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tut intniam warn, aui faciam.
VOL. I -NO I- WEEB i FTBdnsOH, PcHUshers.
7 i
TnK In irolt Ftt Prru aaks:
can tlio world mmi) to aiv end ttben it
U found i" 1 ' '
Tin Detroit t'rft Vtm think Ice
watn iniiKt dangerous In winter when
the Ire U thin.
riifi.AUKt.iiii deems It wiser to be
lito previous than too Itvto, and" accord
I ugly fin provided a hospital fur chol
era victim. '
If M.nwcU goto nut of present
trunk wn.po all right. In tlio future It
would I latter (or kirn U become a
tai-poi-liagge'r. V '' '''
ld is llo.L, It It said, I writing hi
'Life." Ilii life will bo finished on tlio
I Hi h of next month by Uiu Canadian
(iovcrntiicht, unless !t change iu luiud.
'fur H'trtrm Chritlian Advocate make
t)m sob-inn announcement forth? benefit
ol pa-dor who desert their flock during
dog -dnyii: "The devil neve lakes va
cation. Temptation and death are a
liucy liitimiiner m In wiuU-r."
". Owino to tha extraordinary expenses
Incurred in the late war, tlio (rovern
liii nl of, (iintomnln has nuiindi'd tlio
y tru-iit o( interest on lu foreign ami
Interior debt fur one year, coruinencing
August I, to ny tiff all arrears in tiro
army and civil service accounts. ,
Ir will Ik cheerful for agitator fnra
widening lo rang of female employ
ment In this country to (earn that In tlio
great banking limine (if the Kothscliild,
In biud.ni, women arc now largely em
ployed. Their eulogists claim that they
are more trustworthy and accurate In
thilr account than turn.
Ir ilk estimated that Juneau and Wood
IViinitliK, Win., which lead In crafilriTy
- innrshc, will produce a hundred thou
htul barrel of fruit tM year, bringing
an average of flvoJuI;ili4j""Tel. Ho
It niHnr"'thnt tug
be a bihmv if tii
to !( up and to
In t In- t'oiit f
' four pin!..!, tiii p -jt--iniiir-nif
ictujltily not tho bot ent!nj( la tlir
world. Stanly think thev Would takr
to U'IIit fi)M.1wli, a well as whi ateti
; flour and iillicr kluiU of prnvlnions, if it
wi re hpM'd u them. Tho opporttitii
lica nf I rn'dc offered to40.(K)0,(Jii() peonlu
nrti cviilctitiy w iirth (tit)slileriii(;.
, I nr. new oelu nf rules of practioe of
the itcncral I.nnd onirti, vhich gowi Into
f fT t ni t 'month, I'Xlotirt the rlj;lit U
Iniiinte oitiU'st bi any onn, and liota
not coiiline it to tho party In I u ten' at as
under tha old rule. The power of local
hind (iflliY-s U order hearings iscstended
lo all case wlwrein entry baa not been
Hifict! ami nil rertilicato bu hvun
Ait air ImlliMin railway Is about lo bo
-ronstninti-d on the ;niide.rj(, Heat KalA-
liurjj. a motiilmn of no great height.
but oiit rinn innniMcrtit view ovt tl
beatiiilul cnijnins f the town. Tho
balloon, which Will have grooved wheols.
on one aldn of iu car, will mviu a jmr-
pemnculnr lino of rail, constructed on
the principle (if tbo wiro-miie railwna-
invented year afro for the Higlil, but
never n-aliwd.
TllH lirituh Trtuh Journal slates
Hint tho dpail-mcat ti'Rjle liM proved a
failure, to all Inteiil and uiirmxiea. Not
tuily doe tho meat lose in quality, but
tho weight shrinka by mom than 6 per
rptil, 1 he live-cnttlo trade, however. It
regard a a far moro aeriou mitttor.
Wyoming Territory alonu hcihIh nearly
enough meat to t.otlnfy thn requirmcntH
of London, and now that the Northern
(ivsfom of railway I linlslied, transit in
' fomparatlvoly art easy thing. v .
Tu Intent thin in New York is tho
"electric party."' It la hold al any
liouea whom there is a heavy car)ct,
nnd tho fun connisla iu bhti filing rapidly
over thn floor, to gcnerb electricity
in thn ppe. v-yn-i then diseharging it
V'gf) trio Angers, noeo or Hp agnipst
some other paraon or ft metailo object.
When two wull-cbargod' pcraon king,
'the snap"' mny C " heard In the next
room, and when young man hold hi
none near gas-burner sparks fly from it
and Ignjto the ga.
a . e
Ml niiKRKHS Khnuh! fight shy of
yunk. Caruso haa bftin conilemtictl
to doath, his Now Jnmjf prototype hafl
already met hi death upjm the gallows,
and ; a strong chain of ,'circumstnnlinl
evidence is being woven tbout Maxwell,
the man vhu has Jiim 'een bnmgbt
.! hai-k- to Hnswor for the kOinrilor nf
Charles Proller in a St. Louis 1010!.
Tfieto Is a fatality about trunks Ivben.
used la'conueotion with capital olwnce
that should' lead all well regiiralnilln'.ir-
rlcrcrs to tiud aome bettor cot el fot
their crimes than the cover of a Sat l'-oga
Parmer Hodgton'e Terrible Experl
. ence. ...';'
A fi-tmn (Inlna Anvu to ill Bedroom
of Two Voung l..llr, anil It Over
came With Iilfllcoltjr.
Oxroan, Pa., Augoat M. Robert It
Hodgton, a well-to-do fanner relillliK
n'enr hre, hm two (frown-up Haunhtera,
who llv with ttie fiirtilly. Laat niaht, at
aluut Hilili.lHht, William I'ieres, a lunatic,
ItVlaK near by, m-an-d from Kla kevpor
and went V, the llodaoa nianalon'. lf
clliulied Uion tbe portico, and entered the
boI-cliacilwr of tlievounf IwIIm throURb
tlio window. The Rlrle were l'-eitiin at
the limn. 'lr iul nn of them ltv.he
arnn aud ilra;Kl ber to thn flocf."' HIib
gniliMiJ trrenin, ami In moment ber
inter, who win lylaK in the uuie room,
awoke and ehiiekod loudly for hi.ip. "Mr,
lloilvoon, who oceupiixl an djcilnlng room,
heard the crl of bit dniiKhtera, anil hint
runt to their auliUnc. The maniac, bow
ever, bolted tbe door on thn Inalile, and for
a time prevented hia enterinK'Mr. Hodgson
qulekly forced open the door aad entered
the room. No toouer bad be don o than
the nialmnii rang at ultn like a tlgw,
and a terrible atruRfde enauod. Tbe terror
atrleken frtrbi In the meantime aeeaped
tbrouyh the hallway Into the (Ireet and
ftav the alarm, Tbe nelchbori 'julekly
runioiiieil, and afKT a aevere stniKgle the
luaane niau wa aeeuroljr IkhiwI, Mr.
lliNlKHon wna aeverely cut and hriHaod In
the encounter, and when reamed waa
lout heliig .ltrbJ out of tbe eeeond-atory
window, 'ierce aa taken to tbe aayluui
u Wry I'alry.
WaHfiiwoToa, Auuat 21.-I-A cltlaen of
I'hllul-Itila bna written' a. 'letter to tho
HiTetry 0( the Navy in wbleb he offera
aiiKirexiona cnneernlttR anrinl nnvluation,
let olTi-ra to the (iovernmeiit a nw aerial
arrow propeller bo haa Invented, and thluka
It will apply equally wall . to aerial ma
chine" and vueaela tbat aall ll'n the nee.
Ilea) a tbat the trouble experienced by
aenmnuu In tailing tlir'Mih the air if that
they have no terew propel Icr which will
draw well with a few revolution. Hucb a
uroiieller ha elnlma to have Invented. Ho
va he tried It . on a row-boat
fivInK an
'be"npi hvT-TT-m,
vii la, ami would furnish great motive
jmwrr at vi-ry little ex N'nso. One of tha
rxperlnieut be describes was to place tbe
propeller amiss two crjenters' trucks,
iiu nlnch Mvernl men were seute, and
by one revolution of tha wheel In tbo air
uiovo the trucks sud men scroti tbe room.
OiloradoV (irnnih
WAfniDiomt, AuKiist 21. Tbt last Con'
great artiropriafeil S:t,ni,ii00 to asslut the
Stales th.tdoslnsl to toko an liitiTdecen-
nial o-nsiia. Many of the Htatea and Ter
rit'irles, nsedally In the West, hove txn
(jmetly enKagist In this work -for tbe ast
year. Tbe first return to tho Secretary of
the Interlor.nt rupilred by luw, wa made
to-day ty tbe Male of Colorado. It ehowa
the KjpuliUlm of f'olormlo to Im '.'13,1)10,
at ntalu-t l!i,T lu nf), or an
Increase of nearly IO per cent.
The manufacturing Industrie have in
creased from ti In to I .MM In ISW; the
uumluTof farina fnnu t.Sofl to All
other branrkesof Induatry shows material
Increase. Tho number of schools have
l"r;e!y Incj-emd. : Of the cost nf taking
the cenxiis of Colorado tho tTnlt.il Htatis
pays J'JO.irn. Iteturns from other Htntns
will soon be In, when n compilation will bo
made ahowing the tote I population of the
t'tiited Ktate on Jnnunry 1, 1KV. The
States have until 81 pt.iiilier in which to
A Hnperuatnral Visitation.
OdmiH, N. Y., AugnstSl. A few weeks
agn a bnby was Irnrn to Mrs.'Thomas Wooit,
of Hiiinmlt street. Ttietdny Mrs. WikmI
snnt for Uev. Mr. Wngner, pottorof tho
Ht. James M. E. Church, to bnptlio the
child, us sho noticed it wna dying. Tbe
paittorwas out nf town, nnd as no other
wn near nt hand, excepting Father Low-
ry, of the SU Agnes Catholic Church, she
was advised to send for him. Thli'snodid,
and the office of tmptlsm was er-
fonneil. YesUTdny afternoon the child
died, nnd when covered w ith a sheet tho
ttgnrcs of a cherub and a lamp and the
form of a cross and chalice appeared on
tbat part of the cover which wa over the
face. Tho new soon spread, and hundreds
vlaltei) the bouse, A polleemnn was Sent
for to knep the crowds back. Toward ev
ening the figure foiled. Nearly nil w ho
saw the pictures were deeply impressed,
and expressed tbelr belief that the figures
were drawn by a Divine artist. :
Old Vessel Ilurncd.
fiiHT WAHltiNOTria, L. I., Augnat 21.
Ktsunard K Co., soma time ago purchased
the nnvnl vessels Minnesota, 8iLsipichatiua,
Conprosm rlouth Curollna and Iowa from
the UovrrnmenU To-dny while engnKeil
11 breaking up tho vessi Is for the old iron
and planks they could get from them, tho
men were at work on tbo Colorado, ard
while burning Home tilnlxr to get tho spikes
nnd Iron the viwi'1 rnught fire, and scon
tho llnnics coiniminirnted to tbe other ves
sels. . The vessels burned llko tinder and
soon all that was left of these old defenders
of the t.'nited. Stilt" w em the blackened
bulls. Two schooners lying In closo prox-
mity tool Are and were also consumed,
Lost almut .liVi. ...
The Public LiiikIh for Americana.
CONO.oRb, N. II., August 21, Tbe House
yesterday. pasd resolutions rcipjesting
Ing I
; of
Conitrraanien to further the enactment
lawa aci un::s tbe public lunds cxcluslv
to the American ptoplo. .
A Monater Twenty Feet Vang and Tea
Im hea la Diameter Dlafovered
by a farmer.
rir.nciviM.E, lin., Auguat 8u.--The state
of fonr and dread of Impending evil with
which at preaout every man, woman and
child la thl little bambt and aurroundlng
country la endowed, culminated laat night
In a condition of terror both laughalite and
real, when Jamet Wright, a highly connect
ed and prominent fanner, living one mile
from hero, came to town with the Intelli
gence that be bad aeon the monater reptile,
Wadnetday Mr. Wright waa plowing
for ,4Wkiat- In a Hold which
wua ''bounded on the north and aouth
atdea by dente wooda. lto had made tov
eral rlrrultt of tbo land when Dually,
while going terenely along tha toutb aide,
he atrurk tbe trail of aome animal which
bad len made alnco hit previou furrow,
It luiiuoillately flatbed into bia mind that
tbl waa the track of the tnako, and quick
ly unhitching bia team be mounted a borae
and started on the trail aeros tho Held.
He waa aucooatful In coming up
with the monater at the edge of
the north wood previously spoken
of. U deacribet the serpent aa
bolng twenty feet In length and ten Inebca
In diameter. It emitted a sound of a bias
ing and blowing character, and waa poa
eend of a dark, allmy akin, covered with
dirty, yellowish spots. A few defiant derta
of b tongue and an attltudo of attack on
tha art of bis anaknahip cauaed Mr.
Wright to teat a baaty retreat in terror,
but finding be waa not pursued he quieted
bis now t rrlflnU borne and returned
for another view. . The tnako on bit
aecond approach laxlly glided Into the
dene nnderrowth and ' disapearl.
A nuliua of one mils would confine the
lioundnneaof his travels alnco drat acn.
All who have Men him In motion, dcacriho
blm aa lielng very alow, and to this fact la
prrbahly due bis unwelcomopreaence iu thia
locality to long. From his description be
Probably Ik Iiiiics to tbe "amphibloeji" or
dT of r'ptllee the moat lontbiome and
dlagaHlliig of all tho aui inn I kingdom.
There is a culled meeting if the citltena at
the town ball to-night for fwrpoa- i f
devising meaiia for e(Iectln- hi' e , ti:.-
'Fitter n Cholera Ue
MAlinin, August KO.-Thei wr . V"
cftxnof cholera and d"a!,e fr if, t , .
disease Is Hpaln yesbday. Tbe only
wealthy porsons who have lieen nttnrkcd
l,ol-a.(,)u,re are public ollicla.n,
rasca and iriT'Parns hi 1
da, and ,14 net' cuara ami 1 2
province. Tuti doctor, who went from
Madrid to (ireuada, have diel of tbo
illai me. A dtfetor who anved fourteen out
of fifteen patk nts in His second stave of
the infection tf adnjlnlatcring an cnaina of
ether, haa boon nutliorlicl to apply tbe
remedy in the Bospltnla.
Coal Prddiictlon Dlscniwlon
Nxw Tonk, Auguat 20. The anthracite
coal trade I moralited by overproduc
tion, and tho iMnwnre and Hudson bas in
consequence reduced Its schedule from ten
to fifteen oeta per ton. Tbo official report
of tho antlroclte coal companies shows
tbat they have mined for the first seven
months of tho current year n little over
Onu.OOO tout in excess of tbo allotments
agreed upon at tbe time the combination
wn formed In at winter. In tbe face of
this fact, at a meeting of tbn Lackawanna
Company to-day, it was decided to con
iiiiuu til policy determined upon some
weeks ago of Ignoring the allotment, and
to mine and ship all tbo coul the com
paiiy could produce.
I'lorl Holly on the Kanipagc.
KlilK, Pa., August 21. A fearful electric
storm tnirst over Erlo to-day. Lightning
struck tho Erie City Boiler Works and lircd
tho enormous structure, but prompt meo.
uns succeeded iu quenching tho flames be.
foro much dumage was done. The Loomla
tetiment-liouse was struck and pnrtly de.
niolished. Mr. Kev. Maver was burb'il
ith feorful violence tlirouuh a door Into
an adjoining room. Sho was dashed with
such force as to deprive her of conscious
ness. Ten houses and Seven barn were
struck in tbe suburbs,
ltattlo 1 let wren Miners.
Biiknakdoah, Pa., August 20. On Tues
day Hungarians and I'olau.lcrs Were put
to work About tbe nilnesof Lenta, Lilly &
Co. Late In the evening the foreigners
were attacked. The excitement .brought
to tbo icene'erowds of person, and In less
than ten minutes the fight became eoncral
and was participated in liy ono hundred
men and boy. All sorts of missiles wero
used, atones, clubs and fence rails. From
fifteen to twenty-five person were seri
ously, and. several Hungarian fatally in
jured. Another encnuntar is expected, 1
What I'aera of Toltnoco May Come to.
Chicaoo, August 20. Henry and C.corno
Flechmann, two brothers, ngod nineteen
and twenty-two, who havo been carrying
on a commission business ou South Canal
street, several weeks ago nbowcd symptoms
of Insanity. Henry's symptoms manifest
ing themselves lu bis dlgoltion to fling
flat-irons at people. Both wero melan
choly, and could not sleep. Tho County
Physician thought their deramzement was
owing to their excesslvo use of tobacco
They were adjudged Insane to-day, ami
sent to tbe County Interne Asylum.
Tho Dead Come to Life.
Dktkoit, August 21. Tuesday uiornlin:
the infnut child of Charles Sullivan, of this
city, died '.and wa.' prepared for kttrial.
Fiftetn hours arter death, whll j the family
and friends were mttered wr-:t tn
casket, the buby begftd i rv. Ji w I n
neurly everyone friHU .tb h 'ie. .T
father retained his stnue u ;
child from the coffin, ana t Vi
1 tn better health tbau fcMliT :-
i tlriii ha In'llITn-mii
:': ..... . ; .;..;..': ,'
Fonr Men Inatantly Killed and Three
Proliahly Fatally Injured.
Wheiliko, W. Va., Ang'ust 10. A spe
cial from Charleston reports a fearful acci
dent tbat occurred near that city this
afternoon, resulting in tbe Instant death of
four men and the severe aud probably fatal
Injury of three others. The arcldcnt took
place on tbe private line of railroad owned
by tbe White. Cublu Creek Mining Com
pany, and -connecting its mines with
tbo Chvsnpeako aud Ohio Kullroad.
A long train of loaded curs had
been started from the minus to the
railroad. In some manner not now known
the rear half of the train broke loose at tha.
top of the long Incline, and uncontrolled,
dashed down and into tho other cars. Tbe
wreck was a frightful one, Layton Oak
ford, tbe Superintendent was killed; also
Amos Mitchell, Joseph Hull and Thomas
Peacock, all employes of tbo mining com
pany. . Superintendent Teman, of
the Coal Valley Coal Com
pany, who was on the train, wa
very badly injured Internally, and it is
thought can not recover. Two laborers,
name unknown, were Injured about the
bead and spine. Ibo break In the train
was not noticed until the ruuaway cars
were just about to crush into the forward
portion. Oakford's remains were forward
ed to bli family In Bcrnnton, Pa. The
bodies of the dead men were wangled In a
sickening tninner. ; t
of Oeneral' Kililliltlona, State,
Tlnclal and Kpeolal, for laaa.
Am. institute. ..Now York i.Pept !-Deo.5.
1 ullforula Put'ramonlo.H'pt.7 b.
eiitnil'llilarlo. .Ilaiulltoii:. ,.t t. -l-"-
( .inncHlcuL..-...l r..l n hept. V 1.
I tela wiire. ..... . . . Dover H-pt. pt -Oct 3.
Illinois. . .. ,...t'hlc4oto......H' pi. la IK.
Illinois KutBtot'k.Ch'catni. Nov. In In.
Indiauo...' lndlHmKli!t S-pt 2S ct-
owh.' Mollies. . Hopt- 411. :
huiiHHS Iiwreni . ..8.pt. 7U;.
K HIIMia ( Ity . .... TnH kl ..... Sept. U-19.
Kan. ; Fat8t'k.Kanaa Cl'y Oct. S-Nor. 4,
Kentucky I-exInuton . :.u. K-a
, . , . I.ewiiii . . . . r-.i-.-i
....Ilaert4wn.kd. 9t-ai.
.... llir.ton W pt. It I
, . .. KuUmiuoo. .Sept. 1118.
In- .
Mur hind ...
Maea. Hurt..
MIchlK"". ..
- n:r ft
l.nif.: ..
.Vihao.i- .. .
,..,Mllwuukoo...eopt. Xr-cu n
IU- .
... MliMi.-poT, Ai,,r 4.
M on lam
urui..-.i M- coin ? f.-'.v .hi e
-w Ku.an. H. ..".. Ji'i fi.) f
i w Hiiinpmre. ii'liefi- r. . . I
Now Jersey Wnveil;. . .( fi-LJ!lI "
lw l ors
Norih Uurollna.
tint I'roviucliil.
A uany ....... '.ri'ii
i liih . Oct.
Ana. l Kept.
. I)IHlOU . .
Pept. 7-IH.
. hiilem. .
..A llr.ivc Son.
Lot'isvti.LS, Kv Auguat .10. The story
of a frlnhtful trcswiy reached this city to
day through tho ollirers of the Kentucky
ltiver sti-omer Blue Wing. Tbe particulars
ure very meager, as llttlo could bo learned
by them td the plnce wbero the affair oc
curred. The report is that a picnic was
given at Stony Creek, a little place on the
river twelve tulles below Frankfort. An
old man by the namo of Hoacb went to the
picnic to collect somo money from
the men having it in ' charge.
They paid It, and the money being noticed
by four roughs, they waylaid bim on bis
return, demanding that bo give it up. Ho
refused, ami they immediately assailed
him. Tho old mSn was plucky, and a furi
ous struggle at onco ensued. Of course
they were getting tho advantage of IbCch,
nnd be would have probably Been killed,
lunl II not liii'ii for thd opportune arrival
of his son, Willie Hooch. Tbo latter, a
youth of eighteen' ppened to bo nriued,
ntel at once oetied tiro on the men. He ran
asp no close that tho powder almost burned
their faces, and discharged bis revolver
with the most deadly effect. He shot
two dead almost instontly, and, it is said
fatally wouuded a third. The other mado
his epcape. The little community of Stony
( reck is greatly stirred up over the matter,
l.illi Uoaeb and his son being considered
perfectly blameless in the matter. No nr
ri'sts have yet beei-niaile. The elder lbiach
is still suffering from his bruises, which
ero very aevere. Ho is a well-known
farmer and a mnn of family. His standing
in the community is good, though he Is not
possessed of much property.
A XVIiit-ky Barrel Kxplodes.
Canton, 0., August !.. Peter Clemens
a,nd Ed. Wotjderly, two young saloon
ktape'r, were badly used up thin afternoon
by the explosion of an empty whisky bar
rel. Tho barrel had been standing in tho
sun, nnd a small quantity of whisky which
had Ih-ou loft in tho barrel wa converted
into kp. . completely filling tho barrel.
Wpnderly held a lighted tnatcb at
the bung-hole, while Clemen looked
lu to sno whether or not the
luaido was charred. Tbo gn ignited, nnd
ono bend of tho barrel wa blown out with
the report of a tioiler explosion, while a
moss of flames enveloped both men. A
piece of the barrel struck Clemens, break
ing tho bones of bis foot and cutting two
deep gushes in his leg.'' Wonderly had his
mustache, eyebrows and bnlr singed oft
and wa badly burned about .the head and
face. Tho head of tho barrel penetrated
tho wall of the saloon, a frumo building.
The reoort was heard a mile off. The in-
sido of tho barrel wos found to be charred.
Mysteries of Purl".
PAKiB..AiiEnst 20. A rich maiden lady
named Menetrnyi recently disappeared. A
femnln servnnt named Morcior told the
nehthliors that tho" tndv had entered acon
vent, leaving her to manage tho property.
Tho servant brought her own relative to
the house to live. Suspicion being aroused,
. .. police ni4.id the premises, nnd di
.' vere-' tjii t.y'a body, burled.in quick
Mine in ; 6P b-n. The servantand her
; tiii (I to escape, but ware ar-
w iA'hllliilc " amL.-l' '
" l!ltr. .
. (7 4 ,r
Wlfouubiu... H mllaun. .' a
Rule Adopted by the General Bag
gage Agent's Convention. :'
Absolute IsofTenalveneea and Anton
Kmbatment n Route Aaaured
Rt. Pahu Mi.. August 23. At the re-
cent Oeneral Baggage Agent' Convention,
held at the Hotel Kyan, tbl . city,
the following report of the Committee a p.
pointed to consider the aubjecfr of trans
porting corpses waa road: . -
Your eoiiimittee, appreciating tha Imporv
anceof this subject, have investigated it
very thoroughly. An extensive corre
spondence bus been bad with Btate
Board of Hnaltb regarding their rules,
and it be been found thai tbere is tbe
greatest diversity ui the relations in force
on this subject, and in many cases there
are no State laws, but only local ordi
nance in force In the particular locality
from wbicb tbo body may bo forwarded.
In some cases the restrictions aro simple,
n others more rigid, and this appliea both
to casea in which death wan caused by or
dinary diseases, and those in which it was
cansed by diseases of a contagious or In
fectious character. Under this want of
uniformity tha transiortation of dead
bodie must necessarily be accompanied by
great danger and annoyance. Even rigid
restrictions aro at best only partially ef
fected, as it is well known that Collins can
not be mode absolutely air tight Your
committee, however, have discovered a
simple appliance by which this purpose
can be secured as effectively a
tho . preservation of an article In a
tightly corked bottlo. This device consists
of an antiseptic sack, made of rubber, pro
vided with ,an extension at one side and
end, which, aftor tbe body is InetoseeV is
rolled up and laced, making the sack a Wo
lutely air tight. Thia sack baa, found In
stniiMinenu favor in the eye of all board
of health and medical officers, wherooj"'
tionybas been drawn to itvs"TT" A
has been uni ve- '?)-- ; -..-., : i
v - ' .'it . f.j.-'-V-'i.-n V.'
. aooi'tinr of
Juliyi-i'ir rules it Firstr-Tb- anspor
tJition ot thd 'lewlii of dead of
small-pox, Asiaticliorefif on yellow fever,
shall tie alBoluU forblddtW. .Second All
other dead bodi may be transported, pro
vided tlioy arencased In an antiseptic in-
JL' rmeticau y imiwii iu
-nn..uu. i-ottln, ana rni
corpse haa LeTi' pr,u
tlon strictly in occordrtjee with liulo No. 2.
TJpon motion of Mr. pj.ortou, toconded by
Mr. ItoblnsuD, the a-nort was adopted.
The baggage agents, who frequently have
been compelled to abandon thoir cars, are
the best judgo of the delicate subject, and
they believe a solution has boon reached.
The case is shaped as below: '
Tho suck Is drawn over thn body as a
stocking would be over a foot, through the
opening A. B., and Ilea in thoensoor sack
X. Y. Z. W. There is a glass eoso for the
face at "C." if desired. When tho body is
in tho opening, "A. B." Is rolled up one
turn nnd sealed, another turn and sealed,
and a third turn and sealed and laced. II
is ald that gas can bo Injected Into the
case that will embalm a body perfectly
during twenty-four honrs' journey.
Died From Ijockjaw-
Vincknnks, Ind., August 23. A horrible
ense of lockjaw has just been recorded In
this citv. Lnst Soturdoy morning Mist
Amy Phillipps.a fourteen-year-old dnugh
or of Mr. Henry Phlllipps, of the Ohio &
Mississippi Railroad shops, stepped on a
rusty nail, which ran completely through
her foot. In a day or two lockjaw set in,
and for several days the unfortunate girl
suffered a living death. No medical aid
could he secured to relieve her. Her suf
fering was dreadful, and in ber speechlest
agony tbe young girl dually died aud wat
bul led to-day.
i , :. ; .'
, An Engineer's Daring;.
Emisksck, Kt., August 23. Engineet
Miller, running an excursion train from
Cincinnati O., to Frankfort, this State,
performed a brave act to-day a his train
crossed the Kentucky River Bridge at
Worthville. A tramp had laid down on
the bridge track with his liaggage. The
train was under full headway and could
not bostopped. The engine was reversed,
and the engineer jumped upon thn cow
catcher and drew the tramp up, saving bis
'ife at tho risk of his own.
Family Mymcrlonsly Poisoned.
PtTTSBiniott, Pa., August 22. 8ovon
memliera of James Patterson's family, re
siding at Wylioand Francis streets, were
mysteriously poisoned to-day. Two of
them, Hattie, aged eighteen, and Huttie
Foster, a niece, aged live, may die. It was
at first supposed that tbe trouble originated
from some ham, of which the entire family
had partaken. An analysis proved this
Horses Rilled by Idtfhtninfl;.
Syracuse, "N. Y., August 2i.-Flve
horses in Camillns wero killed by light
ing lust night. . Tbey bod their neckt
across a wire tence, which struck sixty
rods away. '
he c7ho will pay
accounts to
Trash .
romn.n i
Kill to date, and
advance, will be
ath one year's
vhf4on to
Auftlr a
sir ar u. mi, i.u ygiyr-rr 1 !
en-trV. Hatnuelk. i? 1 TT1. P? 'J
ilerson-John 11. Cra.- J--1 -- -
A en
Anilei-Hin -lolin
Uallanl T. T. uaniner,
Burren-HHrryC. Gorin, Ola ' .; .
Hath and Howan-J. J. Nejhlt Uackott.
Hooue Hculien Connor, llurli ;
Bourlon-:harleaOlIuit, rrls.ne Of tho
lloyd and Lawrence .. liamliv :
Iloyle-U. C, Day, Perry. eXC US
Brsekeo-A.J. llrodford, Bradford. u?
Urecklnrldgotharlev Jllononl, Hannor,
bur. 1 . . ' ot ;
la Bullitt end Spencer F. r. Btraus, r-vnai
berdsvlllo. , , , , .
Hutler and Edmondson fr. n ebb. Jtion
Caldwi.ll Jacob ). Crldor, Fredonla. .
Calloway U. C Keys, Murray,
ruy. ui it.
lutapDoil Jnnn A. pnuw,
f.'ltv of K'ewnnH John P.Newman, vtlln
Carroll T. J. McRlrath, Carrolltoo. "
Carter and Elliot baiuuel L. May. OlfiT'
Son. ,
Casey and Itusscll J. Ilnylo Stone.
Chrlstluii-Viinifa VrtaUMh llopklnsvillo.
Clark-James V. Winn. Wliiehcslor. .
flay, Jackson aud Owsley Wlrom L. Jona,
Manchnnter. ' ' ,
nttendeu aud Livingston Samuel O.
.,.mkn,...l'.nri Cllnlnn.f. T. UoW.
tJJavleaa (two dltricts-U. II. Taylor, W1I
llnm Lustutter, Owvnsnom.
Fsvetto-irt H.oH, llrlnr Hill. ;
kmlll nnd lji-ll, nrv U. Wiseman. Irvl
City of Lexlnston-Jiunes H. Mulligan.
krn.n.. tun.u- W ('r.lln IJillHltOrO. T'
Floyd und Johu'ou-J, W..May, PrurMns.
bunr. , .:
Franklln-S. I. M. Major. Fronkfnr
Fulton and Hickman J. F- Ui . 'ln-.
ton. .j-- J
( f nn. n. Alien ,ii. a- war""""
, Osrrrd-Wm A. AnJif
-6f.' Motran. Will!!
KirfU Klnllt-n.u,
II. iMWfoti Mudlsonvill
shuB F. billltt. Jr.. I
rson Josh
vi o.
City of Louisville . 1
- Flrl Hi8trict-.Iohn M. Lyrle.
feonnd Uintrlct-Pli.il. B. -jiort.U.
Third Dlntriet Jacob Hoerti, jT1"
Fourth lilstrlct Kiclmrd A. ,uej.
rinn inHirici-.ioovi'ii.
Bistli HlstrKit M. ti. nwni..
H..trt,iJi Klst riot W. L. Jack!
Jots'uluo Tlionma A. Davis,
Inn Wntt P VtUnn. Tnflrnni
Hrst Dltn riot Harvey Myers.
III.I.ITI.nnl.K.I' UTnlbl
U'l iinier rr , i. . nw.
-a- 'i'.Xtr.ml. UntTolr
Ixe an iatrir T. ,
Malliion W. T. TeviO.,.
MHiroltln. MoritHti und . iir.Riliitw--risrl
Marion K N. Wsihon. Ib,nnn
jlurshttll and Lyou WilliuniM. Ueod, B
ton. . s
Mason A. t. uoouinir. nnvaiuk.
McCrackou Thomas li. Moss. Fnduca'
Mulxan A. U. Rheoklett. Culboun. -
M ..uiIa fl iiu Rlolinnlann I4rHM.l..nl,nri
Meroer lTiiL 11. Thomoson. sr.. llurl'la-
burg. A
Mercairc ana wonroo n m. m. ittgO' r
Biomu-omerv. sienuee. rose ana w.
urury n. ttousoy, iihxoi tfreen. !
Muhlenberg Kobert Y. Thomas, Jrj, an
tral city. .
Nelson ticnj. jonnson. iiontstown.
Nicholas aud Hohortson L. V. Muuav Car
lisle. I ,
Oh o Jesse 8. Williams. Ilcavor Datat I
Oldhani iinil Trluible Tbosiioa A. il rris.
rcwoc vauey.
ley. , J .
J. Walton, Owontoa. 1 .'
m Ira F. rihttrou, Vslmoutta '
itcher, Miirtau unit Kuatl-
Owen w.
Pike, Uilcher. MurUu aiut Kuatl- A.
Cllno, Pikevllle.
Pulaski J(im .'not. e. rersct, ; !,
Pcott W. t'. OwCi-1!, e Piwn. .
Khelby fl. N. Hobi: sou, Sh.d'iyvlllo. -Simpson
J. M. T)nw..ii, Jr., l,i.uX!r.. ! .
Todd l. Terrv, Klktotl. . , .
Trigu-H'.J. llawlmi. 0. dir. vw... 1 '
T'lilon lirnatlus A- Spau'd iw, Morir nfletu.
Warren (two ilimrlctsi V, lllmn Mi -eallh.
Brfstow; William T. Cos. HvwV.iur 'im-a.
Wasbinirton John II. l.ttsey. Macxviiio.
Wayne J. II. Blieunr. Moutic lioj -Webster
A.J. Moreheml. Tilili n. !
Woodford Uuvld I.. Tburntou, Vi-salllo.
First District Kobert T. Alhrlttei,,' May
old. Hevcnth District-It. P. Tripli tt.()i'eii8Loro.
Eighth District ft. B. Hill, llKrlltrii.
Tcuth District Dr. a. (. Uili'f. Ilanlins-
bu nr.
Twelfth District H. T. Keudul) Brasdcn-
bura. .
Thirteenth District u. ii. smni, noog-cn-
yllle. - ...'..
Fourteenth District o. u. uiir rt, Taylors-
vine. I ,
Fiftoenth Dlstxlot Thos S. (i ndy .Spring.
"obi. . . ..
Kiirhtocnth Distr.ct Furdlnl'l D. Illgnoy,
Lilerty. . ... -. . . '
Twentletn uistrict 1h wi3 iuuiyl-u,
ranltiiw ' M
Twenty'-Urst District Wuill- Cravens.Mow
Twenty-thtra district J
' H. - MoDanell,
Twenty-fourth District
limes W. Bryan,
Twenty-Bftn District a
I rt 8. Berry, New
i T. Simon, Fal-
Twenty-sUth Dlstrlot-
mn.tth .
Twenty-seventh Dlstril-Mitcboll C. Al-
ford, LexitiKton. I
Twenty-ciKbth Dlstrluf-Caaalus M. Clay,
jr.. Paris.
Twenty-ninth Distri-John D. Harris,
Hichmond. . ...
Thirty-first Districtt.leslte Worthlngton,
MThinv-s;.ooiid Distuctl''. T. D. Wallace,
Second District -.1. ViJ' llgllviv, Psducah. .
Third District H. A lurliett, t'Siill.
Fourth Dlstrlet-F. I'lcmelils, Marlon.
Fifth District HeniC. Dixon. Henderson.
Sixth District Aiibii Peay, HopkinsviUe.
Mnth Dlstrict-W.f . Hush, Franklin,
Eleventh District fltobort. Walker, Scott.
Viieventeenth Dlsct-J'. H. tFtion, Bar
bonrsville. .. .. . .
Nineteenth Elst' H. Holes. Glasgow.
Twenty-second lllltrct B. R., bparks.
Nlchoiiisvllle. I ' ,
Thirtieth lllstrlt " ot.--,rYnthlnna
nS?-tbl!iirtufca Man,
Chester. ( alt without alar. 1
Thirty-fourih DP'ai-.l ro0cil,o. of ' WeM
Liberty. 2i'SfnTsr"'!'1, ,r : "
Talrt-slxtU V irmM.k.'.;.:;
Beuehell. jiol M pmin tace- -"I
Thirtj-sevent J'T aadiapyi ist.
vine. , . v..
.. ,m : - 1
Thirty-eighth 'Tt ' f
i- 'i
. .r .
itor. .' .i- ,' J
ID- - . ... . ...
i' f
- .-. K

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