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all the blood “at
home” became his philosophy.
So he tied tourniquets around
arms and legs in order to
protect his heart before caring
for the extremities. But lo and
behold! He discovered that his
heart began to fail the more he
hoarded the blood As soon as
he took off the cords and allow
ed the
flood to flow freely
through the body, his health re
Which being interpreted
means: The more we sacrifice
Prescription Pharmacy
OeWiaSee' Meet «?*re Ceraae
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555 W. Broad St.
God Love You---------------
Divine Paradox: Bv "Losing
Our Life We Find If
.. ..... by Bishop Fulton J. Sheen--------------
Once upon a
time there wu
a man who was
afraid he was
getting heart
trouble. Know
ing that the
heart must
have plenty of
blood, he be
moaned the
fact that so
much of it
was being ‘•wasted” by being
sent out to the hands and the
feet Keep
We eenateteetly eteek th* latest trn*a
l«M B. Maia Ft. 44*4
41 W. GAY ST.
The Hammond Organ
Freda*** ergaa aaau ef eathearal
for others, the more we help
ourselves. Our home parish, our
home dioceses have grave needs
and must be helped, but every
now and then we must think of
others, for by a Divine Paradox,
only by ‘Hosing our life do we
find it.” As sending the blood
to the extremities of the body
aids the heart, so making sacri
fices for poorer missions at home
and abroad helps the heart at
home. The persons and parishes
that are most blessed are those
who are most conscious of the
yearning for Christ among the
Christ-less people of the world.
The left side of the heart and
the right side of the heart have
no direct communication one
with another. There is communi
cation between them only after
the blood pours nut from one
side, and flows through the en
tire body and back again to the
other side. So in the Mystical
Body of Christ, each Catholic
and each parish has communion
and strength within itself, only
when it dispenses its plasm of
self-denial through all the cells
of the Mystical Body of Christ
throughout the world.
Last year the per capita con
tribution of the Catholics of the
world to the Holy Father for the
pnnr missions was exactly two
cents The per capita contribu
tion of the United States to the
Holy Father for the missions was
16c, New Zealand 11c, Canada 9c,
Australia 8c, Scotland and Lux
embourg 7c, Malta 6c. Ireland
5c. Mission Sunday this year
in most dioceses is October 19th
Sacrifice a few days salary, a
luxury for self or for the house,
some of your “capital’,, or the
amount of the last increase
wages Sacrifice for the sake of
the peace of the world in hope
that our homes and our families
will be blessed in reparation for
our personal failings, above all
in love of Christ and His Bless
ed Mother. In this era God bless
es particularly those who make
sacrifices for the spread of the
holy faith.
GOD IX)VE YOU to Mr. and
Mrs. W.E.T. who picked cherries
and sold them to neighbors to
send the proceeds of $10 to the
Holy Father’s Missions GOD
LOVE YOU to Girl Scout Troop
at St. Mary’s for sending part
of their dues ($8) to the Missions
instead of having a party
If you read this after the last
Mass on Sunday, October 19th,
and you missed the opportunity
to do yourself a favor, cut out
this column, pin your sacrifice to
it and mail it to the Most Rev
erend Fulton J. Sheen, National
Director of The Society for the
Propagation of the Faith, 109
East 38th Street, New York 16x,
New York, or your Diocesan Di
rector Reverend James Kulp.
246 East Town Street, Colum
bus, Ohio.
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The firms luted her* deserve
to be remembered when you are
distributing your pationage to
the different lines of business
Funeral Directors
Cor. Winter A Franklin,
The Peoples Store1
Rebuild Nagasaki High School
Mrs William Dalton nf Augusta.
Me NCCW president, has wired
the secretary that the seven mil
linn members nf hri organisation
“respectfully and urgently call up
on you. in the name nf justice, dec
ency and freedom tn denounce this
travesty upon justice before the
United Nations
William Stuart, president nf the
National Council nf atholir Youth
called upnn the Secretary of State
“to strongly protest this miscar
riage of justice in Bulgaria and
further, tn use all the power of
y-ur office tn summon immediate
action within the fram*wnrk of the
United Nations”
Meanwhile the Bulgarian National
Committee, an exile group in Wash
ington, has written to President
Truman asking his help in the
Dr George Dimitrov, the
committee president, urged Mr
Truman to attempt to stay the
Bishop Paul Yamaguchi of Nagasaki, whose mother was killed
in the atom-bombing of that city, and Rev. Father Ralph, S.V.D.,
of Chicago, national director of the S.V D. Catholic Universities are
shown on the occasion of the blessing of the first wing (lower photo)
of the new Catholic High School, erected there through the generos
ity of American benefactors. Its foundations still hold the bodies
of 15 boys of high school age. INC Photos)
Bulgarian Persecutions
Evoke Bitter Protests
NCWC News Service
Catholic lay leaders in various
parts of the country have now call
ed on the United States govern
ment to bring before the United
Nations the case of the Bulgarian
Bishop, priests and lay people con
demned by a Red court on fabricat
ed charges.
Bishop Eugene Bossilkoff of Nik
opol, Bulgaria, 28 priests, a nun,
a lay woman and a number of lay
men were “tried” for alleged es
pionage and treason by a Red court
in Sofia. The Rishop and three
priests were sentenced to death,
the rest to prison terms varying
from three to 20 years
Catholic Groups Speak
The presidents of the National
Council of Catholic Men and
Catholic Women and Ca
tholic Youth urged Secretary of
State Dean Acheson to bring the
so called trial before the bar of
world opinion al the U.N.
In a message to Mr Acheson re
traced earlier Francis I Nally nf
Tnledn. NCCM president, said “As
loyal God fearing Americans, as
Cathnhr men, nor organization
calls upon our brother citizens and
upon our government to take
whatever artinn is necessary and
practical tn bring this travesty of
justice to the bar of international
public opinion.”
execution of the Bishop and three
priests condemned to death and
also to "move this case in the
United Nation^ General Assem
World-Wide Protest
Meanwhile, similar voices in pro
test were raised all over the world.
In Dublin. Archbishop Gerald P.
O'Hara, Bishop of Savannah-Atlan
ta and papal envoy to Ireland, said:
“Undoubtedly the real reason
why Bishop Bossilkoff and the
priests were condemned to death,
and others given long sentences,
was their fidelity to the Church
and their steadfast refusal to
abandon it.”
Archbishop O’Hara has had con
siderable experience on how things
go in a communist country. He
himself was ousted from Red Ru
mania after serving as regent of
the papal nunciature there for
several years.
Inndon reported that the Vatican
Rvdio broadcast heard here rom
mented on a Sofia, Bulgaria,
broadcast which purportedly gave
the reaction of Catholics to the
Vatican Radin said that undouhf
edly there is “great indignation”
among the Bulgarian Catholic*
But, it added, this anger is nnt
directed at the victims nf the so
called trial hut at the Red court
and the methods used tn break the
will nf these penpie an they "con
fessed” crimes they never com
In Rome the Central Executive
nf the Christian Democrat Party
also vniced vigorous protest in a
statement declaring that the death
sentences handed to Bishop Rossil
knff and three priests were just
nne more confirmation nf the con
tempt nf world communism fnr hu
man freedom and liberties The
statement pledged solidarity with
oppressed Catholics in communist
countries and pledged the party tn
the principles nf democratic cn
operation and to the restoration of
human dignity among nations
NEW YORK, Oct 2 CNC) The
1953 convention of the Catholic
Press Association of the United
States will be held at Atlantic City,
N. J., May 6 to 9. inclusive
Per Person!
Family Q110Policy
$12 Insure* Entire Family
For 3 Years
Indi victual Policy $6.25 3 Y rs.
Cancer Diphtheria Scarlet Fever Smallpox
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At Small Extra Cost
AD. 1915
The Arthur J. McCann Agency
Complete Insurance Service
AD. 1915 233 S. High St. FR. 4-3112
Moslems, Protestants Support
Legion Of Decency In Malaya
Back Catholics In Drive To Boycott Immoral Films
And Literature See Danger To Youth
SINGAPORE—rNC Protestant*
and Mohammedans are reported
here to be joining Catholics in
support of the Leginn of Decency
started last July by Bishop Mich
ael Olcemendy of Malacca to com
bat immoral films and literature
in Malaya.
Prominent among those backing
the Legion is Gen Sir Gerald Tern
pier, High Commissioner of Ma
laya. who stated in a letter pub
lished in the Straits Times that be
regards the Legion as an import
ant potential force against inde
cent movies and literature.
Meanwhile, a great number of
Malays (Mohammedans) have al
ready signed the Legion’s pledge to
boycott objectionable mnvies. In
an editorial implicitly backing the
Catholic organization. Utuson. the
Singapore Moslem newspaper, de
dared: “The film censor in Malaya
should try tn follow the example
of some countries where films are
divided into various categories al
lowable for screening to various
age groups.”
No distinction is made in Singa
pore and Malaya between films for
adults and youngsters. The result
is that youngsters of different na
tionalities are admitted indiscnm
Inately tn pictures which are not
only partly, but wholly, objection
Catholic reaction to the forma
tion of the legion has been de
scribed as “prompt am’ vigorous.”
A process of education has been
started through the schools and in
the pulpits, and the legion of
Mary is conducting a door-to-door
campaign explaining the Legion
pledge and getting signatures,
even from Protestants and pagans.
Chief target of the Legion of
Decency war against had liter-
atholies Number
Under 50,0000 hi
All Scandinavia
NEW YORK (NC)—Five Scan
danavian countries with a popu
lation of over 17 and a half million
have less than 50,000 Catholics.
This is a proportion of about 25
in a thousand.
The five countries are Denmark,
Finland, Iceland, Norway and
Sweden. The Catholic population
figures were released by St. Ans
gar Bulletin, the publication of St.
Ansgar’s Scandinavian Catholic
League here.
Denmark, with a population of
3614,000, has the largest number
of Catholics. 22.000. Next comes
Sweden with 18,700 Catholics in a
population of 6,986,180. Norway
has 4,890 Catholics in a population
of 2,846.000. There are 1,870 Cath
olics among Finland* 3.888,212
people. 500 Catholics among Ice
land's 125.000
There are 99 priests and 812
nuns working in Denmark. Twenty
three are native priests 142 are
native sisters Norway has 48
priests, 11 of them natives. 450
Sisters. 21 of them natives. There
are 39 priests in Sweden, six
natives 14 priests in Finland, one
native, and ten priests in Iceland,
two natives Sweden has 144 nuns,
nine natives Finland 20 nuns, two
natives, and Iceland 29 nuns, three
Chremt. Silrer. Capper, Brace end
other fintahea
8. Sixth St AD. 3842
ature art the comics, mostly of
American origin which are now
being classified from the moral
standpoint by the schools When
this task is completed, the results
will be presented to the authori
ties with a request that foreign
exchange be denied in the future
in cases involving the importation
of improper comics.
Local Protestants have shown
particular interest in trying to
clean up the filthy literature sit
uation, particularly a stream of
pseudo-scientific sex material that
is pouring in from India.
Japanese Prelate
Gives 770 Talks
Round the World
TOKYO (NO—To Msgr. Aloysius
O i a a, S J., Administrator
Apostolic of the Vicariate of
Hiroshima truly belongs the title
of “whirlwind apostle
During a recent 14 month trip
around the world. Monsignor Ogi
hara established a record that even
the Apostle Pau) might have view
ed with a trace of holy envy.
In spite of his delicate health,
the Japanese prelate delivered no
less than 779 sermons and lectures
in four languages—Japanese, Ger
man. English and Spanish in 15
countries during the comparatively
short period of 420 days. Exclud
ing those who heard his 20 radio
talks his audiences totalled more
than 500,000.
In addition to his speaking en
gagement* Monsignor found time
to baptize 300 Japanese converts
and to confirm about 700 others.
The countries he visted included
the Hawaiian Islands, the United
States, Brazil, Mexico, France,
Germany and Spain.
To Air Film Classifications
MENDOZA. Argentina (NC)—
Radio Liberatad here has announc
pd it will broadcast weekly the
moral classification of films madp
by the Secretariate on Morality of
the Mendoza Diocesan Council of
Catholic Action and by El Pueblo,
Catholic daily published in Buenos
ZURICH—(NC)—The “Buendner
Tablatt” of Chur, a widely known
Swiss Catholic daily newspaper,
has just observed Its 100th anni
Siring that make* ruga
a* they were when new
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Were yen with en eM finanelal tn
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ancing exporienre et e. eMist roe with
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Breed St. AD. 58)0 AD. 6342
R. W. Wild. Ptee. O Yoonrmen Bee'S
A Complete Line of Religious Articles
The Catholic Church Goods
For Used Cars or Trucks contact
BERNARD O’DOWD, 1352 W 5th
KI 6882
Central Ohio* largest Studebaker Dealer
For a New Studebaker contact
DAN CONROY, GA 2970 UN 4157
Complete line of Studebaker Trucks
New Era Seen
In Japanese
Liturgical Art
TOKYO -(NC)—A new era in the
history nf lapane«-e liturgical art is
now in the making, according tn a
leading New York Catbnhc art ed
He is Maurice Lavanoux. editor
of Liturgical Arts, who is on a
world tour seeking material for
his magazine and whn plans a spp
cial Japan number for next Fehm
ary. He spent three weeks visiting
the principal Japanese Catholic
centers, from Tokyo in the East to
Hiroshima in the West.
He points out that, as far as he
can discern, there have already
been three periods in the evolution
of liturgical art Japan The fust,
he said, was characterized by a
heavy over lay nf pseudo European
culture, while the second began as
a result of the impetus given to
native art hy Archbishop Celso
Costantini. ♦ecretary of the Scared
Congregation for the Propagation
of the Faith and former Apostolic
Delegate tn China.
Art Standards Accepted
At present. Mr. Lavanoux con
tinued, the ecclesiastical art of Ja
pan is going through a third and
more positive period in which
there is greater willingness to ac
cept present day standards nf con
sfruction and a modern conception
of design.
“It is at this point.” the art ed
itor declared, “that opinions vary
among missionaries Some contend
that the ancient Japanese forms
are not too acceptable to converts,
since they remind them too much
of their former pagan allegiance,
while others claim that a vital liv
ing style of building is not entirely
suitable to the Christian concept of
Mystery Shrouds
Capnchiifs Death
In Red Bulgaria
ROME (Radio, NC)—A Capuchin
priest has died in a prison in Com
munist dominated Bulgaria under
mysterious circumstances, accord
ing to SICO, information service of
the Sacred Congregation for the
Oriental Church.
The service said the priest was
42-year-old Father Fortunatus Bak
alscki. O M.. Cap., who had been
arrested July 18. and who was re
ported by the Bulgarian police to
have died of double pneumonia on
an unspecified day during August.
Suspicion centers on the cause
of Father Bakalscki’s death, SICO
said, because he was in robust
health at the time he was arrested.
It added that neither his religioui
superiors, nor his family or anyone
else, had been advised that he was
ill and in danger of death.
Father Bakalscki’s fate recalled
the case of another Bulgarian
Capuchin, Father Damiano, who
was arrested two years ago and
has been unheard of since. A re
port reaching Vienna last March
said the priest had only then been
brought to trail for his “hostile
attitude toward the communist re
tenue. He was condemned to 12
years’ imprisonment, the report
offer these sentiments of deepest gratitude to Bishop
Sheen and those wonderful diocesan directors of the Propagation
of the Faith, all of whom have been so good to the Near East.
THOSE NOVEMBER MASSES: Have our Near East missionanet
offer Mass for a loved one deceased during November. Do you know
about the Gregorian Masses, offered for thirty dal’s, the whole month
of November? Write for information.
We know the Kremlin as a sinister place, the headquarters of Stalin
and his cohort*. But perhaps you do nnt know that the Church of Our
Lady's Assumption was built there. Read about it in our new pam
phlet. “OUR LADY’S KREMLIN.” which contains the appeal of Pope
Pins XII to the Russian people. We send It to all who give a mite for
the new Shrine Chapel of OUR LADY OF FATIMA, which we are
building at Adigrat In Ethiopia. Please do help.
We know you will not forget
those wayward children in the
Home of the Good Shepherd at
Dekouane, near Beirut, Lebanon.
Your $10 gift will gWe one hope
for a month.
“Mass is sad in a thatched shed
Even that is crumbling and the
next monsoon will dash it to the
ground,” writes Archbishop Seve
rios of India about the little vil
lage of Pirav^m He begs $2,900
to build a modest little chapel Can
you build this House of God for
His poor? i
Deliver? end Mailing
Beautiful Gift Wrapping
For A Beautiful
Melee Brehm, Owner
1271 Arendview
Ave. KI. 6973
C‘ -'cmer Perking In Rear
Made Into Innerspringi
Made to
Order A
Feather Renovating
A Upholstering.
GA. 2463 ^e
Dodge Plymouth Used Cars
3241 N. High Street, Columbus, LA. 1115
We hope it is not. But even in Our Lord’s time, after he cured
the ten lepers and only one returned to thank Him, he did ex
claim: “Ten were made clean and where are the nine?” At least,
as Mission Sunday is celebrated on October J9 in so many dio
proudly stands before th«
Dome of St. Peter in
Rome. Soon he will go
back to a Near East Mis
sion land as a priest.
Others are trained in na
tive seminaries, and this
week we beg a kind
friend to adopt Joseph,
who has five years to go
tn the Seminary of St.
Joseph in Al wave, India.
You may give the $500
needed, in any install
ments, over his years of
striving for the altar.
Won’t you adopt him?
Speaking of shopping days be
fore Christmas, we must send
precious food packages costing $10
apiece to our orphan children in
the Holy Land by then. Please
THOSE SKVEN-DOLLAR-A-MONTH CLUBS assure so many worthy
Near East Mission causes of regular help each month. And those price
less STRINGLESS GIFTS are really inspired, for they answer those
most urgent cases, for which we do not have time to appeal.
On October 18 we did feast St.
Luke who was a doctor. So we beg
a mite for the DAMIEN LEPER
FUND which will go to our little
hospital for these outcasts at Tri
chur, India. Won't you help thes«
poor outcasts? God will surely
bless all who ease their sad lot.
Row pilgrims to the Holy Land fall on their knee* at the sacred sites
of Bethlehem. Nazareth and Calvary"! How we envy those who lire
around these shrines! But we must never forget that today they are
suffering the tortures of poverty and want. And you can give Joy to a
little foundling in these towns of Jesus hy your offering to maintain
nne for a month Even a $7 gift will do just this for those who always
look on Jesus. You show them the charity of Jesus.
ALWAYS BURNING Your $15 gift provide a sanctuary lamp to a
fear East chapel. It will bum always for yourself and your beloved,
ivmg and dead.
Hear £ast CQiss ionsj^i
SrenO* Cardinal Spaiatan, BraaMen*
M«*r. Themm J. MeMahoa. Mart Seefy Very tar. Aadraw lageeii
Bev. Fatar F. Taahv *•«. Wm. Kafter Dunn
fend alt eammunic«v»an« *a.
Catholic Tksr Bast Welfare
4M Uxlwgten Av* e» 44* It. New Ye4 17, M. V.

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