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vol- 3. N K 13.
WliOlX.vO. il7
TERMS. Two dollars per volume, iJ"jponeing th
Published every Saturday morains T: Mrpeaker-Frnm the little consideration j them to reap any benefit under this pro-j selves Fiee Quaker-; but they also have j to examine them, that the spirit of perse
Di f. HOLLOW ATf J which I have given this subject,! am not a-j viso. But suppose for a moment that the; nearly, or perhaps quite, become un-'cution is, and has been at work; and
Corner of .Maia aad Walking ! jbletodiscoverany ma teiialditference,as to names were collected, and a suit fcra-i known. jail that it wants to cairy it on uuconirol-
the ultimate consequence between post-! meneed, the uihiculties would not te sur-j I here is now a party who hive otli- leu, peipetrating its dread designs, is liiu
' , jponeing this bill to the first Mondav of De- mounted. It is a fact well kr.own, that in 'rially announced themselves as Orthodox aid of the strong arm i f the law applied
nu K)a!
liiiioiy re-
perhaps, only lenent to be derived from j born into the church and lcomes a mem- show. And why do they lav cluim to the corded, proving tothe world, th at some
pxwtponeinga bill toa succeeding session, her of the Ohio early Meeting, it its pa- high and imposing title ot Orthodox nttet n or twenty ol this peace able and
over postponeing it indefinitely, was. that rents reside w ithin the bounds of that ' Friends-'? Because they claim to have rt-?ie table Society wi re dragged
. f t .- " i i ir ...ii . .1 i ..II T..i . i. , i c? .., i ! . - . . . -
me expense oi auvernsirig a seconu ume, i .vieeung. nouiu nut uicw iimuit n aan uk .c-oioo ui me inniirnim ''"u'lrom the Tcniii.es ot worship and un
paid within the year, and two dollar an'j ieemher next,orpostponeingit indefinitely. 'the society of Friends, every child that is 'Friends, Quakers, as the records of the ; seriously and with weight and
fifty cents, if payment be delayed until jj have supposed that the principal, and,! Iiorn into the world, is at the same time Court of Chancery in a sister State will) Yes, Sir! theie is tin test
th vear expires. Aaveruseiwi ...
serted at the usual rates
4 True Copy of the original Bill for
"incorporating the Ohio yearly meetine?
a prrtented to the lat session o f the
legislature by the Orthodox Friends.
To incorporate the Ohio yearly meeting
for certain purpose therein upecifed.
Whereas the Ohio yearly meeting of
Friends hare received by don-ttion.sub-criotion
and otherwise, property and
fund for the purpose of esta dishing a
boarding school and now have the prom
ise of further donations and gratuities
from other yearly meetings an ! indivi
duals, for the same and like purposes;
and whereas, the said Ohio yearly meet
ing, It the prosecution of the object for
which said donations and subscriptions
were made, have purchased real estate,
near Mount Pleasant, in the county of
Jefferson, the legal title of which is now
io David tpdegralTin trust; Vow, there
fore, to enable the said Ohio yearly
meeting to take, hold and fully execute
the trusts aforesaid, and all other like
trusts created and held for like pur
poses. Swtiow I, Tie it enacted Ky the fieneral
Anttmhly of the State of Ohio, That H'il
liam Planner, Isaac Parker, Benjamin V.
Ladd, John Street, Jesse Kenworthy, Levi
Miller, Ac their associates, being members
of the said Ohio yearly meetiiur, be and
they are hereby created a body politic
and corporate, by the na ne of the "Ohio
earlr Meetinjr," and as such shall have
Herpetual succession, according, to the!
and the trouble of procuring new petitions j they became members of the Meeting,'are now calling upon us to as.-:st them in'.,,., ithin the dungeon's "Iooinv
were saved to the party applying for the have to be joined as plaintiffs or complain-jacquiring all the property. How does! n ! aiHj tlil. Ir, bv thi very part v
action of the Legislature. It I am cor-jants to the suit? In addition to this, io. a 'this comport with the character e f the ! ' " . . r V.i f :., . V-.'
. r . . y ., i r . i i - s i i . i :!iuare asking lor the arte! incorpoi-
rect in this nosirion. it is a m-itter of no suit wheie the members of one of the par- "enuine Quaker? Would it not have
consequence whether this hill le post-jties were so numerous, many deaths j been more honorable in them morccon
poned until the first Mondav of December would occur, and the party plaintiffs or,sistent with the character of that ancient
next, or post Mined indefinitely. This lull Icomplainants, would be continually ;aiid respectable Society to have first set-
if mv recollection is correct, was intro-jchanginjr, and the result must be a f.ii-j tied with their I tethreu; giving to each i
ation. Sir, perhaps, 1 may be inpirt
mistake!;, I think I have been informed
that one of the victims of this vindic
tive spirit nu t ot a incir.lt r of this
dticed into the Senate on leave, and with-j lure of success Of what service, then, is
out any petition; or if there whs any pe- this proviso, or any other that can be in-
i tit ioners were few in number. If! am; serted in this bill? From this hu-tv view
his lawful riuhi? Let them do this first J Society, liut Sir, he is a gentleman
and then if 'they come forward in the jof undoubted talent ai.d respectable
name ot rree Quakers, (whose principles lability, und what do g ntlcnieii nip-
incorrect on leave, and wi'hout petition, of this subject, I think this bill ought ; they appear to lipproximate) or any oth-ipose that he v. astntpi i?oticd for? Vhv,
I ask the genfJeman from Jefferson (Mr
McCausIen) to correct me. The gentle
man savs lam incorrect. B. it so, If
the petition is referred to, it will be seen
that it is signed by very few; perhaps on
ly bv the half d.zen whose names are
sought to lie incoriKjrated by this bill.
Then, Sir it is not necessary that this
nill should tie postponed to th- first Mon
lav in Decemiier next, in order that :he
trouble of procuring new petitions mav
never to pass into a law, and shall there- cr name save that ol the Ohio learlv jsir it was because l:e tointnitted the
fiire vote fir its indefinite postp'.oment. 'Meeting of Friends, we can have no o! . U,p;tj -JoiiaMe sin of shouting Huzza
.Mk. KcEintH: I li-e Mr. Speaker, 'jection to incorporate t lit in; but toin -or-Jfor Jackson; and that too, at a trial
to make a fi:w remarks in relation to this! porate them in that name would he toj wivn (jie martial spirit appeared (o
bill. First in order to explain my views,cat a burlesque on religion we " pre Jominate over everv other, liut
and the principles w Inch shall govern my do ,t. But i,o,s:.v they, we are the Or-(o hp s; , , hayc p;iiJ
ae:,ons in relation to it; and secondly, to '.ImkIox tnends; we have all, the religion cl;cu h (o fo:;vincc hh house of hc
lve wi i t iril orm:.il'Jii w lin n, oeruaos, 15 uou c win u.i 111c uvucio iui .
1 .
not general I v know n.
The S-ieiety of Friends, is divided into
wo oarties; each claiming to le the S-
bc saved. Anew petition -ined :;s nu-;ietv ol r newts, and eacn noi.iing an
merouslv as this i-, may l e procured epj. l merest, in prooortion to their num
wiThoiit much trouble or ditficultv . Asj' ers, hi st(K-ks, binds and tenements,
fo the notice required by ihe aci of As,-1 held in common. Now as neither part,
semi ly of the intention of making he .'p- nor the Society conjoiutlv , are known in
il leaf 1011 tor the p.iss.ige 01 an act .t 111-
! corporation, where is if ? What evidence
have we tha' the notice required by law
has been given? Where tnere are so
many persons interested, and so much
ir ipertv concerned will we not require
discipline, and order of the society of s w. pr(,f that the r;-Vi e requited
by I.:W has teen given? 1 he fact is, ti.at
no such notice has ber-i given, and if the
gentleman (.M M-rCiuslen) who ap
pears to have tiie care of this mil, had not
liimself moved f r its postponement to the
first Monday in Decemler and h id en
deavoured to procure its passage through
this House, I should have insisted, and
eirnestlv insisted, that he should pro
duce some evidence that the legal notice
had leen given. Then, Sir if it is a
case which requires notice as it actually
is. there can oe no expense saved bj not
ij.'istponeing it in b finitcl v
Friends, called Quakers, and shall be ca
pa'ile by that name of suing and being
sued, of pleading and being impleaded, in
all courts of law and equity: and whea
and r prosecuted in anyway, the ser
i r:. of any process by copy on the c lerk
of -a: I yearly meetin?, shall be taken and
e:.e;veJ in all courts as good and legal
arrv:cc. W the said yearly meeting is
ace y nade capable of establishing, re
ftlati g and governing the board ingschool
for which donations have been made as
aforesaid, and any other school or institu
tion of a literary, benevoleat or religious
Aharacter, for which donations, cfts or
Rarities, have been or -nay hereafter be
bestowed; and for those purposes shall oe
law it would 1 e a violation ol ti pru-ci-,-des
of jisti'-e toward ,oth parties of this
Legislature o '-eeognize ibe piincirh -con'-iincd
in this bill. For it isevid. ri
that i wou-d be granting exchisive juris
'fiction to one partv, over funds, lands
1 ud tenements, v hich are m held by
both farties, as tenants in common. To
ecoi'iiize either part , as the Society ol
Friends, by an act ol legislation t w ould j act to incorporate their meetings or their
U; doing great injusti e to the other p arty , schools, would I e a direct v iolation of the
until after thev sh.il have settled their j principles by whit hthev pofe.cs to be gov-
differences and disputes; for it would sul -jern d.
ject them to long and expensive litigation;' Who, ever has at any firmer time
if not to actual loss Neither party I e-jknow 11 this people, orany partv assunnng
lug known in law, it would be impossiblejtheir names, to apply for the benefit of
The gentleman who have prec-ded me
cana de of receiving, holding and enjoying in the brief iiscussion that h.;S taken place
any estate, r.'l, pciioiiml nU,l , find f j tUi t.l'-jet-t li ' v o ull Kd rcfiruncc to
transferring and alienating the sa ue; amlj-j,e revision which is wt-ll kn wu to exist
all contracts heretofore male :.y sai- year- L. .u ietv of Frien.'.s. In the t'.'w
a .t I
ly meeting for an.! on accoum o. ...e uu,u- f,trtn..r rera ,r.s wlii-l, I have to sub. nit, tin, like disposition ; having held out
lions, simscnpi iou - i shall view tlieui as one, united body ot lovertures of compromise ami solicited
mentioned. JTtid within t be purposes and u 1 . ! i 1 .l c .1 1 .
-obiects "hereof, shall enure t" the benefit, loo,de,and as H nodivisi .:. had ever Uk- their brethren of the ,her partv, t.me
an-l become the rijjlit, of the said yearly l';ice among them. When I cast m.j: ud again to settle their differences :-.mi-meeting
under this act of incorporation; eve over the preamble and first section of ;cal h, and upon the principle of justice
Irorideit, nevertheless, that the real estate Jthi- bill, I see enough fo carry eoiivicM-m jand honor, are not heard on the occasion
which thesuid "Ohio yearly neetin" may j rHV mind, that it .uht not to pass into! at all, or at most but partially. It is true
at siiiy time ,-osess in its corporate capaci-j , j,iw t tate.i in this preamble thatjthat after thi- bill had been got up in the
to recognize one party bv law, as the so- such a law? Thev have had their uwet-
ciety of Friends; and at the same time to'ings, and they have had their schools from
guard the rights and interests of the .-tiler
party, w ith out taking cognizance of
he"i and all the names of th :sr iridni. di
als who constitute such "ther partv.
Vow. Sir, in order to do justice 10 loth
jmriics, iit- limiM t"'li be heard oil the
ul ject. Whereas, the party which h s
manifested the most honest, just, ni Chris
inger of 'premature legislation on this
important matter. 1 feel that I have
discharged niV duty towards my own
conscience, and the high responsibility
under which I act. Aui wit!) a linn
coiitideace in the virtue and integrity
of this honorable body I leave the fate
of the hill to their decision, hoping that
the motion to postpone the hill inde
lii.itelv will he sustained.
Mk. IIahlvn: We are informed,
Mr. Speaker; that the Ohio Yearly
Meeting of Friends is divided into two
parties; how far this may lie correct
few of 11 are able to saj, but I have
my doubts of its being a fact. 1 will
admit, (as the gentleman from Fair
field hath stated,) a large party has
gone out from the Society of Friends;
who, as we are informed, have officially
denominated themselves Orthodox
Friends or Quakers. Now. sir, the
question will naturally arise, whe ther
it is thispart v,ortbe Society of Friend.
that has applied for this act. On a
.ne commencement 01 me o.k-ici v, w iui- roptr solution of this qui Stion, inucll
While their brethren, little thinking of
what is transacting heir ; never having no
voice in the matter w hutever, are anxious
and waiting to do justice between man
and man. They are willing to allow
their Orthodox brethren so called, an
equal quota of the religion also! Thev
do not come here seeking fivours that
would conflict with the inTcrcsts of iheii
Mrethren; tberebv li-:raciiig the high
character which they have here totoiesu j
t lined. No, they intend to exhibit to the
world by their actions by the fruit of
their religion, that thev are worthy to be
called the family "f Penn. They know
that to upplv to a Legislative Ixnly f r an
out such nid. And now for the first tim
do they think it necessary fo call the law
'o their aid and support (or a party as
suming their name,) and under circum-
-i.nices 100, which involves suspicion of
fraud and deception. j
Let us for a moment Sir, retrospect the
origin and history of this ancient Societv ,;
and we will find that it is peculiarly enti
tled to our most respectful consideration.'
The Society of Friends was founded b
its to tin- justice or?' justice of what we
may do this day de pends. Then, I ow
is this question to be solved? hat
clue have we that will bring us to the
truth of the matter? We are well a
w.;ie that the party prnving to be in
corporated, claim to he the Ohio
Yearly Meeting of Friends. JJutw bat
evidence have we that Ladd, Parker,
Street, I burner, Miller and their asso-
ty, shall not excee.i in us ;e4n ..,e.w hcrfilj j ir,l(, amount of pr-.-ertv. real ! m"st secret manner possiHe, and had!
th amount of five thousand dollars; a id . . . , .i :.. ,u.. rv : .' V .. I 1 .1. . c .1 ' 1
. .l c 1 ;,i,t .m1'"1 ' c '"'"', 'C,",!;I"S i 1 11- i,ieu u:e ocn.1 it , wie. rre iiiioriueii oiwuri as oe'gmi 10 i.e
jprovmra a.-. -"V; f,...ti,r The ffeilt emur flr. Aew-'forlhe first . th.tMicb a nr. iect :.s ted If is a sul.iecr .,f ol
mav alltr or amend IM act, umii or inoni- .. - , 1. . . . . . .1 . J . -
fr the powers herein granted, as may .eem 0 ) vh ' ,dst addressed you says, that ho.foot. And gentlemen, what do they do? :rret that the principles of
ciieciuanv resis-
iihifithrotc re-
the genuine
consonant with the pu die welfare and con-. "H"v"r" ' "hhoiii i : ,it- ii-n . n 11 1 :ne icei 11 .1 nun o . i kci a 1 e so iinjiei ie iiy ano p 1 1 11a il
ostein with vested rights. ;ein arise fr-un th? passage of this bill ; ; remonstrate against i. Thev having full j know n, disseminatetl and practised upon.
Sic That the Ohio vearlv meetin- hat the difficulties suggested are phan- jcmfld-ticp in ihe int-gritv of this II.'Use.tTheir moral tendency wi'l l; found to be
fso long as it shall continue in unity with Mms conjured up to he members of the I have sent 011 'heir remonstrance, f igned 'directing the axe ed reformation at the
. . 1 . . . . 1 - . . I T.l . ..... . ' -.I .11
th-frrcat tiodf ol llie society i r nciius iir 1 I mis II usc, mui im inn 'ifts ecu re-: i;
fJeorge F'x; a man who rose cotempora-: ciatcs, are members of the Society of
ry with Sidnev, ,tnl t!o patriots of tha' Friends? U hv sir, we have not "the
da, wherein the rights of man first I e-; shadow of testii'itonv that would fo in
gan to be properly appreci'-ited and under- ti,e lcast, to make 'it appear that they
sto.,1, and the tyranny of the house fjiave l!ie IIlOSt distant daim lo that tl.
m ;ns ofh m resjiertable citizens I root of king-craft and priest-craft; and
t-alle' Quakers, in f"u rope and America, fere. to the Jnlici ir cunnthte in the of this S' -te; it is rur-many hate siged they have dona much toward the eradica-'seiit from theopition of that honorable
tie. This the last section in the hill,
w hich has been put as an amendment,
seems to admit, and the gei'tlt inn f iom
Jefferson (Mr. It tch) te lls us that in
his opinion thisame n truer. t is suffic ient
to gaurd the right of the Society of
friends; but I must beg leave to difc.-
tbat hoio the ancient doctrines aad pnnci- Semite, and tint it Inspired th: t km . . ; thir rem. nsfram e who are not members
'ait I would ask gentle
- .,;.. tt. . ... .,,.,.n., !..: - . .1 - : 1 . r .1
lit 1 uigs. and in the regular and orderly
in evidence of the right-
ting of both by maintaining the rights of
man at every haztrd. An unjust law,
even though enacted by tyrants expressly
pies of church government of the said so- , h.,VR everv r(,N,P(t f r the gentle-of the S--ieH ; I
cicty.) shall have the power n t regular c ,h it ,.in!)Mt hpv an-pen is not this;
11 1 1 1 1 IT H - allU lit INC Kuiai mi vivivni . 1 4 i I i; -I- a 1 1 its 1 -
;. "..,,.,..,; '.mip -M-rnrdinn- gentlemen of much legal lef.ri.ini, and ,..,,ii,..r.s . f their c:msc? And what do.forthe purpose of e.pnresing and exter
to the usages and discipline of said socie- stand high in their profession but with thev tell on in their remonstrance? In ! minalmg this people, will be ascompictely
ty of adopting any proper measures, orders' i'l due defference to tlieui, I ask the h-:he 1 ugiiagc of the true Quker.they teil inopperutive so long as thev adhere to
or regulations for the estaulish-.ent and lKrty "t 'hirikiu r, juoging and acting tor i they cannot so far recognize their j their primary principles (and I trust that
ovcnirneai 01 ine sam ouarui uioi m m' su minis miner. ; rignto to near arms as to upply lor such
iir;er senooi or iu-iiiuii"i " "' j- -i i no ,reine memoers 01 ine i;nio;nn act; cientiemen, li tliere were no
ty nieeting .nay establish by virtue of, and Yearlv Meeting, into whose hands we arelriffbts inv olveo- in this eiuestion. and we
r their primary principles (and I trust that (he we wi ,,ave , - ,a,
h there are many who ao) as the passing : hfcn AnJ ? ,
o zepbvr, which is never heard and but .. - . t 1 1 .
elslightlv felt, lxt th,s t ill become a law .'T , 1 "vi tr hl
stand 1 venture to predict, that twive i-'s ) aiktr,l lannertheir nssociat
gentleman. The first section of this
bill, goes to recognize and establish
Ladd, Manner, 1'ai keranJ their asso
ciates, as the Soci. ty of Friends, and
after w e shall have done this, vain will
be the attempt to gaurd the lights of
the Society; we will have legislated
within toe powers given "7 , ana 01 Uut fo legislate all thi- property spoken! were desirous to pasa law for the express! and 1 venture to predict, that twelve! ,'aUd' 1 1 irtiieir associates!
appoi.ue.g and "'J-; of in the preamble ?-WI,y. Sir, we arcj purpose of disgracing this people; this is! months will not have passed away before! A,.'d w,' s il tiicn they a-sociate wilh?
ali.ToHnvesti u-' them with sur-h powers as' told in the first section of this bill that the very act we ought to pass, we could ', the jails of the counties where this people ')' Slr il "ppcars that they are
ml e requisite to accomplish the o. jects hey are tho six men whose names are; pass none th at would more effectually do; reside, will be filled to overflowing. .E-,aonie of the leaders of this orthodox
of t.ii? act: Pawled that in every case in merein menunuen, tin mcir ssociaies. t if. luie tne other party to wtioni taese qtial rights and strict justice7 is, and ever! P11 course, tticir l scvrtliodoX
t ntnds. 1 he scli-t h d Sin.o:i 1'ures
of the land are their associates, if they
h.HP :inv. Ati1 iir if I 1t tilttr-
ary. charitable or religious o- ject or piir- onv associates, or if thev hive, that thev to the whnln world, that thev would l.v. Thev will mmlr.nP t,. Kcn.ldo in th.K. .i.:-.... .- ...Wj 1
... , : ! ' i " I m t oiiai .0. 110113 t!lU I hliOWr l no Ol.l
be regarded, and the donation shall forever ",'7, -7 V V V V , i -pl- .'... n.. o ..uu .... un inai mey er cr,teilou hy wb.cli to judge in tint
be ued, employed and appropriated to the n inev w ... . u me w u-.e ; to ot lain an aci ot tms AMintri v, reeog- know is t,y justice guaranteed to them,auy cas siOUl j tlliljk lhat the w,,ol.
vk and only object and purpose for which' thls proinrtv ,nto the banns and pos-, mz.ng them as the S.e,e!y of Friends to la w to the contrary notw ithstanding. wei ht o( t(.s,iinonv as lo thvir i(.iu
the donor intended it; Provided also; that session ot these six or eight men. ;the ex- lesion of their brethren. Do they, Hieir Orthodox brethren; es, this party ; . ,fl(..t .... cf iVie-d n rlirrrtlv
the funds or other property of the said ' Bu gentlemen tell us there is proviso! not thereby tell us in so man,' words, of ephemeral growth, who' claims every ! , .!! , "1 , " '
yearly meeting, whether held intrust or in in this bill which saves and excepts thejthat thev are willing to forego their thing spiritual and temporal, when thus! a",5t , "V earelfdl that they
it own right, shall never be employed in rights of others. Yes, sir, truely here is claim to the title of Friend ? If I under- legalized in the commission of fraud, wiil jl,avt: a,readv Wretched out the iron
the business of banking. 'a nr.vis.v and let u examine its s.iviiif tt thin.r f th r.rinir.b. ,.f.l,; it,Kn,.l,-M ,.rik .k..Jrodof persecution ov (T the heads ol
impair or alter, or ia any wise effect, any
of the usage, customs, orders, or ri
who b any don.it in of any kind his been. Who are their associates; and how manv , friendly and christian overtures have been has been, the ir motto: and no law ever
ma;e, or shall hereafter be made to the are thereof them? We have no evidence repeatedly made, and who have as uni- has, or can, be enacted, which will have
sal' ";hio yearly meeting" for any liter- ,U.lt these six men have, or wi'l ilaVC.' form!. trentnA them tvilh corn -de!rii.tr iviuer to divert them f.-nm ibir r.nrn.,
poe, ttie Intents Ol tne uonorsnail loreter -.. . more th.in two in number tlu nroncrlv or nmr-arp nnw wLin n!ari' nod :.r fh ,.nr.nsa Kr,t tl.o,
who thev will admit to legislate the w hole ; to obtain an act of this Assembly, recogl know is bv justice guaranteed to them. any
ff-et. To do this, it may be necessiirv : Sneietv and of the use of lamrtiage thev 'derived, and bv the tiid of Sher;7fi. t vn- those w ith w horn they had w o:.t to be
i. ant - . .i .i. ii . - , . . - . . - . . ' . . ' i! ... i . t? i.
'f to inquire vvno tne persons are in u reauv surelv do. 31av we not rensonablv ex- s'ables, :.nJ psse cormtatus. w ill dra the 111 iewaiJip. .ir, vv no ever licaiu ci
lies OI . kl i T . - t ' ' . . . " . ' . ' .14..- r w -
'"ouipose the
a Ohi Yearlv Meeting? Jpect b see them ere long in our muster Hi' ksites, to whom the appellation of, the Society of Friends, persecuting
a w h !e inxly of Friends resid-Juround. and if necI be, in the field of bat- christian seems more justly to belong; a'0 body to Lx.ur.ds anJ injprifoti-
licinlinc . used and nractised bv the said
Ol io vearlv meeting, or their ineetinsr for Thev are the
jtuJe rings, or other subordinate branches i'lg in the principal part of the State of j tt This would be a great acquisition L from altars raise! fr the worship ol" a; n.ei.t?
sai.i iaioycdny ineeiing. loucrnng meir utiio, me efern parts oi i cnusv i anut .admit, but we nave no need ot passing mercitul Creator and incarcerate them m I Lei.tlemtn may th;;.k that it was
srions concerns, or the religi.ms rights .m l probably Western Virginia ; these are; this law in order to obtain it, for surely i loathsome and fifthv dungeons, thrusting but a lif lit matter! that it w as no rrrca
privileges i cne inaivi.iual memoers ,K.. nersoiisthnt eomuose the Ohio earl v j thev will never n end conscience in bar 'them amid common f.-'otw. until iiKiiro l 1, v.... ... i... , t ...
,f.orthe property which the said Mv,ctin;, If e piss this bill into a law,! to their defending their country her! itself shall mourn and mercy crv abiu,!-! c. j"V.' .T'."".," ...
- . -- Oii oii-'.oi rxi.u n lii:il illllflil.'
I Ihin i.ir rierilit liOW nll.l on.f svifre . .
c .. " , . ..- , aim p'li inio ine iiussessioii m iii.-pia or aifer landeverv natno. oi;i Incomes inerce.i i i i c
for the cointnon use and bene tit ot the. . , ,, . ., . ' . . . ! ''"J'ul.1 I'"" " I tr u and be tibetl s:x and o:.e fo::i !n rent-.
whole society; all which usage,, custom., mea a" .In,e Pr"I"y oi mesocieiv. 1 here never has, nor can there ever I.e.! with the groans oi oppression : fchall we . , ftoftlr be'-v fined
. 3 . . - . -'ion. ffWlK nt nnmprtn rrtfiin it.wf . .! ..;0t,- r.f VwiA ,.;,!. 'l .r,..., !:i..t: t ''Ul I..L len I til U.P.r Ot.Ii Dnctl
CT'.ierS, riliCS, UlSCipiiue, riicills aua pri-;"1" . ........ f-i - - - ' ; m'.m nmu xj-.t- w. n.ii..-. ...m-rucai.ccssui i...ui-).nuii.i-r 1 1 rs. 1. liii-. rrr f 'i T--.--. '
remedy will the other mem?ers of the so-1 out some contradistinction. The:
ilexes and property, are reserved to. the
said meeting and its mem ers, in the same
mariner and to the same extent as though
this act had not been passed.
Remarks in the Ohio fjcgilt!ure vf Mr.
BLOCKSOM in the lloute of Repre
ser.tii!ire, Feb. on the motion to
postpone the Bill toiiwor -porate the Ohio
Ye-irln Martin indetinitelu. the motif
to postpone until the fir t VWer; of; ',?!s r Ci? nmnts in the sni'7 It thev
x December next. Icing also pending. ; would, this woul d render it impossible for
e mav
HV, i ; t f .i c , no m re goes to prove that ittrticehaa
eaven torbiur (.entlcruen mav fet-i i -
shed to think that in this a-e of mouni, tue miKicent to f uffl-r, in c.r-
boasted light and Christian nieiv. there Soer 10 a '"w ina;u vcr was in-
should be anv forelxiings .f scenes like!tenJ;d to be u-cd lr'r 5,0 nnghtcou
ciety have? What will tie the benefit of i,.lVe been parties in the Society, or rath-Ustoni.
this Lir-'Viso; ami wnat remedy wni thev jer, parties may h ive gone out from the
hay.? If thev wished to bring a suit at ig,, r;etv. There was once a partv dc-
'hw , or file a bill in chancery against j nominated the Keith party, that rose upj these; but we can only Ly analogy juJgei Purl'e ar.J this hill, if it heronries
these six or eight men, would not every , in opposition to William Perm, but thatlof the future from the records cf past, and a wih cap the climax of the whole.
mem er oi tne sociey. numerous as ui- ; party has long ceased to exist; it that par
are, r.nd inhabiting s large a tract of . tv had been recognized by law as theSo-
mntry as thev do, have to jom .-.s plain-: cictv of Friends, then the Society of
Friends must ha velecomeexf incf ere now.
There nas also a pnrty who styled them-
I will refer Gentlemen to the records of j independent of ILe provi-ions and
the Court of Jefferson county, as one! guards that gentlemen seem to rely
source of evidence ujk.o which this pre-' so much upon. Bit who ever heard
diction is based. Those books w ii! con-jof the Soc iot v of Friends being guilty
vince every mo a who will tike the trcmb!e0f such an citra-c on humanity, a? .

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