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Elect Georgetown
University Teacher
Mary C. DeRisi, assistant profes
sor of Prosthetic Dentistry at the
Georgetown University School of
Dentistry, was named president
elect of the Association of Ameri
can Women Dentists, at the group’s
recent convention in Miami. She
will succeed Dr. Josephine Grey, of
Denver, as president next year.
Dr. DeRisi, the first woman to
be appointed to the Georgetown
dental faculty, was graduated from
the University of Pennsylvania
Dental School. Before coming to
Georgetown she had a practice in
Albany, N.Y., with her sister, Dr.
Demonica DeRisi.
—Archbishop Jose de Costa Nunes
of Goa, president of the Perma
nent Committee for International
Eucharistic Congresses, has issued
an invitation to the Bishops of the
world to attend the next Congress,
scheduled to be held in Rio de
Janeiro, Brazil, from July 17 to 24,
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Looseness and Worry
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You will love our completely new GIFT CARD, with a picture of
Madonna and Child, done in gold, and telling a friend or loved
one that a Near East priest will offer Mass for them on Christmas
morning, or that you have given a sacred article to a humble chapel
With the card we send a holy card with pressed flowers from
TEN DOLLARS OR STARVATION: Don’t forget that $10 gift for
a food package for a refugee at Christmas. A Rosary of olive seeds
from the Holy Land will be yours in return. Who gives to the poor,
makes a loan to God. Stringless gifts are precious.
On December 8, why not adopt a Near East semi
narian or novice? Pius is beginning his six years
of study for the altar at St. Cyrils Seminary,
Ghizeh, Egypt. He will need $600, payable in
any installments. Then there is Sister. Mary
Chantal, with the Carmelite Sisters at Ollur,
India, needing $150 for this year of training to
be a missionary. Can you help? If these sums
axe too much, won’t you give a dollar monthly
to the CHRYSOSTOMS for educating seminarians
or to MARY’S BANK, our Club for novices?
Please help.
CALL FROM KOTTAYAM: “At Rajapuram in Mangalore, India,*
writes Bishop Tharayil, “I have only a temporary shed tn serve
as a chapel for 200 new converts. Won’t you please see If some
kind Near East benefactor can give $2,000 to build a real House
of God there?” Yes, Bishop, we are asking and put a prayer on
this needy appeal.
Too numerous to mention here are our neediest cases, all to be
taken care of on the Lord’s Birthday. Precious will be your String
less Gifts. Listen to a few: OLD FOLKS IN JERUSALEM: Father
Eugene, the Franciscan, twenty-five years there, begs for $500 for
his aged. Even your dollar monthly to "PALACE OF GOLD,” our
new Mission Club for old folks, can do wonders. We must never
forget them. We send you Our Lady’s picture in gold.
we have many, all too many poor. We still need $200 to make up
the amount we shall distribute to them on Christmas Day. Won’t
you add a mite to the fund? Here is real charity.
GOD’S HOMELESS LITTLE ONES: At Beirut, Jerusalem and
Bethlehem the Sisters of Charity guard our little foundlings. Over
the months we have been putting something aside for them, but
we still need $150 to complete this "treasury.’’ Can you help?
SPECIAL MASSES: Although the Archbishop of Jerusalem will
offer the special Midnight Mass at the Crib of Bethlehem for all
Near East friends, while ten other priests will do the same on
Christmas morning, we must take care of hundreds of other priests
With Mass offerings. See how precious are your Mass offerings.
WHITE BUT NOT PRETTY WHITE: The outcast lepers at Green
Gardens, at Trichur, at Palayoor, all in India, will need much help
from us at Christmas. Is it too much to dream that we can give
$100? Add your mite to the DAMIEN LEPER FUND for these
neediest of the neediest. Their Christmas will be white, but not
pretty white.
BREAD FOR HUNGRY MOUTHS: We have orphanages in every
town of the Middle East and in India. These youngsters, girls and
boys, do not ask for toys at Christmas, they need bread, “ORPHAN’S
BREAD,” much more. What your $10 gift can do! Do help.
WHITE PLAGUE: For the tubercular hospital at Gaza, Palestine,
filled with little diseased children, we beg just $100 to make their
Christmas happy. Here is your joy.
Stillear Sst Olissions^
famth C«r#nal Spalhnon, Pr*«M*nt M*gr. Thomoi J. McMahon, Ncrtl Soc'y
toad all commwnkotion* to:
4S0 Loxiagton Ave. at 46th St. New York 17, N. Y.
St. Ladislaus LYO Will Sponsor Social
To be doubly sure of apprecia
tive smiles al! around, serve at the
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dress to The Chris
tian Brothers, P.O.
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Calif., Dept W431
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Naw York Chicago San Franciwo
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food market
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in H-iii3
w Ji
The Senior C.Y.O. group of St Ladislaus parish will sponsor a Christmas social for all CYO
members in the central deanery, Friday, Dec. 10, in the St. Ladislaus School Hall from 8:30 to 11:30
p. m. Pizza and other refreshments will be served and Connie Capretta and his orchestra will
music. Pictured above are the committee members who are planning the affair. Seated, left to right,
are Ira A. McCoy, Nancy Kustich, chairman of the frolic and Janet Hensel, treasurer of the St. Lad
islaus C.Y.O. Standing are Roger Brown, left, and Richard Ellis.
Position Of Church On
Palestine Is Unchanged
WASHINGTON (NC) “The attitude of the Catholic
Church on the Palestine question remains unchanged. It still
stands for the implementation of the United Nations decision
for the internationalization of Jerusalem, and for justice to
800,000 homeless Arab refugees now exiled from the Holy
This was reported by Msgr. Thomas J. McMahon to the
board of directors of the Catholic Near East Welfare Associa
tion at its annual meeting here. The Monsignor reported in
a dual capacity as president
of the Pontifical Mission for Pal
estine and as national secretary of
the Catholic Near East Welfare As
Members of the C. N. E. W. A.
board of directors include Their
Eminences Francis Cardinal Spell
man, Archbishop of New York,
president Edward Cardinal Moon
ey, Archbishop of Detroit Samuel
Cardinal Stritch, Archbishop of
Chicago, and Archbishops Francis
P. Keough of Baltimore, John J.
Mitty of San Francisco and John
F. O’Hara, C.S.C., of Philadelphia.
“Recently we found it necessary,”
Monsignor McMahon also reported,
“to send a special telegram to
this weekend?
There’s no better way to say,
“We’re happy to have you," than
to offer your guests a glass of
good wine. Wine is sure to add a
festive and gracious touch which
makes any occasion one to be
President Eisenhower protesting
the presentation by Ambassador
Lawson of credentials to the Pres
ident of Israel in the New City of
Jerusalem, now unlawfully claimed
as Israel’s capital. The State De
partment replied to us that the at
titude of the United States Govern
ment, even in tKe light of this act
by Ambassador Lawson, remains
unchanged. That is, our Ambass
dor will remain in Tel Aviv, which
we consider the lawful capital of
"Catholics the world over must
not be deluded by the wave of
propaganda in our press, and we
should stand firm on the ques
tion of Palestine, remembering
that His Holiness Pope Pius XII
has written three encyclical Let
ters, in which he outlined the
position of the Church. We
should be poor heirs of the Cru
saders if we were to abdicate in
this our day the position we have
taken on the Holy Land of Jesus
“The Holy Father has demon
strated his deep interest in the
Holy I^and, not only by his words,
but also by his works. In setting
up, six years ago, the Pontifical
Mission for Palestine, he assured
its 800,000 homeless that the Vicar
of Christ would be present among
them by an enduring mission of
mercy, which has lasted to this
moment and will continue as long
as the sad conditions exist in the
Middle East.”
Monsignor McMahon said that,
since 1948, the Pontifical Mission
for Palestine has given assistance
to Palestine refugees in the total
value of $20,000,000. It has dis
tributed 5,000 tons of food, 2,500
tons of clothing, and 30 tons of
medical supplies. It conducts 250
centers for the distribution of
clothing and food. It also has 31,
000 children in 340 refugee schools.
Its 1,000 priests, Brothers and
nuns, serving gratuitously as un
paid volunteers, have reached 400,
000 refugees, of whom only 70.000
are Catholics.
In his capacity as national secre
tary of the Catholic Near East
Welfare Assocition, of which Car
dinal Spellman is president, Mon
signor McMahon reported that the
“generous Catholics of the Unit
ed States” had built many chapels,
schools and other institutes in the
811 Oakland Park Ave.
Columbus, Ohio LU. 1784
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Barber Shop
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1 100 Grandview Ave. “Everything for Horne Remodeling_____
Priest Urges
Youth To Fight
“The only way to combat dis
crimination and segregation is
to recognize it as a sin, and
fight it accordingly.”
This observation was made
here by Father Donald Jette,
S.S.S., Church history profes
sor at St. Joseph’s Seminary of
the Blessed Sacrament in near
by Euclid. He was guest speak
er at the Communion-breakfast
of the Catholic Young Men and
Women’s Club.
Pointing out that Catholic youth
can do much to eliminate discrimi
nation and segregation, he stated
that “we are strictly bound by the
law of God to assist the needy, and
avoid obvioas acts of hatred.”
"We can't call ourselves fol
lowers of Christ, if we discrimi
nate against any human being be
cause of color, race or national
ity," he said. "It is a sin, and in
some instances a mortal sin, if
the motive for discrimination or
enforced segregation is based on
Father Jette said that most acts
against the Negro were caused by
ignorance, although some times
they “indicate an apparent hatred.”
He called on the youth to dispel
the ignorance among their associ-
ates. He said:
“The conversion of 13,000,000
Negroes in the United States to
Catholicism could come about, if
Catholic leaders exerted every ef
fort to wipe out discrimination
and segregation.”
Rosary Journalism
Students To Attend
Workshop At OSU
Eleven Rosary High School stu
dents will attend the journalism
workshop to be held at Ohio State
University, Saturday, December 4.
Those taking part in this project
of the High School Press Club of
Central Ohio are Ronald Cardwell,
editor of the School paper, The
Rosarian, and staff members, Nan
cy Durant, Theresa Hayes, Jack
Wittenmeier, Martha Buchman.
Jack Hanschmidt, Laura Diggs,
Jack Conroy. Judy McElroy, Judy
Grady, and Barbara Fisher.
The workshop, the first of the
kind to be held by the Central
Ohio high school press group, will
offer conferences, led by Dr. James
Pollard, head of the Ohio State
University School of Journalism,
and several local press experts, in
cluding Ray Evans, Jr., Jackson El
liott, Katherine Sullivan, and Lou
Subjects to be considered are the
fundamentals of headlines, inter
views, photography, and the tech
niques of writing features, sports,
and columns.
Thomas Derrick,
Noted British
Artist Dies At 69
LONDON—(NC) Thomas Der
rick, well-known British Catholic
artist and art expert, died at his
home at Cold Ash, near Newbury,
Berkshire, at the age of 69.
Mr. Derrick, who described him.
self as a “worker in mural, paint
ing and stained glass,” was also a
successful book illustrator and car.
toonist. Many of his more serious
works were and still are exhibited,
while his stained glass windows il
luminate many churches. His works
have been exhibited in New York.
As a successful lecturer on art,
Mr. Derrick was for five years in
structor on decorative painting at
the Royal Society of Art, Ixindon.
One of his three sons is Michael
Derrick, assistant editor of the
Tablet, British Catholic weekly re
view, and contributor to the N. C.
W. C. News Service.
Middle East and on the west coast
of India, the territory under the
jurisdiction of the Near East Mis
He told how these benefactors
maintain 1,000 seminarians in 29
seminaries of the Near East, help
to support 5,000 missionary priests
and 10,000 missionary nuns. 7116 as
sociation is the special Holy Fa
ther mission aid for these terri
tories in question, and it has been
in existence 28 years. Pope Pius
XII recently called it “his prov
idential aid for every work of God
in the Near East.”
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Youth Notes
Other Areas TolBegin Program
The monthly Holy Hour of the
Catholic Youth Adorers will be
held this Sunday afternoon at 2:30
in St. Izo parish. The occasion will
mark the twelfth successive Holy
Hour for the young people of the
parishes of Columbus under the
sponsorship of the CYO Council.
Chairman Ed Schroeder of St. Aloy
8ius Parish 2nd head of the relig
ious committee of the Council urg
ed all of the young people of the
city to be on hand for this last
Holy Hour of the Marian Year.
Word has also been received that
the Catholic Youth Adorer’s Pro
gram of the Holy Hour wiirbe ex
tended in the Western and East
ern Deanery parishes beginning
Sunday, Dec 12, St. Mary, Dela
ware high school youth will launch
the CYA Holy Hour program in
the Western Deanery with the
alumni and the eighth grade stu
dents of the school participating.
A committee with representation
from each class in the high school
has been set up to do publicity
and make preparations for the
Holy Hour. The commmittee in
cludes senior Judy Jones, junior
Mike Lyons, sophomore Sandra
Strohm and freshman Jd’nn Anson.
The Eastern Deanery Council of
Catholic Youth will sponsor the
Holy Hour in three parishes of the
Deanery on Sunday, Dec. 12, to
enable all of the young people of
the area to take advantage of the
program. The Holy Hour will be
conducted in St. Joseph Church at
Sugar Grove gt 2.00 p. m., at St.
Rose Church in New Lexington at
Urged To True
dio, NC) A true spirit of
Christian hospitality is much
better than merely efficient
service, His Holiness Pope
Pius XII told a group of hotel
keepers at an audience in his
summer palace here.
He spoke to 1,500 delegates who
had come to Rome for a General
Congress of the International Ho
tel Association.
The delegates, who came in full
strength for the papal audience
were counseled by the Holy Father
that their part in better relations
and understanding between peo
ples is much greater than might
The Pope said that “the noblest
part of your profession” is hos
pitality, and the fact that hotel
keeping had now become an indus
try should not make them forget
the dignity of its origins.
His own interests naturally will
suggest that the hotelkeeper treat
his guests with every possible at
tention. the Pontiff said, adding
however, that “whoever has a suf
ficiently elevated idea of the hu
man person will unite to manifesta
tions of deference the delicate
touch of sincere respect, which
gives to the task of hospitality its
true nobility.”
Peace Through
Prayer* Day Set
In Philippines
MANILA—(NC—President Ram
on Magsaysay has proclaimed De
cember 5 as Peace Throuh Prayer
Day for the Philippines.
In an executive proclamation,
he stated that peace is the com
mon concern and obsession of all
mankind. He added:
“There can be no durable peace,
peace with justice and dignity, un
less it is built on some spiritual
foundation in the hearts and souls
of men.”
The Philippine executive called
on all the people and residents of
the archipelago, “regardless of race
or creed, to take active part in the
observance of this Day to the end
that we may enjoy the blessings
of true and lasting peace.”
emn High Mass, with Filipino
priests as officers, will be sung in
St. Matthew’s Cathedral here in ob-1
servance of Philippine Peace
Through Day. December 5.
Brother Is Retired
After 35 Years
As Postmaster
TECHNY, Hl. (NC) After
35 years of service as postmaster
here, Brother Anthony Wacker, of
the Society of the Divine Word,
was retired upon reaching the age
of 70 and has been pensioned by
the U. S. Government.
Brother Anthony in 1914 gave
up a flourishing contracting busi
ness in his native Milwaukee to
become a Brother in the Society of
the Divine Word, which has head
quarters here.
He was named the regular post
master at Techny in 1920 and his
commission was signed by Pres
ident Woodrow Wilson. The year
before his appointment he served
as a postal clerk.
But now that he hac been retir
ed by the government, Brother
Wacker has gone back to his for
mer occupation as a builder on
the seminary campus.
Howell’s Sunoco
2935 Sullivant Av*. RA. M49
3:00 p. m. and at St. Nicholas
Church in Zanesville at 2 time to
be announced. The regular Holy
Hour Book of the Catholic Youth
Adorers will be used at ali of the
The Sf. Thomas Parish CYO
conducted a Marian Year Pilgrim
age recently for members of the
winding. Wotnr* ond
fhock ret i riant. $71.50
*Ow»dod anginal root it proptrlf ntfomi tfftr opening far icnnemg.
Friday, Dec. 3,
group. The Pilgrimage began w
the recitation of the Rosary 1
prayers in the St Thomas Chui
Holy Rosary, St. Mary and St.
eph Cathedral were the ot
churches visited by the
The CYO members are pl
social for the Christmas
the Christmas store
invites you to use our
Superbly accurate 19
jewel rtyle tetter. $67.50
jewel movement and
rich jtyling, only $37.50
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