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Richmond palladium. (Richmond, Wayne County, Ind.) 1831-1837, July 23, 1831, Image 1

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Sweet ,
1 . . : . . . - . . a..; mw . -. - -c - - -----..- a '
o'er the east, queen oi clutw, However, hkc many ;ed they are luurcpcanO-Mraccs tcoed to tlie lOThws 4nf I loft Antonio.; hps of the ranffew vtM tfievjbert cnutfy..
And Jay tiawncd brightly on the West-1 clher queens, wax not easily propit tated, j from fifteen to fitly, eligible forjbut sbe-bbduratcly insisted on the ful- jlor ward in the direction, peinfed out by-
ern world and when she did at List appear, sheUhares." ?'-'-.':;t!entof.br: hargitv.the terms ofrirromtaan4.k'wa ptrok-v .
II 1 1 Vit-the ad about of rnUI-'w a5,a3 13 to O,:on tllc case, preceded j Now, husbands ar-!rre''inwlu!i were veociarr'.' fcHie holder jled on the;tg j;fn-tRd' a-lnim-a-v".
1 iiead a n. o jby a knave, whi b knave was the cause';. Madrid as in some oUV great: cities;! of ibis ticket is entitled' to claim Don hand- the hand ef n white man, lay
ADtCTuo ue Kibera for a husband, and pa the tikiody log: . -
thousand ounce of gold as a roar-! There was not a wor srxrn, put
rage portion to bo settled on hmelCrjeverv countenance w ored t- Ok. tarn
iiy a Knave, wuu u t.nuve was ine cause .iuuoriu as in some our grear. cities ;Iut ihi$
pi Dun Antonio's losing Lis last dollar;! but a husband and a ftreoje iocy and ADtorri
(upon which he darted with fury from' that for a single doab!oe5were Irre- oretbc
;ihe room, upsetting, tables, rbair, and ishtibb attractions for r dum of atrial, t
rroin snowy mountain?, of the bracing
V" .'t.
To southern fnta.ns, bright with goi-fCVery thins that came in hi way. certain age, of
den dut, o, in noi survive mi, tnssrace : pun :o una ut .tiaanaa m 43abdor ap-js-e the vilertijue instribed ou tl) itpatiieirownuesneraie inritnanoi,,iiiey
w ouia nae nurnea xecKiessiy w
to tlie work of vengeance; but the cx
aap!e of their leader, who had regain
ed his usual caininessand self command
prepared them for less speedy, but
i- more certain tnumoh. Cauliouslr
The witl Atlantic lizard, and dashed hwtwhftt Don Antonio did in bis frenzy ut-i Jtit lie re w as oneht bhed bitterer tonio, "what an nnhaipv coincidence ;i passing orer the fearftrl obstacle in the
Ti itiniDUant m'd Pacific heard th.?sonnfl
r.A hrojiiHed wet music from his ocean timo vcrJ'
as str3itiv
Ii ceiiofd joyously. From mountain top,; e. hihmhj munt j lorteriwo.tu-. inueea, me iceS yrere most ticket wnnn Uiou art ?o taper to t x-
. flfUl vale from ciliesMhi ei!!?"! rni ruined by that infernal jcas?rly sought, and the li its' .ere clu- cUange for nur.e';..I will ivbt Ik- tricked
- c : " j queen!- The queen has undone me sed in a very few days Many a don-jthiii.'" f
Mrtts, , . quite false, perlidious.r cellashed a tear at beirgeWied to patL "My iinme,- :aid the old laJv, uis
Aii.1 woxm1I rearoa of far oflIumJe, j Foftunata,y? it mglt thc e. b,:r rr,on ; her pureeJnsteadof our iLvriria Oon..!e?.'
It anj m thnlim cadenre, loan x iret. jrcr,;i as usual, were last asleep, or cha-in? a ticlet. t : . 1 t h. Ilrain' ' . T, ' yltn,l Ti,,n A?
Cut 'raid the mingling sl.mt of rrnllins
I heard a groan ; a lor.?, terrific Twm,
Of aony, in its bi'ter plaint,
Went ep in fearful tone tohigheit heaven. ;
cins gleamed
Amid the gloom. Tho timid shrank np
pallcd. And stout hearts quailed'bcfore thc com
ing storm,
ler, mim nave cosi mi inenv, per-jiears man inese,anu vrnoileard ol lion t Mat name reminds me oi the past a
baps Ins life, lor l.odoy was at tins Antonio sscricme wtfh U SfEricf which 'tide of recollections rushes into my
. : - : i. .. i 1 1 l , . : ' l 1 - i , -r . I . . . . .
mind. um tnou internal qveen: 10
thee do 1 owe ull of these misfortunes."
"What, I reajly had a rival then?
cry jealous, and Charlotta just itliose who despair and -tiU doit, hav
3itive as a virtuous woman; alone felt. That was" lyfricia, whos
therefore not likely to be pleased with! dark eyes wept as fast it the Maeda-
beingcalUd by opprobrious name. jlen's, abd who was as beautiful too!
Don Antomo raved, and actually; I or mv jurt 1 c no disljce to women's iricia came from her concealment "be-
torc his hair, those line black c!utenug! tears; toea their Sf ul-f are softened, hind an Indian screerjThen is the
nnjlets. ly-thc-by,fccwastlie liano-jaad --nouW tfiem at our pleasure j fortunate chance which gave you to
somest, av, and the must accomplished ;t J i 'rhe beauty' il fiflr?! "leave i me of no uscC "Thusl.'thusf! tear the
The hens grew dark,aod distant light-, cavaHer m all Jia-l rid, tnouii cei ism-jsmi -s to tne wiser partrnankmd.
I, li"t lilt: jii'i. y i l Jril , urnu'taii'tuj jvit. uiuj?l , J l p ij . RJ.ICU i;rC
honors in the f 1 I. as well as favors ir- uc! ss; he who had wru heaven and
the salon; in fact there was not a lady-; earth obtained i.oihir.( to rival her in! dentin v shall ever fix or tmfix mine
in all Madrid but would have been ; hi anVction, now' precaimcd it false- but lioH a moment! but explain one
proud of him fra corfejo, if not tor aiiuxvi by ?etting himsclfup the sport of! circumstance, and all shall be cleared
husband. But now he was bc'nt on very il-male gamester who coo Id per.) up to your satisfaction;' who is the real
pathway and closely followed bv his
companions, he advanced stealthily
with his party as much as possible, be
hind the thick trees. In a few mo
ments they obtained a fall view of tlie
exrlsinwd n votr. and tha lovel- l.v- objects of their search. Stretched.at
Uieir length around a huge lire, om rx
convenient distance from it, lay the
paiated and half naked swages. It
wa-evident from their appearance,
that they had passed the day -in one df
fatal paper; now like i' tlie "wo rid 1 -live
in, a Vaste and useless blank to me."
My l.yrieia! Star of my life! whd'"c
But mercv' hand stdl stayed the venge-!dlappointing all their hopes- he dc-jbap find a husband by'oo other means
And truth vxshrioking told the harrow
ing tale . . " "
Of bleeding Afric'a wrong; and slie was
heard.. y T" W
On everv ido were seen the" naoujhlfiilj
jtennined to quench, his nts and (ifejthaxi those bv which 'Afifcoio sought tc
together m the river. j mend his fortnne. By tfirnsshe blanv
owii of that ticket
"M self; despoiled of hope, but that
faint chance left, my grand aiinfwhose
He pursued his wa towards lluipd U-r credulous confidoi heart, orjiiarne, you kmow, is the same as my
bndrreol ioledo. oh,miscliiel! I ho a i nattered Iiersell t!.at r.fMove.I her still, own. nurchascd k.i share til tlie LttcJfv.
ant quick to enter into tlie thoughts of' and saw ia this rash act Jbut'n-excess! which turns dut tobe the prize. Fe-j
Operate men, ; reson eo to. piungejoi uespair. nesworetaiorg'--hnfiiicitatto!viibpeif thattnis fortunate re-j
hifevydf into tne Manzanare. lie had still remembered: she cave np alliiope snlt Avon Id have comrdeted our h-inxu-io
- eye, .r.
And busy band,lriingtopiercetbe night
"tO SOUth, .' "
Fiotu east to wet, tright rays went forlh;
verging, - . . i
liHtdlU.'1 .'IJ r.'ii. - " " T f -7 j
love, tlicir hues .
Blt-iit hi sweet union; aod a radiant star j
Are, o'er AfricV rajlcjif strand. . On-
- ward -
ac''ra?lr rainca th parapet ol the
hritle in furtherance of ,
their hortni . revels; and tliey were
now suffering under the eflects of in-.
toiica'Jon.. Occasionally, a grim war-
jrior among them started half upright
grasping his tomahawk, asjl to cofuuat
some vision of his disordered brain, but.
unable to shake IT the stupor from his
senses, uniformly fell back into his for
mer position. . " -:
" The 'rangers crept nearer. Asthey
bent th ir keen eyes along their 41-
tried ri'!f, each felt perfectly sure of
tus aiuT i ney w.aitea lor ine signal
f ltarrn'in, who was endeavoring to
atid in thempan time" sent for nn e!dfwsf, I came hither and learn that as bring hiifclong musket to bear upon tho
his design, I Ifuenna to consul on hit '"ease. Iqtiec-n is my rival." ; , 'head of tlie savages. Firef he at
when the moon, which had hitherto The day for d:idSjMh'o 'fa.t.e of - "Xh-at' rival, love, is inanimat, and ; length q-xclaimed, as the slight of his
erirn(ideif "herself ftVii n.nlk'vuviWrIJrH1V-vS4 roll nnd distinct Vj,
cfouds shot forth her brilliant beams was drawn and nine hundred and mn-1 peace; It was the queen of clubs, wlxe'Ttftecn Rtf eyWIf -HI je-Vild
on the calm placid 'si ream beneath.' ty-nine ladies were put to bed dread-jf'avof 1 have sworn never tocourt more.pf the Indian, Fire. and rush on!"
lighting up a spectacle winch rc-ca!lcd j fully of the head-ach. The fortunate j Thou art the only queen that shall j The sharp voice of thirty rifles thrilled
Don Antonio's bewildered iiriaginaiion; number was fifty! To fnd cut the henceforth reign in my heart none 'through tlie heart of the forest. There
to a real sense of theb'aphe was about! holder wa thc nest affair of Don Anto-jollier shall ever enter there."' was a groan a smothered cry a wild
to make. ' ina; but with what disnuiy did he learn! Don Antonio now fiund means to! and convulsive movement among I he
It is astonishing what a trifle turns that a toothless old hag had borne oil' pacify thc old Hdy, arid convinced her j sleeping Indians, and all again was si-
tone away from the very unpleasant -the prize. 'Jui, isir, oon t be in a ! tnat she was finest looting Woman of; lent.
itnet rf i nr- cnir-ito nriri niijlvi m r ii!t fliA nHmiitrnfrir rf iY.r lrtt!lii" rrrrt in lt wKnl.- r.ivpriii Tlmt riK nnra :nmrMT Inrwnrfi Vrlth
Heavenward, it rolled, tdl a.I nerwan-f C(ltrf ajj om e? something a-j ten , -1 think yon may annul the bar-' the last cloud was dispelled, whyhj their clubbed mukcts " and hunting
deriiigsonsj " fgreeable in a world which had just pre- gain, for the lucky jade mast be as old threatened the satisfaction of thc hap- knives ; hut their work was done.
viou-ly been .declared .to be desolateps my grand-mother at least. ' jpjtno, 1 i lie red men had gone to their last
and, comfortless. So it was in this in-1 Don Antonio began again to tliinki audit before the Great Spirit; amino
stance with Don Antonio; a rnerefof the riv r, and repented having de-j AN INDIAN STORV. sound was heard amorg' them save tho
dart of the moon beams caused him toifcrred tin' hour of making his exit from j It was a sultrv evening towards tlie' gurgling of the hot - blood from their
waver; but there was likewise another j this world. He however made up his! last ol June, K-,,that Captain llar-jHtehs1 bosoms,
reason the shallowness of the water, mind to vir-'w the whole of his misfor-'nion and h's t aslern rangers. ur"ed i ' "
i ij n i
B.isl:cd in its quenchless light, &. vcepicg.
Thr -.ir voiceless gratitude. Q thn again.
The fieeman' shout rang loud and joy-
ously '
Wide o'er our -Western woihl ; and with it
- . ecrae . , ..
Tiic sweet, deep hymn of holy joy, from
K.dccmed, rejoinng Afrio.
July Uh, 18.il.
beneath w as thereby shewn, bringirgjtune in the face before he took this last thei-canoes upon Ue Kennebec River,
to his mind the recorded jest, "that the resolve, and bent h;f?3?pi towards the hi pursuit of their savue enetnie-.
arches of the Toledo bridge should lej house of the lady whom he had cnga-; For hours they toiled tliligent
sold to purchase water for the river."! g-d to make happy. i I v at the oar lhe last trace of civ'diza-
I No gentleman should attempt to drown She was seated before a chcvulition was left behind and the Ion"-
himself tn a shallow river, especiailyj giass, in a handsomciy iuniisbed apart : shadows of the .kirting forest niet and
at ebb-tide; besides, Don Antonio wa.vjment. Don Antonio caught the first j blended in the rniddie of the broad
a lover of nature, and for him the moon .; glimpse of her features in the mirror J stream, that wound darkly through
the stars, or aught that was beautiful,; She w as a thing of paint and feathers. t horn. At every sound'trnm the adja
wa3 not made in vain. Oh! thou cler-jThe dep wrinkles of her ace worn'cent shores the rii-ilinr v. 'u.rr t,C.uif
I once heard a sensible and inielli-'
gei.t tVier.d,incoiipani,cxpreshiirrsr:3f
convinced of tiie truth of a woiiderft.il J
story told him by an intelligent and
hold man, about an apparition. Tlie
scne lav 1:1 an ancient castle on thr
coast of Alerven. or thc Isle of Mull,
where the ghost-scer chanced to he res
ident. He was civen to understand.
nal queen of night!" exclaimed he,i checks were visibly reflected in he! night-bird, or the quick f.x.t-U-n ofS1' the family, wlien be tit king htmself
. . .. . . -i 1. 1 t : - o . . . j.
"I tell ou,iorinionio,rny uaupu-pthou shinest forth at th:s moment to; glass, even beneath the bla-?k lace man-' j0me wild b-ast he dash of tlie oar
tcr you shall not rearry 1 Alter having! Tejj us tliere is seduction in nature af-:til!a with which she had veiled her face.) -as suspeinkd, aitd the ranger's grasp
squandered at the earning table, the!tcr au, vh,ch bid us live even whcnOh! Heaven, that I should havo come; tightened on his ritle. All knew" the
finest estates inall Spain, you still per- hope has fled the breast! Thoushew-;to this!" exclaimed Don Antonio, with' nrril of the -ntenri7o- nnd thr,t
10 ncsiow ncr on ac,t m the tranquil stream which geutly'a deep sigh, which caused the lady townee, which is natural to men who
t rest, that the, chamber in which he
slept was occasionally disqaicted by
supcrnatural apearance9. Jhit being,
at that time, fk Iw'ievcr in such stories.
ist in asking me to bestow her on ajc,t imhe tranquil stream which geutlv'a Ieep sigh, which caused the lady tollfnce. which is natural to men wlic. the attended little to this hiiiU'until tlie
feirirar; whv, if you were married to- trends its onward course, an imae of turn her head towards the door. andfl thmlva in h .v.m .- r..rJwikhinz hour of niehf. when Kp a,n
day,you would stake ailjou are worth na peace which thc ruljhnl bosom yct;salulc her future husband Welcome !ul jeopardy, settled like a cloud upon;wakened from a dead sleep by the
on some favorite card to-morrow; a!J!pants to enjoy, and makest us feel that: cavallero moi, said she. I have been the midnight adventurers. ; pres:nce of a haman hand on hi3 bodv.
on the following ciy 1 supcse 1 sno,iiulSnfc am contention are our creation, expecting you these two hours. Th "flush softlvmenV said thc watch- Ie looked up at the figure cf a tall
see you tarn tor,im!m,!i$ta. or perhaps am I!0t thine." jmoev has already arrived, and the'fnl IlarnM.r. m voice. wrhVl. i-arr.U- highlwider, in tlie antione and ttfcturZ
something worc. No, no! consent to The hurst cf the moonbeams the priest is waiting to unite us." rose above a hoarse whisper, as his ca-jc-1'!' dress of his country, pnly that
abandon forever the gunung table, st-j hallowness of the river, and peihap?,! Madam," said Antonio, permii noes swept around a rugged promonto- iu brows were liound with a biaody
tie the re r winder of yoar lorttine onafter the vanity to think that he 'me tu-t to explain. I fear there has rv, "there is a light ahead V ' j bandage. Struck with sudden and
Donna I.jricia. anion these condign; jnht p0sihlr yet live to delight and '!eea some mistake in this att'tir. You All eves werebenttowardstbesliore. extreme fear, he was willing to have
she is yours: tnat s my ultimatum'. j be delighted that some sweet voice, have certainly overlooked tho eondi-j tall Indian fire earned ur amidst ' sprung from bed, but the spectre stood
akf, casting a red and stron?! be lore him ia the bright moonlight, its
For i 'one arm extended, so as t a master him.
Very line advice," said Don Anlo-, s0n,c xet smile might yet thank' (ions of this contract, which w ere not i the oakf, casting a
ioto himself as the door was clo-edjm for, nnj reconcile h;m to the l:femear;t ta include octogenarian.'" 'light upon the dark
j his la -e for the twentieth tiae; but j,c had preserved, male Don Antonio The iady's features now assumed an 'giggle and breathless
m,,mpr,t i . onor. i f heattempted to rise; the other hanrf
you.olJ boy.knov not the pleasure "F5tep short iu his praviots deterrnina-appeararce of scorn which in" fact a.iy jaiion of the oar wa suspended, andj"e!d up in a warninq and grave po.
play; ii yen did, instead ol going now; t;OT)! j lad v?s might -w-ell do, at being taken1 even' one listened with painful earnest- ture, as menacing the low lander, if bA
to tlose away the night ia useless slum
btrs, you would turnout ;u.d try vour
1 tek as I just now mean to do. !low-
-Hut w hat is io be ilc-ne : continued ; for an aze bevond the true one. Sir,":nes to taich tho wi !i known -winds.' should attempt to q tit his recumbent
be,shall I throw mv-cifat the feet of; said she in a broken voice, which at all 'which seldom failed to indicate th ! attitude. Thus he lay, io mortal ago-
ome rich dowarer. and barter m last.ever.ts aus-urcd the want of iufficientinrc.n'rnntitv nf tb Mva ' Hut a!! rv, for mors than an hour, after which
ever, tin? old fellow said one truth, that; hope, of happiness for a splendor i can'. lungs "to scold nrtcb. ! hat e twenty i was now silent. With low and faint) li .pleased thc spectre of ancient day
cursedqrecnof dubs thai I have pur-lnevcr enoy ? No! rather than that; witnesses to swear that 1 am not vet; movements of Ua oar. the canoes nxid- to leave him to more sound repose.
story had on its side the;
of Totes from the com-
upon cross examination it
incd, that the principal per-
Dian 01 0100-' miserable fte- muttered. Yntonio o.-t-ifMn tl-i. Kr.vi, rircU r.f th. hrrhf s on concerned was an exciseman. after
truce to reflection! there's yet enough: sa,g cf himself by thru very means. himself; 4"bu U mad am," said he raising !,,hich at first attracted their attention.! which ecclaircisemerd the saine ex
led to retrieve my fortune, and thenj in a few day ail Madrid rang with the: hi vorce, r.ever will I consent to be'-IIarrnoii wasat their head with an eve planation struck all present; Tiz: that
the highlandeis of the mansion bad
chosen to detain the exciseman, by the
apparition of ancient heroic ghost, ia
order to disgu!efroi.o his viilanebr
suttt, so iong. win 00 my rum: x-cx; 1 fai by lottery, the pnz of any pas-.h:tv.and I will not be cheaW out of.-jli a-roavied the suoe.:ted stt.! singular a
me see, fcow mttcri ravel alreany lcstir,r adventurer; yes, by lottery !" my lawful husbacd by any of votrr ca-lThe land hi-was effected ia silenced asual number
a t:rsisting to play upon that ore, Xo sooner had the idea of a lottery : prices." Aler mov.n cauliouslr ia the daik'P' -d,
card Theresa!l n.y sagir planta-'cntre. thc head of Dor. Antonio, than! df but f;ft v vou must have led a erv i shadow, the party at length ventured i as expla
uon in uu; .iiTJi.a, it s uut , ne actually matured the
1 II r.;arry l.yncia, whom uove to d.s-jrc 0f a scheme that the handsome. your bridegroom; know that ' I love: ind a hand as quick as those of the
traction, and rever tempt that jdt, and gallant Don Antonio thtn intended; another to distraction, and no power I savage enc-my whom lie fought.
Datr.e Fortuae, more! Oh. Lyricia.(0 marry him-elf. But we Lad better' on earth shall force me to wed you. I The hotly of a fdlen tree lay acros
J.vricia! word are tw. Weak for the reaff the advertisement itself;- " 4 Take the gold, which I presume is all U-oath. rr.r gers w-re in the

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