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no sandy n:
Entered at the Postofflce at Louisa,
Ky., aa second-class matter.
Published Every Friday by
Editors and Proprietors
One Tear .-. . .....-. .$1.50
Elf lit Months ,,...,,.......$1.00
Three Months 50o
Cash in Advance
Stay cf Execution '
Issued to Dave Drown, ;
Alleged Murderer!!
Friday, D scomber 23, 1921.
A Merry Christmas to our readers;
! Victory Liberty Loan .' bonds ' hare
The Martin Circuit Court adjourned
Saturday after being In session for
two weeks. The entire Mine was taken
up with the Commonwealth -docket
which was larger than usual, the
greater part of which was for viola
tion of the "liquor laws. About
$2050 In fines were assessed, the high
est penalty being 1200 and sixty days
in the county Jail." This is the first
term of court at which any convic
tions of any consequence have been
had for moonshlnlng and bootlegging.
but In nearly every Instance the Jury
found the defendants guilty.
The case of ' the Commonwealth
against T. J. McCoy. Epp Thomtpson
and Jno. Cornet t. charged with- the
murder of Judge jho. . J.' McCoy,
created quite a. sensation, In tact. It
attracted more' attention than' any
trial ever had In the county unless It
was the trial of H. Cr Cassady,- cbarg-
Frankfort, Ky., Dec. 1. ATstay ot
execution waa Issued today' by the
Court of Appeals In the case: of Dave
Brown. Pike county prisoner, who waa
to have been electrocuted Christmas
night. Brown waa sentenoed to die
November 25. He was convicted (n
October and the court refused him a
stay of execution because he had not
been granted an. appeal by the Pike
Circuit Court; Governor Morrow then
granted him a reprieve of thirty days.
The Circuit Clerkt since that time, cer
tified a modified order of the P4ke Cir
cuit Court; granting, the appeal, and
on this Chief Justice Hurt issued the
stay -of execution until February 10.
the' time limit within which he must
file a transcript of the .record and bill
of Exception. ' '
victory UDWir un mom na I waa me unu oi n. J. yaaeauy, emus- I r.i Villi,
been around par in, the market for two I ed with the murder of Joe Kirk. The I BreaUUll rVIUHlgS
or three weeks, while other Issues are I prosecution, was -conducted.' by Com
: not very far behind, ranging from M I monwealth's Attorney 1. Q. Rice,
to 8 for the 4 bonds, f' I County Attorney.-J. B. Clarkf' Hon.
4phn M. Waugh of Ashland and w.
The Irish parliament Is fighting over I R. McCoy of Ines, -The defense waa
the Question of whether to accept or I represented by Judge, A. J. Kirk of
. reject the agreement mat wiin ivng-1 jenttins, m. j. surs: oi rwnisvinov
land by the representatives of the two
aides, putting Ireland on the same rut-
at Poll Laid to 12
' sis as Canada and Australia. This a-
greement is a long step toward free
The Kentucky Legislature will
' aemble In Frankfort January I for the
rea-ul&r session of sixty days."' Borne
important legislation will be proposed, pudge A. J. Kirk and for the pros ecu
Ballard James of Prestonsburg and
A. Copley and Earls' Cassady of Ins.
The defendant's plea - was temporary
Insanity. The trial of the case began
Monday and ended Thursday evening.
The contest between- the-Common
wealth and defense was spirited thru
out. There were only two orgumenta
made the one -fop the defense by
' A production tax on coal is one of the
'-' evils suggested. No State has such a
-'. tax and Kentucky would find it a fa
tal handicap in competition with oth
Ver States when coal- prices are- low.
, There Is a better way to tax coal fair-
. ly. Tobacco producers will be subject'
ed to a production tax also, if coal
should be thus burdened!
Louisville's city .tax rate la again
12.00,. the highest point ever known.
Saloons are . said to be operated eo
boldly that Intoxicants of many kinds
. are sold across the bar.' Policemen are I two years each.
-raid for "protection.'' it is said, which
Is about the same price as license. II-
. licit houses, It Is alleged, likewise pay
to prevent arrests. Assessments are
. made against law brakers of various
kinds bo they may ply their business
without being molested.: And the pub
lic pays doubly for all this. 27,000 ne
gro votes make, the perpetuation of
this disgraceful situation possible.
Washington, Deo. 20. Coinage .of a
new silver dollar symbolic of an era
of peace will be started - Immediately
by the mint. Director Raymond T. Ba
ker announced today after gaining the
President's assent to the design. It
will replace the current sliver dollar,
coinage of which was resumed this
year after a lapse in the coinage since
' The obverse side of the new coin is
-a new head of Liberty with the word,
"Liberty" and "In God We Trust.' On
the reverse is the eagle, sitting on a
mountain top with the rays of the
burning sun of a new era radiating
from the base. The eagle stands on a
broken sword symbolic of the arms
conference, and the olive branch of
peace. Below the eagle is the .word,
"Peace," and the designation of the
statue above the words "E. Plurlbus
Mr. Baker announced that the
blanks are prepared and that 700,000
or 800,000 new dollars wilt be coined
before January 1. Circulation will be
started on December 28.
tlon by , Hon. J. M. waugh. The
speech of Mr. Waugh was said to be,
by those who heard It, the. greatest
argument ever hoard in the Martin
Circuit Court: and certainly was a
masterpiece. -'-The Commonwealth
realised from the beginning that they
were handicapped in the way of a Jury
and their greatest hope was for a
bung Jury, but the Jury, after consid
erable deliberation, found the defend
ants guilty and fixed the sentence of
T. J. MoCoy at four years in the peni
tentiary and Thompson and Cornet I,
The people of the
Jackson, Ky. Dec.' 20. Twelve per
sons, survivors or tne gun oattie
Clayholo precinct election day,- when
seventeen persons were shot and four
killed, were Indicted here today charg
ed with murder. ;'
Many of those indicted were -wound'
ed in the battle. They include both
Democrats and Republicans.''
The grand Jurors said testimony was
so contradictory It was Impossible to
determine, who were the aggressors. -
French Combs, Shade Comba, Lea
lie , Combs and George' Allen were
named In one indictment aa the men
who are alleged to have killed George
Mcintosh, Republican ' election official
In the precinct. WlllBarnett, Amby
Barnett, Willie Davis, Marlon Barnett,
Will Campbell. Ed Davis Alfred Bar
nett and Bd Comba were named In
three Indictments, being charged with
killing Ethan Allen, Cleve Combs and
Asbury Combs. .
county were chagrined at the verdict
of the Jury and It was to be heard on
every hand that It was a disgrace to
the fair name of the county, .
After the. McCoy case closed, the
case of the Commonwealth against
Frank Chatman charged : with the
murder of Jas. Hensley. was heard.
The Commonwealth '.was represented
In this case by -Attorney I. C. Rice,
County Attorney J. B. Clark and W.
R McCoy; the defense by Judge C. B.
Wheeler of Prestonsburg and Hon. W.
T. Cain of Louisa. From the evidence
this proved to be a very hard case.
The case was turned over to the Jury
about 10 o'clock Friday night and
Saturday morning a verdict of guilty
was returned, fixing the penalty at
Imprisonment for life., . , , ;
Joe James died Monday morning, at
the age of 7t years. He was one of
the oldest citizens of the county and
was highly respected. He had served
one term as Sheriff of the county;
was a large land owner and -one of
the county's wealthiest men.' 'Uncle
Joe had been in feeble health for the
past three or four years, having suf-
ried a stroke of paralysis from which
he never entirely recovered. He is
survived by his widow. Aunt. Martha
Jane James, who has been confined to
her bed for some time; also , three
daughters and. four sons, together with
host of relatives and friends. Uncle
Joe was a grandson of Jno. James,
one of the earliest settlers of the
Trial of Duvall
Begins at Grayson
Gmyaon, Ky, Dec, 18. Th U of
selecting a Jury for the trial of Char'
les Duval) of Olive Hill, charged with
the killing of Dr. Harvey L. Biggs, al
so of Olive Hill and formerly of Ash
land, was begun in the Carter circuit
court here today. Judge Allen N. Cisco
presiding. , John W. Waugh, Ashland.
was retained by the prosecution;- -
Dr. Biggs was shot to death on the
streets of Olive Hill on November tl
last. Mr. Duvall la said to have re
sented alleged attentions Dr. Biggs
had paid to Mr. Duvall's daughter. .
Mr. Duvall had been - kept in the
Boyd county Jail at Catlettsburg since
his examining . trial and was brought
to Grayson on December It. ,
Roscoe C. Miller, re-elected in No-
verorber as Justice f the J"eaee from
magisterial district composed of 8wet
There Should be at Least
One "Family Gift"
."Some useful ana attractive
. piece of furniture that all
can share in and be proud of.
Besides the -Individual gifts Tor one's personal enjoyment, there should be at .least one gift to the family.
An attractive piece of furniture, for instance a well chosen piece of accepted quality that will become a
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Some especially appropriate for gifts are Wlndser-ohsM-s,. nested tables, fleer 'Ismts, upholstered pieces,
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for Men-rSr f or Women
These garments ars tnads of the famous "Beacon '
-robe materials and are offered In convonUonal,
plaid and Indian patterns, and In s choice of col
ors that Includes navy, green, rose, oopen. Uvea
der. cardinal, brown and grey. Silk trimmed and -priced
complete with self-colored cord for II.
Smart New Petticoat in a
Special Holiday Sale. : -
Models of the bettor sort, made of floriawah, beam
art satins and Jerseys, and presented In all new
-shades appropriate to every season. . '
V Spoelsl forfSJS'and oV9 i '
-4hird floor.
Specials suggest practical gifts for
the School GirL
One lot of rain soata in navy and Us, with hsts to"
' mateh 'arw specially priced In slxos ts 14 st VS.
Rain saps fashioned from rubber Hnsol satun,
. some In sites t, 10 and 12, and ore sWeod now at
u.:', :y..'.
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Rich New Negligees
fashioned front crepe do chine, radium silks, Jap
: silk or po, satin and laffata, aro shown in dainty
shades of rose, salmon, oopea, peaeh aad ' blue.
There are many new styllngs, and thou prions per
mit a varied choice. ,
The Anderson-Newcomb Co.
: - On Third Avntt0 Hantington, W. Va.''
Wireless Treat
The editor of The Post enjoyed
greatly this week a grand concert in
the. Carnegie Hall at. Pittsburgh; a
popular lecture in the sains city by
Hon. Roger Baboon. Tha popular songs
Homeland' by the famous contralto,
Miss Margaret Cruger, and "Friend"
by the equally famous baritone, Rob
i.lm a.j. M I t tn in fh. twlnkllncr'
nam n,d Prclncta. resigned .and of ey' WMltburf;n to Newark,
moved, to Ashland. . Pariah Sparks .has
been appointed by the Governor to fill
the vacancy and he came io Louisa
Tuesday with . his commission. , Mr.
Sparks will be' a worthy member of
the. fiscal court, as he Is a. progressive
citizen. , . ," .....: . .
Mr. and Mrs. Q.' B. Wheeler, of
Prestonsburg, were entertained at the
home of Mrs, L. A. Dempsey during
the entire term of court
Among the prominent visitors who
attended court here were the follow
ing: W. T. Cain of Louisa, Judge A.
J. Kirk of Jenkins M. c.
The coming term of tha Lawrence
circuit court wilt be very interesting.
dae to the fact that fourteen divorce
cases have been filed up to this time.
This Is an indication that Lawrence
county Is becoming deplorably up to
date. . .
Eastern Kentucky crude is command
tng a premium of from ten to fifteen
cents on the barrel at the present time
according to some of the producers
who have been offered the additional
price. ' One operator from. Magoffin
county last week sold several thou,
sand barrels of oil at a price of 42.80
per barrel, while several have recently
sold at 12.75. This means that there
is a genuine ', demand for : Somerset
crude and the independent purchasing
agents ars willing to pay premiums to
obtain the Kentucky product The op
era tors hold the opinion that before
'long another increase will take place
and that Somerset Light will touch
the 13.00 mark by the end of the year.
Should this prediction come true, the
oil Industry will be firmly established
and much new development work will
be undertaken.
The strengthening of the foreign ex-, ago, where hs is Interested In a num.
change should have a stimulating ef- I ber of enterprises.
lect on tne on industry particularly
with regard to the export of lubricants
gasoline and kerosene. Oil Is the one
commodity which la exported to for
eign countries in great quantities, but
the purchasing power of many of
these countries has been held up by
the adverse exchange. With exchange
more favorable, It is expected that
considerably more buying will be done.
Palntsville. J. M. Waugh of Ashland.
A. W. ' McCoy of Waynes burg, Pu
laski county, was here attending the
trial of T. J, McCoy, charged with the
murder of his brother, Jno. J. McCoy.
Mr. McCoy lived In this county until
tha past ten years. He is at this time
one, of the county's largest land own-
Virgil Cline and Aiex Vinson were
social callers in town last week. A
number of parties were given' in their
honor. ' . ,
David James of Williamson, W. Vs
was here to attend the funeral of his
brother, Joseph James. Mr.- James
was formerly a resident of this county
but moved to Williamson several years
Notice is hereby given that the an.
nual meeting of shareholders of the
Louisa National Bank will be held at
Kirk of Its banking house In Louisa, Ky.; on
N. Jv or to New York or to the At
lantic at the will of the operator. Mr.
Lon 8. Moles to whom we are greatly
Indebted for this treat -Buys
City Property. " ,
Judge Ed HIU has bought'the Will
Vaughan property on North Third
street and Is moving Into it this week.
This adds another good family to Pres
tonsburg. ' - ? ;
Shot At Berea. ."'-'
Telephone communication this week
i brought the news that Lawrence Wll
llama At this city, student at Berea
I College had been seriously shot there
by an officer.. Details of the shooting
could not be obtained. It was thought
the young man might recover.'
six year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
a. L. Batdrldgs of Bonanita, la very
sick of pneumonia.
' Born, to Mr. and Mrs. McKlnley
Preston of Palntsville, a fine daugh
ter Billle Mario,
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Moors Of Rus
sell came up to spend the week-end
with ber parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Alloy. -
Mrs. Alice Hopkins came up from
Huntington Monday on account of the
Illness of her sister, Mrs. H. H. Fit.
Patrick. ;v .. ':..-.:
Miss Haxel C. Gardner Is back home
after quite an outing with relatives In
Huntington and elsewhere. prestono
burg Post..
Ma.sons Subscribe $980,000
For Orphans' Home
.The Masonic Home Endowment
Fund of 11.000,000 now being raised
by the Maaonlo Order of Kentucky for
the purchase of a alte and the erection
. of new Masonic Widows and Orph
ans' Home In Louisville has - now
reached a total of M9 00, according to
announcement mads by O. Allison
Holland, chairman of the Grand
Lodge committee Instructed with the
duty of raising the money. This
leaves only 120,000 to be raised and
i Mr. Holland la confident that the
Tuesday, January 10, 1122, for the pur
pose of electing a Board of Directors
for the ensuing year. 1 It.
M. F. CONLBT, Cashier.
Local and Personal.
Born, t6 Attorney and
Mrs. B.
committee will go over. the top with
the fund soon. Of the amount so tar
M. subscribed bo stated that mors than
ON FRIDAY NIGHT accompanied as far as Jonrvson city,
i . - , , . t .Tenn by her husband, Dr. J. C. Mld-
The Christmas entertainment at the yett-
Three Alleged Jail Raiders
Taken by Deputy Sheriff
M. E. Church 8outh will be held on
Friday night, starting promptly at
1:10. There will be a pageant entitled
'Bethlehem," which will be well worth
seeing. - At the close of this program
the congregation will go to the base
ment, where the presents - from
Christmas tree will be distributed.
One-of the features of the evening
will be useful gifts brought to the
church to be distributed amongst the
poor on Saturday, Everybody la urg
ed to take something for this purpose.
James, in Ashland, a fins daughter J 1400,000 la In cash and the remainder
Mary Irene. In pledgee that will be realised before
Mrs. J. C. Mldyett left Thursday ' the fiscal report is mads to the Grand
morning for Georgia to spend the hoi- ' Lodge session next October. .,
u,vi with. hAr riAUfhterfl. 8ho was.' ' .
Bend the Big Bandy News to a friend
for a Christmas present It will bo
appreciated and a weekly reminder of
little the sender.
Th1ma Ruth Baldridge, the
30,000 Miners in
Kentucky Now
Are Out of W.rk
Frankfort, Ky., Dec, 1. Praotloallr
10.000 man who bay, bona am ployed
at the coal nrlncs of Kentucky aro sow
Idle because, nearly all mines have
shut down or reduced their workings
to a minimum during the past month.
Figures In the office of the Chief In
spector' of Minos hero show that tha
1921 production Will bs 14.090.904 tons.
or i,wve,o teas to an tnat or If 10,
17 per cent decrease., . A
. la It 10 Kentwky had 114 ndnes op
erating an average of 1ST days a yesur
and employing 1MJ1 men outside and
44 411 men Inslds the mines. This year
the Bute has had approximately 100
mines closed down, leaving 114 operat
ing for an average of f 0 days for each
mine during the year and employing
10.020 men outside the mines, a do.
crease of II per cent, and 14. Of mm
Inside, a decrease Of II per cent . ' ,
' Dumng the year there was only on
mine explosion, a dust explosion caus
ed by a blow-out shot in a Plko coun
ty working. No men were working In
side the mine, but two outside were;
killed by falling debris. There were
Hi fatalities during the year, mataly
due to falHng date nd a large per
centage, the mine Inspection office de-clui-oa.
due to oarelessness.
Buy Direct' From Mill.
Fresh Flour, Meal and Feeds of high,
eat quality. Our PLAVO has that de
lightful nut-tike flavor which la found
in no other flour. In both quality and
pries ws guarantee to pleass you.
Webbville Milling Co.
0-tO-tf. - - -
The U.S. Army
Sol Crabtreo visited Rev. Crabtree.
Also, the Christian girls, at Green
Valley last Friday.
' Every well regulated horns has one
snd ws hsvs prepared to satisfy, hit
demsnds and maks him happy.
Ws can supply svory Item for your
. Xmss dinner and other holiday meals
snd will thsnk you sincerely for
chsnoo to do so.
Jacks loon, Ky. W. P. Watts, Sam
Grlgsby and Tony Porter, accused of
being with Bud Nobis and his two
sons. Soldier and Beach, -when the January 5,
Breathitt county Jail was raided In a People's
vain effort to release Hargtls and Wil
lie Noble, life-term prisoners, which
resulted in the death of Deputy Jailer
Albert Roberts and tha, probably fatal
wounding of two women, surrendered
to Deputy Sheriff Flint Davis at the
cabin of Watts'- father, Hiram Watts,
on John Little's creak Sunday. They
were Drought here.
Mrs. Oscar Allen and Hiss Maggie
Allen, .daughter-in-law and, daughter
of Jailer A. A. Allen, were still alive
at Bach hospital, but no hope was held
out for their recovery.
The Whltesburg. Rifle Company,
which was sent here by order of the
Governor, went on a special train to
Two tickets have been placed lit the
field for municipal officers for Keno
va, W. Va. The' election will be held
The tickets ars as follows:
rogresslve Ticket For
mayor, John O. Lambert; for recorder,
W. R. Wilson; for councllmen, J. N.
Stratton, E. J. Meyer, W. T. Wallace,
W. H .WhlDDie and John -A. Grean
Independent ' Party -Ticket For
mayor, S. O. Wood; for recorder, Clyde'
Collins; for councllmen, F. , B. Way, I
Joseph Mantle, Walter Bed well. Rich. I
ard Nelson and A. L. Lemaster.
Will have a Big Sale of Army Goods beginning
Ttiursday, Dec. 22;
8 A. ft
Opposite C. & O. Depot, Louisa. Ky.
We WiD Quote You A Few Prices on the Following:
One girl, Tennessee Finley, 12, , of
Dunlow, W. Va, was badly cut about
the head, -and four other young people
were less seriously hurt when an au
tomobile was struck by a Baltimore
Ohio passenger train at Twenty-third
Haddix and John Little's creek under street and Third avenue about eleven
Deputy Sheriff James Deaton In an . o'clock Wednesday night In Hunting--
effort to run down the Nobles, father
and two sons, who ars reported to be
on Leatherwood oreekv The Aliens
recognized the Nobles, and a hat found
on the scene has been identified by a
local merchant as having bean sold to
Bud Noble.- Six ,45-callber pistols also
were found on the street after the
raid. .
The oar, a seven passenger Hudson,
was driven by Erwln Bckhart, It. s
student of Staunton Military Acad
emy, home to spend the holidays), with
his. parsnts.
The oar was hurled a distance of
thirty feet by tha train and demolish
ed. -
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Army Bolts at .2fi
Wrapped Laggins, per pair.. 60s ,
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A lot of Msn's Underwsar, per garment ..60s .
Dross Psnts from .$1.60 to $J-50 pslr
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This is ons of our first sslss and it will ssvs you soms
of your herd-earned dollar to glvs us a eall before'
, going slsswhsrs. . .
erar-Mr- So Doil'l M.S3 It, QS it Wall (T. (T ? " A (TlfT d
closeSaturdayNiSht,24th hJuJ
u:zm QUEEi
NOTICE. , Mrs. James Jolly Waldeck
Alt premiums on Lobace bread wrap- from Norfolk, Virginia,
pers will be discontinued after Jan. 1, svenlng to attend tha funeral of Mr.
IKS. Rush In what you hsvs before Waldeck. C. B Ross and family were
this da to. TcUs LOBACO CO. tt Alas bars from Ashland.

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