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A Good Catholic
Is a Well-
Informed Catholic
Vol. IV, No. 51
The occasion marked the first
time that the Cardinal, who is
75, and has been ailing for a
long time, went on the air since
Peron initiated his anti-Church
campaign last November by ac
cusing some Bishops and priests
of “plotting” against the state.
The Cardinal’s appeal was heard
after jubilant anti-peronist demon
strators had heard a statement by
Peron declaring that “if my spirit
as a fighter impels me to the
fight (against the insurgents), my
Father Claiborne Lafferty
law for seven years in Little Rock,
Ark., before answering the call to
the priesthood.
Ordained in Rome in 1935, he
received his degree in theology
from the Gregorian University in
Rome. He took his graduate stud­
Upon his roloaso, Father Gor
don telephoned his brothor, Wil
liam F. Gordon, of 2317 Wood
ward Ave,, to toll him that ho
wjs wall and safe and that ho
hoped to leave for the United
States within a few days.
In Columbus, the veteran mis
sionary also will visit his two sis­
Cardinal Calls on Argentines
To Work for Peace as Peron
Resigns 9-Year Dictatorship
BUENOS AIRES (NC) Argentine Catholics were urged to work for peace in their
country in the wake of President Juan D. Peron’s forced resignation after a nine-year dicta
torial rule marked by the suppression of constitutional freedoms.
The call came from His Eminence Santiago Luis Cardina Copello, Archbishop of Buenos
Aires, who spoke over the state!
radio after a military junta had
been named to negotiate with in
surgent leaders who had raised the
standard of revolt tn strategic cen
ters throughout the provinces.
“In the name of Jesus Christ, the
Prince of Peace, Who is dominant
in the hearts of the Argentines.”
Cardinal Copello declared, “we ask
that all sectors, take attitudes that
may be necessary to attain peace
and fraternal union for the welfare
of the people and the glory of the
patriotism and my love for the
people induce me to resign.”
The President's statement was
broadcast by his chief of the “Com
mand of Repression,” General
Franklin Lucero, who also tender
ed his own “irrevocable” resigna
tion as Minister of the Army.
There were many conflicting re
ports meanwhile as to the where
abouts of the ousted chief execu
tive who weeks earlier had made
what was obviously a spurious of
fer to resign, since it was immedi
ately followed by a mass demon
stration of loyalty by the General
Confederation of Labor, long one
of his main pillars of support
The new army government took
measures to tighten their control
on the capital after reports that
leaders of the peronist labor organ
ization were planning to call a
general strike in support of Peron.
It was recalled that such a strike
was staged in 1945 to restore the
Presidetn to power after a malitary
clique had jailed him.
Coming almost throe months
Seminary Professor to Speak
At Annual DCCW Meet Oet. 11
Father Claiborne Lafferty, professor at St. John’s Home
Missions Seminary, Little Rock. Ark. will speak at the tenth
annual convention of the Columbus Diocesan Council of Catho
lic Women Oct. 11. Father Lafferty will address the group
on the topic, “The Pope and His
People.” at the evening banquet
in the Neil House.
A graduate of Georgetown Uni
versity, he became a member of
the bar of the Supreme Court of
the United States and practiced
ies in canon law at Atheneum.
earning the degree of Doctor of
Laws (canon and civil).
The first American to occupy
a chair at the Lateran Univer
sity, Father Lafferty has lived in
Rome as a layman, seminarian,
priest, graduate student and pro
fessor. At present he divides his
year between lecturing in the
Lateran's Pontifical Atheneum
of Both Laws and duties in his
home diocese, where he was for
merly Officials of the diocese
and is now a professor in St,
John's Seminary.
Father Lafferty knows Rome as
a Roman knows it, but sees it and
describes it as an American. With
a hundred personalized details he
allows the listener to draw close
to Pope Pius XII as he really is—
a wonderfully likeable person as
W’ell as a world figure.
He passes on to others the ef
fect of living in familiar day-to
day contact with the men who
live around the Pope and carry
out his wishes In the governing
of the Church. He takes his au
dience on a conducted tour of
the Vatican.
During the Holy Year he was di
rector of the special office for pil
grims set up by the North Amer
ican College in Rome. In this ca
pacity he arranged audiences with
the Pope for 82,000 Americans.
Fr. Gordon, One of 3 Priests
Freed by Reds, to Visit Here
Fr. Frederick Gordon Fr. Joseph Hyde
Father Frederick A. Gordon, OP., freed Saturday by the Chinese Reds, is expected to
visit relatives in Columbus within the next several weeks.
The 57-year-old Dominican, who has served since 1926 as a missionary in China, was
one of three American priests released by the Communists as a result of the ambassadorial
talks at Geneva Freed at the same
time were Father Joseph E. Hyde
of Lowell, Mass and Father James
G. Joyce of Clinton. Mass. All three
studied for the priesthood at St.
Joseph Priory, Somerset.
ters, Sister Virginia, OJ*., vicar
general of St. Mary of the Springs,
and Sister Mary Edmund. O.P., of
St. Francis School, and two nieces.
Sister Miriam, O.P., principal of
St. Gabriel’s School, and Sister
Mary Frederick, OJ5., of Holy
Spirit School.
Sunday's phone call from Hong
Kong Was only the third time since
August, 1953. that relatives had
heard from Father Gordon. He was
allowed to write only two letters
during that period. In the last
to the day after the abortive re
volt on June 16, the new upris
ing served to point up Peron's
failure to live up to the promises
he had made to restore the con
stitutional liberties his regime
had so long denied.
In the eyes of most anti-peron
ists, the rebels had taken up arms
against injustices and abuses in
the political and economic fields.
Another factor in the struggle
was the relentless campaign which
the Peron regime had waged
against the Catholic Church in an
effort to weaken its prestige and
influence in a country which is
more than -90 per cent Catholic.
Many of the insurgent army
leaders are loyal and practising
Catholics, who have more than
once made it clear that they op
posed Peron's anti-religious mea
Anti Peron sentiment had grown
steadily among the mass of Cath
olic citizens since the looting and
burning of Catholic churches by
peronist mobs in the wake of the
June revolt. Nor had they forgot
ten the burning of the national
flag by peronist agents who had
hoped to foist the blame on Catho
Prayer for Peace
Tn answer to many requests, the
Times is printing below a copy of
the “Prayer for Peace” said af
ter all Low Masses. It is suggest
ed that the prayer be clipped
from the paper and placed in a
prayer book for future use
Almighty and Eternal Fa
ther, God of wisdom and mer
cy, Whose power exceeds all
force of arms and Whose pro
tection is the strong defense of all
who trust in Thee. I enlighten and
direct, we beseech Thee, those
who bear the heavy responsibility
of government throughout the
world in these days of stress and
trial. Grant them the strength to
stand firm for what is right I and
the skill to dispel the fears that fo
ment discord I inspire them to be
mindful of the horrors of atomic
war for victor and vanquished
alike, to seek conciliation in
truth and patience, to see in ev
ery man a brother I that the
people of all nations may, I in our
day, I enjoy the blessings of a
just and lasting peace.
Conscious 'of our own unworthi
ness. I we implore Thy mercy on a
sinful world in the name of Thy
Divine Son, the Prince of Peace,
and through the intercession of
His Blessed Mother and all the
Queen of All Saints, pray for us.
Queen of the Holy Rosary, pray
for us.
Queen of Peace, pray for us
Imprimatur: Michael J. Ready
Bishop of Columbus
Fh. James Joyce
letter, which arrived six weeks ago,
Father Gordon gave no indication
that he knew' he was about to be
Describing treatment at the
hands of the Communists during
his 25 months of “house arrest,"
Father Gordon told newsmen
Sunday that he was confined to
a room 10 foot square in the
servants' quarters of a church
compound. During the last two
months, the Reds allowed him to
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1 he Kolic Times
eftt.mBUS 10 _____________________________
Columbui 16, Ohio, Friday, Saptombar 23,1955
Britain* Feel
Russians Gain
By ‘New Look’
LONDON (NC) British
Catholics are anxiously watch
ing the wholesale resurrection,
backed by infectious propagan
da, of the Red Haze which be
fogged the West into surrend
ering East Europe into com
Russia, as 1945 ally in the vic
tory against Hitler, used its tern
porary popularity disastrously It
took every advantage of its posi
tion to subjugate a large portion of
the Christian world and to
strengthen its position everywhere
Today many Catholics feel Russia
is trying to repeat that success
with its most skillful move since
the war.
As far as Britain is concerned,
Moscow's latost triumph is th*
London Government's formal in
vitation to Marshal Bulganin and
communist chief Nikita Krus
chev to visit this country early
next year.
The communist leaders, as Tito
before them, will receive every
honor as heads of state They will
be officially received by the
Queen, the Government and no
doubt by the Protestant State
An instance of the growth of
I »-Russian feeling, many people
feel, took place at Blackpool, main
vacation outlet on the Lancashire
coast for the booming industrial
north Jacob Malik. Soviet Ambass
ador in London turned the switch
that lighted the annual autumnal
display of electric illuminations
He was standing under a big Red
Flag before the cameras of the
national television network. Ham
mer and sickle emblems were
sprinkled liberally in the miles of
lighting along the floodlighted
ather C. A. Curran
To Teach at Loyola
U. in Chicago
Father Charles A. Curran, for
mer professor of psychology at St.
Charles Seminary, has accepted a
full professorship in the Depart
ment of Psychology at Loyola Uni
versity, Chicago.
Father Curran recently com
pleted a year of teachhM at the
University of Louvain, Belgium.
He was president of the American
Catholic Psychological Association
in 1953-54.
Author of several books on coun
selling, Father Curran was a mem
ber of the faculty at St. Charles
Seminary from 1941 until 1954
when he was granted a year’s
leave-of-absence to teach at Lou
He received his master’s degree
and his doctorate in psychology
at Ohio State University, and has
done research work at the Univer
sity of Toronto and at Catholic
Father Curran was ordained by
the late Bishop Hartley in March.
Archbishop Amleto Giovanni Cicognani
took office after thp suicide of
President Getulio Vargas on Aug
24. 1954.
Catholic voters meanwhile have
been asked by His Eminence Jaime
Cardinal de Barros Camara, Arch
bishop of Rio de Janeiro, to offer
special pre election prayers for
“peace and understanding” among
all citizens in the present critical
In a circular letter addressed
to the diocesan and regular clergy,
the Cardinal said there is no secret
about the “darkness and confusion
of the current political-social at
mosphere,” although, fortunately,
conditions had not yet become
alarming or desperate.
“As Brazilians and Catholics,” he
added, “we have the obligation of
contributing our share to public
tranquility. And since prayer is
one of the means we all have to
obtain from God the grace of peace
and harmony among citizens, we
urge that prayers for this intention
be offered in all parish churches
»nd convents.”
The names of four presidential
candidates will appear on the bal
lots in what is expected to be the
biggest turn out of voters in Bra
zil’s history. Until now voting has
been the privilege of citizens of
18 and over, but it now is a mat
ter of compulsion. Signed by Pres-
U.S. Europe Relations
Should Have Spiritual
Basis, Pontiff Declares
ROME (NC) True collaboration between Europe and
America should be founded upon spiritual values and be guid
ed oy Christian truths, His Holiness Pope Pius XII told the
Congress of European-American Associations.
The Holy Father stressed that
collaboration requires a more sol
id basis than exchange of informa
tion, merely intellectual under
standing, or a desire to obtain ma
terial advantages.
He urged the delegates to stimu
late those influences that promote
the moral and spiritual progress
Requiem Offered
For Sr, Olinda, 87
Monsignor William E. Kappes,
chaplain of St. Vincent Orphanage,
offered a Requiem Mass Monday
in the chapel at the institution for
Sister M. Olinda, O.S.F., 87. who
died Saturday.
An invalid for the past ten years.
Sister Olinda had previously served
as a nurse at the orphanage where
she was stationed for 35 years.
She was born in Germany in 1868
and came to this country shortly
after taking her final vows in
1892 Upon her arrival in this
country. Sister Olinda was first
stationed at St. Vincent’s.
A short time later she was sent
to St. Joseph Hospital, Alliance,
Nebr., where she studied for an
RN degree. She worked at St. Jos
eph’s and at Sacred Heart Hos
pital, Minot, N.D., for many years
before returning to St. Vincent’s.
She is survived by a nephew,
Bernard Bogert, in Germany.
of Western peoples and keep West
ern civilization from declining into
Discussing American postwar
aid to Europe, the Pope said “we
should like to believe that these
measures beyond their eco-,
nomic significance and beyond
th* eloquent testimony of inter
national solidarity that they have
furnished will prepare for the
unfolding of a higher conception
of men and human society."
Pointing out the need to base
genuine collaboration upon moral
and spiritual principles, Pope Pius
said “the civilization of Western
peoples cannot decline into a ma
terialism that at least implicitly
finds its ideal in the enjoyment of
the comforts of existence. On the
contrary it must dedicate itself to
liberating spiritual values which
are so bitterly opposed many
modern institutions.”
“Certainly there are not lacking
on both sides of the Atlantic men
anxious to meet as faithfully as
possible the demands of their con
science and to let justice and char
ity reign in their own surround
ings. It is they who must act, and
we believe that basic Christian
truths constitute the force best
capable of furnishing theoretical
principles and practical means for
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U.S. Apostolic Delegate Notes
Golden Jubilee of Ordination
Sound Rule, End of Corruption
Main Issues in Brazilian Election
RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil (NC) The preservation of democratic rule and an end
to the political corruption of the past 25 years are the biggest issues at stake in Brazil’s com
ing presidential election.
On October 3. the voters of this country, which has more Catholics than any other na
tion in the world, will choose a successor to Joao Cafe Filho. former Vice President, who
ident Cafe, last month is a law—
one of the most drastic of its kind
in the western hemisphere—which
imposes severe penalties on vot
ers who dodge their responsibili
Th* fevered candidate, both
th* eyes of Catholics and th*
Army It was th* Army which
forced President Vargas to re
sign, in protest against his ty
rannical and demagogic rule—is
General Juarez Tavora, 56, who
is described as "a 100 per cent
practising Catholic" and a man
of unimpeachable moral charac
General Tavora heads the Move
ment of National Renovation which
is dedicated to ridding the coun
try of political corruption. Its plat
form includes the defense of the
family, administrative reform, the
strengthening of local government,
and the “moralization” of public
life. General Tavora took part in
the bloodless coup last year which
forced President Vargas to resign.
General Tavora’s strongest op
ponent appears to be Juscelino
Kutitschek, 54, ex-governor of the
state of Minas Geraes. who has the
backing of the Brazilian Socialist
Party, the Republican Party, and
the Labor Party, to which Presi
dent Vargas belonged. Of Czecho
slovak origin, he has been charged
with seeking to follow in the foot
steps of the dead dictator. His fol
lowing is said to include commun
ists and prominent businessmen
who grew rich under the nine-year
DENNISON More than
700 members of Immaculate
Conception parish participated
in the 17th annual procession
for peace that was conducted
through the twin cities of Den
nison and Urichsville, Sunday,
Sept- 11.
The procession, which was form
ed following a Solemn Mass offer
ed in Immaculate Conception
But the Holy Father also trace'
Archbishop Cicdgnani's varied
service to the Church in other im
portant offices before he came to
the United States, and says:
“Ever since you began to offer
the Holy Sacrifice, you have been
performing, with singular piety,
prudence and ability, responsible
tasks which have been of useful
ness to the Church and this Apos
tolice See.”
Pope Pius mentions specially
the phenomenal growth the Church
has enjoyed in the United States
during the time Archbishop Cicog
nani has been the representative
of the Holy Father in this country.
“Twenty-two years ago, you
wore elevated to the archiopis-
Vargas regime.
Informed sources have predicted
that if Kutitschek wins the presi
dency, the army—whose generals
include some outstanding Catholics
—may again step into the picture
It is felt that if the Army could
not tolerate the late President Ver
gas. it could hardly put up with a
revival of “Vargaism” in the per
sons of two of his most aggressive
supporters Kutitschek, and his
running mate, Joas Goulart. The
latter, another friend of President
Peron. was allegedly chosen by
President Vargas to put into ef
fect a projected plan to create a
workers’ republic in Brazil.
27 to Be Ordained
Deacons in Rites at
The Josephinum
Twenty-seven seminarians at the
Pontifical College Josephinum will
be raised to the diaconate in cere
monies in the seminary chapel,
Saturday morning. Auxiliary Bish
op Hettinger of Columbus will pre
side at the rites scheduled to take
place at 8:45 a. m.
The newly ordained deacons rep
resent eight different states and
upon completion of their studies
will go to 17 dioceses. Three of
them are members of the Pontifical
Institute of Foreign Missions.
In addition. 15 seminarians will
receive the minor order of Ton
Twin-Cities Hold Annual Procession for Peace
Th* 17th annual procession for peace was conducted lest week through th* twin cities of Den*
niton and Urichsviltle with mor* than 700 members of Immaculate Conception perish taking part.
Th* highlight of th* procession was th* float pictured above. Seated on th* float are, left to right,
Rosemary Gardina, with attendants Margaret Green, Audrey Sidoti, Lillian Mangon and Carol Pilati.
Members of th* color guard are, left to right, Paul Stratton, John Oliver, Robert Heil, Lester Car
rothers, Herb Still and Joseph Armbruster.
Church wound through the busi
ness districts of both cities while
participants sang hymns of praise
to Our Lady and recited the Ros
The cross-bearer and acolytes
led the procession followed by a
color guard. Many religious and
civic groups made up the proces
sion including members of the al
tar and Holy Name Societies, boy
and girl scouts, the St Mary choir
Moat Powerful Weapon
In Battle for Peace
Is Prayer
Price Ton Confs $3.00 A Year
WASHINGTON (NC) His Holiness Pope Pius XII has
untten to the Apostolic Delegate to the United States wishing
him many mote years “abounding in merit.”
The occasion of this special tribute is the 50th anniver*
sary of ordination which His Excellency Archbishop Amleto
Giovanni Cicognani observes today’
(Sept. 23
Nearly half of this half-century
in the priesthood has been passed
here in the United States, and the
Holy Father takes cognizance of
this in lauding the Delegate’s
“helpful service to this Apostolic
See and to Us” rendered in “that
vast republic.”
-______ __ ______
copal dignity and named Apos
tolic Delegate to United State*
of America," the Sovereign Pon
tiff recalls to Archbishop Cicog
nani. “Since then, you have, with
great generosity, rendered help
ful service to this Apostolic Seo
and to us, working toward the
happy increase of the Catholic
faithful in that vast republic
whore, within this space of time,
24 new dioceses and ten eccles
iastical provinces have been es
“You have likewise, by your
opportune addresses and your
printed works, and also by your
support of the Bishops in their en
deavors and by your interest in
Bishop Offers
Special Mass
For Delegate
Bishop Ready offered a Sol
emn Mass in the chapel at St.
Charles Seminary, Wednesday,
commemorating the golden jubi
lee of Archbishop Amleto Gio
vanni Cicognani, Apostolic
delegate t© the United States.
The Mass was offered ee an
expression of loyalty to tho
representative of the Holy See
in this country.
their meetings, made no small con
tribution to the spread of Christa
teachings and to the promotion of
the Catholic religion.
“When war raged throughout th*
world, you faithfully complied with.
Our solicitude and Our wishes and,
among other things, you devoted
every attention to helping the un
fortunate multitude of prisoners
and to bringing some measure of
relief of the peoples sorely af
flicted with calamities and losses.
“Gratefully calling to mind
these principal merits of yours in
the service of the Church, We
heartily congratulate you, Vener
able Brother, on having fulfilled
your sacred office so long and so
effectively, and We pray the good
God. with His favor and kindness,
to prosper and protect you for
many years to come, years similar,
ly abounding in merit.”
Archbishop Cicognani planned to
mark his day of jubilee quietly,
except for a Mass of Thanksgiving
to be celebrated in the morning
and a dinner to be tendered the
members of his staff in the eve
Praises Clergy, Laity
The Apostolic Delegate looked
back upon nearly a quarter-century
spent in this country and spoke
words of high praise for its Bish
ops. priests. Religious and laity.
“I have been here a long time,
sufficiently long to know the coun
try extensively and its people,”
the Archbishop said thoughtfully.
His Excellency, who was ordained
in his native Italy on September
23. 1905, came to this country as
Apostolic Delegate in 1933 Asked
about his recollections at this time,
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and school children.
The Litany of the Blessed Virgin
was printed on placards carried
by members of the marching group.
Mrs. Burl Putnam and Joseph Gar
dim led the rosary from a seund
The procession returned to the
church where the statue of th*
Virgin was crowned. Benediction
of the Blessed Sacrament conclud
ed the ceremonies.

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