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VOL. 3.' NO. 19.
WHOLE NO. 123.
Published every Saturday moraiag, TT
P. . nOLLOWAT, f ' "
Corner of Mais aad Wasaiagtoa street
For the Richmond Palladia.
As the approaching Congressional
election id a subject of much interest
and importance to the people of this
district, it become a matter of some
consequence for them to deliberate
and reflect as to the course which their
interest would prompt them to pursue.
In electing public agents, to discharge
the duties of high and responsible out
ces, every thing like personal feeling
and individual predilections should be
discarded from our minds; and we
should act with an eye to the general
good and the public welfare.
Keeping this object in view, it is
my intention brietiy to examine the
situation of affairs in this district, in re
lation to the congressional election,
and also to notice the different gentle
men who arc now placed before the
people in the attitude of candidates for
their suffrages.
Gen. Jonathan McCarty, our late
Representative in Congress is again
before the people as a candidate, and
as a matter of course his public con
duct becomes a fair subject ofc discus
sion. He has been for several years
known as a ym and decided parti
san of Ge"Jackson ; and it is well
known that his success at the late elec
tion was owing more to his party zeal,
than to any. qualifications or merits
which he possesses to discharge the du
ties of the office to which he was elec
ted. He has represented us two years,
the most active part he appears to
have taken in relation to any of the
important measures before the House,
was his opposition to the U nited states
Bank, although it is well known that a
large majority of his constituents
iere in favour of re-chartering that
institution. Rut it seems that Gen.
JUcCarty not satisfied with votinga
gainst the bill to re-charter the Bank,
at the last session voted ia favour of
declaring it an unsafe deposit for the
public money. The question , of the
re-charter of this institution will doubt
less be presented the next Congress
for its determination, and it therefore
becomes important for the people of
thi district to elect an individual who
will represent their true wishes. It is
a fact of which every individual must
be aware, that a majority of the voter
of this district are opposed to the re
elect ioo of Gen. McCarty; and that
his friends only hope for his success by
producing a division among his oppo
nents. There is in the district a ma
jority of about fifteen hundred Nation
al Republicans, ana u tney snouia act
in concert their efforts must be suc
cessful. In . opposition to Gen. McCarty
there is already in the field two can
didates who are both National Re
puclicans, Jan.-s Rariden Esq. of this
county, and Oliver H. Smith Esq. of!
Fayette coa-.ty. Air. ttariden has re
sided many years in this county, which
hi- It'H frequently represented in the
State Legislature. He possesses tal
ents ot a respectable order an J has ac-quirt-d
some reputation as a lawyer,
ahuougn it is well known that his ha
bits are not of that industrious kind
which make the roan of business. '
Air. &niith is well kiown in every
pait ot the district, which he has re
presented in Congress two years with
credit to himself and benefit to tiie the
people. When Mr. Smith was a can
didate a second time, Judge Test be
came a candidate and also Gen. McCar
ty. Finding at thai time, that should
he and Judge Test both continue in
the held, the wishesof a majority ot the;
people of the district would be frustra
ted by the election of Gen. McCarty;
he magnanimously declined standing a
pod, in order that the National Re
publicans might have it in their power
to elect an individual whose views
coincided with their own.
At the next election, two years ago,
Judge lest agam became a candidal
aad continued m the field when he
abandoned nil hopes of success.
the most desperate exe tions ,6n his
part and some of his friends a suffi
ciency of votes was diverted fr
Smith to elect Gen. McCarty
question is now presented to t
pie for their consideration, w1
they will again elect an indittidt
Y7hohas disregarded their wtshesNnd
pursue! a coarse adverse to mcir
best interests. The "remark l Te
commonly made that either Mr. Rari
den or Mr. Smith could succeed over
-Gen. McCarty if they should run tin
gle handed against him. It is also
tit -ugM b many that should ther both
ran Gen. McCartv' will be elc-c
This however I think is by no means
probable. If those who are. opposed
to Gen. McCarty's election wiU act in
concert, he cannot be elected.
Such being the situation of affairs, it
becomes a matter of some consequence
for me national Kepablicans to deter
mine which of the two individuals, Mr.
RarideD, or Mr. Smith it is their in
terest to support. In relation to this
matter 1 will make a few remarks, the
truth of which I submit to the candid
consideration of the people. It is well
known to all, that Mr. Smith from his
long acquaintance among the people
of this district, his high standing as a
Lawyer, his industrious and perserv
ing habits, and from two years active
service as a member of Congress, en
joys in a high degree the confidence
and esteem of the people. And when
we reflect too that for a number of
years he has taken the most decided
and active course to sustain the Na
tional Republican cause, and that the
bitterness of feeling manifested to
wards him by many of the supporters
of Gen. Jackson, was occasioned by
his efforts to sustain that cause, who
can doubt for a moment, that the
friends of tnat cause will unite on him
more readily than upon any other in
dividual? And indeed I would ask
whether it would be right, that he
should be permitted by the friends of
tfr. Clay to suffer for his very zeal in
their behalf.
Attempts will doubtless be made to
excite a local feeling in favour of Mr.
Rariden, and to induce the people of
VV ayne to support him on the ground
of his being a citizen of the county. J
think however that a moments reflec
tion will satisfy any individual that a
question of this kind should have no in
fluence upon him in giving his vote.
It is not likely that there will be pre
sented to the next Congress a.iy local
question involving the interest of the
eopIe of this county, more than of oth
ers in the district. The question upon
which our Representative will be cah
led to act. will be such as must be im
portant to the people in every part of
the country. And evensupposmg that
the local interests of the county of
Wayne should be involved in some
question which may be presented to
the next Congress; we have every rea
son to believe that Mr. Smith would
adhere to our interests with as much
integrity and as much firmness as Mr,
Rariden would. It will be recollect
ed that when Mr. Smith was in Con
gress before, the National road, which
now runs through our county, was not
permanently located, and yet he al
though a citizen of the county of Fay
ette, used every exertion to have it
cut out and opened on its present loca
tion. Ifhe would have been govern
ed by local feelings, why did he not at
that time endeavour to have its loca
tion changed so to carry it through his
owl couiity? The reason is obvious.
Because he wished to discharge his
duty to the public impartially without
regard to sectional feeling. fler
suggesting there that it must be appa
rent to every individual who is acquain
ted throughout the district, that Mr.
Rariden has no prospect of success;
and that the question must ho nloae
between Mr. Smith and Gen. McCar
ty, I would say to those who are op
posed to Gen. McCarty's election, that
by concentrating your efforts on one in
dividual you may elect a man whose
views and principles coincide with
your own, and who will represent your
true wishes.
These remarks arc made from no
unkind feeling towards Mr. Rariden,
whom I respect and esteem, but from
a consciousness tnat at this time it is
impossible far him to succeed, and that
his friends are hazirding his and their
own interests by attempting to elect
him at this time. The present are
times when every friend to his country
should fpeak fearlessly and indepen
dently and the people should look well
to tneir interests. . P.
For the Richmond Palladium.
The famous reception that the part ofi
our "History aad "reflections thereon
met with from the public, induced us to
hasten for the press aa "exhibit,"" of the
tour days in detail mat ia our nisiorj
a,vdreflections wc passed over with a hop,
step ana jump, vo.mnu.uoa iron jphi;rwrhicieph3tlts constituted, ap
lJlst number of the Richmond Pallaoi-i -nttH i . ' hv the fr-an eommittee
. d . . r .i !
where we refer our readers for a
more judgmatical headin;
cst moentus? are thev going to
formally set out again.
ig men us, ai.cr
rtablo lining for
ths inside ofon?
we mounted
mr jc
t-wanl- honie; elated atiS;'-
- re rcsrin, K"
fatigue of the journey was greatly allevi-' the better 'direction? the boy told the
ated by the anticipation of ihegWious truth. Hook fairly foaiued, jumped Jua
reception we would there meet. ' Yea, Crow, and swallowed the ..tnxly? of one
verily, (3rd month 8tb5) we have been tojof the boy's onions whole, he got in a per-
tbe wall of the world, aad what we have
seen, and beard, and done, and our "re
flections'1 thereon, will furnish matter of
astonishment and admiration to all who
shall ever see or bear the relation
thereof. Should we only live to reach
home and write our history, immortality
is ours "sure as a gun,'" for since the day
that our old Grandfather Adam "with his
pug turned up iwse,' first scented earth-
ly air did any man ever make such a
trip. Only think on it, "the honor such a
"kindness" of the good "Committee," the
"scourges, the "stratagems1 we made,!
the "dog we seen," the "resections' we
had on the manner of crossing the Ohio
river, 'the short tailed horse we teought
of Charley 0Harra,""Shaplc j O wen, &.
"Big Rackoon," the ferry men, the lad
chopping at the SugajfSree with a axe
with a black handle, his toothing song,
all, all, sure never was the like before
never will be the like again. , Let fools
talk of the "Histories," of Alexander,
Caesar, Napoleon, Blacky Hawk, pshaw,
nonsense, downright fSsensc, perfect
ftofery; did they eve see 4,our spotted
dc!r," or -lad chopping at the Sugar tree V
X ! never, not one breath of it. Did
they or either of them ever receive any
rf the "precious," "sweet' "Committee's
lioino Shinersf Not one tip of it. No,
their "altercations fiery souls, were ut
ter strangers to these things. Thev done
nothing but light, and the "dear," "res
pectable Committee" dont approve of
that. Their lives were made up of 'broils,
altercatious and misadventures," Cx-sar,
Alexander, iNapoleon, Black Hawk, (and
we'll throw Gen. Jackson into the bargain)
saw nut what we saw, done not what we
have done, heard not what we have
heard about the "ioy and the sugar tree,"
and "our reflections," ave there's the rub,
tho "light of our scorching reflections,
never shown with borrowed lustre thro'
vitrious tectums upon theiropaque bodies.
"II ii-.rjs," "Tom Thumb," "Gullivers
Travel's," "Miss Porter's Scottish Chiefs,'
and all the "circumstances connected
ith Wallace's Tree," will all be gone,
ah! one to the tomb of the Capulets ere
our names and our "broad visaged,1
"sharp featured," "titrious tectum travels
shall approach within hn even of the
zenith of their fame. Thus
diil we quere with immortalit-, when all
;t once what the face of the earth
should appear ahead but a boy "with a
turned up nose," and "corners to his
mouth," "huge buttons," and no "beaver,"
at all oa tho "side," or any other part of
"nis neau, not even a ra.-n-.eaver, s
the boys call 'em;) on a horse with a tail,
sitting on a bag "like a sentinel on a
watca tower, exercising a supervision
over us," away went in an mstint our cas
tles in the air, all our "reflections," van
ished in an instant, "like the baseless fa
bric of a vision and left not a wretch be
bin J." What's to be done? O ir first im
pression was to rake (what's vulgarly cal
led) the "-hute," Mid let the supervisor
reurn "uoncst momcntusf as "the profes
sion" wuld say, which in plain English
means " not found." Mr. Sutherland h id
recourse to our instructions from the
"Committee," and also our executed "jug
gling" "power of attorney ," (lie r An read.)
Bu; in dismay he iifi rmed Mr. Hook that
t-nonest moenlus" therein, about taking
the "shate" either expressed or implied;
this we ooth Attributed to the phrase
sounding a la militatre. "This is a 'col
iectral' diiemmn, plainly exioited to me,"
said Mr. IIook,(scracthing his head and
looking wise like the la wyers when they
re at a loss, and want honest folks to
think "thev ken a abootit,) A lien "like a
rush light," scorching his bosom," beam-jgul nigger iawver? Nl! W.isit Harris?
ed an idea upon his unaccountable soul.; No! Archey? No! you'd never guess till
have it," said he, "make stratagtims to; the day after eternity. Then we'll t.;ll
him no longer seem the negro's friend you wh at it was; it was a Terrapin (some
abandon open inquiry assume a new jeall them Tarpmes, but we say Terr-a-dress
which 1 am sure nevei fitted you -pin.) Yes, a Terr-a-pin, and it had a
even in Kentuck where it is daily worn
sally forth in your new garb and talk
much about the slave market of this infer
nal traffic" but mind Sutherland, talk
in a suppiisa' voice, be 4fblol to a bar
gain don't purchase. I take that boy for
a tiorper. Mr. fcutncrland inquired,;
'Does oar instructions from the inestima-lthat)
blc committee authorise us to talk in a deep biucish red,and ifs"eye" bloodshot,
supprise voice, and lie or seem to lie." j (no member of the Temperance society.
"Never mind," said Hook, ugo it Jfrry.'ld f look.) its back speckled, unique and
we'll talk about that when we get home." j picturesque in its whole appearance, and
No sooner said taan done. "Boy, quoth;
Sutherland, "Have you gotany little nig
gers to sell f "No, said Monday, ! got
ingias." "No tricks upon ttavellers,",
responded Sutherland, "stand boy, if you
stir one inch I'il eat you up instantly, bag,
horse and all, for my supper; dt you
. . l f no, ,heref.re!kn?.' seC how well he carries his head
n, inorm vy we are Grand-moving-She's
j,, .a.r.:. .Kr..vftk-.ot
toffiiendsin the vererecf whits water fneet-
- . . - noop Ahv M
. - t.uln.ntp1 intn -trrnalhon-
I 7 . ( -
dage,Hook I say scourge into that bagj"
"Thunder, said the Hoosheroon to vou
and Archy Murphy too, that ars bag
has'nt got nothing in it but logins mother
seaden till "the store." Owing " to some
unknown cause or other unknown to vis,'"
and contrary to all "externa! evidence or
feet fury at finding poor. Innocent Archey
thusfashethoahtiipthrousbhisfinn-crs.'inow the reasoti whvf "ranted, vrr!I
Monday (as Hook tho'lght) making the? then 111 tell you; you look like a grand-
onions the "scape goaf." Then we eved
each other, shook uar heads, (our insti-uc-
nons and power "attorney, authorising j that, n gain, from your travelling "gate I
no altercations) ana "deeply exercised" ;pres;m;e yoa have not very lately Iveti in
we departed. Dumb foundered, silent asjivuon, neither have F, ami from the "o.x
the grave, we journeyed on. Hook first Ucrnal evidence. of vour ehapc.Mr. Ter-
broke silence: "alia burlesque ortici?,apia I eatertaia ttrong doubts ot" you.
said he, "1 pried into the private matters '.ever having hugged a Scotch tailor,
j of that bag, but it would'ut take, the on-j neither have 1, and 1 presume you are h
lions ou may dipend on't were the scape int'en-an Terapin. tiad .herd not . with
goat in this prinunaryP At this juncture
we were furiously assailed by a little
puppy cog with an "irritable wrinkled oJcr, so do I. T coalu sir, carrv out th.
proboscis," but a friend on wlini timeiniiiitude in argument "ad irsHnitutn."
had heavily lain his band, tottered forth' that isir, ss yoy may not be ncquairsivd
and having first eyed ns closely' turned j with the L.at:n tonse. "ihree days afutr
to the dog and spake "peace Abner be the resurrect ion." Jo let us be i"iien;!.
still, cease vour puny Bow-wows put jthc world, as uncle Toby paid to lHe tfv,
your tail between your hind legs, and j is wide enough for thee and I. Enough;
sneak round to the back of the house, I for brevitv is the soul of wit. but hatkk
silly thing, thou art barking up the wrongj"de plainttd'in this? action have deprives
tree; these 1 discover are two grand
philosophical Elephants that have been
to the wall of the world. Then turning
to us he said enter mine house and tarry
with me until the morning, even Ele
phant must have rest. We had this day
travelled 40 miles, and seeing the vete
ran was one of infinite wisdom and dis
cernment, we done as he requested.
9th day. All equipped to start, our host
told his family and hi neighbors (he had
man- collected to see us) to t ike a la.-t
look at the "great travellers' -'scourgers,'
and stratagem makers," informing
them that the like would never be seen
by 'heir eyes ajjain. "Humane men,,
said he, 'grand tectum travelle rs, adven
turers," Lordly heras, "ileralJers and
caloptrical Kcrioblers," who extend a
protecting arm away from "the eternal
tow n of Itichmor.d in the vicinity of the
city of Centrevillc; all in the
IITL .1.1
line water blessed are your eyes tuat,er jjut h Pcmcd to a?k ,JS to uL.x...
iney nave seen ineso proaigies scan)
tiieir broad
visage?!," and hand
their aone4rances down
to comma gene
rations, "wc saluted tacm all witb beau
teous smiles into their very faces ; squeez
ed their hands and left them with their
mouths staring wide open.
"Hook," said Sutherland, "who'd have
expected such glory". I started on this
tour, not because "I seen the vast inter
est that the Society ofFriends took on this
occasion;" neither did I advise with "gog
gle" nor Matthew I). Springer, cither oa
the probable popularity of this trip, but
through motives of humanity j but I
truly thankful to the (Jommittee for thcL
kin.iness to us; we will be. yea even one
children's children will be immortalized,
this a'nt a patching, a priming to what
we'll receive from thesocietv of Friends;
they'll place our families names on their
minuto book. Hook I say we're eterner
ized. Yes indeed, quoth ilook, and we
ought to be, who lcsi:;e us would have ex
tended this protecting arm; true, the so-
ciety ofFriends havegencrously paid our
lU fillip XU. kls j
expenses, ana will pay us lor our labour i
ana time
could I
ing, crv
u- tr ui V n i asa
we're (iRKAT MH
;ell, well, res
ponded Sutherland, there's nothing like
making the best of a thing, but will the
society be thus gulled. P-.haw!said Hook,
away with your misgivings, try 'era, we
trill be great men. At this moment we
seen now in the name of wonder
reader, what did we see? Was it an alli
gator? No! was the self st vied great mo-
pug turned up nose," and "clobber,""
streaming from its mouthdike like what
now? .Why, "a cacc up to its chin, "and
f ur legs(not four fore leg?) but two on
each side, near behind and uear before, a
fdorious shape for "fashionable tights,' it
hail two little grey eves (in iu head mind
b it no "tectum"," i s cheeks were a
in saort very unlike the Ter-a-pm ot In
diana. In troth it was a wonderful "crea-4-
ture,?' and he travellrd.net very swiff, tssf
true, (we are true Historians),Tut it did'n! j
trfkvai filr thA Tor..ninu eif I v r 1 1 '1 I
SK1I mrrfutnA bin, Hrtr.V . anrfi'
u we wisu u more man we exrer.t lh truck, a-irf tlrv nn nfrH
lave mide at home, but that's noth-(i:.tra;jt as a iec-line," toward Ccn-
"Humanitv. ' "nrotectniff arm." U :n ii. ..;?
ot friends,' (and no distinction !mnrtiinn c tn ' ...
nfZ u;m h,tf I ov, i,- n!terr.a-iIock"
"a youngling eandy' of a Ter-a-pin.i
I'd like to see a "l eaver on one smc of Sn'
i v ,f9 . i - ; . -t.
with huge buttons."' No! no! said Stth -
erlind. when I go a cat mg 1 go
Ithea got down And tied hi hore tt the
ad," and a "rnfil-,; shirt on him with a -r.ily opened hi month iatlt2rinu' --east
pin in it "and a "bioad tiilerl coitisaidhe I a-nnrd.iick but I anid'.strcf.--
I don't take Terapins, had 1 came a tera- jcct ia this grar.u-travf 1 was hcrr-r : -
pining I'd glory in surroaadmg him, but! RJ gory alocc, Sulheriand wc- ;u-
I came after Archey and I wu-t take ter-j j men we afC t
apios. Well ,uoth rik. lh we are
w worth its weight in gold, wSied expect- , , J, . ,,-.2 ;
a u a :.. Z.l .r ..i f t.t plnhaophxc elephants. tra'.dlu'Jr eh-
jfOTce,and,niaghirn3eIfiBa ppe-.kiRgjan we imer.o writing ie samp nan
postute, (much like a lawyer we cotill
name,) as though the terapin were a jury
of freeeoklers, approached hici and this i
Isis argument. llenvgeatleman terapie,
vou look like me aad may-be vou want to
traveller and so do I. Hem' and further
you look like mahogany and I work at
terapins, but on the contrary . eo.n-
(fine year ramble tn tersplns of vourowa
ns of one of our most maines witnesses
Mind that in your grand tra'ciling.
Good, bravo, vociferated SatherlanJ.
Hook where did jou learn latin and law I
Hush! Hush! says Hook, I'm only quiz
zing him. Q-iiszir-g him, responded Suth
erland, I eaJI that good, a caution cf u
speech, if yoj call that a quiz, you h.ir!
better follow quizzing altogether; you'd
make more clear money at it than making
mahogany chins and shaving?, its a bei
ter speech and the action better suited to
the word than any speech 1 ever heard a:
the bar in ou r county 11m k read law :ns
more week, and then boom oat. f -ii pui
that speech ia my, daily journal, for th.?
LcneSt of tlta Cinnnaittee. Cvrtaird".
said Hook, that's what I made i: for. ,
The Terapin elated with' the com
plL'i'.fnt of lawyer' speech (as tin:
ity ot thejiool thought) head and tail up took one
verge ot.eljCj of tilt- roud and we took the oth-
cu?c haste,"' in iuniand tlook - observ
ed "if this Tarnpin was taken to Itich
mond placed on Harris's trail ;u.d hh
life ci!?urcd TO'J years hod never
catch ISarri?, ijevcrtheltss his body is
w ii j roped ifhe don't travel swift ti;
tiaveis verj sure." A pause to col
lect ouridt:ts titcn "what hi the name
of wonder," says Hook, will we sc
next," "all all," replies Sutherland "is
new and wonderful to me, ; he wonder
maker only knows whatucxt.' Arrived
at tha bouse cf Coonrod Hains w
iJtii til night (39 miles) of this lanii.y
.X-Jay no good and wcrwontsay
Teiith day, nothing very remarka
ble cccured this day and as prudeace
is the tetter part of valour where we
staid this n:gtit and how we fared is
no ones business. -Hut not desirous of
being over nice as "a collected matter
we will slate," we called to see , the
w r4
black and white dog, but sir, "iioneat
no symptom of him was here
action on the case against him for false
imprisonment," have him "af bached in
his body and goods." but wcreileci
ed," and then feared before service of
the same he'd get into the hands of the
self styled r.igger lawyer, and; should
that unfortunately be the case, we well
knew hew aa cold meat" to u;. This
man his 'friendVsays lias read Black
stone's commentaries though, frcra end
to end, and that if he once fairly gets
the"forceps?rfiis mind againsta plain
nete of hand, th very old Devil h:m
self could not collect it. They call
kim a "grand nigger catcher" a "mov
ing elephant of greatness," a "breaker
down," a ".user up4' of other lawyers,
a fair Canihal king of liw. s Enough
said, we'll "compromUc," "Quaker
money come? light," "wc'JI give him
sixty dollars." IVhatfir? So matter for
what, or for any thing orm!, we'll
take certificates" from Col. Strqihcr,
and the dogs lawyer, alls' right topeo
ple that ant "alteicatious," they'll
ask no quetion,"conQpronsise," sounds
well to people who will not contend
run dog, "compromise,"' compromise,
is the go.
Ulevenlli day, nca ring home, on the
road. "Hook" says Sutherland. why
C TOU tck? Aor Said
therj" said Sutherland .'what
,'' the name of Grand -travelling istii
matter with you; year face is as long
as raj arm Hook wila great solem-
I hare urcatneJa nreara -tna ! c-
l iieviiie. me vuizar taninc cairn, onr
a estmg, tresses rr.f. loa well knew our t-

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