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in Eastern Kentucky
Modern and Complete
in Connection
Aut inveniam viam, aut faciam
Volumt XXXVIII. Number 17.
M. F. CONLEY and E. K. SPENCER, Publisher
Report That Pike County
Operating Company is
Selling Out to
NEW YORK. I)cc. 22. Henry Kuril
h negotiating for the purchase of tin
coal lands, mining plants, uml equip
ment of the Pond Creek Coal Com
j pany lo I'lkn county, Kentucky, It w.i.i
announced In New York tod ly liy T.
tl. Davis, president if the coal mi
tern . Negotiations will he eoniplet
, d before the end of I h your, he
Mr. Invi issued a nluti-iiicut cou
crolng tho negotiations "In view oi
thn rumorl that havn been nrn iil In
the press, and In order that IiIh own
atuckholdern might lie correctly in
- formed an to what transpiring ''
Negotiations with representatives
of the Kord Interests have lieen going
on for several (lays, he said All of the
Tond creek company's land and eipilp
ment in I'lkn couuty are ennrcrned In
the pending transaction.
Owned By Eaitrrnert.
The J'nnfl Creek Coal Company Is
owo.-d mainly hy residents of lii
ton. who purchased the lands and op
ened up the mines aliout lfi year ago
The company operates eight mines
and han a dally output of npproxl
niately 10,000 tonH. Six thousand
acres are owned hy (he company. It
la aald. Another report says riii.iiiui
The authorized capital stork of the
company Is fSSJHto divided into lu
kherea. The stock has la-en on a nub
Ktantlal paying basis since 1917. pay
lug aa high an S3 a share In 1!I21.
The company'a htock Bold In New
York Friday up tu 3G a share uml
cloned at 134.
- The Kentucky office la at Stone.
Ky. All of the directors are from
Massachuituttx, New York mid Ohio.,
Officers of tho company are; I'rosl-.
dent. T. U. Davla, New York; 'proal
dftt of the hoard nf directors, t;, I.
Stone. Ronton: vice president. K F
McVeigh, 'Cincinnati. J I). Francis.
Huntington,' W. Va , and II I,. Smith;
secretary-treasurer. F. V. Itatchelder.
; Ronton.
Would End Elkhorn Deal.
Ashland, Ky., Dec. 22. -I'lirchasc by
Henry Ford of the coal land of the
Pond Creek Coal Company In Pike
county, which New York press re
porta nay will hn consummated hy the
fl rut of tho new year, would end tie
gotlatlona hy the Kord represent!!-
Uvea Tor the purchase of tl xlen
Hive holdings-or tho Klkhorn Coal Cor ,
poration In Floyd. Magoffin ami Letch
er countlea, It was announced hen
today by John Dufklnglium, a dlrcc
tor of tho Elkhorn Corporation .
Mr. Ducklnghain aald the ncgollu
tlona for thn property or the Klkhorn
had hoeil tinder way since November
1 and that be believed that publicity
concerning plana of .Mr. Kord In Beck
ing to acquire the coal lands ha. I I n
detrimental to the, proji ct as the Kord
representatives hail objected serious
ly to publication of the fact that tie
gotlatlona had been entered into anil
the details given out.
. '- . Air. Iluckingham also aald that the
Kord representative considered that
the price, 122.000,000. fixed by the F.x
ccullve Committee or the Klkhorn
Corporation, wbh too high.
How the C. & O. Railroad
Handled Holiday Uusness j
The oldcHt rullrouil conches in cap- !
tivity today are runuliiK on the Hlg J
Sandy division or the ('. & ()., loaded :
to the guards almost every day. j
Tho congestion last week was dis-
trcsslng to behold ami much more scr- '
lima to experience. On the 22nd ev
j cry fiMt or apace was occupied. Poo
i plo were packed Into the alslea and
cornera like sardines In a box. It was
noticeable that children crying for
! water could not be nerved beciiiiae
; nobody could Ki t through the alslea
j to the water tanks. Hut every pas-
songcr paid full fare.
On Saturday evening the train had ,
two extra couches on ami almoht ev- .
erybody had a seat.
Mrs. Rryan Miller
i Dies' at Van Lear
The wire or llryan Milli
In childbirth la:. I week In
count) ami the body was
home tor burial She was lh
ter or l.indsey 1'igg. of flu t
r died
The funeral was held on Friday,
ducted by Itov II It II, wl. it
was a must highly res pi ctcd j
w oman.
MA It HOI l VI I.I.K. Ky. Dec. 2.1
The Kentucky petroleum Held-, show
a lulling off lu completed work, due
10 the departure or many operator
and llehl workers o otln-r point's lor
tin- Christmas season There will not
be a return to normal activity until
after the fln t of the year, ir neither
condition!! are unfavorable there is
not much prospect for u great ileal of
' new drilling until spring, unless crude
011 prlcea show a decided change for
the better.
Quotations on Kentucky crude oil
' ha yd remained unchanged for a pro
longed period and close lab is being
kept of inaiket i -ondlt ions by the
trade. An aihaue.e In prices Is ex
pected before hum, Tlie le tter .grades
of Kentucky crude now command
!l n.'t and Sl.iei for the medium and
light grades, respectively, this being
the low level for prices ovi r ii period
of several years. Six cents per liar
rc has I a ndilcd to these prices In
eastern Kentucky l-y reduction to
that extent in the pipe line charges.
This ii due to a r. cent niorenie.it t i
build a competing l:i,..
Tie- week In eastern Keiitiicky
fields shows a li.ll In i. work, with
very few new Hells drilled. Two
strikes In !.. county and two In
Wayne county constitute new pro
duction In the Johnson -Magoffin
fields of the ig Sandy three new
wells are reported. (ini. sterling ,., :t,i
barrels. Martin county, an old gas
district. Is tln latest section or the
lllg Sandy to receive the attention of
petroleum operators. A recent well
showed a good production and other
tests are to he started.
Cartoon Review of 1922
'-.-i;: r ,4 4 i-- .. it 3W ;- -,o i t
V-'M" -'' Ah.st e.,c A i?V
"' ''....'irJ i - - ir0 000,000 I Vltk4A-
i y . b . J "t wsr -.s tr,r.Ttei
A,:;;;l (M s
V.'i ' f J ".''v - - J VtV. SLK Vn " 5 oo'ce N.
..... o-w- .:V:. Ly Uf1 V--
v-.v - t. ftM w
, iz J i yJ ( c-f. ix x 1 if, ,
SherilTs Are After
the Liquor Violatprs
Sheriff J. . Y'oung arid ' deputies
wen i in me nome or 1-ys Hoggs re- i
cently, a few miles from Louisa, and
made a march for a moonshine out
; It- I" tbe cvllar they found a crude
; oetiit with soiiu; mash In process of
fermentation, Iiopg.-i wan lodged in
jail, hut has been r. leased on bond.
VUso, tlio Kheritr arretted Wont
Thompson, deputy marshal of Louisa,
on a liquor charge. He carried a
. suitcase off of a train and left it on
tlie rear porch at the Louisa Inn. A
f aenrch disclosed three jugs of liquor
! containing one k.-.!1oii each. It was
: taken to the city hay and examined
and two or the jugs were emptied In
to the, gutter hy City Attorney A. J.
: Carred and Police Judge G. W. Hale,
i It is said a deputy marshal ran away
with the other jug.
1 Thompson was tried in police court
J and acquitted of the charge made by
the warrant. Hn .swore a stranger
; rave him 5n c-iiu to carry the suit
; ease off of Hi,, train and to the place
'liTi" In- left it. Thompson got on
he train at liiichanan or Karnaugh.
; Deputy Sheriff .lay Short was on the
Constitutionality of Measure
? s j: l
is iucsnonea un r our
Main Points.
The Courier-Journal Frankfort Bu
I reau says: Two suits hy nine tax-
payers to invalidate tho act' creating -j
the State Normal School CoinniiBsIon,
which selected Murray and Morehcad
I for the sites, were filed in tho Frank
lin Circuit Court Monday. .
One suit cam6 from Western Ken
tucky and the other from Eastern
Kentucky. ; The State Board of Edu
cation, the Normal ; School Commia
.sion and John J. Craig, State Auditor.'
were made defendants.
Since the tiecislon in the road com
mission case it was reported that tho
N'ormal School Commission was pre
paring a communicatijjn to tho Stat-i
Board of Education, receding from its
claim of right to elect the president
i and faculties of the normal school.!.
tram returning from Asbl.-iml Ui
suspicions were aroused and he sent ! whl "cuV' end tho principal contcn
for Sheriff Young nnd guarded the
suitcase until he arrived with a search
. ivarnui t.
! William Spears Tells of Get
! ins Dynamite That Kill
ed Two in Paints
I viile Field.
(.:. W. Leslie Succeeds M.
I.. Conley at Cannel City
A few farmers in Law r nee count;,
.re growing toliacco .-,:i, an- linditv
it a very profitable crop. A r-a-on
able annum! nf acreage, whatever can
ch rr.
v. a y
till !t
(I. W. I .
of t'e
'i M r -
n I al.o
& K
id l:-.
'en placed in
ut icky ,llai!
"alhi'.t con
of the i;,n.
Can in 1 til;
anliel Coal
ucc cdlui: .M.
mines at
i.. ( 'on-
ui c.
be properly cttlti
a farmer, inalies
crop. Much of
times when
with other er
Attention I
now, as these
tobacco next
What Is u
Wayne coiut
ilition t tlie
bacco is now
hy a wond
vated and handled by
a tiio.-l desirable cash
the work comes at
farmer I- net b;u-v
il'-d t-i this
who are ivdm- (.
.ear must inaK
plan -
Mr. Leslie w
.lohn-ion count
ii.i-.n and top!; ;
thee c '!:i;-anii
l -mri- iphi r I'
proinoti ! Iron
ivir.ll of . Ml i.
n' to Cannel City
i'1'oiit 12 er i:i
ch rical posiiion
-. I'nr a lim- In.
r Mr. Conley. lie
tie:e to t;me a-!..-rvlre.
and h-
w.i '
L"s.::d r Lorder.; died here on
Tliersday o,' last w-coi; all. I the body
was t.il.eii t-i his home tiiar lttcliaril
.''1111, wlo re interment was made on
Friday. He had been sufferer from
diabetes fcr quite a lon.i tinie. During
the pa.,t three months his condition
was r-'eogni.ed as belns very serious.
H - was ihi years oi l. Th i wile,
i!au;-l i-r 5i:s llar.i-1. and son Arthur,
d. .1 in Lawrence and
s Is Mum thine ill ad
usual corn i rops. To
lieing he'd up In pric
fill orgaui '.atioii and as
lily tainili.ir with all depart
.f the raiiioad and mines. U'
-.ly iii tent to haiidle th
Some of the Stato papers are 'hYr
Ing preservation by eat h county of
buildings and other historical objects
associated with pioneer days. The
movement is In lino with tho policy or
the Stato to acquire and set aside ns
uhrincs historic places such as the
birthplace of Jefferson Onvls, and
Federal IIIH, where Stephen Collins
Foster wrote "My Old Kentucky
Noarly every county In thn Stale
- has buildings or other objects fij;i
should ho preserved aa a reminder of
the early days nf Kentucky; if steps
are not taken for their preservation,
they will be lost forever.
Many of tho old stone and log; bii!',i.
Ings are in ruins as a result of Inat
tention, but others are In n fair con
dition and It Is toward these that tho
movement is directed.
Kentucky Is rich in historical In
terest, but few of Ita counties have
local societies or associations to pro
mote Interest In tho things that link
the present to the early days. With
a historical Bocloty In every county
It would not be long before Interest
would be aroused In Its early history.
- IxHilsvllln Times. .
WASHINGTON. Dec. 2:1. .Mcin
hers of the Federal Coal Commission
have decided that it must have in
creased power lo accompli,. h , r,,.
anils for which' the body Was form
ed. Investigation has progressed suf
llclently, it said, to Justify (ho con
clusion that 'another big coal strike
not later than April, ' 1!2H. Is Inevit
aide unless drastic corrective mens
ores are taken.
Crowing indication that th. min
ers and operators will not he able to
reach mi .'understanding In the wage
conference at Cleveland January 3.
with the probability or a strike in the
spring, has caused the commission to
decide to state the situation to Con.
gross exactly as It -exists. It will al
so ask for sufllclent power lo break
any deadlock that may develop in
tho coming, wage conference.
The coal operators still nre debat
ing whether oj- hot they will furnish
tho commission with the (lata and
statistics oh mining costs and prices
toi the public that, hnvo been called
for, -although "morn than two months
of thn time allotted to the Investiga
tion has passed.
long 'as this la
doubt about th" prod
able to the fanner.
What can he more i.
crop that will readily
market lit good figure
county farmer:) have
that a good quality of
can lie produced here,
county of Carter d'-rlv.
e i.i not much
ct being profit-
esirahle than a
find a cash
i? Lawrence
white hurley
The adjacent
a her largest
Income from the sale of tobacco. Mor
gan county, adjoining Lawrence on
the went, Is getting to he a toliacco
growing county.
Why not get busy and try it out
next year?
incuts i
Is eel;:
hmdne: s.
The railroad line extends from
.lack-:iui to a "Jininl tv?o miles from
West Liberty, a dh lince of about 12
inibs. "'lie body of cannel coal own
ed by tin- (ompatiy ineiud-.s fiUtn)
acres,, said to l.e the largest known
deposit of the l,i.;h grade coal known
as cannel. It was prospected and
bought by Mr. It. M. Bronx, of New
York, who als.r "-oiuoteil the railroad
that mad., possible the opening of
these coal lands. Incidentally-, We
may mention here the fact that Mr.
Broas was the original purchaser of
the coal that Is now- helns mined af
Jenkins., and also 12.UU0 acres of
choice coal on I'ockcnstle creek, still
owned by Mr. liroas and the Simp-
I. II. Hewlett -conducted the
in the presence of a large
if sorrowing friends. Unlit,
from Louisa attended
survn e.
turn ral
Dixon and wiii
the funi ral.
Mr. Borders was one of the county's
le st citizens. He lived his entire life
near where lie was born nm1 reared,
in p".ice and happiness. Everybody
liked him. He was a scion of one of
the pioneer families of Lawrence
county, being a son of Arthur Borders
and a grandson of Archibald, the first
County Judge.
Stale Plans to Aid 20
Schools In .Mountains
Six per cent more Is added by law
to all delinquent taxes after Dec. 31st.
Those who have not paid their 1!22
taxes for county and slate villi plimso
take notice of this ract.
J. W. VOUNfi, Sheriff.
The night of il.'oember In a tragic
event occurred nt the residence ol
Nelso j vn ns, when hla sou, Wilfred,
1!) years old, who had Just returned
homo from church blew out his brains
Ho laughed and talked with the ram-.
Ily a few minutes niter he readied
homo, then went tip stairs with the
avowed Intention of going to bed, A
few moments afterwards tho report of
his pistol was heard. He was dead
whhft : they reached his room. No
kins h.-lrs.
Mr. Leslie is only a little more than
:ii years old. an age nt which very
few in- tl assume a.s much responsi
bility us he has. lie Is a son of It. A.
K. Lo:;li. who now lives in Virginia.
The railroad and coal property Is
owned almost, entirely by New York
jH-opli; who seldom ace it,
' Jake , Kitchen, 21, lo Edna May
Lendlnghain, 10, of (iladys.
Millard Thornhlll, 211, to Lillie Moore
IS, of Louisa.
Noah 'Rose, 1'2, of. . Huntington,' W.
Va., to Li;:zie Htitchlnsnn. 21. of
cause is known for tho rash act mi-j Prl'chiird. AV. Va.
Frank i'ope, 20, of Chatlaro, AV.Va,,
to Jennie Mayiiiini; IT, of Clenhaves.
loss disappointment in a love affair
was responsllile. The remains were
laid to rest beside thoso of his hrili-! W. Va.
er, riumnter, who was killed' in! Jaspe
Franco. Urayson Journal.;
sper J. Kitep, 2a, to Mima
Ington, 17, of Low innnsvlilo.
Sherlff J. W. Young, of Lawrence
county, was tho second sheriff in Ken
tucky to settle In full with the state
for 1022 tuxes. .
Fit A NKFOHT, Ky. Huns , for a
fund to aid in the , Section of school
buildings, particularly in the moun
tains of Kentucky, art lieing consid
ered by a committee of educators; A
conference was held in the Jiepart-m-nt
of Ivluc-ition, attended by Conn:
ty .Superintendents. I). Ai. Allen of
Clay and (leorjre Clark wT Letcher, Mr.
Hall and" Mr. Law of the Caney creek
Community Center, Pippnpnss. Knott
county, and Ihof. W. ,. Jaync of Kas-
t"rn Normal.
( Colored schools in the South til
ready have the adviinta.Te of the' .lulls
. lioseiiwnld Fund, out in' which half
tho cost of. constnu;t.ing colored
schools. Ih mot when conditions, are
complied with. Among thii sugges
Hons is a fund lor white schools, sim
ilar to that, or a revolving fund rais
U'd either by private subscription or a
' Stat-i niipKipriatlon. Out of such a re
volving fund a percentage of tho cost
i would be advanced to a county and
paid back in annual installments. It
j Is estimated thnt a fund of less than
a half million would suffice. ;.., .;'
Mr. nnd Mrs. John Alley of notroit, !
Mich., aro here tho guests of. Mrs. Al- To Its many readers the NEWS
ley's parents, . Mr. and Mrs. J. R. ! extends very best wishes for a Happy
Criileher. '. -...- .New- Year.. , '-. -.
I'AINTSViLLK. Ky., Dec. 21, Do
: tails of an alleged plan whereby tho
j mines of the Northeast Coal Company
were to he dynamited and the carry
ing into execution of this plan with
the consequent deatli of two miners,
j were revealed here today when Wil-
liani Spears, one of the men under ar
jrest, turned State's evidence, at his
I examlnln.t trial. The explosion in the
j mines occurred June 27 and caused
' the death of two miners. Private du
j tectives and county officers have been
j Investigating and several persons are
! under arrest In connection with tile
i crime.
Spears, Russell Ramey, Albeit
! Green, Smith Conley, Harrison Cas
I tV and Uraut Fletcher were arrested
recently and have been In jail await-
ins examining trial. When the trial
' ot Spears was begun he ashed to he
i permitted to make a clean breast of
i the whole affair and thereby receive
immunity,- according to officers of the
Open' Powder Magazine.
S;kii-s declared that on the Satur
j day morning, preceding the explosion
he mot tho other men at a .street car
i nival in this city and there perfected
! the plans for blowing up th-.! mines,
j The men proceeded to No. 1 mine and
i there opened the powder magazine
, and took out Ion Flicks or dynamite.
One of the members of the party was
j lowered into the magazine from a
J hole torn in the rooi, according to
; Spears. The nien wore joined at the
I nui-razine by F.d Pi lphrcy and Norton
! The dynamite was placed in sacks
; and the men took turns about carry
ing it. They did not go direct to No.
3 mine, -the one they had planned to
blow up, according to -Spears, but
stored tho dynamite in an old firth,
mouth until another time. , Spi-ars. j
i-etpnrey and Fletcher separated
from- the others and went hack to
repair the roof so that thn theft
wouliHiot he discovered, according to
Forty Are Held.
Spears claims that he does not
know who set oft the explosion the
following Monday night Which killed
the two miners and wrecked a cuttiiig
machine though he does claim that
the melt be named were Implicated
in the robbery of the niiigaijlno and
that they planned to blow up the
mines. About forty men have been
hold In connection with the explosion
.at. the mine's and ollicors still aro In
vestigating. "..'.-
This is thn case in which Everett
Moore, a Lawrence county man was
accused. It, would seeni from this
statement that he is not guilty. ,
tion between the commission and the
board. Mr. Colvln said he had heard
this, but no communication had reach-,
ed him, and be was better pleased
with the suits by tho taxpayers. .. ;
The second suit was filed by Robert
T. Caldwell, of Asllland, ultonioy,
representing Een Williamson, mer
chant of Ashland; Milton P. Conloy,
banker and newspaper publisher of
Louisa; J. N. Meek, Paintsvillo busi
ness man; A. J. May, Preatonsbui'K
business man; -'Joseph M.'-Davidson, "
Prestonsburg banker; D. T. fleol,
Pikcvilie coal operator, and Ruduliih
Rutherford,. Pikeville banker. -
This suit asks for an Injunction
against the Normal School Commits
sion, alleging that, the General As
sembly could not delegato its author
ity, if it'h'ad authority to appoint such
a commission, to another ntrency, lrke
the speaker and the Lieutenant Gov
ernor, wuauui- Hnpnuasion. I? . eiuror
Imil'A r, rdltflnn.lnn nt ,K
pointed by the Speaker and tho three
appointed by the Lieutenant Governor
l ne gist or the allegation Is, that there. ,
was a double delegation of legislative "
They ask for injunction against both
the commission and the board and
against Mr. Craig, It alleges that tho
act la unconstitutional on several-Si-ounds,
including defect ot title,
granting special privileges, oxcee'ding
legislative ; authority being special
legislation, and being void for uncer
tainty. -.; : . ' .
It brings up for adjudication " the
conflicting claims of authority between
the commission and the Hoard oP&il
ttcation .regarding the rifiht to spend
the local bonus moncv on hn'IMhiir.i
and organize the. school,. and it asserts
tirut .mlAuo nrvnl,t.l l),n,, ..,111
coed to commit the Stats to the pro
jects and draw on tho Auditor for
$39,000' annually for each or the :
schools. ' '. ' ' ;""
Oil Lands in
Mexico Leas
a United Stz
cd to
LOS ANGELES, DetX ' .ie Los
Angeles Times to-day re.ioil an an-'
nouiicement from tho promoters, that
a group or Los Angeles manufactur
ers, bankers and oil operators has
obtained from tho Mexican Govern
ment "what amounts to a blanket con
cession, on all government lands in
tho oil district of tho cast coast" It
Involves 11,000,000 acres of land ad
joining rich workings of tho oldest
established companies In the Tampioo
and Tuxpam districts.
j The announcement came after the
vim ii iic-i'j i.-om iuexico ";ity ot v.
W. Wilson, G. 13. Moreland and Goo.
J. Rushmiller. who stated ' they ob-''
tainod tho concession alter an Inter-.
;.'iow with President Obregoti. ;
I IT- 11',,.. .. .. . . " .
mi. Hiisua Bnni- tne lamia doslf;-.
; nated comprise 'virtually all federal
oil lands extending along tho Gttit
Coast from a point north of Tamplco
Ho Tuxpain, closn to holilimrs of the
Standard Oil Company, iho ladiony
Interests and other prominent oil
cotiipanics; Tho coitcosbioh also iu
cludos tho island of Juana Ramirez. ;
The concession provides tlmt 40 per
; cent, of tho gross production go to the
I Mexican. Government; thnt the co.t-
, ; . cessionaires pay live pesos a year a
Former V. S. Marshal A. 13. Patrick ' hectaro for tho lands they will ox-;
or Salyersvlllo died there Tuesday ploitL that n deposit of 400,000 pesoi
night. Upon his. retirement from the i he niade; that 200.000 pesos, be in
ofhco of V, S. .Marshal he was elected I vested in Works and exnloration -h.,
ill a year. T
Two years are given for exploration
and the concession runs for 20 years,
with provision for renewal, ' f.
director of the Federal Reserve Bank
of Cleveland and was of the first
Rronp of directors to serve in this ca
pacity after the passage of the law.

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