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Some of the events recorded on Watterson High School’s
opening day are shown above. At left, Msgr. Edward Spiers,
principal of Watterson High School, is pictured with Mother
Aloyse, O.P., who receives a spiritual bouquet from two
new students, Martin Winters of Our Lady of Peace parish
“O praise the Lord, all ye
nations: praise Him. all ye
people Psalm 116
God's own inspired word of
praise and joy alone can serve
3ur need on this blessed occa
don We cry in jubilant sum
mons to all the Faithful, and
indeed to all mankind We ex
press a universal rejoicing that
a new Star is now shining in
the great galaxy of heaven.
Another Saint has been named
by the infallible voice of the
Church A beloved patron and
model of our own has now
been set for honor and imita
tion before the eyes of all na
tions and all peoples. Quick
to appreciate the sentiment
proper to this time, the Catho
lic heart pours out grateful
praise to God and calls upon
all the vorld to share its jubila
tion. “O praise the Lord, all ye na
tions Praise Him all ye people
On the twelfth dav of last .lune,
an art of canonization raised Gas
par del Bufalo to the honors of the
altar. His sainthood was then offi
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rially recognized and proclaimed
Astronomers say that in the starry
firmament which spreads its fiery
beauty before admiring eyes there
are countless other stars whose
light, has not come through to us
And thousands of other shining
suns are visible only to the few
who scan the heavens with the aid
of powerful telescopes. Something
of this kind is true of the souls that
shine as stars in God’s heavenly
The light of mtillions of these
blessed individuals does not comp
through to the people s of the
earth The shining glory of others
is known tn only a comparative
feu But when, hv the operation of
Providence the few are made the
many, and the heavenly splendor
of a .nut, till now obscured is man
if t»d tn all mankind w* say that
a Saint has been canonized Then
are the Faithful summoned to hr
hold a newly shining Star, to re
joiro in its beauty, and in its light,
tn eck and serve the Father of
lights, with whom there is no
change, nor shadow of alteration
and from whom descends ‘every
gift and every perfect gift”
including certainly, the gift of a
newly canonized Saint.
It is therefore, with souls grate
ful and full of praise that we are
a pinbled here, to honor the re
cently canonized Founder and Fa
ther of the Congregation of the
Most. Precious Blood, Saint Gaspar
del Bufalo. Mine is the high privi
lege today of expressing special
congratulations to the members of
the Congregation, Saint Gaspar’s
noble religious family of Mission
aries, Priests, Brothers and Sisters,
whose zeal and sacrificing toil have
hie- sed the Church during the past
139 years
While all the household of the
Faith rejoices in the canonization
of Gaspar del Bufalo, there is a
special joy, a peculiar right to fe
licitation, in the members of the
Samt s nwn community You the
Fathers and Brothers of the Pre
cions Blood, who have always
Your personal fashion 6 nd ... the brim trimmed
with rayon velvet to offset the fine felt. Many
others in rayon velvets, felts and velours
styled in the neweM flattering colors.
All our Hats |, i 2^ None Higher
52 W. Brozd St.
Ground Floor
Certainly we of the United States
and especially of Ohio, are eager to
express our abounding gratitude to
God for the work of the Congrega
tion in so many important mission
ary and educational works in our
favored land. The Congregation
from the beginning cast its lot
with the Bishops and entered into
the active apostolate by responding
to the Ordinaries’ appeals to estab
lish parishes, missions, and schools
to extend the essential organization
of parish life in this vast Ohio ter
Th* monuments of th* Congre
gation's teal and sanctity ma^ be
noted in our cities at well as in
rural areas The Missioners of
the Precious Blood heve preach
ed the saving gospel of peece
and* salvation as assistants to our
devoted Parish Clergy end heve
taken the truth end grace of
the Cross to home end foreign
mission fields. The Congregation
has prospered under the iust in
stitutions of our Country and its
work has been noted by the teal
of its superiors and members to
work in harmony with the Bish
ops end Pastors in building up
the Church, which is the Body
of Christ.
We today acknowledge their co
operation and hail the Sons of
Saint Gaspar for their genuine hu
mility and holiness and zeal but
particularly for their generous ser
vice in the full life of the Church.
The life of Saint Gaspar del
Bufalo began in the year 1786 He
is, therefore, a Saint not remote
from our own times not that this
fact i» of significance the
Church whose view is timeless But
it is interesting for us to notice
that this Saint was born three
years after the close of the Revo
e. J* s
and Nancy Tiberl of St. James the Less parish. Mother
Aloyse is Mother General of the Dominican Sisters of St.
Mary of the Springs. Five Dominican Sisters will be on the
teaching staff at Watterson along with Diocesan priests and
lay teachers. Bishop Ready is pictured in the center as he
Text Of Bishop’s Sermon At St. Gaspar del Bufalo Rites
known the sanctity of your Found
er you who have held him your
soul’s deep esteem as a Father,
teacher, leader, the inspiration of
your dedicated efforts in the cause
of Christ you before all others,
must now experience a sacred sat
isfaction in beholding his achieve
ments recognized, his virtues pub
licly praised, his spiritual nobility
appreciated, his religious establsh
ment uniquely approved, and his
status as effective intercessor for
souls authentically proclaimed Up
on you are focused, in full strength
and brightness, the rays of the
new star whose light is now dif
fused throughout the threefold
realm of the Communion of Saints.
And to you, in a special manner,
the Church does honor. She honors
the Father surrounded by his spir
itual children In honoring Saint
Gaspar the Church honors his
works. Your great Congregation is
the first fruit of his labor and the
finest of the works of his hands.
Pontifical Mass Officially Opens Watterson High School
lutionary War and three years be
fore Washington took office as our
first President The birthplace of
Saint Gaspar was the Eternal City
itself. He came of a family that
v as never very prosperous, and, at
the time of his birth, was actually
impoverished. Throughout his com
paratively short life—for he died
in his fifty-second year—Gaspar
had no experience of ease or afflu
ence In his religious family, as in
his natural home, poverty was his
unfailing companion, a holy pover
ty whose spiritual fruitfulness is
ever a mystery and an offense in
the eyes of a materialistic world.
From the first, Gaspar and his
Congregation were the instruments
and channels of an increasing flow
of grace in the Church. The spir
itual riches which they garnered
and dispensed were beyond calcu
lation. Yet they never had any ma
terial wealth, or even the secured
prospect of a bare sufficiency of
earthly goods. Theirs was the de
privation experienced in both the
hidden and public life of Our Lord
In literal truth, they could say
that they had left all things to fol
low Christ.
Gaspar del Bufalo was born on
the Feast of the Epiphany, January
6th, 1786. His mother, mindful of
the festival, decided that her little
son should have the names tradi
tionally ascribed to the Magi. At
his baptism he received all three:
Gaspar, Melchoir and Balthasar. It
is not mere sentiment that finds a
peculiar aptness in the selection of
these patronal saints. For Gaspar’s
life was to bear their mark in un
mistakable ways. True, he did not
like the Magi make a long journey.
Geographically, his life and labors
were spent within a very limited
area. We read with surprise tinged
with reverent amusement that his
exile under the Napoleonic tyranny
1810 carried him off a distance
of only 250 miles. We are some
what startled at the vehemence of
his sorrow in being taken from his
beloved mother, and at the
mother's pathetic cry that she
should never see her son again For
to us, less than a century and a
half later, 250 miles means only a
few hours’ travel by train or auto
mobile, and a matter of minutes
rather than hours if we go by air.
Yet tn Rome, just 144 years ago, a
journey to Piacenza, the city of
Gaspar’s exile, was a long, arduous,
and even dangerous prospect.
Saint Gaspar was not like the
Magi in point of travel. But he was
decidedly like them in many other
ways. Like the Magi he made his
whole guest the Divine Child and
His Mother. Like the Magi, he en
dured hardships, sacrifices, and
toils in working to his goal. Like
the Magi, he carried precious gifts
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2 0 5 EAST BROAD STREET A. 1-6911
confers his blessing during the Pontifical Mass. The Mass
was celebrated in the assembly hall located in the basement
of the school. At right, the Bishop is pictured as he seals
the cornerstone of the new convent being erected for the
Sisters on the faculty of the new one million dollar school
to Our Lord—not gold, Indeed, but
golden, living faith, pure and un
He brought not frankincense,
but the unmingled -weet odor of
justice and charity. He gave not
myrrh, but the lowliness of a
penitential heart. And his pen
ances were constant and mani
fold He bore with unruffled pa
tience the cross of bodily frailty
and recurring illness.
He endured misunderstandings,
persecutions extending to attempts
upon his life, calumnies and mis
representations before the Holy
See, imprisonment, and finally re
pression of his missionary labors
when they were most fruitful in
conversions. But he bore the heav
iest of all afflictions—temporary,
but he did not know it was tempo
rary—in having his rule and insti
tute rejected by the Holy See at
the very moment when, at long
last, he seemed to have insured
their permanence.
The first and most striking of
the virtues of Saint Gaspar was his
vividly living faith Faith and the
virtues immediately consequent up
Ion it, -humility, self effacement,
zeal for souls, unremitting effort
in the service of the Church,—ex
press the very life of this Saint.
It appears that never, even momen
tarily, no matter what the weight
of his trials, had Gaspar the least
temptation to doubt God’s good
ness or the wisdom of His Provi
dence From early childhood, Gas
par saw God in everything and ev
erything in God. God was the sole
and sufficing object of his heart,
his mind, his will, his sentiments.
He was always concerned that
God should he known and honored,
that grace should suffuse the souls
of men. that Catholics should be
ardent in their love of the Holy
Mass, and Sacraments, and that
they should have an appreciative
and loyal allegiance to Christ liv
ing in His Church. These were the
purposes that Gaspar served from
the days of his boyhood. He was
“instant in prayer,” he was devot
ed to the studies that equipped
him for the priesthood and the
service of souls.
Throughout his life, despite his
intense activity, he managed to re
view, again and again, his theo
logical studies, and even, when the
opportunity offered to sit in the
classroom with seminarians and to
hear the lecturer as the humblest
and most attentive of pupils. Gas
par was tireless in forming and in
spiring associations of young men
for the instruction of the ignorant,
the care of the poor, the rescue of
what now we should call delin
He we* forever opening little
schools of catachetics, which he
called oratories, and assembling
in them, at evening, the laborers,
and the loafers too, of the Ro
man slums. Tonsured at four
teen, he was permitted, a year or
so later, to teach religion pub
licly, not only in his oratories
but on the street corners and in
the market place. His work was
singularly successful. But not for
a moment, or in the least de
gree, did success turn his head.
So vital was his faith, so intent
his purpose in making it vital to
others, that, quite literally, he
never thought of himself at all
Hr was the inspiring force and
the driving power in many a com
munity enterprise, large and small,
yet he never cared a whit about
being considered as leader or about
being regarded as the inaugurator
or founder. On the contrary he
was always anxious to have others
take the place of prominence Even
with reference to the Congrega
tion of the Most Precious Blood,
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which, under God, was definitely
his own establishment he was eag.
er to have some other regarded
as founder,—perhaps the saintly
Father Albertini with whom, in
his early priesthood, he had set up
a confraternity in honor of the
Precious Blood. Saint Gaspar’s ef
forts were exerc’red so purely for
God and the accomplishment of the
Divine Will, that he had no time
or inclination to think of himself,
or of rights, privileges, or distinc
tions. Thus did he manifest the
fact that living faith begets in the
believer a splendid self efface
ment and a triumphant humility.
In the holy Priesthood, Saint
Gaspar formed the richest and
most glorious of God’s gifts. His
first Mass was not the crowning
triumph of long desire and years
of ardent effort in preparation. It
was not the high peak from which,
thereafter, there wa. to be a slow
descent by the path of dulling rou
tine. Each holy Mass of Gaspar’s
priestly life was offered with the
conscious effort of making it a
more devout and fervent action
than any that had preceded it.
The Priesthood widened the
scope of Saint Gaspar’s efforts and
enriched their fruits, but it did
not change their character. As in
his youth, be preached and taught,
he founded confraternities and
opened oratories, he earned the
word of God into homes, and
schools, and even into the camps
of brigands and cutthroats. He
turned plague spots of crime and
sin into decent communities of
God-fearing, penitent, pious Catho
lic people.
Above all, Gaspar and his com
panions devoted themselves to the
preaching of missions. Indeed this
holy activity was pursued so in
tensively that the people referred
to the Congregation as the Mis
sionaries of the Precious Blood. A
mission in those days and in the
circumstances of the times was a
vigorous spiritual activity. It was
not a merely parochial affair. It
was a spiritual rejuvenation of the
whole city or countryside and a
time for religious reeducation for
clergy and people alike.
For fourteen or more days the
mission was preached in the
church chosen as headquarters or
the open public squares. Mis
sioners and parish priests were en.
gaged endlessly in hearing confes
sions. Often after a mission had
been concluded, two or three mis
sionary fathers had to stay on for
days to attend to the penitents yet
waiting the opportunity for con
fession. Spiritually these missions
were events of astounding suc
Th* flame of the Saint's faith
was Indeed a fire cast on the
•arth, and tremendous was the
conflagration that It kindled. It
la not too much ro say that in
th* days of political upheaval,
national peril, the spread of sec
ret anticlerical societies, and ap
parent weakness In th* Church
itself as Popes wer* dragged to
oxil* and subjected to th* inso
lence of th* Little Emperor,—in
a word, in day* when the minds
and hearts of men were any
whore but on the thinr* of God
and personal salvation Saint
Gaspar and hit fellow missioners
changed the face of Italy and
other parts of Europe.
In the intense missionary activ
ity we have been considering, born
as it was of faith and humility and
complete dedication, we see the
meaning and the direct occasion
for the founding of the Congrega-
Michael "Bernie"
Fox, Jr.
2467’A Cleveland Av*., Office
Columbus 11, Ohio
Phone: JE. 5424
Rat.: JE.71I5
on Cooke Road. Mr. E. W. Puckett, General Superintendent
of the Sever-Williams Co., Contractors aids the Bishop. Mon
signor Spires, principal of Watterson, looks on. The firm
of Ramsey, Croce and Abbot designed the buildings, which
are scheduled for completion early next year.
tion of the Most Precious Blood.
It was in the year 1815, the year
of Waterloo and the end of the
Napoleonic scourge which had been
to Saint Gaspar a constant source
of trial and irritation, that the Con
gregation was definitely estab
On the Feast of the Assumption
of Our Lady, the rule and consti
tution of the new Community were
approved by the Holy See in the
pontificate of Pius VII. It was a
fortunate and significant fact that
the great event occurred on Au
gust fifteenth. During all his life
Saint Gaspar had the most tender
and earnest devotion to the Bless
ed Mother. Again like the Magi he
found Christ on the knees of His
Mother. The Congregation, estab
lished on Mary’s Feastday, has al
ways retained its founder’s special
dedication to the Mother of God.
Shall we be imaginative if we think
that the canonization of Saint Gas
par in Mary’s own year of 1954 is
more than a mere coincidence?
Shall we be only fanciful in the
thought that there is a direct af
finity between devotion to the
Most Precious Blood, the price of
human salvation, and devotion to
the Providential source of that
sacred humanity which made pos
sible the shedding of the Precious
Blood? ./
Saint Gaspar died two days after
Christmas in the year 1837. He was
just ten days short of rounding
out his fifty-second year. Fifteen
years later he was declared Vener.
able. Slightly more than a half
century passed and he was beati
fied this was in 1904. An even
half century elapsed, and now, in
the current Marian Year of 1954
the Blessed is proclaimed the
To this heavenly Star whose
light has just come through to us
we turn with joy. As always in our
veneration of God’s Saints, we turn
with a prayer of strong supplica
tion on our lips and in our hearts.
We beg Saint Gaspar, whose own
personal memories are of the
Church in troubled days# of fading
faith in millions, of people turned
to the idolatry of materialism, we
beg him by his constant interces
sion before the throne of God, to
bring to us and to our times a
universal revival of living faith, a
renewal of Catholic virtues among
mankind, a new-stirred devotion to
the Precious Blood that wrought our
salvation and steadfast allegiance to
the Blessed Mother, and peace and
justice, with abounding charity,
among men and nations.
Gaspar del Bufalo, great Saint
of God, heavenly herald of the
Most Precious Blood, pray for us!
Holy Name
All men and boys of the St.
Joseph Cathedral parish are invit
ed to a baseball treat at Tuesday
evening’s meeting of the Cathedral
Holy Name Society. The new Car
dinal-Red Bird Training Film will
be shown. The full-color film will
show plenty of action, close-ups
and behind-the-scenes shots—many
of former Red Birds. The meeting
is scheduled for 8:30 p. m. Oct.
4. in the Cathedral Rectory.
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