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The Normal ia as high an it ul to be.
Col. Whitley's new residence is loom
ins UP finely.
Sheriff Moon baa gone to Mexico af
ter a criminal.
Dr. Kellogg will return to Arkansas
City to reside.
Geo. Rowland returned from his Colo
ratio trip Friday.
The frame of Wm. . Jay's new resi
dence is going up.
The fall wheat is iu splendid condi
tion all over the country.
The family ol Col. Whitley arrived
from Massachusetts Thursday.
Don't trust the man the bnck of whose
head is as broad as his shoulders.
Mr. Burnett's saddle has been found in
a field a few miles cast of the city,
The Friends who had been to Law
rence yearly meeting returned Thursday.
Allen Ilibbcn, of Iowa, brother of Dr.
Ilibben, is now on a visit to his relatives
Iltr. W. D. Webb, lately iroin Wiscon
sin, who has settled in White City, Mor
ris county, called on us Saturday.
The Park Place hotel Is constantly
crowded, and Luther and Spencer arc
kept on the hop looking our for their
The new stone crosswalks on Merchant
street are a great Improvement. (N. B
This item will bo correct about the year
Almcrin Gillett had 350 acres of wheat
this year, and as the wheat crop was
rather slim, ho has got 700 acres for next
year. It will win.
Police Cocjit. Justice Bachcller
fined Friday, Oct 17, John Burns, $7.40
for intoxication; E. Sullivan, $20 for
intoxication and two fighU.
Mr. Luther is arranging to add forty
rooms to the Park Place hotel. This
wiil greatly increase its capacity and
make a first class house of it.
" Mr. Prothcro sends us a very good en
graving of Gen. Grant as he looks now.
Mr. Prothcro is having great success
with Headley's new life of Grant.
A married man in this town whose
more communicative half is given to a
verbosity of chin music, colls her "one
of the merry wives of wind, sir."
Married. October 15th, 1870, at the
residence of Mr. Monroe, Emporia, Kan
sas, by Rev. A. 8. Dudley, Mr. Lyman
Pease and Miss Barbara Weisborn.
Is the committee that was appointed,
at the second lecture of Hon. Bain of
Kentucky to execute the tempcreuce
cause, at home or abroad T J. II. D.
Charles A. Grooms was brought from
Council Grove to Emporia Thursday,
and committed to jail, on charge of mur
der in the first degree, lie Is to be tried
at the next term of tho Morris county
Our friend, John Fluker, who quit
wrestling with the corn, oats and feed
problem some ten days ago to take a lit
tle turn with the bilious fever, is out
again. The Pennsylvania feed store is
The newfangled "snap-slings" used by
boys are dangerous playthings, and ought
to be confiscated by the police. The boys
shoot pebbles and bullets with force
enough to put out eyes, scare horses and
do other damage.
We learn that It E. Torrington, agent
at the Santa Fe depot, came very near
breaking his right arm last Friday. He
was moving some freight when a barrel
of cement fell over jamming the arm and
hand between the side of the car and bar
rel. Tho number of children of school age
in Lyon county, is 5,108 ; an Increase of
COO on the census of 1873. Tho total in
crease of children of school ago in the
state, over last year, is estimated at S0,-2-10.
. The cause of education is con
tinually increasing in importance.
Ed. King of New York, president of
the Union Trust company, accompanied
by general manager Mitchell and traffic
manager Robinson, stopped hero Satur
day for a couple of hours. They were
on a tour of inspection and went north
to Junction City about noon. Cupt
Sommers accompanied the party north.
Dr. Stover lost two horses Thursday.
Ho was coming home from the junction
of the two rivers, and when within two
miles of the city one of the horses drop
ped, and while he was unharnessing that
the other one fell and both died in ten
minutes. He had fed both with oats be
fore starting for home.
The Hotel. We are informed that
the prospect to build a first class hotel
in Emporia is rapidly assuming shape
and that a first class location has been
selected. Tho enterprise will be carried
out by a joint stock company, which sev.
eral of our leading citizens organized.
They desire to put up the largest and
finest hotel in the state.
Emporia is fast becoming an educa
tional center of Kansas. The State Nor
mal school is growing rapidly, and no
public school in the state has a more
efficient superintendent than Mr. Davis,
of the city schools. Tho Educationalist,
a four-page folio, published at Emporia,
is altout to close its first volume. It is
modest in appearance and claims, but
it is more creditable to the suite man
other more pretentious journals that
come to our table. Practical Teacher
What's the matter with the Winfield
and Wellington postmasters f Haven't
lucy, singly or combined, weight, politi
cat influence or olllclal promineuce
enough to get the mails of their respec
tive cities delivered by cars now that
they have daily trains? Wichita Eagle.
What's the matter also with tho Wich.
ita postmaster f For years Emporia has
been doing the British and German mon
ey order businees for tho Arkansas val
ley, amounting to many thousands of
dollars, and causing great inconvenience
and delay to the people of those nation
alities in Sedgwick and surrounding
counties. Hasn't the Wichita postal as
ter weight, and political influence and
official prominence enough to get these
conveniences for the . patrons of
the Wichita office. Of course we like to
do this business for the people of the
Arkansas valley, but when it is consider
ed that persons receiving foreign money
orders, who live in the 'section tributary
to Wichita, have to wait for their money
till a notice reaches them from Emporia
office, then till the power of attorney to
collect the money is returned, it is a
matter of great inconvenience and delay,
often as muck as ten days. Now we
advise the Wichita postmaster to look a
'lectio ouod" before pitching into his
neighbors, and we will say that if he
hasn't influence enough to get what is
due his office we tender bur services and
will promise him that he shall have au
thority to issue and pay foreign orders
if lie so desires.
The Water Work Qnention.
Ed. S. Alexander, of the firm of Rus
sell & Alexander, of Chicago, builders of
water works, was in town Saturday, inter
viewing the members of the city council
in regard to water works for Emporia.
Mr. Alexander here about two
months ago, and informs us that the cost
of the water pipe for the proposed works
here is now $3,000 or more than it was
at his previous visit the cost of iron
having unexpectedly advanced since
that time. All kind of iron work is still
advancing, and the sooner the council
can buy the material the less it will cost
If we are to have any water works, theie.
fore, it will 5e economy to purchase the
pipes as soon as practicable.
Russell & Alexander are extensive
builders of water works, and rank among
the leading firms of engineers and con
tractors in the country. They huve sup
plied a number of cities with first class
works, and can furnish any kind wanted
in probably as short a time, and we be
lieve in as substantial a manner, as any
firm in the country. The city council
has devoted a great deal of atten
tion to investigating and discussing
a feasible and economical system
ot water works, and we understand has
practically agreed npon a plan. It
would pay while Mr. Alexander is here,
to get him to furnish estimates, as his
figures would no doubt be reliable, and
it may be that a good many thousand
dollars can be saved by taking action
without any unnecessary delay; .
Mr. Obcst, a Swede, on his way from
Ann Arbor, Michigan, to a place called
Switzerland colony, near Wichita, was
taken with an .epileptic fit on Commer
cial street Saturday, and was attended by
Dr. Hibbcn. Mr. Ileilman will keep
him over Sunday, and will try to raise
a subscription to purchase the unfortu-
nate pedestrian a railroad ticket to
Hon. Win. A. Phillips, ex-member of
congress, was at the Park Place hotel
Saturday accompanied by his family, on
their way to La Junta, Colorado. Tin1
Colonel, of course, called on the News,
of which he was the racy Lawrence cor
respondent during Governor Walker's.
military occupancy of that town, in 1857.
In the colonel Kansas has always had a
true and able friend.
Mr. Inkerraan, deputy clerk of the
court, has his room at the court house
fitted up in good style, and Harry Hib
bcn sleeps there also. The hitter's bed
is, however, two feet short, but he man
ages to sleep by extending his legs over
the rear end and resting his feet on a
stool. Just as soon as he stops growing,
Harry is going to have a bed mado long
enough to take his feet in, and we are in
favor of an enlagement of the courthouse
if necccssary to effect that object.
Big Yarns. lion. A. W. Cullen, of
Junction City, commonly called "Old
Grizzly," came in from Colorado a few
days ago, and filled the Topeka Com
monwcalth reporter with "wind pud-
ding." Here's a couple of items :
"He reports that Hon. S. M. Strickler,
of Junction City, has formed a partner
ship with Sir. Eaves, formerly of Leav
enworth, and that they have a saw-mill
in operation, which yields them the
handsome return of $240, net, per day.
He says that U. o. ben a tor l'lutnb lias
realized two millions of dollars in his
Not a -Good Ykau joii Kissing. It
seems there must have grown up a pre
judice against tho kissing of ladies and
babies by candidates for office. At least
a couple of candidates for county treas
urer announce that they cannot engage
in that luxury this year. Our friend
Dr. Armor announced in the News of
this week that he had been so fortunate
as to be nominated by both the Green-
backers and Democrats, and consequent
ly ho wanted the Independent voters to
remember him, but that he couldn't go
'round kissing the babies and soliciting
votes in a hypocritical sort of way, but
he would at the same time appreciate
votes. Then comes "T. D." in another
paper and says that he, too, has been
nominated by the Grccnbackcrs and
Democrats, and consequently he, also,
wants to be remembered by the Inde
pendent votere, but that he cannot go
'round in a "hypocritical" sort of way
kissing the ladies. We do not know
"T. D.," but if he is no belter looking
man than Dr. Armor we don't know
which to congratulate tho most heartily
the babies or the ladies. Oh, small
demagoguery, thou art an interesting in
fant Thursday's Uolng.
Thursday was a "field day" for whis
ky in Emporia. We learn there were no
less than four or five fights at different
"gin mills," and a dozen or more arrests
were made. We hear that in one saloon
there were two rows, in one of which the
proprietor struck a fellow over the head
with a beer glass, causing blood to flow
freely. At another on Emporian and a
gentleman from the country had a
regular old fashioned "chaw up," In
which the country man came out "best
man." These fights occur frequentlyi
and our ieople are becoming thoroughly
aroused at the disgrace they bring upon
tho town. Not a citizen but feels deep
shame for the performances of Thursday,
and all are inquiring if something can
not be done to put a stop to these dis
graceful scenes. Does the license to sell
intoxicating drinks carry with it the
right to fight like a lot of barb.uians
and to disturb the public peace as it
was disturbed on that day ? We remem
ber that some years ago when the
license system was in force that those
who were trusted with it were required
to conduct their gin shops in strict ac
cordance with its terms and the law, and
on several occasions license was refused
at the expiration of the time for which
it was granted, and It seems to us that
some of those now holding license should
be similarly treated. Certainly the city
council will not allow the present state
of affairs to exist a great while, as the
city is being irreparably injured in its
material interests, to uy nothing of the
dreadful consequences which must fol
low the present condition of the liquor
question in a moral view. In a walk
down Commercial street Thursday after
noon from Fifth avenue to the depot,
besides the fihts that occurred, a per
son was regaled with the sight of men
reeling with drunkenness, while others
were so far gone as to be sitting about in
unconscious inebriety. It is time some
thing were done, and done quickly, to
check the present disgraceful condition
of things.
Society Notes.
Emporia, Oct 13.
Having been invited to attend the In
vincible society at the norma, we avail
ed ourselves of the opportunity yester
day evening, and were highly pleased
with the entertainment The exercises
wero opened with music, followed by a
recitation from "Hiawatha," by Miss
nood, which was highly appreciated.
The much debated question, intemper
ance and war, was discussed on the af
firmative by Messrs. Severy and Cleppcr,
both niciuliers of the Y. M. D. S. and
on the negative by Messrs. Kizer and
McBride. The former gentlemen sue.
cecded in convincing two of the judges
that intemperance is the greatest evil '
but the cry of the other was for war.
The choir then sang "Drifting with the
Title," and so quietly did we drift along
that we were unaware, till we beheld Mr.
llics on the floor to declaim, thnt we had
arrived at the haven. After miscellane
ous business and another song the tujcie-
ty adjourned. ' -
A word of praise is due the president,
Mr. Smith, for the efficient manner in
which be discharged the duties of his
We would make particular mention of
the many young ladies who were pres
ent, but we fear the boys would become
jealous and not invite us to come again.
The young men's debating society met
on Thursday night instead of Friday
night, as heretofore. A full attendance
was present, and a very interesting de
bate ensued on the question, "Should the
constitutional amendment relating to
the manufacture and sale of intoxicating
liquors be passed ?" Messrs. K innan and
Jones were leaders on the respective
sides, and acquitted themselves well.
The effects of the license system were
such on that day as to udd nothing by
wav of example to the argument of the
negative. This society may be billed as
strongly in lavor of the amendment
The society will meet hereafter on Thurs
day evening, thus giving several mem
bers who belong to another society an
opportunity of attending botu.
The Severe Yoong Mr. Jay.
Mr. Jay's defense of tho lo:ird fully
proves all that we asserted, which was
that the proposition to vote f "20,000 for
no definitely stated object, was an ab
surdity, and should be withdrawn and
mollified so that it would state explicitly
what the board proposed to do with the
money. He first says we evidently knew
nothing almul the proposition, then states
that the board lmd not issued any propo
sition, then uiids that the proposition
was issued in accordance with a petition,
then says that the proposition has been
withdrawn, and adds in a postscript that
ttic mayor will probably issuo another
proposition which will give some idea
of what the board proposes to do with the
money. The impression created by Mr.
Jay's jumble of contradictory statements
is that he knows nothing about the prop
osition himself, and that the rest of the
board enjoy a still more blissful wisdom
in regard to it. According to Mr. Jay,
the mayor issues and withdraws and re
issues propositions to vote $20,000 for
the use of the board of education, but
the board knows nothing about it, and is
not responsible. And now the board ex
pects that the maj'or will "probably" is
sue a $15,000 proposition, which will
probably contain some reference to
a high school, but whether the mayor
will issue the proposition, and
what object he will designate that
the board will use the money for, is
what nobody knows, and the only way
to find out is to nttend the meetings of
the board and listen attentively to its
proceedings. They must lie very lucid
and interesting, so much so that we
do not wonder that the clerk docs not at
tempt to furnish a report for publication,
and that Mr. Jay gets so badly mixed
when he undertakes to explain juat what
has been done.
We have simply to reiterate what we
have said, that the people will vote down
any proposition to vote bonds that fails
to state definitely what the bonds are to
be used. for. This is tho idea we want
to get into the minds of the board of
education, and when it gets this idea
clearly in view, it will probably not is
sue or have tho mayor issue any proposi
tion that docs not state what is going to
be done with the money. This is our
position, and the jieople will endorse it
If we desired to be severe, or awful.y
cutting, you know, we might inquire of
the defender of the board if it is the cus
tom of that body to submit propositions
for the people to vote the small sum of
$20,000 to everybody that asks them, and
then when the "racket" begins to come
to "dodge from under" and say it don't
hold itself responsible. We might in
quire further of this valliant knight
what caused the board to "change front"
and withdraw the proposition it was not
responsible for, and why he did not go
ahead and "lead public opinion" and
cram tho $20,000 down tho people's
throats whether they would have it or not
How could such a profound personage
show the "white feather" and proceed to
"crawfish" in good order by attempting
to throw the responsibility on the mayor.
- If you want a city school house why
don't you say so, and Inform the people
just what you want? If you want school
bonds for a denominational college, so
state, and if the people want to vote
them, all right But don't make your
self a tool of somebody to attempt a trick
on the public.
Editors News: Your editorial in
yesterday's doily assails the board of
education upon a proposition about
which you apparently knew nothing.
The board of education had, prior to last
Monday evening, submitted no proposi
tion of any kind to the voters of thisdis
strict, for which it holds iUelf respon
sible. And you state in the editorial
criticised that you knew nothing of the
action (;iki ;i ut that meeting. A public
meeting held at the court house adopted
unanimously a resolution which was
published in your issue of the next day,
I tli ink, requesting the board to submit
the following proposition :
Iittolted That the mayor be, and he
is hereby requested to call an election to
be neiu on the nrst Tuesday iu Novem
ber, A. D. 1879, for the purpose of sub
mitting to the. qualified electors of the
city of Emporia and the territory at
tached, ior school purposes, the follow
ing -cestion : Shall the board of educa
tion of the city of Emporia borrow mon
ey for the erection of a school build in?
iu said district, to be used or disposed of
as may seem to oe lor the educational
interest of tho district and for that pur
pose, issue and sell Its bonds tor $20,
000, or as much thereof as may be neces
sary ; said bonds to be issued in denomi
nations of $200, SUjOO. $500. and $1,000
each, and to draw interest at the rate of
7 per cent per annum, annually, and the
principal navable in 20 vcara from the
date of issuance ; provided. That these
oonus shall not be sold Tor less than their
pax value.
A petition, signed by nearly 200 (if I
remember rightly) citizens of the dis
trict, was presented to the board making
the same request, and the committee
representing the petitioners made the fur
ther statement that every man to whom
the petition was presented, with but less
than half a dozen exceptions, had en
dorsed the same. The names npon the
petition are those of our representative
business men, and their opinions consol
idated ought to have at least'equal weight
with the embryo expressions of youred
itorial writer. Such a petition, if it
meant anything, affirmed the need of in
creased school accommodation, and the
opinion of the signers as to the require-
inenU of the situation. The board of
education acted simply as the channel
through which, the petitioners could
reach their object and are no more re
sponsible for the particular proposition
at that time submitted, be it good or bad,
than are the editors of the News.
The proposition above alluded to has
since been withdrawn, and I presume
the mayor will shortly submit a propo
sition calling for an appropriation of
$13,000 to build and equip abuilding for
the use of the district for school pur-
May I inquire if it is your custom us
editors to mold opinion or to be mold
ed by it? ! you generally wait until
a proposition is dead before assailing it
or in other words is your valor so rarely
tempered with discretion as to be often
mistaken for timidity ?
Hoping that you will have the manli
ness to acknowledge the injustice of
your attack upon the board of education
and give this statement a place in the
daily of this date, I remain yours truly,
W. S. J AT,
A Member of the Board of Education.
P. S. The sessions of the board are
open and reporters are welcome.
October 17, 1570.
The following tabular statement is
taken from O. B. Wharton's annual re
port as county superintendent:
Number ot districts organized in the
county , 88
Nuinlwr of i-htldren between tue sites
ol 5 aud II 5 108
Nuralierof pupils enrolled in school.. 8.7'.
Avrige daily attendance. S.3UU
Nurabcrof persons beta ecn 8 and 14
von ol who hve not attended
school three mouth during the year, 101
N ii in tier diffureut teacher employed
in the schools 121
A,ru alarv uer month lor gentle
men 33 50
Average salary per month for ladies. . tJTt 60
A veruge number or months taugnt. . .
Numlier of person, overlo ycarsol aire
who can not read or write 81
Estinia'ed value of school uoue and
grounds - fI5,5
Furniture and aparatua fll.U&S
.Number of volumes in school libra
ries 833
Kali mated value SliMJ
Amount of school bonds iMied during
the year $5 900
Present bonded indebted lie. .. txilo
Average number nuns levied lor an
school purposes
Number of schools f urn ishoi with rec
ord books H
Number I'urnUhed with uietionnrif. . 25
Number of persons examined fur cer
tilicates duriufr the year 191
Number ol teachers receiving certifi
cates who have had no orovious ex
perience in teaching 18
Numlier of teachers employed who
hold state sertidcates IB
Number of .'schools visited by county
superintendent 75
Number of visit- made by tne county
superintendent 87
Number of new districts formed this
Number of districts whose boundary
lines have been changed
Number ol teachers who have attend
ed the annual Normal institute this
year 60
Number of districts that have main
tained a three mouths' school dur
ing the year 85
Number or districts that have not hail
three momh' school during the year
Total amount of money received lor
school purposes during the year. . .i43,K10.19
Amouut paid out for teachers' wages. !,3jOO0
Amount paid out for rents, fuel and
incidental $0,918 15
Amount paid out for maps, appara
tus, text books, Ac $2,021 38
Amount paid out for site, building
and fiirniloro $0,73009
Balance in the hands of the district
treasurers $3,613.57
Kditexl by "Keoo."
Thuksdav, Oct. 10.
Squiro Wjse is now boss drummer in
the band.
"Calico Charley and Iloopenhcker'
I believe is what the opposition did call
them. Now I presume they will be
spoken of as Governors Foster and Ilick-
enlooper. ,
There was a candidate in town yester
day the first of the new crop.
A fine rain we had, you bet.
Ilcv. Chaffee and family are here visit
ing friends. If they visit all of them
they will need to go to every house in
Mrs. Clarke who located on Dow creek
In 18C1, but now liviug in Emporia, is
in town taking orders for "The Life and
Travels of Gen. Grant," and has been
quite successful.
Well, yes, Mr. "Anon" (correspond
ent Fruitland,) wo accept your very
kind invitation will take a look at the
girl and if she suits, and we suit, and she
hasn't any other suitor why we'll be
There was a young fellow in town yes
terday don't know if he was a parson
or not, but he came from Parsons that
would take "them shoes" (the shoes of
fered as a premium to the homeliest
bachelor, by the handsome young lady
clerks at Thomas') in any crowd ever we
struck. He was so ugly. I showed him
to my girl, and for the first time in her
life she called me "her little beauty."
She was speaking by comparison, I pre
snme. She and I are engaged now to
attend the entertainment to be given at
Tressler's hall, on Friday evening, Octo.
her 24th. Come and see us.
J. 8. Gibson, our hardware merchant,
is on hand with - full line of stoves
cooking stoves and heating stoves, coal,
wood and gas stoves, ofiice stoves, parlor
stoves, car loads of stoves in fact, stoves
til you can't rest, and stove trimmings
of every description, and we have found
by actual experience that Mr. Gibson
sells them full lower than they are sold
in Emporia. This he can do, as he has
no rent to pay, no clerk to hire, and all
other expenses are lower here than in a
larger town. Keno.
P. S. Should any of our friends meet
with the rooster from Parsons I hope
they will introduce him to Harry Ilib
ben, L.T. Heritage, C. A. Mitchell, T. J.
Uoran, M. Coppock or E. P. Bruner, and
just see if he don't make them feel
ashamed of themselves for ever claiming
"them shoes." - K.
Friday, Oct 17.
A case of assault and battery was be
fore Squire Miller yeaterday.
Mr. Greenlea has bung up an apple
tree limb in Miller's that is six feet long
and one inchthrough the butt carrying
fifty-two apples and Mr. Greenlea wants to
know if that ain't pretty high for a Demo
cratic apple tree in an off year.
"Another newspaper in Hartford" and
the Emporia Ledger says: "Americus,
where art thou ?" In answer to the con
nundrum, we would simply answer
Americus is ahead as usual, with a daily
paper and three weekly papers. We
have the Daily News a paper that has
advertised Americns more then three
weakly paiters published here would
have done, because it has a circulation
that can not be bad by a paper published
here. We have tho weekly Nkws, the
weekly Ledger and Era any one of
which is a better advertising medium for
Americus than a local paper would be,
and besides they don't cost our merchants
cents where a local paper costs dollars.
There are merchants in Hartford that are
paying f 100 per year to keep the paper
going. That's all I know about it ex
cept what I learn by the following postal,
which I give verbatim except names,
hartford kan Oct 15 79.
sir is their anv liverv Stable in
your Town if so how many Teams has he
ana whether be would sell out what is
the size orf your Town Please let me no
jsy return mam and oblige yours
Hartford kan lyon co.
There wasn't a dollar enclosed in the
postal to pay for the trouble, or even a
nickle adhering to that postal to pay for
paper, envelope and postage, and that
makes me think they need a religious
papa per and an educational sheet in ad
dition to the two papers already there.
Saturday, Oct 13.
"Civil engineer" Whitmorc, of Dow
creek, was in town yesterday. .:
Some fellows have been stealing some
wood on the "Trust, land" or somebody
The -Consolidated Combination
Troupe,1 composed entirely of home tal
ent Americus and Emporia will give
an entertainment on Friday evening next,
at Tressler's hall. This will be an intel.
lectual treat, as well as a good time gen
eraliy. Music will be furnished by Prof.
Sogard's orchestra and the cornet band.
W. F. Alice wishes to sell his residence,
with seventeen acres of land adjoining
the townsite on the north.
The ladies of tho M. E. church struck
a bonanza of good things when they in
augurated the "dime socials." The first
of these socials was held last night at
Mrs. Bond's, and was successful beyond
their most sanguine exH-ctations. The
house was tilled mul all Kcemed to ap
preciate that it was avW.n in fad. The
evening was spent pleusuu.iy by all, and
at a late church hour, adjourned to meet
at Mrs. J. W. Loy's,on I'ucb.by evening,
the 28th inst. Kko.
A bite from a rattlesnake Is soim-timcx not
more dangerous han a -evcre ough or old
A Weil merited reimtation has llr liull'j
Cough syrup and tins remedy i sob! by all
uruggisut rrioe a colli. v42tl
Sips CcbtaIX. Prompt ai Krrtvuin
These few a-ijo-tives apply with i--iiliar
force to Thomas' Krleetric Oil a standard
external and lutorn.il rvuu-dy adapted to the
niiKi sua curc vi rouiiu. sore tiiroal, hoarwe
nejs, ami all HflVt-u-'us of the breathing or
cans, kidnrv tumbles. exportation.. bi.i.
lameness and phyi-icul pain Mscwhcre in
the paper is the regular dvritiM.imnt oftnis
sicnuig inouiciue. num ov v . 11. Mtier.
Laying Hedge !
Having sernreri the county rieht of the Poo.
ft Hcvery Patent 11 edpe I.:iit. I am im pan d
to lay down any hediie in tne e untv belter
and cheaper than it can lie done liv anv other
means, rnrtii-e wo-lung work of this kind
can me at Kmporia or I will visit tl.eui il
they will request ine mv in .ill .
J. I.. W. i:ki.iv
Wl9tf. - KiniHiria. K:msas.
!ealcrs In
Small Instruments,
Also agents for the
Needles for all Styles of Ma-
And that musical wonder called
A&yCall and see it
Corner of 4th Avenue and Commercial St
A fall assortment of
Which will be sold low for cash, or exchanged
jor produce.
Give its a call.
W4tf N. B. IRELAND & CO.
Lumber Yard
Southwestern Kansas
' Is the (.umber Yard of
Formerly C F. Pierce ft Co's.
. Adjoining the A. T. & S. F. R. R.
We unload and load directly from aud into
me ears, saving expense ol
extra hauling-.
HaVK thk
Largest Stock!
Best Sheltered!
Best Seasoned
A.nd the largest and best stock of DOOK8
to be lound in Southwestern
All buyers, large or small, are cordially in
vited to call and inspect the stock
to lie fouud at
Hallcek & Bro.'s
Lumber Yard,
Adjoining-A.. T. A 8. V. K. It. track,
Chandeliers, Lamps and Lanterns
Will liinlipa nrirps in anv market
wiu iransporuition auueu.
J. M. BUTLER, Prop'r.
Kvery one Is requested to give ns a trial.
Prices Low as the Lowest
JrjJ" Conn try prod uoe taken in exchange
ior groceries, at maraes prices.
Itemerubor the place!
rd door south ot Vint National
COAL, BANK, Arronia,for (rood Coal. We
keep a supply always on handa, at the lowest
prices, uoou sueiier ior teams.
Gray's Specific Medicine.
7v .njrlift
T?2A R " mssy
viir ease of erv-
. ous debility
BTori-.ISSre&iter Takba
Uoa, excess or overwork ot the brain and
nervous system : is pertectJy harmless, a eta
like magic, and has been extensively used
for over thirty years with rreat success.
frFull particulars in oar Dam ph let.
wnwOt we desire to send free by mail to eucry
one. fcTbe Soociao Medicine is sold by
all druicKista at Si mr nseksre. or six oaca-
ages for 18, or will be seat free by mail on re
ceipt of the money by add reasin r
No. 10 Mceluuea Ktock, Detroit, M fen.
Ray-Sold ia fcrnpori- by W. II. bis ley.
and by Woodward raxon, ot Kansas City,
wholesale aeat. dil
G-eneral Hardware
Iron and Steel, Nails,
&c.t &cm Sole aproitts in Emporia lor
ine -tsam
Deere & Cos Plows & Cultivators,
Golpin Sulkier .Plow,
Champion Reaper & Mower.
Are also sole stents lit Kiiiporhi lor
. The Celebrated
Giiddens Steel Barbed Fence Wire.
The New DrujjyJ. if you want
Pure Drugs and Medicines
A full line of Druggists Notions, such as
Brushes, Combs, Perfumery of all kinds, Toilet Soaps, Pocket Books,
Pocket Cutlery and Stationery, also Lamps, Lanterns, Sponges,
Window-glass, Trusses, Supporters, Paint, Varnish and
All Kinds of Oils,
CS? Special attention given to filling
Tli fi pes. Donlt fail to give him a call.
175 Commercial treet,
Lath. SMDEles. Moaldina LUMBER, sail. Doors. BLINDS
i t r
Successor to Bruner & McMurtrie.
I have a
Pumps, Iron, Lead
H. W. McCTJNE, Land Agent,
Will sell Ileal Estate of all kimls, pay
cliargeot aiKl collect 1 Cental ol city property, liinusli A list rat-Is
of Title, and will attend to all kui-Ii business
aa is usually committed to a
Ileal Estate Agency.
Commissions Reasonable. Correspondence Solicited.
The New Emporia National Bank Building,
Dealer In all kiiuls of
Hardware, Steel,
.7 ' - -IS-
We also sell the WOItL.l RENOWNED
At 970, no more, no less. Also the Celebrated
Webber Wagon, Buckeye ,
t full line of-Wood's
Only Snccessful Nursery in Central Kansas.
Greenhouses Full
Horse - shoes, Fence Wire,
Physicians' Prescriptiona ami Family
Opposite the Post Office. wit
i i
Full Une of
A1.BO -
and Stone Pipes.
Taxes for non-resilient laml owners, take
Iron and Nails
"S -? " ' ' T
i . I r-t
Mowers and Reapers, and a
Reapers and Mowers, wwu-
of Choice Plants !
A VOVTIf ararnnteeI. .iiy
nt iv-s-.i" :iiMi!o bv the nhiitrim.
:i it,i r. i roJir"i: e v til slm l
Til. HiiVk I 111; (it N H-i. I'i-Hiitflt. 1
i-M w ho itH- (hi- it -a ;M ku h thrir
oi;i null; ittl 'rms ii'i iw tUmlmn.
ttilii' im;v. Atl'!r-- 1 itt.fK AMI. All-
Cf( A 'fcl- n your ii
vn town, nnd no
i c i tve lie tmil-
oc a ti ml without cvirtfse. I lie
et fiiiiHirtnnit v ever offt-ml I ir those wi-
inirtov.oik icu should fv notliinic rbc
iinti! yo-i -o for )tursclt' tt liut yon c-tii do at
lie i.iiMnts W" "Hit. N.i roml to exiiluili
re. V .-il can devote all jour tiio. or onlv
your iiiro time to sli.r ln,.-iness, imd make
irrvHt iwy nr every Iht that yw work
Womeir iuhku us much u men -send lor
sitcci.il private tonus ad Particulars, which
we mail free. 3 'uitllt free. Ikm l comiilain
of hurd tunes u liito u iiato such a chnnce
Address 11. liAl.LKl't' ,"i to, fortlitnit,
T i sfi.WXl a year, or t .S to a day
own itM'.&my. ro rtk
cn an well men. SMntiy
ninto more iti.-ui the amount st.ttoii sikivc
No uno ran tail to make monev lust. Anyone
can to tin: smi . Von cxn n;.ike from Ml r.tn.
Ut ft nn hour ity dvittm yoi.r eveningr and
siire time to the. lmiiM-t. Ii -uts fioUiliig
10 try me iumuc.'s xhihi.? hh- it jor
ii.jf inoiit'v ever offer-! mrort? r.tiMne
pl'-a.-ant und strictly ominiLV Header, if
O't want lo knor nil almi! tl.r I.-t a inff
onMtics tcjure tne fui!i', vtn in, vcmr ail-
liw mi! ( will send jou lull :ui:-i,!;kni
r'.ttd iirv:ttc terms irec: svuiides worth $5 al
so tree: you i nn then niafco um our mind lor
urseir. Al'irs liKUKUK SII.ksow &
., Tori land, slaine. wiiyl
v '---.-
Jl "Ural .
H ''nii.iKsio7, .iLor
'-direr tt..l, ,:,uc"
Horseshoeing and Repairing,
I make a fnfi.tli.v of hnrsoshoeinir. All
wok Hiimmc l. Sixth avenui, southeast ol
t mtiier .V Ityan's S-iyrl
lutal nM!i t,:W7,ni.7
iir'ive ior rciiiMir-iiiK-o
f ttttan'linj;
li-k, un-etlU'il Iims
(k. ami ull oilier lia
bilities 2tt.Hia n
I'asli c:iiit:il I lKt,(KiiiiHi
Net surplus l,(t).s.4iJ 27
1 his romnnnv fliira lmslnd tnil.f liM u-
rk Sul'i-ty Kuoil Uw lor Hie protection of
IMinry minim n. i i,.inuiMl.,
Agent lor I.yon aii'l adjoining counties,
Portable Engines
Of a, 4, fl, 8, 10, 19. H an I il homo power,
wittithe "H vliLK UOVKItNOIl," the nnt
sensitive ami uumI icrli'ct safely governor
ever in veil toil. Also
Circular Saw Mills,
Horse- Powesr,
Steam Boilers,
Drag Saws,
Saw Tables,
Feed Mills, &c.
Son.l for Vnr.K Catalooitc an J price list,
ni.l stale what you wiali to buy. AMrcn
WHU Yon i
. ADDRESS will
or uxg you a iMwt-puid
110 u u it Msgwnne rsRes,
with 334 KNURAVINCdi
sad Descriptions
sonr Own Use, for IIOMO.i I".
ana now to readily i
obtain tbesn.T rithomt
Cash Outlay. Address 1
4 5 11 road war.
new isrib
T Nervous Sufiercrs.
Tni GmiT ErorAK Iihkit Da.
It. Smmii'i SriciPio Mkoicine. It is
Msitivcrure for tM-rmalorrhcaanl allchroD
lo uimtwcji, an aKrvKK. SrTKa,
uentai anx
iety, loss at
muinorv, pain
in back or
iile, ami li
ae that
leail lo con
sumption. In
Dsnitraml ad
cany grave, i no npoeino sieaiclaa l being;
niml with womlerlul success, l'ainiilileu
iwiinr! w an. riw ior men anu got luu
larticuiirs. t-riceor ieiuc. l per nack
ar, orcix iiackaKCs forli. AJUre all or
ivrs to
io. 1(H anl 1 Main St., Buffalo, N. Y.
For sale by W. tl. feinlrr. Einporia, Kan.
J25acoly 1--wattcowy 1
quired when a really neeientide and valuable
remcly. like Giles' Liniment Iodide Am
monia is brought before the public. It telle
Its own tale and ak iu own merits. It
alleviates and cures. It is no ignorant com.
wuuu, imocMi into notoriety oy tne uual ail.
juocta of a ilrawnwL but was discovered and
utilized by Da. Wat Uilh,iI .New York, the
sou p uw mn Mm i. s . v anu
Bicuuuu urveyor to tno army ot the I'oto-
Nerofaloaa Kwellinsa, Er-ntlons. Skin
UHWSMS, arlcuM Veins. M-Ud -!-
of the hands and IwL FmuiIh Tmut.i .r
an sinus, wonrierlul cures ol the tflUagof
tiie Womb beine- effoeteii bv ita umi mm
win pTxmKriua ana care, iree oi cnarge,
all easeMrf sickaess, no matter how Ions;
""" irnieiauaiiiLiu, as iau vrest
liroadwar, Xew Vork.
I'aralVHia. Itatfu. Rnnnlnv Rnm,
u atneujn, Msaralicla, xndiacre-
uma. an 1 fe,rrors of Vuuth. ara all
cured by ; I ! Liniment Iodide Ammo-
aio, and fJilea' Pills. Lbieaed Uver.llriicht'i
Lieae ot the Hkloevs. troultlo ia the i-rua.
tate bland. Uiabete. Stouoaxe of Water,
Witeharaes of all kinds eithur ia male or fe
male. Catrih. aiLer all nhvuiciaos and reme
dies have failed.
Write to la. GILS, wbo will core without
fee or lewmL . .
Ciilea' Li a I meat and Fills are sold ny all
Drua-EUts throniruout the wot Id. Xrial but
tles, 5c; Pills, zio. , '
lleware of counterfeits: the srenuine has a
facsimilsof the inventor's sieuature, WIL
LIAM UILK-, over the cor ft of each bottle.
'lbe Liniment la white wrappers is lor fam
ily cse; in yellow wrappers l for the stable.
Jt is the only Lioimeut that poocs.es alter
ative Drooeruesaml can be taken iaternalir.
(Mart boutes at (X 00 la which there ia a xreat
.aviur. hrfdbv W. IL Blsl.Kli.
iz;3-wiim . vruggist, cnipuna, oan.
r 2
Cherry Pectoral
For Siaea soa of tho
Throat and Iussb
such as Coughs.
Cj5 CoJds. Whooping
ICVjusa, Bronohitla,
: Afhm. aodi Con
The renntation It has attained. In
consequence of the marvellous cures it
has produced during tho lost half cen
tury, is a sufflclent assurance to tho
public that it will continue to realize
the happiest results that can re acsirca.
In almost every section of country
tnere arc persons, publicly known, who
have been restored from alarming and
even desperate diseases of the lungs.
by its use. Ail who have tried it ac
knowledge Its superiority ; and where
its virtues are known, no one hesitates
as to what medicine to employ to re
lieve the distress and suffering peculiar
to pulmonary affections. Cherry Pec
toral always affords Instant relief, and
performs rapid cures or the muacr va
rieties of bronchial disorder, as well as
t he more formidable diseases of the
lungs. '
As a safeguard to children, amid
the distressing diseases which beset
the Throat and Chest of Childhood, it
is invaluable; for, by its timely use,
multitudes are rescued and restored to
This medicine gains friends nt
every trial, as the cures it Is constantly
producing are too remarkable to Ihj
forgotten. No family should be with
out it, and those who Lave once used
it never will.
Eminent Physicians throughout the
country prescribe it, and Clergymen
often recommend it from their knowl
edge of its effects.
rimuo by
Dr. j. C. AYER & CO., Lowell, Mass.,
Px-cUmI and An-Ijrtleal Chemists.
Milllona of Mothers express their Uc
liuht over Castoria. It is nature's remedy
for Msimilatini; tho food. Unlike Can
tor Oil, it is pleasant to toko, and
unlike Morphine Syrups, it is harmlonK.
Castoria regulates the Bowels, destroys
Worms, Cares
Sour Curd ana Wind Colic,
and allays Feverishteas. What civrs
health to the Child, promotes rest for
the Mother. Children Cry for Pitch
er's Castoria. It is tho most reliable,
effective and popular article dispensed ty
Sinee Ilealinc remedies bav been usod by
has there been known such absoluto Foin
relievins agents as the
They soothe, heal, and cure. They
HEAL-Cuts, Wounds. (all8, Old-Sores, 11 ro-ken-breasts
and Soto Nipples ;
CUBE-Pain in the Hack. Kheumatiam. Scia
tica, Lumbago, Neuralgia, Ear-Ache.
Tetter, Pimples, Itch, Salt Rheum, and
all Flesh. Bono and Muscle ailments ol
8U1JDUE Inflammation and Swelling;
RELIEVE Boils, Felons, L'ler,SoreTli mat,
Bronchiti. Croup and Quinsy ;
KXTKACTVrin from Burns, Scolds, StingK,
Frost-bites, Sprains and Braises.
The experience of centuries has made tho -
Liniments, the most speedy and cfloctive
curative agents for '
the world has erer known. The Centaur
hare relieved more hod-ridden Crip
plea t healed more frightful woandx,
and saved more valnahle animals than
all other liniments, ointments, oils, extracts,
plasters and so-called "pain killers" aud
"skin cores " combined.
Physicians and Veterinary Surgeons en
dorse the Centaur Linimen tat millions
ot mn. women and children in all eountrtet
use them, and Housekeepers, Farmers
Planters, Travelers, Liverymen, Tcamvtcrt
and Stock-grower?, are their p.itrona. The
are clean, they are handy, tbey are cheap
and they are reliahle. There is no ache
pain, or swelling which they will not alio
viate, subdue, or cure. Sold throughout
for 50 cts. and $1.00 a bottle. Trial
botU en, 25 eta.
1 t?P r.
-iv. i. -ii
o ws "asaobai
: ULU AiiO R-LIAuLt.
Ub. Hanfobds LavKa InnooaAio
ua a SUudari Fmily RomtKly for
Jiaeafles of the Liver, Stomach Sfo '
jtnJ Bowela; It ia Purely CVt $j
'DLilitates. Iivei
li I: vigors to
Jina been ncli
.- .
5.V una by tho piiblic.J
for moro thau C ycarsj
Cv with nnpreoedcuted rt anltsJ
S.T.W Mil 1W EOiDWT.;
w. IIHIvn.lV4UMlUl;
af BBroiilST ILt TELt ov m csn TtTIOI.
i MvH1
I 1
w -ay a. . a iai
Cathartic aud 'i VS Wjt I
ffi NaS ffl
ii r, f:
' Wem f .1

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