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Friday, Msreh 25, 1921.
Your biggest asset our's too!
It's confidence that makes our
business so brisk.
Men believe in us; what we tell
i .
them; what we sell them.
They come back to us, because
they're so seldom a "come-back"
when they buy here.
A great collection of new Men's
and Boy's spring Suits ready now.
926-928 4th Ave. Huntington, W. Va.
. . There was church at Green' Valley
Sunday with several In attendance..
Miss Cassie Chadwtck was the guest
of Miss Dora, Stuart Saturday and
Sunday. :
Bascorn and Adam Shortrldge have
-been fencing for the last two weeks
which has helped the looks of their
now farm. .-'
Buren Shortrldge passed down this
way Friday en route to E. B. Short -ridge's,
. :
Miss Ollle and Zelda Enters and Miss
Cora Wooten were calling on Mrs. Ed
Wooten Sunday. .
. Viola Shortrldge was visiting her
mother a few days ago.
Henry Bkers was here Monday.
Theo Chadwlck has been repairing
telephone lines for the past few days.
Ernest Jordan who has been Very ill
for some few days, is better. -
Arnold Rick, was here Sunday.
Sorry to hear of the death of Aunt
Sarah .Yates. :...:.:- .
Miss Hermia and Sallie Chadwlck
were the Saturday night guests of
Miss Thelma Chadwlck. :
There will be church the third Sat
urday night and Sunday In next month.
Chat Webb and sister . and little
brother passed down this way recent
ly. : HELEN...
with her mother.
Miss Kffie Nolen is upending a few
days with her brother at Mt. Pleas
ant.' .". .- 1 '
Elmer Haws of New Boston, Ohio,
is the guest of relatives here
J. O. Piprg uid sons, Lnnnie and Jot and Hoda Thompson Sunday.
Willis, spent Sunday with .Mrs. Belle Ranvilla Hlrks and rhildren
On March 17 the pale horse and Its
rider whose name is death entered the
hnme of N. S. Young and wife and took
their loving son, Taylor. . He was SI
ymrs old and had been married Just
:0 days before he died, He went to
work on Tuesday morning and wits
iclxfd wl'.h 'cramp, -and... physician
was railed and rendered all medical
aid. but he reallxeil right when he first
look sick that ho was going to die and
railed for prayer.. : He was removed
htimc and all was done for him that
human aid' could do. Doctors 'remained
with him almost night and day.. .but
lie was out of the reach of med'.cai
skill. His dear mother and sister
Mollie talked and pray. Hi with him and
lie told them In. the last hours that he
! s saved and to meet htm In heaven
and he went peacefully asleep.
oh It was so hard for his dear com
panion, but we would say to her and
hls-brother and sisters to, Just look to
(iod and say "Lord, thy will be done
ai d not ours,'' and prepare to meet
Taylor where there Is no sickness, pain
or 'death.." 'He was laid to rest close
to his home In the Felix Adams eem
eiery. A large crowd of sorrowing
Yiend md relatives ntur.fVo h'n bur
ial. ', - ; ..' ' . ; : -
I The farmvre hre viiy tiisy with
their spring work. ".....'''
I Wm. Holbrook a-u! wlfty'. are back
from tlarrett and are at his son, Alvtn's
on Irish Creek.
Undo Blllte Holbrook still remains
very poorly. . , ; .
Wm. Crabtree has been at Chatta-
i-oy. W. Va., .
I Tom May of Ashland Is g.ilng to
move back to Cherokee,,
I tjlttle Shirley Adams was visiting
her cousins, Kuth and Beatrice Hicks.
Saturday night and Sunday.
I Miss Odrt Hicks and Lula HolhrcwK
were Visiting Mrs. Mebeera 0'Pnlel
Li-un&fd Adams and Kmlly H-Hroik
went to Itlnine Saturday.
' Charles Adams was kicked by a
mule and very badly hurt.
Lnndnn Adams is thought to have
pneumonia, r - '- -.' :. v-.'..-D.
B. Adams enme out from I jmiIhi
to attend his cousin's burial. '
Odra and Beatrice Hicks and Bessie
and Jessie Dal ton were visiting Odra
When Yanks Arrived
As Told By a German
In a review of the much dlncussed
Krrnoli war book, "O. W. O." written
by a. young stun attache who signs
hliiiself "Jean de I'ierrefeii, the Her
liner Tsgehlntt .quotes, the following
graphic description of the arrival of
the Americans on the scene of action:
At the very moment when the crisis
w.im most acute, the American arriv
ed. ''Just at this Instant (says the uu
thurl a perfect cloud of Americans
swept over the country: -endless. -nil
umns of them packed every road, has-
v. ting in the direction of Coulummlnrs
n -.'i Moaux. They were crowded as
clr.no as possible lit Immense motor
tiucks. perched in all sorts of irrotes
I nue positions, bareheaded, with their
. sl.lrt open at the throat. They roared
(ut the songs of their country at the
f li of their voices, while the; people
along the way greeted them with In-
, ftescrlbalile enthusiasm
': "The eight of these splondtd 'youths
I fioin across the ocean these .smooth-
shaven 20-your-old youngsters with
then- spick and sui new equipment
their vigor and their health wrought
u miraculous charge in our feelings
'i'hiv formed a remarkable contrast 'to
our regiments, clad In 'their tattered
fnded uniforms, weathered by long
vunilirn til uvrvtrw ttu kuiiih iiiijr
by the fire which burned within them.
"We felt aj If we were witnessing
1. ' J " . K". It was as though lift) and vigor
Mrs. Billy Hall and duughtr Miss
Neva were the Saturday night guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Jism Maj-nard.
Rev. Jt'ssi" Fry preached at the
. ciaireti. Flavor is
5!siiDy toasting
lend with Mrs. Jesse Maynurd
(iwiun Chapman was a caller
I.otiixa Monday and Tuesday.
It IS reported that a still was dis
rv llowlng In warm waves through
the exhausted body of France, weak
vned by Its countless wound?.; and til
'.thoss days of heaviest trial, when the
. . M . f . enemy bukki again na ine Diinss vi
.7iVr. :.- - the Marnc and fapcled that we had
Kev. Dobbins filled an appointment
at the Holiness Church recently.
. K. W. lamliert sx nl two weeks with
home folks. H.MUJCY,
Jordnn at Irad
Mrs. John Muncy spent last -eek
with home folks here. ,
Mrs. .1. F. Nolen and childnii spent
Sunday afternoon with Klveg... Weil
man. ' : '.'-' .'' ''
M. Nelson and little Ollie Chapman
were business visitors ut Buswyville
Mr. and Mrs. J. VV. ftradli y attended
church at Smoky Valley Sunday'
. ' . . ... . XXX
: The coal mines In our vicinity are
expected to start soon. .
George Enyart and Chester Webb
were callers at Estep Sunday.
Born, to Mr. and. Mrs. Younger
Bayes. a, boy and also to Mr. and Mrs,
H. fr. Bryant a girl. . ...-.
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Thompson were
c.ill.iig on Frank Thompson Saturday
night --'j.- ' --.- '
. Nelson. Hillman, passed down our
creek Sunday en route to Webbville.
K L Webb made a business trip to
Wi bl.ville Saturday.
Liza Johnson called on her sifter on
Car.ey .'':'''.. . '
Mr. and Mrs. Oeorgf Enyart wv
calling on he'r sister at this place,
Henry Wobb and John Thompson
were callers on Catt Sunday. '
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Kellcy passed
down our creek Sunday, en route to
Miss Gladys Haws of Louisa spent
Saturday and Sunday with home folks.
Sam Doc Heaberlln and John B.
Damron spent Saturday night . . and
, Sunday at Fallsburg, v
' Miss Georgia Lee . Haws was shop
ping at Irad Thursday.
Mrs.. Julia Nolen and children , of
Georges Creek are visiting relatives Columbus, Ohio.
here. - . Several from this place ' attended
Mrs. J. W. Bradley, who has been prayer meeting at Brammur Gap.
visiting relative at Prichard, W. Va- ;' Henry and Chester Webb are making
for the past week returned home Sat- a great success in plowing,
urday. , j Moving is all the go here,
i. . Miss Ir.ee Wellman cal)ed on Mrs. David Pennington was calling on Y,
O. A. Haws Tuesday evening. . ; C. Bayes Friday.
. Vint rfolen and wife of Mt. Pleasant Thelma, Jessie,' Ethel, Dinia Webb
spent Saturday night and Sunday with and Lora Enyart were calling on
J. F, Nolen and familyl , , , friends at Webbville.
Miss Inex Wellman was the Sunday : Mrs. Arizona Isom was calling on
guest of Miss Laura Bradley. her mother, Mrs. B, J.. Webb.
Mr. Nora Newsom and Mum Highly Mrs. James Bryant were calling on
J. tdams were visiting Mrs. G. A. Haws her son one day last week. '
Sunday. '.vr. :. .-r- - . ' ; Lloyd Green attended church at Dry
Miur Monnle Plgg spent ' Sunday Fork Sunday. , . -
with' her cousins. Mimes Thelma and Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Green were
Goidiw Barnett. 'calling on her sister Tuesday.-
Mrs. J. H. Clarkson spent Sunday ' TAGALONO.
fTTTTTffl I T F I 1 1 ffl !
Working Together
I For Your Good
No matter where you live you can carry an ac- X
WUllli V ll.lt us,
Every mail-box the 'whole country over is an
I agent of this institution. '
User the nearest one to send your deposits to us.
Our bankiner-bv-mail department works in pon- X
$ junction with the United States postal system for X
uie guw ui. uur pauuua. . .
Let us send you complete details.
: Mb
t , . ;
DR. L. H. YORK......
G. R. 8URGE88. . . . . . .
........ Prssident
..Vies President
.............. .Cashisr
.....Assistant Cashier
visiting Mrs. K. O. Pmkerion Su.iday. '
Willie Adams was celling nr.J.i l.
Dalton's Saturday. .
' Amon Holbrook was at J. H. Li'ad-
mans Friday..- . '.
Hester Caldwell irnd " children wer
visiting Mrs. ISuhr- Adams Srinday.
Lula Caldwell was visiting Stella
McKlnney Sunday.;
Felix Adams and wife were at Sand
Branch Sundav. '
Church at the Baptist Knob the first
Saturday and Sunday.- Also church
Punduy night by Bro. Will Crabtree.
lost all h0v the hearts of the French
wire filled with a confidence which
it Is impossible for me to describe."
The nation was Intoxicated with joy
Hi f General ivtftln was well content.
H st-emed to draw new jitrength and
nvM hope from the sight of the Amer
leans and said: "The amalgamation of
(lie two armies will be complete. It Is
o matter of only a few days. Then we
ev. ra Pparss or uanup a no tiev. Hl,M1 have nothln, more lo fpnr. Jf
. . nurg.ss or tnia place are noia. wr can hod ou, unll the end of June
ing a revival meeting at Huxseyvuie. -t a,mlI u,, , . .ut.ndld situation:
Mrs. James Miller who hat been lit , ju,y we navtl tnr U,,1M, nHnrt
Prayer meeting at thfs place Sunday
was largely attended..
Mr. and Mrs. James Hillman were
visiting friends at Ashland last week.
Henry and Hilbtrd Webb and Hen
derson Thompson passed down , our
creek Sunday.'
Misres Kuby ind Lola Carroll win
calling on Mrs. B. I'.. Wells Sunday.
Miss Rosa Webb ws calling on her
coufui. Elizabeth Watson, Saturday
night end Sunday.
Mlt-s Arnalenh hlvel was shoppl.ig
h"-e Saturday.
- Kstih Thompson and Ansll Shivel
wer- HfO. W. Webb's Sunday.
Mrs. M. G. Webb was calling . on
!Slissi;s Thompson Friday.
Mrs. J. M. Thompson and Mrs. W..T.
w. re ut Mrs. Graham's Tuesday.
"lviH Johnson paesed down ou;
rr t k Monday. ' '
Mr. and Mrs. Cebron Wilson spent
Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Webb.
Miss Claudia Hammonds" pawed
uown our creek Saturday. .
Miss Lma-i Hillman was call'ng on
Miss Cluudii H.unmunfis Silnday.
Miss Maxlne .Webb, was calling on
Misses Thompson Thursday.
Miss Rosa Webb was at Miss Lolau
Hillmars Sunday.
David Thompson was at Milt Wat
son's Sunday evening. . v
Let us hear from Katcllff and Canv
Fork. .;. 2 LITT1J r. and BIG K.
The farmers in our community are
very busy planting potatoes.
We are glad to say Sunday School
will be organized at Horseford soon.
Richard F. Hewlett and Dock Burke
were calling on their best girla Sun
A large crowd of boys and girls were
out kodaking Sunday and all report a
fine time.
Mrs. Lys and Julia!' Burke were. the
Sunday afternoon guests of Mrs. Vol
Moving seems to bo all the. go in our
town now. Mr. and Mrs. Cecil Adklns
have moved into the house lately va
cated by Mr. and Mrs. Sid Hayes. !
.Nura Maynard was the week end
guest of her cousins. Misses Florence
and Clarice Skeens.
Billle Hulette was in Louisa Monday.
Mrs. William Burke and Miss Madge
Skeena were at Fullers Saturday.
The sick of our community are Im
proving, v .
Miss Ruby Burke was calling on
Miss Ruth Hatcher Sunday.
We wonder what has become of the
news bee at Catalpa and Zelda.
for some time Is Improving
Mrs. Ora-Sparks of Gallup is visit
ing Mrs. Eva Burgetw this week.
Several of the people of Torchlight
are said to have smallpox.
Jim Miller and Durrell Cox were
In Louisa Tueeday on huslncsi. I
Golda McCown who is attending!
school at Louisa expects to leave for
Drift soon.
Miss Lou Cox who is visiting relu-
Tle n tictory is ours.1
I'nliappily for us (the; Germans).
fJr.uitt lYlaln was right.
First Court in Wayne
ConyenedApril 11, 1842
The Wayne County W. Va.l News
Uvea at Drift is expected home soon. , Wayne County held at the home of
niu mnwun wu. cuumg on wr Abraham Trout, Sr." (now the home
vocnrnn sunoay. . of Alderson Bowen) so begins the
Miss pixie Reynold!, was the gueat roeora. of the flrgt county coUr,
of Miss Pearl Cox Saturday. j Wayne county that met April IL 1142
Mis. Rimini " cnurrn ; tn. tJlne y the legislature that
at Busseyville Sunday
Harlan Blackburn nude a business
trip to Louuhi last week.
Mrs. Bill FroJ.y of Van Lear who
has been visiting home folk for the
past two weeks, returned home Toes
day. . ''. '. . .
Misses EITle ChlMer and Dorothy
Daniel were calling on Miss ' Irixie
Cochraii Sunday.
Miss I 'earl Cox was culling on Dixie
Reynolds Sunday.
Miss Carrie Ilgg attended church at
Busseyville Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Qulncy Chllders and
children were calling on Mr. and Mrs.
W. K. Chllders Sunday.
MIhs Sallie Fugett ' was culling on
Dixie Cochran Sunday.
Harry Osbom has smallpox but la
Improving. t . i .. .
K. C. Berry and wife returned home
Saturday from Cincinnati where they
purchased a nice Ursa of goods.
MUsea Gladys Wellman and Pearl
Baus of Louisa spent Saturday night
and Sunday at this place.
Mrs. 8. D. Wellman and Mrs. Bud
Swetnam were the Sunday guests of
r . ,1 .. .
jars, i vi owciimud. . . -..i
Pharmer - Chandler .and , daughter
Laura were called to Columbus, Ohio;
last week to his daughter. Mrs. Nelson
Berry, who la very sick. , . .
W. A. Osbom made a business trip
to Louisa Tuesday. X. Y. Z.
,. ; . .4 . .v..', -
For Women
"I was hardly able to drag, I
vvas so weakened," writes Mrs.
W. F. Ray, of Easley, S. C
"Thedoclor treated me forribout
two months, still I didn't get
any better. 1 had a large fam
ily and felt I surely must do
something to enable ma to take
care of my little ones. I had
heard of V.
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Maynard were
(calling on home folks at Vinson branch
Mrs. Hobert Graham and children
and Miss Janle Hughes were the Sat
urday night guests at John Moore's.
Mrs. John Conley and daughters and
Mrs. Trimble Chapman -were calling
on Mrs. Ben Maynard Sunday. .
Mr. and Mrs. Anse Fields contem
plate moving to Griffith's Creek soon.
Clyde. Maynard and family contem
plate moving to Williamson, W. Va.;
, Mrs. Clara L. Endlcott has returned
home after completing a school at Mt.
I Mr. and Mrs. K. G. Chapman and
children and Mr. and Mrs. George
Hardwlck were guests of Mr. Evelyn
Hardwlck Sunday.
Llndsey Lambert spent last week in
Louisa the guest of Dr. Anderson. -
Th? Woman's Tonic
; "I decided to by ft," con
timies Mrs. Ray . . . 4,I took
eight bottles in all ... I re
gained my strength and have
had no more trouble with wo
imanly weakness. 1 have ten
children and am able to do all
my housework and a lot out
doors ... I can sure recom
mend Cardul." ;
Take Cardul today." It may
be lust what votl need.
f4 dl druggists.
d &n
formed the county of Wayne out of a
IMirtlon of Cabell.
The members of the ttrst county
court consisted of the various Justices
of the county and were us follows
John Wellman. Pres.. Levi MvCormlck.
John Plymale, Samuel Webb. Wm
RutcluT, Thomas Copley, and Warier
Queen. Frederick Moore, Hiram Chad
wick and Milton Ferguson produced
cerllllcutea of election and were sworn
In as Justices.
Jeremiah Wellman and Nathan Holt
were appointed the nrst constables of
the county. It appear that the most
of the time at this first meeting was
taken up in uppolntlng constable.
Kighteen were uppointed before the
seaslon closed.
Samuel Wellman was elected the
II rat county surveyor. Jle lived at the
mouth of Camp Creek.
The nrst sheriff of Wayne county
was Win. Morris, who lived at the
Oillett farm near the County Harm
fie was elected for one year. lie was
the grandfather of U. A. Morris that
now lives at Wayne.
At tbe first election . held in .the
ctunty ' there were only three places
to vote, Wayne., fort Gay and Hnoala
The eounty was divided into tws dis
tricts by a line running east and west
from Kort-Gay to ftuyan. 'rlvr.. The
northern section was district number
one and the southern district number
A hotel was licensed by Isaac Bloss
and was located- on Tom's creek. An
other license for hotel was granted to
Milton J. Ferguson, who 'lived at the
place now owned by ITof. T. B. Mc
dure. The amount charged for these
licenses was twenty-five cents.
A committee consisting of Burwell
Kpurlock. . Milton Ferguson and Wm.
Morris was appointed to select a site
for a court, house. They selected the
site where the present court house
stands. The square was larger then
than now for the present eastern street
was taken away from the original se
lection. At the same time another committee
twos appointed to make plans for a
Jail, and court house. This court house
was built, but was later destroyed by
lire and the present ' building was
erected In Its place.
Wayne county has passed her three
score and ten. The county Is seventy
nine years old and Is still hale and
hearty,' and looks to the future with
Sunday School Is progressing nicely
at this place with Rev.' Z. T. Webb
SupU , '.':,.
Homer Kkors called .on his best girl
Sunday. '
Garland Webb was a business caller
at Louisa last week.
Bennle Fannin spent Saturday night
I with Banner Fugute. ,.i
Miss Bessie Collinsworth made a
' business trip to Hulette last week.
J Homer Ekors left Sunday evening to
attend school at Louisa,
Bill Russoll was In our town Sun-
. day. . .' ' ' ...
Darner Kellcy was a business caller
here Monday.
. John Ekers was on Horseford last
i John McDowoll attended the pie
supper here Saturday night.
. Dewey Lewis has purchased a fine
home here.
i Hazel Chaff in called on Lillle Jor
dan Sunday,
James' McDowell is very 111,
Born to Mr. and Mrs. Drue Ekers a
line bo-Drue Jr. FAIRBANKS.
Office in Dr. Burgess Building
Opposite Court House
Office Hours: 8:00 s.'m. to 6:00 p. m.
Office and Residence Phon No. 115
Orrire lii Itimk Block, bi t ween the
two banks. Louisa, Ky.-
v .ice i-ioursiflioo a, m, to 8i00 p. m.
Special Hours by Appointment .
Soldiers of the Spanlsli-Amerli an
war tuuy now huv title to a pension of
112 to 130 pi-r month under the NfcW
LAW. Blanks and full Instructions
free, Also, widows of said soldier
may have, title lo pension under act ef
July in. WIS. Write now..
J. P. fJARTIN, Uuisa, Kj.
General Dealer 1
ef all kinds. Alto, will handle property
on commission. If you want te buy
EATY, tsll en mt. ,
' ,J T. M . 1920 .
Esst Bound -r'
No. 4 Dally
No. Dally.
No, IS Dally,;,,..
West Bound
No. t Dally.,..,.,,.,.,.
No. 1 DaUy......
No. I Dally..,.
Jullman Cart and Dining Car Hervio
on trains I, 4, IS and IS.
' Gon'l Pats, Aaont,.
.' '-''' - ." Wesooko, Vs.
,.t:IS A.
.J:40 A.
..!; p.
,.i:iS A.
Used and Reloatod by U. t.Oovoramowt
Remington No. I. or 1 (blind). ..114. W
Remington, Invisible,!. col.ribbon 4.0
L'nderwood. No. 4, 1 -color ribbon St.00
L'nderwood. 4. S-col.rib. back spcr. U.(0
Royal No, 1. one-color ribbon... 14.00
Royal No. 1, J-color ribbon.1... .. 4I-J0
Oliver No. I. $15.00 Oliver No. 6,' m
Oliver No, t, 85.00 Monarch !!. II M
Kmith-rremler 10, Linotype Key.
board, rebuilt. ,vi ...... .. . Si.00
C.unianteed In good used condition all
nuy ir i if iwni wrrice, vatlSTSir
tiou guarantetd or purchase price re
funded. ; Which slse type will you have
Pica or Elite. Urdrnt rilled promstrf.
Ribbons. ,any color or colors, for any
hum ui Aiacninr. ea. tso oeiivarM.
State make aad model. Carbon paper
per box of 100 sheets $l.6 delivered
Empire Typo Foundry, Buffalo, N. V.
J. T. Baaham and Fred Hutchison
made a business trip to WaHe Satur
Robert Buskirk of Kenova w in
our community recently.
J. L Smith and wife or ITIchard,
were guests of Fred Hutchison Sun
t:ua Itanh y of Tabors Creek wos
-ailing on his girl here Sunday.
Alma Lakln and Litsb- Hutchison
att nded church .it Little Hurricane
Sunday night. '..'''
Mrs. hair rteHman Was shopping tn
Louisa this w.fk.'-.
l.vvlnnla lilgg bf Huntington who
hss been vlsltln.r relative hors ra.
turned home l-amUiy.
l urtls Boggi and wife were vUKItk
Ur. Biggs xutr.u at Shllo the Ust
of the week. . -
Mrs. Krie Smith and Bertha Lakln
iv.'rt shopping in J.uisa Monday.
Alma Lakln is si. ending a few days
aith her gra.idmother,' Sue Bellomy.
r loyd i'lyranle, cf Portsmouth, is
visiting his muther at this place.
IUH Skeens viik ciilllng op .. Opal
lliid Sunday,
Mr. and Mrs :ive Bellomy oxpeot
to move to their new home soon.
Mrs. Mary lira J ley of Madge w.ui
visiting relative at lYIohard and
l.'ubUardstown. but liar returned nome.
Cleveland Chnfi'ln will leave soon to
gravel with a show "Which he Inlnr.t
recently. He will be missed very much
It. our neighborhood. KLll.
1000 acres known as "Vernon Farm,"
(including about $2000,00 farming tools.
etc.,) In Lawrence county, Ohio. Six
teen miles from "ronton, on Ironton
and Jackson pike. Four miles from
railroad freight station. About ISO
acres of valley bottoms, balance bill
land. Very large ten room brick dwel
ling; about 20 tenant houses; brick
store two atory, 24x46 ft. (with 16x20
fool elt for storage room) large stock
barn will hold about 100 head of stock,
with very large loft room, will hoM
feet, rat proof corn crib 25x16 feat, rat
proof gnilnery, two story 16x22; 100
ton silo; 6 ton scale set in cement. All
buildings in first does condition. Nev
er failing water piped from two springs
on hill Into house, yard, garden and
cattle barn lota. Electric lights from
our own jDynarao in house, garage,
store, cattle barn, horse barn, alio and
granery. Twenty Thousand Dollars
cash payment will be required. The
balance arranged to suit purchaser at
6 per cent. Will sell to purchaser of
farm, merchandise in store and about
100 head of stock (mostly white face
cattle) at price to be agreed upon. See
R, T, LAW SON, Manager at store on
farm, or write V. V. ADKTNS, Room
103, Second National Bank Building,
Ashland, Kentucky. . , 1-14-tf

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