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A Good Catholic
Is a Well.
Informed Catholic
V9I. IV, No. 43
Church-State Pact
1 1 1
Demanded by New
Party in Argentina
BUENOS AIRES (NC) Establishment of a concordat
between the Holy See and the Argentine government to assure
full official recognition of the Church’s rights has been de
manded by a newly-organized political party here.
The demand was contained in an
eleven-point manifesto drawn up by
the Christian Democratic Federal
Union. The Union was the third
Christian Democratic group to
emerge within a week. Earlier
statements came from the newly
organized Christian Democ a i
Party and the Christian Democrat
ic Movement.
Another demand of the newest
Catholic group was for repeal of
the laws legalizing divorce a nd
prostitution which were passed by
the Peron-controlled Congress at
the height of the anti-Church cam
The party also called for the
establishment of voluntary relig
ious education in the public schools,
the abolition of political courses in
the schools, and full freedom of
the press, assembly and labor or
The naw Catholic groups were
organized solely by Catholic lay
men and have no formal ecclesi
astical approval. The Bishops
have made It clear they are keep
ing aloof from all parties, evon
those claiming a Catholic label.
They havo Insisted that they are
above polities, and will defend
the Church’s rights entirely with
in the ecclesiastical sphere.
Meanwhile, the Radical Party,
the chief opposition group, renew
ed previous demands for free ac
cess to the radio and full authority
to hold public meetings. Interior
Minister Oscar Albrieu told them,
however, that “it would not be
auspicious to open this period of
pacification” by violating laws ban
ning public meetings. He said the
Radicals should defer their request
until “a more opportune time.”
Another development was the
announcement that Vice President
Drive for Christian
Social Order Aim
Of Groups at Rio
tical concerted action toward a
Christian social order on the part
of all branches of society was
urged in resolutions adopted here
by the conference of international
Catholic Organizations.
Four hundred Catholic leaders
from virtually all of the Americas
and from many European coun
tries called for practical study and
action on the social question, with
wider preaching of the Church’s
social doctrines in each country.
They said this basic program
should aim at:
1. Living conditions suited to the
dignity of human beings,
2. A social order favorable to
Christian living, and
3. Equal opportunity for each
person to fulfill his individual
Rear Admiral Alberto Teissaire,
said to be a freemason, had re
signed as head of the Peronist Par
ty. The announcement came after
President Peron disclosed that he
was stepping down as head of the
peronist revolution to become “the
President of all Argentines,
friends and foes.”
The seething unrest that has
characterized the political scene
in recent weeks was also reflect
ed in violent incidents In the
In the downtown area, a time
bomb was set off in front of a
peronist political school. Soon af
terwards, radio stations denounced
the “waves of rumors” which they
said were being circulated in the
city about the Peron government.
On the following day, a panic
was caused when a 22-year-old man
was fatally wounded by gunfire as
Radical Party supporters paraded
through the theater district. Hun
dreds fled in terror.
In the Church-state relations, the
only new development was the an
nouncement read at Masses that
the Buenos Aires archdiocese itself
and not the government would re
build the Chancery office and the
adjacent residence of His Eminence
Santiago Luis Copello which were
burned and looted by anti-Catho
lic mobs during the revolt.
The announcement sold the
Church had agreed only under
protest to the reconstruction by
the government of the Metropol!
tan Cathedral and ton other
churches which had suffered at
the hands of the mobs.
The reason for this attitude, the
announcement said, was that the
Church officials were reluctant to
have the government repair the
buildings, due to “the circumstanc
es under which the sacred pre
cincts were destroyed.”
Diocese of Columbus
Official School Calendar
Wednesday, August 31—Principals and Teachers Meeting.
Wednesday, August 31—Community Supervisors and Diocesan
Consultants Meeting.
Thursday, September 1—Principals and Teachers Meeting.
Tuesday, September 6—Elementary Schools Open.
Wednesday, September 7—High Schools Open.
Wednesday, October 12—Columbus Day (No class).
Wednesday, October 12—School Lunch Workshop.
Friday, October 21—End of First six-week period (34 days).
Wednesday, October 26—Achievement Test (All elementary
Week of October 30—“National Catholic Youth Week.”
Tuesday, November 1—All Saints Day (No class).
Friday, November 11—Armistice Day (No class).
Wednesday, November 23—Thanksgiving Vacation (Noon clos
Thursday, November 24—Thanksgiving Day (No class).
Friday, November 25—Thanksgiving Vacation (No class).
Friday, December 2—End of Second six-week period ,(27 days).
Thursday, December 8—Immaculate Conception (No class).
Thursday, December 22—Christmas Vacation (Noon closing).
Tuesday, January 3—Classes resume.
Monday, January 23—Semester Examinations begin—Elementary
and High Schools.
Friday, January 27—End of First Semester (No class), (32 days).
Wednesday, February 22—Washington’s Birthday (No class).
Thursday, March 1—High School Registration Survey.
Friday, March 9—End of Fourth six-week period (30 days).
Sunday, March 11—Elementary Music Festival (Laetare Sunday).
Monday, March 12—Holy Father’s Day.
Wednesday, March 28—Easter Vacation (Noon closing).
Tuesday, April 3—Classes resume.
Friday, April 6—High School Registration Day.
Friday, April 20—End of Fifth six-week period (27 days).
Wednesday, April 25—Achievement Test (All elementary schools).
Saturday,—Semi-final Spelling Bee (Date to be announced).
Saturday—Spelling Bee Finals (Date to be announced).
Week of May 6—First Grade Registration.
Thursday, May 10—Ascension Day (No class).
Wednesday, May 30—Decoration Day (No class).
Monday, June 4—Examination Week.
Thursday, June 7—Closing of High Schools.
Friday, June 8—Closing of Elementary Schools (34 days).
This Calendar calls for 180 days in the High School and
Elementary School. This includes legal holidays.
Church-State Issue
Separation Doctrine Not Rigid,
State Official Avers in Ruling
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. (NC) It is the opinion of
California’s Attorney General that the doctrine of separation
of church and state rests upon “a not inflexible general prin
ciple rather than upon a rigid concept of absolute disassocia
California Attorney General Edmund G. Brown said this
in an opinion signed by himself 1
and Deputy Attorney General
George G. Grover on the use of
public school property for religious
purposes. The opinion also com
mented on the question of whether
a county could sell or lease proper
ty acquired from the United States
Government to a religious organiza
"The courts have frequently
observed that there is a 'wall of
still Unknown
week after the Hungarian gov
ernment had announced the
conditional release of His Em
inence Josef Cardinal Mind
szenty, the prelate’s where
abouts and condition remain
ed a deep mystery.
There was no indication that the
Cardinal had been able to contact
the Holy See—considered here to
be an initial act if he were really
free—or fellow members in the
College of Cardinals in the free
Attempts by reporters to reach
the Cardinal have failed. A tele
phone call to the primate’s res
idence at Esztergom met with a
reply that the Cardinal "Is not
here and we don't know where
he is."
Catholic officials here are still
skeptical about the Hungarian gov
ernment’s report.
They recalled the words of a Vat
ican broadcast last December com
menting on reports that Cardinal
Mindszenty would be released at
that time.
“We will not believe any reports
about Cardinal Mindszenty’s re
lease,” the broadcast said, “until
he can preach again in the Eszter
gom basilica, until he can sign the
pastorals of the Hungarian hier
archy, until he can again freely
visit the Holy See.”
Budapest Catholics contacted
from here are unanimous in de
claring that the announcement
of the release of Cardinal Minds
zenty was a ruse, conceived in
Moscow, for the purpose of soft
ening the Western attitude at
the Geneva conference. The
Cardinal's status as a prisoner is
believed to be practically un
This view is corroborated by
newly increased aggressiveness of
Hungarian propaganda for home
consumption. Not for a long time
has the Hungarian press made such
vigorous attacks on the Church,
clergy and “religious reactionaries”
as in the last few days.
separation' between church and
state," said the opinion, "and yet
it Is clear that in meny situations
church and state do come into
direct contact." As examples of
such contect, the jurists noted
that religious organizations, like
other organizations, are subject
to the police power of the state
end church buildings must -con
form to building safety regula
tions. On the other hand, the
same religious orgenizations get
police and fire protection, mail
service and other benefits.
On the specific questions on
which it was asked to give an opin
ion the Attorney General’s office
concluded that “voluntary student
religious associations may hold
their meetings on a school campus,
provided there is no interference
with the regular educational pro
gram of the school.”
The opinion said that short-term
leases of school property for peri
ods of a few hours each day “are
not authorized.” It then cited a
section of the California Education
Code that made possible the leas
ing of school property on a long
term basis where the property is
not needed at all for educational
According to the Attorney Gen
eral’s opinion, “there are no con
stitutional objections to sale or
lefee of public property to relig
ious organizations for religious or
other proper purposes, provided le
gal sale or leasing procedures are
complied with, and provided the
property is not needed for public
purposes .”
There are three general tests
which may be applied to a situation
involving alleged governmental as
sistance to religion, said Brown.
The three tests, which the jurist
says “seem to be consistent with
the body of case law already devel
oped” are these:
“First, is the particular govern
mental act or assistance which is in
question to non-religious groups on
the same basis on which is propos
ed it be granted to religious organ
“Second, would absolute relig
ious neutrality on the part of the
government in a particular situa
tion have the effect of interfering
with free exercise of religion?
“Third, does a particular state
action benefiting religion have the
effect of casting a financial burden
upon the state?”
y. i
Columbus 16, Ohio, Friday, July 29,1955
dared here this week.
The prelate urged that this fact
be stressed to U. S. Government
leaders, asking the Government to
use part of the money spent on
the U. S. information agencies to
aid the relief agencies.
He is Bishop Leonard G. Ray
mond of Allahbad, India, who
made his suggestion in a letter of
thanks to Msgr. Edward E Swan
strom, executive director of CRS
Bishop Raymond told Monsignor
Swanstrom that through the gen
erosity of American Catholics who
contribute to CRS-N.C.W.C., the
Church of India “stands out as an
agency that seeks the well-being
of the people of India, that is
anxious to lift them up body and
soul, that is engaged in the task of
reconstruction regardless of caste
or creed.”
Referring to the effect the food
supplies have on the present cli
mate of India, Bishop Raymond
Father Applegate, dioeesen *u-
Bishops to Plan
New Marian
Congress in ’58
ROME (NC).— Father
Charles Balic, O.F.M., presi
dent of the International Mar
ian Academy, has announced
here that the first definite
steps in preparation for a new
Marian International Congress
will be made when he meets
with Bishop Pierre M. Theas
of Tarbes and Lourdes and Bishop
Roger Michon of Chartres in Sep
The projected congress will be
held at Lourdes in 1958 on the
occasion of the centenary of the
apparition of the Blessed Virgin
to St. Bernadette. At the Septem
ber meeting, Father Balic said,
there will be drawn up the first
broad plans for organization and
The Mario-Mariological Congress
at Lourdes, like a similar congress
held in Rome in the Fall of 1954
to mark the end of the Marian
Year, will have two phases.
The first phase win be Mario
logical, in which there will be a
scientific study of the doctrines
and devotions that pertain to the
Blessed Virgin Mary. The second
phase will serve as a public dem
onstration of devotion to the
Blessed Virgin.
Father Balic said the theme of
the congress, which is subject to
the approval of the host-Bishops,
may be the Queenship of Mary.
holic Times
Seated on the pontifical throne, His Eminence Benedetto Aloisi Cardinal Masella,
Papal Legate, presides at the formal opening of the 36th World Eucharistic Congress in
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, attended by pilgrims from 30 nations. Standing to the right is a
Swiss Guard who accompanied the prelate from Rome. Others are unidentified.
Catholic Relief Groups Cited
As Best U.S. Propagandists
NEW YORK (NC) Food supplies sent by such American agencies as Catholic Re
lief Services National Catholic Welfare Conference are doing a much better propaganda
job for the United States than are “the official organs of publicity,” an Indian Bishop de-
"At present, the Church In
India is under a cloud foreign
missionaries ere sternly dis
couraged Christian activities are
frowned upon in parts (of
India) there is harrassment of
and its etho*. Undar the circum
stances, the Church must alter
her program, must work for the
future rather than the present
and in her policy, the appeal of
charity must continue, soliciting
♦he hearts of Indians despite
♦heir opposition to her. This has
been possible only with your
Of the propaganda value of food
and relief programs, the Bishop
said “the communists have so con
ditioned the minds of most Indians
that official American publicity
falls on them like water on
duck's back.
“But the publicity you make is
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13 Named to Lay Groundwork
For White House Conference
Thirteen Ohioans will attend
county meetings in preparation for
the White House Conference in No-
vember, Father C. Bennett Apple
gat announced this week.
The group will discuss Catholic
education questions and bring back
conclusions to the second Ohio
White House Conference to be held
in Columbus in late September.
Holy Father’s Radio Talk Climaxes
International Eucharistic Congress
perintendenf of schools, is a
member of the state committee
of th* Ohio Whit* Hous* Confer
ence, having been named to th*
post earlier this year by Gover
nor Lausch*. Th* stat* commit
tee set up th* agenda for dis
cussion* of educational problem*
at a conference last week in Co
Named as delegates to confer
ences on the county level were Mrs.
Stephen Jajubowski of Cleveland.
Mrs. Pauline Von Schullick of
Youngstown, Mrs. Walter Sneider
of Fremont, Mrs. Fred Bohn of
Zanesville, and Mrs. Alexander
Glockner of Columbus, all repre
senting Parent-Teacher Ass 0 i a
Delegates representing organiza
tions are Father John Staunton, ex
ecutive secretary of the Ohio Cath
olic Welfare Conference Father
William Franer of Cincinnati, of
the Department of Education of the
OCWC, and Sister Thomas Aquin,
of St. Mary of the Springs College,
representing the Ohio unit of the
National Catholic Education Associ
Delegates representing school*
are Father Benedict Dobran
cln, O.S.B., principal of Benedic
tine High School, Cleveland Fa
ther Glenn Holdbrook, principal
of Ursuline High School, Youngs
town Father Omer Schroeder of
St. Charles High School, Colum
bus and Sister Evelyn, O.P., prin
cipal of Holy Name School, Steu
Also named was Father Raymond
A. Etzel of Sandusky.
County conferences will consider
six major areas of school problems.
The questions are:
What should our schools accom
plish? How can we organize our
schools more efficiently and eco
nomically? What are our school
building needs? How can we get
enough good teachers and keep
them? How can we finance our
schools—build and operate them?
How can we obtain a continuing
public interest in education?
ft ft
ed in the great Congress Square
and in neighboring parks and ave
nues, greeted with resounding
cheers a special radio message of
His Holiness Pope Pius XII to the
36th International Eucharistic Con-
Other millions listened to the
Holy Father’s words in their homes
and in restaurants, stores and vari
ous other public places throughout
the entire country.
Th* Pope's talk, delivered in
Portuguese, climaxed the clos-
ing events of the great Eucharis
tic tribute which had brought to
Rio 20 Cardinals and great num
bers of Archbishops, Bishops,
priests and faithful from all parts
of the world.
It voiced the Pontiff s deep sat
isfaction over the edifying display
of fervor which had been shown
by the people of this traditionally
Catholic country during the week
of Eucharistic homage.
Holy Communion is a source of
unity and life and furnishes the
“invincible armor of Christian
fighters,” the Pope declared in his
radio address.
“Wherever the palms of martyr
dom grow thickly, what source of
happiness it is for confessors of
the Faith to be able to get close
to Christ through the Sacrament,”
he declared.
Voicing his paternal pleasure at
the inspiring demonstrations of de-
Released Time Classes
Held Answer to Lack of
Sound Moral Training
CHICAGO—(NC)—A U.S. Senator, commenting on the
principle in public education not to teach any particular type
of religion, said “We seem in our schools to have gone to a
ridiculous extent ... the other way in not having basic moral
ideas taught to our kids.”
Senator Estes Kefauver of Tennessee made this comment
after hearing testimony here by Auxiliary Bishop Bernard J.
Sheil of Chicago before the Senate
Subcommittee on Juvenile Delin
Asked by the Senator to express
his opinion on the matter. Bishop
Sheil said that one of the things
that is “essential and necessary”
is that all religious groups take
advantage of released time in
struction. (Under the “released
time” program schools permit a
certain period each week when
students are allowed to attend
religion classes. The permission of
the parents is necessary before the
students are allowed to leave the
schools to attend such classes.)
Bishop Shiel said the religious
groups should not expect the child
to come to them but should go to
the child “and in that way estab
lish a personal contact.” When
that personal contact is made, the
prelate said, “then it would be
possible to inculcate these very
definite moral values that are es
sential for right living.”
Senator Kefauver expressed
great concern over Bishop
House Group
Okays Public
School Aid Bill
The House Education and La
bor Committee has approved
a bill which would set up a
Federal-State four-year, $1.6
billion program of construc
tion aid for public schools.
The legislation provide* that a
State would be eligible for an
outright grant with it* share de
termined by it* total school-age
population. The funds would be
given on a 50-50 matching basis.
In addition to the direct grants
in-aid to the State, the bill provides
for federal purchase of up to $750
million in school bonds from school
districts if the individual district
isn’t able to acquire funds at a
reasonable interest rate.
The bill, which restricts the
funds to the construction of pub
lic schools alone, he* gone to th*
Rules Committee, and if cleared
there, will be debated on th*
House floor.
An anti-segregation amendment
to the measure, cause of a fist
fight between two Congressmen
during a closed session, was de
feated. The amendment would have
barred Federal funds to States or
school districts which practice ra
cial segregation.
Shell's reference to a survey
made by The New York Times
few years ago which disclosed
that two-thirds of 50,000 high
school students queried hed
never heard of the Ten Com
“I appreciate the principle in
our public education system
of not teaching any creed or any
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Most Powerful Weapon
In Battle for Peace
Is Prayer
Price Ten Cents $3.00 A Yeer
1,500,000 Attend Rally
Eisenhower Sends Note
RIO DE JANEIRO (NC) A-----------------------------------------------------
million and a half faithful, gather­
votion to Christ in the Eucharist
here, the Pope called for an even
deeper study of Its mysteries to
carry the Eucharistic light and
heat into a world darkened by ig
norance and frozen by indifferent
The Pontiff declared that the
Mass, which renews the Sacrifice
of Calvary hundreds of thousands
of times each day, renders infinite
ly greater glory to God than even
the most advanced science seeking
to penetrate the mysteries of the
"Through the Eucharistic Sac
rifice the earth, which is a mere
speck in the universe, is trans*
Hopes that the Eucharistic Con
gress would inspire men every
where to pray for peace were
expressed by President Eisen
hower a message received
during the great celebration
The President said he hoped
the Congress “will inspire in all
of you and men of other creeds
who learn of your deliberations
the determination to work with
renewed devotion for a just
peace in the world.”
“Those who exercise spiritual
leadership in free nations,” the
President added, “constitute a
great force which can do much
to further this cause.”
In a message of reply, Jaime
Cardinal de Barros Camara,
Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro,
thanked President Eisenhower
and said that Catholics all over
the world would pray for a
peace ‘without rancor or hatred,
a peace which the world does
not know—the peace of Christ.”
formed into an immense thurible
that rises through specs in infi*
nite glory to the Creator," ho
The Pope called on his listeners
to become heralds and apostles of
the Eucharistic King and “make
the wonders of His love known
He asked particularly those from
countries in whose sky the south
ern cross shines to return to their
homes “determined to be always
and everywhere paladins of the
Eucharistic King in their indi
vidual, family, social and publie
lives—so that the Redeemer and
the Divine King may reign not only
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Only 39 More Days
Young Jack Ryan, who will enter th* third grade at Holy
Rosary this fall, checks the calendar to see just how many day* of
summer vacation ar* left. Hi* dog, Baron, is interested in th* count,
too. Jack is th* son of Mr. and Mrs. Jack Ryan, 540 Bulen Av*.
The end of summer vacation for more than 25,000 Catho
lic youngsters in the Columbus Diocese was in sight this week,
as the calendar of activities for the 1955-56 school year was
Tuesday. Sept. 6 was designated
as the first day of school for ele
mentary school students, in the
180-day calendar made public by
Father C. Bennett Applegate, dio
cesan superintendent of schools.
Catholic high schools will open
the following day.
The schedule call* for three
vacation* and seven day* off.
Free dey* ar* Ail Saint* Dey,
Nov. 1, th* Feast of th* Im
maculate Conception, Dec. 8
Ascension Day, May 10 Colum
bus Dey, Oct. 12 Armistice Dey,
Nov. 11 Washington's birthday,
Feb. 22, and Memorial Day,
May 30.
The Thanksgiving vacation ex
tends from noon Wednesday Nov.
23 to the following Monday, while
the Christinas holidays are sched
uled from noon, Dec. 22 to Jan. 3.
Easter vacation is set from noon
Wednesday, March 28 to Tuesday,
April 3.
Among the highlights of the
schedule are the Principals and
Teachers meeting, Aug. 31-Sept. 1,
and the Community Supervisor!
and Diocesan Consultants Meet
ing. Aug. 31. Both sessions will be
held at St. Mary of the Springs.
Other important dates include
the observance of National Catho
lic Youth Week, beginning Oct. 30
semester examinations, Jan. 23
the annual elementary school mu
sic festival, March 11 and Holy
Father’s Day, March 12. Observed
in diocesan schools for the first
time last year, Holy Father’s Day
is a day set aside in which all
school children will offer prayers
for the Pope.
High schools will close June T,
and elementary schools a day

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