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Aut inveniam viam, aut faciam.
IX) U 1 8 A; LA W RENO K CO.. K Y., FEBR U A KY 1 1, 188G.
VOL I. NO. 25.
QtntM Victokii's landed estate Is valued
11:1.'.,0ii,iiii. '
Uisu offers to row Bcecb for .'.(XJU iu
Canadian water.
M. I'astmui's lUwt notion 1 the compul
sory inoculation of all dog.
Wn4T I the difference between money
sndamonkeyt The letter k, of course. .
Tiiss I movement among the Cincin
nati barber to close their tboja on Hunday.
I.iei tsnant Oszelt's book, Three Years
o( Arctic Travel, will be published ibis
Tin New York Journal calls for poetry
match, the prise to be a silver ut
Turn favorite niuio of President Clove
land l "Auld Un Hyn." and tba ''Mock-
Ibk lltr.1."
Kivi hundred million dollar worth of
gts and poultry an eaten annually In th
Vmt Ki.u
Tiir anion nt of cutlery and edged tool
prodm-ed In this country Is alwut I6,tti,
vX) per annum.
A Cixuinnati woman dim! a few dy
go, w ho bad for monthi drank fir pluU
of bad whisky dally. ' "
Tua F.plscoial clergymen of New York
cnnsider cremation a "barbarous way of
disposing of lb dead."
Fsask James stales that be dona not be
lieve UiaKioTomor t'ritunidxn was privy
to tl killing or J m.
It la said that Knglisb sparrow make
Uie beat of rating and ara dalntiea of tba
firat order when made Into pi.
Gsvfmai. HiiENMtn think that svery girl
In Hi louls should attend the meeting of
the National Sugar Association.
''Til a Prussian Government haa submitted
to the Hundosratb a bill to prolong tba
a nt I bWialial law for five years.
'The National encampment of the Grand
Army of the Republic will lie held In Han
Francisco, Tuesday, August , lv.
It i aald that two hundred patents hart
twen granted for macbinea to polish low
grade coffn snd make it look Ilka tha best
Tim old fortification on the billon Kort
street, Lu Angntea, Cel., historical land
. marks, ara being torn up by the street
grader. ',
V rtnoi'i.n the Mormons deride to emigrate
io the. Hsndwich Islands aandarlrb Joke
will then ba In order by the pres of Uila
: country.
TitRxa Vim PrwldenU of the United
Stale, (lorry, Wilon aud Hendricks, hare
riled In office, all dying In the month of
Till JfVWicni Hreotnl estimate that one
balf Uio men above the age of thirty year
nf American birth living in our cltiea ara
bald beaded.
Tua London Lanert aaya that "if a man
ran keep bla teeth until after middle age b
may generally count on keeping thorn to
the end of bla Ufa."
Puonssi.T the oldest miuleter in the world
bTbnmaa Tenant, of Vineyard Township,
Arkansas, lie waa born lu 1771. llolsan
itinerant Methodlat minister,
' Senator Jou A. Loos has a son-in-law
named Tucker and Congressman Tucker
' baa a son-in-law named Ixigan, and they
aie always getting mixed up.
i Tua Department of Stat haa directed
an investigation to lie made of the circum
stance attending the killing of Captain
Crawford by Mexican troopa.
YUI On-IEoi baa officially declared
I that It wanta no women atudunta In the
law department end will iaaueno diplomaa
to them under any clrcumiOanoea.
Ilri.ou m, one of the iinalleit pownra In
Kuro, la the moat denaely populated
country in the world, more than aixty per
cent of the whole belli under th moat ox
hnuatiTocultivntion. Til in winter la a tliacouraglug on for the
Ice-men. The beary crop that i being
piled In the loe-houem on Uip of that left
oer from last year, Inaiirea cheap price
during next aommer. ' '
Miaa Mkt J. ll-niu baa ln ip
piintel by Judge Wllaon, of Clarion
County, l'a., aa a permanent court tipataff.
Hlie ie aald to be the flrat and only female
titaff In Tennaylranla.
Titx Monnona are reported to ha a pro
ject to buy land and arttle In the Sandwich
Wanda. Hwonldbna matter of economy
fur the United Htatea to encourage them by
bearing part of the oxponao. '
A toiino lady named Love yislk'd the
. Treiidont' manalon a fow dnraago, and
amnoone mud the remark, "Iot in the
Whlto Houae;" hence the rumor that tha
President la about to be married.
Fiim b, with an available territory of
Wly W.4t'i0 miliar nilloa, ninllxen more than
I'jtui.WiO.OiX) annually from her poultry,
. ahlpping large (niantltiea to England, where
tbedemnnd ! far leaa than.theupply. .
Tux augceatlon la made that bottle oon
' taining citrate of iilver be atowed away In
ahlpa' Iwata. Bevuu ounce of the cltnite
will, it la aald, turn enough aoa waU'r Into
drinking wator to aupply a man for a, wook.
Tub. Philadelphia Herald ny there I
but ono way to keep the girls away from
the akatlng rink. JtiHt start the atory
Mliat skating makes the feet grow big, and
not a solitary female will or be seen at a
; rink.
"Cwi. Rusrn," (Joel Chandler Harris)
who write funny article in the negro
. iiiilcrt, is himself of African birth, having
bnen born In the northeast of Africa while
his pnreuta wore eogngod In Missionary
work there
Tut President ha proseuted gold watche
to OnpUln V. M. Hughe and Second Orfi
. our Bdward V. Roberts, of th British
sleamship Lord dough, for reaculug the
crew of tba American sohooner Chaptraln
Uwembor last. '
Th smalloat firearm In tha world Is a
gold watch-hann In the form of a revolvor
about an Inch long. Cartridges are made
:or It, and it I claimed it could do serious
.damage at short range. It waa inada in
Liege, Belgium.
Dollberato Attempt to Burn Seven
Men, Alive..
at HI. Loula th IMac 1.f the Crime
rrlghlful Scene lu the Might.
Eajit Ht. Louis, Feb. S. A terrible at
tempt Uon human life was perpetrated
laal night. Hhorlly after 10 o'clock tire in
a sbunty near tL railroad trucks waa dis
covered. The glare of light attracted the
attention of all th railroad men who hap
pened to be pot. Tney ran toward tba
place, and, as they did so, tbey beard
hrieka, groans and cries, telling that
hnman beinga were held tbera In the fiery
cage, unable to escape. There was a
rush to tbo door, and it was forced In,
when two men staggered out. Other men
wen-dragged out unconscious. The facm
of tbs vi. l.iu. Mere !U Uu-,1, and U,ug
Strips of flcah perlcd off, piKxeuting a hor
rid aight. There were aevun men takoo out
of the building. They said they bad
aixollixl Into Hie ahanty In order to warm
up. and were sitting around the stove
talking, when suddenly the stove seemed
to Imt ki ojven and the flnme went all about
the room, enveloping tb mctt liefor they
ooulri turn toward the door. They,
could only Ut a Unit with their hand
andairugt'le with each other in thf endeav
or to got io the exit. Tliev grapplml with
each other aud tbua lmedel their recn
and it aeemed an eteruity liefore tbey
heard the cries of thoae who came to tbo
rescue. Tbey rrmcuilierml very distinctly
that tbey smelleil coal nil as the flames
bur.t around them. The arrange man
ner in whicJi the fire atarled can onlv
lie account1 for on the ground
that some wriU'h ptiun-d oil down
the chimney to tha atove. Near the back
of the khanty. ou the ground, waa found a
tin can, which bad evidently contained
coal oil. The name of the unfortunate
nu n are - Morris Mrt.lynn. Jmne Unnohux,
Wm. IHIkie, Pat. Hoy la, H-ott Hsnderwin,
JiiM'tih MHlee, Pred" Krickaon. Tbey srs
all fearfully burned, but whether or not
biiv of tbnin are necenMirlly fatally in
jured can not be know n as j ot.
A Man lilt leu br a Dog Hit Months Ago
Titkea Ilia Own life.
Nxw York, Keb. 5. William J. Iliggina,
eiiiiloyed In the saloon of Thomas Eustace,
No. I'ii Water street, was bitten In the arm
by a dog six months ago. The wound was
severe and canned him much iucon
Venlenc and good deal of fright. The
Ulna that he would go mad possessed blra.
He drowned the dog, but that did not allay
bis feara. Lat evening lliggins sal by the
atove talking with three men. An irVaiually,
be got up and went out of the door into the
street. J'ha men by the stove heard three
shots, fired in quick succession, and np
posed that liixgins was shooting dog out
side. It was ton ml, however, that be bad
shot himself twice in the breast, near the
heart, and in the back of the bead, witb a
Colt's .ti-ealiber pistol. He died almost
immediately. The fear of hydrophobia
killed him.
An Kntlre Family lirlowa Cremated In th
Ittllna of Their House.
Melt Kin on, 1 Feb. 5 Alliert Cooley,
a farmer resittiasf three miles from here,
with bis entire family, consisting of bis
wife, two boy aud one lilt Io girl, were all
burned to death In their bouse last night.
Nothing definite la known of the horrible
aflair, except (hat the children bad been
aick and the pareuia bad Imxiii up with
them during the night. About morning
Cooley took some i-oals , from the stove,
plncetl them in a shed adjoining the house
and then retired. The shed took fire and
finally burned the house and familv. The
house was a one story log, ,-itb an attic.
Afl'd L'dy Murd red nd Burned.
Maiitin's Fxiirt, O., Keb. 5. Miss Betey
Job, an eccentric lady eighty years of ago.
lived near M.iunt Pleasant, Jefferson
County, almost all her life, Hbs lived
alone, and bad no immediate neighbor,
and always expressed herself aa feeling se
cure in her isolation. Her house was dis
covered to be on fire vcMerdav morning,
but too late to save It. ' When the file bud
burned llelf out. the remains of the old
lady were found burned to a crisp. It is
supposed that the bouse was burned by
someone who bad murdered and robbed
the old lady, as she always kept large
amounts of money about the place. An ut
eatigation Is being mad.
Seweil's M litia
Washington, Feb. 5. Senator SewelP
militia bill, which passed the Senate to-day,
provides for an annual appropriation of
tCUO.000 for the purpose of providing arras
antlaordtinnce stores. quartermasters' stores
a i I camp equipage for tha militia, the ap
propriut.on to bo apportioned among the
several Htates and Tcrritorie. No
Ht-iiUi, however, shall receive its share
of the appropriation unless its mili
tia force numtiers at least one ' hun
dred men for each rMinntor and Represen
tative to which it is entitled in Congreaa.
A Pullman Car Exp'odes.
Washinoton, Feb. S. A curious accident
happened to-day to a 'ullman palace
sleeping-car. The car, which is heated by
steam, was atand ng on th' track and was
being heated pr or to being sent on t. Th
water ill the pipes had f oxen during th
nik'lit, aud when the fires were started this
morning the ap -aratus exploded with- a
loud report, blowing out the entire end ol
the car. Borne of the debris struck bouses
neur by and dnmaged them materially.
The dttuinge to the car is estimated at ."00.
A Vurderer for Money Hanged.
Denver, Cot., Feb, 5. 81 Minich, one
of the three men who murdered Samuel
Ilnldwin, near Lcadville, on October IS,
1SS4, for 1 1,700, was hanged in Lcadville
this aftornoon. Up to yesterday evening
Minich expected Governor Eh toil to com
mute his sentence to life imprisonment.
He ascended the scaffold with a cigar in
his mouth, a snule on bis face, and was
launched into eternity denying his guilt to
thohvt. ' .
For'y Deqreet Below Zero.
WATFnTOWH, N. Y.. Feb. 5. The mercury
was 40" below cero here this morning.
A Pittsburgh Convict Who Nearly Killed
Three of Ills Keeper.
PlTTSBl hoh, Feb. 4. A erious affray oc
curred in the Riverside Penitentiary this
morning, in which deputies McKain,
Greaves and Edward were injured, the
two former dangerously. A prisoner
named Jame Clark, who is serving a
sentence of seven y ear for burglary, bad
been ordered to the dungeon for an In
fraction of the rule. McKain and Oreavea
repaired to hi cell to escort him to the
dungeon. Me promised to go quietly, but
in an unguarded moment he turned uion
them with a huge knife which he bad se
creted in bis coal. He first made a desper
ate lunge at McKain, and plunged the
kulfe Into his neck, and then stabbed him
in, the right temple. Turning from Mo
Kain he thrust the bloody weapon into
Greaves' right shoulder blade twice. Dep
uty Edwards, bearing the noise, c-ime to
th aid of McKain autiOreaves, but before
be could render tbum assistance Clark
felled bun to the ground with a tnrifio
blow, and, jumping on him, beat and
kicked nun lu a frightful manner. By this
tun the guard had be -n aiarmed, and
('talk was overpowered ard planed lu the
dungeon. The injured men were rt moved
to the hospital. An examination of their
injuries showed McKain to have tieeu per
haps mortally wounded. Ureaves and Ed
ward are seriously hurt, but will recover.
Hut One Opinion Among th Settlers of
:. New Mexleo aud Arlsona..
El Paso, Tex., Fob. 4. Additional new
from the seat of war confirm the report of
Oeronimu's unconditional surrender. The
particular in full will probably be out in a
day or two. It bos lx.cn in progress since
May, lc-MS, and trooi have been in tbe
field since the SJd of that month. It ba
been one of the hardest wars on the regular
soldiers that has ever occured in the West.
The feeling in New Mexico aud Arisoua is
very strong in favor of hanging Oeronlino
and all bis immediate followers. In fact,
this feeling is rapidly growing into one
general demand ou the part of tbe Bottlers.
A Great S reet Car Strike.
Nxw York, Feb. 4. The men on the
Broadway, Fourth, Hixth and (Seventh av
enue struck to-day because of the refusal
of tbe company to operate tbe road ac
cording to the recently adopted time
schedule. Hix hundred drivers and conduc
tors and 'Ml stablemen and hitchers em
ployed by the Brosdway and Seventh ave
nue Railroad Company quit work at
midnight. The difficulty on the Fourth
avnue road waa adjusted lute in tbe after
noon. Tbe company agreed to a fixed scbod
ule of trip which will const ituto a day 's
work, and the pavftH-'which shall be I'J
per day. HtabbjjieTtTboeitlera and s itchera
are to wuriCtwelre aud a half hours.
h -so hour for meals. Oid
ive will rece ve tl'i tier week.
new men 111. KG per week the first six
month. Tbe cars began running soon
after 4 o'clock. I luring the afternoon the
Broadway aud Seventh-avenue line ac
ceded to the demands of it men f r J 25
Mir day for twelve hours for drivers and
conductors, and 413. 'JS per week instead of
$11. .V) for hostlers and stnhlumen. The
rare began running atsiut 2:30 p. nt. These
terms twgin February 15.
Welsh Land ordaCr mb'ne.
is'KDOif, Feb. 4. The principal landlords
In Wales have combined to resist tbe de
mand of tbe Farmers' League for a reduc
tion of twenty-five per cent, in farm rents.
In proclaiming their decision the landlords
declare they regret that, tbe Formers league
baa adopted the false assumption that there
is a natural antagonism between landlords
and tenants. The landlords add that, while
they are willing to reduce individual r nt
according to the exigencies of each partic
ular case, they are determined to almilutcly
decline to recognise the League.
The Ohio Senate.
Coli mhcs, O., Feb. 4. Tbe Ohio Senate
has adopted a compromise measure re
specting tbe contested seat. The present
Committee on Privilege and Election
will lie increased by the addition of two
Republicana to be named by President
Kennedy. This committee will appoint
from its memlier a sub-committee of six.
(three Democrats and three Republicans)
to take testimony in the contested cases
and report to the Senate. Tbo matter of
allowing the Hamilton Connty members to
vote on their own case has not been etc
tlod. .
The Orlg n of the Consolrnce Fund.
Wasiiinotoh, Feb. 4. There was laid be"
fore the Senate to-day a lotter from the Sec
retary of the Treasury in reply to a recent
resolution of the Son a to relating to the
conscience fund. The "conscience fund,"
the Secretary lays, had IU origin in tbe
popular lielie'f that the donations of money
received from persons unknown were be
cause of money wrongfully withheld from
the Government. Tb first itvin to the
credit of the fund was made in 1843, and
tbe fund now amounts to t'0,000.
K lied by a Fa ling Gate.
EvAHRViLLt, Isn., Feb. 4. A distressing
accident occurred on the farm of W. F.
Grady, situated on the Spotsville road,
four miles from Henderson, Ky., In which
Harvey Grady, aged eleven years, was In
stantly killed. The boy started from home
on an errand, and in opening a large gate
on the road the screws were urawn oui oi
the jiost, which is considerably decaved,
tne gate fell on the boy's head in such a
way as to break hi nock, causing inntuut
Family of Eight Frozen to Death.
Lixcoln, Nkb., Feb. 4. Advice' from
Geneva state that the bodies of a man,
woman and six children were found frozen
tiff on the prairie, near Oberlin, Kas.,
yesterday. They are supposed to lie a man
named Ix-mmon and his family. who started
in an emigrant wagon for Clburlin just be
fore the recent blixzard, and have not been
heard from since. A brother of Lemmon
has gone to Oberlin from Geneva to identi
fy the bodieK.j' ' .
The Hoisting of the German Flai.
Ras Francisco. Fob. 4 Captain Hensons
who arrived at Legiep, one of the island
of the Marshall Group, yesterday relates,
the circumstances of the seisure of Legiep
by Germany last September. He states
that the German Vice Consul, a captain
and thirty armed men. landed from a tier
man warship, and raised tbe Gcrmsn
flag, against the protest of Mr. C. H. In
gall, an American, who is one of tbo three
Caucasians engaged in business on tha
islaud. Tbe party, after lioing on the
island about forty-five minute, took tb
flag down and returned to the warship,
which proceeded to other Islands in the
group, and repeated similar demonstra
tions on each of them.
; flwt Seat I on."
Wa-winotoii, Feb. t Sewati. Hevera!
pelitluoi were prefvonuxl mod tneuuret re
ported. Among" tbo tatters Joint rtolutlon
by Mr. (liHirfurft constitutional amendment
extt'iitilntf tbe ripbtof auffrajre io women.
Mr. .tludleberrer offered a resolution detailing
the Henate's preroifattrft, and explained hia
dt nlro wns to br na up for debate the ubj ct
ofcHlllnir on the rrotiidint for reHinna. Ita
eons de-Mticn was objected lo, and it went
ovr. TV' Utab roMiluiMina appointing- coid
mmttiotu r were rvlerred lo tbe Jptlicmry
Commttit e. Thf hill for the rvtiro
tncnl of t'i ionel O. W. (ietty witb the rank of
llriKinll'T Oenerul wont orer at Mr. Isnruh
notrifCHtion. Mr. I'UKh fubmltwrt a auhtl
tine for Mr. HtddlotttTfrcr'a resolution, whirh
Mr. Hoar cbarHrtrrisrd a stump apotH-h. The
Elwtora count bill was then dotmtfrt, and a
mittion to recommit reKiiltod yeas 3d, nvs
a;. There wna no potitical division In the
vote. The Huknta Dill waa plared before
thcHenaio, but an executive session waa
ftjfrcod to, which lastfMt from 4:8r. p. m. to
fcM p. m., when the Htm at adjournod.
Hol'mk, Imtnrdlateljr after the madlntr of
tbejouinal. Mr. IJolmHn, of Indiana, olTered
thu tollowinir resiluttniis: "Resolved, That
thr, !Iiuse ha rtMivtnl with profound wr
row the intolHirence of the death of T bote as
A., Il. n.lrlckii, bite Vleo President of the
I'ntU-d Htatea. lUsolved, That tbo busioeita
of tbe ' House be suspended In
order that the eminent aorvicus and pri
vate virtues of thn dt-ceased may le appru-
Crfntety roruinemnmit'd. Hesolvpd, That the
ierk of Uih Houah bo directed to commiinl
rate tlM-sa rvftoliitionsto the Senate." Eulo
B-tmna were sr'ven bv Messra. It y num. Mo
( rearr, Lontr Thnckmnrton, Browne, Rnn
dall. Hprinin.T, (leddis. Lowrr, If nil. Kleiner
and Holmsn. Ihe resolutions were unani
mously ail up tod. and the House adjournod.
WaH!njtoiv. Feb. 8. Sr.rvvrR. The Chair
laid letter before tbe Senate from tbe At
torney General asking an additional appro
priation of t-'AOw for jurors and flfiO.fiQU for
witnesses, of U. R. Courta. Bcrerred. A
resolution was reported In opponttinn to a
Joint tlhherles ooinniiFsion. The ItiddleberKer
UKh resolutions were then taken up, dls
cum and laM on the table. They were
ayum cubed up by Mr. Kiddieberitcr and
flnnlly referred to th Committi'eon Privi
lege! and Kieetions. Tbe Hkota bill whs do
Imted by Mewm. Ixi(ran and Morgun, and at
4:fU p. ni. the tienate aIJourned.
Hot'Bk. An Investigation was ordered In
relerenre lo the misnppllctttlon of uppropri
Unns by tbe tSlKoaJ Corps. Mr. Hlnnd a reso
lution in relation to silver circulation and
tbo policy of the Tressiiry Department wns
adcptwl by a vnteof ItiH to HM. A number of
bills were reported, mtor which .iie bill to
atrohsh certain fees lor oftlclul service to
American veseU was considered In com
mitter of the whole.. Pending aetlon on the
bill, the committee rose at It.itn and resolved
Itself into eimmittee on the bill relatinir to
taxation of f met tonal parts of a gallon of
diMtilled sntrils. Without action tlie coin
mil tec nve. and at 6:15 tne House adjourned.
WASniicOTON, Feb. 4. Skkatb. In the Ben
ate Executive communications, petitions and
m mo fin Is were read. Tbe bill providing for
a new Assistant Sec rotary was called up and
dlMMismnl until 2 p. m.. when It went over.
Tbe Dakota bill wm then cons dered, Senator
Harrison spenklnK at lengtb. Tbe report of
the Dlreitors of the Urnon Pwiflc was re
ceived rrom the Pn'sidcnt, and at 4:80 p. m.
the 8enate adjourned.
Hoima. In Oie House, tbe call of commit
tees brouiiht no bill of Importance. ItHis
were pasHd to divide the Kastern Judicial
Dim riot or Arkansas, to rearrHiign certain
counties In Tcxhs In Judicial distrieta, and to
retrti late the taking of deHHliic.ns, Tbe bill
to secure tbe pttviuent of btute claims waa
diiH ussed, without action. At 1 p m. de
bute ou the fttmrley nhipplng bill was re
sumed, and the measure painted. An attempt
to tlx ady for the consideration of the Kits
John Porter bill failed, and at 4:3U p. m. tbe
livuse adjourned.
WAHtitNOTopf, Feb, B. FitWATg. Jonator
Bewell's bill relating io the annuwl approba
tion for the militia was paHtwil. The bill for
tbe admission of Dakota waa debated by Rol
ler, Lotnn, Morgan, Plumb, Kdiniinds. O ck
and ( all, and was pssud by a vote of !
yeas. H nays. The credential of re-election
of K'tiator Mhermsn wnre presented by Mr.
Payne Senate adjmimed till Monday.
HotSK. Mepurs, fulbertson. of Texas, and
Iliiminond, of Georgia, were appointed to nil
vhcihicIcs on the Committe of American
Shipping Inter sts. Mr KandalU from the
Committee on Appropriations, reported the
pen I on spproprmtlon bill which anpntpri
au a f76.7rr4.iino, s'i tnerease of IS,nrtJ, ' over
last year. The FiU John Porter bill was
made a continuing special order from Thurs
day, February M. until Thursday, February
IK. and the House adloiimed till Mondny.
In CtiMMiTTKKS The (Senate Committee on
Kdueation bits reported a bill for the ap
pointment of five commissioners t Investl
iute the alcohoHe liquor trafllo. Ttie House
Committi eon Military Affairs decided to re-
fort farrtrabiy the bill fur the protection of
he people of Arizona and New Mexico,
which provides for the organization or a reg
iment of volunteer cavalry In each Territory
for a year's aorviec.
Wonderful Aeuteneaa of Hearlni; Aeqnlred
by Telephone Operator.
(Cincinnati Enqutrer.l
"Speaking of recognizin; people," said a
telephone operator yesterday, ' I can re
member a man lonfrer and recognize him
further off by his voice than by any other
mean. I sit at an operating table all day
and know all tbe regulars on my circuit
by tbeir voices. Often in walking along
the street i recognize the voice of a person
whom 1 never saw before and know
that he belongs to telephone No. ;
and as I know the names of tbe mot
of my patron 1 thus become fumiliar with
tbe faces of many men to whom 1 waa
nevel introduced. As an illustration of
how I have learned to remcinlier voice I
will tell an incident that occurred last
week. 1 was up in Chicago and happened
to use the telopuone. As soon as an answer
camel recogniml the voice as that of an
oerator named Brown, with whom I had
worked In Cincinnati three years before.
I did not know he was in Chicago, and was
glad to soe or rather to hear him. He wan
much surprised at my calling him by
mime, and told me that he was in a dis
trict stntion fully three miles from where
1 was standing. Yes, it is rather hard to
distiug- ish tbo voices at first, hut with a
little attention to the business an opera
tor quickly acquires a very acute ear "
. e
The Color of th Eya.
Philadelphia lx-direr.1
. Home curious researebi. have recently
boen undertaken by Swiss and Swedish
physician on the color of tlio eyes, but
without any apparent practical purpose.
For convenience alleyos were divided iuto
blue or brown, the various shades of gray
eye being classified according to the prom
inence of blue or brown in tbeir color.
Some of the conclusions drawn from a
great many observations are thorn: That
women with brown eye have better pros
pect of marriage tban those with blue;
tbat the average number of children is
greater witb parents whose eyes are dis
similar. In children both of whose parent
have blue eyes ninety-three per cent, in
herit blue eyes; but in children both of
whose parents have brown eyes only eighty
per cent, have brown eyes. Tbe aUive re
sults were reached in Switzerland. In
Sweden tbe discoveriee were not qnite the
same. The women with brown eyo are
more numerous there than the men with
brown eye, but brown eyes are apparently
tncreasiiig there, as iu Switzerland.
A Mob lq Orrron Attempting to Clear
Out a Tow.
1'orti.ixo, OreooK, Feb. J. To-day, a if
by programme laid out, the Chinese are be
ing driven our of Seattle. It i understood
that the Knight of Labor areattb bead of
the movement. The Chines are marched
to the steamer Queen of the Pacific, lying
at the wharf, and the rioter pay itoerag
passage to San Francisco for each China
man put aboard. The steamer plie regu
larly between San Francisco and Paget
Sound. At this hour (2 p. m.) about one
Hundred have been put aboard. Tbe
Mayor of Seattle and other prominent
citizens Lava telegraphed to Vancouver
Barracks asking General Gibbon, com
manding tb Department of Columbia, for
troop. General Gibbon has telegraphed
the War Department. Chief Justice Green,
of Washington Territory, has telegraphed
Attorney General Garland, nrging him to
nse his influence to have troops ordered to
Seattle. About 5 p. m. tbe militia marched
down to Chinatown and uok possession.
Itxwas thoroughly deserted, except by
a few merchant who had been
allowed to remain temporarily, . At
5 p. m. a writ of habeas corpus
was issued charging that the Chinamen
were illegally restrained of their lilierty on
board of the steamer. The writ was made
returnable at 10 o'clock this evening. In
the meantime the steamer waa enjoined
from sailing. The situation at this hour
(9 p. m.) is uncertain. A dismal rain is
falling, and the mob has largely dispersed.
Tbe Chinamen who are not on board the
steamer are huddled together on the ocean
dock. Two companies of militia are
patrolling the streets. The Oregon
Improvement Company also naa
eighty men guarding ita docks
and warehouse. Tbe authorities are de
termined that no Chinaman shall leave un
willingly. Every effort will be made to
avoid bloodshed, but the most determina
tion is ezpreesed on this point. Tbe troops
at PortTownsend and Vancouver are ready
to move, ajid are only awaiting orders from
Washington. Much surprise is expressed
that the movement was arranged so quietly.
Tbe city is full of strangers, and it is hard
to tell whence they came. It is believed that
the plans were made in Tacoma, as many
prominent agitators from that place, aa
well a reporters of both Tacoma paper
arrived here yesterday. Mayor Wetsbach,
of Tacoma. is also here, and it is freely as
serted that be is engineering the movement.
The report that the Knights of Labor head
ed the mob to expel the Chinese seems to
have no foundation. While memlier of
that organization were in the mob, there is
no evidence whatever that the Knights as
an organization were couuected with the
An Unfortunate AITalr Near Graham, Ten
nesseeThree Persons Drowned.
NnssKLi.iT, Tzsk., Feb. 7. The new
reached this place to-day at noon that Mrs.
Slater, wife of Fred Slater, was drowned In
Millcreek, near Graham Station. Mr.
Slater, who Is employed by the Warner Iron
Company to run the pump which conveys
water to the Nunnelley Mines, had taken his
family, wife and two little children, and
gone out on the ice. Be had hia wife
and two children on a small led, and
was carrying tbom up the pond on the ice
and the colored girl was walking close be
hind the sled. Tbey had ascended the
poud about three-quarters of a mile, and
finding the ice rapidly melting they de
cided to return home, but this conclusion
was reached too late. Just as the sled
stopped, the ioe gave way and the unfortu
nate family went under. The colored girl,
seeiug the ice sinking, rushed for the
sled, cud she too was carried be
neath the ioe. Mr. Slater, after many
unsuccessful attempts to rescue
tbe wife and children from the water,
which Is aliout ten feet deep, cried for help
and was heard by two gentlemen, who
reached him just in time to save him and
tbe oldest child, ahout two years of age.
Tbe wife, colored girl and baby, eight
months old, wore drowned. The babv was
found a.short time afterward, and Dr.
Thompson was called in, but reached the
baby too late to restore life. Tbe other
two bodies were found this evening.
Fr ghtful Runaway.
Boston', Feb. 7. About seven o'clock
this evening Joseph Aronson and his niece,
while driving, turned from Beacon street
into Treniont Tbe sleigh runners scraped
the car tracks snd made a noise which
frightened tbe horse, the cutter was over
turned and Aronson and nelce thrown
into the street. The - horse
ran up the sidewalk through
a dense crowd of people who were gathered
. fli.i ild..." nf Trnmnnt T.mnla annthAP
crowd iu front of Horticultural Hall, and a '
stream of people turning into Bromfield
and Winter streets to go to the sacred con- I
cert in Musio Hall, scattering them right '
and left. Many people were thrown into
the street, wh.le others narrowly escaped
bv jumping into doorways. About fifteen
Iieople were injured, and a large number
Rabid Dog and a Well-D reeled Shot.
Auousta, Ga., Feb. 7. A terrible scene
was witnessed at the corner of Reynolds
and Forsythe streets last evening, when a
huge bull-dog grasped a boy named Jimmy
Gallagher. Catching the boy up In bis
mouth the dog shook him like a rat as he
ran down the street. Crowds co looted,
which maddened tbe animal. A shot-gun
was brought into play, when the dog drop
ped the lacerated child aud dan hen into the
crowd, biting loft and right. Another shot
blew the dog's brains out. The child can
not live.
The Whipp'tig-Post ad Pillory.
Nkwcahtlb, iir.u, Feb. 7. Harrison and
William Rotbwell, John Peacham and
George Norris, all colored, and Frank Play
ford, were publicly whipped on their bars
backs In the Newcastle jail-yard yesterday
morning, receiving from five to twenty
lashes each. Edwin J. Hollingsworth was
confined one hour in the pillory. The
thermometer was near zero, adding natur
ally to the legal punishment and greatly
aggravating the process of torture.
Woman Founi Murdered.
St. Louis, Feb. 7. Mrs. F. Lippert was
fou d last night by her husband at Mill
stadt, Contrerille, seven mllos south of
Belleville, IU., iu an unconscious condition.
An examination of her body showed
that she had been struck on the
temple with a rock, and had sustained a
fracture of the skull, which resulted iu her
death at 3 o'clock this morning. The per
son wyo threw the stone is unknown, aa is
also the cause of the assault.
'. Greece. . '
ArniNS, Feb. 7. Greece has informed
the Porte that she has no intention of at
tacking Turkey.
Louisville Iaf Tobsceo Mitrket.
- The preponderance of green tobacco in
dark and heavy offerings continue re
markably great. Largo receipts are ex
pected to conti no. Weather condition'
have furnished surfeits of handling condi
tions, but latterly wagon roads are said to
be in a state to deter shipments to some
extent We quote 1885 tobaccos as follows
for full weights and sound packages: .
Dark nntt Hfamt. Ihuicu.
(2 " 9 09 4 OIK 4 '
Common luirs
Medium lugs......
Good lugs..
Common leaf.....
Med-um leaf......
Good leaf.........
Selections. . .
. a uxi ui
. 4 't 4 50
. 4 1V 4 00
. 6 00 5 60
. t '1 I
. 7 8 60
. umtio H
t ou
e ok i no
oo-t 7 60
7 6U3 w
a Nir.llS 00
14 004,18 00
Proceedings ol the Legislature.
FRAifsroirr. Jan. SO. Sksat In the Sen
ate the Committee on the General Statute
reported favorably on a bill providing-for re
cording attachments In certain cases, but It .
was nHioniruittci) to the same committee. The
Judiciary Commttt -e reported favor bly on
the bill making seduction a felony, with
Amendments cnnflnlng the provisions of ihe
act to unmarried womeu. On aooount of the
presence of a number of Isdles further dis
cussion of the bill was postponed The ssme
committee reported tavnrably on a bill to re
peal the act provtdinir for the Btate gcoloi
cal aurvey. The bill was debated for some
time. The vote waa Anally taken, and tbe bill
was passed by a vote of 20 toft. Senator Hill'
resolution, Introduced yesterdav. that Messrs.
Mason, Ford dt Co. be released from their
oonlractto work convicts outside the peni
tentiary, was called up. There was very little
discussion over the resolution. Honator D. H.
Smith moved tbat it be laid upon the table.
The vote was taken and resulted as foilowsr
Yeas 17, nnys.
House The House did nothing of impor
tauoo and adjournod un 11 February & .
FRAxxroitT, Feb, 1. 8sn atb. House bill
1B6. relating to making seduction a felony,
with amendment, was called up. Objection
beiuir matte to ita consideration. It fell Into
the orders of the day. A communication
from the Governor was received and read. "
The document relates to tbe management of '
the penitentiary, and advises tbat legislative
remedy for certain hurtful coming, ncies
which threaten be provided. Inclosed witb
the communication was one from the Mason
Ford Company, asking release from tbeir con
trsct as lessees or convict labor, snd the re
ply of the Directors of the Penitentiary re-'
fuslnir to cancel the contract, and a supple
mental letter from the lessees notifying the
Directors that on the 1st dsy of Msrch next
they would throw up their contract witb tbe
State. Communication of tbe Governor and ;
aocompaiiyio documents were ordered
printed, snd were refe red to the Committee
on Penitentiary. Mr. Bnle offered a Joint ;
resolution calling for all Info raatlnn In re
gard to convict lab-ir contracts irom May 3,
1SH0. up to the time of tbe present contract.
Rules suspendel and resolution adooted.
The bill to amend Section 2. Article 31, Chap
ter 9, General Statutes, title "Crimes and
Punishment," r lating to Judge of Circuit
and Common Pleas and Chano rv Courts,
and their connections with guardianships and
ailmlulstrauirshlps. etc., was taken up. Mr.
Hill moved to amend so as te allow a Judge to
act asgunrdian for his own child. Adopted.
Mr. Martin moved to amend so as to allow
him to act as a-nardian for bis own family.
Adopted. The bill as smended was passed. .
House Not In session.
Frankfort, Feb. . Nothing of Importance
was transacted in either bouse.
Frankfort. Feb. 3. Rzkati The bill
making seduction a fel ny. which had been
pa-scd by tbe House, was taken up for con
sideration and was passed wlthont much op
posliloe. The Senate took up the speolal
order of the oav, a bill that proposes to give
the quarterly courts of this Btste concurrent
Jurisdiction with circuit courts in suits in- .
volving under S'iO. Mr. J. H. W. Smith offered
as an amendment that the Ci'y of txulsvllle
be excC'ted. Ills motion was avreed to.
Sev ral other amendments were offered and
rejected, and Senator Feland movrd that the
bill aud amendments be laid upon the table.
This motion was lost hy a vote of 19 to 11.
Nearly every Senator then wanted to amend
the bill by except! g his own counties. They
were recommitted to Ihe Committee on
Court of Justice. The hieh-llcenee bill was
taken up and. on motion, wns considered iu
Committee of Ihe Whole, The hill was re
ferred to the Committee on Judiciary to ex
amine ItB constitutionality.
Hoi ks. Hills Introduced: Providing that
no person shsll be elurible for the olTice of
County Superlntendc t of Schools unless he
has a ttrsttass certlflcste from a County or
State Hoard of Kdueation: also, that no
County Superintendent shall either directly
or indirectly act as the aireut ol any publish
ing house. Providing that the County Su
perintendent sbsll serve four years, and to
be eligible must have certificates from the
County Judge. County Clerk and (nunty At
torney, wbo shall form a Hoard of Examina
tion. To repeal the law whicb allows $76 per
J 'ear for the maintenance of each pauper
Frankfort. Feb. 4 Sknats The bill to
prohibit the sale of deadly weapons passed. .
Thu b II to make gambling a felony was made
the special order for next Tuesday.
House Tho plcuro-nneumonla bill was de
bated all day, but without conclusion. ,
Fiiankfort. Ky., Feb. 5. 8snat. The
Semite did practically nothing so far as
reaching results is concerned, w. F. Neut.
of Adair, (Republican! offered the following
Joint resolution, which under the rules lies
over one da: "Whereas, Grave and serious
cbRrgesal-o beiug uieUe llto.iali the piihlio
Rrcss of the State against Hon. Thomas
enry. Clerk of ihe Court of Appeals, to the
effect thai be is trinity of conduct uubecom-
Ing an officer, aud has virtually vacated and
farmed out his office. Thorcfore that Justice
may be done Mr. Henry, and the people of
the State nmy know, as they bave a right to
know, whether said charges are true or fatso.
He It enacted by the Gen ra) Assembly of the
Commonwealth of Kentucky: Ttiat a com
mittee (if two Senators and three Represent
atives be appoi ted by the Speaker of each
house respectively, who shall have the right
to Bumin us and 'examine witnesses, the
summons to be executed hy an officer nf this
State, to whom directed and having power to
execute same, and report to this Assembly
as ear y as practicable as to said charges,
and If true wlmt slops should be taken lu the
mutter tiy the Genoral Assembly."
llouss. The House continued the discus
sion of the pleuro-pneumonia bill until 8:30,
when s vote was reached, resulting yeas 47,
nays 43, and the bill was-lost, not hsvlng re
ceived the constitutional majorityof 61 votes
necessary to pass a hill appropriating more
than f KM. The friends of the measure will
light for a reconsidcrtuioa and anotber vote.
Miscellaneous Items.
Covington wants a good water supply,
independent of that furnished by Newport.
The State Senate has passed the bill pro
hibiting the sale of certain deadly weapons .
in this State, In provides that any person
wbo shall hereafter sell a pistol, bowie
knife, dirk-knife, brass-knucks or slung- .
shot, shall, on conviction, be fined not less .
than $'-'" nor more than 1100, or Imprison
ment from ten to thiity days, or both fined
and Imprisoned, in the jury's discretion. .
Dave Oswald, of Louisville, mourns tbo
loss of Lilly, an imported Russian mastiff
bitch. Lilly was Valu datfK). The ani- .
mal was but six months old and weighed
400 pounds. She was four feet in height
and measured nearly six feet from tip to
tip. The remarkable size and beauty of
tbe beast was such that she attracted great
Nelson Hkndricks, a negro living two
miles from Loudon, beat his wlfe'and drove
her from home the other night. She waa
found dead in tbe snow near his house next

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