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j aMMIMMMWfflMMMCJBMCrjBBiaa' J- L' ly1' ' ' " T
fflfjff$i?5P7 'j t& !
Wc carry all k!ndj of shoes, but when Wc have
fitted you out with a pair of
wc somehow feci more contented because wc
know you have bought the best
von Hamm Young
Co., Ltd.
Pioneers and Leaders in
the Automobile Business
Agents for such well-known can
as Packard. Pope-Hartford, Stevens
Durjea. Cadillac, Thomas Flyer,
Buick, Overland, Baker Electric, and
"American" Underslung
Types 22 and 31 Can Be Sim at Our
American Motors Co.,
Corner Alakea and Hotel Streets
Phone 3009
GCO. C. BCCKLEY, Sole Distributor
Mmhmmvmhit m m a
Merchant Street
For the BEST RENT CARS In the
city, ring up for
C. H. B E H N
Phone 1821 Kepiol.nl Building
on your Automobile and ave Gen-,
Acetylene Light and
Agency Co., Ltd.
Chemical tngines and
Watchman's Clocks
For Sale by
Fort htreet.
All Muds of cpinplltatiil Kltclrkal
Work itp.ilucl
Hpttlultv mi HloriiKi lliittc rles, Culls
unci MiiKUitc
70 N. 8CHOOL ST. TEL. 2914
shoes made.
f 55-' r
Everything best in the art of
good shoemaking is found in
They are the true aristocrat! of the ihoe world.
They are worn by that class of men who insist on
having only the best that money can buy.
Shoe Store
caiJi ioii huiim.i: or
1 hi opulnr m w cmrwiinml
n r xti.tlniirr
Wc . nrr nil ffiK(inriallf hIzih
In i v.iiIhHu xlmtttt
IllHiiiliiatuI iiionoftrtiiii on mill
Hawaiian News Co.,
Young Hotel Building
Don't Wear a Truss
STUART $ HAS Tl PAIS w.ifcw.1
v iremis'irna s-it,( mii ppn
.( rmdlftj4blfrfnoeilr
'(I Ik 1M1 tMH. Th MM
OtlMlutMl rrt. TbMIMd
lmr"l t h tnP wllhnil tilartfae (rem ef Mfl hi !
lit wv ' '' " '"'"" t. I
"v I lwu4M n II Uritl .,.,. vital
IDliinr di iBin"'l''irw ,LK" " Hawaii, wun is n incmiiLT ni
JLJSi .h a ii. ft" T.Si' "" "'"" ,llm summer faculty nt Cornell, Is nd
m.PA0 LABOlUTo'r.lES, Btock871ltteuli,ie. rtlslng Hawaii by giving stereoptl-
icon lectures Ha has asked tho Pro-
a . . . ' .. ,.. ... ... ....
ttre i w II will knn r,M Tn.l rl.pM
. MISS MI.MAN MOODY, letuilly
kpIplIpiI as suiervlsnr of glrla' work
nt I'alaiun settlement. Is expected to
arrive In Honolulu on the noxt trip
of tho Veiitiirn, August C, Slio It n
grnutiato or riniiin i oncge, cinsi o
I'll 2. and sur reeds Miss llcrtha H !i"
inJMhlt ARIU.N, president o llu
Chamber or Commerce of Dotrolt. has
written to tho Promotion Commlttco
thanking I ror tho cont rlhu Ion It
muio to tho round the world book
sent out bv tho Detroit orgnnlzii inn.
and passed fiom one body In another
all tho wny around tho glnho
Hovoinl liiiinncsa gninlilers, arrest
i-u lam iiikiii "J nicnm mui imu
lens moil mis morning rorrdten ineir
hull innnov of $ir ca h in .luilgo Mon
Nirrat's rnurt
' '
It ink nT llawiill Ltd piiHhhooks tllllu
and 9 IOC I'ludir return to Imuk
UK 3t
Tn hll
i: it
m-c-Kk' lllclllmtnr
this ollkc
Furniture of i.-rouin hniixe llarmilii
Aildriss "IIiiiihp' this nillie or pli
;sju &:7D-3t
I For a hack ring up 2307. I
Curios fintu nil uvoi lliu unrlu nl tho
Anchor Knlonii
It goes without Knytiip Hint every
thing In Host nt The l.ncnro
Special pilccc mi pnltiiles nnil
brasses Aria and Crafts Simp I
I I'kulolcs, Cnlnl) lslics, ctt , at f.u tor)
lili I.llilii Prices reasonable
Thp I'nilerwuoel Typevrllcr Visible
none licltrr. Wall. Nichols Co, Mil
Wanted- Two more pnssctigo's for
1 oroiind-the Island nt Jfi Lewis
Stables and Garage Tel 21 II
If )nii wanNa good Jili done on nil
'auto or can lace Inko It lo Ilnv nllun
Carriage MfR Co, 127 (Jiicpii St
niOCP Supplies nnil Ucpulrlng. Ho),
al Navy Weepies, $f. i:ay tonus.
Dnwson Urns.. Smith anil Hotel St.
' Work hua stinted on H.o new liiimo
for llriid-Worker Until of Ilia Palatini
Spttlemcnt nnd three associate vvoik-
Mlllon ft Pnrsnus luivo Just rciclvod
n falilpirnit of Oagp nnil Kno IiiUh,
tailored nnd dress, selected liy Mra
The drj weather In holding hack
work on tlio Walalua Kniinpi gulch
IipII read work, fcntcr liclni; tinrd to
I'inrnppip noda and lllro'H Hoot llcer
oxcelltiu ruminpr drlnka-arp hot
Hod liy the Consolidated Soda Works
I'hono 2171.
Tnko our own pleturcK of the par
ndo on tho Pourth Oct n Kodak at
tlio Honolulu rhoto-Stipph Co, 1'orl
near Hotel.
for an auto call up Joo Santon at
VounR Automohllo Stand, IMione 2511.
Bocn seated I'opc Hartford, No. 929.
Hated reonoiviblc.
Itpcrratlon clubs for tlio smnnipr
months are planned 1 tho I'alaiun
Settlement workers, .tho first chili to
bo (irpanlcil next Monday.
llrlnR 10 Urrcn Stainpn and ono dol
lar hiid get a comnlcto lto Scout suit
for tacdtlon. (Jrccn Stamp Sloro,
Ilcreinnla nnd Fort streets.
Don't forget aliout the llrnnoiks,
111 o Lrackers, torpedoes and IioiiiIib
for thn Pourth Arlclgh ft Co, Hotel
near Fort, hau tho largest slock In
Men's pumps for conlnR near In
patent calf nnd riiii mrlal llutlon
Hoots nnd llutlon Oxfords for street
i wear Manufacturers' Shoo Co, lull
' Tort street.
1 Tho trustees of Kntulanl Homo In
ilto all social workers and thn eerier-
Mil public to meet Miss Ulnscner nt tho
Home, on KIiir street, on Monday
next nt 10.30 o'clock n in
At the .lames V Morcun Complin
ofllccs next Monday at noon nlnety-
nno fractional sharoa of O It ft u
Company stock will be sold nt auction,
the sale being due to the stock reor
ganization Tho loril-Young Company will start
work soon on thn new llllo school
building, to cost V2Mi The com
pany won tho contract on Thursday,
when It was thu lowest bidder on ten
ders opened at llllo
Masterson. American Connil
nt llnrput, Turkey, has written thn
I'romntinu Commlttco that hu has re
celled n copy of Its annual booklet.
Thn booklet has penetrated ocr ci
lllzed part of tho world
V Slierman I'ottB, an artist friend
of Jamie Wilder, tins written thn
Promotion Commlttco that he will en
deavor to present a flnrnl p initio pos
ter design In thn competition for tho
prlp offered by thh commlttco
Thn Fourth District A ft M Asso
ciation, a promotion organization of
Ceorgln, lias written to thn Promotion
Commlttco for phologrnphs, which
will ho supplied fni n "round-the-world"
room during a coming display
Waiklkl Indies, who are interested
and willing to help in the outdoor Im
provement work In Hint district, nro
Invited to attend an organization
meeting In lie held at the residence of
Mrs Aloxandcr Young, Monday morn
ing, July I, at O..".0 o'clock
vaugiiiin Aiacniiigney or the uoi-
, . it .... . .
Yaugliiin MacCimghey of the Col-
niuuun loniuiiueo lor a nucriii in low-
mice for promotion llternturo
Little rrcdenre Is placed In it re
port that Frear's reappointment has
met opposition in Washington from
the Alaskan packing Interests which
tried unsuccessfully to steal laborers
from Hawaii and wcro stopped by tho
passage of strict laws by tho Territor
ial Legislature
S. Shcbii, editor of tho Hawaii Shin
po, Is making arrangements to give
in Kngllsh translation of Japanese)
plays at tlio Asahl theater This is
the first tlmo an Cngllsli Interpreta
tion has over been given In Honolulu
nnd Mr Slielm believes tho plan
prove n popular ono for tho American
Auto trips around tlio Island will bo
m,i0 01rry v,(csday and Friday by
i10 city Auto Sland cars, autos lenvo
Mnn(1 at ., , BI1() rolliril nb,ml 5
,, , Thrc (lirH ttl ,, lllaco,j m,
rllll ,, IPI111rr,i tu.8 st r.fl ,,.
(or TIiomj dc Hiring to mnko trip nro
roiiicstpil to i ouin and hook City
Aulo SlHiid I'hono 3I.G1 or 1179.
Mr Wilson Frltch will lectnro Sun
uny evening ui mo ronr garden or inn
Odd Fellows building on "Tlio Illuo
lrd." Its phllosoph) In rolatlnn to Or
thndnxy. Liberalism. Agnosticism,
Christian Sclenie, Spiritualism, Tho
osnphy unci tho Now Religion pro
pounded by rrnf i:illntt or Harvard
I he lnfliielieo fif Mine Mnnlnrllni.k.
who Is a leading Thcnsophlst, on her
husband's writings Is nullci apparent
'In tho Illuo Hire! and Mr I'rltcli lias
niacin an pxhnustlvn study of the play '
! 'I ho IVurii of llPdlth was not I Mod
today that the Loch View comet or at
renri iiaruor win no i inseu pcrma
nentl) tomorrow, tho ccnielcrj asso
llutlon lliidlug Hint tlio plaio enn be
(onductcd onl) at a Unsocial loss Dr
rit, president or the Hoard, says ho
w Invcsllgato the matter further In
mi ctrort to Hud ir it will ho possible
in keop tho hiirliil groiinu open ror a
limited period longer Thn placo has
hi en iimcI large!) h) people of the
country III that district unci liy tin
count ror the burlnl o( Indigent per-
rons. .,
If you intend to live in a trunk for a few weeks this
Summer don't fail to sec our line. Also our exceptional
assortment of steamer rugs, valises, hand bags, suit cases,
You will find our prices extremely low
Silva's Toggery,
lilks' Building
Now muslin underwear nt Whitney
& Marsh's.
Wash popullns, reps nnd piques at
Whitney & Marsh's! t
llusslau Immigrants nro on their
way from Manchuria to Hawaii, ac
cording to entiled advices received
yesterday by tho board or Imnilgra
Hon people. 1
l'osepli 1 Mcdclnui of Wnintun, who
.was nrrcsled by Liquor Inspector Fen
I ell ror selling liquor without n He
ense, was tried In I'otlro Court this
morning and discharged b Jiidgu
iMonsarrat Mcdclros 1ms n new He
ensn now
I News was received yesterday or tho
Identli In Callfornlu of Louis M. Touls
sant. onco manager of tho alaughtct
hotiso of the Metropolitan Meat Mar
kot hero Ho owned valuable proper
ty hero Bt tho tlmo or his death, whkli
'! under tho mniuigcmcnt or tho Wat
trhnuso Trust Company
Ylm I'ong Sa, Korean, who was
knocked down by an automohllo nt
tho Junction or Knpuhulii nnd Walala
roads last Thursday aftprnonn, was
not seriously injured, according to tho
police. Mrs. Win. Knight wns in
charge or tho mnchlno at tho time or
i tlio accident.
Tho Southern Pacific railroad,
through Charles S. Feo, passenger
trntflc manager, has sent tho rromn ,
(Ion Committee word that It will do.
nil it can to help along promotion
work hern by cooperating with inn
committee's lecturer. Tho I'anamn
Tactile oxposition will also help.
News rrom Governor Frcar, who was
expected lo arrive at San Francisco
yesterday, Is to tho effect that the
row Territorial bonds will bring a
higher iirlco In. tho I'ast than was oh
J talned ror last yenr's Issue. Tho high
est prlco obtained last year lor any
lot was 101, while tho average was
lfll.r.8 3-
Tho Immigrant Inspector hero will
soon bo permitted to detain Imml
grants who arc suffering rrom curable
diseases ror a period or a year, Instcnd
or two mouths, and to submit his re
port later. Instead or writing tn Wash
Ington ror authority to permit their
detention. Tlio now arrangement was
perfected by thn Governor during his
rccont visit at tho national rnpltal.
President Tar' will recommend tho
name or U A. Dickey to tho senate
ror appointment tn tho Judgshlp on
Kauai in the very near future, nccorcl
lug to Information received hero yes
terday, Albert Horner anil Charles A.
like havn been spending somo tlmo
nt the national capital, discussing no
llllenl uffalrs with the friends of fhn
President and tho matter or tho vni
nnt Judgshlp with (initials or tho dc
partmont of Justice.
Ono result of Governor Frear's visit
to Washington Is that tho Wnr Depart
incnt and Geological Survey havo con
sontnd tn enopernto In tnaklntr n com
ploto topographical survey or tho Is
land or Oahu Tho data already col-
, lectcd by the War Department will
!bo turned over to tho Geological Sur
vov, and t ho blank spots on the map
will be filled In by thn latter. In eo
'operation with Hip Territory. The
I geological survey will conlinuo survcry
work this year on tho Island (if Ha
Tho hoard or directors nf thn Kn
inohamcha Alumni Association held a
business meeting nl their club house
last night Important mutters were
discussed which will bo reported nt
the regular meeting next Friday
night The hoard also laid out plans
ror the annual celebration of the as
fcnrlntlnii. which will lake lilaLO next
Friday night In the way or n smoker
Tho members or Hie board or direct
rrs present Inst night wnro President
A a HotteiidorL J Ordensteln. I
Cunningham, A, Arnold, W
Ahla, T.
Trejidway and II. Godfrey.
Travel In
. considering the high
"The Store for
The rrenili rilling si limn means n
great deal to the fashionable P.irlxl-nine-
unci she looks forwnrd to It with
eagcrniHs, knowing that she will see
all that bt smart mid new In dross
VAJicn Loiigcliuiiips ritentl) opcnul
the rilling Mason, the sun shone lit
Intervals only and, Hie wind was loicl
and biting, et thu pemign was irnwdtd
with nil the most fashionable women
of Paris 111 midsummer miliums
Tin re Hire. In fact, several groups
ripresentcd Natural!, there vt pro the,
"mirinlkliis" from ivcrv will-known
drtxKiniikiiig cstahlhlilTHn'l, who shiv
ered In the lllinv dresses designed lis
tlie iirtlMt-drexsninki rs, who sent fortli
their eriatlciiiH to he seen l, and In-
icldi ntnll) sulci to those who iidinlred,
mid who promptl learned where tin
I the smart Parlxli nm who linpir
tl illy purcluneiH her dressis from the
I'stiibllshineut which stiows models to
plinsi tier, knows inch 'inaiinlkln" by
KlUit. and tin rt fore It Is simple for
I In r to make a mental note nf the
'elrct.cH and visit the establishment etn
ilolug the "nmnnlkln" lo give mi or-
i tli r
It Is iiIm, eoiisldirrd qulto eorrcct, 111
Paris, to address one of the ' inannl-
Kins' in learn vvnni nun sue repre
sents, and us generally this young per
son recehi'S it small peril ut.ige on nll-ilnsM-s
sold thnt'iire duplicates of the
one she Is iveiirliv; she In eager tn
Ullll'AUO, III, June IK Munbirs
of tho lie Itepuhlleuii national cum
mitten were selected at caucuses of
the various State di-li-Kittlnus In some
Instaniis thu dtleg.ites iHistpoiud the
si lie Hon until Just before the conven
tion meets tomorrow, unci home ma
not be eltitid until the closing cluvs
of tile lonventlon
The list of those lion silntc.il Is.
Alabama- P K Parker
Arizona Italph II ('.iinernu
I'allfornli Meyer 1. Issue r
('oloniclo Slinon (liiKgenhelm.
t linnet tleiit Charles 1" llrooktr
Dilawaru T Colvln
riorlda Henry H Chubb
tleorgli Hi ni) S Jaiksou
Idahn John W. Hart
llllnolsllo (I West
Indiana James P Gondrkh
luwu J T Acinus,
Maine Frederick llale
Mhrylaud -V P. Jicckson
Michigan Charles II. Warn u
Mlnncsola A A Caswell
Mississippi !.. II Musics
Missouri niiomus J .Meirliighaus
Nebraska It II Howell
Nivalin II II Maxson
New llampslilre "Frul estiilirouk
Sin Jersey llorilen U Whiting
New Mexico Solomon Limui
.New irk Will he seleetid Ittir
North t'anillii.i Itlihinoiid I'ealson.
.North Dakota 'I lioiuas F Marshall
Dhln Wultir I" llrnwn
Dkhilmnia t.torgi- (' Priestly
Pinusylvaulit William I Hun
South Dikota 'thoiiuis '1 !mrun
Texas ll I" MtOrefciir
Utah (' K Loose
Virinont John U Lewis
Mrglnla "Alvnh II Martin
Wiishliulon H A Perkins
Wist Vliiilnhi William IJ L'duaids
Wyniiilng "tltorgi- I! Ptxton
Alaska Louis P Khaikliford
llitwall Charh-s A lllie
quality of the goods.
Good Clothes"
"make a sail,1 and glvis nil Informa
tion In lur powir As a rule she car
ries u small note-hook In rendlness for
an older, und frniiiiiilly when she re
ports ut tlio c-xlnhllxhim nt next morn
ing slip hiiuelx In ttie names of matt
prominent women who have deiided to
liiu'p tier dress topic 0
Induct ments are offered to famous
stngefolk and there Is lUih rlvalr
liinougsl Paris dressmukcrs tint thu
will-hiiowu artistes, renowned for the
ptrftttlon of their clothes ns well as
for thtlr nrt are requested to sign
commits uherelij the (Inn enneirned
will have the special privilege of dress
ing tht in both for the stage nnd races
lieu tin rat lug season opens at
Longthaiiips ivir French dressmakir
Is present New York hading dress-1
makers si nil representative also, morn
particularly tlio 'wftipinakrr The
i xpciisc Is virj great to the Americans,
as It always means an Investment In
enitl gowns, which are purchased
slinpl for the Ideas They art usuall
sold at a tilg loss, hut thty get sugges
tions and ait upon them ami riprodue.ee
In tlip Ame-rlian figure
tr U Curtis of i: W Jordan's hap
pened tn he In New York buying when
ninip of the ropresontntlvrs nf the
hoiisis who inake garments for them
had Just returned from Purls. Thf
result Is, the ladles of Honolulu will
ho shown ut Jordan's, opining stvlis
as worn ut the retcnt Lnngehiiinps
James II Held, chief ollleer of the
steamer IJntirprlsc mid soon In be III
toiuuiaiid of the transformed Penning
ton In tlie Matson strvke wedded Miss
Sarah I Lyman uf llllo, last Thur'das
ut Hllii The Hawaii Herald sa)s of
the nuptlils:
Stuudlug iniilcr a prttt) Moral bill
fuispendcd from an artistic iitnop)
drapesl In ono of thn rnoiiii at thu ns
IdnieeofW.H liters, James (! Hell,
the vvcll-kiumn und popular ihhf o, ti
er mi the sti-.nuer Knterprlsp, was
ytsttnlu) murried tn Sarah I I.) nun.
one nf llllo's popular young hnltes Itiv
W II Fentnii-Sinltli of the f'hiireli nf
the Holy AliO'Hcs otllc luted, and the
leriinnii) vins vvltmsked h) members
of the fitiull) und a few friends
The Heirs resilience wus laslefulls
ilnpiatid throughout, tlie room Hi
'vt iih the rtreinoii) was ptrforiunl
"1'Pln isptt hilly prttty A Inrgo mn
op) was hum; from the telling, mid
tn,, i the rinttr of this again hun-t a
bb; Moral bell iindir vvhlih the ha ipy
loupli si coil ami iiiiiiIa Ibelr respousis.
J ho resideiiie whs througisl with Pic-hiii-sts,
the prett) dnssis of thu ladl'i
giving thu Mulshing touch to the. scene
As the ttiuple ttitired the room n
hand of Hawaii, in musicians struck up
Lohengrin's wi-ddlug mircli and pla
ed It until tl e minister was read) tn
go mi with tin' service
Miss Hlli-ii I.) man was iiinlel of honor
an I Italph i: llaldlng aeteel as lst
in in for the lirlelegrooiu 'Hit- Iirldo
wns given iiuh) bs itufus Lymun.
('urr)lug the ring and nlllc latino as
pugs lo) was little l"reddy Heirs He
earrled nut his part well and had the
rlnif re ml) when the proper lime etime
Afttr the lereiiiun) was nvtr the
KUints mailii tip ir way tn another
room, whin, iiinhl prett) mid artistic
suiroiindhiKS, u line luuu was served
Several pongriitulatnry speeches were
made and suitable responses given
King, near Fort
Tomorrow's games In the Oahu Sq-1
nlnr Lenguo will either settlo the tlrstl
half of Hip sirles III favor of thn J,
A Cs nr entl It In n tie for llrsl place -
between that teniii and the rnst-cniif-tug
Stars. 'I lie Stars must go n unit
win, while the J A. C players will
view the itintesl fruin the grandstand,
helpless to dn anything, but root for
the Hawalls, who will oppose llanu-V
Joy's Twinkle rs In their light for Hie
last rung of the ladder Jos himself
will do the twirling ror the Stars, ami
It's a safe bit that the big fellow will
work harder than he has for some tlmo
to get his hinders over !
The Slur-lliiwnll ginnti Is llrsl nil thn
list, and as It Is the onlv one Halt
nail) counts, the fans should be on
hand e) 1 30 The closer of the nfttrj;
noon will be betwteu the Portugui-sW
,llld A?nhls
a n n ;'
NIIW LONDON, June :l -For the
llttli siii'ee-SMvs-v)enr Hilrvaril ilenion
striited her rowing supremacy over
Yule h) winning not only tlie varsity
race with six lengths to spare, but cap
turing the freshmen ttvi-ul h) u length
und the four uiretl contest by ten
lengths (
A Yale victor) In the freshmen siiht
Mllutii lour-tmnsl ran- ye-sterela) alt;
iriiooii pruvtnttsl a fiimplcti) Crimson
svvtip of the rlvir for 1U1J.
Ihrre was never a doubt nf tho var
sit) rati- this aflcrnooii. and them was
HI l-I seionds In time between tlft
boats at Hip Mulsh The oltlilal Hum
nf the three rates vvus i t
t'nlvtrslt) rule, fnur miles Harvard.
'.'1 U 1-.'. Yale. 25 04 '
Irishman rate, twu miles Harvard,
lei M. nle, 10-61 1-5 , ,(
L'nlvtrslt) fours, two miles Itar
vnnl 11 H; Yale, ll;S5 ,
I Harvard's victories , today brought,
the long sirles of aeiiiatle esinti-sts with
Vale In a Ha for tjiu Mrst tlmej sIihh
1'eo:', us bolb universities have now
.won twi nt) -three contests Five me-
'ecsslvi- Harvard vlttorlt-s over Yul
have not In en .achieved slmo 1ST0
I Tho preliminary hearing or tho sot
en Chinese sailors or tho Ilrltlsh
(lamp steamer Indian Monarch, ar
rested b tho United States marshal
tor utlacklng a customs house ollleer.
tins been continued to tl o'clock next
Monday morning,
xt I Sir-Ti I" irliiiei.
1 eiriMWi iL iimi mil.. . U X. J J &v -'
'--Vw -
. rm mm
fc ifj
mm t.'1- i'iiiiii. ii ,... -

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