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Friday, August 5, 1S21.
L.i.i )
Lr LUl ...... I lM.
Revenue from Breeding Thorough
bred Corse Only Profit to Bo
Depended Upon.
Sale of Blooded Coltg Produces
Money When Other Product
Bring Loss. V
school at nichmond this year.
Mr. Zelgler la engaged In the oil bus
ings and has been In this section for
the past year.
In Lawrenoe County.
Tlr tnd Mra J. C. Riwrbl and chlU
area are the guests or relatives ana ,, vc..nl DITrurR.
(rlends on Blaine In Lawrence county i ni ,-,...-.. .
mis ween. iney win nor return uuui
some time next week. Mr. and Mrs.
W. 11. Balyer and daughters are oc
cupying ths Sparks home In tbelr ab
sence. ,
The Kentucky farmer - has lost
money on his -wheat and eorn: h4
forced to ship his cattle and hogs to
a losing and constantly falling mar
ket; and hit losses on hit tobaoeo
have nearly driven him Into bank
ruptcy. The calamities of a troubled
world are placed upon his back, al
ready bent double by Its burdens.
Under these untoward conditions,
the one fortunate exception among
farmers Is the stock raiser who owns
one or more thoroughbred mares. He
always finds a nation-wide demand for
bis thoroughbred foals. The weanling
at Its mother's side frequently brings
blra 1500 to 1,000, -while the yearling
will sell for from 1.600 to 10,000;
a colt from a Jefferson county farm
haying brought, at one Of the recent
Saratoga Bales 125,000.
Tear m and year out. the Kentucky
thoroughbred finds a ready market;
buyers from all over the wrold coming
to this State to secure material to
Improve the horsee of their respective
countries or localities. Owner Riddle
refused! 1 500,000 for Man-O'-WAr, a
horse bred by Mr. August Belmont In
a tr-ontuAirv A wonder - horse is
Man-O'-War. A smasher of all records
and victor over all opponents that
made some oi tno most umuiaut vi
viDnn ha tiaa been returned to
his native hearth, there to perpetuate
his great qualities. Last month. Man-O'-War's
full brother, Playfellow, by
aniit fnr I11K.000: and not
long 'ago, John. B. Madden refused
1 125,000 for a ball interest in in an
. atalllnn Friar Rock. DOW
In the stud at Hamburg Place, near
Lexington. . . ,
, Numerous other thoroughbred ttal
n . maraa f naarlv. If not OUlte
i... .in ara Aomad In tha State.
Wheat, corn and tobacco are often crop
failures, and cattle and host are
m .....i- .i.ail at a lnsa. But the
thoroughbred has a treat permanent
value, for nownere eise in uu rauuuj
Is he brought to sucn penoctioa as in
Kentucky, and hla fame and- the de
mand for him are woria-wiae.
(advertisement.) '
(By 8. A. Moore)
Tha Tvinlaa 'T Siharftm' defeated the
A Correction J Wayne, W. Va., team last Sunday.
.llicneil xutmacy, wnu wu innicu loung VJtrui inuwun a w..
last 'week charged with breaking Into I of the best games pitched In Louisa
1 1 . a oailu i mm- wiw-c ww..., ..j ,111, mva nun khu .va w .w pi -. -----. . -
store, has been released. It was Vso I ft men, t clean hits. Tavener caught
reported that he had taken a mule but I In his usual good form,
developments In the case showa that I Batteries for Wayne-rJ. Adkins pitch
tha tnnla waa hired bv Ramaer and
ii, tinrnlv an.1 mnt ivlf from him.
Later It returned to Its owner. Young
Ramsey's ratuer rrom Virginia -arriv
ed here this week ana secured me re-
taaaa af iila ann and we era srlad to
make these corrections for the bene
fit of the boy and the father. The elder
ro or me y "1"T.a 'IZY. to O. Mosser. Tavener struck out No
m"' ""' - r run. BO niu. n0 a,rora.
citlsen of Wlee-co., Va.
I aral and Paraanal.
Rav r A. RlauEhter of Ashland was
here and held the last quarterly con
ference of the Mayo Memorial church.
Rev. Slaughter formerly lived In Paints
vllle where he was pastor of the Mayo
Vamnrlnl church.
Dr. P. H. Williams and little son or
Ashland , were' here over Sunday the
.....i, nt Mra. Martha J. Da Vis. Dr.
Williams left Sunday out nis son win
remain a few days the guest of his
vi ... Hmtln Runklrk. stenotrrapher
t..r h nia Handv Hardware company
and IJaale Wells of the rainisviiie
(irorcrv ComDany. have returned from
. vlalt (A Frnathtira-. Md.
Mr. and Mrs. a. B. vaugnan ion ior
it runwni. Mich., where they will
spend some time for Mr. Vaughane
health. Mr. Vaughan has been auffer-
,g with rheumst!"? w some time.,
inn u rmnr haa been emDloyed
k. ha anhnni hoard to collect the taxes
for tills year and has started work.
I'alnUville Herald.
Vulihh Man Orawned. ' '
Tm H it veara of se. son of
. A.itv 11. v nt White House, was drown
d at White House In the Big Bandy
river last Thursday evening wniie in
- ewlmmlng with a party of young pee
rniiin Miv was rauatit In a
..i.t tha month of White House
- creek and h! hndy waa found one half
mile below by menus. Me ooum noi
wim. "
J. Melvln Hall has resigned as teach
nt tha p.iirVith Orade In the Paints-
viiia Vuhiin Hchooli and has accepted
' a ponltlon with the County Board of
" Kducatlon as Attendance Officer for
the eountv. Mr. Hall la one of the
Mki ant haat teachers of the coun
ty and as teacher or the Eighth Grade
In the public school, has given entire
BatUfiit-llon . He Is one of the leaders
4n educational affairs of the county
A t-t .t -Snplnni. '
John Teass. one of Johnson county's
wttilihy farmers and buslneaa men left
hrm laat wmIc for Hot Surinas. Ark..
- -where he will spend a few weeks for
his health. Mr. Teass has oeen eur
r.rinv with rhaumatlam for some time
and hla many friends hope the stay
at the sit lugs will do mm gooa.
t)watAn?ai&lar-" t
MIM Roberta Preston, daughter of
, nev. and Mrs. Warren I treeton, was
married Saturday to Mr. Henry Jef
tmnn Kaiaiar. Rhnrtlv after the cere-
. mony was performed the couple left
on the evening' train ior umnom
wimra thev will BDend some time af
trr which they , will locate In New
York where Mr. Zelgler has a good
Tha bride was a araduate of the
Paintsvllle High School and popular
with all who knew her. She attended
Ing . and Brum Held catching
Burgess struck out 8. Adkins pop-
ned to McGulre. E. Mosser singled
and died stealing. Taverner to Peters.
No runs, one hit no errors.
Havnea fanned.. Calne out. Bruce
R.i.kt Bahw Bav Dias.
inmoa Paoll. the brlcht baby boy of
u. . ni m Rav Davis of near Wil
liamson, passed away Thursday night
after a month's tiiness ana me n
nuin. iprnmniniid by the parents and
..i.hu aan hrnmrht to Kenova over
1. W. and were taken to aiorenoau
.h. autnmnhllea were waiting to
i.ka tha ramalna and the funeral party
to Sandy Hook, where the funeral waa
held Sunday and Interment maae. me
babe was near five months old. The
mother Is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
H. Vansant of Sandy Hook.
Ul.:4. r,AN, PlWawilla.
Mra Marv A. Leslie of Plbevilie, wno
la visiting her son Hatler uesue in
Ashland, waa also here the guest or
ur anri Mra. L: J. Gerlach and
ri.nirhtara and Mr. and Mrs. J. P
'a h.v raturnAd home to Ashland
after a delightful trip thru the Big
Bandy valley where they visiiea en we
larger towns, their journey iwninng
Brumneld popped to .McOulre. Fer
aniann out. McQulre to Burke. Boot
en fanned. No runs, no hits, no errors.
Wllsen doubled to Center. ' Lovely
singled,' scoring Wilson. Peters struck
nut Tvivalv atola second then third
on Burk'a sacrifice bunt to J. Adkins.
Roberts fanned. One run, two nits, no
errors, "
Brucs singled. O. Mosser fanned the
air. J. Adkins out McGulre to Burke.
Bruce aoina- to second. Burgees out.
Peters to Burke. No runs, one hit, no
errors. '
McGulre struck out Haynes out
Rruna to d. Mosser, Cains walked
Tavener doubled to left. Cain, going
to third. Wilson fanned. No runs.
two hits, no errors, -
-S. Adkins filed to Lovely. So did E.
Mosser.' Brumfleld fanned.. No runs,
no hits, no errors.
Lovely walked then stole and went
to third on wild throw to second. Pe
ters fanned. Burke fanned. Roberts
hit to Burgess who fumbled It; Love
ly scoring. McQulre out. Bruce to G.
Mosser. One run, no hits, two errors.
Ferauson out - Cains to Burke. Boot-
en singled to left then stole. Bruce
filed to Wilson. O. Mosser hit to Wil
son who muffed it. Booton scoring.
Bruce going to second. - J. Adkins filed
to Lovely. - One run, one hit, one er
ror. . ' :
Haynes hit to E. Mosser. who muff
ed it Cain hit a high one to Booton
who muffed it and threw out Haynes
at aAonnd. Cains safe at first Tav
ener hit through short Cains going to
second. Wilson sacruicea. Burgess tu
a. Mosser. Lovely singled scoring Cain
and Taverner. Peters poppea 10 a.
Adkins. Two runs, two hits, two er-
Buraess doubled to renter.' A. Ad
kins out Peters to Burke. E. Moeser
safe at first on Caiin's error. Brum
flaM alnzled acorlna- Bursress. Fer
guson hit to Peters throwing out Brum
Held at second. E. Mosser scoring on
the throw to first Booton out Peters
to Burke.. Two runs, two hits, ono er.
ror. : '
Rnrke fanned. Roberts fanned. Mo
larger towns, ineir juurncj i,iiwiVi uui,wmm. -
beyond the Cumberland mountains to I Quire out A. Adkins to O. Moeser. No
Haysl, Va.
runs, no hits, no errors.
Bruce died swinging. McQulre hit
n Mniur. Mnuer atola aeoond. - J.
Adkins out Peters to Burke. Burgess
walked and died steal ng secona. no
runs, no hits, no errors.
Haynes fanned. Cain safe at first on
Ttriina'a nrrnr then atola second. TaV
ener tried to stretch a clean single to
a double and died at second. Cain go
ing to third. Wilson singled to center
scoring Cain then stole second. Lovely
fanned. One run, two nits, one error.
S. Adkins fouled high down third
. i . , . . i .... Mn 1, IT
of sorrowing friends. - The w-hlvm mm un .uc r.
... a ..aKaf I I MAMOF IMIIlIltMl Ul navilDD. aUllllltIU
Itmiiy nM Olir ywimviij'. I rm
Misses Joy Miller and Nannie Fay lout lined to McGulre. No runs, no hits,
Rurker attended Hunaay scnooi ai mia no m
dxhruii la nrneresalna nicely at this
place with August trencn leacner.
Charley Miner- was vishuih "a
er, Mrs. W. A. Cooksey rjunaay. -Miaa
Ruth I -enter entertained a num
her of young folks Bunday afternoon
Dunn la Cooksey enteriainea a num
t . ,. Krlilav ntaht R. A. Kel
ley furnished beautirui music ior vne
occasion. "
n.m Hnwell'a body was brought
kM from France Saturday. Funeral
service was attended by a large crowa
v...h mil rarl Webb WSt th!
9 jiiday afternoon guests of Maxwell
Webb. - ' -"
A large crowd of yeung folks went
kodaking Sunday arternoon am an r
' 1 here will be church here the third
a. In Auauat bV ReV. R. Kel-
: T W St.vona nf Raat Lynn. W. Va.,
was awarded the Ford car at the Elks
Fair In Catletteburg laat weea.
Peters rolled to B. Adkins. Burke
bounded to J. Adkins. Hoberts hit to
Bruce. No runs; no hits, no errors.
Fnraruson bounded to Cain. Booton
to Burke. Bruce popped to Cain. .No
runs, no hits, no errors.
......... .000 01 000
.010 01S 101
Wayne. .
Next term opens September sixth
V- '! ' . '
College v
High School
If you are going to school you should thoroughly ;
anderstand the opportunities offered in this institu
tion. In writing for catalogue tell us the depart
ment in which you are interested. Splendid oppor
tunities for College students. Write us, we are
ready to give you the benefit of our experience in
the selection of school and course.
Burgess 2b. ...... .,...4 1 11 11
S. Adkins sa. 4 0 0 0 8 1
R Mosser rf ......... .4 1 1 o 0 1
B. Brumfleld c. ....... 4 0 0 12 0 0
C. Ferguson If.. 4 0 1 0 0;0
B. Booten, cf... ...... .4 110 1 1
Q. Bruce 3b. ..4 0 1 0 4 1
O. Mosser lb.... S 0 0 0 0 0
J. Adkins P..... 10 0 1 J 0
Totals...... 84 8 ' 6. 84 11 6
Haynes 8b. .......... .4 0 0 1 0 0
Cain 8b....... 4 121
Tavener o. ., ...4 1 I 6 10
Wilson rf............. 4 1 I 10 1
Lovely cf ..4 11 t 0 0
Peters ss..,.., ..4. 0 0 15 0
Burke lb. ............ .4 0 0 10 0 0
Roberts If 4 .0 0 0 0 0
McQulre p .....I 0 . 0 1 0
Totals...... 15 5 8 27 10 I
Sacrifice hits Wilson and Burke,
Two base hits Wilson , Taverner,
Burgess. .
Left on -bases Wayne 4. Louisa s
Struck out by Adkins 12, McGulre 6
Bases on balls off Adkins 2, off Mc
Quire 1.
Hit bv pitcher off McQulre 1.
Base hits off Adkins 8, off McQulre 4.
Time 1:60.
Umpires Vinson and Dunkle.
' We wish to extend . our heartfelt
thanks to the people of this neighbor
hood and to everyone that helped ue
In any way during the sickness and
death of our dear daughter ana sis
ter. Mecca. May the love of Qod keep
and protect you all. -
. W. 8. PENNINGTON and family,
Dennis, Kentucky. .
e i c a. a Jijtfs '
TpIIAT'S OUR IDEA in ttalfinD
1 CAHELS the Quality Ciarctto.
TThy, just buy Camels and look at the pacta's
It's the best packing science has devised to
cigarettes fresh nd full flavored for your tasts
Heavy paper outsider-secure foil wrapping iasid3
and the revenue stamp over the end to seal the pack
age and keep it air-tight.
And note this!' There's nothing flashy about thS
Camel package. No extra wrappings that do net
improve the smoke. Not a cent of needless expensa
that must come out of the quality of the tobaccoi
Camels wonderful and exclusive Quality wins ca
merit alone. ' . : ' . ; ;
Because, men smoke Camels who want tip
taste and fragrance of the finest tobaccos, expertly;
blended. Ken smoke Camels for Camels smooth,
refreshing mildness and their freedom from ciga
retty aftertaste.
i i,iai. rft made for men who think for theC;
J . - X rT J .
C ' V I
New Bridges.
. Tk. nami rmirt nf Pike county in
session here . Wednesday awarded the
contract for the construction . oi a
bridge across Russell fork at the
mouth' of Marrewwn . creeic., im
k.tH. i. m ha nf reinforced concrete.
It will prove a great value to public as
It taps one or tne ricnesi secuuna u,
the ,county. Marrowbone ' creek ,- Is
practically a mining town from head
to mouth. Some of the coal companies
nil jtitivona hava manifested an Inter
est in good roads 1y making consider
able Improvements, in ineir puuirc
1 The contract price of the bridge Is
886,000 with an- additional $2,000 for
five years Insurance against all dam
age. The total cost of the bridge will
nohablv reach $50,000 wnen aaaiuonai
requirements are met. : ' . - - ' -
The court aiso approprmicu un.,v,c,..
funds to floor one-half of the East
Williamson bridge. Tuesday night
t.. n-vivarta went before the City
, uuaw
Council of Williamson and they made
an appropriation for the flooring one-
i....nmanti hiv. already been
made to floor the bridge at Plkevllle
and work will begin on it soon. " .
Local and Personal. v
Mrs. M. C. Reynolds entertained at
on HnnHav evenlna With a din-
V-VJ" . ."' w "
ner in honor Of her guests Mr. and Mrs.
Jas. A. Scott of FranKion. ine guo
Included Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Gray, Mr.
and Mrs. Geo. Plnson, Jr., and son, Mr.
W. J. Plnson and Mr. Malcolm Bow
les, who motored down from Plkevllle
In the afternoon. . L,
. The Rev. and Mrs. Ashley and chll
a l... tnr Rimirlea Canu Grounds
where ten days of camping and re
vival services are to oe neia. ut. uw.
t i ci.r.i, nr Mm York Cltv and Dr.
John Lowe Fort of Louisville, Ky., are
to do the preaching. The Rev. Ashley
is to be the Musical jJirecior aim
Ashley Is to have charge of the chil
dren's hour.
Miaa violet Walker entertained ner
Runri&v school class at Jier home on
College street Monday evening. '
- Mrs. C. G. Evans enteriainea un
Bridge club Friday afternoon at her
i mn .iftw. aavaral interestlna ftr&mes
iruii.u. -
uellclous refreshments were served to
Mesdamea, Walter T. Hatcher, w. r.
Call, W. H. Price, Tina B. Miller and
E. D. Stevenson.' ' .'
Mr. and Mrs. Linton Trlvette enter
tained for dinner at six o'clock Friday
Mr. and Mra W. G. AndrewB
of Jonancy and guests Miss Minnie
Andrews or Rlchmono, va, ana toibo
Winifred Andrews, of Bridle creek,
Va, and Mr. and Mrs. John 8. Miller.
A party of young people motored to
Williamson Sunday and spent the day
returning late In the afternoon. - '
Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Evans and daugh
ter Jane, and Mr. and Mrs. T. C.Guth
rle and son, Thompson will leave Fri
day for Pennsylvania to visit rela
tives. The trip will be made by. mo
tor., Tele of a Calf Farmer Gets 10.04
r- c r.haraa t1U7.
rur i '
The following Is from the Cincinnati
Post: A calf was shipped to Cincin
nati by R. H.' Reynolds of Plkevllle,
4 ilia Flatow & ReiUy Co
4s Walnut-st.. to sell It for him on
Prices are so low now that all the
commission merchants ' were able to
get for Reynolds' calf was $10.04. .
But while prices are down, express
rates remain so high that It coet $11.87
to ship Reynolds $10.04 calf to Cincin
nati. ; -':.
. So that Instead of making any mon
ey on his calf Reynolds lost $l.Ss on
the deal. Besides ne pam tne commis
sion merchant 60 cents for handling
the calf. '
DottnnMi la nnt tha onlv victim
of low prices and high rates, accord
ing to Cincinnati business men, '
Hose Cochran : was' on the Ridge
Sunday. , ' .
Cupid says the wedding bells will
ring In our community soon, i
Mr. Bertha Soard ot Ban Anionio,
Texas, has returned home after a short
visit with home folks.'. -----
Alafalr Mulllns is visiting her sister
at Crum, W. Va;, this week. 1 J
May Shroder spent Sunday and Mon
day with home folks.
Albert Thompson, C. & O. brakeman
was calling here Wednesday evening..-
Wm. Rlnegar has purchased a new
Ford car.
R. F. Hewlett was In our town Wed-
Hnhnrt ' Skeena : and Okla BUlups
molrA MwlllAr rins to OUr town.- ''
Several from this place attenaea me
quarterly , conference at Evergreen
Sunday. ,
y There : will be' a pie supper at the
u.ni.i, hranph ahnnl houae Saturday.
August 6. Everybody come and bring
pie with you. ',. .. .
Goebel Hensley makes regular trips
to Catalpa.
iphm will ha an Ice cream festival
and a pie supper here Saturday- night,
August 6.
' rtiri niitnn. and RliuLheth and Fan
nie Austin were visiting friends and
relatives In Ashland Saturday ana
David Mulllns, Jr., left here Monoay
for Coal River where ne lias employ
m.nt ' ) ' ''1 I'
David Mulllns was In Louisa Mod-
day on business.
John Skeens was -in our town Hun-
Fallsburg base ball team went to
Green Valley and played Bolts Fork
and was defeated. The score was 4 to
7, . K. M. w-
Have been asked by the building com- r
mlttee of the newly organized Free
will Baptist church at Oherry vllle to
ask the good people everywhere. who
are disposed to, for donation for the.
building fund. Any donation, be it
great or small will be thankfully received.-
We wish to express our thanks
to Mr. Ves Jordan of Ellen, Ky, for
a liberal donation today while cam-naiiminfi-
tMi section. . To Mr. Jordan
we owe the Idea of making a special
Invitation to the candidates of tha
county. : Reports of nameo of all who
donate to this worthy cause will bo
sent to the Big Sandy News for pub
lication from time to time, sena an,
donations to J. S. WALKER, R. D. No.
2, Box SB, Louisa, Ky. ,
449 aaraa In one mile Of tWO rail
mad. located on hard road, school In
sight, churches close, R.. F. D. passes
every day. Will sell the whole entire
.tnnlr nr will rtlvidft tO SUlt the DUr-
AK..., iA anraa nf hnttnm land, other
good new land, tw ovelns of coal now
in operation. Good s-room house, gooa
barn, two cribs, stock scales, plenty
. AKi,iMtno,a Wnr further Informa
tion write E. BALDRIDUE, Ooutn
Webster, Ohio. - - (adv)
n nM inn l
ruu.1 in a
B0 acres, J ft ml. from Grayson, Ky.
Good roads. Five minutes drive from.
town-v School and Church near. New
8 room house . with good hall. Two
concrete - cellars. One never falling
well. '- One good silo. One good barn.
On. aah house, one chicken house.
One Light Plant.' One garage build
ing. One coal house. This Is prac
tically rolling land.- Also, has coal
mine In operation. BEST BARGAIN
building would cost considerable more
than we are asking for the whole farm.
Terms as follows: One half cash,
balance one and two years.
v Real Estate Dealers
The town of good schools
and good churches.
Farm and town property for sale.
Other bargains on our list you should
kaow about Don't fail to look over
our town and farm property before
you buy. : . . -7-29-4t
Vczdl 113.174
For Sale at your Dealer
f,:Ja in five grade

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