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U t. jS CMS
Friday, Octob-r 21, 1921.
rent Prosrcm of Relief
and Service;
llioks for veteran aid
f'cdical Aid for European Chtt
; -dren Will Cost f 6,000,- '
: 000 This Year.
Wellington. Expenditure totalllaf
lV!6Leo7 for carrying throng b It
program of relict and aarvlce lo Um
Culled state' and oversea ar crot
lined Id tli budget f Uu American
Etd Croaa for tb currant (Ucal year.
Thla tHttU more than WJ(JO,OOQ low
r than- th expenditure during
last fiscal year, when tha dlh-n
' mama reached 24,4M,741, Jt la ao-
wuum ai niuonti iieaaquarler In
a ((atemeat , calling attention lo the
necessity of continued support of Uta
organisation by response to the An
aual Itoll Call, November U to 24,
If the vital work of the society la t
o effectively retried on.
-Outstanding auioug the item i of tbe
domestic budget la the appriwirlutlon
of S3,6flBwsa for, work to behalf of
the dlaabled -service man and hi
family. TbU appropriation represent
tbe amount alloted to this work from
Nations) Headquarter only and doe
not take Into consideration tbe. full-
'llona being spent In chaptet for re
lief of the World War veteran. It
la In the rbaptitr that tbe greater
amount la apent In meeting thla ohll
gatlon of the- Red Croaa, tbe announce
ment coatleue, as nianlfeated by H
urea ot tbe fiscal year UMM921 when
tbe total wa approximately $9.01)0,
000, of' which I2,0O..OD represented
the disbursement of National .Head'
v-uarter while the remainder was tha
chapters' contribution to thla Held ol
lied tiroes aervlre. '.:
Vaat Work for, Dlaabled
Chief among tbe aub-dlvlelons of
lb appropriation for work with vet
ran la that which concern itself
wltb assistance to dlaabled uten and
wotBFr, m goveniiBeot boapiuii. - JWm
Item of ll.790K)0, an Increase ot wore
than g.iOOXW over tlie appropriation
for the same work In last year' bud
get, will provide thoee personal serv
ice for the dlaabled and their fatuities
wblcb are Indispensable to uppleuu-ut
-those- provided by the government.
Tbe director of tbe Veterans' Burean
ha recently expressed bl desire that
the lted Croaa ahould continue and
extend tlime "humanising services.
Oilier Hem of the appropriation Jut
velernn' relief are proportionately in
creased. An additional appropriation
of ifS0.60l ha been made for lted
Croaa work in connection with regu-
Jar Army and Navy hospital and
with the regular Army and Navy.
Per dtsaater relief, tbe Hed Cross
haf t guide for' the current twelve
months an' appropriation 'ot J543.S70,
virtually . doubling the appropriation
f5r the eame purpose for tbe (Ucal
yeir lajo-iuui, '," -; )
Mora than 1,000,000 la provided for
aervlre and aaalataoc td -tbe 8,600
Red C'ros' chapter by tha national
organisation. ""- -
Helping Oeatltut Children
' Other Items of the domeatlc budget
Include 1408AM for mlseotlaneou na
tivities, including- contributions, re
stricted for apecUl.purpoxH and tTCS,
800 for management; ItacH of these
Items represent large reduction over
similar appropriations of tbe previous
year. ...--. , , t .
Trom ir fund of flO.OOO.OtKJ, S.0XV
000 of which was contributed through
the European Relict Council campaign
and J.IOOO.OOO allotted by the Red
Croa. for child welfare work In
Europe, there remain S,76,108 still
available, of .which It la estimated
that 10,000.000 Will be required for
hi work during the current year,
.'or Red Croaa participation In tha
otnt effort to relieve famine condl
ions in Russia, for final work In the
Ihlna famine, for Junior Red Cross
nd other oversea actlvttlea Including
'i closing of the old general relief
ropram In Europe $4,1)78,00(1 Is made
I In -announcing tha notional' budget,
e Red - Cross make It clear, that
figure do not Include chapter ex
'ndltures or place any cash estimate
I tha Invaluable service ofvolun
ra in cnapter.
.'HE AMERICAN - ' ' "
)VEJ,IEER 11-24, 1921.
v... y
1 -r. I ...I
. To bring before the. country In
.o aoive, ne American Ra Croaa
Nov. 11 to 24,, a poater ahowing how rather than dlmlniahing the total of
. World War veteran entitled t9 Federal aid contlnu t grow. Red Crow
ri o mm men : coning iu,uuu,uoo a year. .
President Hai'dmg
Now Heads Red Cross
uKMDini Tormor preaiflent Wilaan. Pr.iri.n, u..i..
UOt.d president f the American Red
cfflc From l.ft ta right: M.J. Q.r.
V --.v-.., ninnan vnirai ommillw sf U9 Rm
! f!. V "' Trewury Kllot W.drworth;
"""' bw n. nm, vurgeen
Red Cfbss Trains r
147. Blind Vets ,
4n Useful Work
.Training designed to fit 4hen for the
bsttle of Ufa wa taken by I4f blind,
mj cx-Fnrn- men at inn ttea croa in
etltutefof b Itllnd, near Baltimore,
d., during the nsoal yer llr20-l21, erviie men wuo are entitled
atordlna to' the 'report, of the Instl- 'o Federal aid before thf proper gov
tute for that period. I ernment bureau for action- has been
- Of thla number, 19 havs gone on W '
other Institutions, In almost everyi
ess to Institutions where those hav
ing sight are receiving advanced edu
cation. The blind ex -service men who
have entered such Institutions are pro
vided wltb special text-books In
Braille, reading which they wore
taught at tha Red Cross Institute.
Twelve men have passed from the
Institute to successfully csrry on some
occupation or business for which they
were fitted by special training. A few
have withdrawn from the Institute be
cause of poor physical condition, 14 are
receiving further "training on tbe
Job" and 87 are still in training.
Red Cross Plans ; ,
' $6,000,000 Effort
-To Save Children
i Medical care and clothing for thou
sand of children ra Central and East
ern Europe are outlined s the activ
ities of the American' Rerf Cross In
Europe for. the current year, ay a
Statement on the eve of-the Annual
Roll Call of the organization! These
Activities, auppletnental to the feeding
operation of the European Relief
Council of which Herbert Hoover Is
chairman, are designed to provide tbe
most adequate and balanced relief
within th resources of private phi
lanthropy., )
Through the establishment of child
welfare stations In the centers of pop
ulation of those countries where ade
quate medicnl care Is not now ohtnliu
able, the American Red Cross pinna'
to provide the medical saslatance need-
e) to restore these children .to a no-
niulltf hnnWh 1lf TI.a b,, .
......... ....... ..j ...v. - " BUM, Wl B(J.-
noo.non has been made available for
this work.
. ...
l ii :c tvi-bcryjice man
and htsfr.iu-lv " ,.
vlaual form th vast problem It I helpln
haa prepared for It Annual Roll Call
Crew. Ha i.h,re ...n accepting th.
M.rritt W. Ireland. Surgeon Central,
aeneral, U. N. - -
fed Cross Gives
$310,000 to Aid
'Clean-Up' Drive
An appropriation f SSIOIOOO for
Red Croa work In connection with the
"clean-Up" cuhipalgh,' Instituted br the,
Qovernmebt to brinrf the claims of.uU
""de hy th American Red Ooax.
ThT Executive Committee -of," the
American Hed Cross In muklne; 1 the
appropriation authorized the appropri
ation of S.H3,000 of this smn to the
American Legion to . defray" the ex
pens of th Legion representatives
assigned to the various districts of
the Veterans Bureau. - '-. - -z.
Th remainder of the appropriation'
was authorized for apportionment
among the several Divisions of the
Red Croaa for carrying on that part
of the "clean-up" work that fnlla di
rectly upon the Red Cross orgunlxatlon.
Young America
Sends Vast Relief'
To Needy Abroad
- j
' Various relief project of tha Junior
Anierlcan Red Cress In" European
countries resulted In helping 2.17,t)6o
destitute children during the last fis
cal year, according to the annyal re
port of the American Red Cross for
that period. The growth of the activi
ties of the Juniors abroad Is nianf
fested by a comparison which shows
this figure Is 200,000 larger than that
of the previous fiscal year. ? I
. The National Children's Fund raised
by school children, members of the
Junior American Red Cross, wa
drawn upod for $420,557 for these proj
ects. Receipt for the Katlonal Chil
dren's Fund during the last fiscal year
totalled $155,317. - j
America Succors Russian
Food, clothing and medical relief
costing $700,000 has been provided by
the American Red Cross for the thou
sand of Russian refugees stranded
last year la Constantinople and Vi
cinity. '
1 w
H The second assembly of the Leagu?
or Nations adjourned on Cfeiuuer
A alleht .decreaae In unemDlovment
in Keptember la reported by the De
parunent or utoor., ....
Princes Taai Feng, mother ot the
depoaed boy JCmperor of China, d(ed
on uciooer . , , , . ..
The nation's groas public debt ' In
creased ll,77S,000 In September, being
2t),z,vu8,eutt on September S(L
J. MortonHowell ,of Peyton, Ohio,
haa been selected a special diplomatic
agent -and conaul general at Cairo,
EgyPt. ,
Entire cbntrol of the, British mand
ated area in Mespotamla 1 to be traria
ferred from the army to the Royal Air
Korea. ' . ', ' ' .... ,
The United States Supreme Court
convened' October I for the fall term.
William Howard Taft waa sworn in as
chief Justice. . -.Vj. :.i .....
Invitation have been ent to Belr
glum. Holland, and Portugal to be
come member of the Conference on
Far Eastern cubject. ''..;
. Emperor Yoahlhlto. of Jaonn who
ha been 111 for a year, Is nld 'to be
In a aerloua condition, both mentally
and physically. . .
The semi-centennial of the great
Chicago tire, which occurred October
, 1871. will be celebrated in Chicago
next montn. .,..
Of the 1,464 steel ahlpa under control
of the shipping board, only 420 are in
service, and twenty. five listed as "un
dergolng repairs,
Flashleas gunpowder,' making poe
aibie night firing without illumination
la one of the recent development of
the army ordnance corps.
South Africa -will send a wreath of
native, wild tlowera to ha pUrod -upon
the tomb of America' "unknown sol
fliey'bv Arlington Cemetery.
A gang of foreigner who planned to
float $40,000,000 counterfeit American
currency in the State of Central Eu
rope haveNieen arrested at Budapest
The chair used by Theodore Roose
velt at his desk I nthe White Houae
hns been presented by President Hard
ing to the Roosevelt Memorial Aaso
:1a Hon. ; . - - t
. The Supreme Court at Washlngto
lias held that State taxes may be col
feted upo business done by .com
panles locaftd within the State, al
iliouKh the business was Interstate
and conducted almost exclusively out
aide the State,
Chairman George White, of the Dem
ocratic National Committee, haa issued
a formal call for a. meeting o fthe body
in m. XjOui,. November 1. .
An agreement whereby Germany Is
to deliver to Prance seven billion gold
mark worth of building material with
in the next three years ha, been sign
Chief Justice Taft haa been re-elect
ert president of the Unitarian General
Conference. He. was elected without
opposition for a third ' consecutive
term. ' , v V
An apple crop movement from Waah
Ington State of 1J.B00 ear loads is Just
beginning. The bulk of the apples
ready for ahlpment are for Eastern
Major-General Wood retired from
active aervtce in the army on October
to accept the governorship of the
Philippines. , He had been In tbe ser
vice thirty-six years. ,
Hungary has withdrawn trom Burg
enland, the narrow atrip of .territory
awarded Austria, in conformity with
the note of the Council of Ambassa
dor of September 12. .u. i . ?
The Swedish cabinet has resigned aa
reault of the recent elections: in
which , the Socialist group won one
hundred and lx seat In the second
chamber of parliament.
Laurita S. Swenson of Minnesota.
who has served aa American minister
to several , European countries, has
been nominated by the President to be
minister to Norway. . " .
1A serious conflict between the Ar
gentine government , and the railroads
f that country has developed aa a re
sult of the refusal of the railroads to
reduoe freight and pasaenger rates.
William B. Leeda.vjr., of New York,
was married to Princess - Xeniat Geor
Sievna, of Russia; In Paris October t
Young Leeds's mother .4s tthe .wife of
Prince- Christopher, of Greece.
' The proprietor iof a news stand near
New York Cly park nightly s-lves
his torn and unsold newspapers to the
park sleepers, who would otherwise
have nothing between them and the
cold.. ' - - '.- -" :
Reports from Tamplco, Mex.. state
that six thousand men are. out of work
In' the oil tlelds there, .due principally
to heavy rains In the past tew week
which, have caused suspension of all
;erat!one. ...
Chief' Justice. Taft: appeared before
the Senate: Judiciary Committee last
eeR and ui-ged the appointment of
ghteen additional district Judge as a
means of relieving congestion in Fed-
ral jCourt dockets. ' i - ; : , ..
C:ipt. R. F.' Carter, -Who was for 85
year raptain of the Maid 6f thai Mist,
the 1 1: tie steamboat which' plies the
river t the foot of the American and
Horseshoe falls, died in Niagara Falls,
'Ont., on October i" . ' -President1
Harding;' and the members
of his cabinet will march aa an escort
of 'honor when the body of the un
known : Amtertcafty soldier . Is ' carried
from the Capitol to Arllngttiri Cenv
etery, on November U. .-, .v . v;v
Railroad proposals to increase freight
rates "w lumber from: Washington,
Oregon, Utah, and Idaho to El Paso br
twenty-flve per-cenfhave been held
not Justified by the Interatate Com
merce Commission. ... ii -(.. ;
Russia's total grain ylekl Is estimat-4
ed .at 1,187,837,000 bushels, half of
which Will be required for seed'. The
remainder will be insufficient to feed
the population, and about 26,000,000
bushels will have to be Imported from .
' The year 6682 of the Jewish calen
dar bepan October t, with the Jewish
New Year. Beginning with' this new
year, the Jewa are to attempt to raise
flOO.W.OOf in five years to promote
l A It . . ,
r - .
L"'J.. A . '
U. -'jl.U:''i.l..J...,
the reestabllshment of the Jewish na
tional home In Palestine.. :; - .
.November 11, Armistice .Day, Is to be
observed by the British Legion as "Re
membrance Day."- Artificial poppies,
made by women in -the devastated re
gions of France, are to be sold in
Great Britain, and the proceeds used
to assist unemployed war veterans In
securing employment.
-'The pie social at this place Satur
day night was a grand success.
D. M. Justice and daughter have re
turned home from Maysvllle.
?-Willie Borders, who Is teaching at
waionage, spent Saturday and Sun
day with home folks.
, CJC. Hays was in Louisa Monday.
W. T. Cain ot Louisa spent Tuesday
nigm or last wee it with B. F. Moore, ,
Several from here attended church
at uordell Sunday. , ...,,
Minnie Moore and Lula Edwards
werpsshopplng In Blaine town Monday
Willie Borders , was the afternoon
guest of Mia Jettie Hays Saturday
J. u. Ball ana wife motored to Lou
isa and back Saturday. . . -
Leo Berry waa on our creek Monday.
Bascom Moore was .calling on his
oost gin at cordeil Saturday afternoon.
u. v.-Ball Jr is contemplating a
mp to Mreenup county soon. .
Jbewls Moore spent the week-end at
Ashland, i .
Schoileld Jordan paased ' down our
creeg one day. last week.
Jay - Moore la having hie house re
Mrs. A. B. Holton of Blaine was here
recently visiting her mother, Mrs. D.
M. Moore. . .. -, I ,
Fred Short, wife anil hlM...
SunSay with Milt McKlnster andwife
or Adams.
Charley Carey passed thrbuarh here
r riaay enroute te Louisa.
Kermlt, Delia and Irene Moore were
Sunday guests of their arandfather.
Thornton Moore. '. ' . )
' " " ' MRS. GRUNDY.
Church at this place wa lararelv at
tended Bunday. . . ,
Taylor Workman of Ashland waa the
week-end guest of home folks. ,
. Sam Vinson and Chasl Workman Are
attendlna school at iviiiin '
, .Irene Wells Was the pleasant' guest
i ,m,BB urey tsroona ot Lou-
1'i,;'"-;,- I d'u.-'.! !-f :; -.
Misses. Veasie. Peter. o
Giady Peter were calling at the lock
Sunday afternoon.
Quite a crowd from Saltpeter at
tended church here Sunday. ,
Mr." and Mra. Bovd Workman ani
children of the Point were visiting rel
atives here Sunday. - -
; Virginia, little daughter of Mr. and
Mrs. Jake Workman haa been
sick with tonsllltui.' :.
John Johnson attended rhnn-h .i
Donlthon Sunday,: ,:
Mt. and.Mr. Ethel Ball of Mill creek
Af-B. vlttltlnD- ralotl,,.. V. - - .
. , . " - T5 T Mw ' BfWw.r. -fin.
J ;; 1
&b 'If
"Play Any Record Yoii 8ay
, In a 'Natural-Toned'
-1.1.' .0 :'-..iL ii-u..,f
13 that phonograph because. In built, are so ' many Improved refine
ment of scientific construction, that It "finer-tone-quail ties" are
easily and decisively recognized. ;
A Demonstration of it .wonderful' Performance will be
; A. Revelation and a Surprise to you.
p IT;
V r m , ri9 r v
L wiiC JH- np.
i . ' '7. - -'
Catlettsbuig, Kentuot'y . '
"Thomaa Rico, Manager
' Julia HcKinster Moore was - bona
February 23, 1003, died July 29, 1M1,
age 16 year, 6 months, days old.
Just one month ago Julia was take
from this world of trouble and aor-
' row ana our nearts are sad as w
think Julia Is gone and then as w
realize she Is gone never to see her
on earth no more. We can say we ar
erolng to meet her again where we will
iiever part. 'She was converted when
14 years of axe. lived a faithful chris
tian until death. She realized she was
going to die and told her father sbs
wa ready to go and oh, how thoes.
words comfort ua as she was ready te ;
go to meet God in peace. '
. .While we have lost Julia from our;,
presence we feel that Heaven has gain- '
d another angel.
. Oh, how sad it is to, look back ana -See
Julia's work she did while here on
earth; but we must look on the sunny
side of life and think Julia is resting;
in .the paradise of God, resting tho
sweet rest we all shall rest in the br
and by.
Weep not for Julia for some day ,
sooner or later we will meet her osi
the glad eternal shore there to ciusw
hands with her and Join in with her la
the praise of God. V '. '
No more can we see th sweet Bmflo
on her face, no xnoretah we hear nee
volce.'no more can we hear her shouts
of praise to God here on earth, but if
we will all live as Julia lived we shall
soon meet her sweet smiles again, on
Heaven's shore.. t - . 1
She left to mourn her loss si father.
mother, husband, one brother, four sis
ters and a host, of friends. 1
God eave, He took, He will restore.
He doeth all things well. , Just In the.
morning of her day, in love and youtat
she paased away. "
We are sorry to say thf? singing?
school at Martha closed Sunday. - -
Jake -Wheeler -and Miss -Aiafair
Wheeler were the, guests of Miss Er-
ma Sparks Sunday. ,'
Misses Spray., Elizabeth, Irene and
Nell Berry, Gladys WeUnian, Phebet
Burton Wellman and Carey Pack wers
out horseback riding Sunday.
Mrs. TJo Wheeler waa. visiting homs
'oiks Friday. .,' i , .', i.
E. J. Fannin attended, singing; Sun
day. . . -''.
Clyde Frally, Creetle Holbrook, Nel
son Sparks and Nanoy Griffith attend-
d the ball game af Maxie Sunday. '
W.. A. Fyffe is moving to the Leo
aarftblll place, , i . 5 ' ,.;.
Mrs, Aiafain Stambaugh waa calling
n W, A. Fyffe Saturday. r .
Luther. .Stambaugh made a. trip to
Louisa last week. -.
Ray Stambaugh was calling en
Cains creek Sunday. , . . ,
Miss Addle Moore and Joe Boggs at
tended the ball, game at Keaton Sun-.
day.' ;:. ; .; , 0 ,..'
Mrs. Nancy Dixon 1 visiting friends
at this place. 3'.,.,:.. i, ,. V :
Mrs. Alford Smith has returned from,
a' visit to her, daughter,, Mj-.. Delia,
-r--..j tii.i i .-,
Must be '. artistic and
graceful Jn. appearance
substantially made
super finished- ..
- Beside that it must ren
der your favorite selec
tion .80j naturally : that
you can feel the human
thrill of its perform
ance. . .

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