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- Frldsy, Auoust 4, MZ
: 1 J,
f i
t 1-
Entered at to Pos toff ice at Louisa,
Ky., as aecond-clasa matter.
Published Every Friday by
t Editors and Proprietors
One Tear A. ........... ....1-80
Eight Months 11.00
Three Months .. A .'. . . .... ........ 60e
Cash in Advance
Friday, August 4, 1922.
We are authorised to announce H.
C. DUFFT. of Harrison county, as a
tandldate for Representative In Con
frees from the Ninth Kentucky Dis
trict, subject to the action of toe Dem
ocratic party. ;
W are authorized to aanounce W. J.
FIELDS, of Carter county, as a candi
date for the nomination for Congress
In the . Ninth District of Kentucky,
subject to the action of the Democrat
ic party In the primary election to be
held on Saturday, August S, 1(22.
We are authorized to announce WIL
LIAM T. COLE, of Greenup county, as
a Democratic candidate for Congress
man of the Ninth Congressional Dis
trict of Kentucky, subject to the ac
tion of the democratic voters at the
primary election. August S, Uli.
: If the disloyal foreigners in the cit
ies of Missouri have succeeded in renominating-
Jim Reed for the United
States Senate, as now appears, it is
another victory for the foes of Amer
ica. His record in the Senate during
the most trying: time in our history
was discreditable In the extreme. He
probably will be defeated In Novem
ber. ' V
The railroad officials refused to
agree to President Harding's plan for
settlement of the strike, on one point
only. They refuse to break their prom
ise to the men who are filling the
places of the strikers and those old
employees who did not answer the call
to strike. These men were promised
permanent positions and seniority .The
railroad officials say their honor is at
take la this matter and that if their
promise should be broken to these
men who braved the wrath of the
strikers there would be no end to the
condemnation that would follow.
-A funny old man told this to me
I fell in a snowdrift in June said be
I went to a ballgame out in the sea
I saw a Jelly flsb float up in a tree
I found some gum. In a cup of tea'
. I stirred my milk with a big brass
key .. . ..'
I opened my door on my bended knee
I beg your pardon for this said he
To the Teachers, Tru "
tees and Attendance Of
ficers of Lawrence Co.
More Nsturs Faking.
- Nature cannot Jump from winter to
summer without a spring, or from
summer to winter without a falL land 100.
From the Tiger. , 1
All teachers will report at the end
of each week all persons who neglect
or refuse to send their, children to
school. X .. ,; . : ;
The law says "each parent who re
fuses or neglects to send five days out
of each week shall be fined not less
than five dollars for each offense" and
they may be fined more. Each week is
an offense and the number of children
have nothing to do with It. You may
say that it is no use to report for the
attendance officer will not do anything
in the .n-g.
I wisu u aay to a!i teachers that the
attendance officers must work twenty
days each month and these twenty
days must be In investigating reports
made by the teachers. If the teachers
will report all persons who neglect or
refuse to send to school, the attend
ance officers will be able to make all
investigations of these cases.
Teachers will please make out their
monthly reports at the close of the
month and return to me at once.
You will notice a little farther down
the number of each district and the
name of the attendance officer under
these numbers. This will guide you
in reporting. I have some supply seats
yet and It might be well for you to re
port to me your neu. If I cannot
give you all you ask for 1 may be able
to supply in part,
If there is no trustee in your dis
trict have some one to apply for the
position at once.
I have no crayon yet and.it might
be well to find out what the merchants
have in the crayon line and buy It and
make out a bill and present It later.
Trustees: I am expecting each
trustee to look after the coaL I want
at least 100 bushels of clean coal for
each school In the county and this
coal will be paid for as soon as it Is
legally presented ajid the bill is reas
onable. I have bud some nie price
on coal this year, but I have had some
unreasonably high. I want each trus
tee to report to me at once the very
best he can do on coal and then I will
notify yon what to do,
I would like to have the coal put In
at the earliest time possible.
I have heard It said that a trustee
had no right to furnish fuel. J wish
to say that he haa as much right as
anyone else aa all bills must be sworn
to before they can be paid.
Attendance Officers: When you re
ceive a report that some one is ne
glecting or refusing to send to school
go at once to the person accused and
make an Investigation and when you
find it to be neglect or refusal on the
parents part you follow the law and
then you cannot be publicly criticised
for not doing your duty.. The teach
ers in the following district will re
port to T. H. Chad wick, Cadmus, Ky.:
District:!, 2, t. 4, 6, 6. 7, 8. . 10,
(Continued from page one)
16. 17.
74. 76.
8$, 8.
M, 6.
18. 10.
7S, 77,
87, 88,
7, ,
and A (colored.)
Teachers In the following districts
to Riley Burchett, CbruRaa,Ky.; j.
District: 1, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 28.
- ... . ,. !s
: JM
-,.V. . 7
. - '. ' - 'V'. '
, . :''
. .. .
v The primary election for the nomination of Congres
sional candidates is drawing near.
Reports that I have received from all sections of the
district convince me that my success in the primary is as
sured if those who favor my nomination support me with
their vote. i :v .:
My only danger lies in the general belief among my
friends that I really have no race, which might result in
a large number of them remaining at home on election
day. ; : VV'
. - Many strong candidates have been defeated through
the failure of their friends to vote by reason of their over
confidence. ; I therefore beg to-express the hope that all
who advocate my nomination will support me with both
their influence and their vote in the primary election on
Saturday, August 5, 1922. , W. J. FIELDS.
Walter of Chicago will deliver one of
the responses to address of jrelcome
on opening day, Monday, August 28.
Mr. Walters. Is a Lawrence counts'
boy and is today one of the leading
legul lights In Chicago, specialising 1
interstate Commerce Law, and It will
be worth your while to be present and
hear him on opening day.
-. Bass Ball. '
A game of base bail has been sched
uled for Friday afternoon: September
I. with Jenkins ball team, said to be
one of the best teams in Eastern Ken-1
tucky. This game will be played at I
Ball Park in the Point and holders of
tickets will be admitted to the grounds
without charge, as they will also to
all other games of base ball during
:he Centennial Celebration. This is
where the ticket purchased b you 1
comes in bandy, beside giving you a
chance on tbe premiums that are to
be given away. This first announced
game or oase ban is going to be one
or wie beat games that will be played
on our local grounds this season. Yog
cannot afford to miss it.
Airplane. '
The leading feature of the fair and
centennial will probably be the air
plane, which will make exhibition
nights over Louisa each day, Monday,
August zs to September I. inclusive.
: The landing place for the airplane has
not yet been decided upon, but in all
probability It will be In the base ball
park. This will be announced defi
nitely later. '
v. Machine Gun Demonstration.
Arrangements have been concluded
where the local machine gun squadron
will give demonstration, exhibition of
machine gun shooting and pistol prac
tice. This exhibition will take place
on Military Day, August . 29th. Just
above Louisa on what Is generally
known as Col. Northup's farm. Just
hve the mouth of Lick creek, and
will, no doubt, be a great attraction
for the boys, young America. Do not
fail to see thia
A mile or more of red. white and
blue muslin bunting has been purchas
ed by the Central Association for dec
orating purposes, it Is now on sale at
cost price, 10 a yard, at the store of
Jake Isralsky, and it is desired that
every one do something toward dec
orating, either of private residences or
place of business, preferably both
should be handsomely decorated. Pur
chase your bunting now, for all not
purchased for home decoration will be
taken and used by the Association for
the decorating of public buildings and
streets, and ws cannot determine the
extent of the latter until you get what
you Intend to use for private residence
decoration. :
Publicity Matters.
Automobile streamers for use on the
rear end of all automobiles In the
county have arrived and are now In
process . of distribution throughout
both Lawrence and Wayne counties.
Some of this Is large lithographed
sheets on the order of circus adver
tising and is quite attractive, and It la
hoped that every automobile owner
and chauffeur will get one of these
for the rear of his car and In this way
help us to advertise Home Coming
Week and the Centennial Celebration.
Each one of these lithographed sheets
haa tape strings already fpr tying on
to the back of your car. Do your bit
by helping to advertise and boost in
every section of the county where you
go. .
Church And 6unday School Dsy.
Sunday, September 3, is to be the
day of all the week, the best, biggest
day of all. An effort Is being made
to get William J. Bryan here to deliv
er a Sunday achool address on this
day. If we fall In this then we get
some otner man or national reputation
and you may depend upon it that
nothing like this day will ever again
ne seen in ixmisa. xou Just can't af
lord to miss it.
Br is Bsnd.
Negotiations are under way to se
cure tbe famous Kentucky Cardinals.
a boys band of Maysvllle, Ky., one of
tne most popular bands in the State.
mis Dana plays at State Fair this
year, already engaged for this. Lou
lsville. Sept. 11-16. In this band there
are 40 boys and tbe cost to get a band
like this Is enormous, of course it Is,
but if the ticket sales Justify the cost,
then why not get the best? If they do
not, then of course we'll have to get a
cneaper Dana, but a cheaper band
means cheaper music. Buy your tick
et ana we'll see what kind of a band
we are going to be able to get. Here's
dollars to doghnuts that we'll get the
famous Kentucky Cardinals.
for Present Wear
A new blouse will add a touch of smartness and
a note of interest to summer wearables. In an
ticipation of your late season needs along this
line, we have broadened our displays with a
beautiful assortment of "between seasons"
modes many of them appropriate for future
as well as present wear. Their prices are pleas
ingly moderate probably just a little lower
than you would expect to pay for such good
quality and workmanship. '
M 1
A Few of the Most Favored Types:
Dainty models of white organdy with
embroidered dots in yellow, jade,rose
and black. Embellished with tucks
and plaits at front Priced at $3.50,
Tailored models fashioned from
dainty organdie and trimmed with
round and pointed collars. Choice
of pink, blue, yellow and white.
Priced at ........ . . .. ... . . . . . $5.00
Dimity blouses with pointed tseif-col-lars
trimmed with smart ruffles in
such combinations as black with
white, $5.00. Other types fashioned
from the same material have round
and pointed collars of gingham in
red, lavender, blue and green. Priced
lt s .-: - fi 4s00
NewPongee tuck-ins with collars of
embroidered linen in rose and jade.
Lspecially smart with the new slip
over sweaters. Priced now at. .$5.00i
The Anderson-Newcomb Col
On Third Avnut Huntington, W. Via.
Most everybody from here attended
the festival at Green Valley Saturday
night. .
Ernest and Austin Webb of Overda,
were on our creek Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Cooksey spent
eunaay with friends on Morgan creek.
Jim Christian of Morgan creek spent
Monday night with hlsicousln, Char
les Cooksey. ,
Big Jim Snivel- waa on our creek
Lora M. Kitchen spent Sunday ev
ening with Reba) N. Cooksey.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Compton were
shopping in Fallsburg Saturday,
Jesse Jordan passed up our creek
Charles Chnffln and Dewey Jobe at
tended the festival at Green Valley
Saturday night. .
Reba Cooksey spent Tuesday with
her sister at Gladys.
Little Louise Wright who haa been
quite 111 for a few days Is better.
Our schools at Dennis and Comp
ton are progressing fine.
Mr. and Mrs. Flem Kitchen were
shopping In Louisa Saturday.
Minnie Belle Pennington will visit
friends at Kenova. W, Va., and other
points soon.
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Diamond and
family came out from Louisa Thurs
day and are the guests of her pa
rents, W, S. and Mrs. Pennington.
Charles Cooksey was In Yatesvllle
Saturday. .."
Jesse Hall of Morgan was the guest
of Roba Cooksey recently.
Eskell Thompson makes - frequent
trips to 3. A. Rice's.
Visited Hsra.
D. J. Chandler, who Is residing tern
Do rarity at Lowmansvllle was here
visiting relatives and looking after
business a few days He has return
ed. : ....
Returned From Visit., '
Mrs. W, B. Plnson of Pikevtlle and
daughter. Mlsa Barbara- Marrs Plnson,
have been at Cacanon, W. Va, visit
ing Mrs. Robert Marrs. also Wash
ington, D. C. and Parkersburg, W.
Va. They have been absent two
weeks. They were accompanied on tbe
return trip by little Miss Julia Ford
of Cacapon. Mrs. Plnson waa form
erly Mlsa Fannie Marrs. .
From Craves Shoal.
Mrs. R. T. Preston of Graves Shoal
who has been visiting her daughter.
jirs. ciyae tsurgess ana latniiy. at f
Ashland with the latter were guests
at the home of Dr. and Mrs. C. F.
Bond here. Mrs. Preston returned to
Graves Shoal.
is in attittan. .
The Utile boy has recovered his
sight and is able to sit up in a chair
some. He was so 111 that tie had no
sight for several days. Dr. D. H. Dan
iel of Palntsvilie. a brother-in-law ot
Mrs. Hall came hers to see the fam
ily and to look Into the case. He re
turned home after having remained
for a day. and night and took home
with him Bobble, four year old son of
.Mr. and Mrs. Hall, who will visit In
Palntsvilie for a time.
Struck By Bicycle. .
Bessie Lee. seven year old daughter
j. the
Purehsset Home,
Xi'.n Hattle Milton Jones pi
from Mrs. Mary Gelger F
homestead on Walnut street
the Brown and Magann
better known as the old J
homestead. The considers tri
ITSnO. Miss Jones expects li occupy
the home immediately and fcatltts
hurg will welcome her as anaddllion
! 19 ner cinsenftmp. ' ansa . nee
many friends throughout ths section. J
New Switch Board For I ;
Telephone Company. f
Mrs. Stella Slarkey, ownerand man
of Mr. and Mrs. Fletcher Stewart ofjager of the Fjsiem Kentirky Hoiri
Hero From Piksvilla,
Fredie Huffman of Plkevllle was a
visitor here and In Ashland. His broth
er Archie Huffman, also of Plkevllle,
Is in the Ashland General hospital,
where he underwent an operation for
Brother Of Local Man Dies. '
, Tom James of prestonsburg, who
waa Injured last Friday by a fall from
a wagon resulting In concussion of
the brain, died at the King's Daugh
ters' hospital, Ashland, at 8 o'clock
Sunday night. The body was brought
here and sent to Prestonsbujr on
Monday. Burial took place on John's
creek, near Prestonsburg. Mr. James
waa 66 years old and was one of the
most prominent men In his section.
Me is a brother of Want James, well
known and respected cltlsen of Cat
letta creek, near this city. The re
mains were accompanied by the late
Mr. James' two sons and his brother,
Want James. He is survived by a wife
and several children. '
Mrs. Finney Unimproved;
Mrs. Ed P. Finney, who has been
very 111 for some time, Is unimproved.
Her daughter, Miss Nancy Finney,
who has been taking a special course
in Home Economics at the University
of Kentucky at Lexington during the
summer, returned home Saturday and
her mother came down from Burnaugh
and has been at her bedside foi' the
past week.
Taken To Reformatory.
James Barker, who had beenfclven
life sentence some time ago i the
Carter County Circuit Court fof ths
murder of Mary Sparks and who was
immediately brought here for safe
keeping, pending an appeal, was taken
to the State Reformatory at Frank
fort by Carter county authorities, a
new trial having been denied. . .
Switehmsn Killed.
C. & O. trainmen and shopmen at
tended the funeral of Leonard Calli-
han held at the Baptist church at Pol
lard, In a body. Callihan, who was a
switchman was killed Tuesday of last
week by a fall from the top of a box
car in the C. & O. yards near Twenty-
eighth street, Ashland.
Callihan was an ardent member of
the Knights of Pythias and that body
attended and held .their ritual service
at the grave in the Pollard cemetery.
Boy Improving.
Collier, the bright young son of Mr.
and Mrs. Bruce Hall, who has been
critically HI of spinal meningitis is
now quite Improved. A trained nurse
hltes creek Is In a critical condition
at the hospital suffering from a, de
pressed fracture of the skull, sustain
ed Friday when she was run over by
a bicycle.
Bon Stevens a young boy. was rid.
ing a bicycle down grade on the coun
ty road by which Bessie Lee was re.
turning from the afternoon school se
sion. She tried to get out of the way
and he. In trying to avoid her, became
conrused and the unfortunate accl-
aent occurred. ;
Quest Of Frisnds Sundsy.'
Miss Ruth Greer, popular Plkevllle
young lady, was In the city Sunday
ana spent ths day as the guest of
mends. She left on the afternoon train
tor Charlottsv-ille. Va.. where she will
enter the University of Virginia for a
five weeks special course of Instruc
tion. Elys Visiting Here.
Mr. and Mrs. Everett Ely of Her
rlngton, Kansaa. are here the guests
of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Owens. Mr.
-Sly is an old Catlettsburg boy, he be
ing the son of the late Dr. William1
Ely, well known as the author of "Thej
"i i nig nanny valley," a
book which has been popular through
out tnia section of the country, M
i-.iy is a native or Kansas, and this Is
ths first visit she and Mr, Ely have
made here In many years. They mo
.uiru iu wvuDviue ana Biaine ror a
visit with relatives.
In Honor of Mrs. Harkins.
Mrs. orover Latham Howard and
Miss Josephine Harkins surprised
tneir mother, Mrs. Walter S. Harkins
witn a lovely birthday party at the
oeautirul Howard home In Huntington
Wednesday. The hours were from
10:30 to 1:30. There were choice dec
orations Of cut flowers and potted
pinnts artistically placed.
The fine gathering of Huntington's
representative women resolved Itself
into a porch party, the spaolous ver
anda having been comfortably filled
Many of the guests busied themselves
witn needle work and with that and
happy conversation the time passed
must pieasaniiy, ,
A number of lovely gifts were re
celved by Mrs. Harkins. Among them
were magnificent. American Beauty
roses irom a uoston rrlend
At one o'clock a tempting and abun
dant luncheon was served by the
charming hostesses. Those enjoying
una auspicious occasion beside Mrs.
Howard and Miss Harkins, and Mrs.
Harkins were Mrs. Frank Honkns. sis.
ter of Mrs. Harkins and daughter Mrs.
i. a. uimmicK. Mrs. c, H. Starchvr,
Mrs. Walter Price, Mrs. F. F. Starch.
er. Mrs. T. N. Boggess, Mrs. H. Hln
Mrs. James Oncy, Sr., Mrs. R. A. Blck.
el, Mrs. A. M. Campbell, Mrs. O. D.
Garred, Mrs. Mary B. Davis Mis. c
M. Wallace, Mrs. L. B. Moore. Mr.
George Dlmlck, Mrs. Ed Arnold.' Mrs.
C. R. Hutslnplllar of Ashland, Mrs. T.
S. Morgan, Mrs. Van Vlect, Mrs. Hol
derby. Mrs". C. P. Snow. Mrs. H. M.
Shaut, Mrs. S, H. Nigh. Mrs. B. P
Friend, Mrs. T. A. Mathews, and Mrs.
W. H. Flatiery of Catlettsburg.
Telephone Company at PUevllle hi
given an order to Westefa Elect!
Company for a llt.OOO alch bo
The board In Use at nreseit has
than 400 drops while the nw one f'
have 1200. The new outfit sill be
Inr to that of the largest com pa f
Plkevllle Is fortunate In having a ft
as public spirited ss Mrs. StarkeM
the head of Its telephone system.
Returns To Winchester.
.Mrs. Johns of Winchester wl
t n the pleasant guest of her
Mrs. Schute and Miss Hattle
haa returned to her home after
here of ten days or more.
George Dean. . Ralnevllle
lo Miss i:ffle Cooksey, 18, Lo
J ere.
h. Ky.
6zcle Jdbtt?
. - jei el
Stop and pt your Grocer
ies, Fruitand Vegetables
at C. C. ftaggs. We have
a line oShocs and some
Boys Sits at a bargain.
When iftown give us a call
!t door to Postoffloa
Phone 60

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