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vli innniam warn, aut faciam.
VOL. I.-NO. 19.
Ttl Kmprea of Cblo la learning how to
' box.
Til ntl-loon agitation huapreadto
. Canada.
Tia population of Pari bai decreased
HS.OOU In four year. !
Tu heir to lb tbron of Holland la
wreakiy child not yet In lie teens.
London correspondent all dwell upon
the large number of Americana in that city.
W ilk II Colli, now lu full health, baa
returned to London, there to paee a buay
winter. ... ;
, Rois t'auaos juat bad a mouu
ment erected to b'a memory at Largo,
Scotland. .
In a elngle provinceof Raasla three thou
and operative are employed melting ao
Riin Boom bai never aeen any on
play llauilet linos, ae a mere boy, ha aaw
bit father. '
PaiNc AlbxamdkVI court la (Imply
military household where ceremony la Ut
ile thought of . .
A rTT of ecbool teacher left Chicago,
e a few day ago, on an excursion to the New
Orlran Kxpoeition.
Th ar leu policeman in Central Park,
JSew York, and more than half of them ar
on trial for vai lout charge.
A TXLiriloM line ha been run to the
Vandetbllt vault lur the convenience ot
the guard a bo ar on watch there.
Taraa are eome ItO.Oix) till wanting to
put the Uartltoldl rUetne of Llliarty Ka
lightning the World on lie pedeetai.
Hixcb Psaleura dlarovery ot a car for
l)diopbil)la, th number of persona bitten
by mad d"g teem to U Increasing. ,
(laoaox BxitraorT, the hlatorlin, la th
nly private cltlien who ha been given the
right to the floor of C'c-u grass at all timet.
' A man of Han Diego, CaL, ha wrltUn a
pamphlol to prove that the earth I In Ira
tniaeat danger of a eecond di lute In 18W.
M. Apoi.m pvicNia, a present Vie
President of Bwllisrland. ba been elected
J'reeldtnl for lb yar ISA Dei a Had-
Tt total number of vartetl of grape
ow rted la tblarauulry U not far from
two, and now one are appearing every
;. year.
Ui.ivia Wixniu. Hoi.wa ha oolned a
freeh Word, "gynephobia," to cover th
ra of man who have "a ronatllutlouei
feortor of women."
Tu Pop, who la an expert Llln vers!
fier, baa juat presented rrlno Blunarck
with an elegant bouod aopy of bl lall
Vuluui of poem. ; .
Caxpiui. th Philadelphia tenor alnger
whom the Herman call Cvndedoo, ha
been hired to alng ality fiv weeka In New
York atll.OOOa week.
Kuriaoa William will on the M of Janu
ary neat, abould ba live, celehrata the
twenty fifth anniversary of hla acceealou to
tbe thron of Prussia.
CofNt ni I.coival, a French nobleman,
gad twnty-lx, ha juat been married to
w.dow of eeventy-two. Her fortune la vei
ned at 6,000,000 franca.
Ma. Vahpebdilt wa o rich that he could
fcav given very man, woman and child
In America a M ChrUiniaa prevent and
bav had 110,000,000 left. .
Tu original "old Black Joe" le dead, at
the venerable age of IM. But the eong will
be older than that before th laat of It 1
heard at th mluatrel.
Tnxaalaa aort of clolhra pin arrange
ment coming from I'aria that makee art
ficial dimple in the girl of the period'
ehreki after one application.
hlaa. GrCndv remark in the We York
iTail and i'rprtu. that many a hired glr
ba mora credit among tradeajieopl and
nodiale than her uiiatrrm.
Tnxiti ar indication of a revival of th
augur-making crate at the North, and there
ere farmer who hop that they ran manu
facture their own 'waetening."
Ch a NO, th Chinee giant, haa loat
000 which b mid with Barnum, inventing
in an Auttrallin coal mine. Ho now
heave all bla tiae when be tulnke of (t.
"It la absolutely lmoalble," aal) Lord
Ronebcry In a recent addreaa In Scotland,
"that In th future war could ever take
plaoe botween the United Slate and Eng
land." Boi'Tn Uaxota puraue the Michigan plan
of getting Into the Union. But becauae the
forcing procea wa once aucceaaful It lan'l
Decenary to tUipoae that it will lucceed
in thi caae.
HiwMXHKn gold-top cane are taking th
plao of th ailver tipped one among Bean
ruromclle,butltla alao woll to bear In
mind theae deceptive day that "all I not
gold that gllllore."
Tbb laU Mihal Serrano, of Bpaln, dur
ing hi political career aaw eighty-four
change of mliilatry In thnt country, forty
rebellion and twelve changes in the bead
of the Hlate.
ErArmtcs Hinspalb waa the firat manti
facturcrof Jewelry in the United State. He
commenced bualnea at Newark, N. J., about
17W. Th buinena i now catimated at
H0,000,000 annually.
In Philadelphia tb Buporintendent of
th Electrical Deiiartmcut give notioa
that orer-tead wire will be cut if not re
moved, in accordance with law, on or be
fore January I next.
A eoRTRAiT of Cleopatra, painted on
ton, it offered for aale at the modest
firure of 130.000. Th painting date from
the tlra of Atiguitui, and wa taken from
tb Villa of Hadrian.
treatment forth car of by-
Irnonnbla la meeting with aucceaa, and tb
great clentUt 1 receiving patient Buffer
ing from th dreadful malady from all oc-
Uoul of lBclviaxca wono.
AfTXB a lapaa -of many ycara it bai
tnnoplrod that tha atate of Ibaddeu
Kteveni remain nnaottled. Every now
and then aonie new claim turna up or loma
, new relative appeaif for aaiuw.
OUrUttnaj Oelobratlon Cnmat
NtM BolncaTiaeed.
Haatfred pnle-lrlrken I'eople
loaned la Areuada Blailng
ChrUUuaa-Trca-lOO Madly
Curued. .
Csitiei, December Tbia afternooB
bout 4 o'clock all th patient in tb
Ctiuuty Hotpital who war able to be
moved, all Iba nurtea aud doctor, and a
eunibci of vieitor were aaaeuibled in th
clinical amphitheater of the hotpital to
witneai C'h'riatiiiaa exerclaee for the chil
dren Th -room I vry mll. about
thirty feet high, with I circle of eeat
reaching almoat to th ceiling tn the
center waa an inimenae Chrlatinaa tree,
laden with toy and gayly Illuminat
ed by taper. About fifty children
were grouped about the Ua tinging
( lirisluiA carol to open the exercieea A
Hunt Claua entered Hie room the upper
portion of the tree look fire, and in a mo
ment llie entire tree wa ameae. ni
the fire waaat ita helifht mot of the chil
dren were inari'hed out of the room by the
lower door. The remaining people In the
room, nearly three bundled In numlier.
became panic tri-ken. The heat and flame
cut off exit by the lower door. There waa
a ruh for the up-r door ihe only remain,
lug eiit, and a few eacaped through it,
but the imsfjii'e wa aoou blocked Vol
umca of iliMiMir black amoke aoon collerted
In the upper part of Ih room, where the
niHM ol huiiiMtiyy waa ciouing na
i-rraniiig. In t Iniiii Irighl anu then from
uoiiv. lor the heat waa irmtii. A acen
of iiubwi ilialile urror enaued The beat
bluiered I be tareii and hand of the vio
tini. aud one mairlaaid took fire. Great
aullering waa cau-eil tiy inhaling the
healed atiiHMi.ltcie. Ihe fire burned until
the Chrbtmaa tree waa- alnpped. Or
der waa finally restore,! No one in the
room etcNped iiilnry. aliotit fifty tieraoua
were oaniv i.iirnen, among mem two re
porter. By atx o'clock the doclnie, them
elvea badly amii-d. bad cared for tha
wounded, aud llie eaciiement liaaaubaidnd-
Cilc of file bed rone lliroiish all the
wanla of Ihe lioplnl, and for a lime there
era mntteiiiat'iiu among the helpl
paMeiita A'laier aurvey of the eilua-
tlnn 'ahowa that at leaat one but
tired pereona Vere Inliiied. th
greater par t receiving braiaea by being
ireniiir4i oy uieir imutc eiricaeo neignoora.
A number of rhilnien patlenla bed been
brourht iiilo the chapel In their cote. Be
fore they could be removed aeveral Buffered
1 nun the amoke and ft iht, and one or two
were alighlly burned. The excitement waa
inlenae, aud but for tb cootne
of Warden kMlarrirfla and ome at
tache of th ho-p!lr live wo' cer
taiety hav jn loat. The fieraona mo
erlnu,y InjurtMj were Miaa t illiinaoii. a
nui,e. who Inhaled hot alrandamnke; Mr.
A- !. Hai tlelt. of the firm of Htbhard. Bert
leit It Heiicer. together with Mia Haitlelt,
Mr. A. A. I'arpriiier and other lady vial
tor were eliirhliy Injur, d. ao alao war K.
N. May and N A MacMillan, reepertively,
repoflaiaof th 7VibNnc and 7eraid.
Thrilling ICeaMrlrne of a Philadelphia
Keeper Willi Ih Aajeell at neater.
rilJnxi.riilA, Pa., recemler 35. Head
ke.er Byrua, at tba Zoological Uarilan,
bad a thrilling experience early yesterday
Dimnlng with the peculiar trait eoiuctlniea
videnced by th large hlppopotamu. The
amphibian ha a Urge double cage.and on
one "Ida hi oomforta are provided for in
a larg water-front. The babita of the
large beaat ar tut b that h apenda a great
deal mora of hla time iu tb water
than he doe out of it, much to the d la
gust of the garden patrou. Keeper Byrne
noticed tbta trait nd waa much annoyed
at It, He had heard viallor remark that
they did not believe there wa a hippopota
mua in the ganb u, Ho yeaterday morning
the keeper raleed one of the iron bare iu
the Wppi), ut kiii'u1 rage, and, climbing
in with a kiit kiu hand, proceeded gallantly
to inveatignte the reason why the
animal alaid under the water ao much.
He rroaaed a narrow plank bridge over
the beam, nenrtue wan, ana oegan pron
riine and anlali'nx around with the stick
In aean-b for evidence of iiliunl eaietenc
beneath. He had the pleasure of diacover-
ing it quicker then he ea peeled, ami th
oiM.oi toullv of looking, for Ih first time
In hla life, ilm.ii into the horrid deptha
Of a hippopotami!" jaws. I be big, clumsy
beast Income entered, his largo bead
bobbed up from the am fare, of the water
at a point where it effectually cut
off Keener Bviue'a retrcaU Ihe kceiier
aaw Ihia diainny, and, whnt waa wnrso, Ihe
large hiat was smwlv wnoilllng over u
ward film with Jews wide open. Thcr wa
nnlv one avenue of oscaoe left to- the lm-
prlKoned keeper, a narrow ciRht foot ladder
on rue well oil lltr din, v.i imc ihih,
tin be mounted. The liipiiopotamua did
not drop Ilia hiegc, howeeer.Q He
moved . over toward tho ladder and
kept hla mouth open for Mr, Hryne to
look into. I lie Keeper caumi iiisiiiy tor
help, which did not disturb the animal in
tlio beat. After calling furiously two
hour tbeattemiun of an iiiiiler-keepor in
tin-elephant him.e was alt i acted, and vlg
Orooa Hii-thodH were" iniule to coax the ani
mal over lowaids the bins. Finally tha
b I'popotiiniiia wna luiod away from niavio-
tiln with lemptliig morsels of food and tu
Cged kenper made hla eacape.
la WhloU Three chlldrea Were Darned
and Other, Very Narrowly Eacaped.
New Torn, Dceiuber 25. Fir tlartedat
an early thisuioiuiiig In a twoatory fram
dwlllng In one Hundred and Korty.
aixlh street, near, King't-Urldg
road, wbla wa owned by
Hnniol rhelan and occupiod uy
Patrick Driacoll and hia faniily. The occu
pant were iu bed w hen tb fire started.
They wer awakened by Ihe smoke pour
ing into the rooma. Tho smoke wa
o thick tbrounh the room -and hall
that eeope waa made ont illfficult.
Patrick l)rlcoll, bowover, fouud hia
way out and gave an alarm. Whan
the firemen reached the scene the building
wa ill flame Soon after Hie enllieatruc
tura waa oonmiiied. Mr. I'riacoll, hia wife
JUary, and a aon named Patrick, were
levcrely burned while escaping. Three
children, howevei were burned to death.
They were John, Juliu aud Mary, aged re
spectively seventeen, fourteen eud seven
veaie. Their charred vemama wore fouud
Joon after the fii 0 waa aubdued.
Mourning Emblemt to be Removed.
Wauinuton, Decombor 25. Tho data of
the official ininiruing for Vic President
Hendrlcki (thirty doya expired lodnv.
To-iiiui row the black ni-aping ou Hie
public bulldliiKii will lie removed. llie
cost of dinplngail lue public builUiugs hr
if giioitt l,00U. .
Fifty ar Mar Miners Killed n geare
London, Deoember 88. A ditpatch from
Fonty Pridd, Wal, reporU that a terri
ble colliery explosion ba occurred at th
Ferodal Pit, near there, and that our hun
dred miner are ntombed. A later dl
patch aayt that twelve dead bodle bav
been taken out, ana tnirty miners
bean reacued, more or lee Iniured. Th
remainilur of too who war in to mm
t tha Lima of tha (xiihxion are be
lieved tu ba eaf Th xiloion-4
occurred in tb upper or in two
earns. There wer 7SU men in tn mine at
th urn of th explosion- Th majority
wer in the lowei seam, oiuerwiae toe ueaio
list would have been much larger. At
I...I rifie men ware killed In th upper
team, and score wer terribly burned. Th
iujured were carried to place ot eaieiy ot
Uieli more fortunate companion who bad
nni hurt. Tha latest dlsvatche from
th Farndal pit aay that so) men oav
been reacued, aeven of whom ara ao fear
fully burned that they my dl.
Th Miner Entombed at Kantleek Hav
Undoubtedly Muecnmlxd te tba
Fatal Blaek Dmp.
Waxtiiti. P., December 23. It It
now considered certlnty that all tba
imnrltontd miners at Nantlcok ar dead.
Tb moat experienced miner in tha vlley
aav that when black damp and gee mm
tkir ippearanca, It wa not long befor
Lhe men wer choked to death. While
it it thought the bodiea may ba re
covered in two weeka. It ia quite probabl
that ven that gratifying circumstance
may never lake place. The company, bow
ever, ia doing all in ita power to recover
tbe bodiee, andthe coat of the undertaking
will not be considered. Work ha to be
looped in the Kuw vein, both tNnticok
ml Moigantown, cutting off a pay-roll of
tii.uu a day. but all th other work of tb
Hutqurhenua Coal Company war put la
operation to day.
A Cleveland Family aerloaaty Affected by
Ealing Kaw Ham. :
Cl.aviLARD, O., December S3. Tha fam
ily of Ueorg V. Korell, of tbe firm of
Woltron ft Korell, carrlag manufactur
er, bav for tb paat ten day been eating
conaiderabl raw bam. Several day ago
th father and two children became ill with
a peculiar sickness. On Bunday
laat Mr. Korell' condition became
serlou. but tb raw meet wa in no way
aaaocialed by him with hia lllnea. On
the name day Mr Korell partook of th
bam for luurli. Tbie morning ahe, too, bo
ra tu III, and a pbyaiclau waa lummnned.
He at once aunpected what tha dieaa
wsi. end noil i red what the family bad
been eating They broujht him an me ot
to- bam, which w-. ubiniUed to a mioro
copo .M examination. Tba email piece
placed oi. the glaaa contained a acore or
more of trichina epirali. Th aymplom
attending these caea aia tbo uaual to
trh-binosia; diairhra, hoadache, laaaitude
and aliaip pain in thmuacleof the body.
Thdiaeaahad madeaucb progrea before
the physician wa aummoned that a fatal
termination ia gravely apprehended-
A Shaft to ba Bunk Over Their guppea4
Whereabouts In the lll.ieked Ktnpe.
Wu.K'"Bitke, Pa., Decemlier 2S After
rtherdicuaaion and consultation by the
engineers at Nantlcok to day the company
finally decided to tlnk a new shaft from
tba surface at a point di
rectly abova wher the bodle of
th buried miner ar upposd to
lie. Thi ah ft will be about ITS feet deep
nd will lake from, four to U weeka to
ink, even with tbe niost rapid work. Th
excavating of the blockaded gangway from
the foot of the slope ia being tteadily car
ried on day and tngbt, but it ia a very alow
process and mont li will elepm before lb
mine ia cleared. 1'rayera wer offered thi
morning In every church throughout th
Wyoming Valley tor the anfortuuate men.
One Man Chopped to I'lace by Maohloary
aud Another rails Head at lata
Fearful Bpeetaele. .
Nkw Vobk, Pecember 2S.-Joepb Walah
went Into tbe Miooklyn sngar refinery yea
terday afternoon, aud while looking at
some machinery fell backward Into
one of tbe circular cutting mill
and wa chopped to piece. Tb
machinei-v waa aUuioed and the ro-
,.ii r 'tin, iinfnrtiiiieta man were gath
ered up and removed by a friend named
rrenerica rim. J' n csm -out
to the dock and then went bark to tbe
sugar house. He waa very white, aud
great drnpa of peraplrat-fon rolled down hi
faoe. He could hardly walk, and upon
reaching hia work, aank into a chair. Iba
aight bad overcome him. After a abort
time Itird rose to hia feet, but reeled and
fell dead of heart disease, occasioned by
tho excitement. 1
Singular Case of Suapended Animation In a
Rontliere Village.
Ciiattanoooa, December S3. A lingular
cat of suspended animation coma from
Overton. Mia May McDouald, aged
eighteen vears, wa taken ill about
tlij, first of th n resent month.
On tbe lOtb ah appeared to hava
breathed her last, and waa shrouded for
burial. The coffin wa procured the eec
ond Hmv n.ft,1- hersuiiDoaed death, whon to
the surprise of all ahe a roe and asked tor
an apple. She at with much relish and
afterward- drank some water. The fol ow
ing day Miaa McDonald auuk into a atupur
and remained so until Monday, when ha
died and wa buried.
An Old F.riner'i Curlana Sulolde.
Lawrkncb, Kas., December 23. Conrad
Hoyt, an old farmer wbo lived a few mile
from bore, committed auioide yeaterday In a
curioua way. Hs took an ax and a long
rope Into tha wood. Then he out away th
underbrush around a large tree and olimb
ed nearly to tbe top of the tree, oulting off
all limb which might interfere with hi
tall. He tied one end of the rope to a limb
and the other around hi neck and jumped
off. He wa found a few hour afterward
by a pataing neighbor. .
"4" SSi T .
A Cnr-Load of jewelry Stolen.
Milton, Ont., December 83. Early tbie
inorulng burglar broke into tbe Jewelryl
atore of Ramsay & Co. and carried off a
cart-load of jewolry, ilverwre, money,
uto- The atore wa cleaned out. Tb
stolen goods were worth thoutoiidt of dollar.
DlMWtroa Cenflagratloa at Ylaeeaae.
lud. Terre Haeleaad Evaaavtlla
Asked for Aaslatano.
ViNCXNNXt, Ind., December 38. A dea-
tructiv fir brok out at 11 o'olock latt
nlxbt In McJimtey' llvry ttabl, on
Third ttreet, opposite tbe Grand Hotel. A
strong northwest wind wa blowing, and in
la tban fiv minute tb unmtnta iiruo
tur wa a mat of Methlug flame. For
Um a perfect panic nud, and people
wera wild with axcltetnewai rnvrrir u-
partment worked bravely and ttrov to get
the fir under control, but It seemed t
lenartb to be of no use, a
tb flame rolled acroe tb ttreet to tb
Grand Houl. Gardner ft Boo' larg onder-
kine end furniture establishment
w,n in hlssa. end at thi writlnr both w-
tabliahment are in flume, and not an iota
of uroauoct to tore them. The fir at Ui
n'eWk ia aweeninz down on beooud atreet.
and the wind and flamoe are playing
fnghtful havoc. There la tn tirongeat
kind of a possibility of thi being lb
worat fir in Vlnoenu' history.
McJimeey ia insured for 14,000. H
lost tbirty-fiv to forty bead of bone end
about on hundred buggies. Heavy loat;
,.eol,.hlv XA.UU0. Tb Grand Hotel wa
a,.twH two month tffo. and had no occu
pant and no furnltur. Los on building
.00U to 35,000; partially insured. Gard
n.r's nndxrtekina eelabliahmeut wa full
of iinnili of all kmda. Total loaa about 115,
000. Tbeorlgin of the firaia unknown.
. n, u.iinr Wilhelm baa tele
graphed Terra Haute and Kvansville for
nra. nd aid will reeeh us in an hour.
Vincenn I now in great distroaa. and ber
people ar wild wun rear ana bki-ivcui.iji-
h h. k'lre llenei-tment here il about eX-
k.n.iH Two euirinti bav been playing
on th flame for two hour, but the flame
increase. At two o cioca tui morning
fir 1 till raging; the Grand Hotel I a
total rnin. Tbe loa on th whol i esti
mated atf-W.OOU to tru.ixxi. it I sirouKij
hoped that th fir i checked and nnder
A Mother Leave Them:Alon at Horn and
They Meet ThelrjDeelh la tb
Uurned Dwelling.
PAKuauia, W. . V., December
At Wadeevllle, a town about twelve mile
dlatant from tbla city, Mr. Koph locked np
the boa, leaving ber two little children, a
littl girl of four yean and a babe of
eighteen month in tbe bou, and went to
tbe a tor near by. . Directly aner tn mow
er left, tbe houee wa aeen to ba in flame.
The people ran from all direction toward
it, but befor they had arrived upon the
cene th bouse waa totallv enveloped
in flame. Th crie and crem
nf " th children . were heart-
rendlna. but the building being a frnrua
u-u, mm It wa found, not withstanding
every effort waa made. Impossible to reacu
tuem. in me enneaTors w sh.
------1 oil , viiu srsrs aeeerelv burned.
Tb bona w burned to th ground and
nothing but the trunk of the children were
r,.H 7.. il,. ri,., Ins The mothor and
father ar nearly frantic over tb lot of
their only cuiiuren.
A Beautiful til' From That Slat
. Washington MonameuU
to th
Wasiiinuton, December 48. (Senator
Mitchell and Dolph and Representative Her
man, of Oregon, visited the storehouse of
th Washington monument thi1 afternoon
where tbe Oregon memorial atone now lies
nd formally presented it to tbe Monument
Committee aa tb gift of the
Stats of Oregon. Th atone ia
. wt-r elaborate piece ol wore it ia
four and a half feet long, two feet wid
.a ineha thiek. It ronsiata of three
different kindaof Uregen atone, tin stone
itulf is nflimwn irranite sandatone and bear
on IU face a landscaHi with Oregnu coat
of arms, turrounded by fi-uiU and flower,
tbe whole inclosed wltn a raiaeo moiuing
aet In the tandstone, and turrounding tbe
State ea ar thirty-two star of a greenish
-i... . 1. -.. .... ii , . n.-it ninttntsin ar
IVUDiw, " "- ;
represented by white mibl from South -
rn Oregon, also aet in the brown aud-
Aa Iraprompta and Frubuhlr Fatal Duel
Between Weil-Known Stock-Hreeoere.
rvNTRiANA. Kt.. December 22. At 11
o'clock to-day H. L. Friable and J. K.
Lake, th widely known cattle-breeder,
bad an altercation which will probably re
sult fatallv to Frisbie. The Utter
coming to town when he was accosted
I,. Lake on some business mat-
i.Viiilile renlied in a very unien-
tlemanly manner, when Lake aetaed a rock.
Frisbie at the same tiinepulling hia pistol
hi. n.MwutiineliAL A a soon a Lake
saw tbe pistol he pulled hi own, and tbey
began firing iinulteucouly. After a few
shot Frisbie ran behind a tree and kept
riPi.. lki, stendina- in tbe middle of the
pike vigorously answering, frisbie waa ahot
once in tha middle of tbe bank near the
spinal column, and the wound it vary ser
ious. : .
OnhthtlmU Amine Children
Nbw Yobk. December 28. The New York
Academy of Medicine recently invited co-
operation on the part ot the health author-
Itie In a proposod Investigation oi toe re
port that ophthalmia and kindred contag
ion eye disease .were alarmingly preval
ent in publio and private Institutions
i. : th nHv where children
were fathered in lante numbers. Toe
outgrowth of this waa the appointment of
. MinmiiiM of nhvaicians. who have asso
ciated with themselve representative
from the leading ctianiaine inatitutions,
nd with the aid of the Health Department,
hav begun a thorough inve-tigation, go
ing lyatematically through th ichooli
nd other Dublin institution. In
-...niim. nrivete medical in
.Mti..iA. ilmvi that diseaaea of
(.his character are very prevalent, "Of tha
work of the committee. Dr. A Knew eaya:
"Th investigation bas not yet advanced
isrvuuuK1 . -" , -
llgent report In one large institution
which I am canvassing at present, I hare
t.un .kia t ...ruin, onlv about half tb
children, and can not give any judgment
ttntu tua examination is complete.
Fetal Accident to Builder.
XUadiWO, Pa.. December S3. Tbl morn
ing while Daniel and Jacob Himes, me
wni, and Frank leasing, lanorer, an oi
Pottatown, were driving to work, tb
wagon broke down nd their born ran
way. Jacob 11 mice wa thrown on th
road and killed. Daniel Himee bad bit
--in Ann, nft Avriosine the kulL and suf-
ferred bodily iniurio. He ia in a critical
condition, laming received slight
A Sensation Created at omana.
Kx-Maymr Mnrphy and HU Family Be
lieved to Ban Bean Poisoned.
Ouaba, Win-, December 17. Patritk
Murphy, aged forty, Kx-Mayor of Omuia,
died to-night, after only a few day' illne,
from a myaterlon malady. Several mem
ber of tb family war taken peculiarly
aick about a week ago. Mr. Mnrphy firt
showed lignt of sickness. Bha had palna
In bar back and (boulders, ana nr
throat became sore. Sh' doctored henjelf,
and liecaine anpajently well again. Two
dava lutiir Mr. Murnhv waa affectod with
llie aame avmpuima, fcauugu iiu
firat, but Mrs. Murphy wa gain attacked,
and two i-hiliben soon experienced simi
lar feelings. Then Mr. Wurpny Decame
worse. He rallied, however, and seemed
on th way to recovery till thi morn ng,
when he wa taken with violent cramps.
which grew won until tbla evening, woen
be died. TU doctor in attendance
declare tbe cauae of death waa
ptomaine poisoning, the result of eat
ing chicken which bad been fro ten and
tben allowed to become partiauy uouom
poaed. Murpbr bad eaten only a email
Krtion of the chicken, and another mem
r of the family, who ate heartily, ba
not, aa yet, been attacked. Mrs. nurpuv
also ate very sparingly of chicken, and
aeveral circumstances seem to indicate the
intentional poisoning by ome ouwiuo
.. ...A..i nhviii.ini liAclart that
otomaiue poisoning oould not havereaulted
under tu conaition oi sue case. .
Th Inmate ot a Jail Taken Oot, Whip
ped, and Warned Not to Return.
Buttb, M. T., Deoember i4T. For a long
time Butte baa been invested by a gang oi
cutthroats, whose robberies and other depre
dations bav filled honaetmen with fear for
both life and property. Tbepatienoeof tba
people waa exhausted tbi week by thearre-l
of a wretch named Nelson, who had been
insulting little girls, ana iinaiea wio loug-amotbi-red
lndignitlon into a flame. Aa a
cooxeq.uenc a vigilence committoe of two
hundred maaxea men mjo i.i- . ---.
and laat night overpowered the City Jailer,
took the pnttonera confined there up Muv
aoula Gulch, and there turned them loose,
with a a tern warning that death awaited
I. 1 JUftnliH j BsWaiaw
TT I 1 1 11. w .... " it
tain juat w hat punishment was awarded
tail bird on m ".,."3'"
Gulch. It ia, however, generally under
stood that he beaat Nelson received forty
tripe on th bare back, which werepnt on
wltn a irongnrm enu u. .j e,- -Another
report tatea that h was banged
in Horse Canyon. The Sheriff ha left for
the scene. The affair ha created great ex
citement in tbe city.
Terrible Limn Explosion.
PittsbuiiuH. Pa., December 27. Mr.
Barbara Mevers and her two-year-old child
died to-day from Injuries received last
night by tbe explosion of a lamp wnicu mo
iu ,i. nno who waa nlavini-about the room.
accidentally upset Almont instantly thera
waa an explosion, which scattered the
hnenlnir fluid over the room, the flame
enveloping the mother and child. In her
atorv window, and, beside being terribly
burned, received Injuries which reaulted In
her death tni morning. im.j.i
waa burned almost to a cslup, died during
Ui" night and both were buried this after-
noon. - ' '
Detboit, December W. A rrti jvnw
pocial from Lennox say: James uregg,
a well-to-do farmer, and hia son this morn.;,
ing -re re driving to church and tneir noraa
balked while on tbe railroad ack..Be-
tryiug to lift the buggy off the track, and
w jii
1 thre
hrew bim over a cuiven ana luruugu -
fence, breaking a leg and otherwise injnr
i i. .... . i. -, hm h , i..l hMfoee heln arrived.
Hi son u thrown from the buggy and
had his hip dislocated.
InterMtlonal Expoe tlen of 1 892.
Washikoton, December 27. A .bill will
be introduced in Congress thi winter to
aid tb International Exposition, which ia
to he held in Chicago in IBM to celebrato
the four hundredth anniversary of the dis
covery of America. The exposition wil
probably no piannea eiver mo
at Philadelphia, and legislation will likely
be asked of Congress similar to that in aid
of th Centennial.
New Comet Discovered by Prof. Brook.
HnV-tiMTan. N. Y.. December 27. Prot
Rwlft of tha Warner Obaervatory in thin
city, last evening received a telegram from
Prof. Brooks, or rneips, auuuuu. ...s -
discovery of anotner come. thi while she was taking ashes from tbe neartn
constellation AlZ"lJ? Th, atone. In her pain she ran wildly into the
early evening it . low n the outbwo.t. 1M br tno wind- bar
new comet ia situii - o
south of Alpha, and i described as
"brifbtest" and naving a siuv. -.. .j
-...1 nn Prof. Mwirt last evening luuuu m
.i n ' .i ..uiiiiii, Tiinna
tar ot the- sixth magnitude.
A Minle'er I Bans Over the Faith Cure.
Coi.imnna. O.. Deoember 87. About
year ago Rev. John W. Watte, a Methodist
minister or mis city, i"-
1-.H-... - nil unt. Ill tha Central Aavlum. H
use diacharired as cured some ix months
rn, ince wtnen time ne visii .u uu
about this city. A few day ago be bad i
second attack, and wa arreaww vo-u"j
. .l win hs rn-couimitiea to-morruw. .
went insane ou tno laitu cure. iva.
sad case.
Forestry le France.
v..,. 1 wmher 27. Senator 3. Bamp-
j t,i.k k,. Vnrb rAtv. a member
UVI 1.. - " J -
the Niagara Park Commission, ha arrived
in Paris. The French Government baa
granted him every facility for the dyf
the practical operation of the law atfeot-
big Pjittry io France.
B!a Haul by Burg'ars.
Sit Alton. Pa.. December 88. Burglar
Christmas eva blew open the enfe In Rice'
itor at James ttrwc, una connry,
(erured sa.flt booty. An unsuccessful ate
tempt waa made on tne oiuoeoi uie auuers
can Express Onmpany.
Queen Christina to be Regent.
LoimoN, Deoember 28. A dispatch from
Madrid to tbe Horning rout state that
Queen Christina will tuke tbe oath of office
Louisville Leaf Tohaoeo Market-
There ba Seen considerable interest at
tracted to the mat ket for dark and beary
styles by tha contest between a New York
combination and the buyer for the Spanish
contractor for the purchase of dark and
heavy lug and common to low medium
leaf. The competition has been brisk at
times, with alternating lull, but no reac
tion ba occurred from the advance, which
place those grades tl(gl.75 bigber tban tba
price of December I. A the detail of th
matter are understood, the Spanish con
tractor ia said to be behind aliout 7,000
hogshead in the supply for bi January
tender, and the New York comniuation con
trol about that quantity, which represent
practically the entire visible supply. Tbey
are, therefore, willing to accommodate tbe
contractor by transferring him tbla stock,
but if he refused to see the point they want
to make bim pay big price for what he
may buy elsewhere. It is obviously bit
privilege this year to deliver new tobacco
of a requisite grade.
Wa quota as follows for 1BS5 tobaccos of
fair to good body and subatance. Thin,
green, and unripe tobacco sell lower.
DarknnA Hron.
rntnmon luirs.. 3 &W& 4 Otl
4 Unit 4 M
4 7.VJ
6 ftt t UI
e uu& 7 on
7 00$ 8 DO
twin ui
Medium lug....- I 50
Good iugt 4 W"'t li 00
Common leaf......... 4 t &
Med um leaf...,, S M't 6 Ml
Good leaf VM 7 SS
Lung leaf, for Afiis..t UM f 5U
M lacrllaueoua Item.
Tn Louivilla tobacco markot wa
much excited a few day ago over what
appear to b an attempt at a corner in a
grade of tobacco kuown a "lug."
GioKtiB Peel, wbo killed John Daugh
erty In an election fight at Nieholaaville,
wa taken out on a writ of halwaa corpus,
tha other duy, and given a bearing, which
lasted two days, resulting in tbe defendant
being granted bail ill tba aum of 1,W0,
which be gave.
At HopkinsTille, W. T. Walker, a photo
grapher, wa fatally injured while resist
ing arrest for grand larceny. At the sarao
place Win. Caldwell atruck Green Steven
through the neck with a pickaxe, killing
Tux safe of Judge Jewell, of Lexington,
robbed of it cash contents. Tracks in
the mud at the back door of the office cor-
I ww
responded witb the boot of Clydi
Mongmu of Toledo, O., and
vounir man of Toledo, u., ana ne wa ai ;
rented for burglary.
The Kentucky and Indiana bridge at
l.ouiville will be finished by April 1.
At Itockfield, J. C. Franco, a few day
ago.bad a leg broken by a kick from a horse.
On Christmas day, while oar4lossly exam-
lug a pistol, be was abot and killed. .
A little sou of Mr. Jack Meader, or
Franklin, aged nine months, turned a ket
tle of boiling water over on himself, which
caused bis death. '
Michael Groves died at his home in the
eastern part of Simpson County, tb other
morning. He was one of tne oldest men in
the couuty, being over ninety years of age.
Capt-J. K. Bisnor, of Danville, shipped
I Christmas present to Col. W. LaRue
Thorna. oue of the Commissioner of th
I ,. , . ..innt
asyiuiu .i. ...Bi
wan. The variety to which the biida belong
is not positively known, although natural-
I lata have expressed the opinion mat tney
ihould be classed as C'jgnut Aituricannt.
i Tbey will probably be ot afloat onto luge
or poDd connected witb the asylum
grounds. ,
B(jn, fQr j-sj qoa damages has been entered
fa Kentucky Uontrai Railroad by
1-ren.VatU. TtaUntlff I. the wife ,
Frauk Watt, the engineer wbo wa killed
i U tne accident near Islington on tue
of September last, and it ia tor hia denth
that the damages are claimed.
Ubiihui Duo, of Simpson County, at
tempted to commit suicide the other morn
ing. He went np in bis stable loft, tied one
nd ot a bridle rein to an upper joist and
tbe other end around his nock. Just as he
swung oft bis aon came on tbe acene and -succeeded
in untying the hangman's knot
before any serious damage wa done. Ho
wna not strong enough to hold bis father
up, however, and tbe latter fell to tbe floor
of tbe loft, rolled through a hole, and
landed on tho first floor of the building, a
distance of about eight foot. He was ter
ribly bruised, but his injurio will not nec
essarily result seriously.
A rxw days ago a distressing accident
occurred at Spring Hill, Hickman County.
Mrs. rres oorry ciotning caugus nn.
I 1 ,
clothing wa burned entirely off end her
-j, fr,EQtfUny ourned. no one was aoou
s , -
tbe place at tbe time, and a neighbor pass
ing accidentally saw her and went to- ber
relief, but only a few moment before in
sonslbility came. She died in a vory short
time. She was accouuted a most excellent '
Jonathan Woods and son Albert, farmer
I d stock buyers, near Eminence, assigned
willmm Atchison, of Smlthfield. Cause,
general depression of business and low
price being realixed on tocx. iney win
pay dollar for dollar. . Assets, about
$5,000. ..... . . . ' '
Wineparx JtroAXx, IouUTllle, old and
wealthy, fell dead just after a hearty
of ChrUtina dinner,
. . , ,
PftaiP Ewalo and ion, Pnillp, tougnt
tj, ud knife, Loalrvilla. Tha father
earrie four bullet and the too several
. .
protecting hi mother and sister.
At Louisville, Christmas, Charley John-
ot 1 m. adored touch, murtlered bit wife.
MaMte, and out bia own throat, probably
ana i f(jiy, Jealousyi-
p.TOTT- MficRjutt peddler, deUborataly r,
vraikad into the river at Louisville, and
waa drowued. Dranlt.
Citt Juoun Bcnnm, while crossing tht
railroad track at the depot at Franklin,
tha other night, waa knocked down by a
moTpJ1- locomotive, and cotuidorably

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