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' J|-| L | ' Illi ( '
HSgSHkI riniwAV. J
SSgtSL J Court of Baid County, in -aoation. b.-
gwHJSBL fir, 1 1 1 20th ] ' d, {. of Fcbruu7, A ' 1843-
wW Adroini.tr*- p rTIT1 o» »oa »owxa.
Beacon, de- ~ r
tMtMjUKl tlicbqtd Beeson,
gfligE-SmKr ;w Jt Mid Tto-
' 'iMmS ' ~jSVkt» their petition
Wftjfe-iy'JMkit Bid •fctolihtj a!1«!: Og that on or
aay < i' AulL'tJ’fiß4t'> I'bomas G. Bee-
Ja, i.t he eciptjofvcrny, and State
t th© said . ifllfir has since inter
nHHfe'i * tja nul Ste vens) is his wi
M acmcdan jessswed. n his own right,
5 desijbed 1 pda, *n th'.- coanty of Con
fef /l?£a w Wit: the east fraction-
pAioral quarter of section
*t. .m JF,> 6 i,r»b. •fringe No. 17 west, con
*^6< W C eart half of KOuttl
fio. UX in township No. fi north,
WjrtKwcat; cpnta3Mi£ eighty acres ; likc
hracYipsi quarter of section No. 26,
of Fangw No. 17 west, containing
tw,n ’y fey-lUO acres ; that in Septein-
Uussell Welborn tvjk out letters of ad-
estate of Thomas G. Beeson, de
' •# Widfc o»o year h-s elapsed hi-
has wholly f.iile i to assign her cow
.2that he lift Richard Beeson his only
r '‘* ir*f*-that said heir and ad
hade defandnnfs hereto, that pro
ttey anawerAUM commissioners be up
i |£rMsi<{M the n of said lands; and
Sl*O V'U&UMiid pelitic. of the non-
c e of the said
' Of^<r . t *Pw*.s* e <lq <*PP car here at
fUla tffj) be held lor the county
•aid county, in Lew*
uesd<yi« Iler the first Monday alter
;M Apfthb-.:ig Ihe 2nd day of May,
' an»wcc,-04 uj;nurr to said petition;
order id, that a copy of thia order be
news-wncr printed m this State, eight
■ Mwovely, ths last insertion to be four weeks
i "* u term of tluu court.
bww the record.
BMMy hariuson ii. biggins,
’C’licitor. Clerk.
[Pr’e fee 26 2d]
hereby give i, to nil who may be
wUt c , '" ,n| l tbemselves of the provisions
liiH 31st ec ’’ ib^-’ii,at * s|iai1 ’
a PP°' nt Locating Agents nt tho
■HftHWftlMd Olfiees, to receive applications uu-
of said act.
wid ba made oat and forwarded to
the locutions.
fr?in»ia. 'e the Agent will be required to
Wwsel f either by personal exnmiuatieii or
KSaKinAirtnataiOton which he can relv, that tho
HHBp, relinqu!-bed 'lot le State and purchased by
gffiStoWter. L ♦■• rib tho sum ol two dollars per
Sto Mjlltr Should therefore come prepared
MKkS(>rS-lbat , li.>'<ra’’iiiua. ami n |, o t , pi- OV(! Q p
■■l. pro-ewipuou under the prevision of the act.
JBl >W o:i years’ credit, drawing
Jwk »er cent. iJtCTtst from date.
lU| Where there are two or more cn adjoining
rdnrters,thc ■■ are permitted to relinquish and pur-
Onto 320 acres, and divide the land be-
theaWL res.
K Agen- v at the Land Office nt Johnson
W®**® v °° nl * u»t‘l tho Ist Mon-
K<jFiw WMI next, for tho location of all lands
B undef the provisions of this act,
vfeM Dittricl; those desiring to avail them-
I <Mf the I »nefit cf the art will proceed to
r 4MU*vulb,w ere tfe Agent,Col. W. W. Floyd,
I 4NaltMdtoll hr buMness. A. YELL.
f Ma Rock. 20t , I’eb’y. 1843. S B-*’*-
ft ■;£ A MIL 1 . FOR SALE.
j> artaßjsuNuiroiL'. rmed that a lir.t rate Merchant
w th .11 the Decenary I lachimry and ap.
, "' > P a,rs ~f breach Burr Mill
, 'l:flt« >f 4h» "raruifacl'iring ol'so barrels of su
■.‘d'keurs, with a mill house of dt) feet by
th. basement .tory of stone,
stories frame; a first rate dam from S to
43? ’“-“re* l *« ’tsnd five year,. The mill
H ‘ »alBL b '' by the first of June next, and
■ ,or an interest of half. It is situated
ML •* half miles from Edwardsville, in Jasper
P * ba * fa mile Jl Spring river, where keel
I. U|l^^|l" ia y run out with ease, (treat iuduce-
T out to persons of capital, as tho con-
flour to Fort Gibson and Fort
, to near SIU.OCO to $12,000 per annum,
-- A^^WK3t l!Jn l of sales in the Indian country.—
nepred to perform well.
S flrWWWffi thousand dollars paid down when the
IlTl liWf 0 ' and °“ e third of thc balance as soon
B 1 i'asHP" ,men,! ' !a operation, the remainder may
■ ’V * n ew Orleans, or in bash, as may
S’ < ! Private bids will be received
■a il ”*PF7 tte . r ?’ P'” l dto J ' T - Blytheville,
■ * a M°-
WL iqijiifrljpf machinery may be propalled by tho ,
4 _t *
H LWBL* ailoring.
Mfi-"*a*? :ber 8 respectfully inform the citi- i
JwC' ,ES.v n ® uren - !ind ‘ ,s vicinity that they 1
•f . muc t^lo Tailoring business in the 1
I occupied by Mr. Bennett, imme- j
•J . "SfcßkVTp Columbus Hotel, whore they i
o all those who may i
W wor L -ulc ‘ on cheaper terms,
■ done heretofore. They re- ‘
B- ' >l ts' a share of Public pntronnge.
■ j Ifati S JOHN TAYLOR,
“A a J - s - FHFEMAN.
iL-lP 80 - 18.1842 —B-4tf
V A Bacon, just received, and for i
MPT -q Ip J- H. HEARD.
-*• 1 ■ ■• - • •• .
Coornr ar Wmbdigton. $
Washington CireaitCanrt, November Term,A. D. 1842. 1
’ WWUem Leeter,Camplainant, j
Thaatby Cn’lJ, nJ Nutty P'rf.rm.n».
Ca!p« hi» wife. Defendants, J
A ND on this day came the said complainant, by
jfjL Sneed, bis solicitor, and it appearing to the court
here, by the Sheriff’s return, endorsed on the subpoena,
that process cannot be served on the said defendants,
Ihcr being non-residents of the State of Arkansas; it
’ is therefore ordered by the court, tkat said defendants
, be notified of the commencement of this suit, and the
substance of the allegations and prayer of said com
’ plainant’s bill, being that on the twenty first day of
March eighteen hundred and thirty seven, the said com
plainant purchased for and in consideration of the sum
of five hundred and fifty dollars, of the said defendants
* of the county of Washington, and State of Arkansas,
* a certain tract or parcel of land, situate, lying, and be
’ ing in said county of Washington, numbered as follows,
1 to wit: the south-west quarter of the south-east quar
ter, and the south-east quarter of the south-west quar
ter of section tb'rly-tour, in township fifteen north, of
* range thirty-one west, containing eighty acres ; that
the said defendants did, on the day and year last afore-
* said, sell to the said complainant, the aforesaid premis
» es, with the appurtenances thereunto belonging, for the
consideration aforesaid, and then and there pretended
to-exccute, and deliver, a deed in fee nmple to the said
complamHat, for the pprpnse, us the said defendants
* pretended, of esnveying to the said complainant, a bona
Jiiie to the above and foregoing tracts or parcels of
' land, which said deed bears dale the twenty first day of
March, A. D. 1837 ; that the said defendants made and
executed a deei to the south-west quarter of thesouth
j east quarter of section thirty-four, township fifteen
north, of range tliirty-one west; that the said defend*
ants made a do:d to thc said complainant for*lhe sarn®
t tract of land, isstead and in lieu of the south-east quar
ter oi the soulh-wcsi. quarter of section thirty-four,
township fifteen north, of range thirty-one west, false
r ly and fraudulently representing to the said complain
ant that the de.*d was a good deed, and conveyed the
* eighty acres referred to absolutely to the said complain
e ’ ant, and his heirs, forever, to the south-east quarter of
t the south-west quarter, as well as thc south-west quar
s tor of the south-east quarter, all in section thirty-four,
in township fifteen north, of range thirty-one west;
that said defendants bad not conveyed the south-east
quarter of the south-west quarter of the section, town
ship, and range aforesaid ; that the said complainant has
made large and expensive improvements upon the pre
_ raises, and hud la:d out and expended large sums of mo
ney in anxious expectation that be had a good title for
the lands he had purchased ; that he has repeatedly
called upon the said defendants to make him u deed in
} fee to the tract of land referred to, but that they have
positively rctused so to do ; that be has presented a deed
1 for the south-east quarter of the s'-uth-west quarter of
, section thirty-luur, in township fifteen north, of range
I thirty-one west, but the said defendants positively re
b fused to sign and seal the same ; the said complainant’s
bill prays that the said defendants be made parties to
the said bill of complaint, and that thc said defendants
> and their confederates, when discovered, may, upon
their corporal oaths, to the best of their knowledge, re-
> membrancc and belief, full, true, direct, and perfect
w answers make to all and singular the mailers aforesaid,
as fully and part cularly us if the same were here re
’ pealed, and they and every of them distinctly interro
r gated thereto ; the bill prays that the writ of subpoena
> issue, and that a title he decreed to the said complain
| ant from the said defendants, to thc soatb-east quarter
of the south-west quarter of section thirty-four, in town
» *+»» r MorJi, v s range th*rty-o»v ».est, and that
such other and further relief may be granted by the
r court as may seem meet ; and it is further ordered by
the court, that the said defendants be and appear be
s fore t ie Judge of the Circuit Court of Washington
» county, in Chancery sitting, on the first day of the next
term of said court to be held at the court house in the
. town of Fayetteville, Washington county, Arkansas,
on the third Monday after the fourth Monday in April
next, (18-13.) and plead, demur, or otherwise answer
the said complainant’s bill of complaint, or thc same
* will be taken as confessed against them, and a decree
I entered accordingly ; and it is further ordered by thc
court here, that this ordered be published in the Ar
' kaneae Intelligencer, a newspaper printed in this Biate,
for eight weeks in succession, the last.insertion to be at
* least lour weeks before the commencement of the next •
, term of this court; to which time this cause is continu
ed, <yc.
A true copy. *'
Attest: B. H. PEARSON, Clerk.
February 4,1843—3-8 w [Pr’a fee <45 50.]
JUST received, of the choicest American and im
ported varieties. The seeds arc of the finest quali
ty, and such as will recommend themselves; their vi
tality and accuncy arc therefore expressly guarantied.
The assortment consists of the following kinds, among '
which are several vaiielies of each, viz:
Early and late cabbage, cauliflower, celery, cress;
carrot, beans, beets, radish, peas, parsnip, pumpkin,
parsely; pepper, endive, sage, spinage, Brussels sprouts, .
salsify, turnip, tliyme, marjoram, kail, okra, onion, let
tuce, melion, qndive nasturtium, squash, rhubarb, to
matlo, egg-plant, flee. fyc.
field seeds.
Red and white clover, bine, herds, timothy, and orch
ard grass, flax seed, &.c. JfC,
Comprising an extensive and very rare collection.
Os fine double varieties, viz: Pooles White. Mariah
Wheeler, Maid of Bath, Rufus Bianea, Victoria. Ca- •
Hope, Albion, Nonpariel, Nimrod, Coronation, and Lu
cy Walker. .
Three volumes of the •• Young Gardener'• Aseit
tanl,” containing a catalogue of Garden and Flower
Seeds, with practical directions under each head, for the
cultivation of culinary vegetables and flowers—also di
rections for cultivating Fruit Trees;the Grape
to which is added a calendar, showing the work neces- '
•ary to be done in the various deportments of garden- '
ing in every month of the year*
iLT All orders for the above will be promptly execut
ed. Please addies. jjf. MAYERS,
Fort Smith, Ark., Feb’/ 10, 1843. Druggist.
IVVILL RENT my dwelling house, situated in the '
upper end of Main atreet. It ia a good and conve- <
nient dwell having all neceaMry outbuild- ,
inga, such aa AaaritMrcMnuke houae, Ac , together
with two exMnjijfi'nd Mwenieut lota, well encloaot.
Tor MtoWlfe at this office.
Van Bufc, wkij «», IMX-2-3i j
• * ■
County or Ybll. $
In tb# Yell Circuit Court, in Chancery.at the Oc
tober term thereof, A. D. 1842.
’’illiam Bryant, Complainant, j
Naaw Ann Bryant, alias Nan-f VORCE.
Y n Johnson, Defendant. J
day comes the said complainant, by his
'K’ltyor, and it appearing to the satisfaction
of the cohj | lere> that a subpoena in Chancery,
issued out <x the office of the Clerk of this court,
directed to tc Sheriff of said county, in this
cause against if. guid defendant,and that said She
rin has thoreub a returned that said defendant
cannot be found \ said county; and it appearing
to the satisfaction <f the court here, that process
cannot be served Up n gajj defendant, and that
the substance and payer of said complainant’s
petition is, that said complainant, a citizen Os said
county of Yell, some tinxj„ the vear A. D. 1838,
wa. lawfully married to s;d defendant, and lived
.with nor until the time of doserlion, demean
ing himself as a kind and afectionate husband;
j and that said defendant, on <x n bout the twelfth
I day of October, A. D, 1840, yilfully absented
i herself from the bed and board s!nl j conipjai
' nant, without any just cause and still
P remains absent, although often requested in tiie
I most friendly and kind manner, to ajpjp return,
. but she always refused so to do, and jptvs that
;the marriage heretofore entered into by and be
> twe«isaid complainant and said defendant be an
nulled and set aside.
’ P u * no, * OD °f so'd complainant, by bis snikso-
■ licitor, it is osderod by tho court here that »ud
' defendant bo notified of the commencement of tin.
suit, and that she is required to appear on or be
fore tho third day of the next term of this couit,
■ at a court to begin and be holden at the court
house in the county aforesaid, on the third Mon-
’ day after the fourth Monday of March next, and
plead, answer, or demur, to said complainant’s
i petition; and-default thereof tlw.t said petition
will be taken as confessed, and it is further order
ed, that publication of this order bo made in the
Arkansas Intelligencer, a newspaper printed in
this State, tor eight weeks successively, so that
the last insertion be made at least four weeks be*
. fore the first day of tho next terin of this court.
A true copy from the records
Jan’y 11, 1843—1-8 w [l’r’s fee 825 25]
BEING encouraged by the liberal patron.ge I hive
hitherto received, I have associated with me
Dr. J. S. DAVIS, formerly Principal of the Madison
Bibearl Institute, Hamilton, Ohio ; and also
Principal cf the Public Schools,
Cincinnati, Ohio.
Tne discipline and regulation of this Academy, will
be under the mutual direction and control of Dr. Da
vis and myself.
The second session of this Academy will commence
on the hrvt Monday of .March next, and continue twen
ty-two weeks.
The course of study will b« extended so far as cir
cumstances may render it necessary ; so that at a fu
tore day, should sufficient encouragement be offered, it
may include practical illustrations of Experimental
Philosophy, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, and their
concomitant branches; at present it embraces most of
the subjects ol u business and professional education,
usually taught in our Academies and Colleges.
No pupd will be received for a less tern than one
session ; but those who enter alter the cornnencement,
and previous to the middle of the sestion, shall he ac
countable for thc unexpired time only ; and no deduc
tion will be made for occasional absence, except in case
of sickness.
'1 he Preparatory Department will embrace Spelling.
Reading, Pronunciation, Defining, Writing, and th.
Rudiments of Arithmetic.
I ERMS—B 12 peu session.
Jckiox Class —lieaiiing. Writing. Engl,si Gramma.-.
Arithmetic, Geography, with the use of tho Globes, De
fining, and Com portion.
'FERMS—a 12 per session.
Scnior Class.—Algebra, Plane and Soli! Geometry,
Analytical Plane and Spherical Trigonometry, with
their applications. Mensuration, Burveyisg, Differen
tia), and Integral Caluulus, &,c.
'I ERMS—S 15 per session.
The science of Astronomy, wh ch comprehends an
entire acquaintance With the starry heavens, will be
illuHtrated on starlight evenings, in thc absence of the
full moon, and will, lor this cause, be made a separate
charge of three dollars per session, to students of the
Tuition fee will be invariably required in advance.
„ „ E- D. POWERS.
Van Buren, Fcb’y 11, 1813—l-13w
No. 31, Camp Street, New Orlcan*,
| >EGB leave to offer his ..rvices to his friend, and
(_> tho public, and trusts from his long residence in the
City, to merit a share of public patronage.
Rkfes to—Pickett &. Gregg, Van Buren, Ark’s.
October 14, 1842.—35F-6rn. [Pr’a fee sl2.]
Mahogany, Furniture, Carpets, &c.
"VLafE offer for sale, at cost, Brussels, Ingrain
and stair Carpets; 1 Snxony Rug; 1 Sofa
1 pair of Side Tables; 1 Dressing Bureau; 3 doz.
Rush and Cane Bottom Chnirs; 1 Wash stand ;
1 large giit Mpntle Glass ; 1 prime Feather Bed ;
8 by 10 window Sash; 30 doz. assorted Cow Bells,
20 doz. painted buckets; 1 copy of Halls London
edition of Encyclopedia of Arts and Sciences, 150
plates; 40 volumes of Maryat’s Novels, and a va
riety of other books.
G. 8. & C. A. BIRNIE.
' Fort Smith, 15th Dec. 1812.
61EALED PROPOSALS will bo received bv
me until the Ist of March-next, for the fol
lowing supply of Iron an<|.Steel, for the use of the
Creek Nation, to be delivered on or before tho
25th of March next, at the following points, one
fourth of the whole qdantity at each point, viz:
Four Tons of Iron,
800 pounds of Steel.
The points of delivery are, Creek Agency.
Shop thirty miles above Creek Agency.
Shop crossing North Fork of Canadian. ,
Shop near the Main Canadian, 10 miles from
crossing of North Fork.
Tho articles required will be of the following
kind anal proportion, for each tou of iron.
660 lbs. of plough' moulds,
066 lbs. bar iron about one hnlf inch thick,
and four inches broad,
200 lbs. round iron, one inch in diameter.
468 lbs. lint bnr i n, medium width.
The proposals will be addressed “J. L. Daw
son, Creek Agent, Fort Gibson,” innrked “ Pro
posals for furnishing Iron nnd Steel.”
J. L. DAWSON, Creek Agent.
Feb. 10, 1843-5-31.
THE subscriber has opened a publie house
under the above name, in the building re
cently occupied by Peter Hanger, where ho
is now prepared to receive boarders and ac
commodate travellers, and pledges birnscif to make all
tbo- e ccmiortable who may favor him with their patro
The return home of tho subscriber himself, rnd hi«
, trt scnce there, will secure all the necessary attendance
. t<*the personal comforts of his Loardcis. He has also
a u<able, well supplied with provender, and attentive
‘ hosiers. W
i Board and lodging, per month, with fires, • • • S2P 00
l Board, and lodging, per month, without fires, • • 16 00
_ Board, per month, without lodging, 12 00
Transient boarders, per day, 1 00
’ Horse fare, per week, 2 50
I Horse fare, pet day, * 50
t Jan’y 6, 1841 JOHN DILLARD.
Van Btir<*n, Ark.
THE subscriber would respectfully inform
the citizens of Van Buren, and the travel
-9 ’ n ? community, that hr has taken the above
AMHEb valuable Tavern stand, where he is ready
1 to furnish travellers and boarders at a very moderate
price, with the best the country affords, and in a stylo
inferior to no hotel in thc State. By strict attention tn
business he hopes to receive a share of public patron
1 age-
RoF.rd and lodging, per month, with firrs, > - . S2O 00
* Board and lodging, per month, without fires. -*> J 6 00
* Hoard, per month, without lodging, 12 00
Transient boarders, per day, 1 00
- Horse fare, per week, 300
* Horse fare, per day, 50
1 Gentlemen can at ail times be accommodated with
I excellent riding horses ; also with a first rate baca and
r a span of good horses, with a careful driver.
>’ Immediately in rear of, and connected with the Ho
> tel is a good stable, horse lot, and attentive hostlers,
and personh arriving on steamboats can at all times bo
* supplied with horses on moderate terms.
Van Buren, Jan. 13, 1843.
FgIHE subscriber respectfully informs bis friends
-a nnd the public generally, that ho has remov
ed hisshop on Main street, where ho has and will
keep constantly on hand, n superior assortment of
Ploughs, Harrows, Shovels, Hoes, and ad kinds cf
i Farming Tools, which ho will sell low for cash.
Repairing neatly executed on reasonable torms.
i Also—Horse-shoeiri" done in the best manner.
' Van Buren, Sept. 2, 1842.—33
FTMIE •übseriber reHpectfully tenders his thanks to
JL his friends and the public for past favors, and in
forms them that hejhas ju»t returned from New Orleans
with a largo and aplendid assortment of
Comprising the most fashinnableCloths, Dress PattenM,
Domestic*, Rexdymatlu Clothing, Hats, Bonnets, Boats,
Shoes, &c. Together with an assortment of
Consisting of Sugar, Loaf Sugar, Coffee, M<»laascs, Rice*
Cheese, Salt, Segars, Crackers, Fish, Oysu-rs, Pepper,
Spice, Indigo, Madder, Nutmegs, dfc. ifc. «kn.
' Queeneware, Hardware, Glatt wire. Cattingt, <f-c.
The above atock will be sold for cam/, at a lower pries
than has ever been offered in theNaUon.
Beef Hides, Peltries. Beeswax* 4c. 4c., taken in ex
change for goods at cash prices.
The subscriber respectfully request.-: thocie indebted
' on last year’s »*«<»unt to come forward and nettle.
Lorenzo de l?.no.
Park Hill, Cherokee Nation, Jan’y 7,1843.
1 A BOXES kuperior chewing tobacco, jutt re
's." ceived a»d for sale low for cash by
I /

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