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The Tombstone epitaph. [volume] (Tombstone, Ariz.) 1880-1882, March 07, 1882, DAILY EDITION, Image 2

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Tuvalu Eventmr, Mnrch 7. 1KM
Epitaph Printing and Publishing Go
Office. S25 and 337 Fremont Street,
Tombstone. Arizona.
innsnatrrioN fatci:
Os'lj ,'isl'rered oy 'rrler)....25 cents per week.
Billy, one year.. $10 00
Dally, six months J
Dtlljr.three months 3 10
Weekly, one year 00
iVetkly, elx months 2 WJ
Weekly, three months 1 SO
far-Entered at the Tombstone postofflce as sec
nd-dass matter.
To KepnbltrsDB of Coehlw County,
The members of the Tombstone Republican
Club and all other Republicans of Cochise county
will take nolle, that at a meetlngotlhe Executrt
Committee of ths Tombstone Republican Club,
held March 2. ISSi, It was
Resolred, That this committee call a meeting of
theTomostone Republican Club to be held In the
city of Tombstone, Cochise county, Arizona, on
Saturday, tue Hth day or April, A. D IDS!, at an
hoar to be destfrt atedby them; and that Imitation
be extend 'd to the Republicans of Cochise county
to meet wlih said club at that time for the pur
pose or orranuiagiaUeafpuDiican party in vo
con oco.
TksMftre It Is requested taaPMLmembers of
clnb be present at said 1 1 1 1 LnTWijfSI TTT ir
AS". APRIL 8th, 1P8J, at 2 o'clock pTlUand
that all towns and precincts stnd a fall repr!
tatlon of members of the party to Join with sal
du1) In organising the Republican party In CvChlse
cunty. All the Republicans of the countr aro In
vtted. A. 0. WALLACE, Chairman
of the Executive Wommltteef theTombstone Re
publican Club. W. STRE BT, Sec'y.
"The Cow-boys of Arizona" is the
subject of an engraving and edi
torial in Harper's Weekly, both of
which are amusing in their -way.
The writer quotes from the lato ac
ting Governor Gopsper and says,
"That in number the cow-boys do
not exceed fifty," and then supple
ments this statement with another, as
follows: , "They make the field of
their operations, for the most part,
of Cochise (so named
stone found in the
ind their head-quarters
)wn with the highly
IttX title of Tombstone."
This last piece of information
the. derivation of the name of our
justly celebrated county wo can
forgivo tho lato acting governor for
all his misstatements and misrepre.
rentations upon this subject. In
common with all tho people of not
only this county, but Arizona, wo had
supposed tho county derived its
name from a once famous Apache
warrior named Cochise, whose strong
hold r,as in the Dragoon mountains
some twelve miles to tho north of
this city. This demonstrates how
easy it is for people to bo mistaken.
We accept the-"whito stone" Iheory
and blot the onco noted warrior,
Cochise, from our vocabulary.-
We camjoUforgLvoJiiilitouexcol-
lency so easily for his misrepresen
tation of the EriTAru in its course
during the late troublesome times
that we have passed through. Ho
knew that this journal took no side
in this matter other than that of law
and order, which it demanded should
be enforoed at all hazards. It was
for "championing" tho cause of "jus
tice" that brought down upon us the
wrath of many good but misguided
men, and this fact his excellency also
knew. However, matters having as
sumed a mora peaceful and, we trust,
permanently harmonious condition,
we can forgive Gosper for his malev
olent falsification of our position,
and wish him all the glory(!) of his
short-lived notoriety as he strutted
across the stage of national action.
That our affairs aro now in a better
condition than formally is not duo
to apy wise and decisive action on
his part, but only to our own people,
backed by by tho firmness of Judge
Stilwell and United States Marshal
Dake, whose actions have clearly
demonstrated that no interference
whatever is needed from tho military
arm of tho government. We close
with the following frank admission
from Harper's Weekly, 'which goes
' to prove that Tombstone is not so
much worsa than other places in the
world after all:
The reports of the acting governor
of Arizona and Secretary Kirk wood
present a curious picture of lifo in
the remoter settlements on the con
fines of civilization. But remember
ing the immunity of rowdyism and
plunder in New York under tho re
gime of Tweed, and the recent re
ports! compact between the police
of New Orleans and the thieves who
went down to attend tl.o Sullivan
Ryan prize-fight, by which the latter
wero were allowed to come and go
undisturbed on condition that they
should not stoal during llioir unlaw
ful visit, wo can not beast of too
great superiority to Tombstone in
our relation: to tho criminal classes.
A Fiend'H weed.
Bostox, Mass., March 7. An ujIlssigsippi argued in efrect that tho
known man this nioriiingcusfCne
man who was walking near her
home. Tho assassin escaped. No
caut.o is known. She died in two
minutes after tho deed was done.
I;ldence -" v.notlter Crime.
Tkrrk Haute, March 7. Tho
mangled remains of a woman was
found along the railroad traok near
this city to-da'
Evidence of foul
3pjay was di
, Ophir lev
Heartrending Disasters Through
out the South.
Huntington Gobbles Up the
Great Railways.
Dawes for tho Chinese Vnudcr-
bllt Defeated in Court.
Hkobeloff Again l'urbl Indiana on
the Rampage.
(Special Dispatches to tho Ermru)
The Hltnatlon Desperate.
New Orleans, Maroh 7. The
Picayune Greenville, Miss., special
says that backwater is still rising,
and is now from six inches to one
foot higher than at any previous
overflow since the country was first
settled, there being very little land
above tho water from the river front
to the hills beyond the Yazoo river.
Greenville is secure from any possi-
overflow. Refugees from the
flowed plttftitions are congre
gating here, and our resources to
feed aid shelter them will be severe
ly taxoi. Bolivar county has very
few plantations with even a strip of
land abofe the waters. The loss of
stock is lmost total. The levees
are throngad with negroes and stock
whose condition is most deplorable.
As its extent becomes known this
calamity begins to appal. A tax "suf
ficient to rebuild the levees above
would be almost insupportable, but
that is only .one item. Laborers have
lost their stock and movables and
are in a panic-stricken and demor
alizedjcondition of dependency with
planters and merchants. At first,
this blow was regarded as a dis
astcrfnvolving losses and hard times,
now it is assuming graver and
greater proportions. The most
tholghtful as well as the most san
jniirje look upon it as a disaster
greater than has ever before befallen
ittom country. Your corres
nt does not believe that con
:e or hope can be restored with-
ational help to rebuild the
IVlde-Hpread Nufferlnir,
MfcJiPins.Marcli 7. Supplies were
sent Jthis afternoon to points on both
sides? of the river between here and
Grejjnville, Miss. Every day brings
inteUigenco of wit-e-spread suffering
andnhe destitute condition of people
within the inundated region's. The
"iove in front ofTfelena, Ark., is
still intact, but the backwater is en
oroaojhing upon the business portion
of thl city. Tho l'ovees between
Vickiburg and Helena aro covered
withtook in a starving condition.
Several rafts with whole .families on
board havo been seen floating down
the abeam. The situation has bo
comeixlcsperato in somo localities,
and it is now only a question of pro
visions or early starvation to both
human beings and stock.
Levee llrokcn at Helen.
Helena, Ark., March 7i Tho sit
uatioit to-night is alarming "in the ex
treme The levee broke above tho
city list night. The water is kept
off frfm the city by a cross levee at
Walker street. Merchants are pre
paring for a general overflow. Re
ports from below continue of a most
distressing character. Two new
breaks occurred to-day, and much
more damage is reported.
A Colorado Matinee.
Dknvkr, Colo., March 7. A Re
publican's special says that on Thurs
day last Arnold Howard and Frank
Younglcharged with cattle stealing,
were attested and placed in jail at
Del N
rte. Saturday night one
mountod men. said to be
from the Rio Grande and
San Lu!
valleys, rode down on tho
jail, which was broken
risoners attempted to
'Young was mortally
MdiHoward killed outright.
rVelatlniiH with Chill.
sjttWjMiaf, March C South Am
erican '"advices state that Trescott and
the Chilian'minister had reached an
agreeable understanding. The pro
toco) drawn up as a basis of the
treat r between Chili and Peru recog
leave i
the cession of territory, but
the subject of indemnity in
The Chlnerte Isrbate. .
yf ashington, March 7. Speaking
ort!ie Chincte ouestion. Goorcre of
peop'0 0
af the Pacific coast had a
fecttle tne question ot uni-
nese immigration to suit themselves
and asked tho same privilege for tho
South with regard to negro suffrage
A ailnlng Hotter.
Washington, March G. Tho com
missi tier of the general land oflico
has rejected the application for a
patent to the Troy Lode mine of Col-
pbisM.'m'B v
the a
out in
tsdlk? - Y f
iginal locator was on a lien and that
the discovery shaft was within paten
ted ground, and because a claim had
been patented covering tho premises
midway between tho side lines. Col.
E. A. Ford acted for the protestor.
Sheriffs Murdered.
St. Louis, Maroh 7. A Santa Fe
special says: Gov. Sheldon has re
ceived news from Taos pueblc, which
if substantiated, is serious. It is to
tho effect that some four days ago
some Taos pueblos became drunk
and were arrested and placed in jail.
They escaped, anil deputy sheriffs
Meiers and Martinez started to the
pueblo town to re-arrest them. They
and their posse were met by fifty
nine armed Pueblo Indians. A fight
ensued, in which Meiers was killed
and Martinez mortally wounded.
Tho murderers hayn not yet been
captured. The Taos pueblo l's ono
of tho richest and largest in the ter
ritory, and heretofore the best feel
ing has cxistod between the Pueblos
and surroundinging Mexican towns.
Of lato too much whisky traffic has
been going on, .which the United
States authorities should stop. Gov.
Sheldon has sent to Taos' for latest
information,' andi news is hourly ex
pected. Mammoth Consolidation.
Chicago, March 7. The Chicago
& Alton, Atchison, Topeka & Santa
Fe and Southern Pacific roads have
formed a freight line from Chicago
to California. A joint tariff will be
established and all will be benefitted
by the special rates, and by tho con
tract made by the Central and Union
Pacifio and the northern overland
Vanderbtlt'a Defeat.
Columbus, 0., March 7. The
attorney-general to-day received a
verdict in his favor against Yander
bilt, in tho case of the consolidation
of the Cleveland, Columbus, Cincin
nati & Indiana and Cincinnati, Ham
ilton & Dayton roads and leased lines
This is a square defeat for Yander-
The Illo Grande and Prroa.
Austin, Tex., March 6. Tho Rio
Grande & Peeps Railway company,
capital stock $500,000, has filed a
charter in tho office of the secretary
of state. The road will commence
at Brownsville, on tho Rio Grando,
thence through the counties of Hi
dalgo, Starr, Seapoo, Seapata and
Webb to Laredo; thence to the coal
fields in Webb, through the eounties
of Kinney and Crockett, to the
Pecos river, a distance of 500 miles.
Daweafor the Chinese.
Washington, March 7. The -senate
resumed consideration of the
Chinese bill 'this morning. Miller,
Farley and Fair sent up to the clerk's
desk and had read a great number of
telegrams received by them giving
accounts of anti-Chinese meetings
held throughout the Pacific slope last
Saturday. Dawes then took the floor
and began a speech against tho bill.
The Wermnasj Indignant!
London, March 7. The German
press is indignant at General Skobe'
luff's speech at Warsaw, in which ho
flattered the Poles by saying ifthero
was no Russian garrison at Warsaw
th re ' would be no German one at
EadM Mhlp Cannl.
Washington, March G. Senator
Vest from the committee oa com
merce to-day reported to the senate
Bads' bill, accompanied by a report
from the committee recommending
its passage.
Obntrurted Ilradlanch.
London, March 6. The oommons
has voted not to permit Bradlaugh
to go through tho form of repeating
the words of the oath, and a proposi
tion to allow his affirmation was neg
atived. Lynched for Itope,
Nashville, March 7. Bob Sar
ver, colored, was lynched at Frank
lyn, Kentucky, for an attempt to
rape a white girl 1G years old,
named Ruly.
Powder Workn Blown Up.
Sudbury, Mass., March 7. A ter
rifftic explosion occurred this morn
ing at the works of the American
Powder company, at Acton. No
dmond Dtrlinea.
Washingion, March 7. The
friends of Senator Edmonds say he
has been tendered the associate jus
ticeship of the Supreme court, and
that he will probably decline, if he
has not already done so.
Mtrtmng 1'rlncerH.
St. Louis, March 7. Journey
men printers are out on a strike for
three dollars a day. Various other
classes of workmen are agitating a
Indictment Found.
New York, March 7. The grand
jury has indicted special treasury
agent Curtis for asking money for po
litical purposes.
Death of a Journalist.
San Francisco, March 7. T. B.
H. Stenhouse, a well-known journal
ist, apd correspondent of tho New
York Herald, died hero this morning.
Congressional Proceeding?.
Washington, March G, At 1:45
this afternoon tho senate resumed
consideration of the bill, and Slater
took the floor in its advocacy.
Senator Brown opposed the Chi
nese bill on the grounds of alleged
violation of good faith, until 4
o'clock, and then proceeded to qu s
tion the necessity for anv restrictive
legislation whatever, tie said the
number of Chinese now in the coun
try is not large, and that Chinese im--migration
is decreasing. He there
fore maintained that there is nothing
alarming in the present situation,
and there was no need to pass any
bill on the subject. He also'argued
that we would imperil our growing
commerce with China by violating
the spirit of the treaty as provided by
this bill. Brown concluded his re
marks at- 4:30, and was followed by
Teller of Colorado, who advocated
the bill. At the conclusion of Tel
ler's speech, Dawes sought tho floor,
but yielded to a motion to adjourn,
which, in view of tho knowledge that
several other' senators also wished to
prolong tho debate, was agreed to,
and the senate, at 4:45, adjourned
till to-morrow.
National Notes.
WASHiNGT0N7March6. It is gen
erally believed at the capitol that
Coukliug wrote to the president this
morning declining his appointment.
The general talk is that Conkling's
declination will bo made public to
day, and Secretary Folger will be
nominated to the Supreme bench,
and .Conkling bo made secretary of
the treasury.
A telegram from the postmaster at
Vicksburg says the levee has broken
along the river, ; and many persons
were drowned.
The president has received, from
ex-Senator Conkling, his declination
of the associate justiceship.
The piesident has' nominated
Charles Ewers, of 'Michigan, to be
consul at Windsor, Canada, and
withdrew the nomination of James F.
Swords, of the District of Columbia,
as consul to Cadiz.
A Bank Suspends.
Boston, March 6. The banking
house of Charles Sweet & Co. sus
pended this morning, causing con
siderable excitement in financial cir
cles. Liabilities amount to between
three and four million dollars. The
firm will probably not resume, but
will liquidate, paypig dollar for dol
lar. Great Mortality lu Han Francisco.
San Francisco, March G. Four
teen doaths were reported at tho
health office last Saturday, eighteen
on Sunday, and nearly thirty to-day
before 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
The members of the Board of Fire Dele
Kates are respectfully requested to attend
at the regular meeting lo-morrow evening
(Wednesday), February 8, at 7 o'clock
sharp, at Judge Wallace's court room. By
order Fat. Holland, President.
F. N. Bklorano, Secretary. ,
Proposals Wanted.
will IM received at Blebcu, A. T., until 12
o'clock in. oa the Hth da; of March, lbf, fur
aitaling for tbo Copper Queen Ulnlng Company
all tbelr lumber, machinery, uicrcbardlse, coke,
etc , from Contention City 10 HUbee and return
with copper bullion. Weight each way not to be
less than 3v) tons per month. Contract t cen
time from April 1, VSX2, to llarcb 31,
IBS I. The contractor must prorldu at Contention
City, A. T., a bultablu bnildire adapted to the
storage of at least 400 tons of coke, and such stor
age snail be free of charge to the company. Pay
ment for hauling done up to the close of the pre
ceding mouth shall be made ou tho 15th day of (he
next nucceedlnr month, by draft on the treasurer
lu New York City or in cash, at the option or the
compauy. All bids r.ust be accompuuied by the
signatures of two or more proportd responsible
sureties, to the effect that thty will execute and
deliver, on behalf of the bidder, a bond In the snm
of ten thoJf and dollars for thefalthf il fulMlniiut
of the cjutract, If awird.-d. The Hoard of Direct
ors reserve th J rlclit i reject any or all bids.
By Ecu Williams, Superintendent.
Blsbee, March 6 ltaa.
First Publlcatidn March 7, lss.
Application !fco. 104, foi-Hl'ateut totlie
UoNhen .tllulnc Claim.
Arizona, Mirch , 1882. Nut leu Is hereby
given that Hugh Ytnite, whose postonlce address
Is Tombstone, Arizona, has this dar tiled bis ap
plication for 1251 linear feet of the (Joshes lode,
vein or mine, beariug gold and silver, with sarface
ground S19 feet In wldt'i, situated and being in
Patagonia mountains,. Pima county, Arizona, and
known aad designated In the field notes and- oltlc
lal plat on file In this office as lot No. 37, the ex
terior houndarica of said lot No. 37 being as fol
lows, to wit: Virlatloa IS 30 east. Commenc
ing at the Initial monument of the (ioshen mining
claim, a pine pot 4x4, one foo' In lead ore of the
vela. In a mound of rocks 4 feet tt base and 2V
feet high, O. I. M. besrlig-i an follows, to south
west corner of big open cut south 14' 0 47 leet,
toentrancoof upper tunnel south 7-' U east 41
feit, from this lultlal monument, G. I. M. run
north 2" 0' west 750 lect to north cud center
nioiiumcat of the claim, a black oak post In
mo nd of ro..k, marked O. N. C. (from this mon
ument United States mineral monument bears
north 4' U east HIS feet); from said north center
vo-t run south S3 0 wont 255 feet to northwest
corner of claim to pine poet 4x4 Indus, 4 feet
long. In monument of rocks marked U. N. W.;
thence S 0 30' E 1JW feet to MV corner of claim,
monument a pine post 4x4 In mound of rocks
marked O. 8.W.; ihejicerun S 84 30 E219 leet
to a center post mpnnment of claim, a pine pot
In mound of rocks marked U S C, from which
hears prospect shaft on the Flux No 2, a claim
Jni nng on the Ootfhen at the South, 8. 23' 0 W
198 feet distant. From said O. 8. C. post run N
8) p E SOfeet to 8E corner or the Uohcn claim,
apmepot marktd O. SE. In mound of rocks,
from which are Uie foil. wing bearings: first,
blark oak 14 Inches in diameter, bears N 2V 30 E
1 Wi feet distant; second, black oak 21 Inches in
diameter, bears S Hi' 15' E83 leet distant, both
marked B. T. O. S. E.r thence run Is 0 30 V
1251 feet to NE corner of claim, a pine post 4x4
Inche. in mound of rocks marked O N.E.; thence
run S. US' 0' W ibO to N center monument marked
O.N. C, the place of beginning of tho exterior
boundary or the claim: containing 14.79 acres.
The location or this mine Is duly recordi d In the
Recorder's ofllcc for Pima county, Arizona.
Any and all persons claiming adversely any
portion of said Uoshcn mining claim or said
mining gronnd as herein above descriVd, arc
required to fllothcr sdvcrBe claims with the Rcg
Ist r or the United States Lai d OtHce st Tuc
son, Arizona, durlug tho sixty davs period
of public ulou heieof, or they will be barred by
virtue or the provisions of the statute.
It Is hereby ordered that the above notice be pub
lished for the period sixty dsys In the DallyTomb
tone EriTAru of Tombstone, Cochise county, Ar
izona, which paper is hereby desgnated by mo as
published nearest said claim.
KptHPopal Church.
completed their arrangements for the speedy
erection of the church building, respectfully re
quest that subscribers will please send In their
subscriptions to that fund, together with their
fir-t qnaiter'a subscription to the maintenance
fund of tho parish at their earliest convenience.
Send to M. B. Clapp, Treasurer, at Siflord,
Hudson & Co s Bank. A. II. STEBMNS,
Balldlig CommitUc.
Notice to the l'nbllf.
1.1 public not to purchase or negotiate for any
Interest In the following named mines situated In
ineawissnmm mining qis'.e.ct, 10 wit. ine uui-
lion, Copper Ulance, Vanktu Blade, Copper World
and Gin sight. Ihesemineswerelllegally located
by Thomas Keefe before they were subject to re
location. The same ground has brsn properly and
legally located aid named as follows: Apache,
Mice, Headlight, Jarrow, Chicago, Alpine, Con
quest, Commonwealth and Summit. I control
tbera all. O. TK1BOLKT.
Tphbstoni. Feb. 84. 184W.
(First Publication, Feb. 21, 1882.
Application Xo. 150, frr u ratt-nt to
the Independence Mlnlits Clnlm.
son, Arizona, February 20, 1882. Notice Is
heitby given that lleujamiu Rinehurr, UavMU.
Meld m.d John Rlchurds, whoso postolllce ad
dress Is Charleston, Cochise county, Ailzona,
have this day tile I Ibetr application fr a patent
for 1279 linear feet of the Independence mine,
vein or lode, bearing gold and silver, with tnrface
f round 550 feet In width, situated and being In the
ombttoue Mining District, Cochise county, Ari
zona, known audjdesigiiaicd by tho field notes aud
official pint ou 11 e in this office ts lot No 108.
1 he exterior boundaries of said lot No. 108 being
as follows, to-wlt: variation 1153 E.
Beglnulugat the center or N cud of claim at a
monument of locks In which is set a post4x4
Inches and 4 feit long, marked "I. M. C. No. 1,"'
same being also center of S cud of Uard Up min
ing claim.
Thence run N 67 IV W 250 fed, cross SE side
Hue of East Side miulng claim lot No. 89, which
bears N 43 45' K 6G0 feet to the N F. corner of the
slid North Side miulng claim, at 276 feet to a post
4x4 inches, 4 feit long, marked "I. M. C. No. 2,"'
set in a monument of rocks. Mime being also bW
corner ot th-Hard Up miulng claim, also tho NE
corner of Melzur mining claim.
Th nccS.9 38' V 42feet,cioss SE side line of
the Eust side mining claim, intersect a post In
mouud of r cks marked "E, S. M. C. .o. 4;"
this line bears S. 41 45 W. (ill feet to SE corner
of the said Eat SI u mining claim; thence con
tinuing on the-W lino of said Independence claim
8 928WLJ79 ftct to a post marked "I. M. C.
No. 3," in mound of rocks; from ibis comer
United States mineral monument No. 2 bears N
80 28 Wti7G feet, llii-nrc run Sl-7 15- E 180 feet,
cross N end line of Mizrcutop mining claim,
wbicb bears S 77 05' E t 26G feet to post mark, d
"1. M. Co. No. 4," in monument of rocks, at 5U0
feet to post in rdonument of locks marked "I. M.
C. No. 5.'-
Thence run N 11 4V E 53 feet and Intersect post
set in monument of rocks, marked "NK coril,"
also post maiked "aW cor Aunt fally," also post
marked "NW cor Trinity," at 1272 feet, to post
In monument of rocks marked 1. M C. No. 6,"
same bciug also NW corner of the Nc-uclius min
ing claim, ulso 8E cor Hard Up mining calm.
Thenco N 07 15-W271 fet to pltcc of begin
Ing; containing 15.0r acies. The conflict with the
East Side mining clklm i01 of au acre, nnd con
flict with ttiu MUzcntop is .19 or an acre, leaving
14 85 acres exclu-lve of the ground In conflict, be
ing all that is claimed by Ihc applicants for a
patent to the Iudepcnd.'i to lode.
1 he notice of locutlou of this mine Is recorded
In thereu.rdci'a office for Cochise county, Arizo
na. In Book ill. pve 773, 'Iran crlbcd Records.
Any aud all persons claiming adv-rst ly any por
tion of said Iudep ndenru mine or of suid mining
ground as turclnabovc described, are required to
tile their adersc cliltii with the Regis cr or the
United States Laud O lice, at Tucon, Arlzoua,
during the sixty divs perlouof .ubllci.tlcn here
of, or tncy win do uarreu o- virtnc ui tne provis
ion or the statute.
It Is hereby ordeted that the f regolng notice be
published for the perlo lor sixty dajs lu the Dally
Epitaph, a newspaper pub 1-hed at'lomhstoue,
A. T., which paper is hereby designated by me as
published nearest said claim.
(First Publication February 20, 1SS2.J
Application Xo. 100, for n Patent to
the Alkoy Mining; Claim.
son, A T. February 24. 188J. Notice la
lunby given that Daniel Goettel, by U. S .Crls
well, attorney, whoso porfi office address Is Tom
'tone, Arizona, has this day made application fo
n patent lor 1247 linear feel of the AUev mine or
lode, bearing gold, sihe-r and other metals, with
surface ground 555 feet In width, situate in Tomb
stone Mining District. County of Cochise, Arizo
na, and known and d.eslguited by the field notes
and official olat on llle in this office, as lot No. 4).
The exterior boundaries of said lot No. 43 being
as rollovvs, to wit: variation n- oj a.
BeL'inmniz at the center of monument on the
west end line of said claim, at pust4sG Inches. 5
feet long. In mound ot rocm market "a.m. v.
No. 1." beurineS. 36 48' Ve't 234 feet from the
Initial monument of claim, also upon the ti end
line or the wosuingion claim, lot io. 41 ana n
43 30' WSO f. et from the SE corner of said ali-iut-ton
minim? claim.
Tbcnco run N 43 30 W along W end llnu of
claim and castcily Hue of vvasniugtou mining
cl ilm 220 feel to mi ui.d of rocks at center of E
end of Washington mining claim
From this point U. S. miueial mnnumir.t No.
4 bears N.53 50 W 5714 fict: at i55feet lll.d oosl
in monument of ncks marked "A. M. C No. 2."
Thence N. 30 43 E 1247 ret 1 10 post 46 Inches,
5 feel long, lu mound of locks maiked "A. M. C.
No. 3," same oeiug uieo NW corner Wells, largo
Thence 8. 43 30 E 255 feet to a post In mound
of rocks marked "A. M. C. No. 4, same c nrse, at
555 leet, to post In mound or r Ci.s marked "A M
C No. 5," same beln also SV cor or V ells Fargo
mining claim.
Theuce S 43 30 W K47 feet to E end line of tho
Bradsbawmlningclulm, at which l post In mound
of rocks inarkid -A. M. C. No. ti."
Thence N 4.130 W 220 f.ct to SE corner of
Washington mining claim at 300 feet to the post
anil place of beginulng. Couialulug 15 G7 acres.
This claim is situated l'i miles NE from the
village of Charleston, A T.
Tne locatlun notice of the mine was recorded In
the Recorder's office for Cochise county, A. T,
In Book 1. of Mines, Transcribed Records, page
Anv and all nersons claiming sdverselv anv por
tion of the said Alkey mine or said mining ground
as hereinabove described, are required to file their
adverse claim with tin Kegl.Ur of the United
States Land Ob e, at lucson, Arizona, dining the
60 days period of publication hereof, or they will
bo barfed Dy v in lie or the provisions of the statute.
iir-rim euuoi.10, i.egisur,
It is hereby ordered that the alove noilco be
published for tho period ol 60dajs lut-ie Epitaph,
a dally newspaper published ut Tombstone-, Ari
zona, which paper Is hereby designated by me as
piIDilsnea neatest snen ciaiui.
I1E.NRY COUSINS, Register.
AHHcosment Xotlce.
JL hereby notifle'' that wo havo expended one
hundred dollars in labor and lmprov ements upon
the Washington mine, situated ou th.t southwest
ern slo-'c of the Huachuca mountains, county of
Cochise, ArlzonaTeirltory, located July 10, 1880, by
Ben Williams, W. B. Fiy aud Thomas 1). Deorgc,
ana rccoriieu in ine ricoras 01 x-iuiu county ou
the third d ly of August, 1S80, in bis k "J" of Rec
ords of Mines, on lol.o 282 and 233. lu order to
hold said pre Ises under the pr-ivislonsof thcRc-
viseu Mamies 01 ine unneu isus, section -m'& 1,
belni? Ihu amount riomred to be done to hold the
same fjr tho pear 1881. And If within nin-ty
aa)s trom inc service 01 mis nonce lorwnnin
ninety clays after this notice by publication) vou
reiuse to contriouie vour pro; onion 01 sncu ex
penditure as co-owner, jour interest lu said claim
will become the propirtyof the subscribers un
der said section W. B. FLY.
Tombstone, February 4, 1882. 9dd
Assessment Xoticc.
tlouof principal pi jceol business. San frau
Cisco, Csl.: location of works, Tombstone, Cochise
county, Arizona. Notice Is hereby given that at a
nuetluL- uf the Board ot Directors, held on the
tOth day of November 1881, an assessment (No.l) or
.ev cents per snare was levieu upon ine cap
ital stock of the corporation, pa 1 able Immediately
in United Stales gold coin, to the Secretary at the
office or the compauy, room 36, Academy Building,
3-10 Piue street, Sun Francisco, California. Any
stock upon which this assessment shall remain
unpaid on the 4th day of Junuiry, 1882. will be
delinquent and advertised for sale at public auc
tion; an J unless payment Is made before, will be
sold ou Monday the 23d day ofJaunarv. 1882, to
pay thedclluqucut assessment, together with
costs of advertising and expenses of sale. By
order ot the Board of Directors.
J. II. HAYKE, Secretary.
Office, Room 36, Academy Building, 330 Pine
street, san Francisco, California.
cnise. Territory ol Arizona. To Jerome
Maple: You are hereby ntlfled that I have ex
pended one hundred (lobars In labor and Improve
ments upon the Contention mine, Quartz Hill,
California Mining District, Chlrlcabua Mountains,
located January 9, 1880, and the notice of which
Is recorded Ic Book 2, page 116, or the Trans
cribed Records of Cocblse coun'y, at will appeal
by certificate filed and recorded In the office of '.he
County Recorder ot said Cochise county, In order
to hol said premises under the provisions of the
Revised Statutes of tho United States, being the
amount required to be done to hold the same for
the year 1831. And If within ninety aays from the
service of this notice (or within ninety davs after
this notice by publication) vou fail or retnse to
roulrthpte your proportion of such expenditure as
co owner, jour Interest lu said claim will becom.
the property ot tho subscriber under said scctlou
IX. buying from It. Campbell, or others, 20 feet ol
the grounci occupied by the New Oileans Ucstsu
rant and Saloon, and adjoining the adobe house
No. 217, on Fourth street, as I am the owner 0
said ground. J. MANaUDAS.
Tombstone, September 21. 1881
T countant. Address caro ot J. V. Vlckers,
4VH Fremont street.
1127 Allen Street. Hours:
A.M.; 7 P.M.
Fortune Teller.
Single Meals, 50c. Bonrd per Week, $8.
MltH. PETERS, Fonrth Mtreet, Near Tough Knt.
S. O. BJLO-G-,
CASH Adiancss made on Consignments." Refer
ences, P. W. MIITII.
maw tl McKEAN & KNIGHT.
Information On
Mines, Lands, Duties, Etc.
Office in the Gird Building
Mas been removed from FOURTH STREET,
near Femont. to the large aud commodisus shop.
419 Allen Street.
Bnths, :
Hnir Cutting,
Shaving:, :
Sea Foam;
In connection with this shop there Is the largest
and best appointed bath house In the city. Every
thing will be In first class style.
Peter Claudianos, Proprietor.
rains Its former hi h reputation for the best and
cheapest meals In the city. Its daily bill of fare
cantalns Salmon, Flounders and Smelt, with the
choicest Steaks, Roasts and Bolls that can Be
found In this or any other market. Every Sunday
Turkey aud Chicken dinners are scried at 3 o'clk.
In the evening Ojste s Cold Turkey and Chicken
can be had. Price of Meals, 50 cent. Open
all night.
Occidental Chop-House,
First Door above Parlor Barber shop.
Wagons forSale CheaB
Inquire of
Agent of the Cerre-Gordo Freighting Co.
Office, Fremont Street below First. JebJMf
Neat Rooms Well Furnished.
Convrnlcnt to the Ilnslneeis Portion
of the Town.
1ST Prhatc Board furnished If desired. Jii
Notice to Settlers on
Lots in Tombstone.
The owners of the Townsite Title to
lots within the original survey of throe
hundred and twenty (320) acres in Tomb
stone, desire to say to those who wish to
obtain deeds, that the injunction which
was sued cut against the Townsite owner
has now been finally dissolved, and that
there is now no suit or other legal obstacle
to making deeds.
The Townsite owners have the legal title
to the lots. Their title is under the patent
ot theUnited States.
They and their predecessors in interest
located the Townsite nnd paid the United
States for the lauds entered and patented.
The law of the Territory expressly de
clares that (bey shall be considered and
held to be the occupants, and that statute
has been approved by Congress.
The Townsite owners arc now prepared
to sell lots on reasonable and liberal terms.
Deeds can be obtained for less than il
will cost to litigate.
Apply to the undersigned, corner Fre
mont nnd Sixth streets.
mar2 tf J. S. CLARK, Agent
btagrs to connect with the Eastbound Train
lcate at 5 a. m.
Stages to connect with the Westbound train
lcae at 12:20 p. m.
Accommodation -tipt leaves otryday for Con
tcntion at 4 p ni.
Office, 408 Allen Street,
(Of. CcXKOroUTAM IIotiO.
ITIOR RENT Ba.emcnt of Orard Hotel. For
: particulars Inquire at Pony baloon, Fourth
street. m6tf
FOR RENT.-Large, Wll Furnished Rooms,
at No. 713 Fremont street, snltab.e for fami
lies or single persons. MltH. E. R. WORTH.
12iOR RENT A nice comfortable cabin, 12x14,
. cheap, near the corner of Brace and Fonrth
streets. For particulars apply to Bonrland's
Cfcar Store. fl8 tf
FOR RENT In Webrfritz building, to nice
rooms, suitable for officers, comer Fifth and
Allen streets. . Apply on the premises. flS tf
FOR SLE -Piano and Household Furniture,
at a great bargain Must be sold Immedia
te ly ou account of departure. Apply to Mrs. En
rleht. Third street, tetueen Fremont and tsunuid.
FOR SALE Furniture of three rooms, on th
corner of Second and Fremont street.; also
a No.ti cooking stoc; everything lu good order
1:10 II B..LE A (.001) COUNTER. CHEAP
? for cash. Apply at the Klmood House.
To Let or for Male.
ten streets, lot 30 feet by 1 JO feet. Apply to
J. O. Hanninr, on the premises.
January . 16m. J 28 If
three rooms, chicken bouse, etc., south side
Fremont street, betueeu Eichth and Ninth. Ad-
piy to McKean & Knight, store corner Sixth and
Allen streets.
A Rare Chance.
I10R SALE CHEAP One oHbr best and most
centrally located Restaurants, known as the
United States House, Inclullng Range, Fli'nres
and Dining Room, furniture all complete, lth
First-Class Bar. Terms cash. For pi.rlu.ars
Inquire of P. W. aMITU,
Tombstone, A. T.
FOR SALE At a great bargain furnitute of
three rooms, Including brut pels and 3-ply car.
pets. to chamber sets, cook stove, etc. All
nearly new. Applv at 733 Fremont st. Price. $200
"JJ10R SALE One-half Interest In threa
JD Mining Claims, situated In Tombstone Kin
ing District, close to town, and all In a group, at
a bargain. Inquire at Mitikcn King's Saloon,
432 Allen street.
117" ANTED A first-class Cook at Mrs. liar
YY ley's, on Tough Nut street, opposite the
Vlzlna office. J2J tf
WANTED Ten operators on Cloaks and
Suits, at Alexander's Model Sh rt Factory,
Allen street, near Sixth, opposite Hutchinson
Opei a House. j'ttf
P. W. Srru.
Cor. Fourth and Allen Streets
Tombatone, Arizona.
The Largest Stock in Cochise County
Dry Goods,
Agent For
Kentucky's Finest Production,
The Best Beer in the Market
Goods sold in Original Packages at a
Very Small Margin. Get our Prices be
fore Purchasing Elsewhere.
t& Iron and Brass Castings of all kinds. Ma
chine work done to order.
Satisfaction Guaranteed.
T. M.1HARJUH, frovrUUM.

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