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in Eastern Kentucky r
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Volum XXXVIII. Number 18. :v LOUISA, LAWRENCE COUNTY. KENTUCKY, DECEMBER 22, 1922. : ' " M. F. CONLEY and E. K. SPENCER, Publiahara
-' - ,' -' . ; . . , .... .... . ; ; ' : . : ... . . , , .... . ........ . -.. . .... , .'-. ... . . . .; , ,-: :-
The Van Swcrinscrs Report
ed to be Arranginjj to Buy
: Controlling Stock.
NEW YORK. The Van Rworlngon
interest of Cleveland, who In the
summer nt 191B startled ti nillroiul
world by acquiring thn majority Mock
of the "Nickel Plate" Kallroad from
the New York Central, anil more re
cently added tho New York, Chicago
and 81. Louis and tho l.ako Erin nil
Western to their holding, are now
' understood to bo dickering lor work
ing control of tho Chesapeake and
Ohio. .
It was said that Um Van Kworin
gens were nocking to acquire the
stockholding of II. K. Iliinflnglon.
chairman of the C. & ). Directorate,
who, because of hlH advanced yearn,
la understood to Im wtlllng to iIIhihw
of hla holdings should KHtisruetory
terms regard Inn pricn bo arranged.
Tho purchaser of these holdings, It
Was said, would have Kiilllrli'nt stock
to Secure a dominant nilcr In tin'
Chesapeake Ohio iiiHiiugcinint.
- A rise of mom than two points In
C, ft O. common on the stock Kx
change rcilltd from tho circulation
f the rumora that now Interests were
desirous of securing enough new stock
to give thorn working control of the
road. '
Tho rapidity with which the Vim
Sworlngcna bavo expanded their ac
tivities aa real estate operators In
Cleveland to a position of prominence
In the railroad world ban caused
douhta to arise In koiiio quarters of
thn financial district a to whethi r
they would Im) able to tinancn an up
ration aa largo aa that Involved in
tho Chenanoske Ohio.
The railroad mileage already inn
trolled by thn Van Swerlngen In Die
Clover Iaf, th Nickel Pluto and the
jik trie and Weniern approxlinah
1.71)0 mllna. At thn end of the
V.. ft O, operated t,2'n miles of line,
which. In the event of purchase of the
Huntington holding, would give the
Cleveland Interests a domlnaliim vnlie
n tho management of nearly l.uuu
Thn main Una of thn ('. & U. ruu:i
from CbtraKO lo Norfolk, Vii. The
Hocking Valley, a iiubHldinry, would
glvo a valuable tormlnmi on Lake
Krlo at Toledo.
The bulk of tho traffic on the ('. &
O. constat of coal, tho pndurtx of
; the mlnna lnt year romprlsiiiK uboul
80 per com of the frolclit carried.
ChnaaHuko A tthlo decuritleH en
Joy a hli:h rating. Total funded debt
amount to IK12,7'Jl.lou. 'rxclualvo ol
f&,S4.666 guaranteed hondx of con
trolled companies. Capital Ptork
outstanding connlat or $12.rrK.fiiu
preferred, recently created, and JG2,
79J,y0 common, Tho preferred pays
Vi per cent in dividend and the
comlnon i per cent. -
lUand on tho earnings fur I he nine
innjftha ended September "(I with the
remainder of tho your eKtimaled, it
HKtlmated that tho company this yenr
will earn morn than & per cent on the
total property Inveatment, rJ K5 per
cent on the preferred atock and 10.19
per cent on tho common.
ny Wright, aged 33 years, wan ar
cldentally electrocuted at I'ikevllle
KkIiiHiiv ntnht nhun In, ltiw.it , in.
' entangled In a live wirn. Ilia body
waa taken to Kt. Alhuim, W. Va., for
burial and anrvicon were conducted
there Tueaday afternwin by the pnator
of tho rreahytnrian church or which
he waa a mem her.
Mr. Wright la aurvlved by hla wife
and two children. Ho wa connected
with tho Automatic ilefrlgerator Co.
and hla homo waa at Huntington, V.
Va. He wa an electrical engineer
and arrived at Plkevllle at. ID p. in.
Haturday night to repair an electric
elevator for tho Coleman Krult Co,
and had gone to (ho company' whole
sale, more with thn manager, 1,.' II.
Coleman, and repaired thn elevafor.
Ho remarked to Coleman: "Hero h
whero'thn trouble wna" and at the
aaino time canto in contact with thn
wiro. Ho then Mitt, ."I can't got loose"
Coleman attempted to pull him
Imiao hut failed, and rnn to tho arc
, ond flo)r to turn off the current, nfter
being naked to do an by Wright.
. Wright expired within a few setf-
oiida. '
tMKBVILLR. necently Vlrglo Viitv
over of Dorton Inutltuted linbea cor
pit proceeding In nn olfort to obtain
poHueHslon of her six year old child,
Lora Bollo Johnson, from whom she
liad boon aepnratod alnco Lora Helle
waa a year old when she. and her hus
band, Jamea Vnnover. pnrtod.
Tho child had llvort with its' grand-
, parent, Cas Johnson and Cosby John
son and their attachment to each other
had become remarkable, On tho trial
before Judge Chlldern hern Attorney
h. J. May, representing tho grand
parenti claim to the child, won the
' case,
tewls Rakes, 62, died at Dock's
Creek last Baturdity. His wlfo. three
daughters and one son survive: Mrs.
J. 11. Plymale, of Ceredo; Mrs. Roht.
.Powell, Mra, Ohn. Johnson nnd Rd
ward llukes ot Kenova.
"Big Six" Matty Sells
Christmas Seals. '
"Big Six" Cbriity Itatlirwinn, ba
tll' grtatet hric. who (or two
year has fought a winning fmhi
against tlic white plague, iv tins
' britnu srafin givini: tune to
Sentences of F;ur Demo
crats Is Reversed by
Court of Appeals.
FltANKt'OltT. Demot rt. con
vl teil n( the murder of (leorge M
liitosli In the I'biyhide I'n i lnc l elec
tion day battle In l!r :itliitt county,
were rr.inted new trials by the Court
nf Appeals, which recently held that
the tune KctHililicans, ciikhki d In the
artruy, did not render ihi insehes Im
inline by testify lug mfaliist the Dein
Judge Muorniaii bunded down an
opinion holding that the Itoyd Circuit
Court, lo which Ih" ci.ses were trans
ferred on ihginui' of venue, erred in
omitting Instructions on self defense
and In excluding testimony of the do
lense Intended to show that they were
the victim iind not tho abettors of
the conspiracy. .Defendant on both
sides are Indicted on charges of com
milting murders in the pursuance !
Independent conspiracies to prevent
the election In Clay hole I'reclm t In
the race In l'.IlM between Dr. .1. D.
WhlteiiUer. Democrat, and Milch
Crane. Republican, for Senator in lb"
'1 hlrty fniii ih Distric t, which would
I- t' nnine the political control of the
'XIZ Senate.
The Detiiocratt whose conviction
were reversed are Leslie Combs and
(ieorge Allen, Jr.. sent, need In fifteen
year each, and French and Shade
Combs, si titi no il to hve jeur-t each.
They contend that tin y are voters In
tho pnclnct which is Democratic, and
that tlic nlti" KciuihllcaiiH Involved
III the affray vote in. other precinct
and were the aggressors. Trio tc. tl
inony thrown out was supporting the
clitii ge . that til" others shot up the
ballot hex alte r the buttle;
The Court held that, while Judge
Sam Hurst should have vacated lie
bench in Creathill on motion of these
defelldlllltS, Ills sllbsl-rtUelll Old' I'
granting a change of venue to I'.ovd
counlv was not in cessarily. ther lore.
Four men 'were killed and seventeen
were wounded in the election livlll.
Trials of the nine defendant, the
en :al!"d re publican sld" (if the clay
t elle c.is", will bo heard In CnlMts
lu:vg In February. Whither the new
trials of line fenir democrat . will lie
heard at that time Is not known.
Attorney for .Shade, French and
DcNlbi Combs and (ieorge Allen Jr.
say that Ihe prmoirera will be released
on bond lis tliev believe that the op
piiHlug side will not offer opposition
to mull a move'. They will return lo
Hreuthltt county a soon as they lire
Hawkins, etc.. vs. Cook, Pill",
pe-al denied. Judgment affirmed
Hay v. Itoberls, Luwreliee. Appeal
granted and Judgment reversed.
Wall 'v. Commonwealth, Itri'lith
lit. Hever( d. ,
Harris v. Music et al, Hoyd. Hee
Wlllin A. tirulib' residence lit Kllen,
till county, was doidroycd by lire
Tueday. Mr. Grubb nnd two small
children were III tho Iiouko nt the tlmo,
but do not. know bow the lire started.
The flames bad made so much head
way by the time the lint was discov
ered that nothing jyas Kiued. The
Ion la considerable.
At the time of .thn flro Mr, firtibb
wu away looking after tho digging of
a grave for lii! mother, who died
Mr. (irnbb ns a merchant and his
store building stands near the silo of
thn residence, hut tho store was not
burned. . ;
The Wet Liberty Courier say that
Frank Wells was drowned when tak
ing a raft down the Tiver. lie nnd
his brother, .1. It. Wolls, were on the
raft when it ran onto a sand bar.
They tied it up and J. R. left Frank
on the rafL When lie returned he
failed to find hi brother. A search
was made and the body -was found
nbout a hundred ynrds below the raft.
Ills wife and several children survive.
i legislative Appointment
Proves to be Downfall
j of Slate Highway
! Measure.
i FltANK Ft )UT.- The Simmon Kernel
Act of Wit, aliollslilng (iovrrior Mor-
' row' Slate Ittchway Commission unci
: creating a new one iiame'il ley the;
fleitcr.il Assembly, was lielel unnin .tl
tutional by Ihe Court of Appeals In an
opinion by Judge Thomas, the Vholo.
court sitting and Juilge. William ling
ers Cluy dissenting.
The decision affirm the judgment
or Judge Sum Hurst of It' attyville,
presiding over the Franklin Circuit
Court, thai the uppidntiui'iit of ext'cti
tive ollicers is tin executive function.'
What incidental hi'iiritig the decisiou
might have on the Normal School sit
nation, in view of conle uiplaled pro
'eodings by Stat" Auditor John .1.
Craig lo lest the validity or the act
creating the ciuniiilssion to select
: Normal S( liool slles. is contained In
the dlstiini that the "opinion Is not
; intended to apply t" t"iiipnrnry iiireii
cl"s for th" construction of public
Iniil'lings or to persons designated to
lierform a siimle or temporary iu t and
in no s'-hse performing a continuous
, public' trust." The court then adds
' that this is inleiided to mean that It
is not passing on such (incstion. at
this tilll".
In con:;e(ueiic'e of tills opinion th"
present ciilninlssloti. ceunposcel of 11
(iieen (i.iiT' tl. Winchester, chairman:
Iliii.h II A sin r. I'ineville: Leslie
Samuels, llnrclstowu, and Hen Wellle, '
I'ailiiciili. will continue In ollii". The
act named Mr. Wellle. and Mr. Samuels
on the commission with (!en. William
. I.. Situ it of Howling Croon, retired
Army engiixter. who was chiefly re
sponsible for the successful e.'IKineer
llIK enterprise ot the ranainn Canal,
and M L. Cculley of Canne I City, who
has nlnce died.
Hoy Playinjj Santa
Is Severely Burned
Wallace Mvers, 12 yenr o'd son of
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Mvers of .ogan.
W. Va.. was severely burned at that
place Krldayi night, 1 he lad was
playing Santa Clans at a church en
tertalniiient. He was wearing a false
face with a cotton bear I and when li"
reached Into the tro". lighted with
o indles to Ki t out a pros- tit his beard
was Ignited. He was sev, rely biii'iied
al'Ollt the face, eves llllil lioijy atl'l H
in a critical condition.
Mr. Fran); Vyrs Is a son of ('apt
Millie Myers, popular C. O. conduc
tor on the iiig Sandy drvislon.
Mra. Ile.'-t. ;- Criibh eljed ;:l Catl, tie
lung Miiliil.iy night llolll Ille cflocC.
of a fall a week beleuv wiiUh causi d
liitiTnnl Injuries, The body was
brought lore and take n 'out In lr r
home, at KIb u. Ibis county, wle re in
torment was made yesterday.
Mrs. (Irnbb had been visiting a,
woman who had grown op In li"f
homo end the lu iide tit eiccurri c not
long after she arrived there.
She was ep; years old, widow o:
Scott firubli who died 17 years ago.
Previous to her marriage she was a
I In wna. Six children survive, Willie;
A. and Hurlan ol' Kllen, Kustls ol
Texas, Mr. Klliel Helton. Mrs. James
Walter Young of Louisa, and Mrs.
Luther Iturton of liluine.
Mrs, Criibb was n woman highly
eKteeined by all who knew her. She
wna n faithful member ol' the M. L.
Church South. Her death w ill be felt j
In her neighborhood us a real loss.
Mine Fatalities Total !
33 in W. Va. in Month;
Mine ratalltlea ill West Virginia in;
Novemlicr numbered i'.lt. of whom 2 !
wero Americans and 11 foreigners. I
Two of those killed were outside j
'workmen.' and 111 vveroi in ployed on;
the Inside (if the' mines. .. Five nun;
ear.io to their death ns a result of mill" f
cit nccld"tib;. One was 'killed b., 1
mining machine, one by shall, one by!
(electricity nnd three in miscellaneous
! accidents. I
I . .. ' .'I
The death penalty Imposed on Wil
liam I'cnn Wad In tho lireiilhilt
circuit, court for thn killing of Mrs.
Maggie Allen was reversed by the
Court of Appeals. The higher court
held that the lower court erred in its
instructions to the jury.
Watts was indicted Jointly with Hud
Noble, Soldier Noble, lieecher Noble,
Tom Porter, Sam GrigHby, Haglns
Noble,' Luther Nohlo nnd Lewis Watts
a a result of the raid on the jail In
Jackson which resjiltod In the death
of Mrs. Alien ful Albert Roberts.
Jeff ColllnBWortli, who was burned
very serevely recently on the arms
and face, Is slowly improving. Ho
was blasting rock on the Mayo Trail
and poured powder into a hole too
aoon nfter a "springing shot" .. Itnd
been put off. -
Gome On,
The following from the A hl: ti. In
dependent Is ' of . special iuien-'d. lo
Louisa read-r.s. Mr. (iunm ll. presi
dent of the company, was a native of
I.nuisa, as was a!so his "wife, i hs
lleli.lso Thomas. Tlioy have many
frietiils here who liave noted with in
terest 'tin: progress of 'the busine ;: .of
which he is mutineer:
"Kemoval from Catleltsburg lo Ash
land of the Cli,) (innnell M;c,. Com
pany (wholesale shoes), increase of
the capital stock from gln.i.O'io to
$4ii(I.imui anil tho erection ol a four
story wholesale shoe building en a lot
to h" bought here, will bo the eml
ataiidlnK mercantile transaction of the
etunltig. wet U, it was b-ai'ii-'d fj-nn an
aiil.'ioritatlve' soi.ice hero ia t night.
(ieorge I'. CI ii ri in. II. jirc iel, tit of the
c niany Whii h now co:iiliu ts the bus
iness i!i Cailittsiiiirg. conhrmecl the
rumor tllat ri-orga:ii?.at:oii and expan
sion was i m in i in :it. It
a itiei-tiir: of the k'o.
t Kl'l
l.ll".b I'S W.ie
W, .Inoflay of
I ' L! at Cat'.-itsl'urg
this W'ee). to Veto o:i ii
"While :edei;i ilal st.i
fe T. ll (') the pi!,lic, Ihi
I'Tosted la the prof t I
Uiinn.-ll. John L. i:m l,
and ( liarh s Hu.-seil. re
John T. VcClintoek. :..
will' l.o of
-" chi, f y it:
are ieorge
i:i!'!iam. John
I. T. A. Kiel. I.
i Williainson.
hrncM Me, k nnd forme
(i'-orge U, MarCn.
" The'i (Ui!iany v. ill ui t!
e-i:t!lto the largest who
at time con-
ilesaio shoo
im and will
gest C'.et'Ca'l-
no-ise 111 th" In slate r
lie one of A'liland'.i la
lie estHolil'tl)"!lt'. A lot is , be
bough' in Ashland for Hi" ti"w bi.il:!
iiiK which will bo a I oir -tory brick
structure eipiij.'ped i(h ih.- meet mo I
"!! faolhti's on- dispi. lying, paik'n:;,
shliipiug and storing ;l i.
"It was learned that the change
from Cati' tl .burg to Ashland may he
00. 'isiiinmated within a low weeks! the
itoek at lirst being moved into a t nt
p 'r.iry l'U,Ming anil Lit r to ho piaci d
in the now bniMitu-. it ( oubi not bo
I'arn.d w-h.t loctioii l!i.' pi'oiaot, ri
have in iiiitol.
The Clay (imiiii II Shoo (.'o:r;mnv Is
one of Call tisbitrg's badiut h'usl-li'i-sos
and has been eminently sue
cessfiil since It was organizipl several
y. ars ago by the bite fioore Otinnell,
Sr. and. the late tieorge Clay. Since
ho deaths of those men tieorge F.
'(innnell has been president and gen
oral manager.
"Mr. (iunii'ill recently bought prop,
crtv al Fonrtei'iiih sir.-, t and .Moni
com' ry aveiim. win re he will imihl a
linni" and hecoino a r. ,i'll u of A .li-
1. 'iid.
Prediction ns to the' price f oil
are usually not worth much, .hoc.-iuse
th" Standard (lil Compuiy Coii'.rnls
il and only (lie few liioii al tho head
of It know tu advance wh:.t their
planu are. The following is from the
Cincinnati Kuquirer:
"Frank I). Kistb r, Chairman or th"
Hoard of the Producers and LoHneri'
'Corporation, is limited as saying that
in the face (if the increasing .demand
at home and abroad the; outlook is
d'cidetlly good for the advancement
in the price of crude' oil and relined
products until production Is Kufneient
ly stimulated to meet the needs of
the world markets. I.uto figures show
according to Mr. Kistier. that current
consumption' In this enun'try exceeds
the domestic 'production of crude oil
In the United. States by about 100.000
barrels a day."
Mrs. Relln Carry, 73 years bid, died, of Engineering with his specialty work j Tn name report shows that 109.4
ai. tho home of hrr soil, "Norman W. in Civil Engineering. He Is n mem-j miles of Federal nid roods were com
Curry, Ashland, Wednesday us the ' her of the llorace Mann Literary plcted In Kentucky during the fiscal
result of burns sustained when her j Soclotv and the American Society of year 11122, the State receiving $l,6!l!),
clothing was ignited In some unknown ; Civil Engineers, but his successful .804' in (loveinmont funilR. Of this
manner. She was alone upstair when : attention und devotion to his studies i lo!.4 mile of road, 77.3 miles are
her scronms brought members of hen have been his greatest, college nt-j listed n old roiwl that. 'ware graded
family to her assistance. -
Old Santa, Were Waiting
County Agent I'aker
Returns From Meeting
County Agent C C. linker was in
l.evliicion nil hist week intending 'the
unniial nn ( ting of the Kentucky
comity agents and home e. innn'tra
t'nn ai.,.i:i at which one hundred and
forty Wore in attendance.
.The convention iv;i i held every day
in the agriculture building at the
t'nivi rsity. .Many prominent Agricul
turists, wer" on the program and the
various t a 1 If-xwpre very helpful to all
who iittend"d. Forenierst among the
spi ake r- were C. li. .Vmith. chief of
the office of extension work at the
I'nlted Slates department of agricul
ture and George K. Farrell. Held agent
for the I'niteel States department ex-t'sj-'on
woi-:. They praised highly
Ihr Kentucky plan of couiimmity cluii
work anil congratulated the agent
upon their e fforts to. plant thej new
farm enterprise firmly throughout the
ne .Man Killed
At Kcnova by Car
A CMii tb.-'tlit to be Welch Collins.
'" Wayne, W. Va., was killed early
Tio .niay morai.'i.'; i,t Kolloy'!i c'irnor
in '.' nova when struck bv a str(( t
ca,-. The report stated that Co'lNnu
as lying fac" d iwnward on the
street car tracks and was not seen by
the motoruian until it was too Jut t
apply the brakes.
''be (J.-nth of S.r.ii (I. Fnizier no
cuiTid on Saturday inorning at his
home in 1'oit (lay. W. Va.. following a
long illness. Ho was a brother of L.
I. Kra.i' r of Catlellsjiurg, and W. J.
Frai'ior of Logan. W. Va. They were
seen of Wm. F. Frad.T, el"cins"d, and
were valid In Fori tiny, Sam KrazhT
"i.'i'el r. -; h's entire life thor.'. lie was
ii!i y iirs of age aad was never ma.
rii d. l'is br il'ieri v.-e ru at his lied
i ido in his la -t hoi.rs.
Xv. Fraior hail for many years
bee 'i a member of Vinson .Masonic
lodge, and the funeral service -was in
charge of the lodge and was conduct
ed at-the M, K.. Church South on
Monday morning nt 10:;pi. Ilurlal
took place' in the cemetery at that
. Mr. Frazi'r was always a good citi
zen, honosi, intelligent, and well iv
l'lM.!o,l. Wayne and Lo&an Counties
included in Ucad Work
The West Virginia stale road com
mission awarded contracts Wednesday
tor ihe grading and draining of Oil
miles of state roads in fourteen conn
t.ii s and construction of. two bridges
in Wiivtie ii 'id Logan Co'inl.i.-'i;., The
cost of h". work will ho ' mora than.
.5 i.ea'iii.iiim. if is said.
The counties in which the 'work is
In bv done at'" Monroe, ichnkts,
Poi-ahontas. ltalo1gh, Wi'.yli.', : Pleas
ants. Wetel liraxtou. Doddridge.
Mine nil, Pendleton, Randolph and
Mcl'iiwcll. .'-.
(Special to the News)
LKXINUTO.S', Ky..- Hie. IS. There
Is a certain typo of students nt the
University of Kentucky which char
acterize s itself by It 'quiet presence
mingUd with en aloofness from tho
various .. n vocative activities nt that
institution' hilt which .builds a founda
tion that, always, in itself, bespeaks a
greater future strut ture. -
One of this particular ejiin Is H. P.:
Sanimons, ion of Mr. and Mr. . M. Committee that Kentucky will nave
Summons, , of Louisa. Summons is . 51.551.003 as n net balance Tor road
noy turning the Inst post in his col-j work to its credit in the Federal Trea
lego course as a Senior In the College i bury July 1, 1!?3.
tributes. , ...
JACKSON', Ky. -After a tense mo
ment Saturday during the trial of
F.leaney, .Nutl.an and Wilson demons
charged with the murder of Green
Wntkina. in which spectators, counsel
and witnesses were on their feet,
Jjd(;ri Sam llur. t ordered all women
entering the court room lo be-search-ed.
Mrs, Rudy Hudson was appointed
deputy, sheriff and took her stand
with the seven men guards at the
door. A Colt's "-15" was strapped
around her waist.
The trial is proving one of the most
bitter ever fought In. this section of
the State. Fearful lest Mountaineer
vengence Keek a solution of the crifne
before the law ha taen it course,
Judge Hurst is using every precau
tion to prevent a clash between the
opposing parties.
The jt'.rUt has established an exit
order for those in the court house
when court adjourn. The defendants
and their counsel with a guard are
Ci" lnvt to leave. These are followed
by th" jurors. The spectators then
tile out.
Siturlay afternoon as Attorney A.
I". liyrd for the defense- asked Bud
Corahs on the stand If friends of Wat
!:ius had not intimidated the Witness
on the edge of town, nn objection was
railed by the Commonwealth. Attor
ney llyrd then turned to the Jurors,
it is said, nnd shouted: "Well, it is
the truth anyway." Clay Watklns,
brother of the man slain, shouted that,
tils statement of the attorney was not'
true. As Byrd turned to face his ac
cuser spectators and counsel jumped
t their feet. Judge Ilur.-.t threatened
to clear th" courtroom and place both
in jail unless order waa immediately
r 'stored. Deputy sheriffs appeared be
hind th" bar and the trial was Boon
under way again. Courier-Journal. .
Auditorium For
Morpan High School
West Liberty Courier says:
will be: commenced this week
on a new auditorium tor tho Morgan
County High 'School." The building
will ho 50x70 feet and .will, have a
commodious stage in the rear. The
building is being erected to take care
of the. .increased attendance in the
school. It will be used for chapel cx
ere ises and the din-pel in tho school
building will hi; converted into class
rooms. The new- building will also be
used as a gymnasium,', assembly hall
nsid for Kchool entertainments, it will
also be a community Tenter nnd will
add much to the effectiveness of the
school. The Hoard of Kducatlnn is to
bo commended for its forwardlooking
in this matter. .
W A Kl 1 1 NOTOX. A total of $68,781,
5.".:! for the Department of Agriculture
for the liscal year, ending June 30,
would bo set asldo by the annual
.agricultural uppropriutlon'bill received
by the House. This is Sl.852,380
.more than die total of the 192.1 'ap
propriations and SJijOJHiO less than the
amount requested in the budget es
timates. ;' Out of the ?6S,7Sl.ir.5S total. $32,300,
000 - would. 'be'- appropriated for road
construction, in accordance with tho
' Federal- Highway Act ot 1021.
In cannection with this Federal Aid
i Act, il was estimated' by the depart-
tttient In the hearings on the present
bill before
the House Appropriations
land drained. . . .
Petitions From Big Sandy
Valley Asking that
C. & O. Improve '
Equipment. .''" '
Citizens of Pikevllle have started
a movement to appeal to tho Kentucky
Railroad Commission for better equip
ment and better service on Big Sandy
passenger trains. A petition was sent
to Louisa and other cities in the val
ley and t being circulated. - j .
All other efforts to get relief bave
failed. The Big Sandy News has been
assured by C. & O. officials two or
three time that this matter would bn
attended to. The last time was about
two years when we Were asked to
discontinue our attacks on the ground
j that war conditions were still burden-
nig ine remu, Ulll cj. wuid luiu - Mitti
the Big Sandy division would be im
proved as soon as possible. Nothing
more has been heard about It and we
are convinced that vigorous, action
will be necessary to bring about any
Improvement. . , -
The NEWS has defended the rail
roads when it believed they were right
and In ycases where injustice , was
evident; but we are sure the public
is not receiving fair treatment at the
hands of the C. A O. on the Big Sandy
Coaches decent enough for ladies
to ride in are demanded so that those
who do not want to pay the unreas'
onable excess for a seat In the chair
car ma7 travel In a coach. Also, to
accommodate those who find the chair
car full, which is oftener the case
than otherwise. ,
Airplane Trips to
. Blaine and Keaton
' .4
John Wood made two airplane trips
to Blaine Wednesday for passengers.
On one' of these trip h carried the
first woman passenger who has made
the flight. Miss Nola Edwards, dep
uty county court clerk, was taken to
her home one mile beyond Blaino
town. B. B. Bird, an oil worker, made
the trip at the same -time. .. . . . .
Dr. H. H.. Sparks and Dr. C. B.
Walters, two of Louisa's dentists,
made the triD from Louisa to Blaine
on Thursday afternoon of last week.
Mr. Wood will establish permanent
service between these points if the
business will justify it -
Hon. Z. T. Vinson, of Huntington,
very kindly has accepted an invitation,
from Sunday School Supt, Augustus
Snyder to come to Louisa and give a
talk on some of the things he saw in
Europe last summer, particularly the
passion play, which he saw at Ober-
amergau. The date nas not Deen
fixed, but it will be some time before
January 20th. If an evening date Is
selected an effort will be made to bave
Lon . Hutchinson come .over from
Huntington and show the pictures of
the Passion Play, which he possesses.
Thiswill be a great occasion. Mr.
Vinson's ability is well Known here
and he is always an interesting speak
er. Having spent a large part of bis
boyhood as resident of Louisa he is
glad to return at any time. Before
tho date for the home coming event
was tlxed he wrote the. NEWS that
he iwas looking forward to the occa
sion with great pleasure. But he was
yet in Europe when the affair took
place, and therefore we missed having
him with us. Lon Hutchinson also,
wa a citizen of Louisa In the days
of his youth. He was here during the
home coming. ;
Full particulars will bo announced
ns soon as arrangements are com
pleted. ' " ' " : . j
Biggs Insurance Case
Continued in Court
Tho caso of Lola Fannin guardian,
ngainst the Federal Life Jnsurance
Co. in which suit has been brought
against the life insurance company on
behalf of T. S. Biggs ot Olive Hill, for
$5000 alleged to be due the son on an
accident policy held by his fathor. was
continued until Thursday by Judge
Cochran. . ...
Doctor Biggs, policy holder. It will
he remembered was shot and killed
in Olive Hill by Charles F. Duval last
French, Leslie and Shade Combs
and Georgo Allen, Jr., executed bond
Wednesday and departed for their
respective homes in Breathitt county.
The signers of the bond are Elbert
Hargls. Jackson; Sewell Williams,
Jackson: S. J. Cockrell, Jackson; S.
H. Mcintosh, Clayholei Clay Watklns.
Jackson; E. C. Hyden, Jackson; W.
H. Flanery, Catiettshurg, and John
Hnllon, Ashland. The bonds were
fixed at $5,000 each and the trials are
set for the fourth day of the May
term. Ashland Independent
.. ' ' ' i 1
Miss Elizabeth Yates returned Wed
nesday evening from Ashland where
she had spent .the past few months
with MrsJ Nora Sullivan.
G. B.' Roberts and family, of Lex
ington, arejiere to spend the holidays
with relntlves.

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