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Aut inveniam riant, aut faciam. ' '
VOL. 1.-N0.13. LOUISA. IA WRENCH CO.. K Y.. DECEMBER 24, 1885, , ; FERGUSON & CONLEY, Fntllishers.
A waiting Tiding of th Fat of
Imprisoned Miners.
Thirty Warkni Skat Ik bjr Torr.at of
TValer trass NaakeB Lauds.
Rabticokb, p4., December 18 Ths drop
ping out of th Ixil torn of laroswsmp,
covering m.nl men, end filled with
million of Ration of water aoeumulated
from tlia lau heavy .now and rains,
caused the flooding of No. 1 htope of tba
ftluqu.hanu Coal Company, that will
Bioat likely bs atlnilt with ten-Ibis loss
of Ufa, ai upward of thirty ruen and boys
ra now Imprisoned In tba al, from
which tlu'r aasuit no tartp. exiupt by
Hgglt'lS tlii"l to theru. Two hundred
nd fitly other miner and bora
.war at woik Id tba .Int. whan tba
"T ru.hiiia lorranU rama In ukb lh.ro. Mm
dropped tbeir pick and shovels, and dri
Bar aud dfor boys abandoned ib.ir places,
nd bun led to Ilia mina oil I lata through
which they could reach tba aurfana. Tha
wtir rushing through tha gang-ways waa
aocouipsuied by tons of i-oal dirt and
bun mina Unifier, which bad been turn
from theli plaresby tba force of the current.
- As th workmen nti-rd the gangway toe
raiia tba lr waa up to tbeir aula. It
waa InipnasiM for tha mn to keep thair
feet, and they war twant along with tha
tmreut unul llicy secured firm holds on
tba walla and recovered tbeir foothold..
Mevvralllve ate nippoeed to hare been lost
.In tba gangway, but who they are can not
I laarnad until all tha men who eeraped
bare reported to the mining Iowa. Another
ltof men In trying to escape, found tba
main ojieniwg to tbalr wonting place
logged up with debrla, and they were
rouuiellcd to relrare Utair sb-m until they
reached tba foot of tba air ah ft, when
to pea wera lowered to tbein, and one by
ftta thuy were rid to th surface, where
they ware received with joyous ahouta of
wefrom by thousand of people who bad
gathered. A. aoon a pna-lbla an alarm
waa aounded at No. I and ehafu, the
workings of wbirh are connected with
thoea of the elope, and are of Blurb greater
depth. Tha woikmen war removed aa
epeedlly aa pneP la, and all ware out be
fore any water rame lnu either shaft. All
Minlee ai.it ru matMrial hail ra.
moved A round the fan house at th slope,
. where all new. from tba mine ia received,
Bra gathered ii-srly two tbntieand people
In night waiting fur eotne tilling that will
tell them of tha fata of tbe Im-
I'rieoned below. Kuperinlendanl Morgan
buy Ueulng Instruction to volunteer
relief corps, who are now engaged in
driving a new tunnel to reach tha
ni'B. Wives with children In lblr arm,
aged fatbera and mother, and brotheraana
si'leis, are tearfully watching every throb
of the ponderoii fan wbirh la sending para
air Into tba mine. 1 heir bleached aim bag-
Card looking (a- eadrnote Intrneemffeiina.
ut they bie HKaiu.t fata. Nuthingwlll
le led undone that will aava tha niaa If
Ibev are still alive.
Dr-itrictlve Firth.
Jacbokviu.i, Fl.., December IT. Aflra
broke out laat night In Hubbard's ware
house on tha dock and waa destroyed to
g.tberwiih tba warehouse of Benedict ft
Co. Abel block la badly gutted; Huen'i
billiard parlor waa destroyed with a num
bar of other building, entalmg as sgTa
(aUloMOf itan.un.
faii.Aiiaixnit, r"., December IT.-Jsmes
JV. Cooper rabinelwar factory, thla olty,
washnrned to-day. I.oa, ji),ixij; Insur
nre .l,UJO.
Cixt ikkati. O . Deoenilier Oo. Feld-
ttamp A Bro's chair factory located In tha
Doltulus, was completely guiteo ny lire ia
niaht. Lim a Unit fcrflMI. At 8:4& tbla
morning fire wa diaeovered In tha War
Vinegar Factory, on Third street, near
Urand CVntral Depot. The fi ra ongluated
In the furnace room. At tbia hour 4 IS
there ia no butt of saving tha rartory.
I me or t ir the fire waa communicated
J to tba shed of theCJtand Central Depot, Out
was extiuguohrd without loss. ...
Uadtrgroantf Wlru Is Chleijt.
CuttAOO, Decemtier 18 There ara, aa
nearly aa ran be estimated, about 15,000
mllra of wire in Chicago used by tha tola-
Kraph, telephone aud nlectrlc light com
panio. Last Deronibrr there warn shown
in liaabnuLl.tlinmilea of wire underground.
Hlnne then the work haa been actively go
ing on, and during the present year about
thire tlinfs that acjount haa ben put out
of sight. By May I all tba wlrea in tba
IIUMIirsi Wirtllrll III ll rilf sr. i'ini w
lie uiwlni eroiind. thnush It will IlllihalllV
take at least ti n years to place all tha
sun throughout tha city mere.
Tritoitbi Utteri"Ci.
MtimiD, December 18. Tba Quean Ba
int to-day refused an audience' to tba
Duka of bnvilie, cousin to tna lata iving.
Tba Duka was thnrougUly angered by tha
eefn.al nf the Chieen to reoeiva bfm. and
has onenlv anil nnlillclr swiken In aliuie of
her. Ha bunsta that (Jiieen Christina will
aoon be furred to relinquish tha Rrgenoy,
nil that. m.Uimn Nahel will renlaoa her.
These doclaratiotia bava causail a senna
tioa of no small interest In Madrid, and it
la very probable that the Duka will be
prosacuiea loroisioyai ufcMiiaiives.
a us i A k- c..;-ii. .r Twain. Vaeee
S SBHII-fl 0.IVI.1 .i
Nw Yontt, Dooamber 18. Forth third
time John Hannon, aged twel va years, was
' arraigned before J u tire Smith In tha
- Police Court thla morning charged with at-
lixnlln. In tjlre hia own life liV 0Sllini
The father of tba boy stated that the boy
not m achnol when sent, and when
anoken to about his conduct went off and
deliberately planner! to ena di enience.
tlURUca nun LU cuiniiiivtu j""". "'
be suicide to the Catholic Protectory.
Ail Heir to Twtnty Million.
.i p. nucemher 18. Recorder Rao
dall to-day recorded document of great
Interest, it being aa agreement uatween u.
nnrf. .ni Hush Caufleld. whereby tha
two latter are to manage an enormoua
estate left Enrly ny a graniunvn"
many. Tba fortune is estunewd at fwOOO,'
UM Uie will pi-WTiw-l- .
meutof a National Brink, a tbettsr and a
free ofaureb for the poor. m uir "
vorry, sun oouoDy.
Snnlenotd to b Hanael
i CtnnouTON, Mo., December 18. ThTr
dlotof the Jury In thaoaeeof tbo Btate) vt.
Joel Anderson and Laurel Buugh finding
than guilty of murder in the first degree
. .. j . Tl. unused much
urprls. Tboy wera trlerl Iwfore on the
Moil CBirro, uii wp"
priaonmeni for life, but obtained a now
irlal, which reulted aa above Judge
Davie veaterday eentonred thetu to be
iUnged en Vbe 13th of Uorob next.
The Roller Berate Killing Ts Maa Bad
Caoalug Oreat Daelraetloa of Property.
KianviLLt, Tutu., December IT. At
half-past 4 thla morning, people living la
the neighborhood of Bart Henaley'a pork-
parking establishment in the Ninth Ward,
were aroused from their slumber by a
terriflo eiploelon, which shook houses to
their foundations on both afdea of tba
river, and ianvd tba nearest Inhabitant
ont of their bed. A large crowd soon col
lected. Tha first to enter tba building
were attracted to the boiler-sheds by criea
for help from a pile of debris where the
hoi lei sheds had stood. They went
rapidly to work, and aoon
uiled from uniler a pile or micK
ui 11 ..r 1. 1 , , .. .Ii,n.n mm T4nrv
Wai narka and Lard Wheeler. Tha latter
was deail. and tireaeti'U'd a most sickening
tight, hi faoa, bal, bends and legs bavins
bewn horribly enabled by grease that baa
escaped Imin the tank, Ills right leg waa
broken at. the li.- sndictrical Icjurle
have been sustained. MclV birter waa alive,
lataliy lujuie.1. being sevetiy bruieed by
falling brick and more or less scalded. In
vesUgati,.B showed that the Kieaae tank
located in the holler aheds had exploded.
The tank was meile of boiler iron, six feet
in diameter and twelve fret high, with a
capacity of aisle barrels. No one seemed
able to aocvunt fur the explosion.
Twenty-aevea Haralarlee and On Murder
Charged Against Hlea Logded la
the Heehvllle J alb
RocKvii.ix, Ino., Deci-mher W. Charley
Roberta, the noted dsierado captured at
Danville, III., Saturday by Detective Klal.L
of Terr Haute, and K. 8. Oregery, of the
Chicago aud KaUra lllinoie Itailroad
Company, was brought hero tbia evening
from the Terre Halite -Jail by Hheriff
Musaar and two deteclivee by order
of the County Commissioner and
locked up. lie broke out of Rock
ville's ten-thousand dollar lall two veers
ago and escaped to Missouri, where be waa
located by the oflirers niinierous tlmaa.
but eecaied bv hie destiarate fish tin and
bandy uaeof the revolver. He i suspected
of the murder of J. H. Murphy, killed In
bi store at Jarksvllle, Kouutaiin Ckiunty,
tii rea years ago, end robbed of (I -riu. No
evidence could be found against Roberta
until a ear ago, when a iiersnu was found
whole willing to swear that Kotiert waa In
tba house at the time of tbe murder.
Roberta says ha cau prove an alibi,
aa he oominilled a buigfary the night of
tbe crime. Th-re are tent eaveu caae
of butglary against him, mostly all In thl.
ronnty. He waa the leader of a gang of
bulgier, who have been tenors to tbia pai-t
of the country many years, the majority of
whom, rirvtt Kulherlin, Bob Hail, nam
Buxton and Iba Betty, are now aerving
long temis In the tienitentiary. He la a
deeneiate man. and bis dariiia- deeds have
terrorised Western Indiana. The egicre-
gaw ictrnid for Itoberta arrest will prob
ably reach f 'aUU.
And K cores of gallora Kroweed Terrible
. Werh ef a Vyrlona at t uloa.
PxRsMA, December 17. Colon haa been
visited by a cyclone, which haa done great
damage. It ootumenced on tbe 2d lost.
about 4 p. m. and tbe next day lulled, but
recommenced again with terrible aeventy.
All the slesmert in port put out to sea for
eafetv returned, and bad again to put out.
Tha damage to prnMirty haa lieen very
heavy and the loss 01 lire most serious.
Tha following veeele were nnk with their
crews: Holdrn, Kanian, Blanch Orlalan,
Atwood, Ariel, Vruuan, Orian, Lvtitnn,
Aveliiia. Blella, ( ettalina, FigH. Douiflas,
and twoothora whoa names could not be
ascertained. Tbe lain poured down in tor
rent and a tumble gale nf wind f rum tbe
North-east set in. Tbe Royal Mail new
freight of fire was detrti)ed by tbe storm.
Wharf No. 4, belonging to the Panama
Railioad, is almost drmnlifdied, tha rails
having been torn up and the earth works
dealroyed by the force of tbe tornado. .
Positive Proof That frank Knoeh and lilt
Whole Family Were Murdered.
Dkthoit, Mich., Decemlior 17. Yester
day's tire, In which Frank Knorh, with hit
wife and two children, were burned, now
prove to be an appalling murder. This crime
wat suspected yesterday, but the finding of
a revolver with all tbe cartridges dle
chaieed waa all the evidence then secured.
To-night a post- mortem examination of the
noaiea wa mane, anu rt-sum u m jinim
posit vely substantiating tmt theory.
Bullet bolea and )-raliber bullets were
found In the skulls of both Frank Ktiocb
and hit wife. No tunpicion attaches to any
one at yet. The funeral waa held this af
ternoon, all four bodio being plaoed In a
tingle coflin.
An Iowa Mas DrlveaTwo Chlaela Through
Ills Own Head.
Druno.nn, Ia., December 17. A caae un
paralleled in tba history of tuloldre occur
red here yesterday. John Mueller an old
resident and proprietor of a small marble
shop, wat observed to be acting strangely
running about and gesticulating wildly.
About 9 o'clock an expressman drove up
to hit door to take a monument to tbe cem
etery, and waa bonified to aee two stone
cutters chisel" sticking Into Muellcr't
bead, which be asked the expreaetnan to
drive in further. Mueller had drivon one
chisel about eeven inches longclearthrongh
his head, just in front of the topof the earn.
After doing thla he drove another one
through tho center of bit forehead to the
depth of two inchee. Pbyslcianswerestim.
mimed and tbe chisels extracted, lie is
ttill alive but in a comatose conditlou. The
surgeons say be will die. Tbe act is one
due to intemperance.
Prohibition In Georgia.
ATLaMTA.Oa., December 17. Thit morn
ing, In the U. 8. Court, Judge MoCoy de
cided the contested election cases growing
out of tbe recent prohibition eleotion In
thit county. The Judge refused to continue
the injnnotlon restraining the Ordi
nary from announcing the result
of the election, and doctdod tho rase
against the liquor men on every point 1 here
Is iu the bill adopted a provision tbatOor
gla wiuea may be sold, as wine from other
States were exoluded. That portion of the
bill Judge MoCoy decided waa unconstitu
tional aud no winet could be old.
Dying With Two Chisels in Hit Head.
Drncata. Ia- December lS.-John B.
Mueller, who drove two chieele into hit
heed with suicidal intent yesterday, d rd
after thirty hours of the moat iudotui'ibeblo
, uttering -
rather. Mother and Twa Mltle One PerUh
la Their Burning Home.
Dctboit, December 16, About 3 o'clock
thit morning parties returning from a lodge
by way of the Dlx Road, just beyond the
city limits, discovered the house of Frank
Enoch, a German Lutheran, who kept a
farm and market garden, in flamea. The
home wa a small frame shanty, and at
there were no facilities for extinguishing
the fire the place wa wholly consumed.
When the ruins had oooled sufficiently to
permit of investigation a aearching party
was formed. An hour' pristent search
revealed the charred body of Knorh and
wife. A little distance from both wa
found the charred body of a child. Knoch't
two children. Heorge, aged three year,
and Frank Albeit, aged nine month, were
in tiie house at the tune, but which of tbeee
the ttody repieeented could not lie ascer
tained owing to iia condition. The fire it
believed to bava originated from an oil
stove which bsd !eeu uwid to beat food for
the baby, who bad been sick.
Lath Frank Knorh was known to have,
money In the bouse, which he had been
saving to make some paymenta. Tbe
eeaivburs in the ruins found a revolver,
and it Is known that Knoch nevar owned
one. These two fact lead to the suspicion
that murder was coininiiled for tba sske of
robbery, aud tha bu Iding then fired to
cover up the entile. Ii'he position In which
tbe aahea of tha family wera lying
would seem to oppose this sunpicloa. How
ever, nothing Is definitely known, every
thing about tbe house having been com
pletely consumed. The tiody of the baby
was not at flint found, aud It waa thought
Hie flames bad entirely devoured It. Later
the searchers found the ci untitling anhet of
what had onoa been the youngest child.
Twenty el Han fi aiielseo's Most Prominent
Cltlsens lis Intended Victims.
SAX FatHCisco, December lit. A moat
sensational and startling plot for wboleenle
asaaaaination of the most prominent men In
thi oily cam to light here late laat night.
Bom time ago the polio obtained In
formation of the existence of an organisa
tion called the Socialistic Revolutionary
Association, which, it wat asserted, was
composed of ultra-socialistic member. A
rinse watch was kept on tbelr movement,
and tbe police finally tuoceeded In ob
taining the minute of one of tbeir meet
ing, held Novemlier VS. From these
facta it waa discovered that it wat
the intention of the Association to put
out of the way aliout twenty men, in
cluding W. T. Coleman, Congressman W.
W. Morrow, (leneral W. H. L. Barnes,
Mayor Harllett, Lulled rltatet Judge I.o
n liro Hawyer, Leland Stanford. Charlea
Crocker, (lovemor Ktoucinan, the principal
police officials, and several other. These
namee were placed on the "prospective
list" and placed in the bands of the Exe
cutive Comniille to carry out tbe
order of the Association. The coin
mitiee were to devise the best
mode of acoompllshlngthe ends of the base
plot, and were thus engaged when tbeii
work was brought to a sudden termlnntiou
last night by the discovery of the Associa
tion's headquarter at No. tsm Montgomery
avenue, bv the nolira. and tiie arrent of
four men 'found In the room, named Julius
C. Kooeher, lb-nry Weiseinan, Charles
MittellKladt and Oscar hitters. In
the room were also found a complete
laboratory for the manufacture or Infernal
machines. The ineu were taken to the city
nnaon. when tiicv boldlv asserted that-
they were dynamiter, and proposed to get
rid of the cilircns named, and then rare
Chinatown. The prisoners also belong to
the Herman branch of the Autl-Coolir
League. No chnrge has yet been entered
against th prisoner. Further develop
ments are expected.
The Meslran Kolullon Hronht Aboat
by Lore for the Most Baautifnl .
of henorttaa. .
New York, December 16. The brother of
Governor Bepulveda, who 1 now here, says
tli eutire difficulty lnNetivd Leon, Mexico,
originated In the personal rapture betweeu
Diet and Uonrnlm. Everyone In Mexico
ay bepulveda know that while Dies
waa serving hit first term at Presidout,
he entered into a solemn compact to
so shape matters that tionxale
would succeed him. I) In faith
fully fulfilled that compact, and so ar
ranged matter in the seven great nortlierti
Htati s that they all went to (ionrale when
the election Occurred. When Uonxaloa.
turned the presidency be, In turn, made
tlmilnr compact with Dial, that the latter
should again be President Thit compact
bIko wat faithfully observed, and the
two Caesar Ihua divided Mexico
Hholtly after Diaii wo inaugurated
laat year, (sonxah't approached
hiro rora ronewmoi tneirrormer compact.
The promise was given, ao (in males
friend derlnro. that .lie latter should airain
be President. In order to fulfill this Inst
compact Uins had but to leave the North
ern Htates aa he found them, via. in the
bonds of Gonxnle'a adherents. At tint
point, says Senor Heiiulveiln, the hand of a
designing womnu came between the two
Ereat leaner. JJIat since bis nrsl compact
ad wooed and won the fairest
aenorita in Mexico; the only daughtei
6t Don Manuel Romero Robio. Un
fortunately, her noble father ia ambition!
to lie President, and therein lies the hiddi
secret. Hobio in now Cabinet officer, and
with the powerful influence of his daughter
he bat cntiKcd Dial to violnte hia last com
pact with Gonmlce, and the unmintakHbie
signal of thbir surceKt is tho accomplit-hed
fnct tlint Coahuila and Nunvo Leon, two
powerful Gonrnlcs cilatea, have been over
turned and seised by Dies since bit Inaug
uration. Tbe heir apparent ia now Robio,
ana not uonzaies.
Type-Setting Contest,
Kitw York, December 15. A type-setting
contest between Joseph MiTCHnn, of the
Herald, and W. C. Darnci, of the H orld
(or tbe championship of the city and Btate,
took place here to-day in the presence of a
large number of printers The purse con
tended for was el.OOO. The trial lasted four
hours, beginning ut 11 o'clock. Tbe type was
minion, set without paragraph. Bantes fin
'ifh"d bis firnt thoiieand em in twenty-nine
minutes and thirty fcectindh. and Mcuann
completed bin first tlmutuiiil two minute
Inter. At 11 o'clock tune whs called. Mo
Catio had tei c.tHVj1 emu and Barnes 7.U5I.
Then each man '.en ublir..v,l to correct his
OW'ii pronh. IV iieu tiie corrcrlious had
been made and tiie number of line de
ducted which each bad lit thmtiKh ml
tnkos, It wa found that McCann bad 1.
emt to bis credit, and Barnes, 6, '.176
McCaun wat devutrrvl the winner.
Of Bavlcg tbe Miners Imprisoned
In the Slope at Nanticoke.
rweaty-foar Lives Almost Certainly Gone
Out III tba Coal Mine.
WiLBCtinAitHi!, Pa., December 20. To-day
wat tbe gloomiest day ever witnessed iu
Na.lllcoke. Thousands of people poured
luto the town, In vehicles, on horseback
and on foot. Hundreds of them gathered
In groups around tbe various working",
where they discussed tbe situation of t)
imprisoned men. A message was brought
bore from Nanticoke thit morning to tbe
effect that William Elke bad hern found in
the gangway, aud evidently had been
dead eevcral houra. At the com
pany' office this wa denied. They
state that the situation remain
nncliangcd.from that of yesterday, though
they hourly expect to reach the fetal spot
where tho entombed are supposed to be.
Tbe rescuing parties are continuously at
wor, under nireclion or Dtipcrinienueu
Moiean. There is no bone of rescuing any
of tiie victims alive. At 8 o'clock this
evening tbe rescuing party struck a mas of
wet aana, anu iurty-iive suuiuuum uwu
were sent in to remove It. At II o'clock an
official report was received at the com
pany' of lire here to the effect that tbe
rescuing party were then within twenty
feet of the fatal chamber, and were hoping
to reach the imprisoned men by eleven
o'clock. 1 1 :U0 o'clock a message was
brought from the pit In which the relief
tiarvy are at worn, ine messenger rcporwiu
bat the men weie atill working vigor
nii.lv. but that tbev bad not vet reached
the imprisoned miner. From the present
outlook it it doubtful if they gain entrance
to tbe fatal tloie chamber before to-mor
row. Almost as iaRt a t.ne aanu ia re
moved it tills in again, and the men aro
now laboring under great difficulties. No.
I Colliery, where the accident occurred,
iiii,tniriii liiinili-wd men and ttovs. I la
aut out is tho lowest of anv of the (Susque
hanna Coal Company' working, b. ing
but 0i0 car-loads per day. The loss to the
company will be large, and tbe next three
mouths will be consumed in mak
ing repairs. During that time the
men ami nova win not remain luie.
but will be given woik at the other coller-
lea of the comnanv. Atl:o o'ciock a. m.
a report from Nanticoke says that reecuers
finnllv reached the iilace where the men
were supposed to be, but the men wore not
there. Tue reacutng pnrty are now pnsn-
init forward to another chamber, with hope
OI liuuing them in a tew nour.
A rarmer Carrie a Frog In Ills Stomach
Three Years,
PAHKKHSBt'no, W. Va., December 20. A
ttranga story, woll authenticated, come
from Lost Creek, Calhoun County. There
live in that neighborhood a respectable
farmer named Joseph Donntain, who should
now be In tbe prime of vigorous manhood.
Alxiut . throe years since Mr. Doun-
tain ' began to complain .of pain
In tbe stomach, accompanied at time
with peculiar , twitching and jerk
ing of that organ. These pang were not
constant, hut wuro worse at limns wnen
Douutain happened to go longer than usual
without drinking: water, of which he swal
lowed .' ..mense qtinntilies. When be hap-
nened to have been at a distance troni
springs or streams at work, and waa not
enami-a to gei a uruia lor w.-tvii uuuro,
the pains and twitch ngt of hit stomach
almost throw him into convul
sion. Hi physical condition be.
cnine almost a wreck. From an un
usually powerful man of two hundred
pounds Dountain dwindled to a mere wreck
of a It A pounds, whose only gratification
anil piensuro teemea to consist in supply
ing himself with nlontv of drinkine-water.
A tew days ago he came to the conclusion,
that there was some living reptile or some
thing in his stomach. Uaviug arrived at
the contusion, be consulted a physician,
who irave him a tiowerful emetic which
caused Dountain to throw up. After retch
ing at.d groaning till ne w:-x iuuck
iu tho face, be succeeded lu
throwing up an Immense frog,
which welched thirteen OUUCO. The relt-
tlle was still living nftor getting outside of
it habitation, but died in a tow minute.
Dountain's intense relief after the success
of the ejectment proceedings can better be
imagined than described. He is rapidly
regaining bis lost manhood, but doesn't
drink such immoderate quantitiesof water,
lie keens the fiiur in a fur of alcohol, and
takes great pleasure in showing hi strnngo
tenuui to bit many curious visitors.
A Dinner to a Poor Man Bring Rich R
turns Alter Many Years.
PoBixAitn, Mb., December 20. Borne timo
ago, while passiugthrough a railroad depot
bu this city, tbe attention of U. Thatcher
Clark was attracted to a feoble, .poorly
clad old man alighting Irom a train. Air.
Clark watched tbo stranger a few momenta,
lis seemed bewildered, and knew not
in what direction to turn. Mr.
Clark made a few Inquiries, and
learned that the old mail bud ar
rived at a stranirecitv. where be had not
single friend, fie bad no money with him,
Mr. Clark invited the strnniror to hia resi
dence and gave him a dinner. As soon as
be bad fmihhed hit meal the old man arose,
said ar il-liv and went ou bis wav. Mr.
Clark nevrlieard from tbe man again un
til yesterday, when he received a lottor
from a lawyer of Chicago informing him
that he bad'hoen liequeotbcd several thou
sand dollnr by the old man whom bo found
In the depot ana took nume.
A Queen Who Stands on Her Dignity.
Madrid, December 20. The Duke of
Seville, who in resentment of tbe declina
tion of Queen Christina to give bim an
audienoe on Friduy. publicly vilified hor
and predicted that ex-Queen "nbell
would eoon replace Cbristiua an Uueen
Regent, bat been arrested. The prompt
action of the Government in deal
Ing with the Duke bat occasioned some
thing ot a sensation iu military and other
oirolos, and the impression prevails that do
spite the strong feeling manifested by the
Queen and some of her advisers in favor of
leuienoy to past political offenders, yet no
publio avowals tending to bring reproach
upon the Quoou will bo tolerated for a mo-
Sentencd to the Gallows.
Pittsdvuoh, Pa., December 10. Edward
Coffey, oonvicted of minder in the first
degree, tor the killing of Policeman Evans,
while resisting arrest, wua refused a new
trinl thla nioi'iuiig, and sentenced to oe
bunged, ...
First Session.
wAanntnTOM. December IA.
Bills introduced: lly Mr. Teller To urovid
for tba free and unlimited coinage of the sil
ver dollar. benaUir Manderson
Kelatlngto pensions. It pensions all per
sons wno servea inrsi least one year during
the late war and- were discharged upon a
surgeons certificate a unut for further aer.
vice. Mr. Plumb To provide for the pay
ment of bouuiy to certain discharged sol
dier of the U. S. Army. By beuator Saw
yer To provide for the purchase of tbe Bur
geon Bay and Luko Miohiirim Bhlp Canal and
Rarpor of Kefufro, conn cting tbe waters of
Green Day with Lake MIcMiran, In the Bute
or Wisconsin. It appropriate (mono, and
directs the Secretary of wr to purchase
ine canai ror tne initeu rtates.i u oenator
uuttue jo nrovuie loroeiermtmna tne ex
istence and removal of inability of the Presi
dent to discharire the power and duties of
hisolhou. lt provides that on tha represen
tation of two heads of department to the
Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the
utuiea ciiaies ina tne rresiueni is unaoie to
discharire the dutiea of hi office, the
Chief Justice ehall convene the Court,
and 11 shall determine the ques
tion of such alleired Inabtlity.l
nator Plumb To extend tbe laws or the
United Htates over cei-tatn unorganised ter
ritory south of the Btate of Kansas. A num
ber of resolutions calUua for Information on
special subject from the Executive Depart
ment were agreed to. nr. Honr s rreaioen
Hal succession bill was discussed by Messrs.
Maxey, Heck, Edmunds, Morgan. Call and
Bvarts. At 2:60 p. m. the Senate went into
executive session and att-.tu p. ut. t-djourned.
Hot'. Mr. Browne find I offered a reso
lution chanaina the rules so at to orovide
that leave to print in the fiteord- shall be al
lowed omy wnen a Question is unuer con
sideration. Heferred. On motion of
Mr. Norwooa (Ua. a Senate till: wat
paused rt-raovint; the political disabilities of
Alexander K. Lawton. of tieoriria. The dis
cussion of the proposed revision nf the rules
was men resumed oy siessr. nsnoaii, ma-
cock, litirrowa, Holman. Wellltorn aud
M ount. Without concludlna- the reneral de
bate, the House adjourned at 4:t6 p. m.
Warhikuton. December IT. Sxkatb Mr.
Mitchell, the newly elected Senator from
Oregon, was sworn In. A number of bills
were tutrodueed, Includlnt; one from Senator
Teller, providiug for tbe Issue of silver certl
nettles on toe oeposn oi siannara outinra.
bv Senator Jones (Ark.) To orovide for the
sale of the Cherokee Reservation, In Arkan
sas. Rv Senator Sewell To enoouraire the
erection of monuments on.tbe few important
Dntt leneias oi ine revolution, ine rresioen
tml succession bill was passed without divis
ion as rvporu-d from the committee. Mr.
buinunas motion ios'nkso nisi parr pro
viding for tbe repeal of existing laws dlreot-inu-
sn i arlr election was de
feated. Mr. Edmunds' hill to regulate the
Presidential count, wlpoh was sent to the
committee as an amendment to Mr Hoar's
bill, was reported favorably at a separate
measure and plaoed on tbo calendar, to be
teken up at the tirat opportunity. In execu
tive session at S:U0 p m . a long lltt'of recess
nominations were reierreo. lue oenate i
journed at 3:40 p. to.
Hiii si In the House the rule wera dis
cussed, general debate closing at 4 o clock.
Rvcrv am nilment DroDoeed waa voted
down excent one to increase tbe meinbershio
of theCouimlttee on Accounts to nine. At 6
o'ciock tbe House adjourned.
Washinoton. December 18. Sbhatb. Tho
inn grunting a pension or .i,uuuayearto
Mr. Grant, passed without debaus. Mr.
Hamnton lutroduceo a Dili maxim it unlaw-
tul for Senators or representatives to re
commend or solicit anno ntmcnts to ouica.
1 he resolution of Inquiry In regard to the al
leged oriran zation of Dakota at a state was
discussed until x o'clock, when tbe joint
rules wero taken up and aerreed to. henator
Bock introduced a resolution auiborixing
the Kinaui-e Committee to Inquire
hether tk-otlon mm or tne . ite-
vised Statutes, providing for the
disposition of co:n paid for duties, has been
olKyed. Among the measures Introduced
were the following. : By Senator Frye In re
lation to the departments or tne army Oi tne
Cnlted States. It urorldes that all future
appointments, as beads of the departments
of the U. S. Army, ehall be officer selected
from the army and nominated by tbe Presi
dent, and confirmed by the Senate to be such
beads of departments for tortus of four
lours. It declares that this, provision
shall not apply to the head or any
department until that office shall first be
come vacant. The President may. In
hia dlsorctlon, however, at any time,
pi nee upon the retired list any existing head
of a department, and the retired list Is en
lnnred for that purpose. It further provides
that tbe Adjutant General, the Quartermas
ter General, the Commissary General of Sub
sistence, the Surgeon General, the Chief of
Kngineers, the t h er or ordnance ana me
Pe master General shall be appointed by se
treiton from officers of the corns to which
they belong, not below the rank of I.louteu-
sutuoionei. and snan nuveauringvneirierm,
and no lontrer, the rauk and pay of Brigadier
General. The Judire Advocate General shall
be appointed rrom the oorpsof Juda-es Ad
vocate, and have the rank and pay of Briga
dier General during his term only. The Chief
Biirnnl Officer may be appointed rrom any of
the officers or tne army not oeiow capuuu,
m rank as Colonel of Cevalrv durtna- his in
cumbency In that offlee. The officers of the
Inspector General s department are to ne an
no. nted as at nresent. uy senator ingans
To prevent the unlawful Inolosureof public
lands. It is the bill Introduced by Mr. In-s-nlla
In tb last Congress. Adjourned until
Hfirtsa.-All nrnnosed amendments to the
new rules were voted down, and a motion to
strike out the clause distributing tbe uppro-
pnarion waa rejected ev lo an. ine re
mainder oi ne report waa muu mntm ,,.
The Kenate hill arantin a nenslon to Mrs.
Grant was called up and passed Price, of
Wisconsin, aione oissentinir. ine noiiunr
recess was fixed from Mondar next until
January i. The House adjourned at 6:!5
W.RStiiflTn. December in. 8RSJATR Not
In session. Hons. An Invitation to attend
tho New Orleans Exposition oeoemoer s,
lain on the table. The Sneaker an.
nounced the appointment of tbe Committee
nn Rnmllml RillB A resolution W8S adontod
for the orcatlon of soloct committees on the
elect on of President snd Vice President of
the united Htatea, on rotorm in tne oivn sur
vloe, on ehip-htilldlng and ship-owning In
terests, on alcoholio liquor trafno, and on
vontllation and acoustics of the House. Mr.
Findlsy, of Maryland, trlod to get up the
senate presidential succession bill by unani
mous consent, hut failed on the smnrestion
of Mr. Herd that the regular oourse was to
have the bill referred to a oommlttoe. A call
nf tbe Slates for the Introduction of bill
was objected to. Among other measures the
following wera ntroduocd by Mr Brown,
of Indiana: Referring to the President the
couvrovrsy between the United Stutos nd
Venezuela in reirnrd to the award of INM:
granting pensions to soldiers f the Moxloan
war; Increasing pensions of the survivors of
the war of IBIS, and granting arrears to per
sons pensioned by special act. Tbe House
adjourueu at 1:10 p. ni. ,
A Living Eleo'rlo Battery.
YouifoeTOww, O., December SO. Frank
Burnett, aged fifteen, residing with hi
widowed mother, ha developed pow-
m tnnicst.inir that be Is an ani
mated electrio battery. He Is slightly
Dtlllb, ana oa uis nnuavu vim..,.
. 1. 1 n J.nrtA mnA hun erttclea blttnr
vauiuo i.L-, - -
that hit natural strength could not
- TV.- 1 A i- n.l.U In nml A I n his Mn-
natural power, and has always enjoyed
good neauo. 1 no vbim mmn tuua mi wjow
ae lad to be able to do more than he baa
claimed. It la probable medical experts
will examine him to ascertain if possible
Ule ewjivfc oi ui iaidi.
Two hundred lightning; rod points
have bien put on (lie Wttsliington Alon-
Lontsvllle Leaf Tobaeao Markets
Th action of the markst has been deijt
sdly more favorable to sellers, but not
equally so on all grades, though all bars
been firm. Dark and heavy lug and me
dium leaf bavt been strong, and crop offer
ing in that category have been especially
brisk and higher, advancingiScSlMper 100
lb., with considerable sales at a (till
greater advance. A spirited competition
between a large New York bolder and tb
buyer for the Hpanisb Regie is the source
of tbe exceptional strength in tbe style de
scribed, and there is considerable conject .
are as to the probable duration of the con
test. Tb point appears to be to prevent
tbe Spaniard from obtaining bis needed
supplies at cheaper price in Louisville than
in New York, and the principal fight i oa '
new crop tobacco. Burley tobacco of all
grades bava been more uniformly firm,
with low and high relatively strong, and
intermedial grade steady. Smoking lugs
are still in active demand. We quote a
follow for lt5 tobacco of fair to good
body and substance. Thin, green, and un
rip tobacco sell lower. '
- Dartriud Heavy. Burlev.
Common lugs i 00 4 Uk 4 M
Medium lUgS.......... 4 2o 4 Ml 4 7t B
Good lust 4 504 6 00 t ta 00
Common leaf 4 'Kt fi X ! 7 00
Mednim leaf.. I m 6 50 T tr SO
Good leaf f 7i T 6011 9a
Faney leaf ...T sow SKI .
Klseellanaona Items.
Wniti out hunting the other afternoon,
John Bhulta, of Nicholas County,- near
Little Johnson, attempted to draw a load
out of his gun which he could not get to go
off, and in so doing discharged the gun, the
entire load, which was No. 4 shot, entering
hit bead and neck, killing bim instantly.
It so frightened hi companion that he ran
home and left him lying in the wood and
said nothing about it until the missing ,
boy' father came in search of him lata in
th evening. Bhuits was fourteen yean
old and tbe other boy ten.
At Danville, David Bogle, colored, while
playing with a pistol, accidentally shot and
killed his sister.
A eraciAL from Owensboro states that
there was a boiler explosion ten mile east
ot there a few day ago, at Williams ft
Jolly's saw-mill, by which Henry Parish,
an employe, was killed, and Engineer Bur
ton, John A. Feck and James Williams
wera wounded. Parish was employed the
day before, and ia unknown. .
Jambs P. Jonxs, a farmer living near
Bromley, about four mile from Covington,
committed suloide by banging himself to a
rafter in bis barn a few days ago. He was
sevtnty-one years of age, ' and bad been
twice married, and the objection to his
third marrUgs evidently was tbe causa of
tha suicide. His second wife died a few
years si nee, and recently a flame waa kin
dled in hi heart. There ia a buxom Ger
man widow who resides in the neighbor
hood by ths name of Henrietta Lilger. Th
old gentleman bad of late been paying oon
siderabl attention to her, in fact, h dined
at her house, and the matrimonial coast
seemed to be clear for tbe old gentleman.
Ha declared his love to the widow, and it
was generally understood that he had been
success ful in his suit. He announced to her
that they would be married oa
the 16th. He informed his children
of the intention, and they tried to persuade
bim out of it This seemed to weigh heavily
on th gentleman's mind, yet he was de
termined to get married. He ate a hearty
supper, and left the room and went out for
the purpose of attending to some fanning
duties. He did not appear at the breakfast
table next morning, and a search was insti
tuted for him. His body was found sus
pended from a rafter in the barn, and near '
it was a family arm-chair, which ths old
gentleman had evidently used in putting
his bead in tbe nose. His feet lacked about
two inches of touching the ground. Four
children survive ; three sons and a daughter.
Th oldest son left home about eighteen
yean ago for the Far West, and his second
son left for ths same country about two
yean since, and neither ot them have aver
been heard of since. The daughter and re
maining ton resid In tbe neighborhood.
Locisvillb will rest with packing 100,000
hogs this season.
Wt. Evins. school teacher near Nicholas
vllle, got possibly fatal injuries by being
thrown from a horse.
Ollik Bkown'b last chance for a new trial
was killed by tbe Court of Appeals yester
day, and he goes up for life for the murder
ot Geo. Freeman, Versailles, two yean ago.
Court or ArriALS decides that Mrs. Mary
C. Lucas can not legally be jailer of Daviess .
County, though tb wa fairly elected after
the murder of her husband, former jailer
by a mob. She has filled th office and
drawn the salary for a year.
W. P. Kino, under indictment for ths
wilful murder of Louts Young, on Septem
ber 12 last, was found guilty in the Circuit
Court at Loi.isville a few days sines and
sentenced to two years in the Frankfort
Thi funeral of Judge James Pryor took
place in Covlugton a few days ago. 'Th
members of ths Kentucky bar attended in
a body.
Buao labs made a raid in Loultvllls, a
few night ago. At the residence of Mr
Detrlck Ruby they secured property to ths :
alas of m At Mr. Cbarls Hotupp't
they entered by a back door and departed
quietly, taking with them property to the
value of 1275. Various other petty jobs, in
which property aggregating 5fJ0 was taken,
were reported to the police.
Kbntuckt fourth-class postmasters were
appointed tbe other day as follows: Cen
tral City, Muhlenburg County, J. H. Short,
vice J. Alcorn, removed; Empire, Christian
County, W. T. Rutland, vice G. B. Croft,
Tub Baptists of Maysvllle bav received
UM additions to the church, membership
through the instrumentality of a revival of
seven weeks' duration. . '
Thos. D. Anuehsok, of near Crittenden,
waa adjudged insane the other sveningsnd
taken to tho Frankfort Asylum.
John Ghaham, brakenmn on the Louls
1 ville and Nashville Railroad, was crushed
to death by cars at LoulsvlU. .

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