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Have you renewed your subscrip
tion to The Catholic Times for
The Hammond Organ
o is .ee*
Ml Ml
Mim a Dm» ChMoae
Sine* 1890
First Mortgage Loan*
Insured Saving*
Sat* Deposit Box**
by Gibson
Phon** 2348 2187
Delaware Milk
27 N. Union Phon* 311
Woodworking MetaJ Working Sheet
Metal Working Contractors’ Homecraft
Machinery Equipment Full line of Motor*
Osborne & Sexton Machinery Co.
N Fourth A Russell St* MA 5203
Delaware S:
sfaction Through Service ej|
Burrell- Max B. Elder,ii
Hud A K7 ’I?
Peoples' Bldg.
Phone 3-1321
Service A Repair* tor Alt Makes
of Cor* U. I Royal Tiro*
Rill Austin Huirk
Delaware Ohio
Catholics In Pakistan
Oppose Discrimination
KARACHI, Pakistan Catholics of Pakistan continue to
express resentment over what they consider the discrimina
tory provisions contained in the Report of the Basic Principles
Concrete A Cinder
Building Unite
4”-6” 8”-12” size*
Ml N. Prmceton RA 2-2641
Walter C. Kropp. Pres
I------------ IM—*T
The Committee was formed here four years ago to help
draw’ up a Constitution for the
Walter Zuber Vice Pres,
firm* listed here deserve
to he remembered when you are
distributing vour patronage to
the different lines of business
Robinaon -H anrahon
Funeral Directors
tor. Winter A Frenklln,
The Larcom & Mitchell Co.
Stef* Rout* 37 W*»t
Delawar*, Ohio
Phon* 2 7218
Allis-Chalmers, Fairbanks-Morse
DeLaval, Cobey Farm Lin*
Our Lady of Perpetual Help
Every Tuesday 7:30 p.m.
Si. Christopher’s
Gr«ndvi*w A Ida
Mott Beautiful
Window in
Sing Fittiig ALSCO
Storm-Screen Windows and Doors
Call For Fr** Demonstration
1226 Pauline Av*.
LU. 1085
561 S. Ohio Ava.
EV. 7777
The recommendations of the
Basic Principles Committee, which
have drawn sharp rebuke from the
250.000 Catholics of Pakistan, in
clude the debarring of any one
but a Moslem from becoming the
head of State and a provision for
the establishment of boards of per
son* “well versed in Islamic laws”
to sit in judgment on the acts of
the Federal Parliament and of the
State legislative Assemblies.
C. E. Gibbon, member of the
Punjab legislative Assembly and
Secretary of the Pakistan Joint
Christian Board, has addressed a
letter to the Prime Minister
Kkaja Nazimuddin of Pakistan,
outlining the Catholic community’s
fears in this matter. Mr. Gibbon
stressed the failure of the Moslem
league, the principal political or
ganization of Pakistan, to imple
ment the assurances given to min
orities by the late Mohammed Ali
Jinnah. the father of the nation.
To suggeit that the head of the
Stele must be a Moslem, to the
exclusion of all other cletses of
citizens, is th* negetion of democ
racy,* the Cetholic legislator charg
ed in hit letter. Mr. Gibbon said
he feared that thi* would give
cause for grave misunderstanding*
between Moslem* and non-Mo*
Pakistan’ s mullahs (religious
teacher*) meanwhile have demand
en that under the country’s future
constitution, the Supreme Court,
assisted hy Board of Mullahs,
should decide whether laws con
flict with the Koran (Mohamnimed
an scriptures). They have further
demanded that all existing laws
should be amended within
years so as to conform with
himmedan religious dictates
that any matter considered hy
islators to be militating afcainst
religious dogma should be refer
red to them for decision.
Meanwhile protests against the
Be*ic Principles Report heve also
come from Moslems. Close tn 300
amendments to the reoort heve
been introduced by members of
the Constituent Assembly.
The sharp criticisms of the report
from all sections of the public has
(•used the government to postpone
consideration of it by the Consti
tuent Assembly indefinitely.
When the Prime Minister stated
in the assembly that the report had
hren “well received” in the coun
ter he was greeted by loud laugh
ter from the assemblymen.
What rear
tion does this
historical fact
o u re in
your heart. We
just received
word from China that the
last foreign missionary in a
certain diocese was held a
prisoner in a *mall ixiom on the
second floor of a mission com
pound. There was a heavy wire
screen over the only window,
vhich the Reds believed was suf
ficient protection. But the ingen
uity of the faith under persecu
tion is greater than the genius of
faith in prosperity.
A few’ devout Chinese Catho
lic* came outside the house dur
ing the night They threw through
the window a small stone to which
was attached a string. The mis
sionary pulled up a bamboo stick
in which were hidden wine and
altar breads. The priest read the
For Reconversion
Largo Stock
Motor* and Control*
Infra-Red Syatem*
Electric Power
Equipment Co.
CYO Plans Lenten Drama
Getting seta reedy for th* C.Y.O. Playmaker* presentation of
"Th* Upper Room" scheduled for Pelm Sunday evening are, left to
right, Elizabeth Joo*. Charley Hummel, Terry Weisner end Selly
Hutchins. Th* members of the group design end construct all of the
set* used in their productions.
The Catholic Youth Organization
Playmakers of the Central Deanery
will present their fourth annual
Lenten drama, Robert Hugh Ben
son’s classic, “The Upper Room.”
on Palm Sunday, Mar. 29 at 8:30
m. The play will be given in
Ryan .ll. Columbus, located at
Summit St. and First Ave.
Playmakers presented tms play
as their first offering 1o Columbus
Audiences four years ago. but they
Del that it bears repeating be
cause it is a masterpiece in its
fi Id Although z simple play, it is
one of the most beautiful and mov
ing of all lhe drama- depicting the
suffering and death of Christ.
Bt.sed on the scriptural account, of
4‘hrist’s passion, with its deep litur
gical flavor, it is a most fitting
spiritual preparation for Holy
The Playmakers are working
hard to bring out the great dra
matic scenes and the spiritual val
ues contained in the play. One who
sees lhe play cannot help having
a deeper appreciation not only of
thi merits of Christ’s passion and
death hut also of the ceremonies
of Holy Week
Tickets for the production may
he obtained from members of the
east, and at the Catholic Rook
Shop 205 E Rroad St. Tickets will
God Ix)ve You
Locked In Prison Cell, Priest
Continues To Serve His block
by Binhop Ft lion J. .Sheen
If a cinder got into your eye,
your entire body would vibrate
with the p»m. But your hand
would also come to the relief of
the eye. If Ca
tholics in one
part of the
world suffer,
we come to
their aid.
Mass, consecrated about 150
hosts, lowered them in the bam
boo-pyx and the members of the
legion of Mary then distributed
Communion to the faithful.
Twice a week sermons were
lowered, and twice a week con
soling messages were hoisted to
the Shepherd from his flock.
These letters began with these
words: “Dear Father, I do not
ask God to stop my sufferings
I ask only to increase my love.”
“Another: shall never give up
the Church even unto death.” A
third: “Pray that as the persecu
tion increases, my faith may
grow apace.”
See what others are doing
GOD LOVE YOU to E R.J., for
87.25. “This is my First day’s pay
on a job I wanted. 1 promised
this as a thanksgiving GOD
IXJVE YOU to Mrs. E. who is
employed in a department store.
She sends $20, and also the larg
er part of her commissions to
the leper Fund GOD LOVE
YOU to Mr. and Mrs. E. R. for $5.
“Because we have heen ’so lucky
with our children, we cannot
help hut think of the hungry lit
tle *children in the missions.”
for $3. “I read your article about
sharing one’s food and 1 am tak
ing the money I normally spent
for one meal and giving it to you
so that in a small way 1 will he
able to share a meal with some
one that needs it more than I.”
Cut out this column, pin your
sacrifice to it and mail it to the
Most Reverend Fulton .T tSheon,
National Director of The So
ciety for the Propagation of the
Faith, 169 East 38th Street. X'ew
York 16x, New York or your
Diocesan Director. Reverend
James Kulp. 246 East Town
Street. Columbus, Ohio.
Profit and Safety
On Savings Working Here
Liberal Earning* of 2Vj% par an­
num and Security of good first
mortgage* and large reserve*.
Over 67 Yeer* of Homa Financing
o*u x*A*a or ao«a rmaNcrNo
SO E. Broad St. AD. 5810—AD. 6342
». H. WIL*. Fret. 6. D. HARRIS, Secy.
also be available at the door the
night of the performance.
The Playmakers group was
founded four years ago by the Rev.
Vincent Mooney, diocesan director
of the Catholic Youth Organization.
The members were given their
first training in the various branch
es of stagecraft including acting,
directing, stage management, scen
i design, construction printing,
lighting, sound, etc., by the late Rt.
Rev Msgr Joseph A. Cousins, for
mer director of the St. Charles Col
lege .Stagecrafters The present
moderator of the group is the Rev.
Robert G. White, assistant pastor
at St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Colum
The present production is being
directed by Mt Thomas Johnston,
program director of Franklin Vil-
Others helping in the staging of
the play are Miss Ruth Heider,
st .ge manager: Miss Martha Block
er scenic designer Miss Adrienne
Calson. construction Miss Martha
Uhl, painting Charles Hummel,
lighting. Donald Potts. »ound Mis*
Bernr.dlne Petroski. eoatume*
Misses Viola Ricci and Antonia Da
bo, makeup Richard McIntosh,
theater manager. Miss Shirley Bak
er publicity and Mis* Elizabeth,
77ie cast includes- Gene Bernard.
S illy Hutchins, Charles Hummel.
Theresa Weisner, Elizabeth Joos.
Raymond Wildi, Christina Pedon,
Mi.rilyn Harns, Sally Baker and
Robert Hill.
In discussing the Playmakers’
work, their moderator Father
White pointed out that the group
is not made up of stzge-struck
youngsters He continued. “They
ai members of an active group of
young men and women between
the ages of 18 and 28 who have a
definite purpose. For them, the
Playmakers is a special form of
the Lay Apostalate. They see the
need to counteract In a positive,
creative way the 20th century spir
it of secularism and indifference
towards God in the field of enter
“Their purpose.” added Father
White, is a part of the world wide
effort to return all things to
The group's past performances
include “Behold The Man”, The
Alabaster Box.” “The Voice of
Moses.” “Enter The Hero’ and the
comedy “The Sausage Maker's In
In addition, the Playmakers
have appeared numerous times on
radio and television programs 14ist
summer they presented a series of
four telecasts on WBNS TV follow
ing the theme “People Who Have
Made Our History Holy.’ Last fall,
thev presented a telecast play on
WBN&TV on “The Life of John
Bosco” in connection with national
Y O Week
Memorial Services Held For
Students Executed By Nazis
By G. R. Brunet
(Radio, N.C.W.C. Newt Service)
BONN. Germany—Catholic me
morial services marked the tenth
anniversary of the execution by
the Hitler regime of three Catholic
students who dared to call for re
sistance to nazi tyranny
The services were held on Feb
ruary 22. coinciding with the ob
servance of George Washington s
birthday in the United States.
The three students—all of the
Munich University—attempted to
organize a resistance movement
called “The White Rose.” They died
under the axe at Munich prison in
1943. The victims were Hans
Scholl. 25. a medical student: his
sister Sophie. 22. a biology student,
and Christoph Prophst, 24, also a
medical student.
The Munich memorial services
were attended by Auxiliary Bishop
John Neuhaeusler of Munich.
President Theodor Heuss of the
W est German Republic sent a mes
sage saying that the action of the
Scholls and the other resistance
fighters “was like an outcry of the
German soul which will resound
through history.”
The rector of the West Berlin
Free University said at the serv
ices there that the Scholls had been
prompted by conscience which for
them was God’s voice.
At the Berlin services the pres
ident of the German students or
ganization published a list naming
416 German university students
and teachers who have been ar
rested in the Soviet zone of Ger
many since 1945. At least one pro
fessor and seven students died in
Soviet concentration camps, ac
cording to the list.
The north German youth group
of the Christian Democratic party
called the Scholls and Propst glor
ious examples of an idealism in
spired by purely Christian and
Neo-Nazis In
Austria Upset
Al The Polls
Independents Lose Seats
Socialists Gain Catholic
Premier Slated To Stay
VIENNA (Radio, NC)—The big
surprise in the Austrian elections
was the defeat of the neo-nazi Un
ion of Independents.
Preelection predictions had esti
mated that they would increase
their strength by at least SO per
cent. In feet, they lost two of
their 16 seats in the balloting.
The final results show that 85
per eent of the electorate rejected
both communism and nazi pan
Germanism. The anti-communist
vote is significant because the
country's hemmed in on three
sides by communist regimes—
Czechoslovakia. Hungary and Yu
goslavia and a third of the coun
try is still under Soviet occupa
The only gains over the previous
election were made bv the Social
ist Party which picked up six seats
for a total of 73 in the new cham
ber of deputies. Despite loss of
three seats, the Christian-oriented
Austrian People’s Party retains a
slim plurality with 74 seats in the
new chamber.
The communists will have four
seats in the new parliament, a loss
of one the Union of Independents
will have 14.
The considerable Socialist gains
are explained by their effective
propaganda among youth and a
dissatisfaction among liberals who
had previously voted for the inde
leading Cathobcs have express
ed the hope that the People’s Party
has learned a lesson from the elec
tion and will increase its efforts
to protect the interests of all class
ea of the Catholic population.
The election results do not fore
shadow any notable changes in the
present government. Chancellor
I^opold Figi, a Catholic who has
headed the Austrian government
since 1945. is slated to remain at
the helm of a coalition People's
Party—Socialist regime
Graentami A'
A Complete Line of Religious Articles
The Catholic Church Goods
moral considerations.
It recalled that German youths
in the Soviet zone today are under
pressure and urged them to follow
the examples of the Scholls.
Three others involved in the
“White Rose” conspiracy were ex
ecuted on April 19, 1943. Among
them was Professor Curt Huber, a
teacher of the Scholls at the Mu
nich University.
Church To Be Rebuilt
HAMBURG, Germany —(NC)
Ten years ago St. Joseph's Church
here, one of the most beautiful
baroque buildings of northern Ger
many. was destroyed in an air
raid. Only part of the outer walls
remained. Now. Catholics and non
Catholics have joined together to
raise the funds for its reconstruc
tion. The church, which was orig
inally built in 1718, is located in
the midst of the amusement sec
tion of the German seaport.
Pax Romans Section*
Plan Summer Meeting*
BONN, Germany —(NC) Th*
graduate section of Pax Romans,
world organization of Catholic stu
dents, will hold its annual meeting
here next August 7 to 11. while th*
undergraduate division will meet
at Copenhagen. Denmark.
According to the tentative pro
gram, Archbishop Alosius J.
Muench, Papal Nuncio to Germany,
will preach in English and His Em
inence Josef Cardinal Frings. Arch
bishop of Cologne, will celebrat*
a Pontifical Mass.
Among the scheduled speaker*
is Prof. Hugh Taylor of Princeton
University, who was elected presi
dent of Pax Romana at its general
meeting in Canada last year. About
250 foreign and 150 German dele
gates are expected to attend th*
ADams 4141
School* Churches Parish Houses Ete.
Phone RA. 8456 Collect or Write Us For
Free Inspection Suggestions Estimates
No Obligation
FL. 1591 .... LA. (Ml
M*ttr***«i Made Into Inoertpringt
Mattr***** Mad* to
Order A Rebuilt
Feather Renovating
GA. '461
A Upholatertaf.
Dodge Plymouth Used Cars
3241 N. High Str**t, Columbus, LA. 1115
The Experience—Dependability—Integrity of
General Maintenance &
Engineering Co.
1231 McKinley Avenue, Columbus 8, Ohl*
To Recommend How to Improve Appearance and Reduct
Maintenance Expense
Homeless Sisters Plead
I.a«t year the Adoration Sister* opened a house
at Chennencherry, India. Their Chaplain write*,
“This house is too small: their BEDROOM, their
ROOM.” T« build a new convent for TWELVE
SISTERS we must have *5,060. The name* of
those who help them will be dally blessed as
they kneel in adoration.
810 WON’T FEED YOUR FAMILY LONG but it will give a FOOD
PACKAGE to a refugee family. Over there it goe* a long way. It will
make a “Happy Easter” and leave enough for several days more.
NOT TOO LATE to write for our GIFT CARD
for Easier. It will tell a friend or ioved one that
a Near East mlssioner will offer Mass for them at
Easter or that you have given a sacred article to
a miaeion chapel in their honor. A lovely HOLY
LAND SOUVENIR with a ehip of rock from Calvary
is enclosed also.
HAVE YOU THOUGHT of becoming a member of one or more ot
our seven mission support clubs. Members give *1 MONTHLY. In
POOR in Istanbul, Turkey. The Sisters nf the Apostles in Bethlehem
will get ORPHANS BREAD. BASILIANS will help build the achool
at Pazhoor, India. CHRYSOSTOMS educate our seminarians.
POOR SISTER JEANNE-NICOLAS writes pathetically that eh*
need* 8150 a year for the next two years while she is in training with
the Sisters of the Sacred Hearts, at Bikfaya. Could you give her the
yearly cost of her support? Give in monthly payments or all at one*.
We try to add mite to mite for our Fatima Chapel
in Ethiopia. Can you give *1? A block costs *10.
A large Maa* Book for the high altar at thi* shrina
will cost 550. Could you give it in memory of a
departed friend or relative? It will be nsed every
morning at Mass. They will share in every Man.
You will enjoy our HOLY LAND FILM. The scene* of Our Savior**
passion and death are just right for Lent. Rental, 86. sale, 845. Thi*
16mm. film has the best of religious music.
LEPER FTNp Wtu help their work.
the refugee
many eamps
Fr. Tuohy Is working with
from Palestine spread through
Near East lands. He writes from one camp, “The
roof of the kindergarten is leaking like a sieve
The floor was a sea of mud.” The children had to
be sent home. Rain ie very frequent there until
late spring. 8100 will repair the roof for him.
FEDEI.E means faithful in Italian. Fedele Just
entered hl* first of six years study for the priesthood
with the Franciscan* in Eritrea. He need* 8100
each year for his training. 8600 in all. He will be
•ver “faithful” in praying daily for a kind sponsor.
Can you adopt him by giving him 8100 yearly in any
You STRINGLESS GIFTS are a great relief to our Holy Father
in helping him meet emergencies too urgent to appeal for. Ha geta
many »very day. Send him your gift TODAY.
Whet a pitiful sight ta the wasting body of a leper!
The heroic wort of the Assissian Sister* at the hos
pital at Shertallay ie worthy of your charity. India
ha* a large number of leper*. Tear offering* to our
in the
Sst (OissionsJh
Freeds SpeSetoa, Pseer4eiU
*ur. Hmms J. NkMebo*. Neri WN Vary Rev. Andrew Rognsh
lev. Fetor P. Teehy Hee. Freed* 8. K.nnody
Catholic Tlear Kwt UMfime Association
4*0 Uamptea Aoe 46* *♦. Now York U, N. Y.

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