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A' i ,l t
in Eastern Kentucky
Modem and Complete
. . . . rt 1 : "
in onneciioii
v - " , 1 . 1 - T ' -- r-1--- r : T7
;: .''. '' Aut in.ven.iam viam, aut faciam ' '"'. . , ' .' ;
j ' ' ' ' ' ' - . , . . . ..... ... . ... , . ,.
Section From Louisa to
Paintsville Delayed hy
Government Plans
Judge W. L. Watnon and Col Tim
Field yeeterday returned (rum Frank
lurt where Ibey obtained Information
from Green Garreti, chalrmun of the
Kentucky highway commission, Co
(he effect that the grading of Ihe
Mayo .Trail between I'alnt-t Ilie mid
Loula will be let for coutract to Feb
ruary. This Information mil be welcome
hews throughout the Wk Saiidy val
ley, many people In tln-ue puns
bad grown Impaii'Mt ami hud begun
(if burl vpitheln tidbit at thti ritt
commuulonera at Kiaiikforl.
Aa a matter of fact, the delay wae
cauifd by change made in the ro.it.
by federal eugtueers an.l there, wan
nothing for the slat engineers to do
but to submit sin. tba fd. ral sr.;
eminent wu aiding In the construe
lion of the Trail.
Colonel Field aud Judge atson re
turned feeling murb better about the
aituallon and declamd they believed
the coinmtulon had nut been able to
prevent the unfortunate d.ljyi
Ashland Independent.
Three 'N.&AV. Men Killed
In Wreck Near Welch
BUJEFIKU), lec 11 Two m. m
bera of a Norfolk Wct-ru Irni.
crew were Instantly killed and anoth
er waa fatally Injured wh-n an nriio
and three beaded car:, of a irt .ir
.coal train were wrecked lo ar W, I. h
W. Va.. early to.lav.
Flrvuian t'rlK1 -n burner. n iil.l. .1
by a bur-l-d pipe ami wliil, ih
wrerkaxe u piling up . throw n
IhtO Tug titer. lie SUl'l-IIUlhed to 111
Jurii-e at nNn imIj) at the iniu-m
hospital at Web b.
Both Knglueer IhH-k and Hrkemnn
Ntal were "raided to death ami were
caiiyht under the wreekai-e.
Both were found In a iramiu-d p
sttloa with their rlht hand. ov r
their tooutha. Kurlne. r lk k i s.n.l
to bare remained aeat-d lu hU iaii
Ilia boily waa not rei-overed until 3
hour after the wreck when artl. n.
turchea madi" It iwMilw for rewuer-i
to eitikate thti body.
. Hatlroad vrnclaia -re lnv. sti;alnir
tbw ctttae of the wreck.
Knglneer IhM-lt waa married and
Ira Tee a willow and thre. children
rlretuan Olgetihareer u marrl.-d
leave a widow anil no children
Hrakemaa Neat waa siucln.
The dead :
J. M Hock, enrlner. Keystone. V.'
Va '
: K C. Crlxi nbarrer fir. in.in. Key
atose. W. Va.
K. K. Neal, brakeman. Illu. II. I.I. 1
Miss Lucille f'yrus
Marries in Pikeville
Mis l.ui llle Cyrus, one of oulsa's
ftetty rlrb. who had been at K
wane for Koine time waa married In
Pikeville a lew da a.V The I. .How
lag account uf the weddinr, l.t from
the Hike County News:
Mr. Stafford tkiwards of thia rll
and Mlaa I.nrllo Cyrus of l-ouUa. K .
were narrled at the home of Mr. J
M. Thornbury of tliu city at S p. in
last Wednesday.
The bride la the attractive danj-Ii
ter of Mr. and .Mr a J. M. Cyrus oi
Ixtulaa and la employed aa alenof,
rapher by the Winston Klkli .rn C.mI
Company at Kewanee. .
The groom la employed hy the Call
Brother Hardware 1'oni.iuy of this:
city where he gained popularity by
hie courteoua and obliginx di'ipoutinn
lie waa the bod of the bite ll.-m v -Sowards.
Ilia mother, whone mai.l.-u
name was kllsa Julia Hutfmau. Ii u..w '
Mrs. C. E. Chlldroy of Portsmouth.
Tb NEWS joins a bout of friend?
in eitendlng congratulation to their .
excellent young peope.
Former Huntington
Woman Is Paroled
bel EL Wilson who. at the time of her I
arrest on the charge of attempt to
commit grand larceny July "S last.1
said that she had come to WashitiK t
toa from Huntington. W. Va . hi
been released from custody on proba
tion after being sentenced to nerve
thtee years In the penitentiary. To .
escape detection aho Jumped from the
third story of a department store and
waa for several months In a hospital
with a fractured leg. Because of her !
plea of guilty and her previous good
record. She was granted probation. 1
' Denver Hatfield of Ashland and )
Ixonard Hafer of Ixinr.lon were in
Jail in Urayson on charfes of rohlery
and rsrapinK fr.Hii the Kastern Hos
pital at Ixinrtou.
Hatfleld and hla pal escaxd from
the slate hospital and stole a llaym-H
automohllH at Ml. Stirling They
broke Into a hardwaro wtor al Olive!
Hill but were forced to abandon Ihe .
autoDioblle when the owner of the j
tors slot a shower of whoi.i into il. j
- Tbey tuok two horses at Olive Hill :
hut were captured by a posae as tlicy j
neared tiraysou. lliey were reiurued
to Lexington. , , ...
' Born, to Mr. and Mrs. W. R Rus
kirk,, a fine big girl. Sunday. Weight
10 poundac Marj Ellen. News. -
.1 '''. -U.t '!. -'''" '"' ". ''. v.'' "
. ... -': .c-"1' ' C'
New Secretary of
Legion Auxiliary
Mi !;. ithcifiolt. of Gl-
lipolu. O. iicvv sundry of (h
American Lsii. n Auxiliary Aj ec
rctary of the Ohio d. i-iainon ia
tiiplcd lift invin.'.rhip.
Ntw Oil Strike
Near Lawrence Une
:i oil.
in IIj - ln- . 1 1 1 l.-.l in a will .i
IIj'- lia:i .inll.-d in
'ergu- on : t.irm i-ri
I 111 .Vol Jll oillil .
the l.-tv ri nee ...in i .
.hi.v. m, of oil i . i .
. . r I'.i o-. I.
jl I o-l
l.Mi.l l-l
wo W . ,i- 'jiid' and in tir I., r. a I II.
lii I V . ir I'Todui . nit 1 lu ndi
r:il. an In.tM.l laiit t I. n- ton of in.
I ealon held
The iman of Mr-. l.:iur.i I'rir.
died at th- home r.l Mrs. Pro .-'s lliolll
.1. Mr i llfiry Purrees on l.i k uv-
hlle la t 'I ll
. r I. - hel.l
III I'll!.' ll 'l
w a", i . ill. lu. t.-I-
da and atl.-r riili-l'j
t III.- I.otii.' h.'i i i.tiri. d
. rli. I. rv. 'I ''. rvir.
I.l It. v II 1! II.
A! III. AMI. Kv.. Il.-c. H.- lieorRe
Curley" Mi S.nikhiiiii. .1.".. Is dead and
a .ot:.i. of Mili-e and w,iuiil. r c.li
niH ;ir' 4 iiiiilnii:; llil. s, i-iioii in
i' a!TH of three men In a I'oTd ant.i
iiiol.il who early is -I lu-ht enter d a
-.It drink e-laldi: Inn. HI lu the heart
of the liusin.-ss lion, w h. re lln-
tiot down Mcaiit:hloii. II tu. !rui
II..- Mi ne In a diliipid.it. il Kor.l lour
mi: i .ir.
Mr-Naiil'htoii wait i-hot aecordilii.' to
.i.i(ii..l.II. s. au.' Iio h. oiitati d I.,
'llin.w up his hali'K' when ..uiili in.l
.1 to do no lv tw.. iinsi.i lo-d li'.ell
vhti enter d tli- 'Ii drniU l..re uhll.
U Nam. hloii rind O N. H n-'il coiii. rs
Hi).- nt tl.- rPvr of Ih- .-iii.
I lu rihol was l:r.. I by o::' of !!:
mn d .M-rud.M a and I.M.k
l. N'sio l.loa .. t.rr.rl. killin
i If. el
Follow ine the vhol Die pair h.-i I
d from the store. a.eorilinK to the
-lory told poll. .' h ii Neil. jinii il in
to the Kord car in whii h alioilo'r man
h;h Mltiio: al th- whcl. and i.i. ed
...1 .l.-iv
'Hire.' t.h.ils w.-re tired nl the live
iiiK ant.i lv n'Ni il who riile-d Irom
I. is slvire niut piirsii.-.l McNaiii'litoii
ila) r.. with a hail of hull t n.i(e "I
ulil. h Is lliou-hl to have I .K. a .1
( it.
Iiobl.ert is a s.HMi. d I
the no Iie l..r i i.lra'iti
have b. i n
.. th.- two
m u Int.) the More.
The ...liootim; iau"d a r Irn of t. r
ror nl. .in Hie croivd d llil.iill..ss
streets of !be c''v ! I und .'Is ! p-r-urns
srm ri d lor li. lt. r as bullet
from oN. ils i;un whistl. d alou,; the
tr. ls III th- direction taken hy the
rte.-illK alttoim.hllo.
Mi-Nai:, hloii was i hot down at 9: 'M
o'clock. At an tally hoi;r this morn
niit there had been no report from
po a s. nt out alter 'the fleeini; men
and it :n eenerallv- conceded that
h trio had made their way arros-i
I.- (il.io nv. r and taken l.i the bills
Two :'U: 11 ts were ;irr t.l on
Kr.int vi line bv poliei- s.mn att-r
the fatal ihootii j!. Tin two. accord
iuk to amh. ititiiM. tol. I conilictiiiK
tale com eriilliK their whereabout al
the time of the shiHilini: and are be
IHK held for further quevli.niiio'
O'N'eil told IMtlice last Hie lit that he
eoiild positively identify either of the
two men who entered hi;i rlore
Neither man. he said, wa-i ma .ked
and Ho y were in plain "ii lit as Hi. y
ilood at the Ihr.'-hol.l of lb i.tore at
ih lime they ra'e the, couinianj for
O'N'eil and .M'.ju;liK.u "lo throw
in up."
.McNaii; hton na". employed in 111
".tore coii.luct. il by O'Neil. l'olicrf oe
lieved thai ' McN.iUKbton's besitaiiou
I throwing up his. hands led the hold
up men to think he was reachiiij; for,
a liiin. )
',. An the Ford car carryliin Ihe three .
men ed'il away- from the uccue
two ailtonuiliile v. detached themselves
frei.i Ihe sln am if traltlc. rave chase,
but Ialr reported Ihe.- Kord car to
hare been lost.
P.di-e, siw.n notilled of Hie sliixit
inc. sped after the tleciiii; highway
men. Inn were likewise, unsuccessful
in follow-ill!; the trail.
Police posses and armed bands of
eiti;eiiry I.Mik up Ihe chase and were
reported ax combing every .section of
the Kurroiiiiditif. couimiiniiy in search
of the trin. :
McN"ali-htou nsided with his
daur.bler. Mrs. Krank Stewart, at
Twenty-second aud Carter Mrects.
One other daiiRlit. r. residing In Cat-h-ttiburrr.
also survives.
Harold Owsley, : IS, and Herbert
l niiln);ton. 20. are charRed with Ihe
murder, but olHcera are una bio to Cud
them. .'.;.. ''-...
" - ' ' .."".''..'.-
CLAVllOtE tASEr; 1
i ,-.'
Nine Republicans (o Face
Murder Charge, Court
of Appeals Itufes.
KHANKKOKT, ' Ky.. live. x. --The
nine H pulilicaiiH w lio w.'iil lo Clay
hole l'r eini I, Itr uiliill county, al
Hi.. 1!C"1 I'l.'. lioii for -Klate Senator in
the 'I'll in y fell h ill 'tiict. which ih
. mill, il ii.ilill. al coiilrol oi th.. III.':'
:v nai . min t ! land ti .al on tin- liar;
es ol iimspliacy ainl the murder of
1 Asl.errv Combs, the Court ot Appeal'.
. held today in an opinion hy .lml'e
; Tin. mas. when II reversed the lioyd
circuit court, to wlilcli I l.iyliole ca
, lies were transferred hy i Ii.uik.- ol
i venue. i
i (n election dav, Novclliller k, lKL'l.
a battle oceiirn d In the ( Uvhole pre
; t in. I and w hen Hie f.uioke had cl. ar
nl away four men w re dead and i;ev
,piili.-n wre noiiiideil. The men kill
. ed were. Ash. rrv Comb ,, Cleveland
( oinl.s, fcihfcn Allen and ;eori?e Mi'
liito h. The lialh.t ln.Ke were Miot
in piece) and ilirown into the creek
a.ior.lliig to the e H. lull;. at 111'
Mne Kepnhlii ans and four Hi mo
i ral i weie Indii ! d a.: Hie rei.ult oi
the deatji of Asheirv and Clewland
louilis. Is loir. Allan and Con... Mi-Ir.io-h.
wounding i.f many others al
th.- I'd!--, and r.-t...r' of the hull.,!
Ii.'l til' four ll.llloc.JI . 1..' "lie
Ki. r.. h and ; had., ('..ml. : and C. ..i i
All. ii. Jr. w.r- Hi. d toe. id, r in
Ij.v, d coioili and c.inn ted ol ilii
.ii:n ami the murder of fieore
. .Mi Inio h The liepuhlican diieud
i aiii-i all t.'MilPd to Hi. ir own i oniliii l
on that day and the trial court siis
lamed their plea ol imniiiiiitv under
Hi" l-!i7 Con piracy Statute, which
I'Sr-l Hie plO.-tcClltioll Of H-r; Oil I illl
pl. i ii.-d iii a en-piracy who t.-' HM
lor the I'oiiinioowe.ilUi
Th- Coiuii.oliwi-al'h app.-at.'d and
Hi.- Court o A pp. als held lh.il they
sr - iiolii i. d on a couiiih.u law an.l
il.-1 Hi statutory i liarre. The Act ot
1V7. Ilie court nanl. wai Mil alill moil
law aimed at lolh;ate raiders.
The ini ii. w ho must yitaiid trial- for
the killlni; of l onil.s are Will llaru.-tl.
ipuly Sh riff; his win, Amhy - Par
mtt; hl i hroilii r. Marlon parn. lt. ol
lit Cr-ek Precinct: his brother. Al
fred It.iniell. of iMlcksan i Precimi;
!il noli lu law . W illi.- Iiai i .; t'hesl. r
I'avis, coiidn of Will and voter in
Uc-,1 Creek; ICd I'lavi'. au iincb. also
of law-l Cr.ek; Will Campbell nid Kd
t ombs, the latter a Uniocral. who
had been defeated in the primary for
Ilie nomination for County Jinhv
Nolle ol tin in. il was I. .still, il. was a
io. r 111 Cl.-ivh.il.' Precinct. Courier
Farmers Will (iatlur
At Morjrantown .Meet
MOIir.AN THW . W. Va . Die U
ll.iinlreds of farm men and women
limn all seciionx of West Virginia are
eviHiie.i h.r. from .lanuaiy 1 to .-,
iii iil-.it.. iiilernalioual farm, rs iv.-ek
which wsll l. collilllcted bv the Col
lee. of Ai-rieultiire, of the Stale Cni
-ersitv, a. i.irdtuK to uiimiuiu-em. ni
toiii;rhl by I:. i s it Johnston, of th.-.t'n-ioii
division .t.itT in iharce of
i :-r;i n :-irr tie- prorram
Pri.miii. !,i ainoiic, speak, r i s. he.li.l
s lor Hie orcasioU an- s S Met "lure.
iiiauarlii.' piihll-her; Cray Silv.r of
U a .hiiiMi ii and Kr. d K. I'.iokks ot
I'r.-ncli cr.-. U. W. Va.. nationally
known natural. si.
l'liritii- the reunion, the following
' inner.' orK:ini7alioi.s will hold ni. i t
nr-i h. re;
West VI re in ia farm huie.ui fe.lera
lion; .tate poultry association. W'.-sl
Virginia Livestock Association; Slat.
Dairy nien'-i Association,
$1,000 Chickens in
Poultry Show at
Huntington, W. Va.
ChlckPtls are chicked alllion: h
onie may be touch when carved on
the dinner tilde but it lakes a real
pood chicken to be valued at fl.iiuO.
Tl.i3 Is the opinion, at uuy rate of
oflUvr.j of the lliintin. lon Poultry 4
Kihihlt Co., in charge of the poultry
show Kivrn at Piggj armory l.'ceiii
ber 12 to lii '
An entry received for the ; how
from II .1. Hunt & Sons, of Chevy
Cha.e. Maryland, contains nine chick
en; with a total valuation of I-M'M'.
Put. It has ln?en poi tried out. thev
are some chicken., nays the ll.rsl.l
Di 'pati h.
'X'tteen Row." a hen. and "Penrlll
ed Cucen," a pullet, have tndividiiil
valuation of il rtUii each, accordiiiK to
entry blanks.. Hot h are heralded as
real "yueens'' ill the fhicken World.
Then there comesi "Mahoi;anv ilirl.
lippiiiK Ihe valuation i:cale at find in
iii- lieu class., uiocKy noy
"Mudi." i
and "llooriie
all cocks, are valued at f
Salt. "Straw," a h. n. "Ueneral" and Mill the place of pastor of the M. H.
"Walter," cockerels, are valued ut the 'hiirch South. Owing lo Ihe comli
same amount. Mim of bis health he is taklni; thh-
All nine of Ihe evhil.lls were sent
there Irom the Ilallimore Poultry
show in connection with the annual
exhibition and ineetliir: of Ihe Part
ridue Wyandotte club, and wero on
exhibition at live poultry show which
opened Tuesday. : ,
- Culled meelhiK of Louisa
Chapter No. II. A. M , on
Priday, Her. 15. at l:lll p. in.
Work In all ileRtvi'S. Chicken
Flipper will be served at 6:0.1
o'clock. All companions re
quehted lo lie present.
g. ii: lkwis. ir. r.
Send the OIr Sandy News to your
friends at a. Christmas present.
Suit Attacking
S t a t e N or m a I
.chool Commission
A suit Is being prepared attack
ing the constitutionality of the legislative'-jut
'.creating the commis
sion to 'looate the State Normal
Sopool,' Auditor Craig and a num
ber of otlten of the Boj Sandy
valley are joining in the suit. It
is taid the matter will be tested
out in the Court of Appeals as
soon as possible. It is expected to
be filed at once.
Moore Returns to Paint s
ille and Gives Bond
Everett Moore, of Lawrence, coun
ty, whoiie eicajie from the Johnson
couifty Jail was noted In our columns
last week, returned to Paintsville vol
untaiily Tuesday with. Lawrence couii
IV relative!!, and cave bond for his
appearance to ansjjer the charge of
complicity in the killing of two men
blown up in Theulit.t mine. He ih
charged with selling the nitrogly
cerine that caused the explosion. He
deiii.-t, the charge. He reius dto ray
how he got out of jail, hut other pris
oners rani he hid behind Hie d inl
and slipped out when the jailvr en
Contracts to lie Let for
l'oad Work in Wayne
The State of West Virginia will let
In i-oiiiract on December Pi live and
one half miles of road on Hie .Mar
row hone rum route, ('lading and
Al o. a hriil?o across Tw.-lve Pole
HI V.'auii' county will he let. It will
be Uii f. . t Ioiik, i .tcel IM.mi'h tin s
up.'i'sinuiur., l oniTete or A dilar
m:i oiiry f.iile.l i ii. l ur-.
Westmoreland Wants
Annexation Survey
A resolution iiskini; that a survey
of part of Wayne coiiuly h. mad. in
view of annexation to Cahell lounly
was adopted Sunday iii;.'ht at a me. I
ini: held in the Vin on Memorial
Th. Wayne county court will h.
a . l.ei to make the i:urv'y. The lnei-t
ill!,- was In charge of H.-iuy Pyle ami
was alt. iiib il by Ml persons, says the
lliintiiicloii Herald Dispatch.
There will he a Christinas enter
lainineiit at the l.deocio school housc
Dcreiiihcr 2:!. ahoul.l.ti o'clock I'ri
day nun nint'. Kver hod v is invited
lo coin.. s jiciioiil. iHltl.S.
Lieut John P. W
.'lid trip llolll Louis
o. 1 made his sec !
lo liiuiue and re :
-plane. I lis pas
turn Tuesday hy ai
ni'. rs w. r. Dr. H
Di. Preclor Spark--
11. C.iiul.ill and :
l;.'liil niin; he
carried Dr. .'parks and Kd Lolnnaii.
it so h.l pp 111 it t hai just hefot'e the
plan.' arrived at Pisiue Mr. Lohmaii
had . phoned to Louisa for .Mr.
Wood to com' irn r and Ket him. as
a message had hei u received that his
nioili. r was at the
Mail. tta. (Ihio. Th
point of death ill j
trip from I. lame
to Louisa. 21 miles bv road, was made
ii ten minutes. Th. wind was just
Hr lit and Hie plane made terrilttc
speed. Dr. Canihill. who is a phy
sician at Llaiue. had been away from
home for a week or more. Coininc to
Louisa Tuesday inoniinK he found the
roads in bad condition on account of
(he heavy rainj und the freeziuK- So
he airaiived to ro home by the route
that la up lis at bad r.ads. Dr. Sparks
went along for the novelty of the ex
perience. An advertisement in thin issue Rives
i. daily fchediiio win. h Mr Wood will
try out for two week between Louisa
and Plain. He will he at Williamson
from Saturday morning until Monday f
morHinp, Ihe ISth. He will make a
lifht to Plaine that day if any holi
ness off.rs.
Mr. Wood was at Williamson, W.
Va., from Friday mini Monday. He
made the llifiht from there to Louisa
in:'l minutes. The distance by rail
i's'nhnut tin miles.
We wouldn't need first class roads
if airplanes were plentiful and aa.well
handled as this one.
Rev. bell goes to greenup. :
Uev. .1. D. Bell and family moved
last week from Siiinmersville. W. 'Va.,
lo Greenup, Ky., where Rev. Hell will
worK insieau or the ottier-w inch was
not a station and would necessitate
traveling that he is not able to do.
Kev. W. L. Held, just relumed from
Molilalia, has gone to Siimmersville
to take i'harp,e of the. work.
Mrs. WuMMifyCluylon spent a few
days In Ashland iist wei-k.
Mrs. Charley Krazier ami children
are visillm; relatives in the country.
Mrs. Kohl, llarlman went up lu the
aH plane and enjoyed every moment of
the flight." trip Ki.ves one the op
portunity, ot seeini; the- beautiful
scenery of our country;, s Thanks to
Lieut. John Wood for this opportun
ity. Ills coming hero with hla air
plane should be appreciated. 1 .
Mis. Webb, Native of Law
rence County, Was in
Her 100th Year.,
Mrs. i:ii.aliilli Webb died al Den
, ton a few days ai'o. .die wan ill Iit
liiiith y. nr. Ilad : lie lived until next 1
March vlu- wojild have been one hun
di'i d y. ai i nl. I. A... I. Webb, who died
a short time aj-o at Ii. iinis, ivai her
old' t run. Amoni; oilier son. i liyinR
are Wesley W., Jolm and Klein Webb
I of A hlaiiil. She had hei il Ii vine fl 1
j Heiiioii, Carter county, for some time
! with a daiiKhter. Funeral service was
held at that place i
.Mis. W'elih wa'i a woman of excel-I
lent characteristics, a devout Chris-
Han, and one who waa very useful in j
"the neighborhood when she npent !
I most or her loni; Hie. A large nuiii
her of descendants iiurvive her In this
j and adjaei ill countieu.
I With the exception of Mri. Mahala
' Veils : he was the oldest woman in
tl.ii pari of Kentucky. '
Paul Ilerron Killed by
II. Iilanton at CJrayson :
Crjyson. Ky., Dec. !l. Paul Herron,
Z' y.ars old. a fanner three miles
Iiopi tins my, was flint three It men
ii. the ha. k and 1:1 I iiulv klili rl at lu
o'clock this innniiii;; by Harriuon
lilaiiton. .!.) y.ai i old, farmer and
lock tr.id.-r, half an hour alter the , 0) Tlp.,,av aftern.ion Mi so Vivian
vi.'liin had been aeipiilted tor the kill -: ,,.1V!J ,)rI1(.h, toReth. r a nnnibur of
iiiK in July ol Hie layers father, Will : (l.,,:nilJ . i,r hiiine in Louisa in hon
, ur ol a hiiile-eleit. The hours from
Ih.- : in ...tin ..c.jiii.-d In front f ; ti,r.- lo live wero most pleasantly
the t oinuiercial Bank on Main f.treet. J , 10.!pitable home where
Iilanton walked up behind Herron and! 1.,m,s,,1 ,, Iml;,ic enEaEod the at
iir.'.l Hire, tiim s, the victim falling j ,f ,, of ,, g110sts for a time. Miss
' , . , , , .... , ! Lou Challin1 was the winner in a
I h- nl.iy.-r I!, d half n block lo thf .. ointt s, an,i received as a
fit.., ii. haul:, where In was arrest a .! lMrs. . fl. Wellman
ed bv Sheriff William liirehett with .,, W() vU.,urti colltest was
. "' " o. ..i,..i hi j-.. j.iv,.,, u Ellest towel,
char:',-,! Willi iiiur.Ier. I he p.iand jury A .i.-lu ion- .-siilud course was serv
whicli was mi session. iinmcIiatMy ,)V Miss ,..iva as!iili,a by ler
consul, red ihe case and wnhin an j .,10,h,,r ., sister. Mrs. F. L. Stew
hour alter the traeedy returned an in .u.t aI)t W(1S Ma.tha Mayo Stewart,
dii tiii, lit ai-ainst Iilanton. ..,,.,, ,,al wls 0t ()f ,lft bag..
Ihe shooliiie caused Kreat excite- a rill)on cnucctt.d wilh a ,ag
m. nt. hut no demo.isiralion was made nillu.ill(, lirar tnt. Hreplace wan pulled
and no ihr-als araiiisl Iilanton were a ,.ut jllm)K,(, out weaihiB about
h. anl. An unusually lari;. crowd was (s ,.,. ,,,., .whi,. was writ-
in Ih. city as nieinbers of Ihe Purley a V(.rv in.,.,,,.,,,) lUll0 a,i the
I ohm-co t. rowers t o operatin-; Mar n.tm,.s ()f jj,-s!1 t.,.ira 1;rolniy anil Mr.
k. tin,: Associalion w'.-re ropiHtomii; JHvi N. ,iorn. ,on a(Ur tUa aQ.
for ii. hv. iy ol th-ir 1II2J crops. nomiceiuent a weddins cake was cut
ilie trial of Ilerron had consumed (,.,,, whioh jr9 n W(,bI) TPcMv.
three .lays in Ihe ( art. r county clr- .irirnitii' needle. Miss Vivian llora
I II M l till I l . iltllltll llild (lit i nit il mi. Ji -
........ it. i.,.. ,...ie
(t f ii 'I'll'' killitiK had prown out
if trouble which developed when War
ins I'.l.uiloii. D. pin y Sin-riff and .sou
of Will Plant. ill had allempted to
make an arrest. The trancily occur
red three miles cast of Urayson.
llcrroii'y relatives had left the city
after the jury returned its verdict at
H .'i'i o'clock ai-quiitim; Herron. The
lalier rt'iuaiueil ill town and was
walking alone the street when In-
as shol down.
Siirvivlni; Ilerron an his widow and
a child. He was a son of lien Her
planlmi has a wife and two cliil
.lien. lilantnti was removed to the
lloyil lounly jail.
Waniie Pl.'inion, 2:i, anil Frna 111 in
toll. 1':!. of Ci'iyson, br.it h. is of liar
ri'i.n lllaiii.ui. v.eie arrested .Monday
til I alien huri; at noon, after war
rants had In en sworn out charsriiiK
them with heini; accessories before
the fact lo the killim;. Poll! men had
revolvers Win n arrested, il is charg
ed. The two Hl.iiilniis canto to Calletts
hiil'K Monday inoiniuK in ail attempt
to elT. it (he release on bond of their
hrnther, Harrison, they said. Shortly
ait,.r iheir arrival a man whose name
was mil divulged, appenred before
Police .liiili-e J. H. McConiiell and
ask'. I for the warrants. JudKe McC'on-
n.ll issued I hi1 warrants und turned
thein over to officer who arrested
the brothers on Main street.
Tin y made no statement. Later it
is understood, the sheriif of Carttr
coiiniy w ho is 1n Cath it ibiirg, will ;
Like ihe two men back to Grayson i
today. j
Circuit Judt;e H. L. Woods, who Sat j
in-day evening ordered the removal;
of Ulaiiron to the Boyd county Jail at
Catbtt.hurg, . announced' tliut he
would call u civcial tenn of the Car"!
i ter circuit court in Jannarv for trial
f the e lse
Henry llouck, 45 years old, farmer
and bystander, who was shot in Ihe
lei;, is able (o be about, the wound
beiiiR slight. It is believed that
lloiu li was struck by one of the three
hiilleti lired into llerron'e back, all
of whiih pent traled the victim's I
Iilanton reHi.-.eil lo discuss the !
hooting before he was taken lo Boyd i
county for rafekeepin. Ihe (iravson I
jail being in bad condition. The famines, formerly of Jenkins
ilies live near each oilier on the Mid-1
land trail. -9Tho first tragedy grew ;
out of troli nln. ' which arose while
Wurnie Iflnnton, a deputy Hheriff.wns
ulteiuplln,'! to arrest a man named
Hoc Ih fur nlleged disturbance of re
lieloim worship. ,
Herron, whose trial consumed three
days in the circuit court, was freed
on a plea of self-defense. He In sur
vived by bin widow and a child.
IiijT Sandy News Makes
(Jood Christmas Gift
Order tho Itig Sandy News now as
a Christinas present. A Christinas
erecting card will he mailed .from
this ollice In time to reach the sub
scriber by -the 25th. The subscrip
tion will start with Issue of that week
or at any time requested. $1.50 per
yeur. '.; ...
Mrs. II. C Sammona has. been quite
sick several days.
In Newberry's Seat
. '"'
' V i
JamCTi Cou.env
millionaire mayor
oi ueirou anu lormer partner of
Henry Ford, is the new U. S. Sena
tor from Michigan, appointed to the
Truman H. Kewlrcrry seat, the office
to which Ford aipired atjaiii.t New
berry in the uow famous eicttion
scandals, which hnally resulted in
Newberry's resignation this mouth.
Announcement Party and
Shower for Miss IJromley
r- -
i , i.
the rim;, Miss Louise Hohitisoti the
; Ihimhle and Miss Lou Challin the
; dime. '
! The brido-olccl was escorted to the
diiiiiiK room where good wishes con
I tinned and were expressed in a beaii
1 liful way In a shower of miscellaneous
, ai tides lor her new home, which aftuH
; Thursday, Ijvceinbor 21 will ho iu Co-
lumhiis, Ohio. Miss Proniley is the
: liaiidsiime dsiiKhti r of Dr. aud Mrs.
, A. W. Proniley. Mr. Horn is a con
i traclur who has been engaged this
! season lu u contract on tho Mayo
I Trail.
i lleport. i from llio Kessler-Hatlield
i hospilal in HiintiiiKton concernitiB
I Ihe condition of Sin riff Don Chalin
are hii;lily i iicoura;;in lils week. It
' is stated that the I.o;ran officer, who
j suff. n d a bud bullet wound in the
i rit-'ht h K by the accidental discharge
of his own revolver on election night.
is now convalesciii! and utile to sit
up i na chair in the sun psrlors of the
hospilal. His return home is expect
ed within :i very short lime if his
present rale of improvement con
tinues, says the Logan Democrat.
The (.rand jury at Harlan has in
dicted three men for the murder of
Miss Laura Parsons, Pine Mountain
Settlement school teacher, September
7, 18iu. Jerry Heed and James Rob
inson, netrro convicts, und John Mar
i iiiii. While Ruui'd, all of the convict
road rump near by, are the men in
dicted. Murcum has surrendered and
Reed Is still in the penitentiary. Rob
inson is ut liberty und has not been
John Bromley, a former convict,
helped with the investigation, using
facta he learned In prison soon alter
the murder.;.:- He and Dr. Vermillion
have been vvorkius on the case. A
suit of bloody underwear bearing
Reed's prison number was recovered
from a hollow tree near the scene of
the .murder
This Is the case in which Dr. Win-
was tried
and ucipiilteil. The trial
much attention.
White Sulphur Springs,'- W. Va.
The "Old White." historic Greenbrier
county hotel here will soon bo no
mure..- It Is being torn down. The
inuj;niticant i-trticturo, "The Green
brier," erected several yeurs ago has
supplanted It and its usefulness is
gone. The ''Old White," in its day,
was one of the most famous hotel re
sorts in America, anu its history is
tilled wllh rouiant'lc lore. Famous
personages of the lust century visit
ed While Sulphur Springs and in the
Colonial, days the "Old White" was
(ho summer inecca for the aristocracy
of tho South.
It was In Its barroom (hat llio far
famed mint Julep was lii'st concocted,
which was later exploited and credit
ed to thti gpatccd Kentucky Colonels.
Six Millions Will be Spent
on Big Finishing Mill v
Addition. , : '
Directors of the American Rolling
Mill Company have-completed a plan
of refinancing for the company, the
purpose of which is to provide for the .
development of the new properties
acquired at Ashland, Ky.-'
The program provides for new cap
ital in the amount of $14,000,000 to be
used as follows: $6,000,000 for the re
funding of aH the indebtedness of the
old Ashland Iron ft Mining Company,
assumed when the Ashland proper
ties were acquired; $6,000,000 for the
cost of new construction at the Ash
land plant and $2,000,000 for new
working capital at the Asnland plant
The expansion project for the Ash
land plant calls for new finishing
mills to cost $6,000,000. This will give
a completely balanced unit at Ashland
covering all processes from the raw
material to the finished article, with
a capacity of 20,000 tons of finished '
product per month. . The company has
a present finished capacity at' Middle
town and Zanenvilln of Zi!,000 tons, M ".
that the addition at Ashland will give
the COmnanv a tnt a) mnnlhlv mnti.ll.
of 40,000 to 42,000 tonB, or something
over auu.uuu ton3 ot untsned products
a year. . - '
This capacity will .enable the com
pany to successfully meet all the de
mands upon it for its products, and
by the proportionate reduction ln'or
erhpad eviunua ihrmial. iKo coi
gamation of the new plant with the
old, together with cheap fuel and
Dower nhtainahln nt iohl anti ' will
serve to reduce the cost per ton pf
iinisneu proauct, wnich should have
Ihe effect of making its average earn-,
ings proportionately larger than ever
iieiort. . .. v . ; ; ,.
Covers Vast Properties. 1
The Ashland properties comprise"
22,000 acres of coal and. timber lands,
a six-mill sheet plant, two blast fur
naces, six open-hearth furnaces and
a blooming mill and approximately 569
acres of manufacturing and city prop
erty at Ashland, together with the
Asblund CoaL& Iron Railway, com
prising some 43' miles of traNLSge,.
approximately one . nail of whldli Is
a l. iiiiiiiui roaa serving a large prt
ixirtion of the lnrhiklrlns nf lha Hi- nt
Ashland. -- -1
The Chesapeake ft Ohio Railroad,
operates 22 miles of the. road as part
or its main line to Lexington and
Louisville. ' . . ' j
The company acquired the Ashiand.
properties through the payment of
$l,ouo,000 of the common stock ot the t
American .Rolling Mill Company and
the assumption of an indebtedness of
approximately $6,000,000.- The. prop
erty acquired has been conservatively
valued at $13,000,000.
Tho new financing will refund this
debt, provide for the construction of
the finishing mills and provide, the
needed additional working capital, v
When the Awhland unit is complet
ed the American Rolling Mill ' Com
pany will be the second largest man
ufacturer ot sheets and light plate
exclusively in the United States.
Cincinnati Enquirer.
Memorial Service Held
by CatlettsburgElka'
The Catlettsburg Elks' memorial V
service was held Sunday afternoon at , i
the First M. E. Church. .., -
Catlettsburg lodge No. 492 is one of ." .
the lartfest liiflet,a in iha '" '
otllcers are: John J. Emerlck. exalted ;':'
ruier; vvayne uamron, esteemed lead-,
lug knight; Henry Hensley, esteem- .'.
ed loyal knight; Britton Spears, es- ,
teemed lecturing knight; Ed B.Smith, v ;
Inner guard; Otha A. Blair, esquire; ''
J. H. McConnell, - secretary; Ernest" '
Meek, treasurer; Green Ross, chap . '
lain: Huch rhaiflol.l t. t c-,.,i.
aud George P. Gunnell. trustees; H.'
r. rrice, u. . koos and W. C Har
per, house committee. -
A list of those in whose honor-the
memorial service was hold follows: .
T. S. Askev- Miviev Dnlim -nr. t .
Allen, Williamson,- W. Va.; George i.
oeuuow, i.ogan, w. va.; -Dr. W. W.
Baldwin. Jr.. Oriinitr' V . Ti.n.. r
Brown, W. F. Crist, Joe A. Chatfleld.
Lew P. Chapman, John F. Daniel, La
ban T. Everett, Catlettsburg; S. D. .
Finley, Bolts Fork; George H. Fulk,';'
erson, Louisa) Russell A. Ford, Getx. '
W. Gunnell, H . J. Goodman, Ed S. ' "
Hughes, Catlettsburg; Ralph Helller, '',
Pikeville; Henry P. Hardin, Jenkins; '
Nathan R. Josselson, Howard B.John- ""V
son, Catlettuburg; J. C. Lambert,
Rush; Riley Lester. Hurley. Va.; C. "
D. Litchiiter, Ashland: Thomas 8. ,''':
Marcum, Catlettsburg; John Hi Ma-"
son. Harry (I. Marcum; Catlettsburg-'' t ,
John B. McClintock; Salt Lake- City. ' ':
Utah; John D. Puckett, Rainelle, W?
Va.; Edward F. Pierce, Ashland. VI1- '
lis V. Roberts, Cadmus; William. H.
Shannon, Gallup; Albert B. Stevens,
PMclnnul,.... 'tll! mi . . ' l '
' .'."....uu, n , , miaui m. inornDury,
Catlettsburg; W. 1. Venters, Reglna;
A. U. Williams, Pikeville; G. C. Wiae
man, Huntington; R. T. Wells, Mount
Sterliiih". - v
George Gunnell, Jr., of the Clay
Gunnell Shoe Company ot Catletts
burg was a business visitor in Ash-,
land Friday. Mr. Gunnell has pur
chased a lot at the corner of Four
teenth street and Montgomery ave
nue. He expects to build a home here
ill the near futUI-n. Mn Iha Indonon.
, - . .... v. w
ditUt.M ..ii , ' .'....'
Parole has: been - granted to " Wilt""
Hall of Pike county who was sen
tenced tor two years for forgery. .
ii- il
; f'o
1 '
A k .. :
j, 4 f ft ULI.JU .
. 1 I. J 1 H
.V t-U I
. J. s. J. I.., -l

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