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Prices Arc Sagging So As To
Discount Future Sales
Army Forces Have Kay Held Up
,biit Business Is Going on
and Money vmi Probacy
Be Available Soon
The readjustment pirdlctod e.irl)
this week In tliln department him loen
. K"liiK on with moro or lens of a on
gennce. I
With Mondn'H Reunion or the Stock
IJxclmiiBc there hcRiui n general seal
lng down of prices nil alniiR the lino
anil tho tendency seem still down
ward though tho numlicr of sales Is
not largo Tiio slump Ih not confined
to any particular sccurlt , It In the
leveling of nil to suit the future possl
bllltlca Tho reason for this state of affairs
Is the Ramo us stated In previous Is-
riics It Is n combination of politics,'
world's prices, Cuban crop, and the!
dry weather throughout the Islands
Dividends hne not been reduced In u'
single Instance, though there Is some,
t.ilk of .McDrjde's dividend not mate
rlnlUIng; future conditions are being
discounted on a basis of "worst com
ing to worst" That Is tho way the I
Honolulu market usual!) operates and I
thus far the town has had the good
fortune to alwas bo In good condition'
to meet a period of bard times
The I! u 1 1 c 1 1 n does not seo any
occasion to anticipate such n period
of hard times as some people talk, or
even n repetition of 1900.
An tampering with tho tariff will
of course be serious to our ojitcrprls
c. On the other hand, our financial
condition and the labor situation are
better prepared than ever before to
Miami a "stress of weather." Hawaii
Ii.ih surplus funds, whereas in 1000 It
was owing money lo San Krunrlsco
und llosron The labor conditions arc
ea'sy nnd certain tu carry through to
llftcen mouths lienco when tho Pana
ma Cannl will bo open and the direct
sle.itushlp lines running to Honolulu
with a good suppl of European Im
migrants. This has to do with sugar. Given
a surplus of funds and an open labor
market, Hawaii has a good lighting
clianco ugalnst any odds that niuj of
fer. Hawaii now lias other assets to do-
-licnd upon so far as the merchant Is
concerned Tho tourist Is a very lm-
portunt factor for tho merchant, and
tho tourist Is coming In Increasing,
numbers Tho United States (Invent
meat is alxo nddlng to the population
of this Island both through tho troops I
stutloncd here and tho civil cmploves
This population will bo permanent
and sulllclent of Itself to support a
good-sized town So tho future bus
nothing dark or dismal for tho Terri
tory of Hawaii, though we havo to
admit that If tho National legislators
go on a tariff tear they can do us
Congress Is uniting on tho action of
tho National nominating conventions.
Tho Hepuhllcnns havo acted and are
Bound on the tariff, as was to bo ex
pected This places Hawaii as a nut
'ural supporter of Itepubllcnn doc
IrlncR. Tho Democrats are now striv
ing to secure a nominee Tho nomi
nation of Clark or Underwood may
be accepted as unfavorable to Ha
waii. Wilson or Bryan would bo more
favorable. A dark horse may he se
lected. In any event the declarations
of tho platform will have a good deal
lo do with whether this Territory has
cniiMO to worry If tho platform makes
an out-and-out demand for frco sugar,
then nnthlnir Ilemneriitln inn limn
much of n place In Hawaii. If on tho
.other hand the tariff plank on sugar
Ik a straddle, It will show that tho.
Democrats have somo regard for the!
Industries of the country nnd will not
start In immediately on a campaign of
destruction. Ab for tho Kooscvelt
Progressive party. It will probably bo
a low-tariff party but not so radk.il as
the Democrats ,
Conditions on tho plantations are
very satisfactory except for tho
dioutli, to which previous mention has
been made. In this department
What will bo dona In connection
with the Mcllrjdo dividend will ho
miido. known after tho return of Mr
J ! Cooko from a visit to tho prop
'erty. Thoro bus been a report about
town that tho dividend will not bo
paid nnd on tho strength of this the
stock has dropped two and thrco dol
1arn a share Mr Cooko will settle
tho question when he makes his re
port to tho directors of tho corpora
tion. Wiilalua water uintroverslos seem
difficult to end The first of tho week
tho report came that tho Hoiimi had
killed tho McCrosscu bill, and that
source of friction was supposed In bo
eliminated l,utn Friday afternoon
rnino tho news that tho hill hud been
tHlton up In the Senate Consequently
tho "fat Is In tho lire" ngaln Walaluu
Ir In splendid physical condition,
though' tho dry weather may prevent
planting us largo an area as was ex
pected for the 1914 crop
Tho record of the Stock KxcIiuiibo
sales for tho week followti
Monday, Juno 24
Bales Det ween Hoards 200 Olaa,
$7.r.O; CO Ouhu, $27 SO; CO Oahu,
I27.EO Session SuIcb 10 Olun, 17.G0;
15 Olaa, $7.50; 40 Olaa, J7 37W; 50
Oahu. I27.21; 10 Hwa. $31 75, 5 Kwu,
J3I.70; IC Oahu, (27 25, 14 Pineapple,
$10; Onnincu, $52 50, 50 Olaa, $7 25;
50 Olaa, $7.25; 25 Oahu, $27 25.
Iiiesduv. Juno 2i.
SulcH-rllotweou Hoards 10" Ono
mot, $'i2..'0; 50 Ouomen, $52 50, 50
Oahu, $27; 50 Pineapple. $10; 50 l'lne
apple. $10, 2'. II. C & 8. U, $41.25;
til II. C & H. C, $n.2"i, 25 Inlcr-ls-Inml,
$195 Session 1000 Olnn fit,
$97.5(1, 1000 Olnn fls, $97.50; 100 Olaa
fis, $97 50; 1000 Olnn fis, $97.50; 60
Onhu. $27, 60 Oahu, $27; 100 Oahu,
27, 600 Hlln 1901 f,s, $100 75; 500 llllo
1901 Oh, $100 75. Olaa, $712U; f!5
Olaa. 17 12'i; 10 Oahu, $20.S7'4; 31
Oahu, 2CS7'S; 5 Oahu, $20 8714; 5
Oahu, 2C 7'a. 5 Oahu, $2fi87V4.
Wednesdnv. Juno 2(1
Pale llelwcen Hoards 75 l'lne-I'PP'r-
$10. S 1'lnpntiple. $40, ,15 Olaa,
K 12' . inn Ola.i, $7, 2G1 Olaa, $7,
100 Olnn. r 10 () It .; I, Co. $170.
Sestlon 6 Pineapple. $40, 5 . C.
S Co. $j. .". II C K S. Co. $13; lonu
Olan tin, $-7ii'; 2ioo llllo ex. Cs,
!fl -,0. 5 Ono'iici, $61, 5 Oahu, $20 50;
111 Melinite. $7 'in, 5 Walalua, $120;
10 Wnlalua, $120. i
, Thurmln), June 27 '
Snles-llelwcen llcnrds 25,000 Olaa
lis, $97 ".0; 3i Onomcn. $'i0; 15 Ono
men, $"i0' 2" Onnrnrn, $50, 20 Ono-'
mea, 50, 10, Onoinen, $i0; t5 Onomra,
$'0; 10 Oabbii. $20 25; 5 Onhu $26.25;
1000 llllo ex. 6s, $9150; 2000 llllo o.
Cs, ?nir,fl. 100 llllo ex bs. $91.50; 100
Olaa f0 7i. 150 Olan. $ 75 Session '
;o Wnlalua. $115, 50 Wnlalua. $115;
45 Oahu, $25 874, 100 Olaa, $S 50.
Krldav,-Juno 28.
Sales Iletwecn l'oards 100 Mc
llryde, $0 50; Pinenpplo. $39.75; 14
Pineapple, $39 75; 15 Walalua. $112.50;
100 II C Ac S Co, $12 25; 743 Pioneer,
''.It; 116 One, men. $50. Session 2G
Pioneer, $30 75; 2S Pioneer. $30.75; 20
Pioneer. $30 76; 7 Mcllryde. 6 37S:
10 Mcllrjdo. $0; 5 Oahu, $25.50; 5
Oahu. $25.50.
Building Operations.
Actlvltv In building operations Is
evident nil over tho city. Tho schema
of erecting collnges for biro Is being
carried out by a number of land own
ers and ipillp n number arc under con
struction At n number of points on
Ileretnnla avenue small villages of
cottages nrc springing up, and In other
parts of the city similar activity Is
In tho Mollllll district cottages are
being erected on tho tract of lnnd
that has been selected for the girls'
reformatory Tho main building will
soon be under construction.
In the Knlmukl district tho chief
piece of work is finishing up of tho
I.lliuoknlanl Schoolhouso'nt tho ter
minus of tho carllne In tho residence
section a number of houses nro in the
ronrso of construction. The grading
of the new road that passes near the
Honolulu School for Hoys Is looked
on ns an Inducement for. farther homo
building In tho I'ast I'nd.
Tho Ilrcwcr building on Hotel
street Is nenrlng completion. Tho
Palm Cafo that will occupy tho en
tiro two story part expects it o bo In
tho new building hy tho end of Jul).
Tho rest of tho building, consisting
of one-story stores. Is being fitted up
with tho latest modern Rtoro fittings,
and should not go begging for occu
In the Kallhl nnd Pnlnmn sections
ot tho city there Is considerable build
ing going on, for I bo moit part resl
Mnnlfest results nf the best kind
nro following tho advlco and materia!
help of Market Superintendent Star
red among tho small farmers of tho
Territory I.argo crops of tho finest
onions In the world are bolng raised
In nearly every section of the Torrl
i or) nnd commanding a good price.
During tho early part of tho week
tbero camo fiom tho Knbana ranch a
shipment of potatoes, tho seed ot
which was planted Inst January. They
lire of tho Karly ftoso variety and of
tho finest quality This Is tho first or
experiments with pntntocs.
Wlllctt & Cray'B Sugnr Journal for
Juno 13 glvcMtho following very in
teresting and Instructive rcvlow of
the raw sugar situation.
Itnws Tho market forMho week
has been quiet nnd steady as a whole
but with times or weakness in sym
pathy with Kuropcan advices, closing
without n change In quotations from
3.92c. per lb. landed basis, or 2 9-16c.
c & f. for 96" test. Tho dllfcronro to
bo noted however, Is In tho largoly
Increased offerings of centrlfugnls at
2 9 ICc c. t f basis for prompt and
nt 2c c. & f. for July Cnbns, Indi
cating Hint sellers urn finally becom
ing under tho Influence of tho Insur
rection possibilities In Cuba and are
more nnxlnus to get their sugar ship
ped out of tho Island Agnln It la
evident fiom tho foreign news, latest
nt hand, Hint no further purchasing
tiom Cuba for Kuropcan markets need
bo oxpectcd nnd that, on tho contrary,
part ot tho Cuba sugars already sent
abroad may llnd a market horo in ro
shipment lo our country nt a bettor
pnilt) than exists for other sugars
Wo draw somo conclusions here
with ns to the supplies and demands
lor consumption In tho U S for bal
anco of calendar yeur which, possibly,
do away with any necessity for Im
ports nl Jnvas this season oxccut to a
small extent; this Is tho expectation!
en iioiih'ih cu jnvas, wno nro mnsing
no elfort lo sell hero and nro asking
30c to .40c nbovo tho parity of
Our cahlo from Jnva reports no
Phlpmonts In Mny for 1J H. or Uuropo,
but wo understand that about 15,000
Inns havo slncn been shipped with U,
S options
Kuropcan markets havo fluctuated
between lis 9d, and 12s 0d. for
Iteet. closing ut Us llVid, for June,
July and August, tho premium for
August having been lost. October
ileet, Influenced by tho favorable Ku
ropean crop nows, Is quoted at 10s.
24d. tho parity of 4.15c for Centri
fugals In view nf tho latest Information
wo have Increased our estimate of the
Cuba crop 60,000 tons to a total pro
duction of 1,850,000 tons
On advices Just tecelved wo have
Increased our estimates or I'orto Itlco
crop 20,000 ions and Mauritius lo.oooj
inns in jsu.uuu ions anil 1711,1100 tons
Unilslnim crop prospects are fairly
t,oocl cousldorlng tho recent uufavor-
able conditions, and Infest advices re
port much less damage hy tho floods
than anticipated i
Tho domestic licet crop promises n
big lcld, having made a good start
with largely Increased sowings.
Supplies nnd Kcnulrcnicnls lo De
cember 3lHt At this lime of tho onr
It Is Interesting to estimate tho avail
able RitppllcH and the probable re
nulrcmotits for meltings lo December
31 next, nflcr which dnlo tho next
Cuba crop mav bo expected In furnish
whnt Is needed. Wc give below such
an estimate, covering tho movement
through the Atlantic Kour Ports and
Now Orleans, based on an outturn in
Cubas now held In I'nropo inn) be ro
shipped to the United Stntes
It Is taken for granted thnt the
sugars now held In stock nnd practi
cally all of tho balance of available
privileged sugars will bo obtainable
lefore the end of September at sntli
Inelory prices
1 sst year tho lotnl reecl$s from
Invn during Angust-Deeomh.cr were
138,170 tons nnd from Kuropo (nil in
November) were 2,903 tons In 1910
the receipts from .Invn were 90,579
None of tho required Inva nnil,or
licet sugars have jet been reported
Total Stock at V S Pour
Ports and New Orleans,
Juno 12, 1912 231,000
Total Slock in Island of
Culm, Juno 12, 1912 . .. 520,000
Halanco production of Culm,
less local coniumptlnn 105,000
Itnlnnce supplv from Porto
Rico 95,000
Hecelpt8 from Hawaii from
dale to September 1 85,000
Ilccelpts from Philippines
from date to September 1. 40,000
Receipts from San Domin
go Peru, etc., from date
to September 1 5,000
Kstlmnted totnl supplv from
dale to September 1, 1912. 1,084,000
Ksllmnlcd meltings from I
dalo lo September 1, 1912 700.000
Estimated bal,..iccs of sup- I
piy, Hcplemlier 1, 1912.... 381,000
Additional supply available In Sep
I ember:
from Hawaii 30,000
from Philippines .....30.000 B0.000
U-itlmntcd supply In
month ot September 414,000
Less estimated melt-
IngM In month of
September 250,000
Kstlmnted stock, Octo
ber 1, 1912 191,000
Estimated receipts
loulslann crop nt
Now Orleans Oct.-
Dee 200,000
Kstimntcd receipts
from Hawaii nnd
Philip pines nt
Kour Ports Oct.-
Dec 65,000
Kstlmnted receipts
from Demerara,
Pom, etc., at four
Ports, Oct.-Dec. ... 15,(1(10 270,000
Intimated supply
from regular sourc
es, Oct.-Dec 161,000
Kstlmnted meltings,
Oct.-Dec 150,000
Ksttmatcd earning
stock, Dec. 31,1912. 89.000 639.000
Estimated require
ments Jnvas andor
Ileet, or Cubas re
Shipped from Ku
ropo, Oct.-Dec . 75,000
Tariff. (Report from our spcclnl
correspondent.) Washington, D. C,
Juno 12, 1912. Tho Scnnto has decid
ed to attempt to transnet no business
of a general character during tho two
National Conventions. Consequently
tho sugnr measure necessarily goos
over until Julv 1st. How much longer
consideration may no postponed can-'
not ho foretold. Tho action of tho.
conventions will havo much Influence,1
snu 11 is not impossible that nothing
vvhatovor will bo dono by tho Senate
In no event Is thoro any great prob
ability of tho bill becoming a law,
Kuropcan licet Crop. Special cablo
received by us from London, Kng.,
Juno 13, 1912: "Kuropcan Ileot crop
reports are favorable."
Kuropcan licet Crop. f. O. Llcht
cables lis specially from Magdeburg
.nine 1, iwz: "vveatner is mostly,
very favorablo for tho growing crop."
Juno It, 1912: "Weather very favor
able for growing crop."
Cuba Crop Spcclnl cables received
by us from Havana Juno 7, 1912 "46
centrifugals grinding, agntnst 12 In
1911 and 11 In 1910. Italn Is falling
copiously," Juno 11, 1912: "Heavyi
rains generally; 28 centrifugals grlnd-l
ng, against 11 In 1911 nnd 9 In 1910.".
To CciihIiIit Pining. I
Thoro was to bo hold a meeting nf
the officials of tho Honolulu Rapid
Transit & Land Co. during tho first of
tho weak for tho purpose of consider
ing the ull-lmportnnt question of pav
ing according to tho rulings of tho
Supreme Court, but the meeting was
not held for reason of lack of a quor-1
urn. Tho officials deny that there la
uny intention to play for any delay,
and thnt ovcry endenvor Is being mudo'
to get tho oiurlulB together Thrco of,
them thnt nro absent now nro expect-
eel to bo hore by tho 3rd of July and
as Boon thereafter as practicablo tho
question will bo taken up.
Hands Approicd.
On Monday word was received from
Oovornor Kroar to tho effect that tho
President has approved the $1,500,000
bond Issue und tho modus operandi of
floating the bonds und calling In the
cash was at once started on Its way, 1
It la just possible that Territorial
Treasurer Conkllng muy havo to go
to Now York ugaln to bundle the no
tation In response to u call fiom tho Gov
ernor Mr Conkllng left for the Coast
on the Tenjn Mnru Tuesday for u
conforenco with Governor Krear
Clean. Up llaj Finals. I
During tho week there havo been
forces of prisoners at work through
out tho city disposing of what was
left of tho Clean-Up Day Job Thorn
wero 11 number of temporary dumps
cieuted during (he clouu-up, and aft
er the big rush there remained quite
n little In the way of tin cans nnd tho'
llko that needed attention. .
.o Moloknl .Slallon. I
It Is tho opinion of tho medical
mon here that tho Investigation bIh
tlon on Mnloknl will not be opened
nlthough It has been recommended to
Congress thnt such n station should
be established Doctor McCoy has
been to tho Settlement for the ex
prcRS purpoRC of looking Into tho
question of a station there and will
mnko n further plea for tho establish
ment of one there, but It Is thought
that tho powers In Washington will
mnko no move In tho mutter nt this
lntrret In the "Fourth".
Interest In the coming fourth nf
Jul) celebration Is on the Inrrense,
nnd through the untiring efforts of
those who hnvo tnken tho matter up
with both hands the city will enjoy
another of the good old-style celebra
tions or years ngo Hntrlcs for the
float section of tho parade are In
creasing at n rnte thnt will assure no
mean display. Knplnlanl Pnik has
been chosen ns tho place for tho pull
ing off of tho sports program nnd
these will bo participated In hy rep
resentatives of nearly every nntlon In
llnwnll Tho horse-racing will bo the
feature of the day, and somo good
contests hnvo been arranged for.
A special feature of the celebration
will bo the burning of tho hulk of the
old Hawaiian tnan-n'-wnr Knlmltna as
about the Inst, act on tho program of
tho day.
Harbor ('oiiwiIhsIoii i'cnicn.
There Is every prospect that tho
next legislature of the Territory will
bo nsked to extend the powers of tho
local Harbor Commission to tho ex
tent thnt it will bo self-sustaining,
and In such event It will bo In n posi
tion to hnndlo all the finances that
rlghjly belong to thnt department. Tho
businessmen thnt have been on tho
Hoard nro under the Impression that
much mora nnd efficient work can bo
dono for tho betterment of the city if
tho handling of tho funds derived from
tho charges to commerce, pilotage,
dockage, etc , Is centered with tho
Commission as well as tho present
power of making contracts for Im
provements nnd now work. Clearly
Bpeaklng, with a closo check on tho
funds tho Commission thinks thnt It
can get better work nt moro reason
able llgurcs than Is dono under tho
present law.
Tho principal piece of work that
tho Commission has In band at pres
ent is the construction of tho big
bulkhead wharf at tho foot or Fort
street. It Is orpectcd that this wharf
will cost In tho neighborhood of $300,
000. Tho noxt legislature will bo
asked for a sufficient sum to com
plete tho structure. Tho plans for
the now wharf are nil made and as
soon as the money from the new bond
Issue Is available tho bids will bo call
ed for on the work.
Ililii lintel llullilliiir.
There havo been whUyerB nnd talks
and even roars about (bo proposed
purchases of a big hotrtrsyndlcnto In
tho city of llllo Now, according to
tho reports thnt coino from tho Hlg
Island, tho hotels of that city arc not
to bo bought up but that thoro Is an
alleged representative of the syndi
cate thoro ut tho present tlmo und
that the Intention Is now to build a
monster hotel at a cost of about $300,
000 Tho new alleged location for the
alleged hotel Is about a mile bnck of
the town. . "
Ami) Purse Kmpl).
Undo Sam's clear and unmistakable
announcement thnt ho Is not able t o
pay tho troops their salaries for tho
noxt fow months has created snmc
wbat nf u flurry hero in Honolulu,
There Is no question about tho money
being paid ut somo ditto In tho near
future, but tho soldiers stuto that It
will be rather Inconvenient living on
credit all that time, even If credit cun
bo hud Orders have come from head
quarters 111 Washington to the Army
officials hero to mnko purchases only
with tho understanding that tho goods
will bo paid for when appropriations
are made.
Hill Lend 11 Hand.
President Glffnrd of tho Hoard nf
Agriculture and Forestry has stated
Ills Intention to withdraw from tho
nctlve fruit-fly campaign, und gives us
11 reason that it Is too much of a
strain on his health. Ho retired from
actlvo business for tho express pur
pose or throwing off tho pressing enrcs
of business und when ho took up tho
leadership of tho fruit-fly fight he did
not think that It would ho so strenu
ous Mr. Glffnrd states that ho will)
still continue to coupernto with those 1
In charge of tho good Work und will
glvo them every asslstanco In his pow
er President Glffnrd has been ex
ceptionally valunblo in this greut tight
against the fruit pest through tho fact
that ho Is u thorough entomologist.
On last Saturday the announcement
was mudo thnt the Honolulu (las Co 'a
$100,000 bond Issuo bad been fully
subscribed hy local capitalists. Tho
purpose of tho Issuo Is for tho exten
sion of tho present plant Tho re
demption of the bonds will be on tho
slldlng-bcule plan und will bo lu torco
utter July 1 of this yeur.
Pinrl llurbcir Hand.
It Is Just possible) that thcro will bo
no road to Pearl Harbor for somo tlmo
to como, The "reason ror all this Is
that given by tho contractors of tho
city to the offect that tho road cannot
bo uttompted ut all under the appro
priation thut bus been mudo for It
The surveys havo all been finished
and tho plans all mudo and tho specl
llcatlons written out, hut tho contract
or will not even look ut them Tho
appropriation, originally $20,000, has
shrunk to $17,500, und thoso who ure
expert In the art of roud-bulldlng
state that tho road cannot ho built
short of twice that amount It Is fill
I) predicted that there will be no bid
ders for tho work
Iteil ('runs Lunch.
Huron Oiawa, who is at tho head nt
the Ited Cross Association In Japan,
who was a visitor to this city during
lust week, gnvo h luncheon at tho
Hbln-rlu-tcl Club In honor of tho lo
cal officers of tl nt organisation last
week. Thoro were n largo number
present, tho day belli,? marked with
Japanese games nnd oilier sports.
Public Work Unllluir.
Considerable public work is waiting
on tho flotnllon of tho new bond Is
sue nnd tho nvnllnblllty of tho coin
Schonlhouses will coino In tor a no
mean share, as follows: l-ahalnalunn
school, $25,000; Kaulliwcln school,
$30,000; Knllhl-knl school, $8000, Ka
hiiluu school, $5000, and Nnpoopoo
school, $800. Tho sum of $10,000 (an
bo added to this for miscellaneous ad
ditions to schoolbouscs now In uso In
tho lino of additional rooms, Tho to
tal amount needed for school pur
poses nlone will total over $200,000.
ItcM-nnlltin ('oiitrurli Let.
To prevent largo nppropil ttlons
from lapsing with the end of tho tlsnil
)cur, that wero apportioned out tor
different work on nnd about the differ
ent forts nnd reservations of Onhu,
bids havo been culled for on different
characters nf worl. ,iiid will bo accep
ted if within tho appropriation, and
the contract for the woik will bo let
nt once, ns the nnma doci, not h.no to
bj subii.lttcd to .V.ishlngto.l.
Tho Lord-Young Knglticerlng Co
was tho successful bidder for tho con
struction of tho big dam nt Schotlcld
Uarracks, their bid being $44,398. Tho
contract for cleaning off tho dnm nJto
was bid In by the Honolulu Construc
tion nnd Draylnir Company unit tho
successful bidder lor doing the exca
vating of the ditch was Oklta.
Tho contract for placing four
strands ot sultnblo vlro around Fort
linger wn8 awarded to S. Yokomlgo,
who plnccd a bid lor tho work at
seven cents a lineal foot.
Thcro were seven firms that put in
bids for the Federal work
Outsider tn Furnish Army Fodder.
On tho opening of tho bids for fur
nishing tho different Army posts of
Oahu with feed for tho llvo stock ror
tho coming fiscal year It was found
that tho mainland wns not only mak
ing a bid for tho contract but had
captured It with u hid that was below
thoso submitted b tho local dealers
In that commodity.
Colonel liobmsou of Seattle Is tho
fortunate bidder, but tho figures of
tho hid nro not given. This contract
totals up approximately 3897 tons ot
hay und 3235 tons of outs.
The Itubher Trade.
The Consular Trudo Hoport has tho
following to say concerning rubber
that muy bo of Interest to tho local
growers nnd to local capital interest
ed in foreign plantations:
The Delglan Kongo lias become, al
most overnight, ono of tho chief rubber-
producing countries, Antwerp hns
naturally also become one of tho
rubber markets of tho world Tho
Importations of rubber Into Antwerp
amounted to 4336 tons in 1911, ns
against 4058 tons In 1910. Of theso
Imports, 3176 tons camo from tho Ilel
glan Kongo In 1911 and 3105 tons In
Kxporlnicnta In tapping, recently
mado at the Uotnnlcnl Gardens of 1 la
la, on Ilevcu trees 6 1-2 years old,
gnvo 516 grams of dry rubber per
tree. Other experiments In tapping
mnderclsi'W'huTU nhw gave satisfactory
results, for Instunco nt Homn, Kltoho
la, Coqullhatvlllc, Unmblll, and Nlan
gara. It was round that coagulating
the rubber sap by plunging It In hot
wntcr still gavo the best results and
Is mucli more effective than tho slow
process of allowing It to settle. j
The cultivation of Bcveml other spo
clcs of rubber trees Is bolng experi
mented with, but none equals the
"llcvea hraslllcnsls" In point of pro
duction, growth, und quality It may
therefore bo taken us settled thut tho
"Hevca hraslllcnsls" Is tho best adap
ted for cultivation wherever tho rain
full Is sulllclent for its growth.
illgh-Grado Kongo In Demand.
With regard to Kongo rubber, there
is n constant demand for tho highest,
grades, which, however, are becoming
vory rare, and one of tho first cffcctB
of frco competition would seem to ho
a notable lessening In the enre given
to harvesting and coagulating the
rubbor. Tho grcutcr piirt of tbo Kon
go rubber imported into tho Antwerp
market comes from districts given up
to private cultivation.
It is feared hy rubbor men here
that incessant harvesting of rubbor In
tho Kongo forests will Impoverish tho
growth, lubber oxperta therefore
strongly advocate tho systematic and
well-organized planting of rubber
treos, not only by tho public authori
ties, hut also by prlvuto Individuals,
As yet tho trudo hns not decided
upon tho best form In which tho cnu'o
plantation rubber should bo present
ed for sale. It cotneB now In Bheets,
disks, "cropeB," blocks, etc, cither
smoked or natural
The following tabulation will show
tho world's output of rubbor for 1911,
the amount given being tons:
Brazil, 1910 (Peru und Vcnovu-
cla Included) 38,000
Ceylon, 1311 (estimated) 2,000
Kongo und Angola 10,800
Cotta Illcn, 90
Hiitlsh Kust Africa 180
German Kast Afrlcu 250
French Indo-Chlna 5,800
Hrltlsh Gold Coast 1,450
Guiana (Hrltlsh, French, und
Dutch) 900
Hrltlsh Indlu und Hurnia 250
Hornco und Papua 45
Liberia 36
Malaysia 18.000
Moxlco 12,800
Hrltlsh .Nigeria 6J0
German Togolund 45b
Slum 460
Hrltlsh Sierra Leone 90
Hrltlsh Uganda 900
Totul 92,f2l
At present tlfo trees on most of the
now plnntntlonB In tho Kast ure too
)oung to show fully what they can
do, but It Is expected that In it few
years the plantations will produce an
annual harvest of at leust 60,000 Ions
The conditions for work on planta
tions In tho Malay States and tho Kust
ure vory different from thoso prevail
ing In the forests of South America,
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plantation inhliet will Cijual tho 1'ara
In oory icspcct, and oven now It
i oines into the market In n purer and
hotter condition than does Its rhnl
I rum the Urdu forests of South America
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1'Miitei-iiiiip mHiii iiWu 'u. ,wmM

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