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9 i'Hw Kir i!iwTJ
For a midnight supper, as for any oilier meal at any
other time, the very latest thing in stoves the best
that stove-artists can do is a
It Burns Oil
No Ashes
It Concen
trates Heat
-No Yctte
It Is Handy
No Dirt
It Is Ready
No Dtlay
ft conccntretei the heel where you wtnt it
It is e quick at git ttradirr ad hudler tnn
coal, cnepef than electricity.
Th New Perfection Stova ti httuhoroely tanked
in mcLrt, wuS ratnel Irn, dfnp iheiVft, towel
rscki, tie. MiJiwitH 1, 2 or 3 bursal
AH deWi tiny iKa New Prrltion So.
Fie Cock-IiooV with fwfi" rtove Cnoh-Uook U
liven tntftroneimdioff 5 ceflHIoeevtr niulini cod.
flan frrinrlaco, CaL Sin Jeii, Col. MaryiTtuo.Col. Soottlo, Woak.
Loi Aigala., Cr.l. sioekten. Col. rre.no. Col. Spokon., Wo.h.
Son Dloco, Col. S.rromrnto, Col. Portland, Oro. Toeomo, Wotk.
(Ki-il liul'let'ln Corn-.im,Mi.m-e)
ir totiiviti-nv ti i.... in
ani 1 1.1 1 I W., I I. V , iMUIl' I".
Warships or friendly nations have
been fretiupni visitors to American
shores In recent soars, and on each
orraslon the visit has served to e:i
liven considerably n dull or vvnniir;
Kcaioii nt Hie Nntlonnl Cnpllnl.
DurltiR tho week Just pnst tho ofll
clal visit or Prince Christian
i von lies-
ml the ortl-
l niichnied
Fpn-Plilllppsthal-Ilnrehrehl an
..d nr l.n i,n....n. u.. t..n
..it ii..... i. .: i . !..
II IB III II U lll'l I lllll n II ll'llllll 111 1 llllll'U
,., III. .11, ..,.., uou-IK, .in.,.,,-. Mill ,
iiir season lo oven more
lo oven more than its
vvonled billllniiey.
TlioiiRh the visit to WashliiRtoii was
,.r .i,.,r. .iiirnii,.,. ,i, .,i Dm,
Pll"'l VIllllKI.'.li llll nu, lll llll'llllll
na r mvultMl to tin utmoHt. from the
titrm itf lliolr nrrUnl W.lmKilnv inivin-
In" nn nnn of tlm (.fvirniiioiit nhln
rout to tiiii't Ihom. until tholr miiitii
In linmiitnii Itoads Prldav ovenlnR. the
ofllrein w-oro rushed from one rune
nn in n,.,r ,. inun ui i.i,
(iount von Ilcrnstorlf the Herman
mnl.ns.ndnr. asked nrnc'tlenlly all se
clal WnshlnRton still In town to meet
them nt luncheon nt Uauseher's Wed-
hcKdny Hticli a funrtli'i at ibis (Imp
of Ihn 'vrnr eonilnir ns no ons.s In the
.io.n i .iwn mio hnv. ni nr ,in.
parted ror cooler clltnos.
'I'l.n n m ineuniTiir'u irnni, lie, ,n.n..
,i,l ,,lir,,,( turnlv nl llm , nl, niinlni.
nnd attractive Rlrls In soelely, whom
brt InnV r-nrn l lmvn unnln.l ,. Intn
i,,in niiti iim ,mitni i r,iiiwu,niiiiin
of tho Knlsrr's iiiivv. In fuel, nil tho
Kiipslg w-pro seated at mimll tables, nu
firraiiRonicnt always mu-h more con-
dficlvo lo sntlsractory conversation
than Iho InrRo and more, formal fcstul onnirnt. and tho sudden and decisive
board." stand taken by tho hoard of Rovornors
Sir.retary of Navy Entertains. i v.-na a matter of Rrcnt surprise.
The Secretary of the Nnvy and Mrs. Humor has It that Iho Rovornors nnd
Meier are always tho most console- n'pmbers or the club nro still not
noun onlprtnliiprH or rnrelcn celelirllcs. iibovo lndiili;liiR when surrnunded only
In Iho Cnpllnl, and on l-'iidny they b.v rrlends. hut that Iho ultimatum
were hosts lo Hie ollleers nt n Ray vvas I'orced by the iin'vplcotno pros
pailv, lukiti, 1 111-111 ilovvn Iho Potomac euro of sirnucerH within Iho sncrcl
lo Ml. Vernon on Hie Mav flower. Just piecluets of tho clubhouse Hueli n
prior to Ihelr ileparluie lor Hampton ciowd nlleiidn the Kntiiiilay ulRht utih
Itoadn. K(rlptlon dlniierh Hint ll In well nlih
(In thin occasion praellcnllv the Impossible In prevent the nutraiHo of
cni'p cioup or Rlrls Invited lo Hi" Inlcrlopprs. TIipsp dinners hnvo been
liiprheou Wednesday tho Misses mich a feat lite of Iho summer season
Meser. Miss I nuniTMerrlnm, Miss Dor-
othy Williams, Miss Cailierlno Rrlt
lon, Mlra Hladvn lllnrkley. Miss Maiv
MrCaulev. Miss Mnrln Klievons. Miss
Hn'rlel Wndsvvorlh, Mlsi Carsl Cra'v.
ford, nnd several olhers all ickno-vl-p''.id
belles -were Included In tho
party. i
Mnnv of those souiir women will
inert tho oHlceis nRaln at N'n'imrt
where Iho fleet Is sd.eduleil for n
mnro lenirihv sojourn laier In th" sea-
, i.on nnd ll would not bo siirprlsiiiE ir
Homo or 111" ac(iiulnlance thus formed
under mini nustihiouii circumstances
dcieloped in n toiiinn'le s'n'io.
(llio nolablo fiiuctlnn or Hip vek
v.'cli wns In no way occasioned by
Iho visit of tho Herman ollleers was
bo roiopilon nt Hip 1'1'lsh ornhnsiy.
Mmi'liiv cvenlnc In celebration or llio
blrtl'.'nv nni'i-ersniy or tho KIiir of
Himland. Hcofite V.
f'o'ernl huii'lrod Invltu'lnns Tor Iho
rpce'iioii nt "I o'ele(k vern sent out
liv (bo chnrco d'plfnlrcs. AKrei Mitch
ell Innes. who also entertained Hi
ipombors of Hi" embassy B'nlf and u
le' other Hrl'lsh subjects nt dinner
cnrilnr In Iho pvciiIiir.
Net ror venrn loin "l- n i, -i
fiiucHnn tnl-en o'n'o ' I ' "" p -i
pis ef Hip OMibas.i, He' , i i. ,
lipstador, .Inmen Prvo .ip ' ' ',
rnjiny. but llllle fi it - - i.ii .
Of lirr) QllHIIMtle.c '
p!f nis nnd rpd rn' ib,
iifulely linlls of Hi i ' n
hpnoiiiilicu, but Iho Ruesm were real
1) received In the (.-niden In Iho rear
rf '!" Iiouso. Th Iron olekpt fon'o
whirl) Hurrotinda Hip Riirdun was re
inforced fur Hie oicbsIou won an
'nwnlnit fence and a io or potioJ
dwarf treei. sitcunlm; tho 'i' w rrom
iho slroot. A porilou or iho Mntiii.
Ilnud Klntloiied en n rear porch played
nn Inronnni prosrum or diiuep musii
ihroiiKliqiit tlm oveiiliiR und the guests
(lanced or wandeied at will throii'th
Hip Kunleii, illunilliatcd for Hip occn-r-liin
wllli .Iii'iiuiPso luiilprus.
Yoiiiir Mrs. Hinnf, wile of tliu new
liuval nllacho, Cnpt. II, IX Uiuut, It.
N., received with tr. Iniius, Hie iv
The Latest
Thing in Stoves
New "Pereci ion
Oil Cook-stove
ippllnn nirordlUR an excellent oppor-
!;!"" tor Hie newcomers lo meet
imlilliut nti ttiu Irttv minor iinrt IniilfirU
" 7 " ' '" t
happy circumstances, nnd only a scant
twenty-four hours nfler their arrhal.
rapt, urant succeeds Cnpt. I'. K. ti.
Powerby. who departed loslcrday. Ho
has been a IKturp h(rp ns n.-ivnl nt.
tncho Tor years, nnd withal nulto the1
most consnleiious bachelor host or I lie
corps -.villi Hip posslhlp eMeption or
A- c Horstman. or the Oerman pm-
Imssy. of Sundnv iiIrIH ilniice fnmp, or
il .. -to ..111 ... o.. tm
- "
IIP new Ilrnzlllan nmb.-issnilor. Kemir
- - -
uo uamu.
i in- pciRouuei oi ine wcrmnii cm-
hassy start has been recently nucmenl
- --...--...
en oy mo arnvai oi n now nunene,
. .1 I a l ..!- ., ... . .
i arou von kcioiiiiz, ami ms aiirnenvn
.VCl'lUK W Ife.
i.an.uess vuii iiciiiimz.
.. ii.ii...ii
l' tlu-Ir
arrival in vi asiiiiicion
'"py "c ("cupleii apartments nl the
li'miou, irom Whence thoy departcU
cxiLTiin for a href sojourn nt os-
ll,n- 'cfore locntliiR for the summer
" Np'M'irl, whoro tho embassy Is mi
v esiabllshed. 'I hoy will bo n de.
' 'led iieqiilslllon lo the youiiRcr mar-
rl,'' "'f' of'lhc Diplomatic Corps net
winter 1
Not ill mnnv moons 1ms society ov'1"1,1" ,I1"rry rn.",'- Allcvno followed
pcrlenrcd such n ihrlll ns that orca- ho ,lpnl',,M.r "r Mrs; and MIks New-
l.nr lilirm lllnh n (liHtll nu f.int ..nnn.
uliinml liv din llim ul,l,.l, llm unl 1.
lies nt tho Chevy Chaso Club placed
oil the "TrnWov Trot" llm "lli.niii
Wlr-eln " nmi nil Hi,, niiw.r f,.
dances of tho modern typo, tho other
day. Heretofore these fancy steps
hnvo run tint nt Chovy Chnse, iho
5'ouiiRcr sot IndiilRlnc In Rrcnt abnnd-'
nl Iho club for Iho last fow jours that
It vvas deemed Inadvisable to dlscmi
lliiue them without llrsi ndoptlm; loss
Irasllc tnpasiirps. The recent edict
It Is honed, will ell-nlna'e tio nrln
elpnl al line Hon of Hip ovenlnR from
the sliiiiilnolnt or the hoi pollnl.
Anollicr rP(Clil nolable evptit In Hip
i'iiIi lirn or the National Cnpllnl vvns
Hie coshiR ror Iho senson or Hie Play
house, perhaps tho most iiuloiie social
dub In tho country. This last has
been Iho second nnd eminently sue
ccssful season, of this lull II lit Ion. Bo
HiippoHsful has It boon, In fact that
Its boaid of Rovornors has decided n
cnlnrRe tho heller nn onnnodntlnn ol
Hie members next year Tho Plas--Iwuno
which Is tho only club thentei
Hi thn country boasts a 'most dlstln
Riilshnd list of rounders, liirludliiR so
clal lenders, Cabinet members diplo
matists and others or equal dlstln
Preslnn (Jlhson, who wns the lusti
intor or tho dub, Is the president or
tho orRuiilznllnn. and wus actively
(Oiircrnei with ull tho enterprises
undortnl'Pii durliiR tho winter Mrs
Oilmen wns president of Hip famnus
' ' i '" i wbldi met there pvpry
i.i iil-lii until .riit. and which
i ' icccntly (llsbnndod fur the
l e
1 pulziilldii has also ndmlr
"pil lip orlRlunl purpose of
l ' t'lliiR Hip dramatic efforts or its'
members, many noteworthy amateur
productions hnviiiR taken plnte there
iluiiui; the season.
(Ino apparent rociilt of the reieiu
Dolly Madison hrpukfiist the Inn
ninny feast of rpmlnliip Dotnncim v
Is Iho nuwly orRiuilied Womnn h I) mi
'i.ernile (.csruc which met Wednesday
mornliiR nt Hip New YAlllmd for H.o
llrst tlnio The object of Hie leamie
us dellned lit Hip constitution Is "1 o
promote Hie principles or Deiiu,'iniv
u ml in asslsi In the eledloii or Hit
It'gulnr nqinliicuH of Hie Dpuiociaib
pniiy. This lenRiio shall In no wny
use Hh lultuciicu iu hvliulf of mi) per-
foii or faction prior to Hie nomination
or the Democratic cnndldales ' lis
orRnnfJiors feci Hint thpte Is tniieh 10
l,o dono 111 n woman's wns- toward
Iho education of women In the fires-
Mil uiliipnlRii. nnil It Is Intended 10
mnrk the iipbulhlliiR of Mio tttretiRlh
of Iho llemoctnlle women. Al the
mcctliiR Wednesday, nrrtumcinpiilf
were nintta for Hip close of the Con-
vcnilcm nt Ilnltlmorp, when plans will
ho nnnotinced for the work of the
'Iho Presidents daughter, who hns rrandilaimlilcr of Senator Shelby M. Pi, iwriiiliiii- me will under vvus ior
hreti al llryn Mnwr, bus heen Rronlls Cullom of llllnnls, with whom she hns .j,,, , ntertnliiinent lieif or Dr f'lmrlcs
n'lssed from her aeeiiitomed plaep nt ninile hpr limnp Inr the Inst few enrs. . ,,..,i.,, , .riin ,,r llnr-
tho eetilcr or social nclhlllcs or Hie Dr. I'nrlter Is a Krndunte of lohns " '""l I'"1""11" "
.vomiBcr set. Trnolo)nlt to her alma llnpklns flilvorslly of the clnss of 'On,, turd fnlirll. wlm l n 11 bioim
mater. howeier, caused her to nlisem and Is a niemljcr of the I'liltcrally , -trrlinq inlsslmi r in.itr lie will r
hciMPlf f Kim Wnshltifilon during Iho Blul ('lioty Chnse clnlis. rle cm Jul) til ami nil Hie lliirviud
naest week of tho summer, to atlrnil This ovpiiIiir Miss ItldRlpy will Pti-' ' . ,llUr,,.111B i,n
Hip comtreiuement everclses of the Icrtnln nt mi Informal dinner nl tlio""" "'" u"11' "' 'lr"l,,"B "' '
clas wlili which slip would have urnd- Chevy ('Hasp Club In compliment In The dlMlnniiMH.I sell lnr will ie ncio
iiated had not her social dullo3 Inter- tho Misses Winder, or Ualtlmorp,1 'r '. d It I" Impnl tlnil lie
encd. nieces of Dr. I'arkcr. IM nuke i-e(ral pnlille nildreKsrs
In the nlispncc of her dauuhter, Mrs. " nil'"'" ml"l" l lt t",1 '
Tart went nhont lint little In n soelnl TIip nnnoniirciiient comes from Son . lilmw If. In nn iiddiess ilrllwreii til
n The lunclieoii in her Honor
which Mrs. White, wife or Iho Chief
Instlce. cnc nt the Country Club or their ilniiKbler, Jtilln I.niiKliorne, lo
Tlimsdny, tnaiked her only appeal- I.leut. .lumen Parker. V. S. N,
aixe ni any rortnal fiinetion throimli- The ptmncpnipul Is Hip ciiliiilnnHmi
out iho week. or an neiiinlnlauce lieeiin when Mis'
The White House will lemnlii open LniiRhorne and her hlsler, Mrs. Hlcli
until enrh In .lulv. Ii Im imderslo'id. nrd Hammond, visited Newport sev-iIimiil-i,
the summer While House nt er.il months nco. Metit. Parker heliiR
lleverly Is een now nul) Tor ikcii-
inm- Mrs. Tnfl and her daiiRhier
will re'i'iile !n WiihIiIiirIoh until Hip
las' of the month, when the are ex-
pepted In Clneliiiinil for the innrrlnnc
of Mrs. Tnfi's niece. Miss Harriet An-
derson. ntul llupb de 1'illsclj or New
York. roIiir on lioni thorp lo I1pv.t1
Miss Tafl Is in bo one or her eons-
Ill's bridesmaids. The President will
doubtless remain nt the Capital until
urirr Hip dose ol Concress, which may
he well Into AiiriisI.
Mrs Wlekersham, wlfo or the nt
lorne) ceneral, has roiic lo Mnrshllcld,
nt Odnrhurst. I,. I., bur siinuuer
lioirp. nnd will not rcliim lo Iho cap
I'nl. miorilltiK to present planu, until
I lie nuluuili.
The Becietnry or Wnr nnd Mrs.
rlllinsoti expect to lenvo the lnsl of
Hip week Tor tholr place on I.otiR Is
lnnd. cblldMii,
the time
llnroness Kuril nnd her
who came lo WnshliiRlou nl
or tho Red Crosn eoiivenllon and who
lins been the Ruest or her pnients,
., !..... t t It II O Kf
"'" )" " "i ' " " '
nl11' Mr- Mi UcJpii. has decided tu
i"-"" "' s""'"".' """ uo-m.
, Ennacjemcnt Broken.
I'ormcr Secretnry or Iho Nnvy Tru
"mil II. Newberry recalled the Invlla
''"UK. '" l'10 womilm, or Ills iiiiiiuitpi,
J nrol II Newberry lo (apt. . II. Al-
''yiiP of Iho Queen s Own IteRliuent,
i Inl Ifiitfiil nl Ifjicliiliilri II lilnli ll'nu In
.. . .. . ...
UntlOllCll lit llerllllnltt, Wlilell Was 10
, , ,,. . ,
i.)u ...n,-,i ,.,.i.i-,... ,,, .,,.,,. -"-
'"'" "'"""" """" ""-ii".-ui
""" iii" .... ............. ,u-
, 'luonl . No lutlmnilon Hint such an
xliHiml l,,lll,, la, filial Ifltoul IKIiiMto.
o I o a ! H.,
uii.i .hiir ,.,,r, ,i .-
"'" ki.;.ui" "" " -. i,,,-
ml nl ii till llwi nnil u wn a ro-irfil Viul lififai
; "'"'","' "- "r ...... AL .. .i 7
,, r,i,' n,i.- ii- ,v-.- ,, , ,v
I'eiron nome oi hip onue.rju. '
nieir weuuii. uusiniss ioiiiu.-ciii.iis uuu'
sociui posiiiou miiuu ineni iiuiiiio; ns
most prominent residents.
Mr. nnd Mrs Nevvherry dispensed n
M-ry pleasant i.tuiiltnlliy durlnR heir
oniclnl residence In this city, where,
durlnR tho Roosevelt administration,
Miss Npwljprry trailo her debut.
I The niinoitntPinPiit of her O'lRaCCi
, lllTry friHU tcrillll(ln last March. ClUlt
, A!lnyl,lc' w,,1 ls "I'p'" ,l'""ty-ln'- as
w" 1" rCRl'IIOIl' 111 Ill'llll llllle SOB'S
, I pforo Rolnis to Hcnnuiln He arrived
In New York Inst Monday
I ydl Liintt : tfiMJJL . wLJl i Ll JftSslsiii'i
iWrrHHfnnMH(rilaRHHB aB ".il
E AHpTMmQlwiuloalaHSlst
i HI
iPrimo Pale,
E the vats to the
i IK
I taminntion by the
nl ontc lo Detroit, notompnnlcd by ,1
brother oftlcpr who was to have served
ns III" hpst man. II Is snltl that niter
sesterdny's ninioiiiucmciit that Cnpi.
Allcsno left Detroit nt ome
William llarret ltldRdy announces
Iho riipiiRomohl of his dniiRhler, Miss
Hlcnnor Cullom IlldRley. lo Dr. Henry
I'lckcrlni; Pittkcr, of Ilnltlmorp The
vvciIiIIiik will tnko placp In December,
Miss IHilRloy, who made her iIpIiui
Ill WnsliliiRton several scr.rs wto. Is a
rriincisco irom fir. nmi airs, .inmen.
Poller LniiRlionio (r the engnucment
ftnlloneil there. ui u mimirp of Imiulry, or dlcoviry.
The LntiRhorno fninllv went lo Cnl- I mlKlil iilinort sn. on heh.iir of that
Ifornln from Hip cast. Miss l.aim- ver lutereytliiR urRiuilaithni.
home Is related to Mrs. Charles Dunn "Mr Curm-ule Ims fur nuiny jenrs
IJIIisim nnd Mrs. ItcRinnld llrooks iifltiikeii nn netlp Interist In cverylliliiK
New York, Mrs. Wnldorf Aslor nnd' itliitlnu to the piokifss of the peine
Mrs Paul Philips or London, nil in
wliom wprp of the LniiRhorne ranill'
oi virRinin.
Romance and the Rose.
An Piif'.ncpteplil or consldernhlo In
tel est In YnshliiKlon Is thnl of Miss
, tun , ,in,,i,, in, ,it,iifei,i ,' .(,. tun,
Mrs. Dnvid lllphnni, lo Theodore A.
llavenioypr. second, which was nil
nounrpd In New York lodav.
11.1.. 1II....1...... .ln..l.,..M ..r l t.,,.1
Miss Hlsphnm tins n InrRo circle of
filPinls In WnshliiRlnn, hnlnR visited
here rrprtuelltly.
MIsh Plsphnm last June lslted Iho1
Tomb or Wnshlimlon nnd laiiKhlnnly,
pressed her nrptty lips lo a rose on n
lmli wbleb. iPKcn;! hna It, was planted!
In Nellie Custls.
1-pRpnd nlso has It, Hint whatopr
irnldpii kisses a rnso or thnl bush wjll
wed within Hip lenr.
When slip lsllcd Ml. Vernon and
Ussed tliu rose, olie hnd not met hor
Miss fniizic Soiizn, one ol the con
tpslauta In Hip II ill let Ill's Piiim
Inrily CniupalRii, v.lio. nlihoiiRh she
worked bard nod earnestly, railed to
(,,(,r tlo cmrme(l circle or winners.
vntns to express her thanks, tliroiiRli1
,m, tn 1 1 o t In, Id thus- friends who.
o- o a oa . i, I
-... .--.
,ibUI.I h,.r In innklnir
,, ,...u.il
the 8)lPll(l.ld
- -- - ........... ..-.
snowim; turn iiki. I liner ordinary con
ciitiotis. or in an ordinary contest,
y,Mrn mo nuiicilll cniupniRII was
.. mihk . Wll,i miiloiibledlv!
a a a .a a
--.-- ,.-- ,....., ..-,,-, ,.-..--. - a -
nn t neon n winner, inn ino inienso
,uterost snown iiiiiiiir ino cimpniRlii
- .... . i .
""" !"". a ""y "' ' 10 """'"'
, n tsnti inn niini vnin.io-noi io soar io
tinlirnril-of IioIrIiIh.
Mrs H.ivld K Wnt-on of Wnlanae,
(liiltu. vv tinier of sctond prlje In the
Ural district In lb.- Ilit 1 1 e 1 1 ii con
test express! s h.r sincere thanks to momeiit strlkhiKlj llliivtmtes Tliefun
tlu.se who si. klndlv assisted her III dani. ntul necessity or a stable riiv cm
lunkliiR In r einiipalRn a success, and incut a Rovirninent that Is to be stu
iilso to the II ii I le tin ror the able . ,,v fc f,M- n rdrniiR protective force.
t.uu impuriiai tuiiuniT in vviiicu
(out.st was i-oiiducteil
rnr news nnd Hie Irulli aim ill II nil
people buy Hie llullelln.
consumer is protected from con
most modern devices. Ask for
President Emeritus of Harvard o Be Here July 16.
Is Concli.ying Notable World-Tour for the
Carnegie Foundation
what he Is HyliiK lo do on this notable
tour or the world, lie iuu. thnn the rr(c form of certain slow-
I was employed on this voyaRe n()r(ill)r fri.c, ilcb make In tho loliR
nriiuml the world b the trustees "fjrtiii for public prosticrlty nnd weirnre,
the i'iuiickIc eiidowiuent for the pro-I , 1C,i.e fr penrc Pence doinestle,
moll f Internntloiiiil peace. I urn .lu.(. International.
one of the trustees niyselt anil 1 urn
iiioveiiient tlirmiRl out tne worm nils
eiiilio.mint ror liiteiuallon.il peace has
an Imiinir or J5OO.O0U a ear C 100.000,
that Is anil the trustees who only came
loRetlier u year unit a hair iiro, are
reiklliR the best mnile of llslllR that
anywhere In the world for tliu
luoiuiitlou of IntcriiatloniU peace.
Three Departments.
"It was on an luiUlr of this sort
that I was scut "lit They luixe dl
iibil IIipIi work Into three depart-
inents The first Is the department or
Iiiltrmilloniil li,u Ti, Hie nrocress of
International law. the Institution looks
f(lr t, results, mid perbnps the
(lulekest results.
-The next confer, nee to be held un-
piles to the seiond ilipartment of work
ulrcndv laid out. namel, to the de
partment of irinimiilck The trustees
piiipnse to study enrerully the eco
nomic erfecls or war and of prepara
tions for war throiiRliout the world.
"Now, the third department of tho
active work that Hie trustees urp pro
pixluu Is the department of education
til 111 t lift! II t 1 1111(1 1 lilt 11 1-1 liliruitt III! tlllll.'o
llll't lllll IIIIIII'MIIU ll"llir, "-
Iiir of the different niitlons of the
(sirtii niuniuieil with encli oilier lie
"iiiilnt"d Willi eneh other's Industries,
eomnuree. trade, hopes ami
The makliiR or nations neiiialntu.l wit
ciuh other In the proper sense of tin
i,n tills Is tin- department of tl
... ....
work of the trustees which I inn com-
I nissii.iiei ... M,, .i ..., P1.S.-..1 J".r-
i,y t , ,lt u. evpeetutlon or the
trusties that war Is uoIiib to cease
, : ".. .. .. .,,
1 1 a. worm ni .inc.. or soon u is no
the cxiicitiitlou of tho trustecH that
r,.i ,. .,.. i,.i,i r emit.
ly .lluiliilshed soon In the world.
I "The trustees
...,i. . ... , ,...!
IUII.V K1Kll.e If""
fiii't that ev.rs
Roviniinent that Is
stable must be rounded at bottom on
ph.vsleal force must conlrol n stronR
piotcellve force which will eniible thn
Rovermneiit to maintain itself URiilnst
doineih disor.li r iiKiilnst threats from
without, which nis-esslty I'blna ill this
'This protedlve force makes It possible
for a Kovriunrnt to keep the order
t,, insiir. the (ontlnuits or Its Indus-
trl.-s to liiHiir, It:
own streiiRth uud
i power
by Hartwig Harders, a brewmaster and chemist,
is a beer of exceptional
The Military Problem.
'I lie tnixtecs then fully rcnllo that
llio lime bus not set come In the world
In mlNoeiite the reduction, even, of
in liniments, particularly In thoe coun
tries whoe ilcurlopmcnt hus been but
slow rrom depiitlc forms to rree forms
V!in then cull be iittnlneil by the
trustees In this all-Important depart
ment of (duration but piomotlon of
Intercourse frlendlj InteicourseiiinonK
the nations?
"The trustees look forwnrd to pro
mntliiR the development In nil the un
pens of the earth, and particularly In
those tuitions whose Institutions linvo
, ,,MH ,lr 1Hli ,, ,citc form, rather
" lint nre .theie sliiif-uorklnir
forces? Or some of theni time will
not permit me to mention all.
Education ai Factor.
"'I be llrst Is iinlei-sa education,
universal tlirouRliout a nation. I'or
men, Tor vvomru, for chllilren, of course,
but carried far beyond the period or
(-duration which popular systems rcii
(.rally contemplate.
"Now, the next line or action Is tho
promotbiR r peaceful, friendly Inter
(ourse between the various nations of
the earth, partleiilnrl) iimoiiR those
which iKcessurlly come Into contact
with each other In coimnerce. Intrude,
In the development of the arts and
silences. It Is, us we know, throiiRIi ,
(ommcrce Inrfirly that the nations of'
the world have come to know encli oth- J
r a little. The trustees of the Car
ncRle endowment desire to further nil
means of friendly, peaceful Intercourse
nmoiiR the nations of the earth They
believe, Just as between Individuals,
frlcndl intercourse, mutual acquaint
nine tend to promote happy relations,
so ainoiiR the nations' or the earth
friendly Intercourse. Rood relations will I
promote the common prosperity unit
the common order nnd peace j
Value of Free Thinking.
"ARnln, the trustees of the I'urncRlej
endowment for International peace i
I (
have observed that ainoiiR the free nn- t
Ions of the earth thero has been do- ,
veloped u peculiar mode of action
within the nation Itself which stronRly
..,.,,, ii,- iicMilKltlnii ,v the neonlo
of personal Initiative mid prevents too
, trf-,.i,l ,,,,1 n flitulvii rolliiti,. 1,1, ,-,,, I
, null nmi iivilt,,!, 1111,1 llllllis , iihui;
,,,,,.,. , ,., . ,i1ii.,,,i.. ,,(,
,ho ,,,,1,110 Interest, and also devel-J
I ops iimonir such neolile the sntr t which
u l.imusn is nnineii punnc spirit, lli.it
, U,,I1K,IWH , (i0U)t(, rvytp ror
. tunes iiiid the labors or private persons
to nubile uses This Is the crent virtue
itf frcn ,n In II,, tan ,.n,t,itrlna l,ll, I
I ,.., !,,,, ,n.l ,,,,,ln fr,.., I nul I . il l,.,w
- - - ---" -i
,, ,H ,. ,ri ,, ,in,. ,..i
,,,.,, tu lluvf.lm, ulurr (i,.,,te
Rovernment. or even under n Rovcrn-
limit which inuy fairly be called 'pa
lental '
"The trustees of the CarneRle endow.
incut will be very happy If Hies cm!
learn how to contribute to u move-1
inent thus des(rlbed by eminent Chi-I
nesu scholars, merclinnts mid olllclals,1
Itev. Dr. Joseph Pont Sutton, author
or several well known hymns. Is dpnd
. at his homo In Now York in his 80th
I I'nnr
'- "
The Filling and Crowning
Machines and the loading end
of the Pasteurizer shown in
this illustration are good ex
amples of the 'perfect sanitary
machinery installed by the
Honolulu Brewing & Making
Co. when the brewing of
was decided on.
purity and excellence, and from
Prime Pale
Young Men
Who wish to bo
well dressed are
wearing pumps for
Wo are showing
them in Patent Colt
and Gun Metal at.
Button Boots and
Button Oxfords for
street wear.
Tan Calf
Patent Colt.
Gun Metal Calf
All on
Crossett'o newest
Shoo Co., Ltd.,
1051 FORT
(leneral Mario Menocnl, a I radiialn
or Cornell I'nlverslty, was nominated
by tho cotiKcrvallvu party in Cuba fin
Tho sldo-idiovv freaks of (ierinany
have formed a union to protect tlieiu-
solves against
unscrupulous nmiia-
(n .,('
.. .. r t &k '
W. i I

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