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VO 3. S'J.ll.
I'ablisked every Saturday Moraia,
Corner of Maia and Washiagtoa treet.
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4 -A.
From the Metropolitan.
Skirmish at Benedict,
In the month of June, 1814, I was
on a visit tc Alexandria, when the ar
rival of a British force in the waters of
the Patuxent river was announced, ac
companied by an order for the imme
diate calling out of the militia of the
District of Columbia. Beiu" a sin-
sultation now took place between Ma
jor Peters and Gen. Stuart as to the
probability or possibility of capturing
tne marauders; the lormer assuring the
latter that if he would allow him he
would take fmmm man prisoner, the
latter thou Vpossible ; but finally
the word l f to "charge." The
valient old Y....pion dashing ahead,
was followed by Major Peters; next
tne Alexandria troop; with the Wash
ington, and then Georgetown troop;
we went on in lull canter down the
hill. n hen about half way down,
our sailor-soldier, Wise, put spurs to
his horse, and passed ahead of the
whole troop; and the next moment
himself and Gen. Stuart were seen rid-
m. a a I - -
gle man and having two horsey I im-jing a fair race, striving who should be
mediately volunteered my services to first on the spot.
tained, of feeding their live stock ou I captain. The sad task was acconplish
board the sloop of war, which was ly-jed by laying the body of poor Frank a
ing immediately off the town, and but cross the borse 1 had loaned to Mr.
a few yards from the shore. A con-.Conway, mvself supporting his head
on my arms, Mr. Conway his feet.
whilst 31r. Withers carried his cap.;
and Mr. Mandeville led
ise raised heie, as well as rood or all
other vegetable productions of our middle
and Southern States. In some places the
tanners were harvesting oats.
Tiie Siraw was verv lar-je and the
grain looked well. The wheat harvest
Captain William F. Thornton, of the
Alexandria Dragoons. The troop
turned out, 1 believe, to a man; that
is, every man who could by any means
procure a horse. But there were se
veral wbo could not obtain one; among
this number was an intimate friend Al
acquaintance, Mr. Robert Conway, ofj
In the mean time the cnemv having
a: j . . J
uiscoverea our approach, endeavoured
to effect their escape to a thick tract
ol wooJ or swamp lying between the
town and the field of corn. In this en
deavour they were successful, with
the exception of sop four or five who
were made prisoners, ar.d on- m;!r.
Alexandria, (now living) to wij'-na Iiwho was killed uuder the following
loaned my eltra horse. We left Al-circuri?.tances: Wise, as I have be fore
stated, had dasheu .head ol the whole-
outriding Gen. Stuart, leaped a fence
exmdria, if I recollect right, about
nine oxlock in the morning, and pro
ceeded forhtwith toourplaceofdestina-
tion, viz: Benedict. On arriving at at the foot of the hill, about fifty yard
Washington, we were joined by the from which became up with a British
Washington troop, commanded by ""jeart, whom I-..- ordered to surren-
One prisoner, ho v ver, was not
the horse.
In this manner we proceeded to thehime
nouse 01 Mr. J. isoutheron, about a
mile distant, on the hill. There we
remained about an hour until the ar
rival of Mr. Griffith, (the Commissary)
who had come up that day from Alex
andria in a smallsulkey. Mr.Griffith?s
servant was placed in it, and the corpse
in tne loot ol it was supported by the
servant, and two of the troop wa.king
on each side. In this manner we pro
ceeded to the house of . .r. Z. South -eron,
where the corpse was laid out.
and on the following day ;ve carried
him to a small church in the neighbor
hood, called Viletters," where we in
ferred him with the honors of War.
On this day a naff of truce came on
shore for the purpose of tffet tii g the
release ot the prisoners we had taken
and the lieutenant of the vessel of war,
upon being informed of ttie death of
had been over sonie weeks
e country h
a still Letter
as we ro tart her to
'Pit 1 1
i"""!" are larger ar.n more numer
ous. The farms still look better than
heretofore. The range, tor cattle, is ex
ceedingly tine. From twenty to thirty ,
and even as many as fortv , Ieat-tiful laree
fat cows, with youiifT calves, are to be
seen, penned up at the different farm hone.
esj and yet the settlers have most!-, rai
ded but a few years in the country The
facility in raising s,tock is wonderful.
Horses, cattle, and hogs, require no feed
ing, w inter nor summer. We now come
to a branch of the river Neches, called the
ay efce ixiyou. 1 litre are man v settlers
in the vicinity of this stream" some ol
whom are located a considerable distance
from the road. Several mills for grind
ing grain and sawing timber, are etal-
11-1. .t-n T
usneu on mis liavoti. A re it variety of
excellent tun r-er presents itelf,in the bot
toms. Some cane is likewi t, h ....,.
-. v ' 11
M.cas',naiiv. The land Generally till
the Serjeant, observed that they would ',reserves .a e'JtJIS, color; and the'soii is
rather have lost any ten men in the
flip than him. It appears that he
was a I renchman hv birth, hut h id
erved in the British ..rmv in Hilland.
squadron, and h iving succeeds in under the f 'uke of York, and had
Captain Elias B. Caldwell, and the
Georgetown troop, commanded by
Capt. (I forget whom.) the whole uu
der the command of Major Peters, of
Georgetown. Having iormed, we a
gain proceeded. After crossing the
bridge over the Eastern Branch, a
halt was called, and we fed our horses.
We resumed our march, and arrived
in the evening at Aquasco Mills, a few
miles from Benedict; here we encamp
ed for the night.
On the following morning, a party
was despatched to Benedict, to recon
noitre, and report the movements of
Wic enemy. At about twelve o'clock
of this day, another person (who was
among the number previously men
tioned, as not being able to procure
horses) arrived, Mr Francis Wise.
He was not a member of the troop,
but had, like myself, volunteered his
servi-es. He was, by profession, a
sailor, and is well remembered in Al- expired without a struoro-le r a groan.
have no
enough for the sailor, and he roue on
rapidly, in order to arrest the iligat
of some others. This he soon saw
was hopeless, and the reply of the Bri
tish Serjeant having been by no means
satisfactory to Wise, (it was to this ef
fect, that he would never surrender to
a Y ankee,) Wise was induced to rein
up his horse and return upon the man.
The serjeant seeing this, immediatelv
squatted upon the ground, and fired
at ise when within .ihr.nr rift,....
steps of him; the fire took effect: the
ball striking- Wise near the heart, car
ried with it one of the buttons of his
coat. It appears to me at this mo
ment, that Wise leap from his saddle
twelve oreightecn inches above it, and
without touching it again, fell upon
the ground. He tnstnr.tlj thr-v huli
self on his bark, crossed his arms over
his breast, placed his fret together, ,nd
been instrument A in saving the Duke's
life there, for which he was raised to
'he raid f seijeant of mart 'e. with
the understand i 1 g' that lie shou'd never
he broken. After this Utile rencon
tre, we remained in the neighborhood
for about three wer-ks, when we were
finally ordered home. W.
tn inrermiAture .t loam and irravel In
some places a little sand ma,' be seen.
The roads are, fur the most part, verv
good. Large wagons, drawn by three or
tour yoke of oxen, are constantly guiiir
on them. Hue Us Co lntdUginccr.
At this moment the enemy opened a
heavy fire of cannon from their ship out al
though several shot passed very near us,
we escaded uninjured.
Benjamin Lundy , Ivq. t-dif-ir ;t"the Ge
nius of Universal Em .inoip.jf em, during
'.tie summer ot the past ea-, m le a v iit !
.1.: .1 i
ui uiis !iiu.ry ; me oojeci t wtu.-ti w..-
Ai.uert News am. This is the
name of a young man who had the mis
fortune to be born deaf and dumb; but
lavn.g been admited into the Asylum-
t Philadelphia founded; a few years
ri.ife, for the education oi that unfortu
nate class of beiii.es is now an artist
of distinguished skill, and yet higher
promise. In casually reading a com
munication in a late 1. umber of the
Lancaster lleailj, detailing the pro
ceedings of the Pennsylvania legisla
ture w.. were forcibly struck with a
passage therein, relative to this artist.
The iociderds connected with his dis-
The scene in each house of Congress
at the final adjournment, is always fil
led with many touching passages.
Here a firely Southron is seen extend
ing his hand to a member wVio has oc
cupied a seat near him the whole ses
sion and whom before he has b.ardlv
iieirer arjear- 1 - , , .- . . , .
the westward. jde!,Sned to ; wishing him u
saie return to 111s lamiiy aim Health
happiness and prosperity for the re
mainder of his life. There, two vigor
ous gladiators whoh ave watched eatli
others movements with eyes of suspi
cion, suddenly are seen advancing with,
expressions of kindly feeling, as the
thought lorces itself upon their mind
that this meeting may, perhaps, be the
last. J he contiicts cl political life do
not often allow of gentle feelings, but
theieare few w ho, in parting are suffi
ciently iron-hearted not to manifest
some swnpton s of scn-i' ility.
Amoijg the number of those who re
tire from public life with the present
ses don, are some who have long been
distinguished in the annals of legisla
tion. There is a Senator from Ohio
by the name of Ruggles, who has serv
ed eighteen years in that body, than
w hom a more useful, honest and pa
triotic man that state does not possess.
rIU. II rl. ! l .. C IV T
i)r ioiiii . iHyior ti i'vevv
York now takes his leave of Washing
ton after having been honored with
the confidence of his constituents foi an
uninterrupted period of twenty years.
Dr. Louis Condict of New Jersey, an
upright, pure and valuable member,
aio, takes ins farewell alter a term oj
strvice not much shortei. Others
there are, like John Holmes; of Maine,
whom office alone has made conspicuous-,
v h
"Are but bubbles on the sea of matter
They rise, they break, and to that set
return." Boston ittan.
exandria, as having been among- her marked hi- actio,, and I
be! sailors. He was in every sense of doubt that he was full sorsible
the world a complete seaman, alike
regardless of dancer or its conse
quences, and though more accustomed
to mounfi'ujdeck than mounting horo.
our tar-sol iirr, as well as his horse,
showed that he had been crowd
ing every inch of canvass to come up
with us. II id he been asking the
loan of a horse to go to a wddiog,
poor Wise could not have asked the
favor more ardently than he bad done
on ine preeaing nay, in every quar
hi ,t -.,1 j ... 1 ., 1 v,iu om-iesi. nis moors nave neen
rn ,vhT,T"n " X a ,1 ,9 priacipullv f.r the emancipation of the
co.mct.or,, proceeded o toy htmfont, , i!a vcs ,;hich makes the inject f.r
(if I may be allowed the term,) for had ;rolo az.ug .hem in Texas a suiject
his friends , ,shru thev certainly could !m..re particularly interested to thoe phi
not have laid him out with more r.ictv. Janthropic citizens who have everted
It was a remark 'de thing, and I look; themselves fr the benefit of the
upon it as en;!Ci,ir rn-e t ool deliier-jand the colored people generally.
-ie nrmnrss in the moment of death j As a knowledge of the resources of the
thai, is often art with. i country may be in a measure agae, we
The ir.st.tnt tie Sf rjeant had fired,have thought an extract from his desenp
and seel the ffect of his fire, he at-!1'''" oi it may prove interesting to the
tempted again to make his escape by general reader
"to investigate the state of thiag gener-j ities and tou h the heart of every read
ally, as tar as it mighty be cu)ve:iiev r-r. The rult, in this case, attending
wim me uiiimace view ot pit-pirmg :h
way for the future emigr -i ui ?iid -.etti
me.it of colored people from hese iSiates.
rrom his writi .gs, it ap-tears that lie was
erletjy itlsrwil ni th piopru-tv ami i
utility of the measure. Mr. Lumiy is al
most universally known as an untiring
advocate of the interests of the slave pop
ulation, au.i any measure whica he
iuHT ts himseit in, wili bj looked up-
w ith mteiest. iiis hit
Country without rain. In that part
of Peru called Vallies, which lies on
the in rth and south side of Lima, iu
south latitude I2deg., bound on the
overv and recogni ion, iu the asylum,' east by the Andes, and on the West by
re of a character to rouse the sen-ibil-! the Pacific Ocean, it never rains'at all.
ter wherein was likely to procure j retreaiiag 10 the swamp; he was how I "About four or live miles from the Sa
one. All were engaeed: either bvsCVi.r, pursued bv the remainder n( th. bine, we crus a handsome mill stieam
I he as-
time ior he died in about thirty mi-'S.',ne Prett large hills, indeed are met
a. 1 - . J luritri f t ri Kruuu f tfif 51 r 1 1 in tiio
their owners,or loaned toperso-is whoi squad, tod finally taken prisoner; but Here is a good house and farm
iiau jomeu tne trop. y he he suc
ceeded in proc iri'ig the horse at last
I know not, sullii e it to say, that on
joining us, his. eyes sparkled with de
light, and his very soul seemed over
joyed. Just at the time of Wise's arrival,
we were about preparing for our din
ner, lie naa not Deen there more may do so justly. This man defend
ed himself against some sixty or seven
tty men, for some turn, and when fin
ally he dropped his musket, uot bein
able lo.iger to carry it from the loss of
than fifteen minutes, when the trumpet
sounded to horse!' "Saddle up for a
march!"' resounded through the
Poor fellow ! Wise, although he had
ridden so hard that day to overtake
But during winter, the earth is covered
with so thick a fog as to intercept the.
the instruction and guardianship of i rays of the sun. This fog appears al
ttiai admirable institution, give it a'most every day during winter witha
new hold on the regards of the friendsldensify that obscure objects any dis-
;of humanity. It should operate, else-! tame. About ten or eleven o'clock
i wiiere, as an incentive to that best ofl't begir s to raise, hut without being to-
humaii in. pulses the ministration toj tally dispersed, though it is then no im
the unfortunate thy relief of the dis- pediment to the sight, intercepting
tressed in a w ord, the iki.u of ;ood. jonly the direct rays of the sun by day,
Til.. rn:.-i .,tl,i,l...l i ;. ...-. 1... . V ..... i .
ic passage alluded to, is -subjoin-! and the stars by night. Sometimes it
. IJvlt. Pat. ! is so far dispersed, that
I Tk 1" . ... .a
'u. Ijvlt. 1'at. us so far dispersed, that the disc of the
U'edtiesday.- A number of bcauti-;$uu becomes visible, put the heat from
ful lithographic engravings were pre-'his rays is still prei luded. In the win
sented to the House yesterday, as a j ter season these vapors dissolve into a
testimony of gratiti.de, by a deaf and !vcry small mist or dew, w hich they
dsiinb art-st, called Albert Newsam. jcali gamas, and thus every where
He had been educated in the institu- moisten the earth. These garnas
tion for the relief ol that unfortunate! ''ever fall in any quantities sufficient to
class of citizens, supporter! bv the damage the roads or incommode the
bounty ofthe State, in Philadelphia.! tarvellcr; but they render arid and
.Mr. Attorney Leneral to-day moved i barren pai Is fertile. 1 hev convert
that a committee be appointed to ex
press the feeling ot the House on the
the disagreeable dust of the streets of
Lima into mud.
Now, in that country, the wind al-
subject, and in support of his motion
gave a short history of Mr. Newsam.! ways blows from the south, that is
ii iU.i I i if 1 I . :
juo-uo.il he had parted with every drop 'pect of the country changes verv essen- " .c'"s " ;v"t:,' ou"8 ! " ? wa.u.e. .cg.o.,. ouu.c-
olulood, furtherthan what was necessajl'y. The land assumes a more reddish had been stolen from his mother, aienj times it veers a point or twoto the east.
ry tosustain hfe-and that but for a short ia PPearance amJ 13 mucn uwre rolling. "-""'"o :uwim- ",uu, o, ,---iu. uuuuiu-.uuui,
lilcuuiLtiiii. niiruciui .kivV.1 llltttvlll; uiivj uuiirtilt . lieu nivi
use of him to excite the charity of the on, the south wind is barely felt, and a
humane for some time, his kidnaper scarcely preceptible air seems to come
deserted him in Philadelphia. He I from the north, which forms the fog.
nii.Ps ni'ipr t.nin,r .a u with. On the Drows ot these, ana in the
.iinu iu wic ."liner- , , c ,
inn mmn 4ni ho.ni. c banks of the creeks we perceive some
ican camp. And here 1 cannot refrain i i , i -.i
from rl ,t c T , , - rock, deeply impregnated with iron ore.
irom paying a tribute of reoect to this1 t.i i i . i
l , i i m . ,c-F- m "i7he water is pure, and the timber is great
hero, it 1 may so call him and I think i i- r i v- i ..i
J " J V-- 55 -
here. The prevailing grow th, in the up
lands, is hickory and oak of various kinds.
In the creek bottoms there are manv oth
er species of timler common to the bot-j
torn lands ot our mnJdle and western!
was taken up and placed in the Deaf
and Dumb Asylum, where he showed
a strong inclination to the art of en-
graving. Aotning was Known ot his
The obvious reason why it ncvei rains
in that country, is, that the wind con
stantly blows from a colder to a hotter
part of theworld. We see also the cause
name and parentage till a few years ;Ot the fogs; they are occasioned by the
ago, when Mr. John C. Wright of: mixture of the hot air from thenotth
blood, he placed himself against a lare Sates, with some vines and Spanish niossj ,. ' '
tree, and attempted to defend himself! 'hngii.g to and dangling from the limbs ofj "Vs attent,on
mriii. c;i. tpi.: ... !K i .ho i.ir. .m fho tirr.h, ;ition display
(Ohio, happening to visit the Asylum;
was attracted by the eme
us, was amongst the first to obey the! with a stick. This delay in either! me trecs- In the bottoms the timber is
played by the young man.
with the colder air from the south.
5 of age, my employ-
off Ikjx -edgings and
wers in the garden of
Winchester, at the Castlo
native town. I had al-
plain. Benedict is situated at the foot obstinately determined Ton the contrary F ' T.y V V . r h ' , , "eimeaiea, aoa lK?en fynd of beautiful KardenS, a.d
e in t- L- i - r i -J ut "-oiurary,; e SPen that are quite different trorn those; then a particular ho'5-e in it. which i i i a - r '
of a hill, which 19 nearly a rrile from nor was it until (as before stated) het; ,'v ,.-.rt of the I'm ted S-m-s of the! vr iv rd"ltu,jr ! n wl,iCn a gardener who had just come from the
the summit to the bottom, from which'had lost so much blood, as to render it-W? 1 Mr emember to .have seen Kins Gardens" at Kew, gave such a de-
we had a good view of the town and I vain to offer further resistance, that it, M M i'Some Vme bfrf' c"Pf a .scription of them as mad, me instantly
neighborhood. Upon our arrival at i he was taken prisoner; and aS I, it "uf" tl ZTZ d eaf and dumb son sto-,; resolve to work i a those gardens. Th.
ilio summit .. : ji ii . c, , ---ji-uuif,iiiv.i-uuu "-len irom ner. i nis ieu to a ui-covery i nex morning wimout saying a uru w
STPT 'Z? J i! TT?0fSe'nMme appearance as that just described. ofXewWa name and kindred. HeUny one. 1 off, with no doiffes except
- -- -- - - -m ikiiili w I - s &. l.U IUI 1. 1 ir- M'l I 11 ltl i I -v mnnV art-k n nil r-rt I t r d T 11 na 1 r fill
. r ! k j r r c; mrci v nil ii it 1 11 v aalmk. ' - ri c c
-i i v J : 1 w it-! A
urn in. l m la va ruiui.u j.v if i 1 mil ni-t
au",mu"- inueuiune aream mat that j Kuimg or capturing him, was, of course.' ve,v iau UI1U u"e- upKuu n . , 7 , . . . -T, J At r-Vwn vp-r
i,; it a.. . .i . . -r. . 3 , . ull-uul5';';;j ,o n,:.11,,i.,arl:ii, 0 I tention. the lad sketched ranidlv. but! at ccun e,.r.
u..jf upon earin: in a owing euureiy to me lorbearance of V ..i" c 'Sl, f.ithfollv the o.itlir.Ps of -i hn81, ri.ent was Blij.pin?
few minutes all were ready to move, the American troops, who loath to kill!,,raTe,nse ra ,"e fuLr rses j cattle ,sal , o fi.thfullv, the outlines of a house 'cV flo
a-idwe immediately commenced our one who had fought so bravely, insis- IO . ' as , wu- . u . l, 'V 1" V-.r.Z " l" "5!the Bisho,, of
march tor Benedict. Here 1 must ex-! ted on his surrendering, whilst he. a,Iw,m a "1. 1 iaxT. "j."" lii oie. ue" , . r,ot .iof Farnham, my
mong whom I recollected (.'apt. Stoll'sj of beir.g taken to the camp, (the only j the road. The s
elegant company of riflemen, from, mode of conveyance,) he made desper-l the Western and S
settlers are mostly from;
how ed
nee acquired the art to which he! those on my back, and with thirteen tiiall"
;d such an ea.lv inclination, un-!pence in niv pocket. I found that I niust,
ner-ithe itestern ana southern iwrisui me u-: i , , D;,i,,in nrw-t l armrd.rtcriv ucnf
. j uerooeoi me mo i ceif o raieu i na icrs - i.ww, " - - - -. e j
Oeorgetowu, and certainly I never be-ate enorts at resistance. As soon as nited States, and live and transact busi-' V , ,itlf, r. '-on from olace to place, inquirinrr n,v wav
a hner looking set than they ! the fate ot Wise was discovered, (the "ess muh in the same manner that they j . . fthither A lone dav fit was in June)
. . . i . . . i . . i. . . . .-ii . ii surn liiut iii.iv "itt: fin ihhii-i . -
i mis juncture, wno should (squadron htiig within HO or 150 d, in those states, Acc. L.arge iieias oi : . . - r ) hrwjght me to Kichrmjnd in the afternoon.
... I ' ' ' ' - - ' " ' - " - , ... . I. . i l J J I
' f.t- .
or ins
lideup but the well known old veter-j yards.) Captain T hornton immediatelv
o -. Th:i: . . ii. I- , . - . ...
... mup oiu.ii i. iie oi course lormeu uis troop into nne, and lnquir
immediately assumed the command.jed who would volunteer to bring Mr.
At this moment it was discovered that Wise off the field. 1 immediately
a small body of the British were en-te?t forward, followed bv Mr. Tnn-
gaged in cutting down the green corn,
witn meirswords,ina farce held at the
foot of the hill, whil-t others were em
ployed in carrying it to the bea-h; for
the purpose, as we afterwards ascerJaaiaG. Thermon. brother efour
way, Mr. Man leville, and Mr. Reu
ben Withers. We proceeded to the
spotwh-re the body lay, under the
coestnand of our orderly Serjeant, Mr.
Two penny worth of bread and cheese, a
nrn nrocant thflnt!rc f i . fhf. V" 1 1 '
".V -- y J I
w hat may be deemed curious to a uorii.- " ! smom. "'mi fuuuc-, worth o! small beer, which 1 had
em farmer, some of it is now in uW,! lions is an engraving ot Chiet Justiceou th'e roaJj and one half penny that I lost
with cood roasting ears, while a part lsj Marshall, and it accurate resemblance Lomehew or other, left three pence iu mv
but a fere inches high! They have so ht- be the test ot periection, it is unsur- pocket. With this for my whole fortune.
passeu. i w as trudging through Richmond in my
i blue smock frock and my red garters tied
Seventeen thousand persons are said! under ray knees, when staricg about ray
to have died in Constantinople duringye fell upon a little book in a booksel-
the three weeks that the pla-jue raged ier- w indow, on the outside of w hi'ii,w a
tie winter in this latitude, (31 1-2 de:r.
north.) .hat they commence planting corn
in the latter part of January, and tiui-h
in July. In no part of America have 1
seen better corn than in this section of
country. Some cotton and w heat is like-
there. It has D9W subsided.
' written, "Tal'.- of a Tub f pries 3!

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