying on of those industries, The situation has so shaped
itself that this is exactly the position i'i which they will find themselves,
whether they got ihcrc intentionally or not.
So it appears that if the Delegate plans to go into the campaign on a
platform of sweeping charges, event' have so arranged themselves that a
vote lo suppott that platfotm will be a vote to assist the Sugar Trust in its
contention for free sugar and, seconding the motion in its sweeping condem
nation of the sugar interests of Hawaii. That proposition is impossible for
a thinking man whose home is in Hawaii to support. It is Democracy
rather than Republicanism.
So we say that never did the Republican parly of 1 lawaii stand more
in need of a personality or combined lorcc that will break through these fac-
! lionalisms, brush aside the petty things, and with a purpose single to the
genctal uplift and common good of the American citizens of this Territory
. had the way forward to higher ideals and a bigger, broader and more effi-
i cicnt petfotmancc of public duties.
(Continued from Pq. 1) 1
Hint he had imiili III loenl Interviews,
mill iiltlintmh lie ilemrlbetl In lurid
terms the aliened danger of the pent
gelling Into 1'ullfornl.i, the convention
adopted u resolution, report Weln
laiiil, which keeps the shipment nt
fruits fiiiin lluwiill on the same laisN
It now li.
"I'rnr. Severln'M talk before the fruit
growers nt Miuilii Durham was nimlc
mi June 13," Mild Wclnland on his re
turn today, "lie spoke for llfleen or
twcnt minutes, lending from u paper
alleged rnets In rcRarit lo the fruit llv
(iiinpulKii lure. He snld nhoiit what
he hail prcvloul mid III Honolulu
Weinland Gives Facts.
"I spoke hrlelly, giving lioth sides
of I he matter mid trying to dial fairly
with nil Interests concerned. 1 told them
that ilne and ellleleiit lnpectlon
should guard ugalnxt the danger Af
ter I had spoken Mr Hurtling spnku
al nut as Sevirln had done
"the resolution ni passed by the
ciinvt-ntloii shnw Just he action taken
mid the nttltiide of the fruit grower.
mm Shipments of bmi.msis mid pine-,
upptcs are to he continued anil the He
lmut care Is to he exercised.
Now It Is up to the Inspectors hero
to he eMrenicly direful, and If the)
are I ill) tint expect the iiuiirmitlnc will
he enforced on these two fruits."
Resolutions as Proof.
S.intu llarharii newspaper reports
ln'iir out Mr Welnlnnd'h statements
mid the restitutions themselves show,
1 1 in t the convention was In sympathy
with what he said, and that he-did nut
iittempt tu minimize the danger hut!
hellcved the present fruit shipments.
could safely he continued.
The lesolutlons are lis follows
Your committee, realizing the grnv
It) nf this iuestloii, mid after imituro
deliberation nnii lonsultatlnn wlthper
snns uidl Infnrined and other persons
Inteiisted. recommend and report as
I'lrsl That the force 111 the (innrnn
tlne department lit San KrnncNcii l
Increused. mid that all unprotected
ports of intry Into California he ade
quately covered.
Second That n ropiest be made of
the Stale governments nf Oregon mid
WiishhiKtou to take such action as will
prevent the entrance of the Mediter
ranean lly through ports within their
Third That we believe the continued
shipments of bananas mid pineapples
to P.icllle Coast ports may bo done
safely, provided, however, that such
shipments nro closely Inspected and
only such fruit Is shipped us Is not
subject to attack frnm the lly
No ripe, split, liruiseil or blemished
hmiauas should bo shipped, hut only
mind Rreen fruit nf a kind In which
nunc nf the. Indications of lly life have
been found.
If rlRtd Instructions are. enforced by
the Island shlppirs or the Terrlturi.il
Kovcrument, we believe Hint bananas
and pineapple should still be permit
ted to bo shipped to the Coast.
Honevir, should Indications of in
fection be found nn shipments arriv
ing mi the Cnast, we wnuld then recom
mend very serious cunshU ration of a
cnmplcti- quarantine
I'nurth That un educational move
ment he luaiiRiirnted and actively
pressed by tho State Commissioner nf
Horticulture, by the representatives of
our State College of Agriculture and
l:pcrlincnlal Stations, and by (initials
and representatives of all agricultural
and horticultural organizations, to the
end that the people of California may
lie Informed of the nature and danger
of this great menace, and that they
might lie solidly organized to resist It
In ever) way,
I'lfth That our Senators mid Itepre
sentatlves in Congress be requested to
procure the establishment of u nation
al quarantine ugnlnst such fruit and
vi'gtlable products us are known to bo
subject to t)ie ravages of the Mertltcr-
aiiean lly or other devastating pests
of nil sections, nations or countries In
which the Mediterranean lly or other
devastating pests exist, and that to tills
nut we recommend their early and
active cooperation with Senators and
Itepreseutatlves of other I'aelllc Coast
States equally menaced.
No, of Dedrooma
Tantalus 3 $40.00
Kaimukl, 8th Avenue 3 10.00
Kalia Road 2 23.00
Gulick Avenue 2 2500
Klnau Street ,...; 3,...,,... 60.00
KahAia Beach ,.v. 2., 105.00
Puunul 'Street ' ..,..;... 3 00.00 -
' Nuuanu Street ;,...6 75.00
Kalakaua Avenue 3... 37.50
Pacific Heights 5...' 100.00
Deretanla Street 4 75.00
Waiplo 3 i.. $12.00
Wilder Avenue ' ti.6 50.00
Wilder Avenue 6 20.00
Pua Lane 2 , 17.00
King Street 2 22.50
King Street -!... 20.00
Alow.l Heights 2 20.00
Lunalllo Street 3 20.00
Kaimukl, Maunaloa Avenue 2 27.D0
Deckley and Kallhi Road 4 '. 35.00
Young Street i. 2 20.00
King Street 3 35.00
Alakea Street ,....3 40.00
Kaili Avenue 2 18.00
Maumae 1...(See book)
Hillside and Lower Manoa Road ...,3 40.00
12th Avenue, Kaimukl 2 27.50
Nuuanu Street 2 35.00
Nuuanu Street 2 25.00
Young Street 4 18.00
Pawaa Lane 2 18.00
Magazine Street , 3 22.50
Two Cottages, Kalihl $'800
Cottage, Harbottle Lne 20
Cottage, Harbotlle Lane ;," 120
Cottage, Horbottle Ljr.e 175
Lot, Puunul, 30,000 tq. It "0
Lots 20 and 21, Blk. 8, Kewalo 1000
2-Bedroom House,, Anapunl Street 450
3-Bedroom House, Pilkol Street 4750
2. Bedroom House, Lower Punahou Street 2350
Lot on Young 8lreet, 12981 tq, ft 2000
Lot, Deretanla Street, 2.7 acres.
Lot on Tantalus.
Cotsc, Wilder Avenue .. 3
Tntalui Residence of General Davis furnUhed.
preservation of this great Industry nnil
Hiurtc of Income to the Mate of Cali
fornia. U N. RICHMOND,
I). W, MUTT,
pi:ti:ii j. hiiiui.ds.
I I".
A suggestion lor a wedding
A Picture from
ii r ii
(Continued from Page 1)
Professor (Icorite KNtler of the Uni
versity of 1'cnnsyjvunlu, and the hit
ter's Rnud work showed Us rcsiilta
when tho hit? bronzed Hawaiian prov
ed himself tho fastest of tho buneh
Light, solid lenses smooth, un
broken surfaces no conspicuous
places for dust and dirt.
Boston Building Fort Street
Over May &. Co.
House on Green ,St.,
Two Bedrooms,
$45- per month
House on Kewalo St.,
Three Bedrooms
$75 per month.
Bishop Trust
Co., Ltd.
not mwr quarantined against, and like
ly to carry Infeetloii,
Seeond The enaelinent of n law ex
tending tli"piiwer of tho horticultural
liiurantlnc ollleer so that' lie will bo
empuweroil lo exuuiluo mid inspect nil
passenKers hucKUKo, lueludhiKT Healed
hiiKKimo and packuKcs, and to hold nt'
niiehor In the bay or harbor iivvny from
tho iIockk, nil vessels nrrivitiK at Cali
fornia ports from uny Infected port
untlt they aro declared clean mid freo
from Insect pests and plant diseases.
Third An appropriation providing
for sclentlllc InvestlRiitlnn and the cm
lijuymcut nf experts for the purposo
of seeklni; remedies for the suppression
or control nf the lly or the seekliiK of
parasites, toward the end .of keeping
It 111 cheek.
Wc believe the menace of this Insect
to be tho itreatest that haM ever threat
ened California.
We further liellevp that should this
lly he allowed to enter this .Stale the
llnaliclal loss to the Htate would bo
I Your committee further recommends. Incalculable.
I legislation provldlliK for the follow Inn: ' Wo earnestly urge ujion tho Stnto
Klrst All appropriation provided by Commissioner of Horticulture that ho
the Klnto for the employment of slllll- takn Immediate action alone the linos yours
elent Inspectors: ut the Hawaiian ports linelu recommended, and "we1 appeal
tu Inspect tho character nf all pine- to tho l.eclslnturn that upon their
apples, bananas or fruit of uny kind shoulders rests the protection and tho
Knluilmmokus fast llino was inline .. , .,, .:U
In tho third trlaf heat. In which he had lines cemcnwinj msmoi.
Kenneth HiirRnh ot the CIiIcubo Ath- no Clouding ana no lodging
letlc Assoclat luu, who inn the next
fastest time. 2.4G. and I J. Itlch of
the llrookllne' HwlmiiiliiiT .'liil), who
was third The winner set tho paco
a lid reached flhe 110 yards turn In
1:1b 2-5, two seconds faster than miS1
if tile others nt the same dlttmice Hn
swam very MrnlKht mid always had
the race welt In hand, mid had he been
hard pressed might have dune from
three In Itvo seconds better.
Duke, writing to the liven lug
II II 1 1 e t I n, asks this paper to express
his appreciation for local support- He
so)s: i
June 10. 1912. I
To the People of Honolulu:
One last word befuic leaving United
States ifnr Htueklinlm. I have been
requested by Mr. Sullivan to swim In
tho trouts for the two hundred and
twenty yunN. The winner will be se
lected for tile riluy race. This occurs
tomorrow. . ' ;
I am (caving United States feeling
line mid mn In llrst-cl.iss condition and
furthermore expect to win
After Returning from Stockholm It
Is my desire to tqicnd u week at the
seashore and ride tho wlives of the
Atlantic Ocean on niy surfho.lnl, In
order toi show tho good people of the
United ijt.-ttcn how wc Hnvvnllans rnle
.the, ridllng billows nt home In tho Pu
rine Oram. 1 shnll then proceed with
basic homeward to good old Honolulu,
mid ou may lest assured (hat, no mntT
ter how alluring tho offers may be to
Induce me to stay In tho States, 1 feet
It my duty, having left us amateur,
to, return us one.
.As u Hawaiian who has been so well
received and loyally treated by the
people f theso United -State,- I feel
Hawaii owes a debt of gratitude, es
pecially to tho kind friends who have
Intel ested themselves In my behalf In
m many ways I havo been privileged
to use the swimming tank ut the Uni
versity of I'cniiKjhnnlA under the In
struction of arofesnr (Jeorge Klstler
during niy entire stay In Philadelphia,
and have also been cordially received
by tho Philadelphia Canoe Club, who
havo extended all privileges mid hos
pitality. For theso and many other
things I feel personally Indebted to our
mitii.il friend Mr. Lew ( Henderson,
whoso lullueme made these things pos.
slide Trusting that I may soon re-.
turn, bringing back with me that for
which i was hciii, i urn, very truly
Vest Pocket
This marvelous little Kodak
'lakes pictures ixVA. and theso
pictures can he enlarged to any
size, as tho samples In the win
dow show.
Photo Supply Go.,
"Everything Photographic"
DclcKatc Ktilno may lie llic man
mine llial.
I lis keynote statement may deter-
Clerk Can you let me off tomor
row afternoon. My wife wants mo to
tRo shopping
L' Mnplnyer Certainly not
JfjClcik Thank you very much, Blr,
gyou aro very kind.
(."So you found n pokor chip in your
JiiiHuand'H pocket?"
i"yoH," replied Mra. FlluiRllt.
"And you icproved him?"
. vW'Itidocil 1 did A mull that la lalc-
fleBH about canlling In should not bo al
lowed to play cards."
"Jollied 111 June" Ik Hip way it South
ern newspaper heads a wedding ro
hnbrt. Tills suggests: u few other ulllt-
orations, as "Kastencd. In February,"
HJMatcd in May."' "Attached In Au
giist," "Spliced In September" und
Divorced In December."
"Oh. untitle, enn I go lo the fancy-
droBS bull us a milkmaid?"
'Na, darling, yoit'ro too smuit.
I ."Well, then, can't I kii bs n conilcn-
"The after-lnnch nnp Is my favoritoj
hour of tho wholo day"
"I thought you didn't sleep after
lunch "
"I don't, but my wlfo docs."
" i
Doctor You nro all run down. You
need Homo ot Nature's sweet restorer,
' Undo Kben I'll not tnko It, Doc.
I'm plum through with patent medi
cines; ,
"Does ho know Ills own fallings?"
"Ho ought to. Ills wife keeps the
list." ,
Poet I called lo sco If ynu had an
opening for mo. I
h lldltor Yes, (hero Is nno right be
hind you. .Shut it as you ,go out,
"At llils point," said tho narrator,
"she hi oke down and wept scalding
"My goodness," exclaimed tho lis
tener, "she must havo been boiling
over with rago."
No city in the world lias
a more up-to-date and
more sanitary equipment
for handling milk than Ho
nolulu in the depot of this
Very few cities can boast
of anything nearly as good.
We ask that you visit this
depot and see the equip
ment of which we aro so
Phono 1542
Henry Waterhouse Trust
Co., Ltd.
For Sale
BEACH PROPERTY 70 feet on Beach, 100 feet on Kalia Road,
or 64,000 sq. ft., with 9 cottages and room for more. Desira
ble for hotel purposes.
PUNAHOU DISTRICT House and Lot on Artesian Street.
Lot 75x100 feet. Three bedrooms, parlor, dining-room,
kitchen, bathroom, servants' quarters. Only $2750
PROSPECT STREET Large Lot with small Cottage for... 3000
Houses For Rent .
1638 Anapunl Street 2 Bedrooms
Maklki Street 2
1633 Anapuni Street ffor 4 mos. from 7-1-12) 2 "
Keeaumoku Street (2 mos. from 7-1-12) 2 "
Walkikl 2 "
Lunalllo Street 3 Bedrooms
Matlock Avenuo . 73 "
1266 Matlock Avenue 2 "
Plikol Street '. 3 "
Lunalllo Street ' 3 "
Kalihl Road and Beckley Street 3 "
Beretanla Stre'et 3 "
Wilder Avenue (July 15, 1912 4 "
Walkikl (July IB, 1912) 2 "
30 00
1ff X8W 1
Mexican Hats
In All Sixes
Henry Waterhouse Trust Co.,
The members of tho Chinese crew
of tho KiieIIhIi trump Htoamer In
dian Monarch, who attacked Hpcclul
Ofllccr Mutt Hepburn Inst iiIkM, mid
who wero nrrcstod uflervvards and In
carcerated in the calahooso for tho
nlRht, wero taken boforo tho United
States Federal Court and charged
with assault anil battery on the Cus
toms oinclnls.
Tho Chinese, accordlnR to tho po
lice worn determined In their efforts
to light tho policemen when stopped
on llothel street last nlghti Before
they caino ashnro In the ovonliiR they
worn stopped .by CusloniR House In
spectors Mede'lros and Wright, who
wero watching the Indian Monarch
mid saw tho Cliliiamen slide; down tho
Hldo of the steamer onto 'the dock
They stopped tho men nnil ordered
them to return to tho ship, which they
refused to do. The Chlneso then us-
'Biiijltud, tho customs men. Medelrns,
It Is reported, is nursing ins onuses
today. Wright escaped with slight In
jury. The Celestials answer lo tho names
of Young Can. Ah Fuk, Ah Kim, laim
Knit, Young With. Ono other was ur
rcstnl. early this morning by Harbor
Police Otllcor farter.
. m
Tho Hill Interests tiro preparing lo
upend ?:i,lHi0,0U0 In build a termlnnl In
Portland, Oro. Tho terminal will cov
er cloven rlty blocks. Tho Michigan
Central will build a terminal nt Do
Holt ut n cost of '? 1, 000,000.
About a Bcoro of continental gypsies
left Knglntid for South America, where
they hopo to llnd a camp whore they
will not ho bothered by sunllnry au
thorities, and Invvn councils.
Young Building
Dry Goods Store
72 Beretanla Street
BAKER & HOKE, Props.
Stephen A. Chase, trcasuror of the
Christian Science Church of Amoilca,
died at his homo at I'nll Itlver, Massa
chusuttB, after a few days' Illness,
Accurate, reliable timekeepers
with watch movoments.
, Just the thing for a gift to a
friend going abroad,
Ours aro guaranteed. Thoy are
Imported dlroct from franco.
Leading Jewelers
,H i
f ,

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