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Remember to Pray
For an Increase in
Religious Vocations
Vol. IV, No. 22
Appeal to Children
Bishop Ready Urges
Lenten Sacrifices
For World Needy
Students in Catholic schools throughout the diocese were
urged last week by Bishop Ready to make sacrifices during
Lent for the benefit of poor children abroad.
In letters to elementary and high schools, Bishop Ready
echoed the appeal of Pope Pius XII who has asked the school
children in the United Stateb to
make financial offerings during the
40-day penitential period in order
to support the American Bishops’
War Relief Services—NCWC, and
the Bishops’ Welfare Emergency
Relief Fund.
The plight of the “many, many
children, their fathers and mothers,
who are being treated cruelly by
men who hate Jesus Christ and the
Church” was pointed out by the
Bishop in his letter to grade school
“These poor people.” the bishop
•aid, “have been turned out of
their homes, they have no place to
go, little to eat and hardly enough
clothing to keep warm .”
During Lent, he told the chil
dren, “you will make little sacri
fices by not going to the movies,
by not eating candy and ice
cream. And by doing these good
works which are pleasing to God
you will have small savings of
money which you will be able to
give to the Holy Father to buy
medicine, milk and bread, warm
clothing and blankets for little
The children also were urged to
pray for the poverty-stricken peo
ple, to attend daily Mass, receive
Holy Communion frequently, and
make the Stations of the Cross dai
ly during Lent.
In a letter to high school youth,
Bishop Ready asked the students to
reflect upon their own good for
tune in contrast to the “degrada
tion of human dignity which exists
as a matter of policy in Commun
ist dominated societies, the es
capees seeking sanctuary in the
free world, and the unending flow
of refugees coming out of the Far
“It is impossible to think that
you can witness this rending of
the Body of Christ and fail to ut
ter a fervent daily prayer that
these fellow Catholics of yours may
80 Mt. Carmel
Graduates Will Be
Capped Sunday
Bishop Ready will preside at
capping ceremonies for eighty
graduates of the Mt. Carmel Hos
pital School of Nursing to take
place in St. Joseph Cathedral, Sun
day at 4:00 p. m.
Father James McEwan, chaplain
of the Newman Club at Ohio State
University, will address the grad
During the cermony, the nurses
will recite the Act of Consecration
to Our I,ady and will join in the
nurses’ pledge.
Benediction of the Most Blessed
Sacrament will close the cere
A reception will follow at the
nurses home.
fTI 1
1 tie
have courage to be strong under
such trials.
“In the past you have shown
yourselves to be considerate re
sponsible Catholic youth concerned
about the well-being of others less
fortunate than yourselves. You
have heeded the appeal of the Ho
ly Father and come to his assist
ance. I ask you to keep before your
minds that what you give to theste
world wide works of charity admin
istered by Pope Pius XII you are
giving to the Person of Christ, your
“Therefor*, may this Lent be a
period of prayer and almsgiving
as it should be. Whatever sacri
fices of the normal pleasures of
life you make during this peni
tential season, make them volun
tarily and joyously. Unite them
with the august Sacrifice of
Christ. Whatever savings you are
able to lay aside as a result of
these* sacrifices, give them into
the hands of Christ's Vicar to dis
pense to the poor and needy
brethren of the Lord."
A third letter by the Bishop, sent
to Sister Superiors in the various
Catholic schools, asserted that the
“Body of Christ continues to be
scourged and crucified at the hands
of malevolent persecutors.” The let
ter continued:
“I ask you, therefore, dear Sis
,ter, to direct the lives of the chil
dren under your care to fervent
prayer for the intentions of the
Holy Father and for all people suf
fering under the yoke of persecu
“Many families have been forced
to flee or have escaped to the free
world following the ravages of op
pression which have descended
upon their homelands. The result
ing poverty of these afflicted chil
dren of God defies description. Yet,
they cannot be abandoned. They
must be helped by the resourceful
nations of the world, especially by
those who are of the household of
the Faith.”
The funds will be sent to the
Chancery office and included in
the annual Laetare Sunday collec
Pontiff Said to
More X-Ray Th
The recent lull in news about
the health condition of His
Holiness Pope Pius XII was
interrupted when it was learn
ed that X-ray equipment had
again been installed in the Vatican
This gave rise to two conjectures.
One was that the Holy Father was
being treated for rheumatism in the
left arm. The other w'as that fur
ther X-rays were to be made to
check and supplement the findings
‘Candy Money1 Aids Destitute
‘Nkm-mniki sunwt
Kite am ran
In a seen* typical in Catholic Schools in th* diocese, Kathleen
Fulcher, first grader at Holy Family School, Columbus, puts
Lenten offering in a box held by her teacher, Sister Mary F*iix,
R.S.M. In response to an appeal by Pope Pius XII, echoed this week
by Bishop Ready, children are asked to mak» sacrifices durng Lent
to aid the needy oversea*. Food, clothing and medicine purchased
through the U.S. Bishops' Welfare and Emergency Relief Fund
will be distributed by the War Relief Services of th* Nationai Ca
tholic W«lfar* Conference.
Peter’s Pence
Collection Set
For Sundav
The annual Peter’s Pence
collection, which will enable
the Holy See to extend charity
to the suffering world, will be
taken up in all churches in
the Columbus Diocese Sunday.
Announcing the collection in a
Lenten letter to all pastors in the
diocese, Bishop Ready described
the offering as “an annual act of
love and loyalty to the Vicar of
Christ from time immemorial.
“The present physical condi
tion of Pop* Pius XII has caus
ed great concern to th* world,"
th* Bishop continued. Yet, there
has been no neglect of the Holy
Father's paternal care for th*
needs of suffering people every
where. Recurring news reports
tell how the Sovereign Pontiff
has dispensed th* charities of
the Holy See to all who are in
“Worthy Catholic people,” Bish
op Ready asserted, “will make a
special sacrifice to support the
Holy See in its world-wide mission
of faith and charity.
“They will deem it an honor to
put into the hands of the great
Pope Pius XII the means not only
of maintaining but even extending
his intrepid, dynamic leadership
for peace and justice among all
This special collection bears
the name “Peter’s Pence” because
in England in Saxon times, each
householder of land of a certain
value gave a sum at that time
called a “Penny.”
Mass Will Mark
Anniversary Of
Pope’s Coronation
A Solemn High Mass. Coram
Episcopo, will be offered in the
chapel at St. Charles Seminary,
Friday, Mar. 11, at 9:00 a. m. on
the occasion of the 16th anniversary
of the coronation of Pope Pius XH.
Bishop Ready will preside.
Monsignor George Wolz will be
celebrant of the Mass and Father
Hugh Murphy will preach.
Fathers Edward Healey and
Thomas Duffy will act as deacon
and sub-deacon, respectively. Fa
ther Thomas Sabrey will be master
of ceremonies. The Mass will be
sung by the schola cantorum of the
Pope Pius, who observed his 79th
birthday Wednesday, was elected
to the Papacy, Mar. 2. 1939. He
was crowned 10 days later at St.
Peter’s Basilica.
Be Improving
?rapy Indicated
of the radiological examination last
December. The latter view seemed
to be the most favored one.
Meanwhile, Pope Pius submitted
to a special treatment at the hands
of Dr. Paul Niehans, the Swiss
specialist who attended him after
his relapse of December 2 last. The
treatment had seemingly helped
when first employed.
The Pope was reported to have
gained ground and to be able to
move around and spend several
hours daily at his desk. However,
informed persons say he appears
to be impatient over his slow rate
of recovery. They state that the
Holy Father is anxious to work
more intensely than he is permitt
ed at present.
It is reported that the Pontiff
is planning to deliver in person
his annual message to the Lenten
preachers of Rome. This will not
take place for a couple of weeks.
The delay would be explained by
the Holy Father's desire to ac
complish the entire message per
On Sunday (Feb. 27) the Pope
appeared at the window to bless
several thousand people gathered
in the square. He remained at the
window two minutes. His voice was
not as vigorous as formerly when
he gave his blessing over the loud
speaker. Included in the group in
the square were French doctors
and tourists from the United States,
France, Spain and Germany.
Catholic Is Named
To State’s Public
Instruction Group
first appointment of a Catholic to
any State committee for public in
struction was made when Father
Cuthbert E. Allen, O.S.B., vice
president for development of Bel
mont Abbey College here, was se
lected recently by the State Super
intendent for Public Instruction to
serve on the State Committee for
Elementary Education for a three
year term. He will represent the
parochial school system in North
Father Allen was also the first
Catholic to be elected president of
the North Carolina Association of
Colleges and Universities in 1945.
He is also the former rector and
dean of Belmont Abbey College.
Columbus 16, Ohio, Friday, March 4,1955
loyalty to the Church, has inevitab
ly placed priests teachers and Ca
tholic Action leaders in the fore
front of those attacked.
Already in full control of the
trade unions, the press, parlia
ment and the courts, the Peron
government is now turning its at
tention to young people, especially
in the universities and colleges and
the independent workers’ organiza
tions, the vast majority of whom
have so far kept aloof from the
government. Meanwhile, Catholic
private schools and Catholic youth'
organizations are being singled out
for special attacks of one kind or
Not even seminaries or novit
iates ar* free from th* threat.
There is some talk of conscript
ing young men in these institu
tion*. In fact, a numb* have al
ready been summoned for pre
liminary physical examination.
Prominent in the youth regimen
tation drive is the new pro-Peron
Union of Secondary Students, which
is bringing every coercive pressure
it can against young people who do
not see eye to eye with it. Others
are various sports organization!
whose activities are frequently at
tended by President Juan D. Peron.
At the same time, the women’s
branch of the Peronista Party has
embarked on a program of socials,
sporting events and cinema treats
designed to attract women and es
pecially children and adolescents.
In addition, Minister of Education
Armando Mendez San Martin has
launched a campaign of young
Sunday, March 6th: 4:00 p.
m.—Capping ceremony, Mount
Carmel Studenr Nurs**, Saint
Joseph Cathedral.
Friday, March 11th: 9:00 a. m.
—Solemn Mast, cornm Episcopo
Saint Charles Seminary, Holy
Father's'Coronation Day.
Thursday, March 17th: 9:30
a. m. Pontifical Mass, Saint
Patrick Church, Columbus, Pa
trona I Feast 7:30 p. m.—Con
firmation, Holy Rosary, Colum
Saturday, March 19—10.00 a.
m.—Pontifical Mass, Saint Jos
eph Cathedral, Feast of St. Jos
Laetare Sunday. March 20th:
10:00 a. m.—Dedication, Saint
Edward Church, Granville 3:00
p. m.—Elementary School Band
Festival, Central High School.
Thursday, March 24: 7:30 p.
m.— Confirmation, Saint John
th* Evangelist, Columbus.
Passion Sunday, Mcrch 27th:
10:00 a. m.—Mass and Confir
mation, London Prison Farm
3:00 p. m. Blessing of Vest
ments and Pontifical Benedic
tion. Tabernacle Society Saint
Joseph Academy.
Tuesday, March 29th: 4:00 p.
m.—Confirmation, Blessed Sac
rament, Newark 7:30 p. m.—
Confirmation, St. Francis do
Sales, Newark.
holic Times
Eight Ohio Bishop* were guests of Bishop Ready at th* Ohio Catholic Welfare Conference meet
ing last week in Columbus. Pictured above, seated lef* to right are, Bishop Ready Archbishop Karl
J. Alter, Cincinnati and Archbishop Edward F. Hoban, Cleveland. Standing, left te right, are. Auxil
iary Bishop Clarence G. Issenman, Cincinnati Auxiliary Bishop Floyd L. Begin, Cleveland Bishop
Emmet M. Walsh, Youngstown Bishop George Rehring, Toledo Auxiliary Bishop Edward G. Hettinger,
Columbus, and Auxiliary Bishop John J. Krol, Cleveland.
Peron’s Campaign for Youth
Seen Dire Threat to Church
SANTIAGO, Chile (NC) Intensive efforts bv the Peron regime to win control of
the nation’s youth are regarded by observers here as one of (he most threatening develop
ments of the Church-state conflict in Argentina.
This far-reaching campaign, which means, in effect, weaning young people from their
women students’ activities which
has Peron’s personal endorsement.
in Buenos Aires, a top center
of indoctrination exists in th*
Peronista Higher School for th*
training of party leaders. It is
open to all. regardless of age
sex or educational qualifications.
According to th* director, Raul A.
Mende, one of th* purposes of
the school is to defend th* doc
trine* of peronismo against
"clerically-inspired political re-
The war “clerical reac
tion” has already ousted more than
100 priests and chaplains from
teaching institutions. One survey
said some 25 professore have been
removed by the government from
the University in Cordoba, tradi
tionally one of the most Catholic
cities in Argentina. A recent re
port disclosed, furthermore, that
priest. Father Quinto Carneluti,
had been arrested there in retalia
tion for organizing a union of Ca
tholic students.
Arrested also during the past
few months have been dozens of
Catholic student* and profes
sional men and women.
Police have repeatedly raided the
headquarters of Catholic youth as.
sociations, such as the Young Ca
tholic Workers and Catholic Action
Youth, as well as various sports
clubs owned by Catholic owners.
In a number of cases students be-
Annual Statement by 6 Ohio Bishops
Outlines Stand on Welfare Problems
tion. Three priests were arrested
in Catamarca province for violating
a police ban on religious proces
sions. Both in Santa Fe and Cor
doba. Catholic clubs have been or
dered closed by the police.
Father James Krause, S.T.D., as
sistant pastor of St. Mary Magda
lene parish and a member of the
longing to Catholic Action have pr jamtt Krause
been arrested for “disturbing the
peace.” faculty of St. Charles Seminary,
This could mean taking part in I will present a series of lessons in
any kind of religious demonstra-“Theology for the Layman,” begin­
Archbishop Muench Asserts:
Denominational Schools
Should Get State Funds
FARGO, N. D. —(NC)— State support for denominational
schools in the United States was advocated this week by
Archbishop Aloisius J. Muench, Bishop of Fargo.
Citing the American tradition of religion as an integral
part of education, the archbishop,
who is serving as papal nuncio to
Germany, declared.
"The time has com* to ask
whether parents have not the
right to have schools that ar* in
harmony with their religious
conviction* without being penal
ized for exercising their rights
to have such schools."
He said he meant “tax-support
ed Catholic schools for Catholic
children and tax-supported Protest
ant schools for Protestant chil
dren.” These could exist side by
side with the public schools, he
If non-Christians cr secular-mind
ed parents want schools without re
ligion for their children, they shall
have them, but they should not
deny schools-of their free choice
to Catholic, Protestant and Jew
ish parents, the Archbishop stated.
"Is it fair if secularist* get
their schools financed by th*
state, whereas other parent*
must shoulder a double burden?"
Present-day parents, Catholic
and non-Catholic, he noted, are
demanding denominational public
schools, Such as are granted to Can
ada and other countries.
To achieve this end, he ex
plained, various mean* er* pro
posed: Remission of taxes to th*
members of th* several church
es for schools of thoir choice. Di­
rect grant* of public funds to
parochial schools of the differ
ent denominations, or to parents
grouped together in association
or corporations for school pur
poses, or to school societies, sim
ilar in purpose to those formed
in the early days of our republic.
No matter what the means, he
said, it is becoming clear with
each passing year that religion
must again have the foremost
place in the schools of the land.
“In effect it means that the doors
of the schools of the nation must
be opened to God,” he said.
For Christian education to be
effective, h* stated, it must be
given a place in the schools.
Posing the question, “What is to
be done?” he urged that the prin
ciple of the separation of Church
and State must again be seen in
its true light in the eyes of the
Founding Fathers. Although the
Founding Fathers wanted no estab
lished Church, they never meant
to divorce religion from education,
the Bishop of Fargo stated.
Second, he said, the parents, not
the state, are the final arbiter of
education. As citizens thej have
the right to expect the help of the
state, so far as this may be neces
sary* for the discharge of their re
sponsibilities in educating their
In recommending that the State
take action against unjust employ­
ment practices, the Bishops cau-
tioned labor and business groups
against unfair practices
While in sympathy with any
effort to remove injustice* in la
bor-management relations, th*
Bishops nevertheless condemn-
‘Theology for Layman’ Series
To Be Televised, Mar. 6-Apr. 3
ning Sunday, Mar 6. on WBNS-TV
at 2:30 p. m.
Father Krause, who received his
doctorate in Theology at the Rom
an University, the Angelicum, has
developed what he refers to as a
“popular approach” to the subject
and assures the timorous that he
will avoid a technical presenta
Employing the visual aids to
which television lends itself, the
program will be designed so as to
be understood by everyone, includ
ing those who have received no for
mal religious education.
The programs, which will run
through Apr. 3, will concern them
selves with five different facets of
Christ's personality: The Goodness
of Christ, His strength, His compas
sion, His own Passion and Death.
The theological doctrine discuss
ed in the series will be arranged
in line with the structure of the
Liturgical Year. For example, the
Passion and Death of Our Lord will
be the topic during Holy Week.
Father Krause is a graduate of
St. Charles Seminary, having re
ceived his B.A. there in 1948. He
then took up his theological studies
at the International University, Fri
bourg. Switzerland, and received
his Licentiate in Sacred Theology
in 1952. He then completed his
studies for his doctorate at the An
gelicum in 1953.
...... .......--o----------------
Holy See Invited to UN
Meet on Crime Prevention
—The Holy See will be invited to
the First United Nations Congress
on the Prevention of Crime and
the Treatment of Offenders which
will draw experts representing 84
governments to Geneva from Au
gust 22 to September 3, 1955.
It Is Time
To Make Your
Easter Duty
Price Ton Cents $3.00 A Year
Issues Include Labor,
Delinquency, Education
In a statement issued at the close of the annual meeting
of the Ohio Catholic Welfare Conference the Bishops of Ohio
prayed God’s blessing upon all citizens of the State and joined
with those in the responsibility of government in a sincere de
sire to promote the spiritual and temporal welfare of all.
The Statement was signed by the Ordinaries of the six
dioceses in Ohio and was issued in the name of all the 2,000.
000 Catholics under their jurisdic
tion. It was made public Friday,
February 25. at the close of a two
day conference which was attend
ed by all the auxiliary Bisnops in
the fields of social welfare, hos
pitals, education, social action,
yo th and the press.
The Statement was signed by
Archbishop Karl J. Alter. Cincin
nati Archbishop-Bishop Edward F.
Hoban. Cleveland Bishop Emmet
M. Walsh, Youngstown Bishop
George Rehring. Toledo Bishop
Michael J. Ready. Columbus, and
Bishop John King Mussio, Steu
Although Bishop Mussio was un
able to be present for the confer
ence. all Auxiliary Bishops were in
attendance. They were Bishop
Floyd Begin and Bishop John J.
Krol, both of Cleveland. Bishop Ed
ward G. Hettinger, Columbus, and
Bishop Clarence G. Issenmann,
ed any attempt to secure a right
to-work lew in OHo.
Also receiving strong approval
was any effort to improve facili
ties and staffs for the care of the
mentally deficient in the state.
In taking not* of increasing
juvenile delinquency, the Bishops
stated that it is being nurtured
by broken homes and by the fact
that in many homes there is no
consistent pattern of life and no
consistent standard of morality
to hold up to the children. The
former Civilian Conservation Corp#
with decentralization was recom
mended as a means of helping de
linquent youth along with mean*
for character development.
Approving the appointment rath
er than the election of a State
Board of Education, the Bishops
said that such a group should rep
present all the citizen* in all
Celling attention to the ex
pense saved by the Stat* by th*
300,000 children i»- school* other
then tax-supported, th* Bishops
asked for a spirit of fair play
end spirit of justice by all
citizens in considering the bur
dens of education. They called
for correction of the inequity
which prohibit* children attend
ing non-tax-supported schools
from receiving the aid of auxili
ary services such as bus trans
The Statement also asked for in
creased aid for the aged, and
said that citizens should be pro
tected from offensive entertain
ment by effective legislation. The
full text of the Statement follows.
issued by
In the name of the Ohio Catho
lic Welfare Conference, the Bish
ops of the respective dioceses of
this State extend cordial greetings
(Continued on Page 2)
Fr. Leonard Fick
To Be Assumption
Forum Speaker
Father Leonard J. Fick, pro
fessor of English and American
Literature at the Pontifical College
Josephinum, will give the next
lecture on the Assumption Forum,
Sunday evening. Mar. 6. at 8 30
p. in St Michael’s school hall.
High St. and Selby Ave., Worthing
Father Fick’s topic will be “Pro
file of a Politician: Fact and Fic
tion.” He will discuss the life of
St. Thomas More one of the out
standing political figures of all
times, as it is portrayed fictionally
today and as he actually lived it
A discussion period will follow
the lecture.
Father Fick, who is editor of the
Josephinum Review, is familiar to
Columbus area audiences for his
book reviews and lectures on a
variety of subjects.
Assumption Forum is sponsored
by Assumption Council, 3727,
Knights of Columbus.
Tickets are available at the door
and the public is invited.
First Ceremony Since Illness
Attending his first ceremony since his grave illness lest De
cember, His Holiness Pop* Pius XII converses with Hi* Eminence
Celso Cardinal Constantini, following a 45-minut* meeting of th*
Sacred Congregation of Rites. The session approved step* toward
th* beatification of the 50 martyred victims of the Chinese Boxer
Rebellion (This is a radio photoj

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