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Remember To
Keep Christ
In Christmas
Vol. 11, No. 12
Nuns Combine Talent To Make
St. Marv’s Christmas Greeting
The talent and originality of two Dominican nuns is in
evidence on the Christmas greetings which St. Mary of the
Springs College will mail this week.
card was produced by Sister
The liturgical Christmas
Maryanna. O.P. ol the English De
partment, and Sister M. Eugene,
O.P. of the Art Department.
The card, in vermilion-red and
blue-green, was designed by Sister
Eugene. It combines the Chi-Rho
and Star of
springs and
contained in
original was
silk screen process.
Bethlehem with the
the Rose of Sharon
the college seal. The
hand printed by the
The medieval verse in which the
Latin line carries out the sound
and sense of the English lines was
composed by Sister Maryanna. It
“Springs ol Joy Be Yours This Day,
Rose of Sharon Bless Your Way,
Lux Fulgebit Hodie.” (The Light
will shine upon us this day).
The greetings will he mailed to
students' parents, pastors, friends^
and to other colleges.
Pope Notes
Trend Of Red
Holiness Pope Pius XII took note
of the trend of communist con
versions to the Church as he ref
erred to the “anxious prayer of
men who have sought to solve
their problems without God
and now have come face to face
with defeat.”
The Pope spoke to members of
the Artistic Workers Association
of Rome.
Some who tried to solve life’s
problems without God. the Pontiff
said, have become disheartened
“because of the brittleness of the
houses in which they dwell and the
precarious state of the institutions
in which they have trusted.”
“It is enough therefore to know
how to understand the voices which
reach our ears.” the Pope declared.
“It is enough to fathom its still
deep and hidden meaning to real
ize that many are preparing them
selves for a return to the house of
their Father, even those who had
forgotten it.”
11 Tempo, a Rome daily, inter
preted the Pope’s remarks as an
“evident reference” to the case of
Luigi Silipo, Italian communist
deputy who recently bolted the
party and returned to the Church.
Christmas Day—the celebration of Christ’s
Birthday, will be commemorated throughout the
Diocese of Columbus with all the liturgical pomp
and majesty with which the Church
the great feast day which assured us
With the usual joy which marks
day in the church year, each priest is
the unusual privilege of offering three
Christmas Day.
Commies ‘Dismiss’ Bishop
BERLIN (NC) Polish press
reports received here indicate tne
Warsaw regime has “dismissed”
Bishop Stanislaw Adamski from
his office as Ordinary of Katowice.
The reports say the action was tak
en because of the Bishop’s demand
to reintroduce religious teaching
in Polish schools.
Polish communist newspapers,
in attacking the prelate, speak of
his as “ExBishop” Adamski.
Scots Catholics
Polish Mothers
The proposal was made by John
J. Campbell, a Glasgow Catholic
lawyer, at the annual general meet
ing of the Scottish Polish Society,
of which he is president. The fund
was the Sikorski Memorial Fund
started before Poland became com
munist, to build a wing to a child
ren's hospital in Warsaw.
“If I were the sole trustee and
had sole discretition about the dis
posal of the Fund,” Mr. Campbell
said, “I would go to London and
offer the whole sum to Andrei
Gromyko, the Russian ambassador,
on condition that
agreed number of
and their children
camps in Russia.
“The money could not be more
usefully employed. It would be a
gesture to the Polish nation that
we have not forgotten their plight.
Midnight Masses To Greet
EDINBURGH. Scotland. (NC)—
A proposal was made here to use
a fund of $56,000, intended for a
charitable project in Poland to
purchase instead the release of
Polish mothers and their children
from slave camps in Soviet Russia.
he release an
Polish mothers
from the slave
Mr. Campbell, who sponsored
throughout 1952 a monthly Novena
of Masses for Christian victims of
communist persecution and for the
speedy conversion of Russia's
rulers, appealed to free Christians
to take an interest in the fate of
their suffering brethren behind the
Iron Curtain.
“Unless there is personal sac
rifice of some kind and a burning
desire to render assistance.” he
said, “the whole position will be
come increasingly tragic for the
world as a whole. No Christian
of our re-
this great
Masses on
The first Mass honors Christ’s birth accord
ing to the flesh the second, His Birth through
grace in the hearts of the faithful and the third,
His eternal generation or Birth in the Bosom of
God His Father.
The Church has given permission, at the dis
cretion of the Bishop, for the celebration of mid
night Masses so that the pent-up joy of the world
at the celebration of the birthday of Christ may
begin at the very moment the day begins.
In the central Church of the Diocese, Saint
Joseph Cathedral. Bishop Ready will celebrate
the Midnight Mass. Assisting Bishop Ready
in the Mass will be the Very Rev. Harry S. Con
nelly, pastor of the Cathedral, assistant priest
and the Rev. James Carroll and the Rev. Urban
Wiggins, deacon an^ subdeacon of the Mass,
Deacons of honor to the Bishop will be the
Rev. James Geiger and the Rev. George Fulcher.
The Right Rev. Msgr. Roland Winel, the Rev.
George Schorr and the Rev. Robert White will be
the masters of ceremonies.
Bishop Ready will deliver the sermon during
the Mass.
The music for the Mass will be sung by the
Nuns Forced To
Make Beds’ Shoes
Canadian nuns sentenced to five
years in prison by the Reds spent
the first anniversary of their im
prisonment making and repairing
shoes for the Reds, according to
information reaching here.
The nuns were given a prison
sentence Dec. 3, last year on fab
ricated charges of atrocities against
orphans. The Reds held them
responsible for the death of some
of the abandoned babies the Sisters
took off rubbish piles and tried to
nurse back to health.
The two nuns are Sisters Al
phonse du Redempteur (Antonin
ette Couvrette of Joliette, Que.)
and Marie Germaine (Germaine
Gravel of Three Rivers, Que.).
Will Ransom
And Children
bears Stalin and his communist
colleagues hatred. Indeed, many
pray for their salvation.
“At the same time, however, we
cannot, in conscience, stand aside
and be completely oblivious io the
dreadful tortures imposed upon so
many good people for no other
reason than that they worshipped
God or were His servants.’’
Mr. Campbell said some persons
he had talked to had indicated that
if Stalin was not content with
blood money to ransom the prison
ers in the slave camps, they would
be prepared to offer themselves as
substitutes for the unfortunates.
“It would be surprising,” the Ca
tholic layman declared, "how many
volunteers would come forward in
such a great cause.”
Vetoed By Koran
KARACHI, Pakistan (NC)
Birth control is against the teach
ing of Koran, according to The
Civil and Military Gazette, Pakis
tan’s largest secular daily.
The paper says that the Moslem
holy book is replete with obser
vations regarding the sufficiency
of nature’s resources. It compares
the practice of birth control with
black-market methods and counsels
the sensible development of the
earth's resources and avoidence of
bad practices of all kinds as the
proper corrective for food short
age. The use of contraceptives is
like “cheating nature,” the paper
choir and the Schola Cantorum
Cathedral Men's
from Saint Charles Seminary. The Men’s choir
will sing the Ordinary of the Mass and the Schola
will sing the Propers\ The Saint Charles group
will also present
In accordance with the privilege wfyeh the
Church grants, the following Diocesan regula
tions govern the celebration of Midnight Mass
in the parish and mission churches throughout
the diocese:
(1) The Mass must be a High or Sung Mass.
Low Mass is not permitted.
(2) An appropriate sermon on the significance
of Christmas must be preached.
(3) The Midnight Mass is for the heads of
families and those who have to work. Since Christ
mas holds special significance for children, a
special Mass should be arranged for their benefit.
(4) Low Mass is permitted in the chapels of
religious houses, and may be attended only by
those living in the house.
(5) All should receive Holy Communion on
this great feast of Christ’s Birth. It is recommend
ed that a few hours fast be observed before re
ceiving the Most Blessed Sacrament.
In outlining the regulations for the Diocesan
observance of Christmas Day with the early mass,
the Bishop requests the pastors to continue the
fine old Catholic customs of blessing the Crib
before the first Mass on Christmas and of sing
ing the beautiful hymns of the Christmas Feast,
keeping in mind at all times their proper refer
ence to the solemn action of the Mass.
program of Christmas carols
one-half hour before the beginning of Mass
The Solemn Blessing of the Crib will immedi
ately precede the Mass.
The Catholic Times
Columbus 16, Ohio, Friday, Docombor 19, 1952
To the Revereni Clergy, Religious,
and Faithful of the Diocese of Columbus.
My Beloved Brethren:
We are approaching the feast of our Savior’s Birth. If is the day
on which "a child is born to us, and a Son is given to us and
He shall be called Wonderful, God, the Prince of Peace, the Father
of the world to come: of whose reign there shall be no end" (Isaias,
ix, 6). It is a "lad occasion to extend to the devoted Clergy, Religious
and Laity of this Diocese my blessing for a joyous and holy feast
day. My one prayer on this Christmas Day is to petition God's abid
ing peace and a spiritual union with His divine Son for all of this
glorious Church of Columbus.
This is a time when we humbly and reverently thank God for
our blessed Faith. This is a day of spiritual rejoicing. The events
of this holy season are meaningless to unbelievers. But to those
who are of the
the earth, and
Ixxxiv, 12).
As we are gathered together to glorify God in the highest, I
recall to your minds, beloved brethren, the
Saint Augustine:
"Rejoice, you who are just, It is the
who justifies.
"Rejoice, you who are weak and sick.
of Him who makes well.
"Rejoice, you
who makes free.
"Rejoice, you
In your rejoicing
The offerings at all the Masses on Christmas morning in all the
churches and chapels are given to the oi pj’ans «nd the charities
of the Diocese. 7
Wishing for you and your families the joy of a holy and blessed
Christmastide and peace throughout the New Year,
Catholic High schools, Father
Kappes continued, are located at
Chillicothe and Portsmouth, and in
the parish at Wellston. Mercy Ho
pital and Nurses School conducted
by the Sisters of St. Francis from
Rochester, Minnesota, are situated
in Portsmouth.
Problems which arise whan a
population suddenly doubles were
described by the Reverend Lucian
Radio, TV Sessions Begin
At Gregorian University
ROME (NC) Ways and
means of bringing radio and tele
vision into greater service for the
Church were discussed at a three
day meeting of Catholic specialists
which began here today.
Gathered here were members of
the executive bureau of the Inter
national Catholic Association for
Radio and Television (UNDA). The
sessions were being held at the
Gregorian University and the offic
es of Vatican Radio.
December 16, 1952
household of the Faith, "Truth is sprung out of
justice hath looked down from heaven" (Psalms
the season of Advent, th* Church in hor liturgical
recurrent plea: “Drop down dew, ye heavens, from
prayer sang the ____ _______________
above, and let the clouds rain the Just One." Now we have reason
to rejoice on this day of divine mercy and love. God has permitted
Truth to be sprung out of the earth for the “Word was made flesh
and dwelt among us." (John, xiv. 14). Justice has looked down from
heaven because “every best gift, and every perfect gift is from
above" (James, I, 17).
resounding words of
birthday of Him
It is th* birthday
who ar* free. It is the birthday of Him
Christians all. It is Christ’s birthday.1
and sharing the joys of this glorious feast,
I remind you not to forget those who appeal to you in their need.
Christmas Day has been reserved throughout the history of this
Diocese as a day of offerings to the orphans, the homeless, the
sick and the destitute. I urge you, therefore, to be generous as you
give to these your brothers in the same measure as you receive the
gifts of others on Christmas Day. None of us shall ever know the
value of God's gift to us in the Person of His divine Son. He is our
salvation. Nor should we count the cost in giving back to God when
He places in our custody the care of His little ones, His neglected
and afflicted children. By this time next year, in the mercy of
God, we should be well along with the olans for a new Saint Vin
cent's and a better home for the orphans of the Diocese and for the
faithful Franciscan Sisters who care for t^m with such edifying
devotion. Think of this Diocesan necessity when you make your
gift during the Holy Mass of Chrh»rn$ morning.
Devotedly in Christ,
Bishop of Columbus
Diocese Seeks Answers
To Problems Created
By New Atomic Plant
By direction of Bishop Ready, plans for providing ade
quate spiritual, social and educational facilities for families
moving into the four-county area surrounding the Atomic
Energy Development at Piketon were discussed at two impor
tant meetings held in the Diocese, December 9.
The first, a morning meeting, was held at the Deshler
Wallick Hotel and was attended by
diocesan directors and members of
the National Catholic Community
The second, an evening meeting,
was held at Holy Redeemer Parish
Hall at Portsmouth and was attend
ed by Portsmouth Deanery Priests
and Catholic lay leaders.
The Rev. William Kappes, Di
ocesan Director of Charities,
sided at both meetings.
Doubled Population
Father Kappes pointed out
the total population in the
counties surrounding the plant site
is 100,000, which is expected to
double. Of the present population,
he said, five per cent is Catholic.
At present there are 10 parishes
located in the area, two each at
Portsmouth and Chillicothe, one
each at West Portsmouth, New Bos
ton. Wheelersburg, Jackson, Wells
ton, Otway and Pond Creek. In ad
dition. a mission cared for from
St. Mary’s parish. Chillicothe, is
the only Catholic Church in Pike
County, where the plant is situat
Lauerman, Ph. D., of the National
Catholic Community Service, Wash
ington, D.C. Citing the establish
ment of the Atomic Energy Plant
in the Savannah River area, Doc
tor Lauerman stressed the housing
shortage, crowded streets, danger
ous traffic, insufficient roads, wa
ter supplies, and sewage facilities.
“The people themselves are a mo
bile population,” he said, “finan
cially independent, proud of their
abilities and independence, stable
for the most part, concerned about
the schooling of their children and
their ability to assist at Mass, lack
ing roots in the community and
away from friends and relatives
The problem calls for early
and careful planning.”
Miss Marie Garvey, NCCS field
worker, described the trailer cities
of the Savannah River area set up
to provide housing for more than
a thousand families with some
2,000 children. Nuns visited the
trailer families, she said, to secure
census information and to give
guidance to the families in mat
ters of parish activities. A hospi
tality program was developed by
some of the parishes, she said, to
welcome the people into parish
activities and to help see that the
children attended parish schools or
catechism classes.
Father Kappes summarized the
following problems which must be
Seven Major Problems
1. Religious life, services, educa
tion. 2. Schools. 3. Morality, at
home, on the job and in recrea
tion. 4. Family life and conditions
under which the people live. 5.
Housing, and recreation for the
family, for teen agers, for little
children, for unmarried workers.
6. Welfare, including problems of
insecure families, children with
problems, unwed mothers, depen
dent children. 7. Health problems.
Need for the formation of local
committees to interest themselves
in these problems was agreed up
(Continued on Page 2)
Diocese Joins Nation In Day Of Prayer
..... .. ...... y
Note Increase
Of Catholics
In G. Britain
LONDON (NC)— Catholics
England and Wales now total 2,878,
40(1 according to the latest available
figures from the parishes published
this week in the official
Directory for 1953.
who live
and are
These are the Catholics
regularly in one parish
known to the clergy
there are many more, and the
rough general figure is usually put
at nearer 4,000,000. or a tenth of
the whole population.
Scotland has another 1.000.000
and Northern Ireland 500.000.
making a rounef total of 5.500.000
for Great Britain.
The official estimates issued have
shown an increase of 40.800 during
the 12 months. The increase last
year was 25,100.
The Archdiocese of Liverpool
heads the list, with 430.000 Ca
tholics, followed by the Westmin
ster Archdiocesee. comprising the
greater part of the London area,
with 347.600.
All the figures show an increase
over last year. Conversions at
11.360 are 350 more schools at
2.125 are 206 more: and churches
at 2.805 are 28 more. There are
also 918 private chapels,
crease of eight over last
an in
The number of secular
increased by 59 to 4,295, and rel
igious priests by eight to 2.455.
Children in Catholic schools num
hood totaled 1.653, an increase of
536,288, a gain of 6,476.
baptisms rose by 1.802 to
and marriages by 1,717 to
Students for the priest-
The secular clergy included 120
Polish priests and chaplains of
European volunteer workers. The
number of convents was reported
at 1,101.
504,150 Daily Rosaries
NEW YORK—(RNS1- -Daily fam.
ily Rosary pledges have been sign
ed by 504.150 Roman Catholics in
the New York archdiocese and by
4.193 persons of other faiths, it was
announced here.
The first seminary of the Mis
sionaries of Ss. Peter and Paul to
be established in the United States
was blessed and formally dedicated
by Bishop Ready Sunday, Decem
ber 14, 1952. The seminary was
dedicated to Blessed Alberic Cres
citelli, a martyr in 1902 of the Chi
nese missions, whose beatification
was pronounced by Pope Pius XU,
February 18, 1951.
The new home of the world fa
mous missioners. whose foundation
was inspired by Pius IX and locat
ed at Milan, Italy, is located at Co
lumbus in the delightful Clinton
ville section of the city.
Already boasting an enrollment
of five students, two Americans
and three Italians, the mission so
ciety was welcomed officially in
the name of the Diocese by the
Reds See The Church
As Their No. 1 Enemy
On All World Fronts
This special day of prayer and
reparation by the priests, religious
and faithful of the Diocese of Co
lumbus will be marked by special
sermons in all churches on the ex
tent and significance of the perse
cution that exists throughout the
Total Now 5,500,000
England, Scotland, Wales
And Northern Ireland
Solemn Exposition of the Bless
ed Sacrament will be observed in
all Diocesan churches throughout
the day. A Holy Hour with special
acts or reparation to
Sacrament will close
prayer with solemnity.
The victims of this
for whom America’s Catholics will
pray on the last Sunday of 1952.
Dec. 28. are suffering death, im
prisonment or exile because they
refused to become disloyal to this
idea of a higher spiritual unity,
the foundation stone of the Chris
tian Faith.
The Bishops
The Bishops are always the prime
target of the communists. Cardinal
Son Of Former
Deputy Of Hitler
Makes 1st Vows
MUNICH —(NC— Martin Bor
mann, Jr., son of the missing
former deputy of Adolf Hitler, has
made his simple vows as a member
of the Missionary Fathers of the
Sacred Heart, it has been learned
The young man. one of the eight
children of the man who was one
of the bitterest foes of the Catholic
Church in Germany, became a Ca
tholic after the war His four
sisters and two of his brothers
also joined the Church.
Young Bormann attended the
Canisius Catholic boys’ school at
Ingolstadt, which is conducted by
the Missionary Fathers of the Scar
ed Heart and finished his studies
there in summer 1951. Later that
year he entered the congregation's
novitiate at Federaun. near Villach,
Reports earlier this year stated
that the young man was “very
happy” in his monastic life and
fervently devout. His superiors,
who declare themselves satisfied
that he has a true vocation, said
that it is the seminarian’s ambition
to be sent overseas as a missionary
after his ordination.
Attend Blessing Of New Seminary
Part of the crowd which attended the blessing and dedication of the new seminary of the Portifical
Foreign Mission Institute of Ss. Peter and Paul, the first to be established in the United States, is shown
above. In the rear is Bishop Ready while kneeling in front of him are the five seminarians now
studying at the new seminary.
Bishop, who chose this date for
the dedication to coincide with the
celebration of the eighth anniver
sary of his Consecration
of Columbus.
as Bishop
of his fel-
The Rev. Nicholas
P.I.M.E.. superior of the
Province, and a number
low missioners were present for
the dedication ceremonies.
Presently, the young students in
residence at the new seminary are
taking their courses at St. Charles
Diocesan Seminary and the Pon
tifical College Josephinum.
Be Generous
To Our Orphans
On Christmas Day
Price Tan Cents $3.00 A Year
Bishop Ready, fully aware of the pitiful conditions which
exist among the world’s persecuted peoples, this week an
nounced that the Diocese of Columbus would actively par
ticipate in the nation-wide day of Prayer and Reparation
scheduled for
Bishops of the
planned at their
Dec. 28 in accordance with the wishes of the
United States as
recent meeting in
the Blessed
the day of
Mindszenty and Archbishop Groesz
ol Hungary. Bishop Beran of
Prague, Cardinal-designate Stepin
ac of Yugoslavia, Bishop Pacha of
Rumania. Bishop Ford of China
and Bishop Bossilkoff of Bulgaria
are prelates whose trial, imprison
ment. banishment or murder are
familiar to all.
But fhcre are scores of other
Bishops whose names have never
hit the front page but who have
been just as effectively blocked by
the Reds from performing their du
t'fcs. Foremost in the group are
of Bishops who have been
expelled or imprisoned in
little news that filters
through the Iron Curtain from
Czechoslovakia indicated that prac
tically every Bishop there is a vir
tual prisoner. Ad Bishops have
been imprisoned, willed or deport
ed in Rumania. Bulgaria. Lithuania,
Latvia. Estonia, the Ukraine, com
munist Korea and. of course, Rus
sia Severe restrictions hamper the
Bishops of Hungary and Yugoslav
ia. Poland and Eastern Germany.
Priests and Religious
In Czechoslovakia and Hungary
monks and nuns were seized at
night and hauled to concentration
camps in cattle trucks. An estimat
ed 11.000 were expelled from their
monasteries and convents in Hun
gary Many are languishing in
prison. Others are trying to find
work as manual laborers.
About 9.000 monks and nuns are
in prisons, or labor camps in
Czechoslovakia. Thei. convent*
and monasteries were seized “to re
lieve a housing shortage” and to
be “converted into workers' dwell
A similar expulsion of monks
and particularly nuns occurred in
Yugoslavia. Rumania and sections
of Poland. In Red China most of
(Continued on Page 2)
Fast. Abstinence Dec. 24
The Vigil of Christmas. Wed
nesday. December 24. is to be
observed as a full vigil. It is a
day of fast and abstinence from
all flesh meat at all meals.
All those seven years of age
and over are bound to abstain.
Those between the ages of 21
and 59 inclusively are bound to
fast and abstain.
equate the words 'Catholic and ‘lo
cal’ is to state a
The clergy and laity from
surrounding districts crowding
Society’s new quarters for the
pressive ceremonies heard
Bishop state that “our Faith is
weak unless it is a ‘mission Faith.’
Our Faith is Catholic and to try to
the interests of
clergy and peo-
In commending
the Society to the
pie of the Diocese, the Bishop re
minded all present that the more
generously we serve Christ, the
more generous He will be to us.
Serving the Church in her world
wide missions will surely not take
anything away from our own Di
ocese. It will merit from God bless
ings both in the quality of our
loyalty to the Church and in the
quantity of holy vocations to serve
the Church.”
Reviewing the glorious but dif
ficult past of the Italian immi
grants to this country, the Bishop
noted the many trials and hard
(Continued on Page 2)

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