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The Road To
True Peace Leads
Through Mary
Vol. Ill, No. 17
I w
Education Director were commend
ed by O.C.W.C. delegates.
The O.C.W.C. also:
APPROVED proposed changes in
the Federal Social Security System.
RECOMMENDED an increase in
unemnlovment benefits.
URGED equal consideration for
all schools in the creation and op
eration of the new State Board of
Proposed Social Security chang
es, the O.C.W.C. said, are a realis
tic approach to the problems of
old age and dependency. “The fail
ure of the law to keep abreast of
rapid economic changes, as was
originally intended, has made the
provisions of the law of continual
ly decreasing value.
"This economic maladjustment
defeats the very purpose for w hich
the Act was passed. If the purpose
of the act is to be fulfilled in these
times, it is essential to permit an
increased tax rate which can be
reflected in more adequate bene
"Furthermore, it becomes in
creasingly apparent that there is
no sound reason for continuing to
exclude anyone who wishes to be
Four Ohio prelates were guests of Bishop Ready and Bishop Hettinger during the two-day mid
winter meeting of the Ohio Catholic Welfare Conference in the Neil House. Pictured I. to. r. are Bishop
George J. Rehring of Toledo, Bishop Emmet M. Walsh of Youngstown, Bishop Ready, Archbishop
Karl J. Alter of Cincinnati, Bishop John K. Mussio of Steubenville and Bishop Hettinger. Approxi
mately SO priests and laymen representing Ohio's six dioceses were also on hand for the meeting.
Ohio Catholic elfare Group
Lauds Stand Of Censor Board
The Ohio Board of Film Censorship was warmly commend
ed by the Ohio Catholic Welfare Conference at its Mid-Winter
Meeting in the Neil House, in Columbus, Tuesday and Wednes
The Conference recognized the Board’s efforts in the past
and hailed its announced determination to continue its work in
spite of the recent unfavorable decision of the U.S. Supreme
The O.C.W.C. is an association of representatives of the
Catholic clergv and laity of Ohio under the direction of the
State’s six Bishops. It concerns
itself principally with the Catho
lic Church’s program in Education.
Hospitals. Social Welfare, Social
Action and the Catholic Press.
Following the Supreme Court’s
reversal last week of the Censor
ship Board's ban on the movie.
“M”. Dr. Clyde Hissong, State Di
rector of Education, who is chief
censor, and Governor Frank J.
Lausche said that the State's ef
forts to keep Ohio’s screens as
clean as possible would continue.
Attitudes of the Governor and the
covered by Social Security provi
“These revision are entirely, in
keeping with man's laudable de
sire to provide for his needs of to
Regarding unemployment bene
fits, the O.C.WX. said:
“Mounting unemployment im
poses a burden on society which
cannot be carried by the individual
employer and employee. It calls
for the earnest cooperation of em­
ployers and workers, communities,
state and federal governments.
‘‘Two of the first steps to be tak
en to meet the situation are, in our
opinion, an increase in unemploy
ment benefits and a carefully plan
ned program of public works.’’
On the subject of education, the
O.C.W.C. said:
"In view of the broad provi
sions of the Constitutional
Amendment providing for the
creation of a State Board of Edu
cation by the Legislature, the
O.C.WC. urges: that the legisla
tion should be drawn to promote
the unimpeded progress of edu
cation in Ohio that the legisla
tion setting up the Board be most
carefully prepared that the
rights of parents be duly protect
ed, and that the rights of pri-
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Opening Of 4 New Parishes.
School Expansion, Announced
Opening of four new parishes in the Columbus area, con
struction of three schools, and a school expansion program
were announced this week by Bishop Ready.
The expansion in the diocese, Bishop Ready said is “in
line with our development program to meet the demands of
the rapidly growing Catholic popu
The new parishes. Bishop Ready
said, will be located at W. Mound
St. and Wheatland Ave. in Colum
bus, on Route 3 near the northern
boundary of Grove City, and on
recently-purchased properties in
the northwest and eastern sections
of metropolitan Columbus.
Additionally, construction of a
new church for Holy Spirit Parish
was disclosed. The new structure,
to be located at E. Broad St. and
Yearling Rd. in Whitehall, will ac
comodate 600 persons.
The church in Grove City, the
first in that community, will be
Sisters Plan Proerams For TV Series
named Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
It will be built on a 23-acre site.
The new church on W. Mound St.,
to be situated on a nine-acre tract,
will be named St. Agnes Parish.
Pastors lor the new parishes will
be appointed in a feu weeks, Bish
op Ready said.
Discussing the school building
program. Bishop Ready noted that
ground has been broken for a new
12-room parochial school at N. High
St. and Selbj’ Blvd, for the child
ren of St. Michael Parish. Bids
will be taken next week for an
eight room school to be erected in
the newly established St. Gabriel
... v
Jy “a
Seven num appearing on the diocesan school program, carried by WBNS-TV each Tuesday at 8:30
a. m. are pictured above. The sisters, the schools they represent, and the classes they will teach on
"Touring the Town", are first row (I to r) Sister Florine, O.S.F., St. Leo, Grade 4, spelling and
writing, Feb. 23 Mother Mary of the Angels, B.S., St. Cyprian, Grades 7-8, geography, March 2
Sister Matthias, O.S.F., St. Michael, Grade 1, reading, March 9 Sister Rose Carmelite, S.N.D., St.
Christopher, Grade 8, reading, Feb. 2 second row (I to r) Sister Mariella, O.P., Christ the King,
Grade 8, health, Feb. 16 Sister M. Quentin, R.S.M., Holy Family, Grade 3, lenguage, Feb. 9 Sister
Charles Louise, S.C.N., St. Agatha Grade 1, reading, teacher on last Tuesday's program. Not shown
in the picture is Sister Norma, O.S.F., of St. Mary Magdalene School, who taught eighth grade arith
metic on the program launching the series.
Pope Defines
Bases Of True
World Peace
NC) There will be no secure
peace in the world until justice
and charity “inspire reciprocal
confidence between n a ions
and between different classes
within a nation, thus laying the
foundations for a united effort
toward a common noble ideal.”
This statement was made by His
Holiness Pope Pius XII in a brief
address of welcome to Sir Douglas
F. Howard, new British Minister
to the Holy See. who presented his
credentials. The Pope’ talk was
published in Osservatore Romano,
Vatican City newspaper.
"How easily the word, 'peace',
comes to the lips of men today,
while the substance of true peace
continues to elude their grasp,"
the Holy Father said, adding that
the reason was that although the
Prince of Peace came into the
world and His birthday is cele
brated every year, "His teach
ings still so often fall on deaf
The Pope declared that in addi
tion to justice and charity, there
must be an end to sheer force and
attempts to stifle the human spir
it. He said that "the shackles of
enslavement must be struck from
those God-given freedoms that are
the postulates of the dignity of
man and human society and are
today denied to entire peoples.”
During his talk. Pope Pius recall
ed the reception had given
three years ago to Britain’s new
Queen, then Princess Elizabeth.
Commenting on ‘‘the new burdens
placed on her shoulders,” he said
she has accepted them with “a
courageous simplicity and-unself
ish spirit of devotion that had at
once won the admiration and af
fection of her peoples throughout
the British Commonwealth of Na
Parish in Amxet Village in Mifflin
Contracts also have been award
ed for an eight-room Holy Name
School on Patterson Ave., Colum
bus. Moreover, six other parochial
elementary schools in the city are
adding more classrooms.
The diocesan development plan
will include a church and social
hall to be built in the spring on
four acres given to Our Lady of
Lourdes Parish in Marysville by
Edward Radebaugh of that city.
Other diocesan projects include
new Catholic high schools under
construction in Dennison and Mt.
Vernon. A new four-classroom
addition has just been completed
at Zanesville Rosecrans High.
Bishop Ready also pointed out
that the population increase in
Pike County, due to the atomic
energy plant there, has necessitat
ed the building of a new and larg
er church in Waverly and expan
sion of parish facilities in the area
of Pond Creek and West Ports
“The past year was marked not
only by an increase in the number
of parishioners”. Bishop Ready
said in his report, "but also by an
especially fenent zeal throughout
the Diocese in promoting the re
ligious. educational and social miss
ion of the Church. The Diocesan
Council of Catholic Women, the
Holy Name Society, the Christian
Family Life and Lay Retreat pro
grams. and the Saint Vincent de
Paul work gave evidence of the in
tensive spiritual growth of our
members. The Catholic Youth
Council assumed fine leadership in
advancing religious life among
young adult groups. The CYC con
ducted study clubs in the Parishes
of the Diocese on economic com
munity problems, especially in the
fields of delinquency, slum clear
ance. and better housing for low
pay workers.”
Instruction Class
Set At Cathedral
A new instruction class for those
interested in learning about the
Catholic Faith will begin at the
Cathedral rectory. Tuesday even
ing. Feb. 2, at 7:15 p. m.
The hour-long classes will be
held for three months each Tues
day and Thursday evening.
Any non-Catholic who is at all
interested in the Catholic doctrine
or practice is invited to attend
these classes. Attendance at these
sessions does not oblige in anj was.
1 1 np
Lh( :hohc limes
Columbus 16, Ohio, Friday, January 29, 1954
the il
k Press
gives you
The priests will be flown by
planes from Mexico to agricultural
centers in Michigan. Indiana, Ida
ho, Montana. Mississippi and Wash
ington. where the immense army
of Mexican and Mexican-American
migrants journey each year in
search of work.
The priests will follow the mi
grants, administer the Sacraments
and give religious instructions in
the Spanish language during the
summer months, the annual period
of greatest harvest activity. The
workers remain only a few weeks
in one district, then move on to
another. Their stay depends on
the volume of a crop, the jobs
available, the weather and other
The majority of the workers are
Mexicans, who find better wages
in the United States than at home.
Those who enter the country il
legally—usually by swimming the
Rio Grande—are known as “wet
backs,” or in Spanish, “mojados.”
Details for the 1954 program
were worked out by Father Matt
hew H. Kelly, executive secretary
of the regional office of the Bish
ops’ Committee for the Spanish
Speaking here. Father Kelly went
to Mexico, where he conferred
with Archbishop Octaviano Mar
quez of Puebla, chairman of the
Comitc Episcopal Mexicano which
makes the Mexican missionaries
available for work in the United
States Father Kelly Said that
Archbishop Marquez made the
following comment on the pro
Pontifical Mass
At Cathedral To
Honor St. Francis
A Pontifical High Mass com
memorating the Feast of St. Fran
cis de Sales, patron of the Colum
bus Diocese, will be celebrated at
11 a.m. Sunday in St. Joseph Ca
thedral by Auxiliary Bishop Ed
ward G. Hettinger.
The Mass will be the climax of
a diocesan-wide observance of the
Feast. Special Masses will be offer
ed Friday in all parishes.
Ministers of the Mass, announc
ed this week, will be Msgr. Harry
Connelly, pastor of St Joseph Ca
thedral, assistant priest Father
David Dennis, of The Catholic
Times, deacon Father George Ful
cher. assistant pastor at St. Jo
seph Cathedral, sub-deacon: and
Msgr. Roland Winel, chancellor of
the diocese, and Father James Gei
ger. assistant pastor at St. Joseph
Cathedral, masters of ceremonies.
The sermon will be given by Fa
ther John Wolf on the faculty of
St. Charles Seminary.
Minor Ministers will he semi
narians from St. Charles. The sem
inary’s Schola Cantorum will fur
nish the music.
Diocese Will Observe Catholic
Press Month During February
"Only the Catholic press gives you the Catholic view," is the
1954 theme of Catholic Press Month to be observed in February
in most dioceses of the United States. The Catholic Press Asso
ciation has released an attractive poster (above) in the press month
kit to editors. (NC Photos)
Airlift To Bring Priests
To Migrant Mexicans
HOUSTON, Tex (NC) A new type of airlift which
will bring Mexican missionary priests to attend thousands of
Spanish-speaking migratory workers who annually harvest
crops in the United States, has been worked out by members
of the Mexican and United States Hierarchies.
"Me hope that this plan will
help our Mexican people to remain
faithful to their religion while
they migrate in search of work.
If priests are not available to help
them, they will be exposed to the
intense propaganda of Protestant
proselytizers and the many spir
itual dangers of their wandering
College Names
Eldridge For
Memorial Talk
James A. Eldridge,' news and
program director of WBEX in Chil
licothe.’ and a member of St. Mary
parish there, will deliver the Cardi
nal Newman Memorial Lecture at
the Queen s University at Kingston
Ontario, Canada, in March.
The Canadian Newman Club
Foundation sponsors this lecture
each year at the Conxocation Hall
on the campus of the University.
The lecture is given before the stu
dents and faculty and a nufriber
of prominent Canadians who are
the special guests of the New man
Club. The audience is predomi
nantly non-Catholic.
Mr. Eldridge, who is a member
of the National Catholic Education
al Association and the Catholic As
sociation for International Peace,
was president of the Newman Club
of Butler University during his un
dergraduate days. Long a student
of Cardinal Newman. Eldridge has
spent considerable time at the Ora
tory in Birmingham. England,
where Newman lived after his
withdrawal from Oxford following
his conversion to Catholicism.
Eldridge has selected as his sub
ject "Human Rights in a Barbarjc
Age.” The lecture will be a report
and an analysis from a Catholic
viewpoint of the work of the Unit
ed Nations Commission on Human
Pope Pius XII
Names Three In
Hierarchy Moves
NEW YORK The Apostolic
Delegate announced here toda\
that Pope Pius XII has named
Bishop Walter Kellenberg pre
sent auxiliary of New York, to be
Bishop of Ogdensburg. New York
Monsignor Joseph Annabnng. rec
tor of Sacred Heart Cathedral.
Superior Wisconsin, has been eleva
ted to Bishop of Superior. Wiscon
sin and Bishop John P. Cody, Aux
iliary Bishop of St. Louis, Mo., is
named coadjutor with right of suc
cession to Bishop Charles Hubert
LeBlond of St Joseph. Missouri
The subscription price for the
Times remains at $3 per year, de
spite the continual rise in cost of
other Catholic and secular papers.
In announcing Catholic Press
Month. Bishop Ready pointed out
“no matter what problem or policy
concerns society, you will find the
Catholic Press presenting all the
facts and the background neces
sary to form right opinions.”
“There ts no field which does
not require the penetrating light of
Christ's teachings.” he stressed
"through the Church He establish
ed on earth to guide and rule men
with certainty.”
"This is His way of guiding fall
ible mankind to thetruth and a
resulting state of saintly living
Pope Pius XII and the Bishops of
this country have unceasingly
stressed the importance of main­
To the Reverend Clergy. Religious,
and Faithful of the Diocese of Columbus
My beloved Brethren:
Do Your Part!
Support Your
Catholic Timet
Price Ton Cents $3.00 A Year
Bishop Stresses The Importance
Of Learning Catholic iew point
Catholic Press Month will be observed in the Columbus
Diocese during February in cooperation with the Catholic
Press in America, it was announced this week by Bishop Ready.
Pastors, schools and institutions in the diocese have re
ceived posters, data on the Catholic Press, sermon material
and other aides to assist in promot
ing attention to the reading of
Catholic newspapers and othei lit
Press Sunday, Jan 31. besides
calling attention to the reading of
and subscribing to Catholic news
papers and magazines, is the day
set aside each year in the diocese
for Catholics to renew their sub
scription to The Catholic Times,
their own diocesan newspaper
taining the Catholic viewpoint by
every member of the Church. Our
society and the smallest unit in
it need to be armed with truth if
they are to progress toward true
peace and real happiness.”
Bishop Thomas K. Gorman, Co
adjutor of Dallas-Fort Worth and
Episcopal Chairman of the N.C.
W.C. Press department, in a state
ment issued for Catholic Press
Month said. ‘‘Even a simple under
standing of the mission of Christ’s
Church indicates the reed for a
strong Catholic newspaper and
magazine press.
"A deeper penetration to the in
ner meaning of that divine mis
sion,” he continued, "reveals the
need for such a press by every in
dividual. no matter what his status
or educational background.”
Bishop Gorman's message was
devoted to two facts: the need of
the Catholic Press for our own
spiritual growth and the need for
Catholic support of the mission of
the Catholic Press
Commenting on the first fact,
the Bishop said "The Catholic who
lacks a taste for his Catholic peri
odicals betrays a sad defect in his
Catholic upbringing When
(Continued on Page 2)
Tomorrow, the Church in this nation will begin the ob
servance of Catholic Press month. This is an important event
in the year. It gives us an opportunity to evaluate the merits
and senices of our Catholic Press.
If the Catholic diocesan newspapers, weekly journals and
monthly magazines did not exist, much important news as well
as the truth behind the headlines would never come to the
attention of a well-informed citizenry in this country. I am
referring here not only to the religious news of the world. There
are the daily happenings in the political, economic and social
spheres which carry a terrific impact into the spiritual orbit
of human existence. These events have a direct bearing on the
salvation of souls. No matter what problem or policy concerns
society, you will find the Catholic Press presenting all the facts
and the background necessary to form right opinions. Above all,
I point out to you. my dear brethren, the moral implications in
so many of the issues about which it is necessary to form a cor
rect judgment. The widely dissenting opinions on such matters
as motion picture regulation, religious education in the schools
of our land, Church-State relationships, the whole problem of
subversiveness and the exercise of human rights, tc name but a
few pressing problems in our own time, must surely be baffling
to a great many people. Certainly, there should he no effort
to regiment thought on any of these important questions. How
ever. no sane person would deny that there is an urgent need
for clear thinking, exploring the facts and reaching sound con
clusions on the evidence presented in favor of fostering sound
public policy and of preserving good moral standards in our
society. The Catholic Press is dedicated to these objectives.
The need for an informed Catholic public opinion grows in
importance from day to day. There is no field which does
not require the penetrating light of Christ’s teachings through
the Church He established on earth to guide and rule men with
certainty. This is His way of guiding fallible mankind to the
truth and a resulting state of saintly living. Pope Pius XII and
the Bishops of this country have unceasingly stressed the im
portance of maintaining the Catholic viewpoint by every mem
ber of the Church. Our society and the smallest unit in it need
to be armed with truth if they are to progress toward true
peace and real happiness.
It is not sufficient, my dear brethren, that you merely sub
scribe to our own diocesan paper. The Catholic Times or to one
or more excellent Catholic periodicals. You must read these
papers and magazines and discuss the articles you find in their
columns just as interestedly as you do the items printed in
the daily press. I^et me put it this way. There are few families
in this Diocese today who will not have at least one Sunday
newspaper in their home. Those papers will he read and they
will be the subject of much discussion. There is an intellectual
honesty and a spiritual obligation towards the Faith which de
mand at least the same kind of attention to the Catholic Press.
In past years, the clergy and laity of this Diocese have
shown a fine spirit of loyalty to The Catholic Times. 1 am deeply
grateful for this generous support. We are constantly striving
to make the Tinies a better medium of Catholic thought, infor
mation and news. This can be accomplished by your continued
support in subscriptions and by patronizing our advertisers. I
express a word of appreciation to those business firms through
out the Diocese of Columbus which have used the pages of
The Catholic Times for profitable advertising. I commend them
to you for your special consideration and patronage.
I ask you to join me, my beloved brethren, during this
Octave of the Feast of St. Francis de Sales, the Patron of our
Diocese and of the Catholic Press, in petitioning his heavenly
intercession for success in our Press Apostolate. Blessed Pius X.
whose canonization will take place in the month of Our Blesed
Mother, warned us about the futility of building churches and
schools unless we had the Sword of the Spirit, the Catholic
Press, to defend and to promote Christian principles in society.
We need the Catholic Press. 1 urge you to support it by your
subscriptions and by your interest.
With my blessing and appreciation.
January 27. 1954
Devotedly in Christ,
Bishop of Columbus.
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