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Wftfft Jt a IHf mln (X, JM.J ftistotllcv
, - jtaSmmd OIam Mall JUitsr.
romwnr,stjttiv s.t&r9at bt
KfYMrt Adufctt . ............ Si 00
I'tfbMli.. ...,. Cams
Our Future- I'rwfct.
Tint Utmlng tiM gratohBaca of tunn
teuuijiigaa nil center of cuntltlefablt
hiitfilmiU It now pretty certain. Tli
ft ill 'a in Oil 1'urapanjr It alrtadr At wmk
rnliground nltli drill, suit Mr, W.
it. Grsrr, tt this city, hit rcctlva.i
tsllablt aud poilltra Information
from lUVtrtllsId, Cnla,, that jiartlss Iq
that clly who tiRte Itta br. atut ex
amltisd tlin oil Indications, lure shipped
an bjrdnutllo boring mneblos ind will
'ti'orke brln the sinking of a well Upon
prtfnrtr which tusr tseursd on thr quut
toiiftaHtro. Qua of tfissa gsntlsmsu,
wjillo hero A fan wrtV pi, said to tba
JIxirataHTi "Tba prospects for otl At
Ctfofc'sTssU air far abend of anythlos
wli lira tvr found t IJaUsrslUIJ, And
iTisli lorrtt hcrr." And now, at ad
Mpdiihre fif hit good filth In lh onuti
ifiki It no th rnad with mnchlntr.
Not mil claiming to bar. any
knowledge In oil matters, thAt hat lu-
tttUgttrd the prnspccts in tbla section,
lijjl hit Mid that thieUaoce of undine
till Id Ptylnr nuantltlta were of the
tuott prnmUlflg, and, ea thry Inrarlabl;
fcars backed up their aiaertlona by In-
teaUiiff In tba lands and ttock, we are
bound tu believe that they are saagulns
In their ateertlot't.
Men are1 tceltered atl over the land
(oJty who, when Dtma Fortune came
Knocking at their door, were either away
from home or too laity or know too ranch
tn open the door and adroit the ladr. Aa
a cnntequeoca thete tame men are now
meandering around, known at chronic
crsnks, and kicking became the other
fellow hat more metier than they.
There are many Intelligent and sharp
butl&iM men In this locality wbo trt
taking all the ttock In thla oil enterprise
that tiirlr meant will admit of and we
predict that In the near future they will
realize raoti uauutomeiy upon ineir in
., (Jrtnt county will glee a necktie en
tertalnmtnt on the 7th of next month, at
Bitter Clly the county teat, at which Joie
Btnchet and Andrta Cttlea will he the
principal ouesti, aJtbougli much tgtlnit
their pertonal wlthet. With the bang
Ingof Ihetetwomen will begin an era
for the betterment of title whole eouth
rst, and It It to tba credit of the men
01 urani county wnn enmpme rue jnr et
or -their trial that inch U th-oua.
There has been too Biuob leniency and
willful bllndnam, In yrart past, tot da
tle)redatloni of a certain clutt oi men
like Banrhex and Callet nf whom the
It better off by their being
Your attention la directed to the full
pugo adrertliement of the Luna Co nty
Ull Doreiopment Company tblt week
Om SOOCO slisrss of stock hut already
betn 10,'d, mostly to locnl people
Bhtrea will tell at lOo for only a few
Week yet. At toon na sufficient stuck
la told tha work of development will be
begun. You thould Inrest In thlt en
ttrprltt, If you base tUs Interest of thli
leoiton at hasrt. Read over the ad and
be thoroughly convinced at to the claims
6f tba company.
Last Monday William I'arlt, while at
tempting to shoot Jame e A. Wiley, who
waa giflnt; damaging t.tlmntiey In
Judge (,'rowley'e court lu Central, Urant
county jraa hlmielt tbot nhd killed.
Barsral ptrtltt tn the courtroom cngsc
ed In the fracna and Jutt who killed
Park It not known, and from the state
menu of thn affair It would seem to
teaks but Utile difference.
It Is almoit certain that the nronosed
raliroad from Msbee, Arlmna, wltl enme
to Denting. If It does Demlnir will tot a
tfiwliff and other good tblnjri. The
oftlcara of the road were here last Satur
day looking over the ground, and spoke
ncouraglngly of coming to Demlug.
Tha New Meilco Territorial Fair will
"be held In Albuquernue Oetober iCth to
lBtb, Hon. J. A. Mabnney hat been
uamea at rice prttldent for Luna
Dealing will tend a tine mineral and
agricultural exhibit tntha tnrriinrUi r.i.
We can send no fruit ethlblt, a late frotl
having killed all the fruit.
Hfsjl.estate continues to change handt
fri thli city. Darning It on the upbuild
ann it ran coming to the front.
In thlt era Of lllltirnvrlnanti vniit.1 It
nnl be wit to devote attention to tome
nf ouriidewalkif
Oof. Otero bat appointed John drover,
oi coon, a notary public.
BhUitdrraAt IIlHl'nHt.
- - J4Ei'rr uuue rann. or ievannu
MT nree years or guttering from
W(t rrv 1 wl! nird'y 'r free from
1 tyuuK1"'"
Hlee jb.
llteif ?Uri.
5 v ; imnm
jtf mr -
uta palnes In my b
ti uiaii noil inBim
Hr -jorn nut, about
ii uegsn to un
.11 Ijotldfi mm
-si biude ma ftel like
ineyre uurlvaled to reg
Qtrn Damm
, Telia aloey. Whett jmt head
ehe, and yoj real UUIowl hhu
natett, and mt uf Um, wfih yimrt
stomach eonr ana M Aietlt, Hwti
tiomFm Piitm
i And take a tfoee. from 1 la I mii
, Yon will be tttrorUftd at kw !uii (
hertdselie end bllUHmieag, rouaa lut i
I liver and maae you tret harjtiv aaain. !
A33tentt. KoW by all medicine lUAlere.i
Uwcrlca'i Ortalctt Yielwrelllit.''
At the ciote of a very successful aeatdn
OO-'Kl), wherein ha vraa hailed by the
ptets at the first of Amerioau crl-
Hit, he refused a vert adbitantlal I nervala
of talarr In order to broeiUn lit ...,.(.
clanship and neral culture by a ?es-
luenco in uurope. Enter uir the Cnnttr.
v story tn Lelnsla. fnundad ! it.n.
leliiobn. ha won the annrrl(mn nt it.r
..... ... . .. rr '
uuiuia niengei, ttia greatest technical
expert of tha Instrument, who hnt nnlv
showed him marked attention nnd mm,
. ... :
iHTore, out pronnunceit lilm a crlllitlo
genius, in iJeNIn ha enioved tha in-
timahle prlveleue of close contact wlil.
Joachim and ilansmanu. tha etltlit nf
r tue Joachim nuartst. fclvi.i n,.n.
beuellts and kindnesses at their hands.
Since then he haa tilavil nlth iti
Thomas, Damruscbaud lloatou orchestras
and In quartets with Llsteinann. Hnl.r.
dleck, iUunoJ. lUrum mid oIiibm.
lie now ollera himself to the consider-
tlou or the American nublla In run.
cert company which he hat carefully
prepared to suit tuo cr Itta e tuste of kii
countrymen, both at regard music, nnd
lo assist h m he has secured tha r.
vices of Miss Zada Tnvlor. contralm ot
tne leauius choir or Lot Anue W tl.ut nt
the First Congregational church, .who
possesses a voice of great power and
purity, very sympathetic ud true. She
bus a grand, unaffected manner nf alnir
lug. lu keeping with her handsome face
sun ugure and commanding presence.
nina ixaio I'OUu.l. tuo uulnteat of an.
compaulats, Is the third member of the
company. One understands why she Is
so flue an accompanist whenonekdows
that besides playing tha piano wall ' the
l an excellent organist aud a most cn
joyable aluger,
1 ho muslcul numbers are all eema bv
the best composer, exceedingly popular
and effective and ot tha highest artistic
...... B . .
Aiinuitin Jir. Jennlaon haa nutar
smathsd saloons, tliken milk baths, hunt
eu Colorado lions, or playd before King
tdward. JJuitieror William or the Sultan
uf Turkey, he can play the cello) as the
ruimwiug presa extracts atteali
Terro Ilauts Exnreiw 'Hcvaala the
wonderful posslbllltlaa of the cello."
Cincinnati kmjulrer "Ilia ponera
gave tne greatest sstlsfsntlunr
or."te l6ler "uaiterly efforts,
wonderful chromatic rUns, splendid at
tack, charming phasing,"
Ban Franmaco Examiner "Accom
pllthed virtuoso, beautiful, rich round
tone, marvelous execution."
Victoria Daily Neni "Ha nrasentv
his Instrument with roaelerly, unthouEhl
or capabilities."
Mew Orleans Times 'Democrat'1
oelllat of the areateit distinction."
Up era House May 27, Keterved sesta
60 cents.
Played Out.
Dull headache, patus In vartoua parts
or the body, sinking
VI, ( and A. M4 meete
thelltat 'llinrsday luearb
nmitiit. hi Aiaio&iu ntit,
Gold Jivniie.
W Wllnbeflon W.ll.
Kd I'eunlnglun, Sec.
HUTH t'HAl'TRII, No. 0, O. K.
tnrria first and third ruetdayt
tif esrh mntilh in Ulaai-nlo hall,
(lold avruue. Mr. Achki Field W. M
lite, Mollle rennlnvlon.tec.
H. A. M., meets second
Tli u red a r lu esrh mot'th In
Mssnnlo Hail, Onld aenue.
W. W. Ilolierisnn.
13. II I'.
Ed. Peonhigton,
t, tf ,.,4
JaaaaatAaaiaa. ataaiaa
No. 4, K. T., meete 4th I hnr
day In each 'mouth In Masonic
Hall, (lold avenue.
Hramau Field, E. 0.
Kd I'ennlhRton. Hen.
0, 1.O.O.F., tneeleovery
ziKmisr Moiidav niKiu ai nun
FellowTllall, corner Hllvrr avenue and
Hpruce street. 0 L 8haa-peftre N, 0.
A.. i. I'traaria. rrp.
Ijr.MINO I.ODQK, No. 10.
K ot I.,mrcte first and third
'fuerdars ot oach month in
K. of r. Hall, Qold avenue.
i 1.. Nnrdhaus. (?. ('.
Fred llermatin, K of U. A H.
A O. U. W., meets first
and third Wednesdays of
tach month in iv. or r.
Hall, Uold aveutta,
T. B. lloblneon. M.W,
T. A. Cart, Hecorder.
... ... it, . .
ir.iil ii m lurcin ffuvuuu
and fourth Tursdaya of
each month in IC. of 1'.
hall, Hold avenue. A. J. I'lckarte. J. V.
W. I. Toitell, Clerk.
Den Hosier, who for several yeara past
has been In the employ of the Vlctorio
Land Ik Cattle Co. received a telegram
last Saturday from his home near Han
Autonlo, Texas tnat his brother Lee
Hosur had been ahot and killed. Mr.
Hotssr stsrled at ouce for home, nothing
ol the details of the killing haa yet been
learned, lien Hoissr is weliand favor
ably known ta many lu this community
and he haa the sympathy of all in this
sad lots of his brother.
Klunear's Derma tatlou, as in the
past, la allll the best U't tba face aud
Bteva Ulrchdeld bought four windmills
this week from J. A. llahoney,
Our line of toilet articles, hairbrushes
and notions Is just as complrte as ever
aud we invitt your attention to mem,
4 a uinnear io,
Bteel cells havw been ordered for the
noiinty jail. Bharlft Ilaca already has
two Unitsd States prisoners In his charge
Tha Ladles' Social O will hold its
next meeting at tho home of .Mrs. A. .
Clotsln Wednesday afternoon, May '20,
Casey M. Owsley S. M. Ashenfelter
Ashenfeltex & Owsley,
Doming: - - N, M.
iweie. rerrtttsal sfsDIlou eusaantail
TV, Uyron, Only 60 csnts.
MaiteMotievlii nnllr,irnii
th SlirLia brniraa vlnnv..!. ....i...
)!kV&rJm II4'IIm. VdU can
VP for only M vk most dlreot
Una Imjnlre at bepal,
Ht tllH tilt 111 tl.J
stomach, loss of appetite, feverisltnetis,
pimples or sores are all positive evidence
of impure blood. No matter bow It
cntne solt must b purified In order to
obtain good health. Acker's lllond 1
ixlr bus never failed to cure acromions
or syphelrlla poisons or any kind uf
blood dleeosrs. It Is cermlulya won
derlul reined) and we sell ever bottle
on a positive guarantee. J, A. Kiduear
Jb Co.
A large grading outfit belonging to tha
Mllllgan Urol hers wat camped In Dent
ing Inst Monday night. The outfit had
been at work on the west end nf the
i'helpi, Dodge or lltsbee ra!lma$ and
were en route to El Paso. Their future
movements wem at tit lime, uncertain
Acker'a UyBjiepaltt Tattle ta Aro
mild ou u pomttve gUHrautei. (ure
beart.burn, rising of the food, distress
after eating, or any form of dyspepsia
One little tublet gives Immediate relief
Wo and 60c. J. A. Klnneur tc t o
Judge Hcainan Fl 'ill, president of the
Hoard of Directors, will make tba prei
eolation address aid deliver (llplomsa
to the right young ladles of Demlug
Public High School, who will graduate
next Friday night. Prof. U. F. Duff,
the assistant prluulpal, will deliver the
medataanl Prof. W. W. Robertson, thq
principal, will rsad the names of those
pupils deserving tpeelal lueutton.
If penpla only knew what we know
about Kudo! Dyspepsia Cure, It would
bo used lu nearly every household, at
there are few people wba do tint suffer
from a feeling nf fullness after eating,
belching. Ilatulence, tour tfimach or
waterbrasb, caused by Indigestion or
dyspepsia. A preparation audi as Kodol
Dyspepsia Cure, which, with tin aid
from tha stomach, will digest your food,
certainly can't help but do you good. 1.
P. Ilyrou,
C. A. Anient, of thla clly, negotiated a
sale tba fore part of thlt week that con
flated of a trala load of tha Chase A
McCabe cattle at Hepar. There cattle
were sold to L. E. Anderson, ot Usxors
Held. I'ala,, and shipped by blm to that
polut. Mr. A-nent obtained a price that
wat highly satisfactory to all concerned
and women to travel and advertlre for
old established bans of solid luantlal
ttayde d, Hilary $180 & year atiti expens
es, all payable In oasli. No oauVasftiug
required, Clve referenera and eaolnta
aelfaddreHed stabtpid envekfTe, Ad
drrss Jiawgeri M CiuteB UlAW Ohlc-
Ral Estate and
Insurance Agent.
Notary Public and Conveyancer,
U. S. Court and Land Commissioner.
tit Aw west et Dink,
Oemlng N M
Weils & Williamson,
I'byelolatis and Btirccotm,
dxmino, n. u.
Olllca on Notth Side Tine Street.
OrriOK HOURS: f to It a.xa.. t Ut p. m
," 6- ee.
V foreign Curlojsitle?
ChlDtuand Jspactse Merchandise
of mr J.crlpllpn. Cains and Jtp
anSie tfllli and Ohlntnaia a iptcUltj.
a Iv
alia, (itrcirlrt. yral'.a, Nhtund yi
Xaihldt tllrar Aienae, Btcond
Bonn or rina.
Pr sr r Pr Pr,
I door jdx
Notary Public.
ttprnnt laadlna for-lgu
and dotal ,li coMpmlti.
Received The Grand Prize
&t the Poxis Exposition
Tbslf sttpat lorlty Is reootnli4 everv where. Made of flnert'
trirnricS nutria IVir.lnHllmTora. ljiteUhBp anil
Imitrr n.t totllml. Aa your dseler for tttaiu. trha-abut
or them aak him to orCer fvr you.
Uric Acldin the ttloml
Nft iRcx "Rheumatic mwvjiz
MsnufcurI only by die R0X RIIBUMATIC pp., JwSCeaa.
IV. P. Tosnell, DciHlny,
i -n . i sr:-t .a ittimm-u'mm-
Muaf wfluiatKwfeifl
Mlnlntc Locnvlon Itlntika.
The llKnt,iaiiTbainowot) sale a full
Hue of location blanks, KOtlen up from
the latrat and most approved forms
Printed In tba best style and on a itood
qttnllly of bond paper. Tbesn blanks
can l)- had of J. A. Klunear & Co. or at
the HitADMottT office.
Mlnlnir location blanks So eaeb or etc
0er dozen. Placer clalma blanks, at 9n
each or 20c per dor.en. l'lacer claim
blanks nre aonllcable for the location of
oil landa,
Ackor'n tftijrllftli Itnniedy
stop cough ut any time, aud vlil cure
tno worst cold in twelve hours, or money
&funded. 25c and BOc. J. A. Kinntar
Si Co.
Atlniliilstrntor'a Notice
Notice Is hereby nlven that the under
tlutird. John II. Alllitou. was on Ibe Hth
day of May, A, t. 1001, duty ap
pointed administrator ot tite estate of
Kmtna J. AllUon, ilrceased. All
naraous bavluir clalma aualntt stld re
late ara required to present the aame
duly vrritled, within one rear from the
date of tald appointment, the time al
lowed by law for the presentation of
such claims, and If not so presented nnd
filed the claim will be barred by virtue
of the statute In such caaea made and
provided. All persons Indebted tn said
rttate are requested to arltta with the
understated. Joint II. Am.Ibon,
Administrator nf tba estate of Kmma
J. Allison.
lstput6-18 "01
9jaissssB I
Our B$ecMtttt
OldfllcDrftyer Whlakiy
La rruct)B CJgnrs.
SiuOM MoBtaver WhUkey tt the Ictncl our j'orefathm vteif p
ichohtomo and healthful and Unite am leverage or for medicinal p
pom i$ bineficial to all
Fair Troatmout nuil pollto Attention to All.
5Joliii A Dooiuor, Propriotor
Dispensing Druggist,
WboltsalB and hetalt Dealer In
Pure Drugs and Fine Clieiicals,
Toilet Artletoa, Btatlonory ami School llooka
tul$t$ wiK,f.d.d.iaji. . OEMINO. NEW MEXICO
XAfturAc-rtiitan or
Doalor in Keg and Bottled Bees
-mtMijtru, NHW MBXIOO.
Wines, Liquors arid Cigars
First Class Qoods.
.LUBclt at all Hour
John Dockort,
s f
25c Shirt Wpists.
10c Undervests.
25c Corset Covers.
,2g Laces.
5c Embroideries
10c 30-in. Percales,
5c Lawns,
6c Ginghams.
$2 SUk Shirt Waists.
$1 White and Blue Dnck Skirts.
25c Boys' Waists.
5- -t
25c )as gPanfa.
tsC 3 25c per cloje CtOas? Slcss
s Buy Your Underwear
From us and you Buy it Right
At50cA 1,25, H,50( 2,2s50
Z and s3,50 ?ct Suit X
Shirt Waists-
T At no nrAnt- flmm fnr VOU. Wo llrtVO tllO
ngenoy for tho mnat prnoUonblo ono that is rando
and you won't boo somo other follow with tho
uamo pattern on either. That's worth something
A Lot of Ladies' New Up-toDate Belts, Just Arrived..
Ifecat inc of ZtxhcJ Dfta fovea ir tlo ft ofora an. tn $t& an TORtU.
Utn and wosisn ot tood ddtn to rirrsstnt
ni, spm to jfl n.t niliit sginti, olbtr tor
$hI ra looking (ir our attmli, tm
ialrr (UitsntraajMi);! sttrs toramli.lon and
iptsiti, fipia dii)MSinl, eld tttiUlitisd
houM. Heol chBc tor tiTUMl who or wentn
P tuiirs tlssMit, MrMsasnl po.lilon, ilUul
p,oiooaiaiut. ttw, billllut JlDtii Writs
JSC X Write lot Samples and Prices, oy Gall on ' J5C "C
L , M

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