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The mercury lius tx-fii
Vy pnrlor tii-tlay.
m-rrpyio? the
Examination UmiIi plaie in the Empo
r: liiU wlmol Friday.
Tlio new whool boml arc in process
of printing, anil will be issiml bliortly.
Thomas A; Jones are puttinR down a
stone pavement in front of their gro-1
eery. .
Ilt-gular pnascnRer trains lupin run
ning into CalJwei; Sunday on tbe Sants
Fe mad.
ISruner & Hogan liegan putting In the
water works fixtures on the Normal
the 10th int.
Mr. E. F. Spra;uo has lieRiin the frame
work of Captain Warren's new residence
on State street. .
The town was full or people Saturday,
and the merchant and other dealers did
a rattling trale. '
Judge Peyton delivered a teinper-
mce address In the A. M. E. church on
Sunday evminfr.
The "PiraU-s of I'enzance," the legal
successor of "Pinafore," will be given at
Topeka on the 15th.
Bills are out announcing a Garfled
ratiflcatiou meeting at the court house
to-night, at 8 o'clock. ;
The slight local decline in flour is
probably owing to the good news from
the Chicago convention. 1 , r
The Knights Templar will bold
meetings for drill every Suturday even
ing during the summer. ,
The celling of the Presbyterian
church is being decorated In panels of
a variety of handsome patterns.
If Mr. lay will invent a light sum
mer kidney pad, he will confer an ines
timable boon upon a bilious public.
Handsome awnings have been put up
by O. D. and 11. W. Looioib and it F.
Drake A Co.. on north Commercial nt.
There were enough spring chickens
in the market to-day, to satisfy the Im
mortal cravings of a Methodist confer
ence. : ' !
The demand Tor the New York boys
who will arrive in Emporia on next Fri-
run. 1H nromises to exceed the
Garfield cluls are getting as pleuty In
Kansas as blacklerries, and they are go
ing to knock the persimmons io Novem
ber, too. '.
Harry Hibbek had the Held against
Grant, and tho other man was Bill Ran
dolph. That's how Hurry hapiens t lie
wearing a new hat.
A dog, utterly destitute of hair, is one
of the local features of interest in Empo
ria. But whs "tbe occupants nr-l-ep
ing a:irtments bordering on wood
sheds and back fenrita are earnestly
praying for U a race of heirless cats.
Mr. Ed. Jeweti, of CVnler township, is
the first census-laker to rVMrt hU vtork
-oinik-Ul, and has s.'rved notice that
he will be at the eouitly Urk's oBitx on.
the lHth and Ifllh to correct any errors
that may bawbecn mwle-rnti in canvas.
E. C. McLeiiuan & Co. have just re
ceived at ThiMkwh Joh httlcea full line
of iH-n. wncil. itantacraphs, including
Scratch liooks, bill and letter Leads and
everything needful in the way of station
ary for a business man. Cull and sec
The mysterious disappearance of a
young man whose best girl is known to
have gone back on him ia a source of
great apprehension to his friends.
When last seen the unhappy and reck
less youth was headed in the dursK-tiuf
of HtrickKT's eanal.
W. C. Pallock brought in a specimen
of his wheat, and we are gW ti learn
from bint tbe crop is better- than was
anticipated before harvesting commenc
ed. The berry is not large, -but -very
solid and plump. He thinks there will
be more than . half crop. .
A man can really form no adequate
conception of tha-mal pcpttUtion -of
Kansas unless he keeps track of the
annoucenients made for tho varlotlstata
nfliccs to be rhoxen il4s fsjK Th fires
of patriot ism stilt bu nr brightly on tte
altars of the Jayhawker state.
The Kansas Jilale Aid fioolely comnU I f
tea has tsertud a cal (o il cU'iiena; j J t
1 opeKa anu auawuee couuiy, iu mcv iui
the purpose of perfecting an organiza
tioo, to secur-j-ootjributiotis of nwMiey
and provision for auf&reii from the .tf
fecU of drougut in the frontier counties
of Kansas.
- Pnrse N - 3 was nextcallwt. CTuDT Interesting W Ihe
. ,i, chived with very
hilt H l . , V 1 W, w no V"-' v " -
bj the Winkle dub; le.. tinvr Mnl to
;;) man; 21 yards rise ; It-am of three
men from nuy organized club in the
United Suiu-s- Ten clubs entered. Em
poria made the following score: Mr
tieor-n -n W.-fi: Huestes, Sj-V., R.
SlofVr S. TouV, 24. TIH ka llrst uaon-
e.'Camerrtn and Ki;ii;oUi,"v . - J
Topeka C-oinmon wealth : The coloretl
rHtzens of Toim ka are Coins l eele-
bi-ale the third tlay of August next, in a
Liuauncr as it lias never lieen celebratwl
before. Tlicr will U: a free barbecue
without price and without money. Dis
tinguished speakers froui fur and near
will address the audience; the most
prominent colored men have been in
vited to attend notably U. S. Henalor
B. K. Bruce, of Mississippi; ex-Jov. P.
B. f. rincVmrlt of f.niaiar.A; JI6iw''J,"
Miljul'uriir- cx-U.i'S. Minister to Li
beria, and Rev. T. W. Henderson, of Ht.
Loui-w ? . , N T
i iliuiy ompaniss from Kansas, M is
soiiri "and llifnois will be here. Base
bll matches will be played. Arrange-uenU-.
illb mu(Jp wlthiitlie miU
fada-fhr redevl ratf of trnspbrtatfon'.
Perfect order will be preserved.
This will be a national celebration,
and every colored man ought to be pres
ent. atNjlie celebration of one of the
gieatesf events in the history of the race.
K'"-'-y rrrlil J -a I -
Ox Train Got.stj East, 0-12. 1880.
-As-w .wwsetl KinsWr- this morning
tt largof hotel, a satoonja drugstore
MMliw4lwel lings, ieur-h depot, on
the south side of the track, were burn
ing. Could not gvljhc particulars
Wei.nkspay, June 9
El8. News: -TJieare quite a uum
Id iieu here now.
The commencement exercises of the
Kansas states institution for the Wind,
will be held at Wvandolte. on Thurs
day, June HtVlWiO
Mrs. Grigsby, tho woman who. was
held to answer In the United Stales dis
trlct court, for passing counterfeit money
bus been released on bail.
An exchange 6ays that a million forest
trees have been planted at tllswortU
this year. That statement would do
credit to Dr. Stringcflld, of Topeka.
What la needed In Lyon county Just
now are the postofflce addresses of the
parties who burglarized the Americus
safes and the man who stole Mr. uanes
Wm. Clarke put a handsome suite of
furniture in the Normal parlor Saturday.
Besides chairs, Ute-n trttt and table, he
also furnished an elegant peir glass and
Miss M. F. Estabrook has secured two
classes, one composed of gentlemen and
tho other of ladies, which are making
rapid progress in elocution under her
The Payne Sunday school held a
pleasant picnic at Columbia ford Friday,
which was acceptably ndtlrenseti by
Judge Culver. A Tery enjoy ablu time
is reported.
It is said that Governor St. John will
be present at the opening o the water
works iu this city this week. A frolic
of this sort Is Just to the mind of our nl
stemious governor. !
Quito a lot of work to lie entered at
tho Bismark fair has already lieen com
pleted by the pupils or the public
schools. Emporia promises' to be well
represented at Lawrence. . .
Mr. Whinery informs' us" that" the
wheat in the vicinity of Plymouth is
turning out better than was anticipate!.
While the straw is short, the heads are
quite large and well tilled." .
Tho Emporia Daily Nkwh was the
first palter in the state to unfurl the Gar
field standard to the breeze, the Parsons
Republican or any other paier to the
contrary, notwithstanding. :
The board of education at its meeting
on the lOlh, adopted the specifications
for the new school house, ami will h-o-cecd
to advertise, for bids which will lie
opened on the 1st of July.
The Reform church will lay the cor
ner stoue of its new edifice now iu pro
cess of construction at the corner of
Ninth avenue and Constitution street, on
Sunday evening, June 20th.
The fact that Keuo has gone to Texas
will account for the absence of our usual
Americus notes. Can't somu one iu the
village rise to the requirements of the
occasion and keep us posted
The men for whom Garfield worked In
his youth are coining to the front, two
having already turned up at
Atchison. We have always admired the
enterprise of that plucky little city.
Bruner & Hogan are not plumbing
tbe Normal School, but putting in hand
some ebony and gold gas fixtures. They
feel proud of the work they are doing at
the Normal, and invite attention to it
Hurry Hibben, the city engineer,
measured the stream of water thrown
this morning by the fire company, and
louud that it reached a perpendicular
altitude of ouo hundred and twvnty-five
Mr. D. R- Rice is building an addi
tion of thirty feet on the rear of his res
taurant on south Commercial street
which will be used as an Ice cream
room iu the summer and for oysters in
the winter.
The Democrats who were spoiling for
the nomination of Grant some days ago,
have became abruptly converted to the
lielief that he was the sUongesl man in
the Republican party. Circumstances
alter cases.
Horsk Stolen. An iron grey horse
with a halter and briule was taken from
the stable of Wm. Haines, residing at
the corner of Seventh avenue and Mar
ket street, on the. night, of tbetb
Inst. The stable was locked in the
evening as usual, hut the door was forced
open by the thief to whose identity there
is at present no clue.
If the aid society of Nsw York will
send out a picked party of eligible male
orphans ranging in age fioui 21 to SO
years, it is Intimated that comfortable
homes could be "found for them in and
around Emporia. ' '
The effects of lbs Chicago unpleasant
ness have fully subsided in Etnporia,and
the wives of Grant and Blaine men are
once more exchanging domestic;. Ameni
ties over their back fences In the shape of
baking soda and flat irons.
Illinois, along the Rock Island rail
road, is literally under water. The
streams were all swollen bank full on
Wednesday, and in ninny places the corn
and wheat were standing In water. The
. corn averages about one-third in size
compared with oar Kansas fields,' and
the prospect is not cheering.
Howard Couraut:. Miss Codclinur,
of WiufUjH J, snipped in Howard 9 ooupk
ofdavs this wet k to visit frieuds, while
on her way to her old home, Emporia.
Mis Mine J OMt the lurgesj yonpg wo
man e ever Diet, lull as a "siagU baud
ed talker" she is true trt her sex. "Come
again, Code. ; - :'. ;
The imsiect in Lvou county for
peaches, plums, pears and apples is ex-cclk-nt,
and it is estimated that a brass
kettle which an Eagle creek woman
lsiught at "BruucrB the other day. will
travel more miles before the season i
over than was ever scored by a superan
nuated Methodist preacher...
Two car loads of machinery from
Chicago, canslgaed to K. A. AJain. of
the southwestern marble works of Em
poria, arrived in this ciy last week and
will In- set up and tiperated either by
steam or water for sawing stone.Thesc
works are in-coming quite an institution,
and have a IprgtMracln la thU section of
Kansas.' J ' t.. ' 1 ..
A party of twenty-five tramps passed
through Emporia over 'tlio ties of. Hie
Santa Fa road Scuxlay. Lest this state
ment should loucl to a misapprehension
of the mode of travel adopted by dele
gates returning from the Grceuluick con
vention at Chicago, it may be proper to
add that (he gang were headed in the di
rection of tho rising sun. . ;
The announcement OTthe presidential
nominee was received last night by fire
works, firing of guns and ringing of
liells. Our next President is Garfield.
The "Council Grove Musical Union"
has been orgauized, and is a chartered
corporation; capital stock, $1,000; Hon.
Isaac Sharpe. presidisnv VV-A- McCpty
Jan, vice residnl t J4 W. Spenoer, Soc-1
reutry;' 11. Eltlcldor iwasureji and. A
Vf. Simcock, corresponding secretary and
musical director. Two concerts will be
rlvent'-'June. and 18th. by our home
talent," assisted by Miss Zelina Mauley,
violinist, and Miss Arbucklc, pianist.
- ' . ' , , . . HoaigK. .
The following persons passed the ex
amination held Friday for entrance to
the high school i... .
Arthur Milliken, Howard Culver,
Fred. O. Lakin ,Alcx. tlieevca, lFauule
Randolph, niyiiG0rliani, Allco Evans,
James Chalfant, Carrie Hughes, Annie
Atyeo, Etta KirkendaU, Jessie Green,
Mary Pruett, Lizzlo,Trcscott.
The safe burglary at Americus has
turned out to be less serious than was at
first supposed, the entire loss exclusive
of the damage done to the' - safe not ex
ceeding 20. . Tiie excitement upon the
first discovery was intense, and all sorts
of wild rumors prevailed. There is no
definite clue to the parties perpetrating
the burglary, though several persons are
strongly suspected.
, - ... 1 --y v-
. "A writer In a New York paper 'says:
From 1-1 to 1&8 we hid seven-years of
plenty. From 18T8 to 18(15 we had seven
years of want. From 1805 to 1872 we
had seven years of . plenty. From 1872
to 187 we I mil seven years of want. Con
sequently I prophesy as follows: From
1878 to 1880 we shall have seven years
of plenty. From 1KSG to 1803 we shall
have seven years of waul."
Mayor Thompson, of Parsons a ,0015,
lion of the city, council, and the master
Mechanic of the; M. K. & T. rftad, 'crc
In town Baturduyfta Investigate 'the sys
tem of water works adopted lu Euipuria.
The pumps were put. in operation for
their liencflt, the hose company' was out
and threw a bandiii stream of water,
uad our visitors expressed themselves as
highly satisfied with all that they hail
Mr. P. B. Maxson, oi Lyon county, has
becu honored to the extent jf being
made one of the secretaries of the Green
back convention at Chicago. P. B. is
no slouch with the en, but if be finds
himself able to report one tithe of the
chin music which is reeled off by the
flutists, he can make at the most modest
calculation, a thousand dollars a day at
the rules paid commonly to short-hand
Messrs. D. Thomas & Co. have jnst
put In place In the parlor of the Normal
School a beautiful carpel of very heavy
brussels. The figure seemingly rcprc.
sents the entrance to a mtnslon or castle,
the steps being nearly concealed by
vines, roses and exotics, the varied lively
colors of which blend harmoniously, aud
together with a lone tree forming a
prominent back-ground,, make a design
at once neat and handsome.
(3omilimk!t. The
pays tle following
Howard Courant
handsome tribute to Thk Nkws:
The Emporia Daily News, one of the
ablest, brightest nnd best dailies in the
west, has exhibited much enterprise dur
ing the past week. During the contest
at Chicago, it has contaiued about two
columns of special telegrams each day,
at a cost of 110 doubt of hundreds of dol
lars to the enterprising publishers. It
is published at three o'clock in after
noon, and thus reaches our town twenty
four hours earlier than any other daily
that now comes here.
Quite a number of the citizens of
Howard took advantage of the excursion
lust Suuday aud paid a visit to Emporia,
the future metropolis of Kansits. lite
excursion was given by Mr.E. O.Gxiffla.
oneof our ireiiilemanly conductors, who
is one ot t(ie most accommodating
conductors on the Santa Fe road. There
was nothing particularly going on at
Emporia to cause our people to go, but
Ihey went for a rida.auu changoX
scenes. ; Pleasure seekers boardered the
train at every station along the line and
on arriving at bmitoruiwere mtut iy
their acquaintances and citizens of that
live city and entertained io i g haJ
style.-Howard Couraut. 1 -
! OOMVLiiiENTAKY. Tho Elk Falls Sig
nal has the following pleasant words for
Thk Nitws: ; . ) !
- The Emporia - Datlt- Nrwr Is sh
ing great enterprises for. a small Kansas
daily. It furnishes all the very latest
and moot Interesting telegrapjc news, be
sides devoting great attention to col
lecting and cotMUMising Kansas intelli.
gencB, Dnrlmr lite Chicago fonverrttoa
it gv the full proceed in irs of that Itorly
up to. the hour C going U press; for
that purpose Thk Ntws hail 8ecial
telegraphic communications from its
racy corrmpondenl at Chicago, It V
want a good, live-Kansas daily; try Ait
Emporia Kkws,-
At the shooting tournament held at
Lawrence J. M. Waters, of Emporia,
won the Graf V'u im- the Jori test for a
purse of (300, having shren, single
birds at 2i yards rise. W. E. Huestes,
of Emporia, and C.St Buhney, of Colum
bus, killed fourteen birds each and di
vided second money. The following
tied on nine: U.Watson, G. II. Hough
ton, C. Herat, Kansas City ; C. S. Bahney.
Columbus j-W.Wii burn, Osage City;
W E. Huestes, Emporia. Wilburn made
the best score in shooting off, and took
second money. , . .v j
A iMtliollc frojeet.
2.. i!V. Fulher J)ph -Perrier, pastor of
the Catholic church of this city, informs
us that after three months' negotiation
with tl.e right revcrned bishop of
Ijeavenworlh, and revcreued Father
Dominic, superior of Hie Franciscan
order of Butler, county, Kansas, he has
U0111 .'succeisfa in his endeavors to
bring the fathers here to establish a
Catholic college iu EmMiria. The fath
ers will take charge of this mission and
turn their attention to buildiug a large
-hurcU that will cost not luss--4lsn dO,
tHM, a sisters' iicademy for young ladies,
and a college for the yunng men of Em
poria, . Lyon aud surrounding, counties
that wilfr be able to successfully coni
iete with St.llaiy'i anil Usage Missions.
ileinji at the head ot a luriie society ot
Immigration recently established at Cin
cinnati, the fathers, it is asserted, will
turn the the stream of immigration to
this part of the slate, nnd they expect to
expend uot less than fifty or sixty thous
and dollars in Emporia. Futher Perrier,
who, during his pastorale off ouryears in
this place, has established four churches
in Lyon county, will shortly leave Em
poria to take charge of the congregation
ut Concordia, which have recently erect
ed a large and bund handsome edifice.
He has been very faithful to the interests
of his church, and the catholics of this
section will sincerely regret his depar
ture. ; i
The High School Commencement !
Bancroft Hall was the scene Friday
night of ah event which will lougbe re
membered by the friends of education
in Emporia and such persons as ade
quately appreciate the inestimable bless
ings which are conferred upon the peo
ple by a thorough system of public
schools- The occasion referred to was
the annual commencement and the first
alumni exercises of the Emporia high
school, which took place in the presence
of a large audience of our best citizens.
Upon euteriug the hall, the eyes
rested with pleasure upon the decora
lions which emliellislietl the stage and
made il the center of all observation.
The buck-gronud was composed of a
very tasteful dracry of red plush nnd
luce, kindly furnished and urranged by
D. Thomas & Co.. while a choice col
lection of plants and llowcrs, transform
ed the body of the stage into a scene ot
Uoral loveliness, the elicit of which
was heightened and refined by the tine
pictures which decorated the sides and
rear or the improvised Ikjwct.
The programme was opened by music
by the K. T. band, in ils usual excellent
style, which was followed by prayer by
Rev. J. Kirby. A class song ''The An
niversary day," was very nicely render
ed, the accompaniment to winch, was
skillfully performed by Mrs. G. W.New
loan. An essay on "True Life," by Miss Jen
ii it Edgeriou, the single member of the
graduating class, was most admirably
read, and wou the applause of the audi
ence, not more for its genuine merit than
Hie. natural cast ol letleclion, which
proclaimed lithe creation of her own
Professor Nultiug followed with the
charming vocal solo of "Esmeraldi"
which was well rifeived. ,
The presentation of a diploma, to Miss
Edgerton, followed, a pail ot the pro
gramme which was very admirably sus
tained by Professor Davis.
The welcome to the Alumni was ' de
livered by Chas. N. Riggs, who acquit
ted himself quite handsomely.
.The presentation to Prof. Davis, of
a couple of handsome vases was grace
fully performed by Miss Edgerton, nnd
a fine air from the band concluded the
commencement exercises.
Tho Alumni exercises were opened by
the reading by Mr. Hill, of au excellent
essay by Perlie R. Bennett, on the
"Value of Accideut."
The appearance upon the stage of Miss
Allie Riggs was the signal for applause,
which was heartily renewed after her ad
mirable rendition of the clutruiing waltz
song "Oh! Airy and Jighl."
"The Real and the Imaginary" was
the subject of a very carefully prepared
essay by Miss Cora E. Kelly, which
showed much research. -
A class song, "The Beacon Light"
was rewarded by the applause of the
audience, after which Dr. J. Burnett de
livered a brief but very excellent address
to the Alumni.
' While the Knight's Tchiplar band was
playing one of its best airs the audience
disersed, und the school repaired to
Norton's Grove which was brilliantly
lighted, and where tables wwre set for re
freshments. Here the time pamcd in the pleasant
est possible manner, and it was not till a
late hour that the evening, which is des
tined to live in tlio memories of all who
enjoyed it, drew to its happy close.
mioTolfy and wa re
manv exuressious of
f.vor. The enrollment ot delegates, ana
the election of officers then ensued,
which resulted as follows:
President M. J. Salter, of Indepeud
ence. ' . j
1st. Vice president E J. JsugtOt,
Ottawa. . - -
'2d. Vice president A. L." Vail, of
Wichita. ?'',
Secretary Professor M. L. Wuttl, of
Manhattan College. ..
Treasurer II. M. Blllingsby, of To-
pck:i. , t ." ' '
The convention assembled at 8 o'clock
on Friday, afternoon. Some miscellen
eous biif inrss occupied the attention of
the convention at the opening?.
The secretary of the state mission
lioard and tlie si-crctary t'f the , A. M. . B.
IL mission society, read their reports
which were referred to a special com
luittee. An 1-hsuv liv Rev. A. S. Merri field, on
-TluiX'hhXlliudBuC4s--iM-tAr Wrk,Jl
was read.
-E. Guna. IL Billinsshy and R. Neslwt
were iippointct a committee to confer
with Bro. Dickerson of tlie Standard in
regard to publishing the essays, etc.,
which the convention may tlcsi re-to pub
lish. While wailing for a report of this
committee, Revs. Thomas and Wat kins,
of Topeka, were invited to address the
convention on the condition of the color
ed Baptists of Topeka and steps were
taken toward their relief, .
: The committee haying in charge the
report of the district secretary, Bro. J.
French, recommended a continuance of
the plan of co-operation between the
state board t. and . the A. B. H. , M.
Arrangements had 'lieen" made for a
meeting of ladles at Mrs. Spicer's for
consultation 011 mission interests, and
Mrs- Swift, of Chicago, was IntrodueU to
the convention. ' -
'. Alter devotional meeting, a condensed
statement of the rejiorU receiveil lroin
missionaries was nale liy the secretary.
Prof. M. L. Ward. .The main part of
the evening was given to excellent ad
dresses by Dr. Haigh, of Chicago, and
Dr. Nesbet.of Leavenworth, on the work
of the A- B- II- Mission. Society, follow
ed by brief remarks by E, Gunn, I. X.
Wyniau aud others. .
' Before .tho. devotional meeting the
ministers' held a session. At the hour
for the business vice president Vail
took the chair, and the oucsliou of edo-
Calion was taken up. Reports of Rev.
RoU-rl Alkiusn, M-crt-tarj- of educa
tional board, and of Rev. J. lUrrett. ware
heard and ailoptvd, alter which i elo
quent and praclirul sermon was deliver
ed by Dr. P. J. Williams, president of
Ottawa University. . - .
This was followed bj a pa)M:r bj Judge
Emory,, of Lawn-net, containing many
rich things, and was indeed brilliant, if
not adopted in sentiment by till.
' Alter miscellaneous business, adjourn
ed with prayer by Dr. Thompson, of To
peka. - ;
This morning, at Mrs. Spiccr's, the la
dies held a ' meeting in the interest of
missions as retried yesterday.
The billowing is the programme for
Baptist church Addresses Io the Sun
day school at 10 a. in.. Dr. Huigh, of
Chicago, mid Dr, P. J. Williams, of Ot
tawa. Freuclung ai 11 a. m., ny nev.
A. C. Peck. if Lawrence.
3 p. m. Women's missionary meeting
conuucUtl by Mrs. Vail, of Wichita, and
Mrs. Swift, of Chicago.
7J. p. m. Devotional meeting. -8
"p- m. Preaching by 14ev. W. A.
Briggs, of Blue Rapids, followed by a
free conference.
Congregational church 11 a. m.. Dr.
E. Nesbet, of Leavenworth. .
8 p. in. Rev. Evens, of J unction City.
M. E. church 11 a. in.. Rev. A. L.
Vail, of Wichita; 8 p. in., Rev. D, Morse,
of Burliugame.
Reformed church Rev. J. G. Shoe
maker, pastor; 11 a. in. A. S. Mcrrifield,
of Newton.
Christian church 11 a. ui-. Rev. Win
Read, of Clay tVnler; 8 p. m.. Rev.
J. S. Maver, of Manhattan
African M. E. church 11 a. m.. Rev.
Thomas, of Topeka.
out. The apparent break in Little Pitts
burg conveyed the impression for a time
that" simply a few pockets of ore existed '
in various places io the hill, and that
these would soon tie cxhsusU-d. Devel
opment has, however, shown that in all
parts of the Little Pittsburg property
since i prospected, ore is found
and bt liltle-ldea can yet lie formed of I
its extent, in a portion oi the Little
Chief ground, also, lor a long time
deemed valueless Mr. Daly his uncov
ered probably the richest and most ex
tensive ore IhhIv ever found about Lcad-
- The-Tombstone district,; Arizona,
promises to take the lead in that territo
ry. In the Burleigh shaft, near Tomb
stone, at a depth of iPi feet, a vein of ore j
one foot wide, assaying 4 to Gil ounces
ounces of silver per ton.
Bryan, Texas, Jane 11, 1879,
J. C. Rlrtiarditoa, Kt. Loais-Dear Sir:
other day. or every third lny, for about
sent down to lny drug
novxr lllLtl a vmotutu Of t PTW after MB-
Americus Notes.
. TiifRSUAV, June 10.
Mr. Moorehead took his first buggy
ride on yesterday his C9th, birth
day. .
Grandpa Loy is 79 pears old has
voted for Jackson never misssed vot
ing in his life and now he "hurrahs"
for Garfield and Arthur.
By tho bulletin board in front of
Pete Rush's shop yesterday on the 42nd
round in the Gleenback convention
the vote stood, for president. Sam Wood,
210; Dennis Kearney, 241 aud Sam Cary,
43. 1
Harvest has commenced. J. B. Mil
ler commences to cut wheat to-day.
He says its an even race between him
and the chinch bugs.
Sakk Bi kolahy. Burglary in Ameri
cus has become somewhat monotonous.
Leah Bros., J. D. Gilison, M. W. Gibson,
and Brown & Co., have till been bur
glarized within the last few mouths and
last night the safe or J. S. Gibson was
blown open and roblted of its contents,
which fortunately for J. S. G., was not
exceeding $20.00. The store room was
entered by going through the Window,
and Him- in the burglars drilled a hole
in tho : side of the safe and blew the
doors clear off the hinges They then
pried out the cash Ijox. There is a sledge
aud chisel left liehint!, supposed to have
lieen stolen fr.m Wood's blacksmith
shop. At this writing there is no clue
to the burglars. I am sorry that I can't
say that there was $10,000 in the safe
that was overlooked by the burglars il
would make them feel so badly.
Since writing the above 1 have learn
ed that the dry goods .store of J. D. Gib
son and M. W. Gibson's gncery were
both broken open, but they do not seem
to have appropriated any giKxls.
Bernheisel & IiOwry have their goods
marked so low that even the burglars
were ashamed to steal them. They also
have a large stock and as great a variety
as has ever been kept in Americus. They
buy for spot cash, aud by that means
can' always "give as good prices as can
lie had either iu Emporia or Americus.
If you went a dime's worth of goods, try
B. & L.; if yoir want $100 worth of
goods, buy from Bernheisel Sc Lowry.
. Ke.no.
PrarMdlnri of the Kannaa HaptWt State
- The twenty-first annual meeting of the
Kansas Baptist State convention con
vened io this city on Thursday, the 10th
instand remained in session over Sun
day. There was quite a " hand
some representation presentlnclud
Ing about sixty ministers from
different parts of the st&le, who were as
fiue a looking body of men as we have
ever seen assembled iu Emporia.
The formal exercises opened Thursday
afternoon at 2 o'clock p. m., when the
annual meeting of the Kansas Minis
terial Union was held. The programme
included : a very able and exhaustive
essay on "Sell Culture in the
Pastorate," by Rev. P. J. Williams,
Mining Notes From Various -Lot-aHtles.
The Olga mine, Stray Horse gulch,
owned by Phillip Zang, tbe brewer of
Denver, Air. Witleliorg.'of the Colorado
Journal, and Mr. Rciubold, of Leadville,
owning , and , respectively, has
just struck a soiid body of rich carbon
ates. This strike makes the mine worth
$80,000 to $100,000, The strike is not
deep, aud will give an impetus to the
mining interests of Stray Horse gulch.
Tuesday work was resumed on the
Morning Star, Climax, Amie, Robert E
Lee, Hibern'a and a number of other
leading properties at Leadville. Tim
Foley states that be bad applications for
work from at least a thousand miners,
while at most of the mines the majority
of the old hands have been re-engaged.
A big strike has been made in the
Copper Bottom lode, situated in John
son's gulch near Silver Cliff. Tbe rein
matter is a carlionateformation and runs
152 ounces In silver.
. New arrivals from the Defiance dis
trict, Ute reservation, report tbat-twelve
mines showing pay mineral have been
struck there. Assays of specimens run
as high as 300 ounces. No Indians have
yet been seen by the prospectors.
The Miner Boy mine, on Breece hill,
Leadville, is looking particularly well at
present. Some very high grade gold
ore has been struck in the bottom of the
shaft. The tunnel rnnninginto the hill
from South Evans gulch will soon Up
the ore body.' - :
The road to Red Cliff is said to be
fairly lined with prospectors on their
way to the Roarjn Forks hy. way of Ea
gle river route. "
Very important discoveries are said to
have been,, lately ' made in Tennessee
dark. The chances are that the carbon
ate belt extends throughout the park. -
Arrangements were completed
D. D.. which was Tvrv well
received. This was followed bv ' an exe- - Wednesday by which the men employed
gisis on the thirty-eight yeree of the Be-1 at the Crysolile and Little Chief will be
cond chapter of the Acts of tho Apostles
by Rev. Dr. L. et.net, which gave evi
dence of much scriptural research. An
exccllAit essay tm the "Pre requisites to
the Ijortl a tupper," by Kev. A. I- V ail,
of Wichita, completed the interesting
programme for the afternoon, and an ad
journment was tuado till 8 o'clock p. m.
The evening programme wax opened
by an.essay o Uw "Gaty-itml 2aitrh-.
tiotet of he loeper Miwrrtry I4 v".
Robert-' Atkiusorf, vrfelch J Invited
much favorable comment. A paper on
"Ordination to the ministry what con
stitutes it" was read by Rev. A, C.
Peck, who treated his interesting topic
with great acceptability to his hearers.
"Our Duty to Temperance and the Con
stitutional Amendment," was tbe que,
lion which formed the basis of an inter
esting discussion winch - was opened bv
Rer. C Monjeau. 1 here was a univer
sal expression iu favor of the measure,
which will be warmly supported by the
ministers of this faith all over lite slate.
' t - ' rSID.IT 1IORNINO.
The convention nicl at 10:o0'a. m.,
and .listened to the admirable . annual
sermon, by Rev. J. P. Stephenson. - The
discourse contained Tery much that wag
boarded and lodged dm-ctl at tbe mines
and under guinrd.-' The present board
ing house in Evans' gulch, where the
meu are accommodated, has given no
lice tliat the men can no longer remain,
threats havins been made against the
parties runnipf .ihehouse ualiaw llicy.
discoUtlhQbd-J Ladl vllljtli CXlrW iorce
were sent to the two mines under orders
from Sheriff Tucker, so that the regular
forces were relieved. -
- There remains no question' but that
Fryer hill coutains the most wonderful
ore UeMMit ever found in the ' world.
Since its discovery fully sixteen mil
lions ol dollars worth of precious metal
has lieen taken therefrom and two-thirds
of thr production of Leadville, or, say a
quarter of a million per week, is now
being mined from few of tbe Im
portant proierties , on the , hill." Far
from lieing exhausted, a mnch
larger amount of , ore. is .now ex
posed ?n thevaripos tleveloputent drift
therein, than Has ever belore niade- .-vislv
bie, and "new ore bodies are being con
stantly found in portions of the hill here
tofore pronounced barren. It seems as
it ibe entire bill Is resting over an almost
nnbroken mass of ore, and it -will take
many years before this can be worked
Bntnl Additions to tlie New York Cen
tral t'ark Slu4ciiui.
j.rom jjie Kcw York Times.
Among the recent additions of interest
to the department of Geology iu the
Museum of Natural History at Central
Park arc some monster bones, taken
from the auc.ient seas of Kansas ami
Colorado, and reDrescnlinir a race f
creatures which had reached the maxi
mum of physical growth known on this
efooe. rue discoveries were onjr'nany
made by Prof. Mudgc, recently access
ed, whose name is connected with all
the important discoveries of the great
west, ana bv iror. jwarsn.
The states of Texas and Colorado, dur
iner what is known in ecological par
lance as the age of reptiles, contained
great salt and fresh water inland seas,
whose swamos and low-lands swarmed
with creatures of herculean dimensions.
The mautaite terrt. or bad h.nds of
Colorado, and the arid, chalky deserts
of Kansas are the bed of these ancient
seas, and on account of the sterility and
barrenness of the country, very few peo
ple, except occasional miners, penetra
ted them. Finally, science inserted the
entering wedge, an exticditlon crossed
the wastes, and scenes were opened to
view that eoualexl in truth the exairger
alions of Verne. The dry. chalky sand
had been worn bv wind and rain into a
thousand different shapes. Castles and
bastions of Immense size towered aloft.
Hanked bv living buttresses of nature's
own design. Spires, sharp and jagged.
Pierced the air. rising from domes sug
eestivc of Moorish desigus and the Al-
conda, while the red, yellow and blue
clays gave to the whole a fantastic ap
pearaucc. In forming these quaint
shapes, the eJeuiciiU ex postal to view in
numerable bones anil skeletons of forms
that once swam over the spot. Prof.
Marsh says: "Iu one place I counted
the remains of five huge uionsters spread
upon "the plain.". -Jiotue of the bones.
It was found, were portions of reptiles
related to the alligator and crocodile
Others apparently belonged to the skele
tons of sen serpents. So complete ure
the remains thai a restoration ot the
skeletons eutire will be a comparatively
easy matter. Fort Riley, Kansas, stauds
upon the shores ol this prehistoric, waste.
The basin of this aucient oceans fills the
great tract lyiug between Missouri
and the Rocky Mountains, ami ex
tending 'from the Gulf ol Alex
ico - uu uiikuowu distance to the
north. The disturbances that ended the
preceding erea caused a general eleva
tion of the surface, and gradually the
seas and lakes became dry land. The
sea bottom, which is of limestone, be
came a monster grave-yard of marine
The country for miles has been wash
ed away, leaving here end there lolly
monuments of sandstone. Tbe expedi
tions not oulv round the remains of
huge quadrupedes here, but oyster shells
of great size scattered over the plains.
Homo of the shells were open, others
were closed, und all were of such size
that did they contain the millusk itself,
five or six ot them would yield a meal
for a whole party. Some of them
measured thirty inches across. At the
foot of some of the bluffs portions of
monsters were diseoved, the remainder
of their vertebral columns being buried
in Ihe limestone to unknown depths.
Here a paddle protruded, there a law
armed with tremendous teeth. The
reptiles found in Kansas now, number
ing over fifty species, vary in length
from 10 to 200 feet. On this aucient
ocean the ancestor of the sea serpent of
to-dav disported itself. Its shape was
such as to enable it to reuch upward
and exhibit a long tapering neck and
arrow-shaped head. A specimen of an
immense snake-like species (the Clidas-
tesl has recently been found in Canon
Citv. It bad evidently died while ly
ing on its back. The flippers or paddles
were found at some distance from the
body. The tape measure laid along the
vertebra indica.ed a length ot 1; teet
The tail alone measured 34 feet, and
evidently tapered down to -a delicate
point. The rows of terrible teeth were
devised, for holding prey, but as they
were of no use for cutting il up, it must
have been swullowed whole. The only
sound that the snake could utter was
hiss. That it had a lorked tongue is
proved bv the lack of room in the
mouth for a larger one. A turtle was
found with a shell twenty feet in width
aud thirty feet in length. Prof. Cope
has named this gigantic tortoise protos
lei?a triiras. the first generic term refer
ring probably to the peculiar condition
ol its seeminglv unucveiopeu this am
conii-ruous parts, which are like those
of ail oidinnrv turlllo just hatched
Here is the most gigantic of all turtle
in maturity, having the undevelopeti
structure ot' the immature state.
One or the largest reptiles ot this er
iod that has Ix-eu found is the 1 Union
The lower jaw wasdiscovered projecting
from a chalk clilt. and. on removing lue
earth, a long ppiecting' nmr.zlc was dis
cerned. This resembles the head of I lie
Muni no.ed sturgeon of the present wa
era The Pterodactyl umbrosus, the
veritable flying reptile or dragon of that
remote era. was also unearthed. I h
specimen- was found at the base, of
lil it if. It measured twentv-nine tee
from fincer to finirer. and when alive
must have been one of the most terribl
ol tho inhabitants of the ancient work
It derived ils nower of flight.' not bv
membiane stretched over four elongated
tinwrs. with a rudimentary thumb, like
the bats, nor by a wing without, distinct
fingers, as in birds, but by a wing sus
tained principally on a very elongated
toe, while Ihe other members possessed
their normal shortness, and were armed
with claws. Wilh this remakable con
formation were associated a long neck
and beak. It could fly in the air, remain
on the wing a long lime, and susicud it
self to trees and rocks by its short toes.
Another wonder discovered was Ihe Hen
ptroni, a large water bin! seven feet in
height, and having knife like teeth. The
teeth were set in groves, the wings wew
rudimentary aud useless, while the legs
were like those of a duck. A study of
ils skeleton shows it to have been close
ly related to the ostrich. Another won
der was a flying-bird, the ichthyoruis,
having still more reptilian characteris
tics. Its teeth, like the alligator's, wore
in distinct sockets, and, stranger yet, ils
vertebne is bi-concave a peculiarty only
found in the fishes and a few reptiles.
One of the most gigantic reptiles dis
covered was the Amphicrelias. The
thigh bone was so heavy that the find
ers were forced to harness a mnle to it to
drag it out of the hole. It measured over
eleven feet in length. A section of ihe
vertebrfe, from the dorsal portion, was a
heavy lift for four men, and when it
was placed npon the ground in the posi
tion assumed by the animal, it towered
above the tallest of the party, being over
six feet in height. To apppreciale this.
the reader must remember that the cor
responding bone of the nearest living
representative of this animal can be lift
ed by the little finger. Other fossil
aaurians. whose thigh bones are six feet
in length, have lieen given a length of
over 150 feet. If they increased in pro
portion to the size of this bone, we should
have a creature over 200 feet in length,
hut of course this is merely a supposi
lion, though quite a probable one This
saurian belonged to the genus Amirfu-
erelitit. A thigh-bone of au allied genus
over six reel long can lie seen in me mu
aeuni of natural hislorv. Central Park.
It is in a case in geological hall, and
side bv side wilh the same bone of the
nearest allied form. Near by are other
creatures representing tlie same age.
Some of the whales of this and later
times were one hundred and fifty feet
long, and the state of Alabama was once
their roaming-ground. In some locali
ties now the mormons sections of back
bones are so numerous that the farmers
are obliged to burn them and build
fences with them.
In another c use in the museum is ar
ranged a magnificent collection of fossil
sharks' teeth, some of them as large as
a man's hand. They belonged to a shark
over 100 feet long. They came from the
later beds of the Ashley ana cooper riv
ers. South Carolina, and were collected
by PPtf. HoliBc. the veteran geologist
of Cluuiestoa. In a tall vase are some
beautiful crinoids, presented to the mu
seum bv Rupert L. htuart. in the same
hall are enrions armored and warlike
fishes called Cbimacroids, which meas
ure thirty feet in length, and tbe bones
of an annual quits as large as the living
elephant, six of which are like those of
the rhinoceros. This is' known to aci
ence as the dinoceros. Tlie curious ore
don, too. is here; an extinct animal that
seemed l combine Ihe characteristics of
the hog, camel and deer.
ntore for your
ut to aay that ha
f f evr after com
kVbrituice. to date, be Inn now
over a uionOi ago. I fel chat looKht to
ay thi much Lu behalf of your medicine.
Aoo a regular M. 1., but mtlred from
practice 3 years mgo auu, ue.vuui, uj
Ulna to drnK btulne
very nji-tiwi"ji
a. ty. HOWELX.
fcinpnrlu, - - - Kansas.
Psys Taxes. reteenis lands eold for taxes.
Will notify parties amount ol tax due
iu titue to save iienalty.
Send New York rxchaoee or P.O. order.
RKCiiirr or Mosrv.
Enclose stamp, description of lands and ist
ouice ati'iros.
Real Estate b-'.ight and Sold on Con mission.
Call on or address
wlOlf Emiwris. Lyon to.. Kansas.
12 M 1'OUIA
Stockton, Mo., A OS. tSth, 1879.
Cuftbrd's Febrifuge ta the beat thin for
ri.iil nd ,er that we bate aver
handled. There never has Been a case
that was N va ciimi "J -
kcSrolnK to directions lu Otla part ot
th country. Yours truly.
as ACME Si SJ-li t; rt r l.lj ajragKUKa,
Ghinteothe, Mo-, July 3CY1879.
n mj..duiii. St. tont-Mf Dear
Bir'i Here is something- reliable; if you
n maKe any uw ----- - -
,ve sold hundreds of DOUles with like
results. Your f riul. . .
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..j a true thia aummer ana tne nae
SneUhu-d of a bouTe of Clifford s ebri
fulfVpr'mjJtly cured it. .It l the speedi
est cure i have known of.
GEO. BalUla.
Savings Bank.
Interest Allowed on Time Deposits.
J.JAY BUCK. Presiilci-t
" II. UUSlAP. Cashier.
J. Jat Hcci. E. P. Bscssa.
wiotf Howard ucnlat
1880. SwiUff ai SUIT. - 1!
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Desire tocsll the attention of tlie peop'.f '-Fu "' sOioining -counties to their large ana
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356,422 Machines;
Prices Low as the Lowest. In 1879, 431,167;;
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Ihe plaee!
of Firat
Of 3. t. . S. id. 19. It aii'l 45 liorse power,
with the -KAUI.K tioVKKNOIt." the mol
Mosiiive an. I ui?,t iK.-rlt'ot s-affty urovern.ii
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Singer Manafactnring Co., Emporia, Kans., .o,. JOS. LEAR, Ag't.
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Kmpoki a. Kalis, Juiiu 1, 10.
NtU- is hfrvliv eiven tliat lh follotvini;
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li a ii'rliH'.k .1. 111.:
v ai.
T. It. tnunts
111 20 11
lit 20 11 CO
If. SO 11 . . 8 00
in 20 u .... a oo
If. 20 II .... 3 00
lti 20 11 .... 3 00
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M 81 10 3 00
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A.C, &v. Sole agents in Kmitoria lor
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Nwqr of nr qr
Corner Fifth Avenue &
Mechanics Street.
Corner of 4th Avenue and Commercial St.
A full assortment of
Which will be sold low for cash, or exchanged
lor produce.
Give lis :t call.
Bain "Wagon,
Deere & Cos Plows & Cultivators,
Gr-ilpin Sulky Plow,
Davenport Cultivator,
Champion Reaper & Mower.
Arc also sole agents in Emporia for
The Celebrated
Circular Saw
Horse Powesr,
Steam Boilers,
Drag Saws,
Saw Tables,
Feed Mills, &c.
Semi f.ir KRKB t'ATAioiU'K nnd price list,
and stale what you wish to l.uy. Address
w2"iji-iiiiii-i urriiMosn. inpian a
Cro l alpiUtion of the Heart, Nerrounness,
Tn-mbllngi., Nervous. Headache, Leucorrhira,
V.d Hands nnd Feet, Tain in the Hack, and
other f onus of Female Weakncs. They enrich
nd improve tho quality of tho Blood, purify
and brighten tbo Complexion, allay Nervous
Irritation, and n-nro Itrfrcbhlng Sleep. Just
the remedy need-d by women whose pale-collr-U-
faces show the tdwence of Iron In the Blood.
IU member that Iron id one of ihe constituent
of tho Blood, and Ii the great tonic. Tb
Iron rill arc u'.J valuable for men who ara
troubled with KcrvonaTVralilMna. Night Sweats,
etc ITicc, 50 cents per box. rjentbymalL Ad
23 Parle Place, New York,
bold by IiruKgists every w litre.
thomas & JOiraa Gliddens" Steel Barbed Fence Wire.
Gray's Specific MiMlicine.
jjX. r.ncllsll
It .1 v
will prompt
tv ami rali
callye.il re any
and every
e.e of nrrv-
oll!l debility
and weaktlctA
lieiore gition.'e'iAfler Taking.
cess or overwork of the brain ami nervous
system: is perfectly harinlesi., acts like uiair-
ic, and h. been extensively used for over
thirtv years with pieat success.
ty-r'ull parti Hilars in our pamphlet,
which we desire to send free by mail to every
one. JJ.jy"Thr Siecilic Medicine Is sold by
all drunKisu at 1 lier pac.kaKi', or six pack
ages for I n or will he sent free by mail on re
ceipt of the nionor. bv addressing
No. 10 Mechanics' Block. Hetroit. Mich.
tssrs,,,l in Kuiiioria by W. II. Sisler, and
Riy ooilwanl Faxon, of Kansas City, whole
sale agent. iwwam
Staple and Fancy
FLOUIt, 01U1X,
Nursery and Garden.
Only Successful Nursery in Out ml Kansas.
i 1 T71
i sen in pi - w l ' ii !. !--tii-e
since fJ VJT 1 1 si But be
fore the pulilic ui- 1 T C 4 T
it never Tail. JiV iiOillUt
1'riee 2.M-. SOc and 1. liauiule l.ouie luc.. All
ilrnirfl-isis keen it for sale. Trv it
.. I,..- K. i...p
Sole proprietors, KausasCity. Mo.
For sale by J. A. Moore. w llllf
i uunty Treasurer.
For Sale.
Ouc sao of voitnic IIrsti (marc ami cUl
Odc rtMl short horn Hitil.
llani lti inn rivs.
lOUOil IlUi kUny MwmUs.
5,M) (;Mbf lHrrvhMits
j v. n.Nioi.pn,
Willi KniK'nia, Kan.
Millions of Mothers ezpreu their de-
"mht over Caatoria, It is mature remedy
for assimilating the food. Unlike Cas
tor Oil, it is pleasant to take, sod
iiclike Morphine. Syrups, it U harmless.
C'astoria regulates the Bowels, destroys
Worms, Cares
Sour Curd and Wind CoWc,
and allays Feverishness. What civet
health to the Child, promotes rest for
the Mother. Children Cry for Pitch
er's Castoria. It is the most reliable,
effective sod popular article dispensed by
Greenhouses Full of Choice Plants! Hair Vigor;
D; A. Painter,
Salesman ft 'WHITE I HOLMES, .
: Lire Stock Commission Merciiaiits
- Kakoas) Cm, MiasoLKl. 20m
Sines Hemline remedies hare been used bj
has there been known such absolute Fain-
relieving scents as the
Thev soothe, heal, snd care. They
HEAL-CuU. Wounds. Galls, Old-Sores, Bro
ken-breasts snd Sore Nipples ;
CC&E-Pain in the Sack, Khenmalism. Scia
tica, Lumbago, Nenrslcia, Esr-Aehe,
Tetter. Pimples, Itch. Salt Rheum, and
all Flesh, Bone and Muscle ailments ei
Animals :
STJBDCB Inflammation and Swellings;
BILIETE Boils, Felons, Ulcers. Sore Throat,
Bronchitis, Croup and Quinsy ;
EXTRACT Pain from Barns, Scalds, Stinrs.
Frost-bites, Sprains and Braises.
The esperienoe of eentsries has saads tfas
Liniments, the most speedy and effeetlTC
earatire agents for
the world has erer known. The Centanr
bar relieved mors hed-ridden Crip
ples t healed mors Xrightfnl weamds,
and sawed more walnahle ewlsssls than
all other liniments, ointments, oils, extracts,
sluim and so-called "pais killers" and
"skin esres combined.
' Phwsieians snd Veterinary Enixeoss en-
dorss the Centanr T.tninientet milUens
of nsea, women and ehildrea in all eonatrist
I bom and Housekeepers. Farmers
Punters. -Travelers, LiTerymen. Teamsteri
snd Stoek-sTowers, are their natrons. The
am .Im. they are handy, they are cheap
and they ars reliahle. There is bo acho
Tain,or swellinc which they will not alls
viate. ssoane. or coic cw.
r, fill mtm. and tlJOO a bottle. Trial
bottles. 25 eta. . -
Lath. Stuntles. MonldinEs LUMBER, sash. Doors. BLINDS.
West End Grocery!
Iroirielr antl Delivery Hoy.
(iiMxIs ilelivereil to any part uf the rity.
frt-e r irst luor buiiIIi uf V. It. K. olUcv,
est Htrret. SUtf
2 rSS
Foundry and Machine Shops.
Manufacturer of Iron Kronts. Land Holler.
Iron Kluwcr stamU, Kanry KraekeUi, Aqua
riums. ami every ilencription of Iron anil
Hrasi. t'-astinfrs. ' Machinery anil lliiiler re
pairing a specialty, turre-iixinaeiice sonc
teil. wiotf
St. tmd A. r.
Dealers in
Or grans
Small Instrumknts,
sheet" MUSIC.
Also agent for tbe
Xeetllei for all Style of Ma
AsU that musical womler called ,
JSCall and tee It. wiotf
Dealer in all kind oi
Hardware, Steel, Iron and Nails
Hedge Laying & Hedge
ty rirbu of tbe Patent
i the champion lieUe
preparel to lar down or
Moline Plows and Cultivators,
Davenport Cultivators,
It Is a mirftt agrccaMe drcssiiif;, ttlitch
it at once harmless and effectual, for pre
serving tbe Lair. It restores, villi the
gloss and freshness of youth, faded or fray.
light, and red hair, to a rich brown, or deep
black, as may Im desired. By its use thin
hair is thickened, and baldness often
though not always cured. It cheeks falling
of the hair immediately, and causes a new
growth in all cases where the gtajula arc
not decayed; while to brashy, weak, oi
otherwise diseased hair, it imparts vilulity
and strength, and renders it pliable.
The Vigor cleanses the scalp, cures and
prevents the formation of dandruff; and,
by its cooling, stimulating, and soothing
properties, it heals most if not all of the
humors and diseases peculiar to the scalp,
keeping it cool, clean, aud soft, under
which conditions diseases of the scalp aud
hair are Impossible.
As a Dressing for Ladies' Hair,
The Vigor Is incomparable. It is color
less, contains neither oil nor dye, and will
not soil white cambric. It Imparts au
agreeable and lasting perfume, and as an
article for the toilet it is economical and
unsurpassed in its excellence. .
niMsis r
Dr. J. CATER & CO., LOFeD,Masi,
Practical sad Analytical Cnemlsta.
E Aift atin nriiinip 4
bM i Standard Family Bamexly for j
wuease ot tbe iarer, Stomach tt
(Debilitates It is
wimf -
r own tbe coanty
I It. lite Ijtrcr ana
Triniui.r anil m i
trim Keilge better ami eneaper uian any uuier
uhi on or auunk
party eau do.
J . L. W. BELL,
Emporia. Kausas.
Our Spring Stock of Clothing
FIRST-CLASS LIVERY For SR-n's, Youths'. Boys' ami Children's rar;
Metropolitan Stables. Gents' lraisliing Goods of Every Description;
GILCHRIST BROS, Propr's. n - rr, j T-r-mo.
is receired. all of which is now ready for iupeetio, exaoiiiiatk.B and sale.
Wolff Brothers' PREMIUM HATS, goods and eolor guaranteed; the
Li rerr. Feed. Sale ami Omnibus Stables.
Ijirs;et lablen mail larjrest aal hetX stuck of
nor anil venules IB souuwesiera nanus.
Omnibus and Baggage-wagon run
to and from all trains.
For satislaerioB id every respeet, call am us.
Rememlier tbe btottkm. &th arenoe.iB- eat
of ll an cn(t linn. sriou
Celebrated Foster Kid Glove, &e. '
I is base a line of samples of ood, Irom which, I will mats to order Clothing ia the
moot appravetl style and workaoliip.
I aim to be snrpai.se1 by none,' equalled by few and envied by all la ssy effort to clothe
eceBoaksiiT ill sw wm iwiis iwuii.
Cheap Money!
DON'T fOKtttl IHt
Oak Hall Clothing House.
J. A. I1EMSTEGER, Proprietor.
Ifimev to loan at 8 per cent, in soms of
from $3i8 np. npoa improved real estate, in
this and adjoinus counties.
Commissions as Low as the Lowest J
. ii ii .ii
i,. l ii ii r -i
(Aft-fid tl A
tern im
III ft 1 B E 7
MS ill RT
r it u w
I 4 13 W3B
1 1
Has been used
in mv Trartip4
i . r - -
WT public,:
rJ.T A. a- " vouilftl
r - warn. W I 11 W U L A ,
iS.T.rr.sivrnon u n i uoibw.t!
i T KI OUST WllJ. TSU. Tai ; r . .Tl. -t 3

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