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,0 SANDY I," ...'.I
Friday, September 0, 1021.
cons Bfe f&Zgl?- ' ' &? ,0 yfrf,? ..
bj $ c it' ll- : 'V
.,-swj!u UL Lm J l-i ch
There will be an Ice cream festival
at this place Saturday night Septem
ber 10. Everybody come. ,
Mrs. F.. R. Kitchen has returned
home from Columbus, Ohio
Mr. and Mrs. Austin Bentley spent
Sunday with the latter's parents. ' .
. Kay Cooksey was calling on friends
on Bellstrace recently.
ena ana ua Kitchen spent Sun-I
oay wun their cousin, Essie Kitchen.
Hague! Thompson will run F. R. 1
tuicnens cane mill this fall.. -t I
a. K. Chasm, who has been visit- I
i mi" pmce naa returned
o nis nome at laeger, w. Va, . - 1
oosepnine Fannin was the guest of
iva jjnanin Wednesday night.
Miss Bennle Alley spent Saturday
sight and Sunday with home folks.
Chester Webb was on this creek
Sandav. . - '
Mrs Andy Kitchen was calling on
friends at Gladys the past week.
Jettie Kitchen was calling on Alma
and Lizzie Kitchen Saturday night
Haecal Thompson makes regular
visits to F. R. Kitchen's.
Jim and Sam Woods of Grayson
were calling on friends at Dennis the
past week.
Lewis Kitchen and Elva Chaffin
passed up our creek Sunday. "
Dennis Kitchen attended the festT
.val at Twin Branch Saturday night i
etore of the coal company in wnicn
the postofflce was located was rifled
of a lot of clothing and other articles.
Wednesday morning Charles Nunnally
and James Jones were arrested at
Harold by W. E. Hopkins and brought
Twfore U. 8. Commissioner W. K.
Steele here. The two men claimed to
be from Seattle Wash, and gave their
names as stated above. They con
fessed their guilt and turned O'er the
postofflce loot consisting of IT7.72 In
money and 4.SJ In stamps. The two
men are now In Jail awaiting trial.
In Jail Charged With Killino.
Beth Hill, charged with killing
Henry MulUns near the Virginia bor
der in, the Breaks . laBt week, was
brought here by the Sheriff of Dick
enson county, Va. Hill claimed the
killing was accidental and waived Hie
usual requisition proceedings. He was
lodged in Jail pending the examining
trial. . -
R. D. Doak left Wednesday with his
wife for King's Daughters' hospital,
Ashland, where the latter will undergo
an operation for appendicitis from
wtiich she has been suffering since
Monday. . , ' '" '
Aubrey Runyon has accepted a posi
tion temporarily as city mall carrier
superseding his twin brother Auburn.
The girls seem to be having a hard
time In telling which to flirt with as
Auburn Is married. -
N. T. Johnson, of Washington, D. C.
was greeting old friends here Satur
day. Mr. Johnson spent his vacation
with his parents at Shelby.
Mrs. Wm. Burke of Huntington, was
the guest of relatives here last week.
Glenn Ferrell of Louisa was the
Client of relatives here Sunday.
Mrs. C. W. Myers of Ashland Is the
guest of Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cocklll.
Miss Minerva Scott of Frankfort is
the guest of Misses Thelma and Nanny
Morpan. News.
Throwing a
Monkey Wrench
Into the Machinery
Allowing eye-dlsordcrs to go without
correction Is much the same as throw
ing a monkey wrench into ths l
chinery. Often serious damage
wrsught to
ty such carelessness or neglect' An
examination by our expert oculist, who
Is also a reglstereJ il-.ysiclan, will of
ten reveal such disorders and make
Dosaible their corrfctlon before to
late. Don't wait See us at ones.
Muntington Optica! Compsny ;
q ft
School is progressing, nicely at this
place. - -
Miss Beulah Collinsworth, who la
teaching - school In pike . county Is
spending a few days with borne folks.
Miss Grace Collinsworth of Catletts
burg is visiting? her cousin, Miss Beu-
There will be an Ice cream festival
at McDanlel Saturday aight Septem
ber 10. Proceeds for the benefit of
the school. Everybody invited
..Several from McDanlel .attended
church at the Brammer Gap Sunday.
- uux. ana Mrs. oscar combs were
calling on Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Holbrook
Revival meeting closed Friday night
at this place.
Paul Preston of Graves Shoals was
here Saturday and Sunday. - ,
Brack Edwards has returned, home
from Texas where he has been em
ployed in the oil business.
J. M. Gose is engaged in the goods
business at Beaver creek. - , v-' " j
Ed Gose Is bulldng a floatng palace.
Tracy-Preston has been visiting rel
stives at this place. .. .
Ball playing is all the go here now
Church every Saturday night at this
place. Everybody invited.
rf X'f.
Daniel and daughter,
Miss Gladys, have returned from Ines
where they were the guesis oi auui-
.nri Urn W. R. McCoy. They
were accompanied home by Miss Daisy
McCoy who will attend the Jno. v. v.
Mayo College this year.
m vfandn Howes and Misses
Christine and Lillian Howes returned
Thursday from a visit wun mrs. jhu.
E. Buckingham and Miss Winifred
Buckingham. : '
Mrs John H. Cooper and daughter
. i KinHav evening from Cin-
rciui 1 1 v. ..... .. j - .
cinnati where they visited Mfand Mrs.
Clarence Preston.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ajcner ma t
dren of Prestonsburg were the week
end guests of Mrs. Archer's parents,
Mr. and Mrs. Bug Preston.
Chas. Klse of Omaha, Neb, was the
guest of friends here Friday. Mr. and
Mrs. Klse and children are vibiuub
and Mrs. W T. Atkinon at van -ear.
Mr. and Mrs. Q. B. vaugnan roim..
ed last week from Mt Clemens. Mich,
where they spent some time. Mr.
Vaughan is much improvea n
since he returned home. Paintsville
Herald. .... '
Local' and Personal. -
Miss Bertha Lusk left Sunday morn
ing for Ironton, Ohio, where she will
teach In the graded school this year.
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Higglns and
daughter, Alice, of Portsmouth. O, are
guests of Mrs. Higgns' mother, Mr.
and Mrs. Fred Fugitt
Little Miss Gertrude Calllhan return
ed Sun'ay evening from an Ironton
hospital where she had had an opera
tioTi for appendicitis.
vii.. -MvrttiMrinrra left Thursday af
ternoon for Bowling Green where she
will enter the Business college. rw
Chas. and GleniT Ferrell of Warfleld
recently visited home folks.
Glenn ad Ralph Ferrell were re
cent guests of their grandparents, Mr.
and Mrs. 8. W. Marrs of Boldman,
Pike county. . ,
Misses Thelma Webb and Ethel
8tansbury were guests Sunday of Don
it han relatives. .
.c.v.roi vnnne folks from Ft, Gay
were entertained for dinner Sunday at
the home of Miss Vessie Peters.
Roy Peters spent the week-end with
home folks.
Mi Lenna M. Brown of St Albans
,',i.,t,.i frienri at HllltoD Farm a few
Aavm in lit week.
Th ni social was largely attended.
Owing to the illness of the teacher's
mother, he was compelled to be ab
sent. It was successfully conducted by
Earl Brown and Miss Vessie Peters.
Proceeds $10.25.
Mr. and Mrs. Welzie Peters attended
camp meeting Sunday night at i'ort
A reunion of the family of Mrs. Kiz
zle See was held Sunday at the home
of her eon, J. Crlt See with whom she
makes her home. If another scribe
does not give details of reunion In this
week's NEWS more will be said in
next week's letter.
1 '' s
. - - I
Mr. and Mrs. Harry Burton were
visiting home folks Sunday..
J. Lyon was the all night guest Of
u . M. Btambaugh Saturday night
Roy Stambaugh was the dinner
guest of L. M. Stambaugh Sunday.
Jake Wheeler and Miss Effle Mc-
Brier attended singing at Martha Sun
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Moore were visit
Ing friends and relatives In Johnson
county Friday and Saturday.
H. D. Smith was calling on E. J
Fannin Sunday.
Mr, and Mrs N. L. Oaborn were call
Ing on Mr. and Mrs. Alford Smith Sun
J. R. Stambaugh and family and
mother, Mrs. Alafalr Stambaugh at
tended the annual meeting on Tom'i
creek In Johnson county last week.
Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Blueboum of
Buchanan were Visiting the latter's
father, E. 8. West, last week.
Mrs. Lafe Griffith of this place was
caning on. Mrs. W. A. Fyff e Monday
Ray Stambaugh made a business
trip, to Louisa Monday.
L. M. Stambaugh was 1 business
visitor at Blaine Saturday afternoon.
. J .. . TWO CHUMS,
Born, on the 2nd, to Geo. Allen and
wife, a eirL .
Dr. J. C. Hall and wife were shop
ping in Ashland Friday. They were
accompanied home by the doctor's
niece. Miss Jessie Hanley. She. will
remain here to attend the children's
diiy exercises.
Mrs. David Shepherd 'has returned
home af.er a short visit with relatives
In Asn.bnd. -
Bwt Hlgglns is Improving after a
severe a Lack of typhoid fever.
gulte a crowd from here attended
th.- Chnu county fair.
Jess!" and Dellba Smith of Buch
anan note the week-end . Kuesie of
tbclr grandparents here.
Little Charles Fannin, who recently
had hlk leg broken Is getting a.ons.
nicely t nd will be able to taks Ills
part In the children's day exerciser
Sunday . .-. .. .
Golds Workman was able to attend
Sunday school Sunday after short
lllnexs uf dlrihtherU, BHOWIU.
Tntr 'were'itent
Sunday school convention Saturday,
, Mr. and Mrs. Alvln Runyons were
the guests of her sister, Mrs. J. W.
Austin last week.'
J. D. Damron and wife were Visit
ing their son at this place Saturday
and Sunday.
We were sorry to hear of the death
of aunt Betty Rlffe. '
W D. Jordan was visiting his daugh
ter.' Mrs. I E. Cooksey, in Louisa
Sunday. . ''
Sunday school every Sunday at :0.
Everybody invited to come. . ,
Mrs. Bertha Cooksey, who has been
quite sick, ia better at this writing.
Mrs. Lon Skeens is spending the
week with her daughter, Mrs. Crum.
A.,B. C.
Mrs. John Wallace la on the s'ok
lit:. -
Mrs. Armlnda Wittipbury Is consid
erably improved. '
Mr. and Mrs. Ben Maynard and
children are the guests of relatives at
Fort Gay and are attending camp
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Maynard and
children attended camp meeting at Ft.
Gay Sunday. - - r
Mrs, H. W. Lambert spent the week
end on Blaine the guest of relatives.
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Conley and
Children were calling on relatives at
Walbrldge Saturday night , .
The infant child of Mr, and Mrs.
Charley Thompson, is very sick at this
Several from this place attended the
Vinson reunion at L. K. Vinson's Sun
day. '
Misses Mary and Dona Moore spent
Saturday night with relatives at Wal
Miss Jessie Maynard is visiting her
sister on Two Mile,
Bert Wallace wM a visitor at school
Monday. SMILEY.
For Sale
I have 80 farms on my
list, ranging from 5 to
400 acres. AH locations
and descriptions. Near
towns, schools
C.E. RobbinG
Williamsburg, Ohio
. i - . . .
feu h -
.. Ara All Ths Children In?
The darkness falls, the wind is high,
Dense biack clouds fill the western
say; .. . .....
The storm will soon begin; '
The thunders roar, the lightnings ..
I hear the great round raindrops
dash .
Are all the children in? ,
They're coming softly to my side; ,
Their forms within my arms I hide;
No other arms are sure, . .
The storm may race -rh fnrv im
With trusting faith Htttn .-hurt
With mnlh.. ....!
- SO. The Lime ainoow tiuiui
Wilms, Fannin, Opal Fannin, Ruby
Blevina, Joe Allen, Ray Easton, Julia
Klnner, Lea Easton. .
II. Recitation, Have You Written
Home to Mother? Nellie Stewart
12. Now and Then, Charles Mail.
The Tree of Spirt-
13. uiaioguv.
tual Blessing and Song. Vaughens R..
No. 69 Lula Powers, Lena Easton,
Nellie Stewart Blanch Jackson Anna
Bhepherd, Mstle Blankenshlp, KHara
White, Doela White, Lavern Hall.Vlola
Fannin, Ray Easton, Gladys Queen,'
Joe Allen, Ella Powers, Lea Easton. ;
14. Recitation. How Glad I Was, ,
Laura Shepherd
15. I'm Going Home. Julia Klnner.
16. Bong 5 In T. B.
17. Recitation What the Bible Tells,
Lavern Hall.
18. Dialogue, A Call to Arms. -Religion
Beulah McGlothlln.
America Madge Davis. .
Agriculture Celsus Easton,
Wealth Mary McGlothlln. .
Volunteers-Bert Queen. . .
Volunteer Delbert Powers. .
Volunteer Laura Fannin
Volunteer Matte Blankenshlp.
Song, From Greenland's Icy Moun
tain. It. Recitation, A Plea From Africa,
Lula Powers.
49. Song 16, T. B.
41. Song, Vaughans Revival 15,
Book 1.' . '
41. Recitation, The Last Hymn,
Laura Fannin. '
44. DialoKU. Frdm Captivity -to
Powers, given by 20 men and boys, of
the 8. S. In 5 acts and 1 tableon.
45 Recitation, Bring Your Silver
Offer I n. Celsus Easton. '.-.
48. Song No. 100, T. B.
47. Valedictory, George Hall
48. Closing song No. 41, T.B.
40,. Benediction, Rev, S. JV Camp
bell W, the committee on program and
drill submit this program to be print
ed. ' MRS. J. N. QUEEN
. . Committee.
C. HALL, Director of Pro-
Fruits crops are looking fine here.
Ailple crops will be read;- for harvest-ins-
in two weeks.
The ranchers report the largest crops
for vears and many people from an
parts are coming here to help harvest
the fruit. .
school will begin soon.
v Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ward of Blaine
Kv, who were married in Catletts
burg, Ky., August 8, arrived here last
week, after honeymoon trip through
the west. They visited many interest
Ing parts of Oregon and Washington
and are now located here. They re
ceived a hearty welcome from their
friends and relatives who were raised . last Sunday.
!n Kentucky. Mr. Ward has a good Rev. H. B. Hewlett will preach here
position and expects to make his fu- the fourth Sunday In September Ev
Ture home. here. I erybody come out and hear him.
Mr. and Mrs. Ollvs- spent Sunday at 1 . Hose Cochran had the misfortune of
the Coast. - . I getting his, barn burned one day last
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ward spent week,
hundny with Mr. and Mrt. John Sparks Prayer meeting was largely attend
In the afternoon they oiotored to Che ed Wednesday night at this place.
tant and for which we sometimes sao
rltlcs a great many worth while things
are only fads and not worth a passing
thought Let us be sure before giving
up an old and tried Ideal, that It is not
worth more to us than any new one
which we may select to take Its place.
Singing here every Sunday evening:.
Jack Bryan was a business caller in
Catlettsburg Saturday.
Ettls Moore wss calllni on friends
at Buchanan Sunday. . i
ee Hall and Pat Vanhorn of Lock
vrood were calling on their best girls
last week. ... . I
Mrs. Clayton Jennings and little son -
of Van Lear ars visiting her parents
this week. .
Several of the boys from Prlrhard
attended singing hers Sunday night. ;
, Quits a crowd of boys and girls ars
contemplating a welner -roast near the
sulphur springs soon.
poimmeni vnwinv iuiv.
fend Sunday. - .
Mrs, Ida Rice and children were
guests or Mrs. urani voowy nur.
Mrs. Oscar Holllnsworth, who has
been III Is improving.
I Mr. and Mrs. -tigar ncott speni ami-
1 urday night with Wlllard Cooksey and
Drew Woods and Dennis Cooksey
are engaged In huckstering this week.
Mrs. Sarah Cooksey of Rsdnor. W.
Va. has been visiting relatives here.
John Cooksey attended church at
Brammer Gap Sunday..
g, D. Woods was o nour creek Sun-
day afternoon.' ...
Heaton Rlcs was at Ureen Valley
Nannie Rucker and Beulah Cordis
were visiting school here Tuesday.
Mr. and Mrs. Austin' Bentley were
here recently.
Arrangements ar being made to be
gin work on our new school house.
Dehnle Rice and family spent Sun
'day with home folks.
S. R. Chaffin of larger, W. Va. was
visiting his daughter here last week.
' Bunday school every Sunday at :10
a. m.
The Sunday school convention igas
largely attended at this place Satur
day. Everybody reported a fine time.
Rose Austin and daughters left Mon
day for Louisville,'
W. T. Austin has employment at
Fullers. "
Mart Moore purchased a new Ford
car last week.
J. E. Austin, who has been sick for
the past week. Is able to be out again,
L Collinsworth, Sid Hays and Geo.
OUcGuIre attended the Grayson Fair
last Thursday and Friday.
W. T Austin was a business Caller
In Louisa Saturday.
Ed Austin was calling on friends on
Long Branch last week.
Rev. H. B. Hewlett was In our town
last Saturday. .
Mrs. Jim Christian came up from
Ashland , last Saturday to visit ber
aunt, Mrs. Kane. .
Miss Marie Webb was visiting her
aunt, Mrs. W. M. Rlnegar one day last
Ed Skeens, who has employment In
West Virginia is expected home soon
Hose Cochran made a business trip
to Ft. Gay, W. Va last Friday.
Mrs. W. F. Austin of Potters was
visiting Mr. and Mrs. John Austin last
Sunday. '
H. C. Austin passed his 89th mile
stone last Saturday.
, Mrs. J H. Cooksey, who has been
on the sick list ia able to be out again.
Mrs. David Mulllns is visiting her
ion, J. R. Mulllns of Ft. Gay, W. Va.
Roscoe Boggs passed through town
enroute to Cadmus last Sunday.
Rev. Cassady preacsed a very Inter
esting sermon to the eople at this place
I .fate Jctotfei
'' V."rsT
Riley SI rot hers was a' uusma.
It or In our town. ,
Mr. and Mrs. E. a Kirk and Mr. and
Mrs. G. W. Hale returned home it-.
a It days visit to Washington and Olh-l
sr places of Interest
Robert Dixon of Louisa, Ky, was a.
business caller In town. Tuesday.
Nor a Watklns and her brother
have been visiting In Warfleld. Ky.
Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Lerd and daugh
ter of Huntington are visiting Mrs. W.
r. isyior mis ween, v
Mrs. R. M. Akers and children hav.
t -,...ls--rtV. w - y
gone to visit her parents at Auxler, It
Ky. ' .
The following la a few of the many
good bargains we have on our list We
also have bargains In town property
located In the town of Grayson, Ky.
Grayson Is the best school and church
town in ths south. It you sra looks
Ing for a place to educate your chil
dren and bring them up under a goodt
moral influence, giving them the chrls- '
tlan Influence that they are entitled to,
then Grayson Is the town. Ws invite
you to call upon us. We can prove
our statements.
No. 11. 10 serAi, g room house wltht J'
porches, outbuildings, two bams, good
Orchard, ft woodland, V In grass five ;
miles from Grayson. tli cash, balunca
i, ana i years
no. tv. su acres more or less, pos
or less, pos
es bottom, . it
condition, ; j
d, slrlppin, 1
figs, 2 smile -,,
Ibly more, about 40 acres
barn 7 room house fair co
good wells, tine orchard
room, crib and outbuildings,
from town on Midland trail on Ifirreta
creek, plenty of water for atotjj.
No. 6. II acres, 1 room new house
good orchard, good well, has oal and!
fire clay. Price $1250. Term, lso
cash, balance en time. t'
No. 12. 50 acres t'i miles froi town
has 8 room fine house, two norete '
cellars, alio, barn, smoke nous wash '
house, garage, light plant, fl welf
and plenty of coal. Bargain t 14000.
Terms, ft cash, balance on tl. The
buildings on this place are jrth at
least 16000. Quick sale ? .,
No. 14. 61 acres, 4 room hot. good
barn, good orchard, 35 acres; grass
Also, two room house, 10 ae X
loin lies 9 nunnrea yarns on
trail. Price 12635.00. Terms.
No. 24. 160 acres, all tilla
SO acres bottom, 60 acres ti
Midland trail, 1ft ml. from if,
17000. Terms, ft casn, ball,
and 8 years. )
No. 17. 180 acres, 8 room'
very good Good stable, of
rolling land, Vi ml. from Iron
6000 time timber. Price 1180
(500 cash, balance on time.
We have other farms and t
ci ty not In the above list tb
oe picaseu xo snow prospe
ers. '
P. AGBY & Hi
Reference! Commercial bJ
Citizens Bank, Grayson,' K

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