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THURSDAY, SEP. 24, 1891.
Anything for winter wear go to
A. K- Couzens & Co.
The Saratoga public school
opens next Monday.
Beat wines and liquors can be
found at Fred Wolf’s.
W. M. Glascock has leased the
Valley House to Mr. Bartolph.
Hardware, cheaper than ever at
Franklin Hess’ new store.
J. A. Allenspach has filed the
plat of his east side addition to
Bargains in boys’ clothing at J.
W. Hugus & Co.’s.
All kinds of wines at the Elk
Head saloon.
W. B. Hugus expects to make a
shipment of horses this fall from
his Pass creek ranch.
For anything in the drug line,
Chatterton & Co.’s.
Before purchasing railroad and
steamship tickets, consult agents
Union Pacific system.
Hugus, Mullison & Beall ship
jied fifteen car loads of beeves to
the Omaha market last week.
Foi a good glaxs of beer go to
Fred Wolf’s.
All Odd Fellows are requested
to meet at Fred Wolf's residence
Saturday evening, September 24.
We sell everything at reasonable
prices. J. W. Hugus & Co.
Charles Knuth, a Pass creek
ranchman, sold a wagon load of
vegetables in Rawlins this week.
Extra quality of California can
ned goods at Franklin Hess’
From the Kuykendall ranch on
Spring creek, sixteen car loads of
cattle were shipped to market this
Couzens & Company have so
many goods and no room that now
is your time for bargains.
The valley experienced the first
touch of winter on Wednesday
night, when there was a small
snow fall.
For a fine smoke try Newt’s
Pets, at the Elk Head.
Turnbull & Poole, of the Sara
toga market, are finishing their
new slaughter house on the west
side of the river, just above the
brick yard.
Fine billiard table for sale at
Fred Wolf's.
Omaha Bee: The Saratoga
Sun warns the tin horn fraternity
that the carrying of fire-arms will
prove dangerous to their existence.
The town has passed the six
shooter stage.
If you want a good wagon buy
the “Mitchell” at J. W. Hugus <k
The appointment of E. G. Ash
ley, proprietor of the Gold Hill
house, as dejnity sheriff, meets
with general approval. Saratoga
needed such an officer ami Sheriff
Hadsell’s selection was a good one.
Try Chatterton A Co.’s cigars;
choice smokes, five cents and up
One of the eighteen-months-old
twin boys of Ranchman Tom Mur
ray, of the Grand Encampment,
died in a spasm Tuesday night.
The other died the next day. They
were unusually bright and pretty
The finest line of underwear,
gloves, hats, caps, boots and shoes
at J. W. Hugus & Co.’s.
According to the Cheyenne Sun,
a number of army officers from
Fort Russell will accompany Gen.
Brooke, commander of the depart
ment of the Platte, on his hunting
campaign in the mountains west
of Saratoga the first of next
National harness blacking and
hoof ointment at Dr. Johnson’s
drug store.
So far as the Battle Lake mines
are concerned, we think that Sara
toga will be the chief supply point,
blandly comments a paper dated
at Carbon. It comes hard but oc
casionally Saratoga is given credit
for having mineral resources to
back it.
Chatterton & Co.’s sarsaparilla
will cure you. Unrivalled purifier
and tonic.
In order to hold the mail con
tract, better accommodations aud
greater conveniences will have to
be provided by the go-as-you
please line from Fort Steele. It
is practically valueless from the
standpoint of public convenience.
Newt’s Pets are perfect smokers.
Try them and you will use none
other. At the Elk Head.
Sorrel John, the running horse
that was so great a favorite in the
valley, has been sold by the Big
Creek Live Stock company to W .
J. Hills, of Laramie. It is ex
pected that John will show his
speed at the racing meeting to be
held in Laramie next month.
The agents of the Union Pacific
system are provided with railroad
and steamship tickets to ail points
east, as well as to and from foreign
ports. .
Scrap-books, picture-books, au- 1
thor’s games, checkers, backgam
mon and dominoes ut Dr. John
son’s drug store.
Charles Funk and Abbie Judd
were married Tuesday night by
Justice of the Pt ace W. L. John
son. This was the denoument of
a three days’ sensation, compris
ing an attempted elopement and
an examination to answer to
charges of alxluction and perjury.
Criminal proceedings were stopped
when the ceremony was performed.
You cannot afford to risk your
health by the use of inferior, sloppy
food. Buy your canned goods of
J. W. Hugus & Co. From them
you are sure to get the best.
Ranchmen in the neighborhood
of the Grand Encampment are >
talking of taking out a big ditch
to cover the bench land between 1
that stream and Beaver creek. 1
The plan proposed is to take suffi
cient water out of the south fork j
of the Encampment to cover the
broad and fertile acres that com
prise some of the best agricultural J
lands in the valley.
Just received four barrels of four >
and five-year-old whiskey at Dog- 1
gett <fc Anderson’s.
In panning and sluicing in the i
mountains surrounding the Platte
valley, particles of heavy, black
stuff have been found with the ’
gold. Some think this is stream *
tin and it is to be tested. Black ‘
Hills miners of the Nigger Hill
country were bothered for years <
by the stream tin collecting in the i
bottom of their sluice-boxes. They
did not know what it was or that i
it was of any value until a year or
so ago.
Try Franklin Hess for fine evap
orated fruit. Dried fruit from ten
to seventeen and a half cents a I
pound. Soap, twenty bars for sl.
There is a fair prospect of the
sale of one of the mining claims in
the Sierra Madres, within twenty
or twenty-five miles of Saratoga.
A representative of an Eastern
syndicate has been negotiating for ‘
the property that has been de- |
veloped to such an extent that
capital has been interested in the .
Battering prospects obtained. If •
the side is consummated, develop- 1
ment will la? pushed and ore ship- ’
ments made at once. The amount
involved in the transaction is ’
$20,000. ;
Before purchasing any queens- 1
ware, look through J. W. Hugus ’
& Uo.’s stock. You are sure to find
something to pleast* you. j
Construction of a two-story,
brick block for F. Chatterton Ar ‘
company will begin immediately ,
on the lot west of the Gold
Hill house, on the west side. |
The contract was let last Tuesday I
to D. C. Kinnaman and Eugene !
Kreigh for $(>,000. The building |
is to be sixty-seven feet front and .
sixty deep. On the ground floor
will l>e three store rooms, each (
22x60 feet. A hall 30x50 feet and I
four offices are to take up the ■
second story. The building will 1
be ready for occiqiancy in a few j
weeks as there is urgent need for I
the hall as well as the store rooms.
Palmer’s palm oil soap, twenty- ’
five cents a box, a superb soap, at ,
Chatterton & Co.’s.
Reception to Senator Warren.
Many residents of the valley
will be disappointed in not having
the pleasure of meeting Senator
F. E. Warren during his present
visii here. Mr. and Mrs. W. B. ,
Hugus will hold a public reception ;
to-night at their residence from 8
to 12 p. m., in honor of the distin
guished visitor. As the Senator
leaves for home to-morrow morn
ing, this will be the only occasion
that our people will have to meet
him in Saratoga and social atten
tions are necessarily restricted to
that event. The public generally
are invited to attend the reception
this evening.
Bonding Placers.
A sixty-clays' option for a half
interest in the Jack Creek placers
has been given by the Nebraska
syndicate that has been operating
there for several months. The
price is reported at S2O,(XX). Work
on the placers will ilext week be
suspended for the season. A drain
ditch, fifty rods long, has been
made and a supply ditch of nearly
equal length, built. Sluicing was
attempted, but owing to quick
sand the result was not satisfactory.
It has been found that the drain
will have to be made deeper before
successful gold washing can be
prosecuted. Even should the pro
posed sale fall through the Ne
braskians intend to begin opera
tions early next season.
“Chat’s" Mine Looming Up.
Through a misunderstanding,
the car load of ore from the Chat
terton mine, on the Grand En
campment, remained for more
than two weeks at Wolcott, before
being sent forward to Denver for
treatment at the Globe smelter.
It was started this w’eek. Since
this ore was hauled from the mine,
the drift out of which it was taken
has been run for a distance of
forty feet from the bottom of the
shaft. The drift was in twenty
five feet when the ore was sorted
and the width of the vein carrying
this smelting ore was only twenty
two inches. In going fifteen feet,
this vein has widened out to seven
feet. If good returns are made on
the shipment already made, active
work will be continued.
J. A. King, of Collins, is in town.
Guy Nichols, of Swan, was here on
W ednesday.
Mrs. J. D. Parker is recovering from a
severe illness.
The Misses Severson have returned
from Fort Collins.
C. W. Beall, the merchant of Swan,
was in town yesterday.
Charlie E. Blydenburgh, of Rawlins,
is now a notary public.
Mrs. Willard Cadwell has returned
from her visit in Salt Lake.
Senator Chatterton left to-day, to lx
absent in the East till next June’
Born—To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Beall,
of Swan, Wednesday night, a son.
Mrs. Ella B. Furnies, of Cheyenne, is
stopping at the Hot Springs hotel.
William Platt has moved up from Col
lins to take charge of the Saratoga
Ed W. Bennett made a trip to Raw
lins last Saturday and spent several days
at the county seat.
“Jack” Kurtz was down from the En
campment mine on Tuesday and brought
news of the new strike on it.
J. K. Kelley, of North Park, will locate
in Saratoga and build a residence on
the Heights in a few days.
General John Charles Thompson
wears as ascarf pin a button retorted from
a clean-up made by his new gold-washer
on Kock creek dirt.
Dr. W. L. Johnson was called to the
Grand Encampment to attend a child of
John Waggoner, who was taken danger
ously ill on Wednesday.
I. C. Miller ami wife and W. M. Start
zell and wife drove down from Rawlins
on Sunday and spent several days ut
the Hot Springs hotel.
Contractor T. 11. Hood will go to
Green River shortly to linish the new
Episcopal church, now building there,
and put a steeple on it.
“Uncle Pete" Brown, of Swan, was in
town last Tuesday in company with his
daughter, Miss Mae, who has been en
gaged as teacher in our public school.
Superintendent of Railway Mail Ser
vice Mansen inspected* the Saratoga
j>oft otiice last week and traveled over
the Rawlins stage line to see what it is
A. A . Davis, of the Saratoga Land ami
Irrigation Company, has started from
Rochester, N. Y., for Saratoga. On his
return numerous new improvements will
be started.
While Mrs. I. C. Miller and Mrs. Start
zell, of Rawlins, were driving across the
Saratoga bridge, on Tuesday, their
horses became frightened and a runa
way was barely averted.
Mrs. Tim Hawkins, who has been vis
iting her mother at her Spring creek
ranch, has come back to town and is
housekeeping on the east side till Tim’s
new residence on Rochester Heights is
Much to the regret of her many
friends in Saratoga, Miss Mazuzan, who
hiiß spent several months here, left on
Tuesday. After visiting in Rawlins for
a few days she will go east with her
nephew. Senator Chatterton, where the
winter will be passed.
Married—At the residence of the
bride's parents, in Saratoga, on Sunday,
September 20, by the Rev. Dr. Hunting
ton, rector of the Church of the Heaven
ly Rest, Arthur R. Couzens to Miss Ab
bie Sayre, second daughter of Dr. and
Mrs. Walter Lloyd Johnson.
John Waggoner, of the Grand En
campment, thought he could scare a
bear that he came across a few days ago.
But he miscalculated and had to jump
into the crock to get out of bruin's way.
Mr. Bear was munching berries on the
bank when Waggoner came out from his
H. C. Davie, of Westbury, England,
father of J. C. Davis,of the banking and
mercantile firm of J. W. Hugus <Jt Co.,
of Saratoga and Rawlins, who has been
visiting his son in Rawlins for several
months, started for home on Monday.
He will visit another son in New York
before sailing for England.
E. M. Douglas, division chief of the
United States geological survey work in
Wyoming, Colorado and Dakotas, arrived
in Saratoga to-day to confer with Topo
grapher C. C. Bassett, in charge of the
Saratoga atlas sheet party. Mr. Douglas
has recently been appointed to succeed
W. D. Johnson, whose field will here
after be in California.
C. C. Davis and D. C. Kinnaman made
a trip to Gold Hill and were delighted
with what they saw in the camp. Mr.
Davis, who has had a good opportunity
to judge of the value of agricultural
lands during a long residence in New
York, declares that he never saw better
chances for farming in the West
than in the Brush creek country. The
land that impressed him so favorably
will lie under the proposed Bothwell
Elmer E. Loach, formerly of Pass
creek, who left this section early in the
'Bo’s, is now a successful ranchman at
Big Springs, Nebraska. He has de
voted a great deal of attention to the
study of irrigation matters and made
many important experiments on his
ranch. Mr. Lcaeh was one of the Ne
braska delegates to the irrigation con
gress, in Salt Lake, last week. He is
talking of visiting the Platte valley
sometime this fall.
United States Senator Francis E. War
ren arrived in Saratoga yesterday. Al
though this is his first visit to the Up
per Platte valley, he was welcomed as
an old friend. Throughout his public
career in Wyoming, the Senator has al
ways been the champion of Carbon
county and in many’ ways served the in
terests of the people of the valley. His
interest in the Saratoga experiment sta
tion has been a timely service. Urgent
business of a public and private nature
precludes Mr. Warren from an extended
visit here at this time. He heard so
much of Gold Hill that he was eager to
see the camp. In order to make the trip
there in one day and return to Saratoga,
four relays of horses were provided at L.
G. Davis’ ranch, “Tom” Ryan's and
Headquarters. Despite the bad weather,
Senator Warren started this morning,
accompanied by W. B. Hugus. L. G.
Davis and “Tom’’ Ryan.
The Coming Road.
The Chicago, Union Pacific &
Northwestern line oilers the best
accommodations to the traveling
public en route from San Fran
cisco, Portland, Spokane Falls,
Butte, Helena, Salt Lake City and
Denver to Chicago. Through
trains, fast time, magnificent sleep
ing cars, elegant dining cars, col
onist sleepers, reclining chair cars
and handsome day coaches.
Taxes will be due after Septeni
ber 30.
Miss Lillie Heath, of Rawlins,
has gone to Keokuk, lowa, to
complete a course in the medical
college there.
D. Doty and J. Z. Aragon killed
two silver-tip bears at Seminoe
recently, each of which would
weigh 300 pounds.
Carlxm’s fire department will
give a ball, Saturday, October 3,
for which the Laramie brass band
and orchestra has been engaged.
Ryan Brothers intend to put
10,(XX) Texas steers —one and two
year-olds— on the range in Carbon
county this fall or early next
Much annoyance has been suf
fered by the people of the town of
Carbon on account of the- short
water supply. They suffered for
the lack of water last week.
Dan Tucker, a colored miner in
the Hanna coal mines, was fatally
injured last week by a mine car
getting away and striking him on
the head, crushing in his skull.
He died in the Denver hospital.
He left a widow and several small
J. G. Jost has sold his band of
sheep, about 5,4(X), together with
wagons, horses, camp outfits, etc.,
to Harrison, Haines and Earnest
ofCarbon county, for $17,000. Mr.
Jost and family expect to leave
in October on a visit to his old
home in Germany.
The crop of small grain and hay
on Snake river was exceptionally
go<xl this year, where there was a
larger acreage than ever before.
William Hunt had twenty-five
acres of oats and barley that aver
aged fifty bushels to the acre.
Heretofore all the oats raised on
Snake river were rapidly disposed
of at home, comments the Bepub
licau, but this year the supply is
greater than the demand and the
price for which they sell in Raw
lins only leaves twenty-five cents
per hundred for the oats after
freighting them to town.
A dance was given at John Sub
lett’s pole camp, twenty-five miles
south of Carbon, last Saturday
night. While this was going on.
according to the Rawlins Journal,
Thomas Hall and John Kelly got
into a fight over an affair
at a previous dance, when
Hall accused Kelly of telling the
girls not to dance with him. Kelly
pulled his coat, remarking: “We
will settle it right here.” They
came to blows, when Hall pulled
a knife and stabbed Kelly seven
times, killing him almost instant
ly. He denied the killing but
subsequently gave himself up. He
was taken to the Rawlins’ jail
by Sheriff Hadsell ami is confin
ed there awaiting trial for mur
der, having been held on that
charge by the coroner’s jury.
Union Pacific system offers un
equalled facilities to tourists en
route to all points east. Vestibuled
sleepers, diners, free chair cars
through to Missouri river and Chi
cago without change.
J. W. HUGUS, President, J. C. DAVIS, Cashier
Transact a General Banking Business. Drafts Drawn on the
Principal Cities of the United States and Europe.
Intei-esst on Time T>epo»itß.
Elk Head Saloon
Keep Constantly on hand The Best Quality
and Largest Stock of
In Siirntojci and Cwold Hill.
Fine Wines, Liquors and Cigars.
Bottled Liquors and Wines for Family
and Medicinal Use a Specialty.
! Big Creek Notice.
To the Public:
have arranged with S. J.
Casteel to board our employes and
have granted him the privilege of
keeping a road ranch. All persons
stopping at the Big Creek ranch
will be charged for accommodat
ions from this date. This rule is
inviolable and foreman has no au
thority to make any exceptions
Big Creek Live Stock Company,
by order
J. B. Hunter, Jr.. Treasurer.
Dissolution Notice.
Notice is hereby given that the
co-partnership heretofore existing
between W. F. Steinmetz and
Eugene Kreigh, under the firm
name of Steinmetz <fc Kreigh, has
this day been dissolved by mutual
consent. The business will be
continued under the name of
Kreigh & Maddy, who assume all
liabilities and will collect all bids.
W. F. Steinmetz.
Eugene Kreigh.
Saratoga, Wyo., Sept. 24, 1891.
All persons knowing themselves
indebted to Davis & Folsom, late
proprietors of the Saratoga Market,
are requested to call and settle, as
we have bought the book accounts
of that fi rm.
Turnbull & Poole,
Proprietors Saratoga Market.
H. M. BENNETT, M. 1).
OFFICE: West Side Residence
Office Hours: 10 to 12 a. m.
Beef, Mutton, Pork, Sau
sage, Poultry, Fresh
Butter and Other Sup
plies usually found in a
First-Class Market
Constantly on Hand.
To Make Room for New and
Selected Stock Just Received.
Saratoga Hot Springs Hotel,
W. H. CADWELL, Proprietor.
Tin* Wntri* ol* Tlio «»ii th«* (.rounds <
tiiln Iron* »»»• I Magiu'slu, < ol’Kodlum
mid Sulphur, uiul 11 « I*OMTI VKC’UKE for all 1 llnoum**
arising from uu ol'tlic* Blood.
Good Livery, Feed and Sale Stable attached.
Sole and Exclusive Agents
For Hugus & Company’s, Saratoga Real Estate and
Improvement Company’s, Rochester Heights,
Saratoga Land and Irrigation Company’s
Additions to Saratoga. Also Control
200 Acres of Land not yet Platted.
tyCorrespondeuco Solicited."’g-J
Stoves of all Kinds
Cooking, Heating and Camp Use.
For Sale By
Dealer in Stove-Furniture and Tinware, Tin
Shingles, Tin Flashing, Tin Roofing, Pumps,
Pump-pipe, Etc.
Building Material
Good Quality and Low Prices.
For Prices and Other Information Inquire at the
Yard of the Saratoga Land and Irrigation
Company on Rochester Heights,
SATIA.TO«-A., - -
! Feed, Sale and Livery.!
Headquarters For the Swan and Collins
Mail Line.
Run the only Stage Line on the West Side of the
Platte Valley by which the
Rich Mines
Can Be Reached.
Hunting' nncl Tonvist I > ai’ties Outfit te<l.
b*a<l<ll<3 and I’aelc Movse.*; FiTmiKhed
at SSliovt iNotioe.

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