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fut inveniam viam, aut faeiam
XXXVII. Number 7.
M. F. CONLEY and E. K. 8PENCER, Publisher
! V V .'Jo Pr.""33
mcrsct Light is Now $2.40
and the Heavier Grade
Two Ff teen.
Incs our report lut week there
-e boon two advances In Kentucky
de ol!, bringing the light grade of
nerset from St.0 to 12.40, and the
rr itnide from t.0 to S2.15. This
nbout the moat welcome news we
Id have.
l,e increased pries has (llshtly
nulated activities In the Big Bandy
U. The Union Gail and Oil Com
,y I putting 15 strings of tools to
k In the' upper Blaine field. In
nson and ' Magoffin there la evl
ce of new life, aa a few more drill-
operation! aro starting.
' . , . i
Worcester, Maui., Oct. 17. Edward
J. Wilson, clerk In the Bant William
on, W. Va., sub-postofflce,' surrender
ed to the police here Saturday. He la
alleged to have told the authorities
here that he waa wanted at William
on In connection with a shortage In
hli accounts.
' Five men charged-with killing Bud
McCoy In Mlngo-co W. Va., will be
tried In Wayne on a charge of venue.
They are Kenas Mounts, J. J. Jones,
Tivis Yates Fatally Shoots
Magistrate, Claiming
Self Defense, v
Near Fort Oay. W. Va.. last Bunday
evening, Win. Walker was- Instantly
killed by Tlvis Yates, a neighbor, at
1 .
Riley Moade, Shelby Hardy and B. F. J tne home of the bitter's father-ln-law.
Buntley. , -, - Walker was drinking and Is said to
1 I have followed Yates during the day,
NEGROES ARRESTED FOR ;. l annoying and threatening him. Finally
Officers at Logan. W. Va, called J.
Uralsk y Thursday morning and In
formed him of the arrest of a negro
he followed to the home of Yates1 fath
er-in-law and started into the house
saying, "Now I've got you." It Is
claimed that he had his hand In his
nocket at the aame lime. Yates shot
man and woman at Lundale, suspect-1 nlm ln w v,ry near the heart. Walker
ed of being connected with the robbery threw his band on the wound and a
of his store three weeks ago. A trunk I .-ootid shot went through his hand.
oihli U elliTlng ss yet in the Lou- ul1 of new d waa ,oun1 '' l,'elr Tl.s third shot took, effect very near
Sawll. better fe- possesion. The negroes are being tn. 0,,ler., ,, be)nK not mor. thlin
on .ccoum of Increased price, but bought to Louisa with the goods. ,., Ineh difference In where the three
raise is not sufficient to .tart any- , w,MftOM ,. ooavSOM - "-, nded. I : s said Yaia. did th.
I, ,,nbU jheif should be a cunMd-- ' F. M. VINSON IN GRAYBON .hooting with ' Walkers pistol. Just
1 d.Tln tl Srtcc of p'lT ' ! Hon. Fred M. Vinson the Democratic.' how n, H.te not Icleafta the r
ie On-M m ti uncc m p.,x. ..... -. . i ondldat for Commonwealth's Attor- port KivKn - - ?
Iney, Is here this week shaking banttaj , Both men were married.? Yates is
jnA Vitrif1rflW v lwt,h old frlend" "nd making new onus aoout 15 years old and Walker was
uue nu"ul". Iby his gentlemanly demeanor. Thlngs,p,gt s0. The latter had the reputation
of being a dangerous man.
Yates waived examination and ball
waa fixed to answer to the action of
the grand Jury. v.. ',
roves service niiinAin rrnmr
FOR A8H LAND-LOUISVILLE K A 1 1 It 1 1 1 1 I I A h
ThelC. St. O. railway has put on an.
Ashlanjil-Loulavllle sleeper. Paaseng- j
ers may go to bed at p. m., or later
In the car at Ashland, and It will be
WKen out oy me . a.- m. train, ne
urnlng'from Louisville the car Is set
on a side track upon arrival about 11
p. m., land passengers may remain ' in
the berths until 7 a. m. This is a very
welcome improvement In the service.
Order tO Shippers In the political world have a rosy hue
- .to mm ana ne is mamng a irairauniiijf
he Cumberland lips Line company clean candidate. He says that at no
Milly made an order requiring lm- tlms did he promise to not be a can
lUlte sak of oil stored tn the lines, dldiite and that the rumor about him
penalty for failure to do so being having left the track has never had
to run oil from leases that jail- semblance of a foundation; that he
tolsell nl once. ls ln to win. fairly and squarely.
hid order has now been withdrawn, tiravson' Journal
d is said "unless shipments con-' ' " , -'
. to be made promptly. It may be AinDI AMI? AUH
i jwry to reissue the. order." , iillU LiillE tUiU
Free Exhibit of Stunts
Will to-Given Here
As announced In the NEWS last
week there will be an Interesting en
tertainment at Louisa on Saturday.
arltn. tfc-t. ' II. Harry Latll
nero of Mlngo-co, who was sen
t ,,. iu auM-uted at the Mounds-
fe: r'rVrJeo"? SStSJli Saturday of. this JVVeek a
when the elate supreme court a
rded a writ of error In the case In
rh he was defendant and the state
mlalnant. -
he, writ acts as a supersedeas to the I
itmrnt and the execution will noti
. . .... II . , M 1 llu.lfU,
rl"uBl Z",L. WhiU no October IX. RobL Khank of Hunting-
J-S fJrfth. hr?nWf arsu- hlbltlcii on
ewaa set for ths hearing of argu- .i-i: aim o.
, ,. on the " fll'a, "J eompanyln. him will be Daredevil
J?UULTlltZv i d Marc" Hold, who will jump from the plane
ring between January IS and March (rMt MgM n(, delK,ena wlth the
atttm.; y::ut throughout the
rc, ,,re,l uhn'w"L" United HUtes as a great flier and the
It on a small while girl. JU nsas ar- exhlbulon wl worl oomlnf many
vlcted and sentenced to be hung
hln a period of about three hours.
Vork. Is being pushed with all pos-
miles to see.
Anyone desiring to take a flight may
do so for ten dollars. ,
The program will take place chleflly
in the afternoon and the landings will
. ... .. ne nine on I'liii i rmr iitrin uj-
MPJh:dh,7WNvrbe"r0,r Mr.' shlTy. he w... circle around
T ' o'" of "tLnnXmesV!.- town and at t:M w... drop a. near
iu're. to be found anywhere. court house as possible.
re will be plenty of room for the ' , , .
ilness. which Xwlll Include a mod- Uealn COmeS OUudeniy
and fully equipped fountain tor. ft IlpnrV CODley
vlre of soft drinks and delicacies of
various kinds.
ne .moving "'7" 1 Saturday hlght. October IS. of heart
dy about November 15.. . The steel " M h.rt
Henry Copley, of Crum, W. Va., died
Ing is now being put on. The room
the second floor are being piaster-
,fter babyhood has passed, beware
liphtherla. Of all the deaths of chll-
i 3 and years ot ae. mure uu
seventh are caused by dlphtheru.
preventable and when properly
ted with antitoxin Is curawe. atom
ie children who die from diphtheria
ly lose their lives because of the
Iwnness of parents. If your chll
tfl) you that they are suffering
, Fhie throat be on your guard
)',,iil your doctor. You can recog
'a In many Instances by a
, iiT grayish patch tn the back of
i hroat. The glanda In the neck
j be swollen and painful, the pa
J Is feverish and often dellrous and
! al feeling of malaise. Call your
r Immediately and he In turn will
!n the health department to have
ratory examination of the throat.
sunitary sewer has been extend
Lttdy Washington street and will
r.psi Jot ths Hr.yder !! nniy
s. Also, an extension' Is being
from Lady Washington on Per
sprvs the property on tho back
disease. He was (7 years old and had
been a merchant 44 yeara - He had
never failed nor been burned out, but
had conducted his business In a safe
consistent tanner through all those
yeara. He waa a good cittsen and was
very highly respected. The commun
ity will miHS him.
i .
(IV liartram Is building a resi
gn the corner of Lady Washing
I l'lke streets, on a lot bought
.as. H. Woods.
I M. A. Emmons and little son
'Vednesday for their home at
fa, I'erry-oo., Ky, after ft few
llslt to hor mother, Mrs. Nannie
Before coming to Louisa she
n tho Ruost of Mrs. Dempster
(rville, Tenn., and of Blueflcld.
Jw Wolford. Jr., Deputy Tax
nloner of LUs, Tlke-co., called
VEWS office Monday. He was
Lay to 1'ikcviMc. .
fid Mrs. F. A. Millard and little
T, Klizaboth Ann, Mrs. J. A.
id Miss Agnes Abbott motored
. , vllle and spent Bunday with
later and family.
Two Vacancies on the Coun
ty Board of Educa
tion. MSSSSMSSa-l t
mmm 1.' - al.. t3,.HBU4
np vriniMn .rm tn h wtrtA at thf ot U who know her.
---m T .
One Killed, Two Hurt
In Mine Explosion
Williamson, V. Va, Oct. 17. John
!. aoosllu, mine foreman, was killed.
and two other minors seriously injur
ed toduy as the result Ot an exploalon
of undetermined origin in the mo'ith
of the lllack Diamond mlr.r, in Ken
tucky, opposite Williamson. The en
trance to the mine was v.-cked a.id
trackage lorn uj for a coieideri'Ve
distance Inside. The mi ,' v. --re on a
hillside outside the mine vi: it the ex
plosion occurred. , 1 ... s
1 ' ,.
Moving Pictures Free
for Farmers Saturday
Arrangement has been made by
County Agent, Q. C. Baker for a free
picture to be run all day at Eldorado
Theater next Saturday, October tl, for
the farmers who are In Loulert. that
day. It will be a five reel picture and
will be run as a matter of entertuln
ment for the country people, i.
Miiar Alertlnn this VMf. Novemben 4.
The ballot will be separate fromVhe
regular ballot. ,
. tin io this time only, one person. G.
3. Roberts, has filed for the place, but
others aro said to be contemplating do
ing so. The filing can be done, It la
said, any time previous to October 24.
A full board was elected last No
vember under the new law, but It pro
vides that two of the members shall
hold for one year only, and their terms
will expire'the first of January. :
Tho. Williamson News says: Two
young men, Will Trent and Arch Hat
field, were sentenced to the peniten
tiary in circuit court this forenoon,
each for having shot hla brother-ln-
Wlll Trent, convicted week ago yes
terday of second degree murder wns
sentenced to 12 years in the Mounds
ville penitentiary by Judge R. D. Bnll-
Largest Advertisement
Ever Printed in Louisa
The NEWS is II pages this week. J.!
laralsky has broken the local record by
running an advertisement covering
four pages, printed ln red Ink. for his
big sale that starts next Wednesday.
Jake says he baa thousands of dol
lars worth of goods that will arrive
during this sn In addition to the im
mense stock I on hands. -;
, lOUISA girls
, -W-'
" - Hayss-Stslsy.
The marriage of Miss Mary Hayes,
daughter of Mr. W, L. Hayes, a local
drilling contractor, and Mr. Arthur
Staley, of Wayland. Ky, was quietly
solemnised at the home of the bride's
sister, Mrs. Jake Thompson of this
place on Tuesday morning at ten-thirty
o'clock. Only the Immediate fam
ily add a few friends were present at
the ceremony. The couple left on the
one o'clock N. B W. for a visit to Co
lumbus, ClncldTatl and other points.
The bride was attired In a very at
tractive traveling suit of blue with
gray accessories. . ' '
Until recently Miss Hayes, who Is
a graduate of the Kentucky Normal
College, was employed as stenographer
with the Elkhorn Coal Co., of Garrett,
CjV. She Is a young woman of attract-
e personality ano enjoys me weem
The groom.- also a graduate of the
aame school, is employed as engineer
for the C. A O. Railway Co., .wttn
headquarters at Wayland. It is at that
pilice the young sottpls -cUi CiaHe their
horns. .
Their many friends wish them much
happiness In their future life.
Crutohsr-Tsvsnnsr. ;
A oretty wedding took place in Lou-
lea Saturday morning when Miss Mary
Crutcher became the bride of Mr. w.
B. Tavenner. The home of the bride's
parents waa the scene of the wedding
which waa .witnessed by the family ana
a few close friends. Rev. J. D. Bell
performed the ceremony.
The happy couple left soon after
wards for a wedding Journey. They will
make their borne ln Louisa, Mr.. Tav
enner being lh. the employ of the Lo
. Fifteen millions of dollars road bonds
have been sold for the Htate of West
Virginia and a, part of the funds are
available. This will enable the coun
ties to go forward with a large amount
of road work. Wayne county will re
teive 4 considerable sum..'. ' ."
The Louisa lodge Initiated seven new
members Monday night and were as
sisted fin the work by 35 women from
the Fallaburg lodge. The visitors are
well versed in the ceremonies and are
reported' to have put on the work very
efficiently, A supper was srrved at
p. m and after the close of the .lodge
All Roads to be Invdi rtLrerat :
AU Trainmen Expect-
, ea 10 oiriKe.
Mrs. Margaret Jane Hennley, wife of
J. W. Hensley of Prichard. W. Va,
filed Frtflnv llntnlter 14 ntroA 97 v.ara
She was a member, Of the Methodist
church from early life and was a fulth
ful christian all her lift?! - Burial; took
place Sunday, October 16 ln the Cen
terville' cemetery. Rev.: Alley Smith
preached her funeral. " She was the
step mother of C. E. HenBley 'of Cat.
lettsburg, formerly of Louisa. ....
October SOth Is 'the date fixed for
the union, employees of practically all
the railroads In the United States to
quit work as a protest against reduc
tions in wages and changes in work
ing rules. The railroads are divided
into groups and the groups will walk
out In succession, 24 hours apart The
C. & O. Is in the group that will strike
November 3. , 1
The railroad officials are preparing
to fight it put. They are announcing
that freight rates will be reduced in
proportion to the wage reductions. Al
ready some of th roads are advertis
ing for engineers and trainmen to go
to work October SO, with guarantee of
permanent positions. There are mlV
Hons of Idle men in the country and
everybody enjoyed Ice cream- and cake,
Those who -were Initiated on. this oc- ( these probably will be standing In line
naslon were Mrs. Josephine Rice. Mrs. i for the vacant places. " ,;: .
uock J'lrdsii, Mi'." M. F. , !lalc, Mra.J . A railroad striko now .is not as ser
Jay Roberts. Misses Helen Vinson, lous as It was 20 years ago. Motor
KT..ua William nA .Allan WavlM I. ., I . 1 - . 1 . . . . . .
' " ........... b.iu Hl.iw .-re, uuuu UJ WIC lIIUUM.IlUt I1I1U LUnV Ol
- Arbie Branham and Miss Ruth Per
ry, young couple, 01 near ion (jay, vv.
Va., came over to Louisa last Friday
and were united in marriage. The cere
mony was performed by Rev. s! F.
Reynolds at the home ot Mr. aidMrs.
Flem McHenry of Lock avenue who
are-relatives of the groom. "He Is the
son of B. Branham and grandson of
Mrs. Emallne Hardwlck with whom he
makes his home.'
Basrom Nunley, 88, of Hewlett to
Anna Moore, SO, of Buchanan. ' .
Arble Branham. 18. to RUthie I'erry,
17, of Fort Gay, W. Va. ' '
W. B. Tavenner, 2. of Fort Gay, W.
Va., to Mary Cruncher, 18, of Louisa.
Arthur Staley, 21 of Sinalley, to Mary
Lee Hays, 18, of Louisa.
Big Conflagration Loss Es
timated Over $60,000.
Helller. Ky., Oct. IS. Fire originat
ing In Robert McClure's residence
devaluated the main business section
of Helller. The alarm was Inunedl- j
ately sounded nitd heroic efforts were
put forth by the citlxens of this little
coal mining city to check the flames,
but the fire had gained such headway
for awhile the entire city was doomed,
but through hard work and untiring
efforts, of the citlxens the upper part
of the city waa saved, though not until
the fire had consumed nine buildings,
valued at nearly seventy thousand dol
lars. The principal and heaviest los
ers were Cohen ft-Btryk department i
store, their loss being estimated at
more than $40,000.00. ' The Cohen &
Btryk buyers were in Chicago buy
Ingi fall merchandise and more than
310,000 worth of brand new fall goods
was destroyed. The C. A O. lost their
station together with its contents.
An estimate of the loss is as fol
lows: '
Cohen & Stryk's department store,
340.000.00; C. A O. depot and contents,
33.000.00; Robtl McClure's residence,
35,000.00; I. O. O.- F. Hall, 3,000.00;
Lace Stansberry's restaurant; 33.000;
Joel Radlirs store building. 11.600. 00;
Martha Ratllff's residence, 34,000.00;
Flem Chllders' residence, 31.000.00;
Fred. Browning's restaurant, 32,000.00;
France & Farley restaurant, 32.760.00;
Manhattan restaurant damaged, 31,
600.00. , . -. ,
A small amount of insurance was
carried by Cohen & Stryk, I.. O. O. F.
hall and Lace Btansberry.
Young Man on Bear Creelc
the Victim of an Ac
. " cident,
, James Ball age 21, was killed at
Adeline. ' this county, last Saturday
night. He was accidentally shot by
Mrs. Sophia Church, who playfully
pointed a gun at him. The weapon
was accidentally discharged, It is said,
and death was almost Instantaneous.
The young man was popular and
well respected and his death is deeply
regretted. Mrs. Church is prostrated
over the tragedy. ' - ,
The funeral was held on Monday ait
Tyree Chapel and the body was laid
to rest in the family burial ground. '
thousands, and automobiles by the
hundreds of thousands will take care
of the absolute necessities of iht cities
and country in generaL ' '
An announcement from a high union
official on the Pennsylvania system
says 16,000 men on that ,road will re
fuseUo obey the strike call.
The working rules of the railroad la
Sor unions are said to be a greater
handicap to the Economic and efficient
operation, of railroads than high wages.
(In a personal letter from A. H. Mo
Ciure, of. Yuma, Arisona, the follow
ing Information Is given and it will be
of Interest, to relatives and friends
S. M. McClure
4 Seriously Injured in Ac- -,
1 cident in Huntington
While on his way to assume his Sab
bath duties as superintendent of the
Sunday school of Central M. E. Church
South, 8. M. McClure. 49, of 1044 Mad-
ison-av., : was, run down and seriously"
injured by an unidentified motorist at
3:15 o'clock Sunday, morning. Mr. Mc
Clure was struck by an automobile,
said to have been speeding, as he
crossed Jefferson -a v.. at Eleventh-st.
His eleven-year-old daughter, Eliza
beth, standing on the curbstone, saw
her father's body tossed into the air
by the machine, which disappeared to
ward the western limits of the oity
without stopping to aid the victim. At
a late hour that night, police had been
unable to ascertain the identity of the
car or its driver.
Mr. McClure's right leg and right
shoulder were fractured and he had
suffered also a slight fracture of the
skull, it was stated after he had been
removed to the Kessler-Hatfleld hos
pital In the car of a passerby. He will
recover, barring unforseen , complica
tions, said hospital authorities. The
leg was broken below the knee when a
wheel of the car passed over it
Although the happening waa seen by
a number of eye-witnesses none was
able to give definite description of the
mysterious automobile. One man sus
pected of having been the driver Of the
cat- was questioned by the police, but
he was not placed under arrest, hav
ing offered an unimpeachable aHbi, it
was said. .. ''''
The neighborhood In which the vic
tim lives was thrown into & state of
Indication by the affair and its shadow
was marked at services at the church
of which he was a member and offi
cial, Mr. McClure, a carpenter, has
long been held ln high esteem in the
community tn wltlcn he lives and many
condolences and offers of assistance In
obtaining the arrest of the driver of
the mysterious car were received by
his family yesterday. He is married,
and has two children, Donald and
Elizabeth. . ''. ,
With the latter, Mr. McClure left his
residence for Sunday school services.
At the street corner where the acci
dent occurred, he left the child upon
the curb, because he feared he would
be late and her small legs could not
take the strides his were capable of.
Only a moment after admonishing her
to be careful and to follow him with a
group of her young friends who were
approaching, he stepped in front of the
speeding automobile.- Huntington Her
aid-Dispatch. .'
To preserve for posterity numerous
tributes which were paid ln memorials,
resolutions, and" newspaper articles to
the late Mrs. S. S. (Aunt Polly) Yin
son, a memorial booklet will shortly be
published, Mrs. Mary Clark stated yes
terday. The edition will probably run
into several hundred copies and will be
presented to the friends of the late
pioneer. It is probable newspaper arc
tides will be photographed and re
produced ln the booklet Other photo
graphs Including those of the late Mrs.
Vinson and her home, as well as hls-
- Frankfort, Ky October 17. Richard
Sparks, convicted September 23 ln the
Lawrence Circuit Court of having mar
dered hla -cousins, Man and Mary
8parks, and sentenced to life impris-
onment. today filed in anneal in the
Court of Appeals. . .
Mr. C. O. McDougle, traveling tales
man ln this territory, was called to his
hbme In Maysvllle Tuesday of last
week by the serious illness of his
mother, Mrs. Mary Mahnen McDougle,
whose death occurred on Friday night
She was 84 years of age and had spent
her entire life ln or near Maysvllle.
The funeral and burial took place Sun
day afternoon. '
A Broken Back Results
From Fall From Mov
ing: Train.
Jay Northup Wood is In a hospital
at Cleveland, Ohio, with a broken back,
and with no Tiope held out by the phy
sicians for his recovery. He fell from
the cab of a locomotive last Sunday in
the Cleveland yards of the Big Four
railroad. .
He Is a son of Dr. H. A. Wood of
Buffalo, and a grandson of Col. Jay H.
Northup of Louisa. A telegram was
received here about 10 a. m Monday
and Col. Northup and daughter. Miss
Hermla, left at 12:60 for Cleveland.
The physicians say the young man
may live a few weeks or only a few-
days. The Bpinal cord is cut and he Is
paralysed from the hips down. His
father is wfth him.
The accident ocourred when North
up was leaning out of 'the window of
the locomotive cab, looking for a sig
nal. The arm rest gave way and he
pitched headlong to the ground. He
was picked up and hurried to the hos
pital and given every attention pos
sible.' He has been conscious' and
cheerful all the time. :
During his childhood Northup of
ten visited in Lou.sa. He is about 25
years old. A few years ago he took up
railroad, work and was very enthu
siastic about It. That he should be the
victim of an accident that seems cer
tain to coBt him his life at so early
an age arouses deep sorrow and sym
pathy in the, hearts of his friends and
the friends of the family.
Patrick's Majority Is ; "
Increased By Recount
, Prestonsburg, Kyt V 17. The re-i
count before Specl 'e A. Cisco
in the contest of tbllcan nom
ination for CircuitV, n the Thirty-first
District resuft i the major
ity of Judge A. P. PafK.k being in
creased from seven to thirty-two votes.
The, contest 'was brought by C. D.
Wheeler, who charged bribery and
fraud and asked a recount The contest
suit was on trial here all last week.
Convicts Escape; v
i 3 Guards Ousted
Two and a half years ago his daugh
ter, Louise, married Capt. Owen R. , torlcal data and family chronology will
Rhoads. of tht Kth U. 8. Infantry. He i be Included. Huntington Herald-Dis-
'I'he bride is a member of the Senior i afterward did service in Siberia and patch.
then was transferred to Manna, wnere
elm's of the Louisa High School and
!h very popular ln her circle of friends.
Trent was tried for the murder of tihe Is the youngest daughter of. Mr.
. . .1 . 1 1.. Talll O nm n n rwl Mr H I'rltTPnAr M mil I aCB.
n IB oroiner-iii-iiw, . v. ....... ... ... ,u . .. - " " r - - ,
Chattaroy The shooting took place ' Atn Tavenner's home is Ml r on uay, i ney are now sumuneu i cn u
oarly ln the evening of February 1. but W. Va, He Is well known here and (onto, Texas. : ' ,
. ..u.n,! waka hur. - hn mmlii nulta a record aa catcher on Mr. McClure Is at the head of a large
after Feeling between the two was the local ball team. ' " and successful realty, loan and trust Icated next Sunday morning. Rev. J,
developed by repeated quarrels over Louisa friends wish them a happy, company! His wife was Miss Miriam D. Bell, of Louisa, will preach the ser-
u ' ' . . ..... . . .. LmIm mAn hn that nrwAalnn. ..
the union. imure. , , t
his wife lolned him. They traveled in NEW CHURCH TO -
China 'and Japan and in June of this BE DEDICATED 8UNDAY
year were ordered to the United States.
A new non-aenominatlonai cnurcn
building Just completed at Five Forks,
two miles west of Louisa, will be ded-
Frankfort, Ky., Oct. 18. It was re
ported here today that three guards at
the Rockcastle Road Camp were dis
missed as a result of the escape Sun
day and Monday of ten prisoners. Two
guards were sent from here to the
camp today. Of thos-who -escaped
three were recaptured. They are nave
Hall, Letcher county.sorving two years
for .robbery, and Milton. Caperton,
Lawrence county, two years for strik
ing, who got away MofWay, and Char
les Travis, . Fayette county, twelve
years, manslaughter, one of the eight
who escaped Sunday. ,
Those Who left the camp Sunday are
Hatfield and Harlan Bryont, Plke-co,,
-In. oanh mnllrlmiH ahnnllna"
Henry Edon, Rowan-co ten years,
manslaughter: Ed Cpomer, Floyd -co.,
6 years, stealing' an automobile; Frank
Cassady, Whitley-co., two years, house
breaking; Bonson Waddles, Letoher
county, 14 years, manslaughter; Robt.
Brock. Franklin-oo., 2 , years, house
breaking, and Travis. , Loutsvllle
Bennett Sammons, an aged man,
died near Dunlow Sunday night. He
was a highly respected citizen.
P. J. Thompson's three year old
daughter. Norma, died of diphtheria
recently near Sidney.

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