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i-1 t t r t '
. Friday, Dtotmbtr 22, 1922.
Mr. and Mr. Fniiton Pnck and
daughter took dinner with Mm, Lyons
Mrs. Alllo Griffith and lit tlx Hon ol
Ulo urn.vlalttng home folks tliiH week.
.Anglo and Opal llebord havti re
turned homo from Oltutt. where they
have boon for the punt week.
Undo Jo Hordtirs took dinner with
Mrs. Hordora Dehord Sntiirdiiy.
Henry UrIITItli returned hoiii"' from
Glo where lio has been employed.
Frank Mlllor of Mends llrunoh If
visiting Mr. and Mrs. Henry (Iritlllh
Friday and Saturday.
CihJh Joe Horders was the Saturday
night guest of Mr. and .Mrs. II. It
I. yd Hannah Ioih returned lionn
from IiIh work.
Mr, and Mrs. Arby Voiiiik of I'nt
rlt k a r visiting homo folks.
Mrs. Vlccle (irlltllh im visiting
Mrs. I. Vila lli'horil Saturday.
Mm. Clara Chandler who has boon
visiting her daughter at Helsv I. awe
has returned home.
Drla lleliord visited Mr. and Mrs
lloseoe Heboid Saturday. -
Klchard Dehonl was tJio Saturday
lllgllt gllest of Veni Hatfield.
Hcv. Willlo Skaggs preached here
Krvin (irlttlth took dinner with hl
dlughtcr, Mrs.' Stella Young.
Mrs. Vlclo (irltlllh vltdtod Mrs. Cora
Tnllver Thursday.
Orla licbord wax the ovcrnlt'ht i
guest of Mr. ami Mrs Chan. Vonnr
Tuesday. '
Airs. Win, Heboid mmii Mm. j
Kd wants wort' gnosis nr .Mr. ami mis i
Hoary (irllTlth Sunday.
Mrs. Matilda ilrlllith who has hc.-u
fdrk for Homo time Is Improi iug.
Mr. ami Mrs. lull Hurton spent Sun
day Willi Mr. ami Mrs M.mMon,
Mr. ninl Mrs n llinilrl.l visited
Mr. and Mrs, Jin- Xenon XX . .lie--l i i
Angle lN-hord was tie- Sunday inch:
KUil of her parents, Mi. aiel .Mi1
Mantford Skaitgs.
Misses llctllnll Klorolloe and .lulls
firllllth were the nvi riiliilit -U" I- o
Misses (ilailys and Cora Halle-Id Sat
Mrs. Anita llrown was the Sund.it
dinner guest of Mr. and Mi v i''iia:
I'rnycr meeting was larg.lv at
loaded at Joe Voiiiik 'ii Sutidui id, lit
X V .
Sunday School Is progressing nl
with Mrs Kl7.ii Hall Stipt
Mlnri Clnm Mihos was the' Sunday
afternoon KUet of Misses Sllla Car
ter find filpsy Hun hett
Miss Mary J. Whltt was the ilinner
KUtHt of Miss Slieltla .Ionian Siimlay
Horn. I ). 11th to Mr and Mrs
Sylvester Hull, a line Imv
, Sorrv In hear of the illness of Mr
Vox Cnrter of Kllen, nlsn the lit 1 1 f
Kill of XV. S llurlon.
Mm. Kinaline llerrv is some la tter
Homer and S) Hester Hall made a
hiisltiMSH trip to Louisa Saturday
Krnle Huberts ami Itolit Jordan
wem ralllliK on Itli lile Hylton Sunday
Frtnl Ham returneil home Tue-aiai
from Coliiinliiis whi'ie he hail ! i,
vlhltlnu ndatlves.
Hrnle Kolierts and Hosi Iterrv
passed through here etiroute to lllanu
Satiirilay l.lttlo MIsh r'armeti Hall was ealling
on her rouslii, Cyntlila Mellsta Hall
, Saturday.
Miss Horothy - llnrton and two
lirothers. Carl and Htllli- c. wet.
flailing on their gruudpiireiits, Mr ami
.11 rs. Kl.a Hall Monday night.
Siila Carter w ns l allitu: on her
tiisln. Mrs XX', II Kluper. reietitu
Hid Santa Clans' sleigh hells will hi
Aim to wake the ehlhlren up as we
J)ellovi there will not he uny snow
iinnd tint ground Is fro .en so rough
Mm. Iluaol llurlon and daughter
Lucille Were the Siimlay guests ol
Mr. and Mrs. Deiinle llnrton and fam
Sorry to hear of Ihe Illness of Mrs
Sam l'rlnee.
Miss Kin l'rlnee and brothers Wert
and flirt passed through here Monday
eliroille to Adams.
Homer Hall was railing on Mason
I'rltuo Sunday.
MIsm Horothy and Curl llnrton called
on .Mm. Hessle Carter Sunday.
Mrs. h'lla Mall wns a business caller
nt Adams Monday.
XV. II. llurlon made a trip to Isiulsa
Chnrcli at thin place Saturday night
and Sunday morning hy Itev Iturgess
Kvi-ryhody rordlally luvlled to iimie.
Let us hear from those "Kentucky
hunm" of South Coluinhus again soon
f. i:. i). n.
Mlsa Nelllo Austin ninl Vailn Hine
gar and Miss l'liinia llomioii were Uie
Sunday ovoiiIuk Kuesta of Mrs. Mar
Caret Cnchriin.
MIhh Martlm lilckmnn of llorseford
wna shopping at this place Friday.
II. II. Cochran was it business cull
it 111 Louisa Snturday.
Ktigotm IJiieon ninl wlfo were down
tho rlvor vIbIIoih last Saturday.
Hnclo Zarh XX'ehh has returned to
FalhdiurK to llvo. XVe all welcome
him hark Into our midst as lie is, a
good old iiinn.
Mra. Margaret Ilowp Cochran and
llttlu daiiKhtor wero i'allln on Mrs.
Mollln AiiHtln TiiiiHilay.
Miss KhhIo Mann wlio Is attending
nchool nt Loulsii paid home folks a
visit Saturday nnd Sunduv.
. .. cAIlus ; .;
Rnv. Hutchison fulled to fill his
nppolnlmcnt at this place Sunday.
: Snveral from tills plaito expect to
nlteml tho chrlHtmiiK eiilettalniuenl
nt FallMhurtr Snndiiy night.
Mm. Ktl' W'ooten and MIhb Corn
Woiitoil of Unletto wero tlln Sulnrday
nlghl anil Sunday guests of Iho Misses
F.kors. .
Humor nnya woddliiR hulls will ring
nt this plum soon.
MIhh Karen Diamond spent Sunday
. Ill Ktl t. with MIhh CuhhIii Chadwlck.
MIkh Louisa Kliortrldgo spent Inst
TiiHHtlay night with MIhh Anna CalnoH.
MIhh OIIIb Kkorrt who has hoon
visiting her brother nt I'restonsliiiri!
has returneil hotnn.
Mm. (). H. Mcdlosson wan cnllhiR
on Mrs. Hewitt Olumond Sunday.
Mm. (leot'KO Shortildgii was uliop
ping at C'admus lHt week.
, - , . .. .:. SANTA CLAUfl.
Miss Lillian Nunley wna railing on ;
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Huletm Sunday. :
Miss Volmii IJIxon wlio Iihh been :.
visiting her brother ul t!iitli'ttsliiru; .
hus returned home. i
Herman l-akiiis who has lieen visit.;
ing his mother In lronton, has return
yd home. i
Mnrio'li IJIxon. Lawrence Cornwell '
mil Walter ami liohert 'I'uiiiian were
calling on (ioorgo Slialiliuli Saturday.
Mrs. Itoso XX'nuht and Hinail ilauuli
ter Hessle WITH shopping ill nlb-tts-
burg Saturday.
Miss llaKel I. ul. Ins was shopping in
Ashland Friday.
Misses Kiiniee tun) Yelmu liixoti
and Carrie 1. nidus were shoppiui: in
Iturliauuu Saturday.
Mr. and Mrs. (ieu. Itrlatit were i all
in K en the funnel's mother at ."Ida
Sunday. ,
Mrs. Jim llul.lt" hasi been i i dling
lo r lather hn Is ill.
Miss Lillian .Nunley was lallihK ell
Mins Carrie Laklus lant w-eel..
There was a very niei- euli rl.iiu
me ji t at our hi lend Kriilav ehiiu'
'I'he visitors were .Messrs. liiiliert..
Waller and Howard TiU'maii, Lit
r-iiie Cornwell ami Lee Hall All
lelorl'-i a llleo time.
Itev It ard, the pastor of our huri h.
tu'i at hei a very inleiestitif. . . riuoii at
this niaei. Siimlay nU'hl.
Sam 'I'lii'man waa eallin on .Mr
I Mary .lai kson Sutitlay.
, MI.sh Helen luivis n i i alline on
Mr ami Mrs tieoruo Sli.union Stimlav
We, I, lint- Im-IIh nr.
i ti ll to rln'
e ilav all, r Christina-..
'I'hi'lma I'rotiartl spent
ml Willi homo loll.- at
I lie
K,., k.
Mr an, I Mrs Has, ,,m Xiin!. y were
iiopplh!: at Itui halian d elay
Me, Sallii- ill li on w ho ha - le eii
ei y ill is iin pi ,, . mi
Ha -. Ca l t i nt l eiitleil Sumla v Si -In ml
! 1!m lialiall Suiel.iv
Ml e, Carrie l.akins was ? hopplim
in A -III, nut Mmi. I;, i
,- Mlsh .oa all a Merry Christinas
itot a llappv New Vi-ar
lti.l AM) Jill. I.
liave a i:ooil
Siualav S' loud.
l peupl.-, and an
oniiuunity vvhieii
! to live.
j"o,l. Iimiiii ami i-'oi
i; lint to s,i a Mood
iii.il.es un 1, plui
The mines tonne! h oper.itei by
ijjiecu and Lamix it o Loaisa. uovn
oierate, hy Kels-ri and Sherman
X'anl.oiii. an rntiuinir .-very da Tlu-y
are loaning about two tars a we.k.
filing emploMiient to a nuinlier of
men. They are planning lo erect
i o nil houses in the rear future lor
the ai i oinmoilal Ion of their i in
I'aul C H. llom. ami Frank llpmu
'.ave ai , e.t, .l positions on tie- i .-ri
cal force e the American Uniting
Mills Co and will leave about Jan. 1st
tor ZaaeMille, Ohio. They .-,!.. worthy
young uieti ami we wish lie in much
success In their lleyy positions.
Ml ami Mr. John Thompson, nt
Ulnar XX. X'a . will i.peml i 'hrisl in. is
N. re xif.. Tliompson K i.he ilaiieht..,-
I Mr and Mrs. I lai n y Kei-uon ol
Hilt place.
Wan. a Itiikman of K.-nova. W X'a.
was here Sunday Mr Hickman holds
a responsible position amiIi Hie ,n
folk XX'esteru llailroad Companv.
civile Spears of I'aili.'tsbnrg. W.
X'a . is visiting his mother. Mrs. Salif"
Spears, at this place. . k
Add Iin kiuan, Frank Jlrown and
Junior Spears w. re the guests of I 'a ill
C ant . lanes W. Ilellomy Sunday.'
Tie .(iiarlot u a i pn si in al church
Miiula. evening and rendered some
till"' Selections Te 11 IO 0yellelt
snivel. ami we would be glad lo have
II. em "in,! again
K. It. Cuinulte. our hustling no r
hunt, was a business visitor in Louisa
Saturday. He Is trying at all times
lo give his customers good sen-ice,
C. It Stewart id Adeline alien b d
church al this place Sunday evening.
Mrs Jack Turnian of Huchanan was
the guest d her lirotlier Zack' llellouiy
Thursday and Friday.
Miss Ha, I and Alice Hickman wre
rulling on ttieuds in Huchanan Sal
I he l:iu hanan Chape Sunday' School
will give an entertainment and treat
Sunday, Hoc. 21th. A nice time is
anticipated. .
We wish Ihe NKW'S i happy Christ
mas and n prosperiHis New X'ear.
Till', X II. LACK CI TI T.
" suffered with chronic
conftipiition that would bring on
very severe headaches," says
Mrs. Stephen H. Kincer, of
R. K. IX I. Cripple Cteek, Va.
"I tried different medicines and
did not net relief. I lie head
aches became very frequent
ncara 01
Thedford's H
ana iook ii tor a neauacne, ana
HpI the relief was very quick, and
aJ it was so lont? before I had
itnunitri iiciiudi.iic . nun
keep the Black-Draught, and
don't let myself get in that
Thedford's Black-Drattgh
(purely veRelable) has been
found to relieve constipation,
and by stimulating the action of
the liver, when it is torpid, helps
to drive many poisons out of
your system. Biliousness,
indigestion, headache, ' nnd
similar troubles are often
relieved In this wav. It is the
natural way. Be naturall Try
Sold everywhere.
V' j
'u JI MY Dodd. "Juipulsc
lauld," cattleman, was in
Chli'liKo,, with Ms bi' sale
over. And i'vni in ' hb a
gu. ivhcre. tstirlil-seihu' cat
tleineu wi'i'ii cftniui,.n, Im
pulse liodd wu a no
ticeable figure, Willi !ii M feet odd,
free money wiijh, and almost pi-rpet-
Til J smile
He paused In front of a small, nor
whoso one window was Hill,
row sic
of to
shell i-l
Inside, the
.miter and
were puccluHl with the sunn
kind of goods. 1
"Just Saiila," Hiild Iinliiilse, nlotid
"I'.lieye III go In."
He elos.sl bis lingers lightly and
pushed open Ihe do..!' wltli bis thumb,
fctiilly cvteinled.
"I'm In his thumb," he grinned, "ami j
does he pull out a plum''" j
In the shop were two men. the one,
In front of the cuiilcr loudioi.e.l.
and t hreatenlng. "Well." Ibis one ui-bni-bliig.
as Impulse entered, "I'll giie
loll Jll-I two more d.l.is to meet lolll
bill, till llie day after hrislmas. Il
you don't pay tne In full tlfcu, 1 wlli.
Ins.- ."-.. si..n." i
As the man stalked out, Impulse i
in I .- 1 bis rigid foot and S!vun' l!
bio I, and C.i th thought full.!. i
"i an I show you anything, sir';" hf j
asked a moment later, as Impulsi j
turned to the counter niib a half re j
gi i-n'ul I row n on bis face, lidding , j
"It's just as well ou didn't do II, sir j
lie'-, a nil lindeilve man."
"That s? Then 1 sure wish I had j
I don't generally hold buck on tilings j
but this .iti" getting me right scared j
l'e reined up unusual the last thro
dais. Now 'bout the toys. That man'?
talk Is so easy unraveled. I reckor
you II sell cheap
".XI almost your own price, sir
There is only this unci day to sell, and
I can't hope to do enough. I've seen;
failure for a week past, though for a !
while I did hope to come out In colnii
tioti to siart again. Now what can l
show you';" :
"XX'ell. not only . ne solitary tiling ijij
particular. I reckon." scanning tin
shell e.s Judicially. "They all look right
enticing, and what I didn buy would)
niiike ine f. el sorry to look ut. What'll'
you take for the hunch?" j
The storekeeper moved along tb. I
counter. Jrymi; to iirrange Ids go.ub ;
more att r.i. tli ely. j
"Look around till y.ui want to." In
said amiably. "And there Is mi easy
chair back yonder whom you can sil
nml rest. If you like."
Inipui-e followed him.
"No wonder you can't sell. If you
(real nil customers lll.e Inc." he com
pin! 1. "Now, see here," slapping n
big roll of bills on llie counter. "How
n s.
"How Much," Dsmanded Impulse.
inucli? llemember there's only one iln
.for selling Santa sitilT.
"Io yon inetin business?" asked tin
shopkeeper, 11 sudden husklness coniln;
Into his voice.
"How much?"
"Flftivn hundred. If you moan tin
cost. Hut I warn you It's too lute ti
; sell much "
"Oh. I'm sure n hustler down homo,'
cheerfully, "nod I've a hunch 1 cm
move Snhtn goods toler'ldo brisk tin
day before the day. Now lei's see
llfleen, with n fair per rent for prollt
nnd a little for good will makes I ,nsi
twp thousand. Thorp you are," peel
Ing olT another hill or two, and ther
replacing the roll In Ids' pocket. "Now
you've got lo throw In your sorvlcof
ns cleric for the rest of the dny."
"Hut I can't" hegnn'.tho dazed
shopkeeper. Hut Impulse xvas at the
"Hnck right soon,'' he cnllert. "He
getting tho goods rendy to hntullr
Oulslde, Impulse ginnced up nnd
tlow 11 the street. Half n doaen urclilnh
were pluylng on tho sidewalk, two 01
three were hanging behind a drny, 11
newsboy was crying his papers, tlthoi
j'oungs(ors were dimly Been among
pedestvhius nnd street, vehicles. Iw
pulse put two lingers Into hi mouth
nnd blew a blast tliitt would cover 0
tullu on the prairie, ) At the sam
: ' .:'. .-''. U''-- '
.::.'. 1
ip.ni.i vi bIa iis.'Oai mi a ir1
time tho other- hnn.1 wns coming from
his pocket with nil the coins Ids lin
gers V"oiilil grasp. These were tossed
Into UiHl airt Hy, the time they had
censed Jingling on the .sidewalk, fifty
more or less grimy ll.tlo hands wTe
clutching for theiii.
"Now, you hunch," culled Impulse,
''Just listen to mo for n minute. Who's
the must no 'count hoy In tills neigh
borhood?" I
"Crnulish Hobby," answered a vl
promptly. "He never stands treat, at
carries every cent home lo Ids ma-a-u,
"And tlie most unpopular girl if"
I'lieie was a short silence, then
seicral of Ihe boys littered.
"Il.'iggy Sally," said ne of them.
"She's r.anul Seller Hut's girl, an'
when we hoys throw mud she lights
III..- a wildcat."
"And gives all of you a mighty good
drubbing. I hope," commented Im
pulse "Now. boys, the two who bring
Ctawlisji Hobby unit Itaggy Mnlly to
me gel a four-bit piece each, and tell
them they'll get another for coining.
Now, ihe lot of you come Lack, fur the
slew Isn't half over.
l eu minutes later, Crawfish Hobby
and ltagj.y Sally stood In front of him.
Impulse placed n loom upon ,u shoul
der of each.
"These two tire golnt; to he llttlp
Santas and you all a right nice
t .,-- -!' M'
Santa Claua, I Belisva Sir," She :
!. Viv::.!ii
V !' ' I i, j
. 1, I 1 I 1
Began. ,
present by and by," he culled to the;
rapidly Increasing crow d of - urchins. 4,
"Mind, you'll ow e it In part to them. :
N'oiv stampcile into the streets and i
alleys of tin? neighborhood and corral j
eery boy and girl you cun tlnd, and ,
bring 'em here. Just an hour fiotnj
now this store'll coiniiiunce to givj.
out presents.
and you'll nil get one. I
Nobody will be
missed. Hit the slreot ,
now ,
lit -an hour.
the door was thrown
open nnd the rush began, with half a;
thousand whooping youngsters to make
the assault. It was Phort work, the
pillaging of tlie store, and In forty!
minutes all wns over. And then, Just 1
us Iho hilarious present hearers wort I
scattering Into every street au.i nlley.
an uuloinoblle swerved out from tlie ,
street Irallie and stopped lit the curb.
Iii It were an old gentleman and a
lady and several girls. The gentleman1
motioned some of tlie urchins to tlie
l.l., of tin, cic it li,.... tlii.v tvnr.t iillt.
tinned 11s to the extraordinary spec-jj
tinle. Then 11 few words passed he-,-
twecn the occupants of the rur, after I 4,
which one of the girls alighted and!
came to the store. Craw tlsli Hobby 1 4,
and llaggy Sally were just outside the!
door, wltli their arms full.
"You're the little Snutn's." smiled
the young lady, as she took their
"and I just know you had a big 1
Then she entered the store and
went straight to Impulse.
".Mr. Santu Clans, I believe,
she began.
"W hy or no," stammered Impulse.
tinning red, "only
er Just as a sort
id" adv
yance agent, named Hnpulse-1
1 ommy Dodd.
The girl broke into n ringing laugh. j
impulse! 1 like that." she cried.
"Now, Impulse Dodd, hnvo you any!
dctinlte nrningumeiit for the Christmas;
boli.b,vs,o,v binding encnirement.
inrali ?"
"N-0'0, nothing except to tramp side
walks nnd sny 'Howdy'
to every
stranger who'll let me."
"(iood! Then there's nothing In the
way of our Invitation. You see, we're
having a houseful of company for tin
holiday week, nnd pupa and mamma
suggested that I ask you. I'tipa owns
a innch out XX'cst, ana he says he
knows how n stranger must feel in a:
city at Christmas lime, and lie thinks!
a mail who can do what you've justij
done will certiilnly he an iifiiulslilon tt.
our part y. And I may add we all feel;J
the snme way.
You'll Come? There is
room in: our nun bine.
Impulso noilded. He lacked word!:;
littlug to the. occasion. A week nt 11
house party! flee! wouldn t that lie (
stuff to-tell the hoys nt the ranch.
Stnrt hnck the day after Christmas?
Who? He? No. sirec! That would he
rank foolishness. Not till the lust gun
was tired.
So he walked out to the automobile
with the girl, with never a thought of
the emptied store behind, or of the
benudng, misty-eyed man xvbo oould
now stuck up again without the bale
ful skeleton of n creditor to glare at
him over the goods. And as Dodd en
tered the nutomohlle, one of the girls
afterwards declared Hint she himril
( stand why. It was Just one of blsj
Tunny wny. .....
Rev. Richard Hamilton In visiting .
bis Bister, Mary M, Hollirook. '. j ,
Lonnitj C. Skaggs who had been '
bird hunting with Ur. Proctor Sparks'
j ot 'oulBAa' rjnvi home this week. ;
..iin. siikic , a.iuvri in divk. i
K P. Tlolbrook who has become !
quite rich In this oil hold, gave each!
of his three daughters a 9fiuu check
for a Christmas present Mrs. Ernest:
Jayne of Flat Gap, Mrs. H. II. Skaggs
of McKoIr-Mh and , Ms (irettie Hol-j
brook why Is yrjt with her parents, j
Mrs. Elva Skuggs was visiting Flor-j
ence Holhrook Tuesday. i
.Mrs. Delia Heeler was shopping at
Skaggs Saturday.
There Is unite a stir In thn Red
Onion school this week. The teacher
has been teaching that each star is a
world peopled as this world on which
we live, only they are a much larger
race, and that Thomas A. Edison has
been talking to those people!. That
airships will soon he making round
trips in fin minutes. Amos Pothooks
is opposed to it saying there is too
much education and if such teaching:
s allowed It will soon upset every
body's idea of things. He and Pete
Corncobs say the stars were made to
give light ut night and that there is
lust one big hell and one hlg heaven,
md if you miss one you are sure to
tut the oilier. They say the stars all
look alike to thejn. li. li.
Mr.- nnd Mrs. K.-A. Itice and daugh
ter left Monday for Huntington where
tin y expect So niako their home. 'e
are sorry to see them leave as they
ire excellent neighbors and will he
s-reatly missed by the people of this
Hill Alley was transacting business
al Hewlett Saturday.
Our teacher, Miss Alma P.nhnet.
spent Saturday and Sunday with her
parents on Tabor's creek.
Mrs. I'lba Dean and daughter were
shopping In Louisa Saturday.
Ok ley Hatcliff spent Sunday with
Donald and John Hewlett.
Mrs. Shirley X'auhoose was the
Sunday guest of her mother, Mrs.
Mary P.IIIupk.
Hill I-oar and Kmery Rellomy were
business callers in Fort (Jay Satur
day. ' . , '
Miss Flora Lycan and Miss Amorse
.ester were ' calling on .Mrs. Cecil
Hewlett Saturday.
James liiliups.who has employment
at Kenova spent Sunday with his
family at this place.
.Mrs. Louisa l.oar was calling on
her daughter, Mrs. Heury Sturgill,
Have Miller, Jr., made a business
trip lo ('rum Saturday. C. M.
' I
Stylish and Exclusive New Merchandise in Every Department Is Displayed
For Your Christmas Selections. He Will Be Pleased And Mighty Proud With a
I Gift From
W. L.
Clothing serves further than as a
mere covering for the body and a pro
tection against wintry winds. It stands
as an index to the public of personality: :';
More than that it furnishes a "look the
part" feeling.
Dad and the boys should dress up for
Christmas season. An unsually broad
choice of fabrics and models are to be
had here semi-conservative models
t with insi the nroner dash of stvle.
14, J . r
1 . , -. .
jn worsteds, serges,cheviots and tweeds
jj tailored in famous shops. ,-;
-z-v-vrrii CTTTTG A1VT" nVPRPD AT
I:T Jv t o x -.7 f"" v' '
! in viri nnllv the same materials used in
Dad's clothes' and at exceptional low
In thu eyes of men, neck
ties hold first plnco as
Christmas gifts. And be
cause this Is true we have
arranged 11 sale which
should bring every person
here for Xmas neckwear.
Silk and knit fourin
hands im ported and do
mestic i!ks a variety of
h;uniso.,10 .latterns and Opposite Court House
will delight them. Your
candy for the holidays.
in various sizes.
LEATHER GOODS in Collar &landkerchicf Casea
The Lawrence Drug Go
Your Christmas Gifts
'This is only one table in a large
room oj ihe "Gone Astray" de
partment oi the Postal ServkO
where, thousands oi Christinas
packages arrive each year due
to poor wrapping and addressing
by the senders. Uncle Sam 'warn
you again this year through tin!
newspaper to wrap your gift
packages securely and address
them plainly and, accurately, i
iV'"!1 ywr" : (1 ) '
;,1 laaMMit iWiukwii mini iiriiniiiiiiiit.jMi1 mum.,, i j i'.,, ,) J
.i .
Pure silk socks in a va
riety ot colors for Christ
mas giving. Also silk and
wool. They will be high
ly appreciated.
Theso am of knitted or
brushed wool In many de
sirable color effects. They
are very npproprluto as
giftS.- I';.'"'
Fine Jersey wool sweat
ers or tho heavy double
stitched skeins in a wide
variey of colors. Klther
coat iir V-neck models.
There is no more prac
tical gift than 0110 of
leather. We have a com
plete linn of suitcases nnd
hand-bags for tho traveler
' .' .,,.'-:.' '' 'V '..'".!"'.
v - '., i i
girlfriends expect choice
We have' handsome boxes
Will Land-Here ? If
Many- yhblces nnd nov
olty , weaves" In Pearl
tlrdy, White and Black.
Mu triers suitable for
street tir 'Uress wear. , '
' ' ' ' ' ' ' -. ' ! . 1 ' ,
. ; 1 1 ; i ; ' ' .
1 d2
Mir .jsbS

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