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Evening bulletin. (Honolulu [Oahu, Hawaii) 1895-1912, June 29, 1912, 3:30 EDITION, Image 11

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Tlio steamer "Vrnlurn" brought for lam week linn been sold to K. riilnnn,
tho von Hamm-Young Co. tills week
tlio Hist Kissel Knr truck ever
brought to Hie Islands. This triirk,
of Mntil.
Medium Prices Rule,
livery mall brings In new reports
mini tlio mainland or tlic feasibility
which Is of the U4 to 2 Ion type, wait j of is1iik medium priced cars, such as
especially ordered by tlio Oaliu Ice:1"" "veiiaim lor iransoonimemni
ft nicctrlb Co. for leo delivery niiiitnl Jrl'B. It Is only three or four years
town. It Is eoulpped with a special ,ac,k1,, pioneer days of driving onto
Ito delivery body,-of n type which Ik "IjHcm across tlio ITnltod States. Ill
veiy popular on the mainland. The '1IH "w l''u 'inlte a common tin-
motor Is capablo of furnishing 111 li.l taking. , Iulncs men leavo their:
i and Is equipped with a sinwnor !"lcc"' ""' 'V1'1' ,,l0lr, families, pile
whli li allows tlio ear to be driven on '" ,l"lr ymelilnes and Journey away
the IiIkIi gear from 3 to 25 miles peri !"" city to another, on. on icraij
lmr the country. They find In It health
Tills truck has all tlio latest lm- an.'! n ,"S,w,.rYc.?ll"!;. . , . . '
provemeuts or tlio 1!H2 models nntli I'rank S. I osltett. wiro and daUKhtcr,
while It I Intended to carry ono or,J ''n. are doing tho double stunt
two ton loads It Is built so as to mi1"' n Jranscontlnenta tour and return,
nlilo to tako earn of oerloads; I no l;oskett family Is now on thn re-l
Inct Iho Capacity of the axles Is I J"rl',rli; ,rlTJ ",? l"nkl"K ,,hu t""r.
I, Hid t1ilc1, la tin iimiHiifi 1 nllmvnticn '" '' ."-.., o j,i muiiui imnt ,,
for overloading.
It has a very handsome, business
like appearance, nud Is llnlsheil ns
well ns a pleasure cnr.
More Cadillacs.
Oilier ears brought In hy Iho "Von-
ports from them ramo from Dallas
lexas- nil well njul happy.
The parly left Orange, Mass., In
their 0erland machlnu on .luno 2ii,
Hill. travelltiK via the trnuscontl
Denial or northern route, which lu-
lura" this week Include n shipment of " - " " ,ir! l ,'f "'" "yiniing,
IJie well known Cadillac ca.s. One of I "'' "' ,' rr l,l,K, '" c ,"' r,,r!'la "' A'W'
these, a handso.no phaeton, is 1,, ! "".Jir' Ji""!.1'11' "n5' '' ' Ul?h
.hipped to Mr. I'. A. Itomane. of Kl "n-al '?' '"'i'" ""r"' ' lAn A""
lauea. Kauai. Several of the popular! ',' '"' "". M,.,re" , ? ."' "H',m. "'''?
LI l
vvr h lies ,7 ..toiuold e accessor ' '""'' J "' '' '"' ''"
wore delivered to eusloniers who were' "'1 '", ' """"v",0, xl" I-Vrt or.lj
UH. uliii. i.t,- ..rrlni ,,,.i!ul- . r.m' " crossed tlio North
of llieui going to All
Kahukii, another ono
( .ilium of Honolulu and a third
Mr. F. Anlchl of Wnlalua. One of
HUM Jl ni illllvctl l ut'll H llt'lil II, l ml. -,, .. ,..,.. t . . r, lir ,
Allred Castle, a special order huvliiK "1, ,, J ,.u . f "' l!"" Wn"
been received by letter from Mrfr01" ' h",clll,x " Itoosevelt. Arizona.
las.le.r who is to no bick It. lionomhil ! L '' '' """V f
,,.... ...t n .n),.,i i .... I tirade, where II was necessary to
lauea. Kauai. Several or the popular! S'"', . . T." ' " "".?, .
r. passeiiKer UmrliiK tars, all equipped' a'H, e" V'"' HWitseell.K The I
w II. electric self-starle.s, elee rlc , " ''"' K',.y, ',' ' "' "V "V? ",,a'K
IIKI.II..K system and all the latest' f-J ?' . ".. "S: '"fe ,"SJ",K
Mr (J i Olse.i . '"'I'erlnl Valley. innklnK ilally Jumps
2 to Mr W. V.'Al J"',ln JU "' ,ou m" HiniiiBli the
Onn'nf'ih!!! Mr.'Koskett stales that Iho most
line or tnoi - , ,,,,,,. .... ,, ,. ,,. ... ,
.'i-tii,i(ii,i iin mil un iinj muni Illlvrenl
various slops to
keep front
ne.i wei'K. no wa let 10 no suro)...i.
and Imiu a new Cadillac reserved for! S '' " u 3, bands
Mm and hao It meet him nt the "lir"'h out l lie brake bands.
.,.. .... i.i.. i.i i.. i ,..,..
rii'iiiniri un ,,n uiiitiii ill iiumiiiiiii. . ...
Tlin C'nilllliif enr Is mi lu.l.illnr .11. 1,,n '"""l B't ' n II Clin
llin limlnlnliil Hint It lu nlmnsl Intuitu. Kf' 'I1)' )'.
slide lo Ret ilellveiles. Kortuuntely
by nntlclpstliiK tlio ilemand The vjin
riau.ni-YoiiiiK Co. weru libit) to gel a
few 11.01 e cms, which a. e now on the
way. When this shlpiiieut Is ex
hausted, however, It will be ery cllf
licit to get uny more Cadillac cars
lor some time,
One'or tlio two l.'relty Overland I
passenger louring cars which arrhetl
Dry Goods Store
72 OorelanU Street
DAKCR &. HOKE, Props.
Inforiinilloii has Just been received
to the Mm Ilamm-Voiing Co that the
well-known Steicns-Durycu cais have
met with such enormous success that
tlio factory Is obliged to put In a
much larger plant to tako care of the
tremendous Increase of business.
Tin' following Information regard
ing the new plant, photograph, of
which Is shown In another column of
this paper, will probably bo of Inter
est to local people.
Water-proof Moors to prevent not
only leakage but tho penetration of
ei'ii dampness, and il.istprnuf con
struction throughout, urn two of the
unusual features which mark the
new Stevens-Duryen automobile tac
tory ut Kast Sprlnglleld, Muhs , ns the
highest development or modern fac
toiy building When completed the
plant will bo one of the llnest Indus
trial establishments In the world.
The buildings of the new Stevcns
Durjea plant are all to be very largo
In ground are.., but restricted lu
height, to sae having to lift and low
er partly-Ill. Islieil ears. The llrst of
the brick and steel structures, Into
which the company Is about moving
now, Is COS feet long with 11 frontnge
of M) feet 011 the bread boulevard
which Is one boundary or the -lil-acie
tract the model Htevens-Duryea plant
will occup) It Is only four stories
high, but each Moor having an area or
10,0(10 Kiiuure feet of uvallabto space
this one building gives as much work
ing room ns many good-sl7ed factories
have all-told.
.1. Fiank Duryea built the llrst sue
cessful American gasoline ear within
four miles of the new Ktevcus-I)uiea
plant, and every Sleveus-Duryea car
or "Duryea wagon," as they were
culled at III st, lias been produced
within the same radius of the little
shop where lie made his eaily experi
ments In IHO I. twenty ears were
built by the Duryea Motor Wagon
Company, predecessor or the Stevens
Dur)cn Company, and the only lecog-
III7UUIU iiiiitJiiiuuiie-iiiiiiuiiig concern ,
In the United States at that time. Tlio'
number Increased steadily until for
the last live years the annual produc
tion has averaged mole than 1200
cars; and III the meantime the 1111111-
(gtf4' -' StevetisDu ryea m, East Springfield Works . -rr . j
mii ys ' '! gW,ny -1 -Springfield Mess. ';-
NEW STEVENS-DURYEA FACTORY AT EAST SPRINGFIELD, MASS. When completed this will be one of the finest indus
trial establishments in the world.
Autocrat, 4-Cylinder
5 inch bore; 6 inch
stroke. Compression
4 -speed transmission
with quiet gears.
elliptic rear springs.
Complete shock-absorber
39 by 5 inch Tires on
Demountable Rims.
Ventilators in fore
doors an exclusive fea
ture. NickclandWackcnamel
finish' on metal parts.
Absolutely complete
touring equipment of
highest quality without
any extra charge.
Price $3,500.
Confidence inspiring ability"
THIS phrase adequately ex
presses the impression, made
by the Oldsmobilc on its
The fact that tne ''ar is practically emer-fjency-proof;
the fact that wherever you
(jo, you are relieved of nerve strain and
worry by the sheer ability of the car
itself, makes Oldsmobile ownership a
pleasure without flaws or "come-backs."
Such ability cannot be measured by
rated horse-power or a printed list of
specifications, however impressive.
For example:
While retaining all the nianifest advan-
tages of a long-stroke motor such as
the persistent application of power over
varying grades and smoothness of opera
tion the Oldsmobile will accelerate
under full load; is "quick on its feet" and
marvelously responsive to the throttle.
her of motor-i'iir hullders has Increas
ed fllllll I to 110
The expansion of the Steeus-I)ur
jca Company has .iln.is heen aloni;
rather louserMithe lines whleh Is,
the men e lenuukalile lu le of the
fact that the (ouipauy has Introduced
most of the fundamental Improve-'
meats In motor-ear construction Tin,
pulley hns heen not to lirauch out un-.
til automohlle standards hecunie set
tied; and tho concern was satlslledl
ulth a plant of luodeiate capacity
while It was brliiKlUK out the slx-eyl-1
luder motor it wits the ploneel !
hilllder uf "sixes" and the peculiar
ities of construction which It origina
ted, hut which liae since hecouie fun
damental lu line cars.
It Is piopoxed In the Hew plant to
H really ciilarKO the ininpniiy's hodj
liulhlltiK facilities, iustalllUK hlKh
pressure hydiaullc pi esses to make
lliterchaueahle parts of hodles so that
they ran b.) HtandardUed
The desleu and eouslruetioil of Kle-
ens-I)urea uirs ale still under the
direct supenihlnn of J. l-'rutlk Durje.i.
who has heen the Imeiitur from tho
Ijeulnnliii' and Is now ke president
of thu Htcens-l)ur)eu Company The
company took Its hyphenated name lu
I'JUO, when Inlnir II. rime, president ,
mid treasurer of the I Kleeus Arm
& Tool Company, heciuue ailhc In the
uiotor-rur Industry He was president
and treasurer of tho Ktevens-Duiyea
Company until lust June, when he re
signed as luesldent and was succeed
td hy V II. Whiteside for years a
conspicuous IlKiire lu such Industrial
euterpilses ns tho WestliiKhuuse i;iec
trie and Allls-l'hamhers Companies
Allium; the l.r,00 emplo)es now In the
company's service are seveiul who
assisted lu hulldlnc the pioneer Ilur
je.i motor wagons.
SAO l'Al'1.0, llrall, .luno 10.
I'rom Interviews with prominent for
dun hankers In this city, published
lu the local press, It is apparent that
llrazil must tnke warnlni; fioni the re
cent withdrawal of Kiirojieaii capital
to put an end to her Internal crisis due
to the clashes between tho federal buy-'
eminent and some of Hie state gov
ernments, characteristic of thu pies
cut period of Brazilian development. ;
Many enterprises lluanced hy for
eign capltnl aie simply awaltluK the
return to normal conditions ami It Is
Iho opinion of foreigners anil natlM'S
alike that a wao of Intense aetlt
lu agricultural and iiidustilal enter
prises will follow a 8atlsfiictoiy icnd
justment of politics i
m i I
KAN ritANCI.Si'O. I 'ill June 1J Hi
T Me.Niel). J J Scollelil ami (I V
Deffirarl, miners who lift line for the j
i;oil iIcMh in ar l.a I'iu, llulivla. re '
tui in cl Imlaj on thu stuiuur Cltv of,
I'aru, with a warnliiK to nUiir- who
ma) be loiiteuiplntliiK iKltiiiK that
nniiiti) They iipurt that the laud
has ln'fii win ktil lij the liullam- forj
out 4IMI fiir, and that thin Is little
Kiilil to lie had excipt l) t mishit laid" I
Many Amtrlcans who had lnit all
their money lu the smith for lilt metal '
wire Ktiiiudetl. Kiiitl thnne rttuininK mi,
the I'.iln. while ntlitis u,rt txptniliuK
tile last of their enrillllK'- to Kit nut of,
tile Koltl llt'ldH
Tim Kissel Kur, for which the von
Hnmni-YounK Co. are the tiKctits, has
met with Kcncrnl favor In the Islands.
It Is an Ideal ear for pleasure, as well
as for business purposes. No staunch
er ear can ho found for cross-country
runs, liiiullm,', etc. It lemnlued for
Mr I'. I'. Choate. ChltiiKii inaniiKer
for tho Kissel KaiC'o., houewr, to
Unci a new stunt for tho Kissel, width
Is to sn) Hie least. ver remarkable.
The report whli lithe von llamm Yoiiiik
Co. received of this stunt reads as fol
lows "1" I' Choate, Chicago mnnnner for
the Kissel Knr Co., Is responsible for
a new story that Is appearing on nulo
moblle row nud causing numerous
laughs Manager Choate deilaii'S be
will take an oath at to the verm lit
'of this story, and be 1 Imlleiigt h an
!one to iiiodiue u trutbful one t lint Is
more astounding
It stems thai Mr. Choate and A. V.
Holmes were driving up in Wisconsin
last week In a big tin horse-power Kis
sel Knr. Manager Choato was at the
wheel. The roads were tint crlnln, lint
to say bad. The car finally tame to
Hie top of a hill. At the bottom was
(ousideiable water and ninth tall
dead grass. Mr. Choato hesitated.
"Slinll we try It?" ho nsked Mr.
'"Sine," was Hie answer, "'Let 'or
gi.' "
And Manager Choate then and there
"Ix'l 'er go." The big ear sped down
the bill and dashed through the water
Just as n Hock of frightened mallard
iluiks wns attempting to est ape. The
lurk were not ns ipilck as Hie ear,
however, for when the big Kpmel Kur
llunll reached dr) land two thorough
ly dead mallard ducks were found In
the touuenu.
'"I was more surprised than the
ducks." said Mr Choate Tve bunted
almost everything In the world, hut I
never before hunted mnllards In a me
tnriar Iho two we bamed worn nice
and rat. Hid we cut em' Well I
should guess We hud them broiled
lor dinner, and I never tasted any
thing better in my life
Tlltnu, N'. II.. .lune'll -"Right this
way for vour mark down nmrrlage lic
enses, gli's- Six for Iho' Tills year
I Thus Clerk Willis H Morrison, now
ly elected, seeks to cater lo tho heavy
i trade that leap ear brings. Ha ap
peals to the bargain hunting procllv-
Miles of the sex that tills year'lias tho
man's prerogative in proposing.
Tlltnu promises to liccomo a mar
riage (enter If Morrison makes his pel
project work.
Mr Morrison lias announced that
he w'lll grant marriage licenses at
bargain rates Heretofore tho stand
ard in lee has been Jl for each license,
but the new town tlerk says that ho
, will grant -Ix licenses for V, provid
ed nil Hie apprlcauts come at tlio name
Bsllelln Want Ad mill find It.
Italian Swiss Colony
White, Red and Sparkling of California Vintage
? A Table Wine
For the Family Trade
Deliveries made to any part of the city
Von Hairim-Young Co., Ltd., Honolulu
After a two-hour battle of charges
and counter i lunges, lu u lilt u the
foreman of a telephone country con
siructlon gnng nceuseil ami Aitornev
Ijirrln Andrews delemled the appli
cant. Joseph I' Medeiros vcsictiluv
nflerlipou was granted a neconil i lass
wholesale Ihpitir lleeusi to engage lu
the business at Walaluu Tin an ni
ne) declined thai Medeiros enemies
had formed a loiiHpirno lo dHve linn
f I on i business The lit ens, lioaid
granted the I cue will liv a unanimous
Inieil jour iiinuej In II ill let In
iihirlKIng mnl II rclurus lu jou a
Suuilrt'il fold.
Townsend Undertaking
Co., Ltd.
Prompt attention to day and night calls.
Particular care given to preparing and embalming of bodies.
Facilities for shipping remains unexcelled.
Jno. H. Townsend, F.D. Roy J. Williamson, Mortician.
Day and Night Telephone - 1325
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