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frr rtoVate 4itt, A. J. tMW.
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J, JUVFTOJf. ftlld T. 8, H0I1IK8ON",
riMtlon, lUn4t,Vbi. 4ttl, 1800.
Jt rote for Albert J. Fountain
is a vote to turn oyer to tlio land
rrant rinjr evrry aftro of land In
Now IMoxioo cslalnicd nn n grout.
- n mi nil m ,11 ,vr
(The oloctfou of " KopnbHoan
candioHtu for tliti council, any
Mimm im Territory, la aquiv-R.
lontf a vote for Jury Fixer
Chavez for President of tUo
Solicitor General Burtlbtt lina
rendered nn opinion tlmt the m
mil requires the imntborlug of
ballots nr. Iwrotoforo. If that
op, the taw, ought to bo changed at
tlio coming ao88ion r.f the Login
tattiro. It Is tho voter's right that
its ballot ehnll bo absolutoly
secret if ho ho wishes. It cannot
be secret ho long ns tho prnctlco
of nnmboring by tlio Judges of
election Is ttennlttoil.
It Is nuderatood that Hon. An
touio Joseph will wind up his
canvnfis nt Doming on the ovo
nlnjf of Monday, Nov. .Id, It Ib
eminently titling that ho should
close ids remnrkaulo canvnus re
umrknblo for its unexampled force,
elorjncnuo nnd success -In tho
Democratic town of Doming. It
will bo muro in the nntnro of a
celebration of tlio magutftcant vic
tory that awaits him and rW
Democratic party on the next
Tuesday. Mr, Joseph lias boon,
the most industrious public ser
vant New Mexico ever hud In
office, nnd has accomplished cor
tmonmgrBuUBj It lhftt(liig
that wo give him a rousing recep
tion, It may bo depended upon with
absolute certainty that if tho Itc-
publicauB carry tho Legislature
on Tuesday next, thb people will
have a round bill of taxes to pay
for the making of the late Consti
tution which they so indignantly
repudiated on Oct. 7tli, There
woie73 members of that eonven
tioh, and its session was limited to
3D days. At four dollars a day, tho
fir diem allowed members of the
Legislature, that expense would
amount to $8,700. Add to that
tho pay of secretaries, dorks,
door-keepers, interpreters, pages,
stationery and mileage, and we
haro tho Sum of not less than
twenty thousand dollars that will
bo saddled upon the Territory for
that foolishness, In tho event of
iho, election of a Republican Login
luturc. As a considerable pro
portion of the ruling members of
that donventlou tiro Republican
oMhdidateh for the Legislature, it
may tie ml down as a rcasoiiuuto
certainty that, if thoy pre elected,
tho payment of that expense will
be assumed.
The SBth legislative awHtrnmy must
pan a bitter teboel law, It must adjust
u f kjpiain Ana mince feess It 'sust
amend the revenue Isweo tm to eonum!
lij'-pHljllBir were
promptly uim hi strict neeordauM with
ilio latHie It ihenld oreato tlio rrfflae
10 SWIHI8J u i
itatHiat H Ihenld orwito tho aUlaa of
couuty i&n.Yr, It inia provide for t
Id pro
! M'tt
IxilteranirntDtv thnruuch wttein of Ux
atlsfii it thmild rnutralieafy nat good
ij IV IIiMiia require lieaty
lifnui. LrrM aouuiy fliMiaiu a iiannnn
xut litfltiatttru ntlt do tlifte tuln
(Hew Mex!an.
i. Ik w Bounty flimmiuiv
Well-tho Republicans have
had control of tho law making
p6irer of the Territory for in
dcfliilte years la tho pastwhy
barcn't they done those things'
During tho 2Ilh and 2Slh Legista
tufoH thoso measures were re
peatedly urged and yet thoy re
rusea. a'Mey were too intent on
schema for the, benefit of laud
grant 'members and their clients.
Rtttit le too lftt,uow,to,tslk f got
tidg remedial legislation from Ro-
JiliMp LfflMlHtures, the people
Anally determined to put np
llti no mora foolishness like that
of Uto iHMit, and will this time try
9MerViie LeglslatMre Kjid see
relief iMMhot be seoHrdd L- that
way. Of oh tkinr lliey feel as
NHrad. Tnliigs wttiKul ba thus
ntade any wawe, tmd tharell hope
fthus euyriug lwiroviieHU
Under this kiMdlMK a kttft nun
Wr of the AllmtdriiHi VmoorAt
1ms an attlole In rkitloii to r prau
tide being pursued In the entn-
Irftlgu iu Bernalillo county which
oails to mind similar praetlees in
lmst years, iu othvr jrts of this
Territory, for the purpose f in
timidatlug nud persecHtlug vocs
itito voting for tho candidates of
the land grant ring, Speaking" of
thh practice In that oouuty, the
Tor tko IiMt two year thtlr taotica
mv wan to itifiiqi jwr pi?oiiie,eiwuiai
If MtaltHinj, who a&mi to n nnm
tlitm nt th lut uleotlon. tindor any pre
t tney coma ami, men dtuy titm n
trial uutll Attor the flection. In tills
.Tsy tlosens of mit Iu tlio county hnvt
bHn coerced Into luptuirtlne tuft lie
jrtiWiium ticket. Homo fotty nr fifty
pnws wtra mus ntuificu ni uie Ma
ttia, 18tM) of tho court hate. M. t
Otent ho uiftda forenun of tho grnnd
Jury and iiind the ItidtctmehU hlmielf.
i lie Mle cause for ludtctlni; Uwm people
was that thoy lid Kited fur lil.n upiionsat
erir been ttltd, and ia both ot tliMe
fM the uereDdantK were acquitted,
tm defendant conttnntlv demnnded a
trislfcbut thn Unltud States attorueyand
Otero would not Jet ttistn be tried until
after tho election, and many of thorn
two baeu jiromlcd that tntlr ciww
wwild be d(imled If they would vote
the lUpuUllcau tloket thli fttp.
Homo iineeti or twenty years
ago about one-ltundrcd cUIkoiis of
Tuoa and Itlo Arriba counties
wore Indicted for occupying Iu
dian lauds. They weifo suddenly
seised, without notice, many of
them taken from their beds nt
night, and brought down to Santa
Fo and lodged in jail. Among
the number was Mr. Joseph, now
Dclegato in Congress. They
wero told that if thoy would
promiso to voto tho Republican
ticket tho indictments would be
dismlssod. Many of them gave
this pledge and wero released.
Mr. JoBoph, howovor, refused
nnd finally beat the prosecution in
tho United States courts, vlndl
dntingtho right of lilmsolf and his
neighbors to their possession of
tho lauds thoy occupied.
This Bernalillo case is very
similar, iu tho turtles of tho prose
cutors, to tho caso cited. Thoy
expect by tho snmo chniactcr of
Intimidation and persecution to
force tholr poor victims to voto
tho Republican ttokot. Mr," Otero
wont from hla candidacy for Con
grcBa to the jury panel. It Is un-
fortunate for him that appearances
Indicate', and a great many pcbplo
believe, that it was for that pur-
' Thcfta onsorf lmvnUonti hftiut.lln
notoriety iu Hernallllo county for
tho past two years, and constltuto
but a sample of tho methods that
Jibvq been resorted to for tho pur
poso ot wreautug vongeanco on
political opponents on one bund,
and of forcing their support at tho
ballot box, on tho other.
Those aro well known facts in
tlmt county, mid it is welt umlor-
stood that Mr. Otero, If not
party direct to tho prosooutlon, Is
privy to it, and is tho Intonded
bonelleiary of the crimoforlt in
a crime, directly and positively so
denounced In tho election laws of
tho Territory.
Tho question naturally arises
la such n man a fit persdn to send
to Congress as tho toprosentaUvo
of the intelligence, patrlotiinii, nnd
loyalty to tho law, of the people of
Now 5. tieoi
It was iu largo part Wits well
known history of the prime
movers of. tho lato statehood
nub a mo in this, regard, that do
fcatod that movombnt, It is also
the well known record of Mr,
Otoro iu this regard, and his Idon
tiflcatiou with those who hnvo
relied on this method of obtaining
majorities, that defeated him two
years ago, and will defeat him
again noxt Tuesday, And it eught
to defeat him.
The following, from tho St
Louis Jfepwei'o, exposes tlio gamo
that Is being played Iu Missouri,
by tho Republicans, to capture
the Legislature of that state.
A woll tnformed snl rlber at JopHn
gives tho fujwWfe this Information of the
methods by which Itepuhtlcaus there aro
ntttinptlng to capture the Legislature:
A good church-going Itcpiibtlonn ap
proaches' tho victim, a Uemoorat of
course, and says: "Mr. lirowti, you know,
1 suppose, that Jones, tho iimn my party
nninlnateu for clerk of court, and Jeiu
kins, the ItffiHiliIlona nominee Inr Von
grew, are whiskey mou who have ile
clareit themselves hv favor of loeal op
tion. You know I am n Prohibitionist
first, last and nil tlirt time, and as 1 know
you are a tempernunti man, now, Just to
I will vote fnryoifr candldatee for clerk
of eonrt and Ifcuxrese If you will only
vole for lloyd, the Heptihlfean candidate
for the I.PjUlnture In this district, whom
you know as h reliable tempsmnoe man.
l ou know 1 would never make situh an
offer exeept Wdewn whiskey."
"Ami so," Myt wir cotriMiidnt, "he
luha In hi slMtvt) nnd leavet his vie
tfib for he kiwwi that lie Im tm4il two
eaaWstes whft cohM m hve Uw
t at any rale for m that irill lie
tf there are enough gnlllblo IMmoeriits
la th tltwttst W take l (U. IIW rtl
iy men on my tiejcet,
ohjMfo MiHat Ik rtMHMUaa f ft
tor Tm a!! tttthf KlWtftitfMt
t t the ltVtloft RHtfqrIty im m
htm rryRMitM KM the UWkd
Thsre is no Senatorial elotjCeu
kore next wittttr, bHt there is an
apportionment to be made, and
the Republicans are delsrattned
to hold the Loxialftture in order to
fhontrol that apnorilonmint a'nd
thus continue tholr supremacy lit
loglslaUotivtUoMgh the territory is
largely Democratic, Tho above
extract showing their metUoddili
Missouri, is precisely what they
are doing hate, and will do on
election day trade off county
officers and everything else for
the Legislature. Lot Democrats'
bo on their guard, Lot no trad
ing bo pormlttcd. Vote square
a oitAND Ann rxoritETio vttkr&kok.
There was never uttered a more
profoundly fundnnuutal, demo
orntio truth, than by tho lato Jtis
tlco Mtllor, when ho saidt
"To lay with one hand lift) power of
the gevertimont oil tho property of the
elUxeii, and with the othcrto Imhuow It
uppn favoml lndUldiifllato ntd prtrnte
eiilrirlMntHlbulll up pHrntf fortuiioa,
Unouo th lMa tpUUw hMAUte It U
Jon under tho fonmot Jaw aud Ucftlltd
This principle is snpposcd to,
and should, nnderlie all forma of
popuTai" government. It is an cs-
sontlat and basic rnlo of all such
governments, .especially Jiko our
own- "by tho people, of the peo
ple, mid for tho people,"
Logically applied nnd carried
out in practical legislation, it
would rondor Impossible vory
much of tho lotrlslntion with which
this country has boon aflllcfcd by
Republican Congresses for the
party thirty years.
It would exclude tariffs for pro-
teollon, ih tlmt thoy "lay with on
hand tho powcrof tho government
on tho property of tho cltlzon, and
with the other bestow it upon
fuvorod individuals to aid pilvnto
enterprises nnd b'lild up privuto
It would on tho same principle
ireolude all such measures as tho
Federal Election Force Rill, which
would destroy the principle of
majority rule by placing In the
hatulB-ofone party the power to
practically exclude from tho bal-
ot box tho voles of all tho othbrs,
aud thuH perpetuate that parly In
power, though It might In reality
ue uio minority party, aB u was in
fact nt tho last election,
In ninny ways, the party to
which udgo Miller belonged, has
contravened tho great nxlojuutlo
thoory of, government which ho
uttered In the abovo paragraph,
nnd its tittornnQaswas an tin in is
taknblo index oftlio tendency of,
tho popular mind to return iftt the
fundamental nrlncltiloH iitinn
pwJilch our political Bystcnf.'wns
originally 4)asod,and to ;wliicli tho
country must rotttru If tho spirit
und purpose of onr grand iustltu
Hons of popular liberty are to bo
preserved, It Is to bo hoped thai
the uttoranco was prophetic,
Silver was
down to 100 on
A voto for Albert J. Fountain
Is a vgte to orlot evory settler ou
laud claimed as n grant,
eslerday, a tolearnm nnnounclnj! the
bhIo of thn Bllicn-JHra palnl to Now Vork
parties, was received hero, the uoiutdem
tlon being ?AO,ooo cash and n royalty of
eight cent per gallon on each gallon of
paint, varnish or filler turned out. While
the price In cash Is trwxl. the royalty Is
whero tho holders will realize. This Is
alKxnn for Albuciucrque scnerally, as
most all or our Ijlulncsu men hold moru
or lets stock In this valuable Inventions
aiso a company oonsitung or wme awaxo
AiuiKiiioriiuit vmxeiig, luiauoiiiK I'ro. Ml
blkov, put up the money aud secured
imtonts to all the untluus of Kuromt. Aui-
iralla, ate. These partie, m well m the
united mates holders, will now undouht-
ouiy ruap goiuen reuram. (uuueu.
ov. Prince la In receipt Of a fetter
from h CiillfomlHii which readsi "My
Dear Ulr - Will you suggent to the terri
torial legislature In your next message to
mane nu effort to ehanae the name. New
Mexico, to, Moutexuma (Mxa..) before It
compa into the union as a state? Also,
peruse the following iMracranlis: Uluh-
nel.ll, II ViaMtouelsUOfT.xll, 9 to the
HViHMlfl. Villi V ll(MMIUHt Alt Ui J.H111(I
xl, fit Daniel, vlll, 18, xll.f lt,l'efor, III,
Hebrews, vf II. IUi ltoniaus, xl, 2(1 1 Inalah,
Matthew, xxlll, ).
The reply of tho Valencia county con
uilh)tadoro--8enorolly president of the
legislative council, aud late president of
the constitutional oonTentlou to tboTru
Jlllo latter, appears In yesterday's Citlzeu,
He soys he only wanted to get nu unpre
Judlcetljury. Ho wrltee to Trtijlllo to
prepare the Jurors. The Jurors thus pre
partd were expected to slate under oath
when examined, that they had heart!
nothing of the case. He says other mem
here of the bar have done the same thing
and worte. If ('have' motive was pure
aim innocent, wny reier to oinor people
"Mnruerers lit com uiikni are wallilne
the streets In Alhuquerqu mumilenteu
tm aeeeiint of Mr. Cbilders1 wore autiou
In the aauio dlreoUHO." Mr, Chllder'
answer to this Is that ho will aall nu the
self nmfeesed writer of this letter to pro-
fuee his proof before the dlstrU't nmrt.
t he can sustain his assertion anlnst
t'kllders oi any other attorney that at
torney should be disbarred. Assertions
wont so in t hie matter--only proars.
'rim nAaf uiiL funiUtiiul Im (lit uw It
was nt
twflabie. nw Mtae reputi
tinie t crewM tuts man with
Its hos
nfcy W
, m ism icr mover t i vn
n rite tor tme.es iw. Dim,
CtoTHiNG, Dry Goods, boots, shoes, J A,
- -r , . ' , ' , "fK ' At t i'
Tho length oMflUgraph tine In Uio
world h m mu of 10. It Is wld, had
rQacfiud n total of 1,080,1100 inliosj, a tougth
samcioat to go round thn o-luator oluiost
novantv tlmf. I
Proident ltarrlKii ay lio In not In
fawr of chennuo. Yet ltrro tho Itoiiub-
llcan Imvelieon vociferating for 20 ywira
that alt in the world they want high tariff
taxes for I to tuako things cheap,
Wlvo car-loads of reil sandatone have
itrrlral nt Portland, Orofon, from Flag
staff, Ai Uona, for the OrtgonUm't new
building, and thlrty-llvo car-loiuls more
are on the way. The Blono Is mwtly Iu
blocks of ten tuna each.
The governor and lieutenant Rovemor
of Nevada Iiavln expired during their
term of oltlce ami no provision uelny made
In !ho constitution tu (ill the vueanoy,
Nevada will hnvo no chief magistrate
uutll tho jj en oral election,
Borne crank Una of lato been compiling
some statistics hlcli nro bv no means
ehcerlug. Jtoiaa made tho discovery
that there aro hi tho United States 0,000,
OOU young men who novcrgotn church)
nnd that there nro -1, 000 murderers In
our jails.
Mr. Joan ft. Van Dam, of Grand Itap
Ids, Michigan, general agent of tho 31ax-
ivell land gmut company, was In Itaton
Tuesday, tie van on his way to Califor
nia to Interview two colonies of Holland-
era who nro dtsvitisfled with the Qoldcn
state, Ue think t tho grand success mado
In farmluL' on die Maxwell Rrant this
year will induco thorn to loeato nar here,
.i 1 1 i, , i
Tho oltv of Tficson. Arizona, has tulotit-
cd a curfew orilnanco. Tho ordinance
went Into effect at tho last meeting of the
Tucson council!, and provides tfiat all
cuuureu tiuuer ir vo vcars o: aao anau
no kpjii ou inu aireeiM urtor u o ciock, uti
le accomtmn'ted by their parents or
aiardlaus. The curfow boll
win tap
lines at u o'clock, wh cli slunaln are
expected to observe, All children found
in tno strents after that hour win he ink
on Into custody by the ofltcers, nnd their
parotitis or inninl ans will beheld rosnon
slblo for nil costs Incurred.
Unusual oxcltemont was created In Cln
clnatt tho other day, over a discover;
mado by dlvorswho aro preuarlugtoslnH
a culwon for the now brldgo. In tlljf-
glns, the men camo across the hull ot a
steamboat sunk over 40 years ago aud
ought for a long time, hut without sue
com. At tho time named tho steamer
Moselle, with 200 omlgranta who had
come aboard nt Pittsburg for Southern
ports, wink gomewhero In tho neighbor
hood mentioned. The stream was high
mid many lives wero lost, in the safo on
board ivas a largo sum of money, novor
rcconcrcd. Tho wreck Is 11 feet under
ground. When the now of tho Und be
came known thousands nocked to thli
scenu and old river men recalled tho
wreck. The divers faitoned ropos and
chains to tho hull and tomorrow It will
bo pulled out. The divers say tho wreck
Is In good preservation and thoy judge
that most or tho cabin ts gone, but from
the Cabin floor down It ts nil right. Dead
bodice and the sate will bo sought for.
Xafermstloa for Bitli.
Congress b .the act of Aug. BO, 1800
hail repealed tho arid land act of Oct. 2,
1B8, and all land entries mado by set
tlers since tho dato of tho act of Oct. 2,
IW, are made valid, except aa to reser
voir sites aolected.
The act or Aug. SO, 1800, limit the
amount of land subject to entry by any
person under all tho various taud laws to
IU anres.
"Any legal aub-dlvlslonal part or the
whole of wild 8S0 acres omi bo entered
under the Dmwtt IjiihI hanr, or Iu such
amount as Is preiarlued Try the Home
stead, Pre-emption and Timber Culture
Laws can be Mttd as tlwtl not exceed
In tho aggregate S0 acres,
'Iho limber Culture Law has nofrbei
repealed; but It is likely to he repealed
during the next session of congress which
convenes in ueoeln her.
Bottlers living fin United States land
prior to Aug
.iw, 1S0O,
, and who have made
reasonable improvement thereon will bo
entitled to enter said laud and hi mldl
tlon thoreto !r0 acres moru when desired,
under tho fact of Aug. at), Im.
The usual oxeeptlon obtains as to the
Pre-emption Law, I. e., tho entryman
muitnot bo tho owner of UHOacree of
Public lands can now be safely entered
under any of the foregoing lawsj nnd
settlers oan bo roasauahfy mire of receiv
ing patent when they comply with those
ill applIeatSous for the entry of
If comply
xMHHSH. win iip aeiiu upon me same
tiay mey
ay tney nro recejredjrtfllce builiies pe
ittltliigi aasl all oorreepoudonee reliitlnp
thereto wl
I rseelre-prempt audcourteou
Bottlers unit all other pursons nre re
quested to remit all moneys to lite He
celvr after !). H, 1W(I and only our
reHcy. itoetnl order oxprtM orderej pos
tal note wl eettlrtld cheeks wit) be re
cot veil,
Utter from tliU ofttee to settlers ell
IngfurinhUtlurttl mpen should receive
tbelr prompt aUeulii In order that their
xP prpoewrtB iwient rapidly.
No llllBSOSSSiin- mtfUlraiuanLi will Ii
asaeti ror itf mu ojpne.
' Hwr
mui. J. Me
I'. N. litlUt till!,
am 6ENt'S FURNISHING (20DlSii5 '. .'
Pine Street, Deming, New Mexico.
The antt-latchood ganj; are on the run,
id they!! hunt tholr hoiw for alt Ume.
BantaTo New Jtexlcan, Oct. o,
ITiev found tho holes full of fellows
who were confidant thoy could palm off
a one ldl constitution on an tinupM
ing pttuiie, ami j;ot a Biap in too inee
they wore not looking for. liatou lte
oorier. itn .
Tho nohamors who attempted to Injure
thn present sheriff of Santa Fo In tho
coming election uy witniirawiug rrom
ins nonu wero graceiuuy nauui-oappeu
by the pliant democratic olilcer, who
mmeiiiaieiy peiiuoneu t uo conn in gram
. . i. u i - .1,1
aim lurniBii-
eu oiuer uouasmen ai once.
San Antonio brewers are howllust over
tho effict of the MeKlulev bill. In re-
lall.tllon Mexican olllelals have placnd au
Import tax on American boor not only re
ceived but kept In storage In Ilvdnu
Ncgras, thus effecting the dsn Antonio
brewers to the tune of many thousands
of dollars.
the shops,
Keeps tno snopiuon ims.v marxing up me
iricosot gotHis, ino average uuiy pu
mnorts has been advanced from 47 par
cent to CO per cent. Tho prices of fur
cign ami uotnestic stuns wm no corre
spondingly tulvaneed. JltHwo hear of no
nmrklug up of wapes to meet tho Increas-
cu cost oi living,
about that.
Thero will bo no bnsto
The cnrncl makors nnmojie to meet tho
Increased rato of duty ou carpet woot by
keeulnc -10 in-r ceut of tholr machinery.
Idle aud advanclm; tho price of carpets to
a parity with tho Tucreasod cost ot raw
material. How do carpet tuois like
this program! How do carpet weavers
like ItT
,iAt tho session of the reprctsntnttvos of
straw wrapping paper In Uhloago last
week there worn HTi mills Inoltuled lit
tho comblno formed. Tho object set
forth was, as usual, to promote the pub
lic Intereit. They constltuto tho public
roforred to. Thoy wilt advance tulues
Iu ordor to bo hi fashion with the politico
iu vogue.
Tlmt tho Territorial Hop
trat Commltteo Is muro to hlamo for the
defeat of statehood than are the catholic
prlwwhy not seeing to It that tickets
were printed "Kor Buttchood" and sent to
e?ery precinct in the torriwjry. (.isntor
prise. m , i
Chcan black alnaea. which Is uml for
underskirts of cheap droMos. winter and
summer, has gone up front CO to 100 pot
coin, in inci ueariy ovary nnicio us
olothlnir which tho wnrxhiKmati needs
forhinuelMils wife And his children.
will cost twre under th now tariff law.
Tho MoKluloy bill gives Increased
protection to the silk manufacturer)), but
u few d.nrs after Its oassaire tho oncrn-
tlves In tho ribbon factory at Pntersou,
si, .luvrro out kcu to tiriito UKiUimt
20 per cent, reduction in wages. The
trtietsdo not grow moro gehcrous for
having tholr own way.
The Stewart bill provldos that no
provldos that no per
Kan Shall Do
hold or dtseh
iled or competent
CO 111
o the duties of any ollloe
In an of tlio Territories
'errltorles either under
the aws of the United Slates or of the
Terrltorlee, or to eervo as a grand or pe
tit luror In any court In r.ny of the Torrl
torles, untefrs he bo ublo to speak and
wrltaand understand the lingllsh lau
guago without tho aid of an Interpreter.
' I' 'in I.
For some time past thero Jiave been
rumors of tho formation ota strong ewio
elation of cajtlo mcntot.uutrolthoiimrkqt
for their slock and get out of theeiuteb
e of the mlddlmnou and speculators.
During September private circulars wore
seut to ell leading cattlemen asking them
to assist In forming the association. Pie
piles received are universally favorable
and It Is eertalu that In the spring a Urong
aesoelatterr will be formed.
Mleot Otero aud the Catron Influsners
have again secured the field, ami many
of the Republicans would rather see jttiy
kind of a Democrat elected than Tom
Carron or his friend. It ts our opinion
that It Mariano Otero Is elootod. and we
should, by any uuforseen. accident, be
come a state during Otero's regime In
rngress Tom Catron wilt bo the nrst U.
senator from tho State of New Slexl-00-provided,
however, thathe wtnUlt,
However, lot tbeA thlntts be as they tnav
we nre certain of one thing, ami that
is mat tne itepuuiicau iwrty nts, so tar.
made a very sorry uatl oamiwlgn, ami
we will not feel one bltdlsapcliiled If we
lose tuts election, (urnyion ijiuerprnc
The duty on linen towels, toweling,
napkins, table damask and table cloths
under the old tariff was tjf per ceut mt
volorem. In the new tariff It list beeu
raised up to 00 per emit ail valorem,
The mevens fittest company, about the
oniy large lineu crasu :einpny
oouutrr, has Issued a uew nrloo
In the
list at
tnce all
Its uiatitifactures with an adva
around of UX per cent, m it la vltlMit
that Ue purehaser or ilomeetMS or tkll
class will have to pa? au iwree of lljf
per ceut because of the higher u!ft
tlon the UrlrT 1vm to the home manu
facturer, Tm, the UtrttT is a tax, Viiu
rry permn who purcJHMsrs llusa gwdc
MtieotMIr towels, will have to pay IfU
tier cent wtatuet from not mi. Out no
one luw MsMit of wum ot' the. wnrluik
mm osif mut, Vs. utiW
tim if rwtsie fellilonwr mAuurMirV
hut bleeps the jtot Ifbortiig nuuwes of
tHt eountry. The uHt is a tux on. Ute
Old Pottery, Paintings,
Including Apsubos, Yumas, Plmas, J'ncbles, Nnvajoos. BIokx, OetaancTts, Ac,
Bows. Arrows. War
Headed Moccaslas, Blankets. Scarfs, Act
Depot News Stand, Drmlng.
a I i I, 4Ji
EariiLlSIIKD 1888.
Quiet Club Rooms Afhm'" "
(USiisi Ui Kaljlil
iDvdiythig ih tho lino
" "'"ii ii mi I" in i.
Tracy & HanniAn$ PropiikMfs,
AVlluieiale ahd
Pore 3Drugs, Fine OHEMicAts-.
PwTwM,af,,,''u,,l DEMINOi NEW rVJEXfc&
Barmy and Confectionery.
ED PENNINGTON, Proprietor.
mmm mm fruits,
Cor $fyv Ave, m& Spruoi St n - DttMIKQ K. M,
t r.
Feather & Hair Ilrk.
Clubs. Shields, &c.
Mexican Hats, and Indlao Jtsrtlry-
Proprietor. '
of liqtiiil rofroslirriontv
Hitfclt Drater In

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